Startling Revelations

Autumn - Month 9 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern

This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

It is just after the evening meal and as usual, a busy night in the rec room, a tangle of apprentices sitting at one of the tables Tanit laughing loudly as one of the darts makes a pwinging nose thudding solidly in the wall. "Edstivan if you keep throwing like that they will throw us out, the next round is on you." Making her way to the bar to order another round of drinks.

The bar is not really a place that Sev is known to frequent. But the Rec Cavern has a myriad of activities that do not require drinking, which apparently appeals to the bronzerider. At least, the pool table would be one of them, even if his grey eyes are passing it over with a look of dismissal rather than desire. 'Not tonight' says that look, long legs heading for the… bar. That he is not going to order a drink from (unless it is water), but he will order a rather questionable snack. Living caverns literally RIGHT OUTSIDE and he chooses bar food instead. "Hey Tanit," offered because she's there, and she's recognized, and it's the thing to do.

"Sev!" The dolphineer's cheery tone lilts in greeting and she informs the barkeep to send the round to the table, deigning not to rejoin those playing darts. "How goes it?" She manages, snagging her own drink and staring at him over the rim of the mug.

Cue lifted eyebrows and maybe a longer than necessary look at the dolphineer (perhaps to ascertain her level of sobriety) before S'van falls into that easy half-grin and shrugs. "Fine I suppose. S'long as I survive the fried foods," which, peaking of, is what he's trying to order. Something battered and deep-fried, because apparently he can get away with that shit. Metabolism or dragonriding. Or both. Calorie burning activities. "Were you winning?" asked as he bobs his head toward the abandoned dart-game.

Tanit says, "Winning? Faranth no, some of the new 'prentices arrived today from the halls, so we thought we'd show them a good time." We being her and a few of the other locally stationed apprentices. She grins at the bronze rider with a smirk, "What about you, planning on showing off your fine pool skills or just trying to give yourself an early heart attack?""

"Why does everyone think I'm going to have a heart attack?" asked in a semi-exasperated tone. As it seems they aren't going anywhere, Sev settles into a seat at the bar, slumping himself against and draping long limbs in a somewhat organized fashion. At least he's not going to be tripping anyone. "But nah, not tonight. At least not on those," and there's a glance toward what the rec cavern has to offer by way of pool tables. "Unless I've got a reason," like teaching someone, or showing off. Meh. "How is the dolphineering-thing going?"

"About the same as usual, It will be a couple turns before I have to go back to black moon to check the oyster lines and see if my project was a success or not." A hand raking through short hair with a grin, "And we tell you this because If you did not have such an absurd metabolism we'd have to roll you everwhere." Pot? Meet Kettle. "The wing?"

"Does your move from 'regular' apprentice to senior apprentice hang on the success of the project?" wondering somewhat curiously. "Cause that's kind of a bummer, if so." As for rolling Sev out the door because he eats approximately twice as much as his dragon does… For that there is just an eloquent stuck-out-tongue followed by an eye roll. "I eat like this maybe once a month. Maybe. Most of the time, I eat whatever Jae's cooked," which is healthy, and distinctly lacking in fried-ness. The wing? "It's good. Getting ready for the season change. Glad we don't get snow," cause hurricanes are BAD ENOUGH.

"It does, but I wouldn't have picked something so challenging if I didn't think it was plausible. It was that or diving a few really bad wrecks off the coast of Monaco and I would avoid that for a while longer if I could." There's a suspicious look, sea-green eyes lift upward "Jae cooks?" She mouths utterly incredulous. At least until mention of snow turns her expression sour. "Thank Faranth for small favors. No snow, I've had enough snow for a life time."

"Bad wrecks?" asked curiously, either because S'van was not aware there were wrecks, or because he is unsure why there is hesitation to drive them. "Still, awful long time to wait for your next knot. But I have full faith it'll work out. The dolphins were happy, right?" He knows nothing of dolphins. This is very apparent. As for J'en cooking? "He does," affirmed with a half-grin. "And very well, actually. He's got this talent with spices… I dunno how he does it. I'm just grateful that he does," because he likes to eat. "Yeah, I'm not sure whether Search and Rescue in the snow would be better or worse than out at sea. I suppose it's pretty similar. The elements working against you; vast open spaces with little to distinguish them; drowning versus freezing to death…" such a delightful picture painted.

"I'm in no hurry to rise through the ranks Sev, believe it or not I have far more freedom as an apprentice, If I made journeyman they'd likely whisk me back to the hall and then a different posting for a while." She laughs, "I don't think a dolphin is capable of being anything but utterly joyful. They are easier than people that way, more honest." More problematic. She eyes the man as he speaks of his weyrmate and she sighs. "Depends on the water temperature, your skill swimming and the ocean conditions. If you are in an area with a high predation rate you have other issues." She sighs.

"Uh, okay," comes for not being in a hurry. "I've honestly got no experience with any sort of apprenticeship, so…" S'van just shrugs through it. "Always kinda figured it was like candidacy though; rules about relationships and drinking and where you can and can't go. At least Seph can't leave without her journeyman most of the time. Or without getting permission from him." But weavers do not equal dolphineers so… back to food; at least the acquisition of it, as the plate of fried-amazingness (vegetables, actually. Heavily battered and fried vegetables cause WE DO WHAT WE WANT 'ROUND HERE!) is set before him on the bar. "For what?" of all those conditions. "Diving the wrecks?"

"So far the craft hall has been, extraordinarily lenient or at least in my case." Though perhaps given Tanit's leave of absence a case for stricter protocols. "I do have to do a lot of paperwork, but it isn't all bad." Tanit hedges, quirking her mouth, "Search and Rescue survival rate in ocean rescues."

"Alright well… considering Pern doesn't have any large oceanic predators, I think we can rule that one out as a challenge," offers S'van. "And since I'm comparing Search and Rescue here at Half Moon, ocean temperature's kinda not a huge thing either. Yeah, it's cold. But it's not like… freezing cold," he notes. "I was more so trying to compare the vastness of the ocean and trying to find the people lost in it, with the vastness of the snowy-wastes and trying to find people in it." Another shrug, and he reaches out with finger and thumb to carefully pinch at a fried veggie; testing for how hot it might be. Too hot, judging by the quick retreat.

Tanit laughs, "That depends on what part of the ocean you are in, true we don't have the same kinds of creatures that earth was fraught with, but we've monsters a plenty." Still, there's a soft smile and a nod, "Dolphineers have it easier, the whole echolocation bit."

"True," for predators and echolocation alike. "But dragons have the sky, and far-reaching sight, and the ability to sense most people telepathically." Most, because there is at least one notable exception to that rule, of which Sev is… probably aware by now. "Which is why, really, it's nice to have the dolphins working with the wing. Combined talents and all. Too bad there's nothing like that for the snow." Smirk. "Do you think you'd ever partner with a dolphin?"

"Maybe one day." Tanit notes of dolphins, "It isn't like dragon impression, both sides have to agree. I like working with the pods though as a whole." She shrugs, "You and your fecking snow." Oh yes someone is still bitter, just a bit. "If my senior project is a success I may get permanently assigned to Blackmoon and the new pod stationed there. Which I don't know how I feel about that either." A sigh.

S'van reaches out to test another veggie, this one meeting with approval because it is quickly snatched up and popped into his mouth. A nod of his head to the difference between dolphins and dragons. "Yeah," offered, because, "Can't live at Half Moon for long without learning at least a little about them." And then a side-eye and a, "You rather I talk about sand? I imagine Igen's search and rescue has similar problems in the other extreme. The point is weather extremes, but whatever. Moving on then," snort. Scowl. CRUNCH (that would be another vegetable). "Tell 'em you don't want that. This is an apprenticeship, not a jail sentence. You can opt out."

The veggies have cooled? Tanit is quick to steal one with a smirk, "I don't mind you talking about it, I am just not of a mind to take any adventurous trips to the frozen north any time soon." Tanit laughs, "I can opt out and leave the craft that is true enough, but for now I have access to tools and materials I wouldn't otherwise. So it's a bridge I will cross when I get to It I think." She sighs, "The dangerous part of growing up, everything keeps going on whether you want it to or not."

At least enough to not burn off fingertips or tongues. Side-eyes (all of them) for the snatching of snacks. Sev will allow it. "Yeah no. The snowiest I get now is Xanadu in the winter… their winter. Our Summer," as if it needs clarification. "Seph loves it, though. I still think it's a novelty, but I'm kinda glad I live where shorts are acceptable all Turn 'round." Another veg, snatched up and crunched on as he considers her thoughtfully. "No use worrying about it now then. If you enjoy it, then do it. But don't think you're stuck with it if you ever stop enjoying it. That's all I really meant." On the progression of time he has very little to say, filling the gap with another bite of food so that chewing can take priority over speaking. But there's enough of an expression there (distant, and somewhat less smirky) that says he likely agrees and knows something about that going-on-relentlessly business.

Tanit leans her shoulder into Sev's just a little, ordering another batch of the veggies, since she's going to be partaking of the bronzerider's. "No I don't think I'm stuck with it, I love the water always have." She exhales slowly, stealing another bite. "But I wonder too, if I'm just making another excuse not to be tied down to anything. Half Moon is only home because of the people here. It's the place I keep gravitating back to, but there is a part of me that wonders if that sense of gravity is only an excuse to run away from setting down roots elsewhere."

More is definitely better, when it comes to snack foods. Particularly if they are S'van's snack foods. But he won't begrudge her a few bites (or half the plate). They have a long-standing tradition of sharing food, after all. So with a fingertip, Sev nudges the plate between them to make the offering of snacks that much more apparent. "Hmm," thoughtfully. "I think you're over thinking it, really," he decides with a one-shouldered shrug so as not to disturb her leaning. "You can't really be tied down unless you want to be. I mean… take me for example. I'm tied to Aede, and I'm tied to Jae. But otherwise, I'm free. I love Half Moon Bay. It's home, definitely. But I wouldn't say I'm tied to it, in the sense that I would be mortified to leave. As long as I have Aedeluth and Jae, I'm good. It does help that Aede kinda gives me the ability to go anywhere at almost any time… but the point is I think you're over thinking this. Do you like being here? Then stay. When you don't like it anymore, go." A pause, veggie picked up and poised without taking a bite. "Do you want to grow roots somewhere?"

Tanit laughs, and the sharing of food is traditional, and the second plate when it arrives will equally be shared. One doesn't argue with tradition. "I don't know about over thinking, just seems like any time I don't occupy my mind with other things I think about everything else." She sighs, "I don't know that I do? I mean if I did I'd have stayed in Black Moon or gone to live in Ista." Nose wrinkling, she shakes the thought away. "I'm not sure what I want, and I think that is what really scares me right now."

"Thinking too much, then," S'van substitutes, cracking that half-smile. "In general. At least don't worry about it, because there's really no need too," he continues, pausing only to take a bite of his food, chewing it quickly. "That's fine, you know. And you're still young," and so is he, but hey. They're not talking about him right now! "No need to grow anything just yet. And even when you're not so young, nothing says that you must plant yourself somewhere. You can stay transient. You can have homes in multiple places. I guess the point," he decides with a smile, "is that you should be happy. If you're happy, you're doing it right."

"You - do not get to call me young." A longsuffering sigh escapes but devoid of any real displeasure. A slow spreading smile curves over her mouth with the last however, "I can't say I'm unhappy, it just isn't as easy to distract myself from too much thinking as it used to be." More crunching and chewing, "Have you visited Seph lately? Is she staying in Xanadu or did she decide to take a position back at Fort?"

"Sure I can! I just have to face you giving me that look and telling me I'm also young," teases S'van with a grin. But more seriously, on the subject of thinking deep thoughts, and growing roots, and being happy. "OK well… what is it that's distracting you? Just questions about the future? About belonging?" he wonders. "Is there something specific that's bugging you?" Crunch-crunch in the pause, and then a head-bob for Sephany. "Xanadu. She likes the journeyman there better. 'Pparently there was a falling out with her journeyman at Fort after Jaspyr was born, and she never really settled back in. She's happy at Xanadu, though. Which is good."

Tanit laughs, and she's quiet for a moment, as though weighing out how much to say. "So many things have changed over the last couple of years - but no it isn't so much a question of belonging. I think if I were ever to truly belong anywhere it would be this place but - I think it is the question of justifying my choices to myself." Her lips purse, before she reaches for another of the veggies. "I keep trying to convince myself that they were the right choices and I succeed for a little while. At least until the end of the day and the work is done and I find myself alone in the quiet of my room with only Lime for company. Then I end up thinking about things, about everything on a loop that I can't quite think my way out of."

S'van just crunches somewhat-silently on his veggies, listening. "What choices are you trying to justify?" be probes, somewhat curious. "It just seems like a weird thing to say. Like… what could you have done that needs to be justified? Did you kill someone?" He is CLEARLY teasing. Mostly. Like, ninety-nine percent teasing on that one. But the tone is dropped as the conversation continues, and while he's not worried, there's certainly an empathetic concern there. A frown that pulls his eyebrows together, and a seriousness to his expression. "What things?"

Tanit bites her lower lip, Sea-green eyes searching out cool grey with a sigh. "You have to promise not to get angry with me." Such an odd way to start, but it is at least the most important to her in that respect, eyes flopping down to her mug and then drains it, waving over for something a little stronger.

Cause that doesn't sound at all foreboding. S'van finishes his current fried veggie in a few quick bites, chewing progressively slower as promises are requested and eyes are flopped to drinks that are NOT STRONG ENOUGH. Hm. Swallowing, he decides against selecting another and settles for letting his hand hang at his side (rather than crossing his arms). "I will promise to listen," he decides, "and I will try not to get angry?" Because he's heard a lot of shit in his life by this point, and a good deal of it has made him angry. "What… happened?" Because something must have happened.

That golden shot is knocked back before she answers, "Veylin and Vesta aren't my siblings - they are why I requested the post at Black Moon." Her lips press together as she considers it, "I was convinced at the time that they were Cenrie's, statistically speaking that was the only logical solution. I couldn't - between. Not and still look my mother in the face, and I didn't really want to do that to Cenrie either, so Mom was overjoyed at the chance to foster and Cenrie - was absolutely everything anyone could have asked for given the situation. He stayed with me the whole time." She draws a breath filling the glass, "Except as time wore on it became pretty clear that they weren't his. He'd have stayed and raised them just the same, but - Faranth Sev, I wasn't ready for any of it." She doesn't look up, afraid of what she might find in his expression.

At first, there is mostly confusion. The confession that the twins are not her siblings, not surprising really. He knew they weren't her blood siblings. But it takes in a second there to realize that when Tanit says 'the reason' she is not talking about facilitating a fostering situation, but that she was their mother. That… yeah. Shocked is definitely the word for it, and for a moment Sev looks like he might he ready to order something stronger himself. Even if the real kicker hasn't yet been made. "Why…" would he be angry, is what he means to say, but now she's talking about Cenrie, and how she thought they were his (logical; Sev agrees), only they aren't. And now he's totally confused because it's been a LONG TIME since snowy-weyrs and ice-skating and goldflights that ended awkwardly… He'll get there. He will. But right now he's recovering from the idea of Tanit having children and not telling him. And why wouldn't she tell him? And then… there it is. The light-bulb moment that has him suddenly sitting up ram-rod straight in his chair with a tension that rivals steel. He can't even say the words, but it's clear enough in his expression that he's put two and two together. They are his children. Confusion. Shock. Betrayal. All of it would be there to see if she was looking at him. But she isn't (and maybe that is a good thing). He's livid, and very pointedly saying nothing. Not a word.

"I didn't tell you at first because I didn't want you angry with Cenrie. And then when I figured it out - " She came back. Running away from things she simply wasn't ready to face. "I don't want them knowing Sev, it would kill my mother, and they both deserve a happy normal life with all the love and attention I can't give them." In truth that neither she nor he could give them, but it's a thing she doesn't voice out loud. "And I've been trying to figure out how to tell you for a while now, but." What else could she have possibly said to make this any less of a shock? "I don't know if you want any part in their lives, but Mom has expressed that you are always welcome to visit and spend time with them." The caveat being the same one Tanit herself adheres to. They are her siblings, not children. The golden liquid is knocked back a last time, and she doesn't look up, except to say, "I'm sorry Sevran." For not giving him any choice? For not telling him sooner? There are so many things to apologize for so many things she should say, but she has run out of words.

His thoughts on the subject are his own. At least the deep ones. It was hard to hide the obvious ones, such as that shock and betrayal. But soon enough, Sev's expression is hardening into something vaguely reminiscent of a mask. It's not neutral, but it's definitely frozen. Tight jaw and clenched teeth; hard gaze that moves away from Tanit and toward a distant point behind the bar. There's not really anything said that changes either of those things, and perhaps only adds to the tension suffusing him as he sits like a statue in his chair. There might be words, threatening to spill from him, but he either cannot or will not organize them into any sort of coherency. For the best, really. Undoubtedly what he would have to say is nothing positive. It's that last bit though… not the 'sorry', but the implied caveat. He has children that he cannot acknowledge as his children. That's about when he checks out, emotionally and physically. He abandons his seat, pausing only to fish in a pocket for the requisite mark-piece to pay for his order. It's placed on the bar top as her apology comes. A flash of grey eyes, and then he's gone; moving toward the door with swift, purposeful, ground-eating strides that carry him through the doors and very pointedly to the bowl.

And perhaps this too is as it should be, Sea-green eyes never lifting, she doesn't need to see his face to feel the sudden tension, or feel the rush of air that follows those long pointed strides. When she does look up it's to the bartender, and a brief statement of keep them coming. Left alone to muddle through that still rushing current of thought and bad choices, alone.

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