Seeking Shinies

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

"Me first!" a tiny voice shrieks into the early morning air. It is a good practice to let the littles of the Weyr get some air and explore their surroundings, so it seems some of the nannies have taken their charges to the rooftop garden for exploratory time. They giggle, jump around and squeal as they play in the dirt and amongst the garden varieties. "Toomi," Kiele sighs, holding a little finger up for inspection, "you must be careful of that plant. It has sharp thorns that prick-prick-prick- oh! Blood." Lip wobbles. "Donât cry. Hush, hush." She kisses the offending finger and gives the fair-haired boy a gentle hug - the type that heals all those pesky wounds, because seconds later he's scrambling to chase after his peers. Kiele pushes herself up to her feet, there on the fringes of the wild-child group, and shades her eyes against the morning sunlight.

Someone is looking mighty proud of themselves, despite the morning hour - Zeltan is humming to himself as he strolls through the garden, smile on his face and hands shoved in his pockets. His progress, however, is halted by the sounds of… so many tiny people? The trader eyes the group almost suspiciously as he starts to edge his way around the outside of the garden, his humming halted to avoid drawing attention to himself, though with his attention on the children, he is practically running into Kiele before noticing her. At least, though, he recovers quickly, straightening up and giving her a long lookover before he is smirking. "Have your hands full, hm?"

That makes two of them. Kiele is just as surprised to hear Zeltan's voice nearby and to look, see him so close. She recovers from her startle quickly, hands falling back to her sides as she gives him an amicable smile. "They were about to run up the walls of the nursery. Now, there's no walls to keep them closed an’ it seems like a far better compromise," she replies. "It rained yesterday and we were trapped inside for most of the day. It was the most miserable feeling," the last a bit of a sigh as it leaves her lips.

A quick little bow and Zeltan murmurs an apology - sure its a little after the fact but.. its the thought that counts, right? Turning to watch the tiny people crawl over everything in the garden, he laughs softly at the mention of no walls. "Well, you have a point there.. As long as they don't start climbing me instead." A hand comes out of his pocket to offer it to her with a grin. "Zeltan, independent trader. Pleasure to meet you. Certainly not any of… those.. yours?" He inclines his head towards the group.

"You might have better luck convincing a fish not to swim," is the nanny's answer, complete with a not-so-well-staunched laugh. "Try not to draw their attention and I am _sure_ you will succeed in getting out of here without a single hanger-on." Kiele looks down at his hand and then grasps it lightly in her own, giving it a shake that is short lived, as her hands are soon folding behind her back. "Me? Do I look that old?" she asks, surprised, cheeks flushing and then puffing out; she even scuffs her toe, embarrassed. "My name's Kiele. I just moved here from Nabol." But more importantly: "An independent trader?"

"Right, quiet and stealthy then." Zeltan murmurs, sparing another glance at the children to make sure none are venturing too close - he will not be caught unawares - he is not a jungle gym. "Nonono, not at all! You are a beautiful young woman, but I have learned that many look far younger than their turns." Who knows if his attempt at backpedaling will work. "Nabol, hm?" He ponders quietly, and then at her question, his eyes flick back towards her and he smiles. "Well, I don't have a caravan.. but it means that it is much easier to make.. special deals. I am more concerned with finding the right buyer for each of my customers."

Stealthy. Quiet. Except, one dark-haired little chooses that moment to jump at them and roar like an angry dragon. "Oh! My," Kiele exclaims, gaze roving to the child in time to see him run towards his playmates. They might not leave here unscathed. She takes a step back, just in case. "No?" she asks, laughter brimming in her eyes. "I suppose I _must_ accept a compliment when it is given." She pauses, and then breathes: "What kind of special deals? What would you sell _me_? In the event that I was buying."

With his attention having drifted to his lovely female companion, the movement out of the corner of his eye and the sudden roar does actually make Zeltan jump a little, though he quickly recovers his composure, running a hand through his hair trying to act all nonchalant. As she questions deals, he smirks a little tilting his head. "Depends what you are in the market for. I have a source for some really lovely pearls, and have a smith who is particularly good at setting them. I know of someone who makes rather interesting glass sculptures, though I'm not sure how compatible they are with small children." A shrug, "If there is something you need, though, I am sure with time I can find it."

"Do you also," Kiele's voice leans low, "deal in glitterty things? I know it's- you know- not allowed." Her eyes dance to-and-fro, as though one of the weyrleaders might jump out from behind a bush and go, "Aha!" She's much too young to go to jail for conspiracy! Still, exhaling: "Pearls sound lovely. I don't know what occasion I would need to show off pearls though." Or glass, given the many dirty hands all around.

With a herd of children running amuck this morning in the garden, it is questionable how Zeltan and Kiele can possibly be having any sort of conversation, but it seems they are, off to one side, chatting, Zeltan with his official Trader face on. A soft chuckle under his breath, and he glances around to make sure there is no one standing too close. "It can certainly be arranged - There is a bit of a lead time now.. I have to be more careful with arrangements than before." Pause. "Pearls can be great for every day, though, if its something simple."

In the midst of this conversation of great proportions, another little one sneaks up to them, shyly hiding behind Kiele's legs. "You're not worried you'll- you know- get in trouble," is a high whisper, eyes wide and alarmed. "What if they throw you out?" It's certainly a revelation that seems concerning to this newly arrived Holdbred girl, but then - her face softens and she exhales, shaking her head. "I'm sure you know what you're doing." Her smile returns, a hand reaching to tousle the curls of the little girl behind her.

It’s a terrible sound, a rumbling grumble growl the berry bushes followed by an eruption of giggles One thing about herds of children is they love to find hidden things, or at least hidden napping things. Cue one bleery eyed dolphineer crawling out from the bushes, twigs in hair, and berry juice used as finger paint over her face, likely the incident that woke the dolphineer from her nicely shady nap. Give the poor woman a moment to squint at the sunlight. “Vermin.” She mutters about the running giggling children, but it lacks any malice. Of course, the berry moustache is very becoming or isn’t. Cue long lanky strides over to the trader whose pocket Tanit proceeds to pilfer without so much as a hello, fishing out a clean handkerchief and using it to mop the disaster that is her face. “I’ll return it after washing it.” Tanit mutters, blinking owlishly to look at Kiele. AH the source of such little devils. “Morning?” Afternoon? She just woke up and has no idea what time it is.

"If you don't technically live somewhere, it is hard to throw you out." Zeltan offers with a wink the the Nanny, and then there is a hand in his pocket, and the trader is freezing. At the voice, he laughs softly, relaxing, and shaking his head. "Good morning, Tanit.." He offers softly, though as he glances at her to see the berry-juice face paint, there is no longer anything soft about the laughter. "That is certainly a great way to wake up. I'll make sure to leave it all to you, for forever." Glancing back at Kiele, he shakes his head a little. "Just relax - if you're careful, and act like you have nothing to hide, no one suspects you."

Berry bushes don't normally make sounds! It is enough to drag the attention of Kiele away from her new acquaitance, and to alarm the other nannnies; at least until they see it is only a grumpy-looking woman. "Um," slips off Kiele's tongue before she can catch it, her round eyes following the dolphineer's path towards Zeltan. "Do you- you're friends?" Her voice is questioning, but somehow bright, _assured_. That must be the reason some strange woman has come to dig in his pockets. "Tanit?" she posits, visibly relaxing, her mouth easing once more into that gap-toothed grin of hers. "Are you also an independent trader?" All questions.

“It’s all fun and games until someone has a horde of children present.” Tanit supplies glibly to Zeltan, but if she gets to keep the kerchief? Into the dive suit it goes in the usual way. Excuse her. “Ha, no, I’m a dolphineer – dive specialist Tanit at your service.” The questions earn a half crooked smile, the dolphineer considerably less grouchy now that the idea of being awake has set into motion. “No, I just randomly stick my hands into stranger’s pockets.” Tanit offers with a wide gleaming grin that is all teeth. “I don’t have pockets.” As if this explains everything. “Are you the herder of small evils today?”

"Well, -friends- I don't know, you'll have to check with her. Sometimes I am not sure where I stand from day to day." Zeltan offers a super sweet smile at Tanit, even as his eyes follow his disappearing kerchief - though at least he refrains from going after it. "Tanit is the great source of pearls I mentioned earlier." Glancing back at Kiele, he inclines his head a bit, dropping his voice. "And based on your question earlier.. she may be some one that you would like to get to know, now that you are here." So much sparkly conspiracy.

Kiele bites her bottom lip to keep from laughing out loud at the other woman's glib comments, but she can't keep her shoulders from shaking with suppressed amusement. "A dive specialist," she replies, after calming herself, "that sounds quite fun." She glances between trader and diver, listening raptly, her expression mirroring a range a emotions. "Oh! I see- so you, too-," lower, almost a whisper - and then one of the weyrbrats start to cry and the other nannies start rounding up the children. "I guess I am," is answer to Tanit's question, with a downward look at the pig-tailed child still hovering behind her legs. "It was nice to meet you both. I can't wait until we can talk again. I have _so_ many questions," she says, honest, with her hand held out to whichever wants to grab it first.

“And here I thought we were so close Zeltan. Truly you wound me.” Tanit answers in mock offense, before Zeltan’s cryptic words have the dolphineer all kinds of suspicious. “Pleasure meeting you too –“ Tanit searches for a name shaking the woman’s hand with an easy smile and eyeing Zeltan. “What are we talking in clandestine code about again?” She just woke up bear with her.

"It was nice to meet you Kiele.. I hope I'll see you around." And given the crooked grin he gives her, and the extra long look, he probably doesn't mean just for business. "Good luck…" He offers, his gaze following hers towards the herding children. A glance at Tanit, and he wiggles a hand. "Seems you aren't the only woman around here who likes shiny things." Will she get it? Who knows.

"Kiele," is the blond girl's easy reply, followed by an easy smile for the dolphineer. Kiele might be just a little too innocent to get the lingering look that Zeltan gives her, or otherwise she doesn't seem phased, as she steps away from the pair with a wave and another grin. She steers the pig-tailed girl towards the other children, the whole gaggle of nannies and their charges soon retreat back to the lower caverns, where there are snacks, bathrooms, and naptimes.

“Ah.” Tanit intones following the nanny thoughtfully with sea-green eyes and a half smile. “Well of course I’m not the only one, but truly the more the merrier.” Eyes shifting skyward with a sigh, “After I see to the day’s work, remind me I’ve a few ideas on that little transport issue we discussed.” Tanit catches that trailing look however and while she’s not rude enough to draw attention to it, there may be a faint eyeroll. “Come on Cassinova, they have sweet rolls in the living caverns and I haven’t had breakfast. I can’t leave you alone for five minutes, can I?” The dolphineer sighs in mock annoyance.

Eyes linger on the departing nanny for another moment before Tanit's words cause his attention to snap back to the dolphineer at his side, and he is glancing down at her with a grin. "Sounds good, Tani.." He replies, and as she rolls her eyes, he chuckles moving to slip an arm around her gently. "What's wrong, my dear, jealous?" He murmurs softly, even as he moves to turn towards the caverns. "I mean, I'd rather you never left me alone, but, I know you have work to do."

Tanit laughs, mouth crooked as she pats the hand that has found its way around her shoulder. “Jealous, over a man going googly eyed over a poor girl who is probably seven turns his junior?” Laughter flows freely, Tanit all mirth. “No I just want to keep you from scaring the locals too badly.” Though there is something genuinely affectionate to the tone of the words. “One of these days you are going to wind up with a broken nose you know.”

"Seven turns? You really think so?" Zeltan counters, turning to stare briefly in the direction Kiele vanished. "I was think maybe four or five." A bit of a shrug, and then his attention is back on Tanit and Tanit alone, his free hand lifting to touch his nose. "You say that like its a bad thing.. maybe it would straighten it out some." He winks at her, and starts towards the caverns. "Besides, you and I both know I'm not scary. You said so yourself." Pause. "Lets get you some breakfast, though. And.. maybe a damp kerchief, too."

“I’d be surprised if it were less, but we could wager on it.” The dolphineer notes cheerily and she laughs at mention of his nose. Easily falling in step. “Well aside from leering you are usually quite gentlemanly, and I’ve had no reason to deck you yet.” Tanit grins as they head off to the caverns, “Yes.” She nods sternly of the damp kerchief. Letting the Trader lead on.

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