Songs are Hard

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern
This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.
Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.
Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

A pleasant evening has happened upon Half Moon, though there's really no /unpleasant/ evenings in Half Moon….are there? But that doesn't mean that everyone is enjoying the fresh air. Ayushi has taken up residence at one of the pianos and is really just playing around. There's no specific melody that the harper is playing, mostly just pressing some random keys here and there. It's not altogether unpleasant though! The young woman is dressed in her usual affair, simply shorts and a shirt. Today her hair is again tied up in a bun because honestly, that's just so much easier!

Hands in his pockets and humming, as seems to be the usual state of Zeltan these days, and the young man is wandering into the caverns, trying very hard not to look like he is watching the progress of a young woman in front of him. As she joins a group in one of the little nooks, he pauses to see if he recognizes anyone - and unfortunately for the young woman at the piano, she seems to be who he spots first. Strolling oh-so-casually across the room, he shamelessly moves to lean against the top of the piano, grinning at her. "Almost as pretty as you, Ayushi." See, he remembered her name!

Ayushi remembers his name, she does….but that doesn't mean he has to know, right? There's a pause in her random music making as she glances up to the trader. She's giving her very best attempt at a blank face as she considers his features for a second, "I bet that's what you say to all the harper ladies….Zelroy." Though she really can't keep a straight when she dubs him that, it's just far too painful. A crooked smile finally makes its way to her lips before she leans away from the piano slightly. "So what're you up to? Anything particularly fun?" Chasing tail /can/ be fun, according to some! (also, that rhymed)

As she considers him, and dubs him Zelroy, he winks at her with a wide grin. "Oh, you've met my twin brother then, have you?" As she leans, though, he does have enough sense to straight up a little, to not be -rude- and -imposing- and -creepy-. "Eh, staying out of the way, mostly. Green went up, and da's bronze wasn't lucky. He said he'd take me on to Monaco, so I could tie up a few things but.." Zeltan is shaking his head hurriedly. "I said it could wait til tomorrow. But now.." He holds his hands out with a shrug.

"I have to say, he's a bit more handsome than you….unfortunate naming choice though." Ayushi's response to the wink is a slight smirk and a glimmer of mischief in the eyes. "Ahhhh…well, Monaco can always wait, or so I imagine." Unless its for contraband purposes, which are quite important. "Now you've got absolutely nothing to do but entertain yourself here?" And there /are/ quite a few things to do! There's a glance around the rest of the room, "Could always play ping pong or something….unless you feel like taking piano lessons, but I warn that I'm a terrible teacher."

"That's what they all say.. but that name.. Apparently it just gets.. awkward." Totally unphased, and who knows - maybe there really *is* a Zelroy, though obviously not a twin. A shrug, and he glances over his shoulder at the bar. "I was enjoying listening to you.. if I get you a drink, would you play a bit more?" Even if its just random key-presses. "Consider it a great trade - you get a drink *and* you don't have to listen to my non-musical self." And Zeltan looks hopeful, tilting his head a bit.

Ayushi pauses for a moment, though she's really already made up her mind. The harper leans forward again, fingers gently settling on the piano keys before she plays a quick 8 note scale. Nothing fancy, just some basics, but in case that wasn't answer enough she'll shoot a grin in the trader's direction. "You sir, have got yourself a deal." As for his non-musical self, "Though now I'll just have to judge you based on what kind of drink you choose to buy." She's not giving any clues, muahaha!

Uh-oh, its a trap. As she accepts his deal, but leaves the choice up to him, his smile fades just the slightest, as he narrows his eyes to peer at her, pondering. A soft hmm under his breath, and then he is turning towards the bar, where he spends a long minute discussing with the bartender, the pair of them giving more than one look back at the Harper and the piano. Has Zeltan decided to phone a friend? As they seem to decide on something, Zel leans on the bar, waiting, eyes watching Ayushi across the room, giving her a smile that seems much surer than he is feeling.

HE KNOWS. Or does he? Ayushi's scale turns into a bit more of that random key pressing earlier. Underneath it all there does seem to be a faint melody forming, nothing particularly flowery. It appears that the harper has a preference for the deeper notes. She glances up on occasion, just a hint of amusement in her features as Zeltan and the bartender confer over what kind of drink may be best. She'll try to meet his eyes at some point, and should they meet, her song seems to become a tad haunting. Or perhaps…daunting. IMPENDING DOOM should you make the wrong choice.

Well, DOOM it is, then. The bartender settles two very different looking drinks on the counter, and Zeltan considers them before paying and carefully making his way back to Ayushi, drinks in hand. "So, would you prefer.. Drink A - a little stronger, but a smooth liquor, a bit of citrus, and a hint of sweet.." He lifts the first glass - a shorter, stubby one. "Or, this lovely, fruity, I'm not entirely sure what all is in it, but it smells good." The second drink, in a taller glass, is lifted in turn, though as he stands there waiting for Ayushi to make her decision, it seems that the first drink is held a little closer to the Harper.

"You found a way to beat the system, hm?" Ayushi can't help but let out a quiet laugh at the trader's approach and the song playing ceases once more. It does appear that he's made the overall correct choice as she reaches out for the first drink and takes a sip followed by a very satisfied sigh. Though now her gaze shifts from the second drink, to the trader, and back again. "I'm guessing that's not your usual choice?" But it /would/ be a waste of alcohol if he didn't drink. In any case, Zeltan has won this little mini-game so Ayushi will slide over and offer him a seat at the piano bench should he want it! She'll probably be distracted by something other than piano playing soon, but she needs to consider all the options first. It's a time old question…ping pong or gambling machines?

"Is it really beating the system if I guessed correctly, but just wanted to make sure you didn't want my drink instead? I mean, being a gentleman, I thought I should at least offer." Zeltan counters, as he takes a sip of his drink, before giving her a long look as she questions it. "Oh, you think I am too manly to enjoy it? I think that's a compliment! Thanks!" Smirking at her, he moves to settle down on the bench beside her - close enough but not TOO close, if you know how that works. "Does it taste ok?" He asks, even as his non-drink holding hand moves to press a the same key a few times.

It may look like the harper is considering what to play as she studies the piano, but she instead glances to the side a moment later with a slightly exasperated grin on her face. "Man, you've just got an answer for everything, don't you?" Her right hands return to the musical instrument and she starts plucking out another tune that matches /somewhat/ with the key he's started to hit. "It tastes pretty great, actually. I'm surprised I haven't tried it yet! How about your fruity concoction over there?" Her chin juts slightly toward the sweeter smelling drink.

"Only almost everything.. but it has helped in some unfortunate situations." A little shrug, and he is taking another long sip of his drink. "Can't even taste the alcohol. Probably dangerous." Oh well, bottoms up! Another sip, and he at least has enough sense to stop hitting keys as she starts to play. "You've any ideas for that song, yet?" Yes, -that- song. Zeltan's voice is low for the question, ensuring his voice doesn't carry across the cavern towards the various groups here or there.

Ayushi can't help but let out a little chuckle at the mention of /that/ song, "I'm trying…but now I feel like it's a super important task so I've hit what is known as writer's block. Or is it composer's block?" She shakes her head, "I may have bitten off more than I can chew." PRESSURE. Not that there's /really/ any pressure. "What even rhymes with glitter abs….flitter…tabs….?" She takes another sip of alcohol, lips pursing slightly afterwards.

"So… we're going to need at least one more round of drinks to help un-block it?" Zeltan asks, even as he is sipping at his own drink, which he barely manages to avoid spitting everywhere at her mention of Flitter Tabs, and he barely manages to avoid laughing. But he does cough briefly, shaking his head and waving a hand at her. "Shards, Ayushi." He murmurs, before he regains his breath and hums softly to himself as he things. "Call a cab for glitter abs?" He finally supplies, before shaking his head, taking another sip. "Clearly, we are going to need more than just one more round."

"Definitely at least one more round of drinks." Ayushi is sipping at her drink, though it's starting to disappear rather quickly now. "Hey! It wasn't /that/ bad!" Ok, it was…it really was. "Man, maybe you should be the harper." But he's so so right about needing more drinks, and the idea will get not one but several nods. "You're right…this might be a night-long project." A few drinks and several shots later she anticipates they'll have something that's worthy! "Call a cab for glitter abs, it ain't a sin to ask for R'hyn…uh….ok maybe not." Nonsense is what that is! Ayushi is cringing, physically /cringing/ at what she just said.

The harper's glass is eyed carefully, before Zeltan is regarding his own, drinking a little faster in an attempt to catch up - after all, hers is probably the stronger of the two. "Nah, tried that. Worst month ever.. even worse than the Healers." While there is probably a story there, he is moving on from it without hesitation, fingers tapping on the top of the piano, thankfully not on the keys. "R'hyn.. Win.. Fin.. Shards, remind me to appreciate the lyrics more, from now on." Grumbling slight to himself he leans into Ayushi as she cringes, laughing softly. "Hey now. You'll figure it out." And he will feed her alcohol to help!

That's right, chug chug chug! Though she does have to pause when he says harper was the worst month, "/Really?/ Did you ever try out beast craft though? So much mucking of stalls….I don't think I got the manure smell out of my hair and clothes for a full seventy." The harper actually shudders at this. And as for the infirmary bit…she'll store that away to ask about in the future! "For some people the lyrics just pop into their head, me….not so much." Yush grins and even chuckles slightly when he leans into her, "When I've got a muse offering me booze, how could I not figure it out?" EMBRACE THE CRINGE. Embrace it! Though she'll make a slight fake gagging sound at this rhyme it's all in good fun and the smile stays on her face.

"Nah, never beast craft. Sort of figured if I was ever going to muck something, it'd be after a dragon but." A shrug and Zeltan motions to either side. "Seems as if I may have escaped that luck all together." He grins, but then is quickly finishing off his drink and moving to stand up and head back to the bar, pausing long enough to glance over his shoulder at her, and her glass, arching an eyebrow in a silent question of 'same?'

"Well, there's still time for that to come true. Unless you're a lot older than you look." Ayushi finishes off her drink and nods at the silent question. Definitely the same thing! Once she's along on the bench again the harper swings around so that she's facing the rest of the room once more. Perhaps she's gotten board of the piano because she stands and eventually moves towards one of the unoccupied ping pong tables. Fingers wrap around a paddle as she considers it a bit, perhaps /this/ is her true calling.

Another mark piece makes its way across the bar, and a pair of drinks that matched the first two appear a short time later, and Zeltan is blinking for a moment at the empty piano bench. However, he quickly locates her at the ping pong table, grinning as he closes the distance and offers her her drink. "Are you any good? Is this going to be a pool incident?" He eyes her almost suspiciously over the top of his glass as he takes a slow sip.

"To be fair, the pool incident hasn't happened….yet!" Ayushi nods in thanks as the second drink arrives. She immediately reaches for it with her free hand and takes a sip. The other stays firmly wrapped around the paddle as the harper moves to one end of the table. "You could always find out for yourself…unless you're afraid." There's a hint of challenge in her voice. Though to be fair she really /isn't/ that good at ping pong. She spends about half the time hitting the ball and the other half trying to get it back. But it's still fun!

"Mmmhmmm.." Zeltan offers over the top of his glass, shaking his head just a little at her, before the drink is settled on the edge of a nearby table and he is finding the second paddle, flipping it over in his hand a few times, weighing it, and acting as if he knows what he is doing (Narrator voice: He doesn't). After a moment, he tilts his head and smiles at her across the table. "My, those are fighting words. What happens if I win?"

"The marks you spent on those drinks? Or is that a lowball bet?" Ayushi takes another sip of her drink before also putting it down. She eventually manages to find a pingpong and goes ahead with a serve before proper bet rules have been settled. She manages to hit it over the net which is good! It bounces once and veers towards the right side quite by accident. "Check it out, spin serve." Definitely NOT an accident at all.

Zeltan, not ready.. like, -at all-. As the pingpong ball comes flying over the net it bounces and then is on the floor, and Zeltan is scrambling to stop it with a foot, grabbing it and holding it for a moment. "How about.. whoever loses owes the other one a future favor?" Dangerous that is.. But then he is bouncing the ball once and a gentle serve sends it over the net, where it bounces in what is likely easy reach for the Harper.

"Hmmmm….deal!" Because Ayushi seems to think this is going to be an easy battle. Honestly, they're both probably going to be thoroughly laughed at for this game. The harper takes a swing at the ball and it skims the top of the net. It doesn't have much momentum at that point and ends up doing a tiny little bounce. Again, TOTALLY on purpose. "To be redeemed at any time?"

"Sure.. redeemed at any time that can't cause physical harm, how about that?" That criteria may be something that Zeltan has learned the hard way. Zeltan's talking slow his reaction times and he barely manages to get the paddle under the ball - but it isn't enough and it remains on his side of the table. A soft sigh, and he flips the ball back to her easily, though he is still smiling. Its just the start, right?

"I feel like there's a story behind that I'll need to ask about!" And so the match goes on…and the drinks also keep coming because this would of course not be a proper ping pong match without them. It's quite neck and neck until the very end, but Zeltan ends up winning by a margin of ONE. How utterly infuriating. "Just to clarify, this is a /favor/ and not a request to make a fool out of myself or anything like that." Ayushi isn't a terribly sore loser, but she's definitely tipsy at this point. Which probably means its time to make her way back her quarters. Which she will…eventually…but….also there's more alcohol, so yes.

"Yes, a favor, and nothing that is… Inappropriate." Zeltan seems to have to think for the right word for a moment - thanks drinks! - and then he is moving to give Ayushi a gentle pat on the back. "Good game. You're pretty good." Or they are both pretty drunk. Or both. Either way - there are comfy seats, and he's willing to keep buying - and it can be a low-key evening from there on out.

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