Rha Rha! *pompom shake* (Rhadan and Rabel are searched)

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Ir'e has been pretty stir-crazy lately, perhaps ever since that run-in with Rou that did not end in any pretty way. Instead it seems to have made matters worse seeing as how the bluerider has made absolutely no attempt to contact her since the incident. So perhaps he's just trying to find some way, any way, to distract himself. Who knows. At the moment it's morning, that period of time before the sun hits full force and people are fleeing for cover, and what is Ir'e doing? Setting up some sort of pair of poles on the beach. As for his family? Well, there's a big blanket that's been set out and their personal nanny (an assistant to the nursery they manage to lure away quite often) is settled there keeping watch over Idrea. Lyrabel is probably off with her mother for the day and since it was such a lovely day, there's no way Ir'e could resist coming out and testing his newest idea. "It'll be fun!" He chirps overly brightly at his weyrmate before he makes his way over to his dragon and removes the rolled net he had the weaver make for him before heading back out to the spaced pair of stakes as tall as him that he managed to sink into the sand.

Don't let Ir'e fool you. The nanny is only there because Rhabel doesn't have it in him to babysit both a young child /and/ his not-quite-mentally-mature weyrmate. "I don't even know what /it/ is," Rhabel monotones, because the man doesn't just simply /say/ things. He's settled himself on the blanket hosting nanny and Idrea, and currently has their daughter settled in his own lap. She's making bright scribbles on a drawing that Rhab made for her only moments before, babbling baby non-sense and pausing to demand, "'ook! 'OOK!" whenever she catches Rhabel paying more attention to Ir'e. It's a vicious cycle of crooning praise, petting tiny heads, and then looking back to his working 'mate. "Are you almost finished?" He wants to see Ir'e make a spectacle out of himself.

While Rhadan has, from an early age, kept up a good exercise and training schedule - his body needed to be in decent shape for his craft - the last week or so has been different. When not doing some sort of work, the young teen has been doing some sort of exercise. Running. Lifting. Climbing in the trees outside the Weyr. Muscle training - pushups, pullups. Of course, not everyone has seen this… but yeah, he has been. As he approaches the lagoon his shirt is already removed, his bare skin display an even, mild tan. A dark towel tossed over one shoulder and shirt tucked under on arm. His breathing isn't totally even - he did just get done with a long run, and the wetness of his hair is not from water. Not yet, anyway. His eyes darf around the beach as he steps onto the sand - taking in a few people remaining, despite the coming heat. The two poles and a family catch his attention. Pause. Look. Ir'e. Hard to miss that bluerider. And… is that Rhabel, too? Hm. Baby! Errr. Rhadan's towel is dropped to the sand, shirt landing on top of it as he looks away from the family without so much as a wave. Shoes are being kicked off of Rhadan's feet now. Can't have those on when swimming!

"Don't you have any imagination, Rhab?" Ir'e's shaking his head as he reaches up to loop the strings of his net through the holes in his post. Once all four places at tied down he takes several steps back, places his hands on his hips and surveys his accomplishment. A smile slowly grows on his lips as he gives a solitary nod. "That'll do." If we were on earth right now instead of pern, one would recognize this as perhaps a badminton net, but since we're on pern and there's no such thing, well, who knows /what/ he's up to. He makes his way over to the impatient growing Yiska to remove the dufflebag that was still upon his back. Ir'e wanders back to the net, drops down his bag and pulls out a few handmade rackets and a birdie type thing with awkward feathers sticking out of the spongy 'ball'. He hasn't really been paying attention to much, so Rhadan's arrival goes unnoticed, at least to him. Yiska on the other hand is rather bored by his rider's activities and instead decides that hunting a particular teenager is much more fun. So the blue dragon slowly starts creeping in Rhadan's direction, the tip of his tail twitches from time to time in anticipation. Sadly Ir'e is clueless to his dragon's current quest. "Okay, so-" One of the rackets is twirled in his hand and he bounces the birdy on it. "The goal is to toss it over the net and make it hit the floor so the other person can't get it." And then one of the spare rackets is tossed Rhabel wards. "Think you can beat me?"

Does he have imagination? OF COURSE HE HAS IMAGINATION! He just drew your daughter a Zebra-Hippo-Dragon hybrid, and he doesn't even know what a zebra or a hippo are! Talent, thy name is Rhab. When Ir'e completes his mystery net, and produces his mystery ball and rackets with /rules/ for this 'game', the teenager stares on in silence. He catches the racket, but only because Idrea's face might be catching it otherwise, and then he lets out a long, hushed sigh. "Ir'e," he says, as he climbs to his feet, handing their daughter off to her nanny. "You are an idiot." Still, it would seem he's going to participate in his 'mate's idea of 'fun', because he's moving to stand on the opposite side of the net. He does pause, of course, long enough to look at Yiska, and Rhad, and then furrows his brows in confusion. He's not exactly the greeting type, or the warning type, but Yiska looks like he's about to eat the poor lad. By the time he comes up with a way to tell either of them, it'll probably be far, far too late. Good job, anti-social Rhab brain.

Shoes can be such annoying things! If they are too loose, they slip and slide and can leave blisters. If they are too tight, they can be darned /hard/ to remove. Rhadan is facing the latter problem currently. His earlier workout required his footwear to be tight. Now, though, they need to come /off/! Rhadan, after a failed attempt to kick off either show, is crouching with sound that mixes a sigh and a growl. Annoyance is obvious. He kneels on one leg, untying the other foot's shoe and setting it to the side, pulling a sock off after it. The same is done for the other. Ah! Finally. A relieved expression crosses his face before he standing again. When his eyes come up he takes note of the net, and is frowning briefly, his eyes and mind wanting to examine it but his head is turned by something else. Something big. Something /blue/.Yiska. Rhadan does a small double take as his gaze moves to the dragon. Wasn't the dragon further away before? And… is it /looking/ as him. The teen shifts his feet in the sand uncomfortably, "Uh… Ir'e…?" His voice is tinged with nervousness and is likely /just/ loud enough to be heard by Ir'e and Rhabel. His feet subconsciously take a step back in the sand. o.O

Ir'e is a jerk, or at least sometimes he is. Like right now when he pretty much spikes the birdie over the net to crash with a wush into the sand a bit beyond Rhab while he was busy paying attention to blue dragons and their idea of fun. "Point for me!" He does a little win dance that looks suspiciously like the funky chicken before flashing a smirk at his weyrmate. Yup. Total jerkface. Yiskatiresiath on the other hand thought he was being all stealthy like, but one would supposed it'd be difficult to be stealthy when you're the only big blue dragon on the beach at the moment. It's once Rhadan notices him that his faceted eyes seem to almost gleam with mischief as he hunkers down into the sand and pretends sleep. See, the best thing about hunting is catching the target unaware. It's not nearly as fun when they're staring at you and quaking in their boots. Or well, Yiska kinda enjoys that part too but he prefers going in for the kill when they have their back turned. The Wingsecond pauses in his dancing to peer over at Rhadan when he hears his name. "You want to join too? Come here. I'll teach you."

Point for WHO? Rhabel blinks away from the debacle of stalking dragon and quivering prey to settle his gaze on his weyrmate. "Did you really just…" But he trails off. Ir'e's turned his attention away, and Rhab is the sneaky one now, retrieving the birdie and smacking it right back over the net with a cocky, victory smile. /So/ out of place on Rhabel's face. "Point," he says, in that monotone, and then seems to remember why he was distracted in the first place. He moves closer to the net, twists his fingers in the material, and leans forward to better see Rhadan and Yiska. "Get over here before you get hurt," he tells the younger man, and then turns his head to look at his weyrmate. "And stop being an idiot." He doesn't tell him /why/ he's being an idiot. He thinks, you know, dragons and riders share /everything/. Clearly Ir'e has to know that Yiska is up to no good.

Rhadan does not trust that blue dragon, not one bit! The teen /saw/ something in those eyes, he'd swear. And the mannerisms of that dragon? Rhadan hunts for a living. Sort of. Rhadan's eyes stay on Yiska as the dragon begins to 'sleep'. Rhadan's head tilts down, eyes keeping that blue dragon in his peripheral warily as his eyes focus on the dragonrider, his mate and that… game? Peer. Well, he was going to go swimming, and his glance to the water might show that he still wants to. But… Yiska is in that direction. The blue dragon gets another wary look before Rhadan moves, obviously thinking it is safer to forego the water for the hopefully safety near the rider and his weyrmate. Rhadan is not /afraid/ of the dragon… per say. Just uneasy. That /look/. It is with that thinking that he walks in the direction of that net and the family, his eyes keeping the blue dragon in peripheral up until he gets close enough to ask in a normal voice. "What're you playing?"

This beach party is turning into a sausage-fest. Suldith approaches from the sky, landing in a clear patch of sand and then waddling over closer to Yiskatiresiath, the angry mean blue. Eventually the bronze stops, letting his rider dismount and remove his straps. Zi'on isn't really dressed for riding, he's dressed for the beach! In just a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, sandals and shades. Suldith gives a greeting to his pretending to sleep blue nephew. Also one to Rhad, who is right there though moving away. Zi'on tucks the straps into his beach bag, then moves off to where Ir'e and Rhabel are apparently playing beach volleyball? "Hey all! Need an extra man?" Zi'on is tall, so that will make him a formidable volleyball player, right?

Ir'e flashes an innocent 'What?' look at Rhabel before he's getting the same treatment in return. His mouth drops open and he twirls the racket in his hand again, "Bring it little man." Even though Rhabel isn't really little, he is compared to Ir'e so he can get away with it. He stoops over to pick up the birdie and launch it over the net and at such an angle which would require quick footwork on his weyrmate's part to return. "How am I being an idiot? I didn't do anything this time!" It's not as if he's always paying attention to the monster that is his dragon. He's not his keeper! Or.. maybe he is but that's beside the point! "A new game I've been thinking about for a while." He returns Rhadan's question but makes sure not to take his eyes off wherever that birdie happens to be at the moment. And it's badminton Zi! Bandminton! As for the 'sleeping' blue, he sidesteps in a very slow, chameleon-like manner until he's behind Rhadan, lurking. Thankfully he's not very close but he's definitely in stalk mode to say the least. Suldith's greeting is flat out ignored at this point as he only has one goal in his mind. A tasty little snack between wherrys! "If he wants to join, you're welcome to as well Zi." He motions to the duffle where the extra rackets are stuffed a bit to the side of the net.

Actually, Zi'on should probably just take over altogether. When the birdie comes sailing back over, and Rhabel does the mental math in enough time to realize that hitting it /back/ is going to take too much effort, he watches it sail by and land in the dirt without so much as a change in his expression. "Did you just call me a little man?" Rhabel asks, though the way he inquires sounds so disinterested that one might think he's just asked his enemy if they're enjoying the weather. Which he did. Ir'e's stupid causes an instant spike on the hate-o-meter, to which Rhab has learned to express with three words of: "I love you." Yep, no inflection, deadpan, lacking in the warmth they /should/ carry as he retrieves the birdie and turns his attention onto Zi'on. He doesn't have to say anything to either Rhad /or/ Zi, because Ir'e's answered them both in just enough time to spare them from scathing comments. Idiots, the entire beach is full of dragons and /idiots/. It's with this thought that Rhabel hits the birdie back over, because anything is better than trying to make sense out of why the universe hates him so much.

Under normal circumstances, Rhadan would not have any problem with dragons. He lives at a Weyr, afterall. He has been around them his whole life. Suldith's landing and the greeting doesn't so much startle the teenager… it only really causes him to sidestep a little, moving a little further away. A hand comes up in a bit of a wave, and that's about it. Sorry Suldith - Rhadan'll try to be more friendly next time. The badminton is a distraction, though, and Rhadan's eyes blink a few times and one side of his lips curl as he watches the game being played. What are those… stick… things? And that /isn't/ a normal ball. At Ir'e comment to Zi'on about joining Rhadan looks to the Weyrleader a moment, the teenager shifting a little in discomfort. "I… I dunno. I don't know if I'd be very good." A glance is given to Rhabel. Rhadan might end up being worse than that. That'd be bad! "What is that… stick?" He does glance to the duffel, though. To play or not to play? One thing the teen is /not/ doing is looking behind him to check on that bluedragon… and he calls himself a hunter apprentice.

Badminton! Height wasn't nearly as helpful in that. Zi'on would need hand-eye coordination for that. The bronzer wants to play though! So he heads over to where Ir'e motions, dropping his own bag down next to the duffle and picking up one of the rackets. "What are these for?" He asks, holding his up. "To spank Rhabel with later when he's been naughty?" Zi'on chuckles at his own joke. He can tell from the little bit of game watching that the idea is to hit the feathery-thing over the net. And probably in such a way that the other team could not hit it back. Zi'on heads over to Rhabel's side, tapping him with the racket on his way. "I'll join Rhabel's team. He looks like he needs some help." And maybe he doesn't want to get caught in dragon teeth when Yiska eats Rhad. Zi'on isn't particularly fond of Rhabel either. He thinks of him rather as a weyr-moocher. Though at least he makes himself useful watching Ir'e's brood. "Come on Rhadan." Zi'on encourages. "I'll be at least as bad as you are. Ir'e will probably cream all three of us." Suldith just looks curiously between Yiska and his prey, then waddles off to sit in the shallows a while.

Ir'e should really know that those three little words that Rhab has been saying more often lately don't exactly mean the thing they're supposed to mean when he says them. Poor clueless Ir'e just doesn't quite get it. He just enjoys hearing them. Who cares how they're said? Amirite? "You have to be better than Rhab, he's not really into you know, outdoorsy stuff. He'd much rather curl up on the blanket over there and read." Although that might be more challenging to do with a nearly two turn old reaching up and tugging on you for attention every few seconds. The bluerider makes his way over to the bag to snag the last racket and offer it to Rhad but right as he's handing it over Yiskatiresiath makes his grand move and is suddenly hunkering over the boy and snapping toothy jaws a little bit too close for comfort. Will Rhad jump? But Ir'e is tugging the teen away and glaring at his dragon, "I've told you many times, you can't eat humans." Yet even when this is said a long dragon tongue slips across those leathery lips and slithers across his lips. But.. but.. Rhadan smells so /good/. "Here." The racket is shoved into the teenager's hand before he pushes him out onto the 'court'. "Just ignore him. He'll behave." Right? Maybe! "Hey, I'm playing for the first time today too. I think we'll all be on equal footing Zi." And that Rhab comment he made, well the bronzerider gets a rather evil grin at that. Why did you have to go and give him ideas Zi? Why?!

What is the stick? "How should I know? Ask Ir'e." Did Zi'on /really/ just go there? Rhabel's attention strays away from Ir'e and the birdie, right back to the Weyrleader seconds before he offers, "You're an idiot." Who wants to think about Rhab getting spanked anyway? When he's joined by the aforementioned abomination of intelligence, and getting tapped by a /racket/ of all things, he shies away from the older man. "Thank you," he says after a moment, and it's softer than the tones he usually uses. "Idiots are too hard to predict. It helps having one on my side." ZING. When Yiska snaps at Rhadan, Rhabel makes a noise of protest, but Ir'e is there to save the day and is that… relief in Rhab's eyes? If it was, it's gone in an instant, replaced with… well, what would be determination to win if Rhabel ever emoted anything at all. Ever.

The joke Zi'on tells does not draw laughter from him only, but also from Rhadan. What!? It was a decent joke… and they really /do/ look like spanking instruments! The laugh comes out in a light chuckle. The chuckling stops once he looks at Rhabel, but the joke's effects are there in Rhadan's eyes. Funny! Once Zi'on is on Rhabel's side of the net and encouraging Rhadan to play, Ir'e is already handing over a racket. Rhadan gives a shrug and reaches to grab it just as… WEHFO)HASDIOUGHIOP. Yup, that is pretty much something like what is going on in Rhadan's head as he is being SNAPPED at by the blue dragon that is utterly /too/ close to him! Rhadan /did/ jump. He lost his breath, too! And if he hadn't already relieved himself before coming to the lagoon… well, no worries there, because he did! The fear, though, that the snapping brought does not leave Rhadan's face quickly, though. Even as he is pulled away and the racket is in Rhadan's hands, his eyes linger on that dragon. DID HE JUST LICK HIS LIPS!? Rhadan takes more than a few seconds to take his eyes from the blue. As he does, he speaks, "I… are you sure he is going to be fine? I swear he licked his lips." Rhadan is out and has a racket, though, so perhaps playing will take his mind off of things, "I think I can understand you a little better, Rhabel…"

"I'm not really outdoorsy either. But I like beach-stuff." Zi'on says. He can at least keep his own on a run about in the sand. There's a nose wrinkle at Yiska's antics from Zi'on. "Bleh. Dragon-breath." Apparently the bronzer is not worried about the blue eating Rhad, but rather about the smell of the blue's breath on the teen. Ew and dragony tongue. Suldith seems to be almost the complete opposite of Yiska in temperament. The bronze suddenly rolls over onto his back and wriggles about in the sand to scratch his back. Badminton rackets are terrible for smacking people's behinds with. Ir'e really ought to just get a paddle for that. "I'm rubber and you're glue." It might be a zing if Rhabel didn't keep using the same dis over and over. As it was it seems that Zi'on ignores his quip. "Who has the ball-y feather-y thing?" Poor Rhad. At least he thought Zi'on's joke was funny! "Dragons don't eat humans." Zi'on says, matter-of-factly. At least he seems confident in that?

"Maybe he has a thing for boys that have Rha's in their name." Ir'e makes the offhanded comment before wrapping a heavily muscled arm around Rhadan's shoulders and leading him further towards the center of the makeshift 'court' which really isn't marked off by anything. He hadn't made it to that point yet. "So, here, give it a try." And he's handing over that weird looking ball with feathers sticking out of it to the teen and glancing at his lifemate with a rather queer expression on his face. Torturing Rhab was one thing, torturing random people wasn't typically something the dragon did. Yiska's tail snakes about him restlessly and a grumble/growl type sound bubbles up from his chest which has Ir'e staring at him even more. "What in Faranth's name are you talking about?" Pause. "No Yiska, the baby dragons wouldn't want to nibble on his thighs. Dragons don't eat /people/. We went over this." Many, many a time. The wingsecond glances over at the weyrleader, offering him a shrug of those bulky shoulders before he points at the birdie in such a helpful way. "Not sure what's up with him. Maybe he-" And then he draws up short and just starts /laughing/. It's a deep, rumbly sound that one can almost feel if they're close enough. "I get it now. He wants Rhadan to /stand/ for your bronze's clutch. Shards, Yiska, can't you just say as much?" The blue snorts and looks rather indignant that his rider didn't understand that baby dragons need snacks too. How difficult was that? "Rhab, can you at least try to hit it this time? You're not even making any effort. Break a sweat at least, come on. This is much more fun than reading." Says who? Some idiot who's opinion probably doesn't much matter? Poor Rhabel, to be weyrmated to such a man. It must be so rough.

"If he hasn't eaten me," Rhabel says to Rhadan, "then he isn't going to eat you." Rhabel would have been dead a million times over if the beast had broader menus, and that's a fact. The bookworm doesn't bother retaliating against Zi's childish rebuttal, because… well… he believes in being the better person, but he /is/ watching as Ir'e hands the birdie over to Rhad and telling him to take a go. "Prove me wrong, Weyrleader." About being an idiot, obviously. Still, his eyes go to Rhad, and there's a blank expression what for all his trouble trying to make sense out of Rhabel's fear. "Just play," he says, because he don't need no stinkin' understanding. And then there is an invitation to stand happening, and Rhabel's brows furrow in confusion as he straightens from the ready-to-crush-idiot-'mates stance he was in and looks from the blue to poor Rhad. "Do you ever pay attention to anything Yiska does, Ir'e?" Rhabel asks. "He just… and you…" Pause. "/Idiot/." HE DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY. Dragons are ruining everything.

Well, someone is going to need to send a warning out to anyone else on Pern whose name begins with 'Rha', because this blue is out to get /something/! There is a slight flinch when an arm comes around Rhadan's shoulder - the boy does avoid pulling away from Ir'e, but the thought was there for a moment. Perhaps Rhadan is uneasy do to the blue? Maybe! He relaxes quickly though, and once he does his eyes glance over his shoulder and Ir'e arm even as he is being lead to the center of the court. He eyes that blue dragon as if expecting another attack, despite Zi'on's, Ir'e's /and/ Rhabel's assurances. There is a weird, feathery ball being held out to him, though, and slowly turns his gaze from the dragon, looking down at the ball that is now in his left hand. Rhad has the ball-y feather-y thing! It is just as he is lifting it, trying to imitate Ir'e serving when Ir'e questions Yiska about… BABY DRAGONS NIBBLING!? That ball-y thing is stopped mid-air as Rhadan freezes, his head turning to Ir'e slowly. "Baby dragons /what/?" Rhadan likes his thighs! No need to eat them! And… laughing? "What's so funn-" Rhadan's question stops as Ir'e speaks to Zi'on. Stare. And now everyone is looked at. Ir'e, Zi'on, Rhab, Yiska and even that rolling bronze, if briefly. "You… you mean he doesn't want to eat me… but to stand? Like… for eggs stand? On the sands?" That serve waiting, feather-y, ball-y thing is /still/ being held in Rhadan's hand, though now it has been lowered as the teen trys to work out what just happened. Blink.

Zi'on raises a brow to Ir'e. "Well, let's just hope he doesn't have a 'thing' for eating people. I'd hate to be the weyr that had the first maneating dragon." Zi'on isn't even sure what he would do if a dragon ate someone. Instead he chooses not to think about it! There's a blink then, as Ir'e says Yiska is just looking to ask Rhad to stand for Mir and Suldith's clutch. "That seems specific." There were two clutches, after all! Zi'on laughs. "Well, what do you say, Rhad? At least Ir'e isn't a weyrlingmaster, so you won't have to deal with Yiska all the time." What a consolation prize! "Come on Rhadan. Let's show them how this is done." Or so Zi'on says. He's just as like as not to make a fool of himself on the first serve. "Prove you wrong about what? Me being an idiot? I don't think there's any amount of proving that is likely to change your mind. Though I could have Suldith sit on you until you say otherwise. How does that sound?" The bronze, having heard his name, finishes up his scratching and washes off. Then he waddles over to lay down in the sand with his muzzle by the net. Not in the court, of course. But he is watching Rhabel. A new potential friend! "No one is nibbling on my thighs. Unless they want hair in their teeth. Do you have a candidate knot on you, Ir'e? There might be one in my bag."

"He's his own dragon, I don't need to be watching him every second of the day. It's not like he's a child or a pet, Rhab. He's a full grown dragon who can mostly do what he pleases unless you want to try to get him to stop." Ir'e snorts, because obviously that would go over /real/ well if Rhab tried to make Yiska stop doing something that Yiska wanted to do. "Shards, half the time he doesn't even listen to me." But it's something one tends to get used to, realizing that dragons are their own beings and not something that can always be controlled. "You'd understand if you were a rider. Right, Zi?" Might as well drag the Weyrleader into this mess. It's then though that Rhadan and his confusion bring Ir'e's attention and the bluerider gives another short chuckle, "Well, I don't know if I'd go so far as to say he doesn't want to eat you, because he is mighty curious what you taste like. So just stay away from his tongue so he can't get a taste and won't get any more ideas, yah?" Way to go Ir'e, totally instilling confidence in that your dragon isn't a coldblooded killer. "So how 'bout it? I guess there are two clutches but he did say Suldath's. Maybe he's doing you a favor considering Shadhavarth is his mother. Maybe Suldith will have more agreeable babies?" To that he shrugs again because how is he supposed to know? A glance at Zi'on is given, "Maybe?" And then there's a shake of his head, "I forgot to grab some. Didn't think Yiska would go out and search anyone, I know he's a blue and all but he hasn't shown much interest in searching in the past." Aww, Rhad's his first victim, er, searchee! "At the very least Rhadan, hit the ball. Come on now. Don't let all this distract you from the goal of winning the game." The game that's barely started.

New protential friend? Rhab thinks not. When the bronze puts his cute snout closer to the net, the bookworm is instantly catching at the Weyrleader's arm and giving him a jerk towards his side of the 'court'. "You can stand here," he manages stiffly, doing his best to ignore the look Suldith is fixing him with. Ir'e's rambling about Yiska being his own dragon earns the bluerider a roll of eyes, and then he's throwing up his hands in a very uncharacteristic show of exasperation. While they are all figuring out what they're going to do (or when and if they're going to play), Rhab is going to just make himself a seat in the sand and observe. "Let me know when you have all figured everything out." Because he's much more interested in flopping onto his back, bringing his hand up over his face, and pretending the lot of 'em don't exist.

Rhadan just wanted to swim. Cool off a little, get some good cardio in that would help… well, he had a reason for all of the excersise. He really did want to get stronger. Faster. Better. It wouldn't be too long before he was fifteen turns, he needed to be ready for more work. He needed to be better at what he did. He needed to THINK. What just happened? Rhadan's mind is drawn back to the present and to Ir'e and Zi'on specifically. Was he just asked to stand? Like… to have a chance to impress a dragon - at that though his eyes go to Yiska. Well, maybe impressing wasn't all that great. What if he impressed a dragon who liked eating people? That wouldn't be good. Not good at all… AND BACK. Okay, so Rhadan's mind drifts into thought a lot. Was Ir'e explaining something? Two clutches? Yes, Rhadan knew that. He'd even gone out to look at them. Wait. Is Rhabel sitting? And Ir'e is asking him to hit the ball? Wha? Uh… "… will I still be able to work as a hunter?" He likes what he does sometimes. His mind seems to be back under control, at least in part. And even though he asked the question, he is backing up slightly and lifting the ball. "How do you do this, again? Did you toss it first?" Ball? Play? Is Rhabel sitting? Well, even if the bluerider's weyrmate is laying down, Rhadan is going to do what he asked - toss the ball up at hit it. And look… the first time he hit it, and it goes over the net. That's a good thing, right?

Adult dragons were like adult humans. The could do as they pleased, as long as what they pleased wasn't at the expense of someone else. And if the dragons got out of control.. well that's when the queens had to step in and exert some control. "It's not like we can control them every second. They're not canines. They don't stand around waiting for you to tell them to stand or sit or go to the bathroom." He agrees with Ir'e. There's a shrug and a laugh about the clutches. "I don't think dragons know the difference. Maybe he just has the recent one on his mind." Or maybe it was Miraneith's fault. The queen did hold a greater power with the other dragons after all. Zi'on grunts as he's moved towards his lifemate by Rhabel. "Eh? Why?" The bronzer still hasn't gotten the picture that Rhabel is frightened of dragons. It was one thing to be frightened of Yiska, and a whole other to be frightened of cuddly Suldith. "You'll still be able to go on short trips, sure. Until the eggs harden up a ways." Incoming! Zi'on rushes towards the birdie, waving his racket like a madman. He manages to hit it, but sends it sailing waaay over Ir'e and Rhadan. "Whoops." Suldith meanwhile slinks over to where Rhabel is laying down with his hands covering his face. And sticks his muzzle right into his face. And warbles at him curiously.

Ir'e is used to watching his own lifemate's actions when it comes to his weyrmate, and sometimes he's even aware enough to watch other dragons in regards to that. But seeing as how at the moment he's busy trying to search Rhadan or something and trying to explain the game, well, he's more than a tad distracted and doesn't really see that Suldith is sneaking his way over to his weyrmate's side. "Oh get up-" He starts to say to his weyrmate and then Rhadan's hit the birdie and Zi is going for it and it's flying over their heads and he's watching it go, a sigh already pushing out of him as he trudges off after it. He mutters over his shoulder, "Just say you'll do it Rhadan. I really don't want to think about what Yiska might do if you decline him. Plus, if you impress you'll get to hunt with a dragon and that's loads of fun. I was a hunter too, ya know? Totally worth it." As long as his dragon isn't a nibbleholic like Yiska happens to be. It's about then that the nanny who's been watching Ir'e's daughter on the sidelines gets distracted, or perhaps bored is the proper word for it, and the little girl waddles over to her second father, the smaller of the two, and then right up to Suldith before she tries to push his big bronze head away from Rhabel. "No!" She chirps rather sternly for a toddler. Apparently Idrea is going to try to protect him. "No like!" That definitely brings Ir'e attention away from birdie chasing and a lump forms in his throat. He wasn't exactly close enough to go play knight-in-shining armor for his weyrmate at the moment.

Sweet, innocent Suldith. The moment the bronze is hovering and warbling, Rhabel jerks up and does a backwards scramble /away/ from the looming dragon. His breath catches in his throat, wide, green eyes settle on the offending beast, and then the bookworm is catching at his chest through his tunic. "A little warning next time," he manages, less terrified now, more wary. He still hasn't managed to catch his breath, and his lungs are laboring to keep up with his body's response to Suldith's sudden, unexpected proximity. It's not that he is crushingly scared of dragons (unless we're talking Yiska, because that blue is /vicious/), but he is very far from being their biggest fans. Idrea is there, and Rhabel actually /laughs/ at the efforts of his daughter to rescue him from Suldith. He reaches out for her, despite Suldith being RIGHT THERE (it's not like he's worried about the dragon eating Ir'e's child), and pulls her into his lap. HUG. "Thank you, Idrea," he murmurs, and he's pressing a kiss into the little girl's temple while he tries to get himself together. Just give him a minute. Or five.

Rhadan is a natural, see? He /totally/ got the birdie over the net and cause Zi'on to hit it /far/. Of course, Rhadan doesn't /know/ that the birdie can't go too far. Rhadan's eyes are good and he tries to /jump/ and swing at the birdie as it flies over his and Ir'e side of the court. He misses, yes, but one cannot fault the teen for trying, can they? They might be able to fault him for swinging too hard, though. Did you see the racket leave his hand? Luckily they are on sand, so the racket lands harmlessly on the sand to one side of the court. Ir'e might have been in the path had the bluerider not turned to follow the birdie. Luckily for all involved he had moved. Rhadan's mouth forms an 'oops' look, The teenager is quickly moving the retrieve the racket from where it fell. As he bends down to pick it up there is something he hears about not wanting to see what Yiska would do if declined… O.o. The racket is in his hands and he is standing again just in time to see Rhabel scrambling away from the bronze dragon. Rhadan's face becomes worried for a moment until that small girl is speaking at the dragon and Rhadan cannot surpress a grin himself. The is even a light 'aww' sound coming from his mouth. Then he moves back onto the court, and he has more questions. "I… well. I don't know if I can say no… do I have to move?" He likes his cot!

Sorry, but Zi'on is also distracted. Also he does not generally watch his weyrmate's interactions with people because Suldith is generally gentle. "Sorry, Ir'e." He calls out again to the bluerider. "I don't hunt, so I can't attest to that. But I do ride a dragon, and it is pretty fun. You'll be able to hunt wherever you want, then. It'll just be a short hop between." Or a long one, depending on your feelings about between. Suldith blinks at the tiny human pushing him away. He moves his muzzle back and trills at the tiny Idrea confusedly. What did he do? "Hm?" Is Zi'on's response to Rhabel. "Oh. Suldith is harmless. He's just saying hello. And looking for a scritch." Suldith warbles at Idrea, this time. Zi'on watches as Rhad's racket goes sailing over into the sand. "Wheee. You probably want to hold onto that, Rhadan. Yes, you will have to move. Only to the candidate barracks though." Which isn't that far from where the rest of the residents stay.

Idrea upturns her head to receive that kiss before she's reaching up with sandy hands to squish Rhabel's cheeks (as much as small little hands can) before she says, "I save you." She's all smiles then and giggles before she's twisting around to peek up at the big bronze. Even though Suldith is rather small for a bronze, he nonetheless is still quite a bit bigger than the blue she's spent her whole life around and she's always been a curious little bean and is wiggling around in Rhabel's arms to before clutching at his hand and trying to drag him closer to the dragon when he trills at her. "No hurt daddy, right?" Yup, Rhab has less guts than his two-turn old daughter. Go Rhab! As for Ir'e, well he narrowly dodge a racket apparently and comes to stand next to Rhadan before hmming for a moment, reaching up to scratch at the goatee sprouting from his chin. "Well, you gotta move to the barracks and all. The candidates have to all be in the same place. I guess it gets you guys used to it if you impress since baby dragons can't fly and have to live in the barracks and you with 'em. But if you can bring whatever belongings you want as long as they don't clutter up the barracks." His voice drops to a near whisper as he stoops by Rhadan's side, "I had issue sleeping in 'em to be honest but just make it appear like you're there and that you're easily found as the eggs get hard and it won't be a big deal. But, you won't be able to drink much anymore. Guess I should mention that. No drunk candidates and all. And no sex." He gives the teen a once over, screwing his nose up at the thought of him getting laid. Please, he was still a /boy/ in Ir'e's eyes. No need to think about that. It's about then he's giving the birdie a good whack and it's whizzing towards Zi's head. Think fast!

Rhabel doesn't fight Idrea. If she wants to get all close and personal with the bronze, he'll certainly let her go. It's when she's catching at him, and trying to pull him /towards/ Suldith that he comes up a little short. He looks, for a moment, as if the very last place he wants to be is here on the beach, trying to talk himself into getting /that close/ to a dragon. Green eyes take on a desperate kind of emotion as they search for Ir'e, but the /useless/ bluerider is just playing games like NOTHING IS HAPPENING HERE. This leaves him to stare after his little girl and then slowly, hesitently, push himself up and onto his feet. "I'm sure he's more interested in you, Idrea," the bookworm murmurs, ignoring the three knocking birdies about in favor of inching closer to Suldith with Idrea in tow. He will do the parent-like thing, and stand close to watch.

The candidate barracks smelled funky, though! More funky than where Rhadan's cot currently was, at least. Of course, the smell thing could likely just be in Rhadan's head. Or perhaps he just listened to the wrong resident. Past candidates, perhaps? Rhadan had worked with them before - sometimes when he had to pull kitchen duty when there was little to do. There is a moment, as Ir'e is standing next to him agin, where Rhadan is brushing some sand off of the handle of the racket. "Yeah. I /know/ I should hold onto it!" Duh, Zi'on! Rhadan knew that. Just like people know not to walk onto thin ice. Or not to let a dragon sneak up on Rhab (okay, so only a few seem to know that). All these things just happen sometimes, though. Everything Ir'e informs him of is nodded to. He really did know most of it already. He grew up at Western, afterall… but the specifics are sometimes forgotten. Alcohol!? And… Rhadan caught the once over, and the look and mention of 'sex' pulls a swallow from the boy and a bit of a… shiver, as well as a glare. Hey! Who's to say he isn't getting any!? Rhadan won't, and the look he give Ir'e lasts barely a moment before he is asking about the alcohol. "… no alcohol or just not any getting drunk?" And then something else crosses his mind. Do candidates get /paid/? How was he to afford drinks? Is that a birdie flying? Rhabel and the girls' approch to the bronze is not noticed. Rhadan is worried about alcohol right now. This is important!

Suldith is generally good natured, and find the tiny human amusing. He flops down in the sand with his muzzle stretched out a bit towards her. He makes a warbly-purr noise as if to say 'come and pet me'! Or whatever. The bronze is interested in both. But maybe if Rhabel sees that the bronze wasn't scary he won't have a heart attack? "You didn't sleep in the barracks, Ir'e? Tsk tsk. At least if you're not going to sleep there, keep it a secret from the powers that be. I don't want some unhappy weyrlingmaster storming into my office and then finding out I said it was okay to disobey the rules. No excessive drinking, and no sex of any kind. This isn't some new-fangled weyr where we allow the candidates to get freaky in the barracks." Zi'on wasn't that progressive. He'll leave that sort of thing to Xanadu. The bronzer manages to use his racket to block the birdie, which is enough to send it barely back over the other side of the net. He laughs a bit at Rhadan. "Why'd you let it go then?" He teases. "Keep the alcohol to a minimum." This is said more sternly. Candidates might get a little bit of money for incidentals, but what did they really need to be paid for?

Yes, this is why the bronze came to bug Rhabel first and not Idrea who was further off and out of the game, right? Either way the girl is pretty content to waddle over to the dragon and reach out to pat his nose. "Shiny!" Those big round brown eyes focus on Rhabel again before she's patting up Suldith's snozz like a pro. Ir'e is useless apparently, not there to help his poor weyrmate out, but doesn't he get swatted at and told that Rhab doesn't need to be rescued every time he does? And this isn't Yiska so no reason to be super protective. "How did you even hear that? Do you have super ears or something?" Ir'e's gaze narrows as he gets called out for not sleeping in the barracks. Not his fault he couldn't stand half the girls who were in there and their giggling did nothing to help his screwed up sleep schedule. "See, Zi isn't completely unreasonable though. Just you get caught drunk or drinking too much and shirking your chores I'm sure you'll find yourself with some pretty nasty things you gotta do as punishment." He shoves his hand in his pocket and as his brows crinkle he pulls out a very crumpled white knot. "Guess I did have one." Although it looks kind of dingy and perhaps borderline tan at the moment instead of white. "Just wash it a bit, it'll be as good as new." He dangles the limp, wrinkled thing at Rhadan.

Rhadan makes an attempt to return the birdie. Zi'on had got it over the net this time, and it was short! Rhadan's return, though, is fumbled. His racket gets under the birdie and pops it up - but the thing isn't going to go over the net. Not like that. So Rhadan pulls the racket around and hits it again. What!? He was never told he couldn't hit twice! When he hits it the second time, it is an erratic hit, though, and the birdie is flying through the air in the direction of the bronze dragon, Rhabel and the girl. The birdie is, more accurately, headed straight for Suldith's snout. It'll likely pass right by Rhabel to get there. The birdie is light, of course, but still… one might notice the impact. Rhadan his cringing as he breathes out a, "Sorry." before he is being presented with a knot. Rhadan's eyes stare at that sorry excuse for a knot that is held out in front of him by Ir'e. Only minutes ago he was wearing a different knot, one that marked him as a hunter. He liked that one and… kind of took care of it. He washed it, at least. And didn't shove it into the bottom of his pocket to get all crumpled and off colored. Rhadan makes a face as he takes the knot, "I… guess it'll have to do." A puase. "Thank you." And then he is shoving the knot in his own pocket. What? His shirt is on the ground, okay! Like, over there! Rhabel recieves a grin. Okay. Rhadan make be okay with this.

Suldith watches Idrea as best he can, warble-purring at her as she gives him a good patting. It's not like Zi'on was doing anything, either. Letting his dragon do as he likes. The bronze was used to children of course. He'll expect an eye poke or two, and if he gets tired of it he'll leave. See? Harmless. Even Rhabel is safe to give him a patting. "I can read lips!" He shouts to Ir'e. Sort of. Enough to use context clues to figure out what Ir'e had said. "Don't press your luck though. I'm not really in charge of candidates. The weyrlingmasters don't have to consult me on punishments. So unless you want to be scrubbing latrines with a toothbrush, try to keep the drinking to a minimum. You'll be preoccupied with candidate stuff anyways. Chores, lessons… more chores." There's a wrinkled nose at Ir'e's 'candidate knot'. It looks like a used hanky from over here. "Gross, Ir'e." Zi'on blinks then, as the birdie goes sailing over and pinks Suldith in the snout. The bronze lifts his head rather suddenly at the impact, then peers at the birdie and sniffs at it. For a second there he seems to be pondering it. "He says it smells like food." Zi'on explains. "The feathery thing. Not your weyrmate or your daughter."

Okay, birdies hitting dragons in the snout is about time to call it game, set, and match. "Oh well, I'll hammer out better rules and stuff next time I think." Ir'e mutters as he stoops under the net and comes over to scoop up his daughter and place a kiss on Rhabel's brow. Idrea squees gleefully as she's at a much better angle to pester the poor bronze dragon now. Grubby little hands smeared all over. Mmm. Yum. "And it was the only one I had on me. He can suck it up and deal with it. Nothing a little soap and water won't cure and he better get used to scrubbing if he's gone and accepted the knot in the first place." Way to be a jerk Ir'e! "Maybe we can have a rematch in a sevenday or so, Zi? I have a feeling Rhabel's not gunna play with me again. Surprised he even picked up a racket this time 'round." Bluerider is then shaking his head before tossing a glance over his shoulder at Rhadan. "How long is it gunna take you to get your things together so we can move you to the barracks?"

"It's fine," Rhab tells Rhadan, because it's not like it hit /him/ or anything. /Actually/, dragons mentioning things smelling like /food/ with Rhabel and his brood (technically Ir'e's) that close is more than enough of a game/set/match for the bookworm. He blinks owlishly slow between Suldith and Zi'on, opening his mouth to say something when Ir'e is suddenly there, and Idrea is being retrieved, and the younger man is catching his 'mate by the crook of one of his arms as he hauls himself back up to his full height. "I don't play because I would shame you," Rhabel says, turning his head to look at Zi'on. "Tell him yes, and get him out of my hair every now and again."

Rhadan is not a natural at this game. Nope. Okay? Well… were there any rules in the first place? Rhadan just recalled something about the ball going to the other side of the net, and not letting it hit the ground. Besides, Rhadan had one good hit! He also had one time where the racket went flying and another where he hit a bronze dragon. Whatever. He was new. He hit the feather-y ball-y thing, at least. As Ir'e moves under the net, Rhadan is moving to put the stick-racket-thingy in the duffel bag once more. "I… well I grew up here. The chores I can do. I'm good with meat." Kitchens? Hunting is a chore, too, right? Okay, maybe not. Whatever! Rhadan glances to his discarded towel, shirt and shoes little ways away before answering Ir'e. "If needed… shortly? I mean… most of my equipment is locked away from the dorms already. All I have there are my clothes and bedding." His /cot/! The one he'll have to leave. Sniff. "Should I wash first?" Afterall, he doesn't want to add to what he has been told is a bad smelling dorm, and Rhadan has been sweating all morning. He is already moving to his stuff and once there, his socks and shoes will be the first items to go on. Note that Rhadan's eyes find a certain blue dragon an watch him warily.

Zi'on chuckles a bit at Ir'e. "Even though it's what Rhabel wants… Sure I'll play with you. I'm usually down here once a day or so. Getting in some sun and some swimming." Zi'on can always give Suldith a nice cleaning over later. And yes, he's moving in on Rhabel's man. LOOK OUT. "We know." He says about Rhabel shaming Ir'e. "We saw." And it was shameful. Zi'on blinks then and starts laughing. And laughing and laughing. What is he laughing about? "Oh man… really?" He moves off to retrieve his bag, pulling a candidate's knot out of it. It's tosses at Rhabel. "He says you ought to join Rhadan. He can't search your daughter, and you're the next best thing." Zi'on catches his breath and peers then at Rhadan, chuckling again. "You might want to wash up. Or you'll get a reputation of being the stinky one." It only starts to smell if candidates don't wash themselves or their dirty laundry. Or if all their feet and shoes stink. "There's no rush, you won't be officially a candidate until tomorrow."

"Like you could shame me. All you do is have your nose in a book all day. Do you even have muscles on those arms of yours?" Ir'e's reaching down to pinch the skin of Rhabel's bicep between his thumb and first finger. Not hard mind you, but enough to get a grip and give it a bit of a jiggle. Arm flab? Or is that just skin? Either way maybe it's just an excuse to touch Rhabel 'cause the bluerider is totally a perv that way. And then attention swings to Rhadan and he dips his head, giving the teen a once-over again. "Getting cleaned up would definitely be a good plan like Zi said. No one wants to be /that/ guy." Unless one likes getting teased the entire duration of candidacy. And hey, maybe Rhadan wants that? Who's to say he doesn't? What happens next catches Ir'e completely off-guard by that peel of laughter however he's glaring at Zi as if the man has just stabbed him in the back. "Wait, what? No. Rhab absolutely can't stand." Why can't he stand? 'cause! Ir'e won't let him, that's why. "Don't want my weyrmate up and getting himself a dragon and sleeping with all sorts of unsavory types." Like Zi. Maybe he could end up with Zi and wouldn't that be awful for both of them?

Rhabel is being /manhandled/. Of course he has muscle! He's just not nearly as ripped as Ir'e is. The violinst takes the abuse without so much of a protest, the only hint that he doesn't like it coming when he takes a step /away/ from his 'mate once he's done. There are… very few times in his life that Rhabel has found himself at a loss for words, but this is one of them. Without thinking, when Zi'on tosses the knot, Rhabel makes a clumsy catch of it. It's with a blank expression that he blinks green hues down to look at the pristine cord in his hands and then… brows furrow together, moments before his eyes go a little wider. He jerks his head up, with an expression much like a deer in headlights, and looks from Suldith, to Zi'on, to Ir'e. "I…" There's a quick shake of his head, and Rhabel is just reaching out shove that knot back at Zi'on when Ir'e speeks. The bookworm bristles, and the hand freezes midair before being jerked back to his chest. There's a moment in between of silence, when Rhab looks truly angry, and then he's back to his unpleasant blankness just like that. "I would be honored," he says, because the untrue words will surely be salt in his weyrmate's wounds. And just like that, without so much as a word, Rhabel is turning away from every single one of them to head for home and get his things packed. TAKE IT AND LIKE IT.

Okay. Putting shoes on is easy, right. One sock. One shoe. Tug the laces and tie! Yes, victory! And switch knees. Second sock. Second shoe. Throughout this process he really, truly /is/ listening to Ir'e and Zi'on. He is going to go wash soon. It'll be good. He needed it anyway. He wouldn't be /that/ guy. The act of tying that second shoe, though, is paused as Rhadan looks at Zi'on as the bronzerider laughs. Odd. Was there a joke? Rhadan didn't /hear/ one. Then, Zi'on explains and Rhadan's eyes follow a clean candidate knot (why couldn't Rhad get one like /that/?) flying towards the bookworm. Once it registers Rhadan is almost beaming. There is certainly a grin on the teenager's face. Rhadan has been a candidate all of 5 minutes and he already /knows/ another one! Rhadan's mouth opens as Rhabel is walking away, and it looks as if he might be wanting to say something… but no, his mouth closes. And… look. His eyes go to Ir'e and Zi'on for a moment. Errr. "Um… I'll… I'll uh, go wash and pack, then?" And the teen is bending now to pick up his towel and shirt. Right. Wash.

Zi'on chuckles as Ir'e starts to pick on his weyrmate. Take that, evil Rhab! At least the bronzer doesn't join in. They were weyrmates after all. Like Ir'e really needed an excuse to tough Rhabel. Surely Rhadan didn't want to be -that- guy. The stinky one that no one wanted to get downwind of. Or maybe he was antisocial and he did. And he'd impress to the stinky dragon egg and he could spend the rest of his life stinking up a weyr with his stinky dragon. And once he was gone they'd seal up the weyr instead of trying to clean the smell out. "Why can't he stand? He looks healthy to me. And I know he's not too old. You guys already have a nanny. This will help make him productive. And maybe he'll put some meat on his bones, too. Sorry, Ir'e. But sleeping with unsavories is part of being at a weyr." It would be awful for Zi'on, but the bronzer doesn't really think that far ahead. In his mind all green and goldriders are girls and all male dragons impressed to males and he lives in that happy world la la la la. Zi'on starts to laugh at Rhabel's words. Well, it wasn't like he was going to take the knot back anyways. "Sounds good, Rhadan. Enjoy your last night of freedom, Rhab." Zi'on rubs his hands together, then heads out towards the water to get his swim on.

Ir'e sputters since the ability of speech has currently fled him as his temper flares up. So instead he just sits there mostly gaping and trying to form words and failing miserably. Arg! Finally he grasps at some but by the time he has Rhab's gone and already started fleeing. "Wait just a sharding minute. There's no way he can stand. There's no way he /wants/ to stand." He's flinging his arm out at the retreating form of his weyrmate. "He's just doing this to make me angry." And boy is it working like a charm. "Come on Zi, give a man a break. Maybe Suldith was just mistaken, right? It wasn't a real search. Just a prank, right?" It's kind of pathetic the way Ir'e is trying to grasp so strongly at straws. Finally the bluerider shakes his head, as if he can magically clear the storm cloud that's settled around him and refused to go away. "Nevermind. Just.. I'll go talk to Rhab and get that confounding knot back." Mark his words! Oh, and he'll fail too by the way, but don't tell him that. However as Rhadan is bending over to get his things Ir'e has managed to stride over him, grab him by the arm and jerk him along. His clothes and towel? Better forget about them 'cause Ir'e's in no mood to be disobeyed. "Come on, let's get you to the barracks." He hisses under his breath while dragging the poor newly knotted candidate along.

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