Save a Herdbeast, Ride a Dragon (Naris is Searched)

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

It's a cool summer morning at Western. A bit chilly and there is dew on the grass around the feeding pens. Zi'on is up and dressed and leaning against the fence in a spot, looking half asleep still. His hair his cowlicked to one side and his eyes are droopy. Above, Suldith can be seen circling the pens, then suddenly he drops from the skies and down onto one of the unsuspecting herdbeasts in the pens. Once he's killed it cleanly, the bronze proceeds to pick the carcass up and drag it over to the fence where Zi'on is before he starts to eat. The bronze warbles at his rider with his mouth full, and Zi'on jumps awake. "Eh? What now?"

Despite the early morning and Zi'on's apparent tiredness not everyone shares his drowsiness. As a matter of fact Naris is wide awake and actually looks well rested her once. Her blue eyes are bright, she is wearing clothes for work, and her hair is clean and pulled back in a ponytail. She is still rather bruised from her encounter with the runner but then again she has never been one to heal quickly. As she approaches the corrals she doesn't seem to notice the weyrleader. She is walking with purpose, like she has a job to do and in completely ready to do it. Upon reaching the fence she climbs up on it and promptly climbs down on the other site. With that she turns around and begins to wander into the herd, showing no fear at being surrounded by so many herdbeasts.

Zi'on is a night owl. Which means he stays up too late and hates the morning. Naris will be pleased to find the weyrleader fully clothed, and even in a light jacket to fend off the cold morning air. Zi'on is getting droopy eyed again. There's a little golden nose peeking out of the hood of his jacket, that pops up as Naris passes by. It's Suldith though that notices the headwoman's assistant, giving the girl a warble as she heads into the herd. The bronze keeps an eye on her while she goes about her beastie business, leaning down now and again to take a bite of his breakfast.

The bronze's greeting warble comes as a surprise to her, although she doesn't jump or scream this time. No, today she appears to be rather alert and prepared to take surprises in stride. She turns around to face the bronze and his rider, a small smile actually gracing her face. Too bad Zi'on might be too tired to spot the illusive creature. Along with this she actually stops what she is doing for a moment to wave at the pair and give a shout of, "morning!" It would seem like Naris is in a good mood for once. She is about to turn back around when a small frown crosses her face and she begins to walk over to the pair. Leaning against the rail next to them she asks, "have you seen a scrawny herdbeast with a limp? I'm no beastcrafter, that mare's pregnancy test taught me that, but I think there's something wrong with it and I want to check before I alert someone. Little bugger is pretty good at hiding within the herd though…"

It is the feeding pens after all! There were always likely to be dragons about. Naris is in a good mood? Never! She must be hiding something, or wanting something from the bronze and his rider. Right? At the greeting from Naris, Zi'on lifts his hand and grunts a bit in hello. Suldith gives her another warble. "Eh? No… I haven't. It's not really safe for you to be in the pens with a dragon about. The beasts can get spooked pretty easily. I'll have Suldith look for it later. Though it's possible one of the dragons has picked it off already. You really ought to leave that sort of thing to the beastcrafters. Checking up on the herd isn't in your set of job duties, Naris." Zi'on yawns and stretches. "If you want to be headwoman some day, you need to learn to delegate."

Hiding something? Whatever would she be hiding aside from a faint mental scarring, result of the one and only weyrleader? Nah, Naris is /totally/ an open book. She tilts her head to the side when the normally energetic Zi'on simply grunts a hello. He appears to be rather tired as well, something she doesn't fail to notice. At his words she snorts before commenting, "yeah, but if I don't do it how can I be sure it will get done? No matter how good the beastcrafters might be things will be missed every once and a while, better me doing things that aren't in my job description than a dragon getting whatever parasite that might have latched onto it." She does climb back over the fence and jump to the other side though, showing that she was listening. Naris takes a moment to brush some dust off her pants before adding, "anyway, thanks for offering to have Suldith look for it, and thank you Suldith for looking." She paused for a moment before continuing, "and I'm not completely sure I want to be headwoman one day, but it is one of my options. At this point I'm honestly not sure exactly what I'm working toward."

It's morning! What was Naris expecting? Zi'on hasn't even had his morning klah yet, instead he was woken up to go out to the feeding pens to watch Suldith eat. "You have to trust whoever you told to get it done. That's part of what it takes to be a leader. I'm responsible for every wingrider at the weyr. If I couldn't trust them each to do their jobs, I'd have to ride every sweep and attend every delivery. It's an impossible task. Just like it would be impossible for you to make sure everyone else at the weyr got their work done. Also dragons don't generally get parasites from herdbeasts. At least not to my knowledge." He nods to her. "Well, were you planning on maybe joining a craft?" He grins to her then, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a white knot. "Or maybe you'd like one of these?"

Naris didn't know what she was expecting, it was hard to predict exactly what was going to happen with Zi'on. She nods as he talks about being a leader, listening to his every word. It actually sounds like he is being serious this time, a bit of a refreshing change if you asked her. She frowns slightly at the mention of having to trust others, something that had never come easy for her. Dragons not getting parasites from herdbeasts comes as a relief to her, though later on she will be sure to check up on that fact herself to be sure. And then he goes and throws her for a loop, pulling out a white knot. Shock appears on her face, pure shock. Her eyes go wide, her jaws go slack for a moment, for a little while it appears like she doesn't know what to say. But eventually she finds her words, stammered words as they might be. "A-are you s-searching me, weyrleader?"

Zi'on is a loose cannon! At least around Naris he is. He seems to be constantly looking for ways to catch her completely off-guard. He is being serious this time. Maybe this is what tired, grumpy Zi'on is like? The bronzer will still send Suldith out to look for the herdbeast. After all, the other half of being a good leader is for people to put their trust into you, right? He chuckles at her. "No, I'm not. He is." Zi'on points to Suldith, who has abandoned his meal momentarily to stretch his neck over the fence and sniff at Naris. Then he starts warbling a while bunch and chittering at her. "He's wondering if maybe it will help you relax a little. Having a lifemate to trust. What do you think?"

Zi'on points to Suldith, who stretches his head over the fence to sniff her and starts making a whole bunch of dragony sounds. She watches the bronze with wide eyes, not moving a single muscle. Meanwhile the weyrleader continues to talk, giving his dragon's reasons for choosing to search her. For a moment she is silent, looking at Suldith, Zi'on, and back to Suldith again. After a moment she finally responds, "yes. I think, I think yes." That is said to Zi'on, a small smile creeping onto her face despite the look of shock that still tries to claim it. She then turns to Suldith, giving a little bow before saying, "thank you so much for the honor of letting me stand for your clutch." By now she is grinning, all-out grinning.

Suldith noses at Naris a bit, gently, begging for a scritch. His muzzles is… a bit bloody so he might get her a little messy. Hopefully not too messy though. Once she accepts the knot, he waddles back over to growl at the firelizards who have started in on his meal. They all leave, except for the tiny gold that has flown from Zi'on's hood. She just chirrups at him cheerfully and goes back to sort of gnawing on a bit of meat. "He says you're welcome. Finish up what you have to do today, and then move your stuff into the barracks. You'll be a candidate tomorrow. Let me know if you need help moving any of your things. You know where my office is if you need anything." Zi'on says with a grin.

Naris happily gives Suldith scritches, a grin on her face despite the blood being transported onto her clothes. This dragon just searched her and appears to be much more down to earth than his rider, she can handle a little blood from him. Now if it was /Zi'on/ that was asking her to give him scritches and getting her all bloody it would be a completely different story. When he moves back over to finish his meal she turns back around to face Zi'on, a grin still in place on her face. She nods at his words before exclaiming, "can do!" With that she gives a little bob of her head to the weyrleader before wandering off, probably to do her chores in a rush for one of the first times in her life.

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