Searchings and Hatchings (Sundari and Kazuto are Searched)

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It has been a rather nice day over at Western, not too hot just comfortable with a slight breeze felt for any that could be near the water. Sundari is here, perched upon a seat that leads out towards the docks, a few ships having just left from the looks of it. The seabrat has a little bucket filled with sand from the looks of it, though there is something within that sand that has her attention at the moment. As she sits crosslegged the bucket rests within her lap, clothing wise she has a tshirt and shorts with a pair of sandals resting next to her. She pokes slightly at the sand within that bucket, which if any was to get close enough one would see a firelizard egg within the bucket, covered over slightly with the warm sand.

It was no secret that Zi'on spends a lot of his free time down at the lagoon, swimming, sunning, having a grand old time. It was good exercise, too! Suldith spends most of his time these days on the sands with Miraneith, typical of him, but even he needs to get out once in a while and stretch. And so the bronze is out in the water, far out in the water, splashing around a bit and fishing. Zi'on heads to the beach in his swim trunks and a t-shirt, as well as a beach bag with his things in it. "A chair! That's what I should get, is a beach chair. Maybe one of those that folds out so you can lay on it." He says when he gets close enough to Sundari. It made so much sense! "Hey, Sunny. Collecting shells or something? Or.. sand?" He asks about the bucket, not quite close enough to see what's inside.

Sundari is still rather curious about what is in that bucket to the point that she hasn't even caught sight of a certain beach going weyrleader. At the voice about a chair she glances around and smiles, waving towards him, and even points towards some chairs that are leaning up against a post along the dock. "Like one of them?" As for the bucket she looks back into it and is soon grinning. "A firelizard egg. My father got it in a trade and as I helped with the job he gave it to me." She glances back to the bucket. "The fella told me to keep it warm, and someone else told me I'd have to feed it when it hatches. Whenever that is."

Zi'on sets his bag down, then takes a towel out of it to lay down. After he does so, a tiny golden head pops out of the bag momentarily, then disappears again. "Yeah, like one of those. I don't want to just snatch one though. I can sit on my towel." Zi'on moves over to get a closer look in the bucket when Sundari tells him what's in it. "Ooh. How exciting! Is this your first firelizard? What do you have for a snack? I've got some meaty tidbits with me, if you need some." The bronzer finishes laying down the towel, smoothing it out and then sitting down on it.

Sundari catches sight of that little old head and blinks a moment before looking back to Zi'on. "Yup first one for me. My older brother had one but he said it left or something. It was sort of strange how it was there one day and then gone the next. Was a really pretty blue." A slight shrug is seen at the idea before she picks up a little bag. "I have some meat bits." She ponders a moment before hopping up, bucket in hand and wanders on over to where Zi'on is an sits down next to him upon the sand. "Say.. Can you tell me what I'm supposed to do when it hatches? Do I really just feed it?"

Zi'on blinks a bit at Sundari. "It… left? It went wild after it impressed to him?" Or maybe didn't impress. At least not that strongly if it just up and left him. Maybe it got tired of fish and being on a boat all the time. Zi'on moves over so that Sundari can sit next to him on the towel. He looks down into the bucket. "Well, that's good. When it hatches it will impress to you." And hopefully not to him. The bronzer couldn't deal with another firelizard right now. "Then you'll be in charge of it. It'll be too little to fly for a bit, and too young to hunt on it's own. So you'll have to care for it. It'll need to be kept warm, and fed. And you can start training it, too. To run errands for you. If it's up to the task." Some were, and some weren't. "I just impressed a new one. I managed to trade for the egg."

"Pretty much. I have no clue why. Though my brother isn't that bright at times." Sundari offers, don't all sisters say that about their brothers though? She lets her gaze stay upon ha bucket perking up a bit as she thinks the egged moved. There is a few moments and then it is still again, hum. "They can do stuff like that?" There is a few moments as she ponders. "Well, I suppose they do. My father has gotten one now and then with messages from land. It was strange how they would just appear and then drop a message and then are gone again." She glances back to him and nods with a smile before pointing at his back. "The little gold?"

"Hm." Zi'on says, not sure of what to make of Sundari's brother story. It could be he abandoned the little blue or something happened to it. As it is right now though the conversation moves onto the firelizard that Sundari will have very soon. "They can. If you take the time to train them properly. Which I highly suggest you do. Otherwise it'll just loaf around in your weyr, eating your food and knocking up every proddy lizard within smelling distance." Of course the bronzer is talking about Thrall, king of firelizards and also of lazy. He nods. "Yep. That's her. Kerrigan is her name. She's a sweet little thing, but still a little shy. She'll break out of her shell eventually. Right now everything is new to her. But she's taken a liking to Suldith at least."

Sundari has no idea about such things that firelizards do, or don't do. "Well I'll make sure to give it a job then for sure. Wouldn't want it to lie around and get all lazy like." This said with an amused tone before nodding to the bit on Zi'on new firelizard. "Cute name." It dawns on her that she will have to get the little thing name. "I've never had a pet before. Well there was a goldfish once, but I think my other brother fed it to a seabird." Her brothers do strange things. The egg is wiggling a bit more so now, a slight *taptap* heard and Sunny is looking back to the egg curiously.

Zi'on chuckles. "They like to feel useful I think. Like everyone does to a point. They're unusual pets I guess in some ways. But they're cute and easy to love." Zi'on leans over to lift the little gold out of her home of his beach bag. She chitters a bit and clings to his shirt as he sets her into his lap. She looks up at Sundari curiously, then climbs up a bit to peer down at the egg. "Make sure your little one spots you, first. Better put the bucket in your lap or something. It looks like it's ready to pop at any moment." Zi'on scoots away a bit. No more firelizards for him! "That's a shame about your fish, though."

Sundari lets that bucket settles back upon her lap and watches the little egg while it wiggles about. "Ya, I was sad for a few days. Then my father told me to get over it, was just a fish." She shrugs a moment and then searches for that bag of meaty bits that she brought along and pulls it open. "They're hungry when they hatch, right?" Seems she's about to find out as the egg is starting to crack, a little a first and then quickly across its side until it spiders out and the little one within the egg is working at trying to push free. Sunny eeps while eyeing the eye, first time for everything like seeing a little egg hatch.

Zi'on, too, watched the little egg. It was a mini-hatching! Who could not be excited about it? "That's a shame. Well, hopefully you have more luck with the firelizard, right?" He nods to her. "Yep. They'll be hungry. Like every baby when it's born." Zi'on leans back a bit and his gold skitters back down into his lap. Even Suldith is interested, and the bronze takes off out of the water to land nearby. He moves over behind them, back a bit, but so he can still see the little egg hatching. He makes a curious humming noise, like he would for a dragon hatching, though this one fades into a warble of encouragement. At least it was certain that Sunny will be the one it impresses to.

The motions of Lurking in Shadows Egg are subtle at first. It quivers, and a series of careful taps feel out the shell from the inside, testing the borders. That accomplished, the firelizard inside rests a moment before driving his head forward through the shell, dark and glistening. He pauses there a moment, giving himself a shake and sending the rest of the shell flying to let him emerge fully.

Skimming the Cream Brown Hatchling
A large, plump brown. His hide is dark in hue, coffee without any cream along his back and the spars of his wings. With a sheen of moisture, he shines almost bronze - but it's just a trick of the light. He's simply a brown, the rounded curve of his stomach a russet potato with a splash of butter-yellow melted against his chest. His wings are broad, their span an impressive one for a brown. He could soar, if he chose to do so, on coffee-colored sails marked with random blotches of cream not yet stirred in. At least, they're probably random. Only he knows for sure, and his jaws are definitely sealed on the matter.

Skimming the Cream Brown Hatchling looks into Sundari's eyes. Impression!

"I hope so." Sundari offers with a soft tone at the thought, what if it went wrong anyway? Oh the thoughts that wander through a teen's mind. She sends a glance to the little gold and then to Suldith and then even back to Zi'on, what is the deal with the humming? That will be something she will have to ask later as that little firelizard is free, bits of shell goes flying and the brown within is struggling for a moment as it finds himself upside down with its rump in the air wiggling about. Sunny grins and is quick to right the little fella out from the sand, which is sticking to him.

There was no sense in worrying a bunch about things going wrong! Besides, firelizards were easy to care for, just difficult to train. At least as far as Zi'on is concerned. The weyrleader and Sundari are down on the beach on this fine sunshiney summer day at Western. They're both sitting on a towel, and Sunny's just had a firelizard egg hatch before her very eyes! Now she has a tiny brown that she ought to be feeding. Zi'on laughs a bit. "Poor little guy. He is cute though." Kerrigan is a little shaken from the exploding egg, but since she's not injured she just peers at the little brown. Suldith meanwhile tilts his head back and gives a trumpet. Which has his rider grunting. "Suldith! Shards and shells. That's loud! You'll scare the poor thing."

Sundari watches the little firelizard, she is surprised at it and it takes her a few moments before she blinks to snap out of that little daze. The brown wiggles about and warbles out, which is more of a screech as it looks confused. It dawns on Sunny what she is suppose to do and she offers that little brown the bits of meat she has hold of. At the trumpet a faint meep escapes her and she peers up at the bronze grinning a moment before she glances back to the firelizard whom is eagerly snatching up that meat. "He is cute, all rolly polly." There is a nip to her fingers and she ouches. "Sharp teeth too."

Sunshine and summer are two things that Kazuto doesn't appear to be the most comfortable with. He wanders to the shore to try and get a bit of - hopefully - cooler air drifting off the water. Lifting a hand to run his fingers through his somewhat damp looking hair, he certainly doesn't appear to be the most comfortable at the moment in the warmth. Dark eyes scan the beach to see if there's anyone familiar, and he bee-lines straight for where Sundari and Zi'on are sitting. "Hey, what's that?" He asks, catching a glimpse of the firelizard and not really being close enough to hear their conversation until he takes a few more steps closer. "Firelizard?"

Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Well, he looks nice and healthy at least. Cute, too. Heh, yeah they do have sharp teeth. They need them to eat." Zi'on reaches over to pet the little brown's back a bit with his finger. Kazu is right, there is a cool breeze at least down by the water. At least summer was on its way out? Then again it never did get cold at Western, but it'll be cooler during the fall and winter months. Zi'on looks up to see who is inquiring about the little brown. "Hey, Kazuto. Sundari just impressed a firelizard. Isn't he cute?" Zi'on also has a small firelizard clinging to his shirt. "What're you going to name him, Sunny?" Suldith meanwhile is shoving his head closer to get a look at the brown. Also he's giving Kazuto a sniffing.

Sundari gives her hand a slight shake before she is offering more bites of meat to the brown that is still eating them as if he has never ever been fed before, which in a sense he hasn't. She looks over to Kazuto and offers him a smile waving to him. "Hey Kazuto, come look at him." She offers before a soft laugh escapes her as Suldith is pushing his head down, she gives him a soft scratching pet across his cheek. "Yes, alright I'm sorry I see you too." As for names she wonders while looking back to the brown pondering. "How's Strider sound?"

Kazuto invites himself to sit down on the ground beside them, towel or not, it doesn't appear to matter. He gives a bit of a look at Suldith and scrunches his nose. "Not gunna like what I smell like, buddy.", he warns as he probably smells mostly of sweat and needing a bath. Then he shifts so he can get a look at the new firelizard. "Never seen them that small before, always bigger than that. He looks like a nice one though?" He asks and offers an uncertain smile, not too sure what really makes one nice or not. "Strider sounds like a fine name."

Suldith gives a warble to Sundari as she gives him a scritching. That's right! He's here. The bronze doesn't seem to mind the smell. He's just trying to identify Kazuto. It's his 'thing'. He also gives a warble to the handyman. "Don't mind Suldith. He's harmless. Also he's curious. I like Strider. That's a cute name for a brown." The bronzer leans back onto his hands. "So what have you two been up to? Anything fun? I've already been trapped into sands sitting a bunch. I feel like I'm missing out and it's only been a few days since the eggs were laid." And Zi'on doesn't like to miss out on anything. "I was hoping to catch Ir'e out here. He's made up a new game and I want to get some practice in."

Sundari doesn't mind if Kazuto moves over to join them, she smiles and nods to him while looking to the firelizard whom is finally full. At least for the moment and settles down curling up within his new person's lap and is quickly falling asleep it would seem. "Strider it is then." This said with a smile. A glance is offered to Suldith and she grins to him before nodding and looks back to Zi'on. "I got to see the eggs, well sort of from up there with the others. There was ten right? I haven't been up to a lot. Was out on the boat for a while an all."

"Hey there, Suldith." Kazuto attempts to at least give the bronze a proper greeting, and reaches out to attempt and touch the dragon wherever he might be able to reach. He withdraws just as quickly as he started to reach out towards the dragon, and shrugs his shoulders, "I've not been up to anything interesting, really. Just normal daily work and the like." He admits, and grins at the brown finally deciding to sleep on Sundari's lap. "I haven't looked at the new eggs yet, though I looked at the ones already there." He admits, and shrugs lightly. "Looked like normal eggs to me. Are either of you betting on what colours there might be? Or even just guessing."

Zi'on nods to Sunny. "Ten for Miraneith and Suldith, yep. Seven in Shad's clutch. So a nice seventeen total. There's going to be lots of candidates. For some reason our queens always seem to be on the same sort of schedule. And we have a ton of candidates then weyrlings, or none." Suldith at least seems satisfied by a pat from Kazuto. he moves around to lays down, with his muzzle close by so he can heard them all talking. About his clutch. What? Can't a father be proud of his children? Even if they weren't really hatched yet. "Heh, no. I don't bet on Suldith's clutches. Just seems wrong, you know? Like I might have insider information. Didn't look like there's a gold out there though. It's a bit disappointing."

Sundari ohs and nods with a smile seen at the talk of the clutch. "Nice." She offers softly. The firelizard upon her lap is given a soft petting while it sleeps, her gaze settling upon he brown while she listens. "You all bet on them for colors?" Well there's an idea. "I'll have to think about it." She glances to Kazuto. "Did you bet on them?"

"It's not like you can look inside the eggs, nobody can." Kazuto is quick to say, leaning back on his elbows and enjoying a bit of the breeze out on the beach. "Can you really tell by the egg? Aren't there sometimes small golds or something that might come out of a smaller egg?" He doesn't really know much about this stuff, so who knows what runs through his mind about dragons. "Oh, I never /bet/ on them, sometimes I like trying to guess. But with seventeen on the sands? I don't know… Hard to tell what will happen. Has it ever happened that there was a clutch of nothing but browns and blues or anything strange like that?"

Zi'on nods to Sunny. "You can bet whatever marks you have. If you're right you win a piece of the pot." There were different levels of 'right' of course. Depending on how many one got correct and how much one bet would affect how much one won. Zi'on chuckles. "True. But the dragons seem to have a better idea of what's in the eggs. Especially their mother. So it might be sort of cheating if I bet." The bronzer nods and shrugs. "Sometimes, yes. It's also a small clutch though, less chance for one. Small for Miraneith, at least." He chuckles. "Not that I can remember. There is sometimes a larger than expected number of big dragons. But I've never heard of a clutch without any greens. It's rare too, to not even have one bronze." Zi'on rubs his chin. "I think there was one other bronze in Suldith's clutch maybe…"

Sundari seems to find this idea of betting on the eggs rather interesting, she ponders and nods a moment before glancing back to one and then another at the talk of the colors. "So, the gold's egg is sometimes known before they hatch?" She sounds a bit curious; this is all new to her still after all. "I think I'll skip this round of betting on anything." Not like she has many marks to go betting on such things. Her father wouldn't be too happy to spend marks so freely on such a thing he I rather sure.

"Do you think so? I always thought it was some great mystery." Kazuto asks, glancing at the bronze now as though he's trying to hide something - even if he doesn't know anything at all. "You don't have to bet anything Sundari, you can still guess and then go see the board after the hatching to see if you're right or not. I did that once. I was… well, I was very wrong. There were a lot more blues than I think anyone expected." He muses and then lies out on the ground with a sigh. "You can't even tell by shells, some of the greenest ones pop out browns or bronzes. It's misleading."

"Sometimes it is, yes. The gold egg is usually bigger than the rest. But it doesn't have to be. There could be a gold lurking someplace in the clutches. We'll have to see." Zi'on says. He chuckles. "Probably a wise choice. Most lose more than they win." Zi'on shrugs. "They say the mother knows. Though I'm not sure how. If she does know she doesn't share with anyone. Not even her rider. Maybe with some of the other dragons, but they don't share, either." It was all a great mystery. Suldith then starts to nose at his rider, who gives a grunt. "Alright already, alright! Suldith was wondering if you two…" Zi'on goes digging around in his beach bag. "Would like to stand for the clutches?" He produces two white candidate knots, holding them out before Sunny and Kazuto.

Sundari lifts a hand to scratch at her neck, pondering over the idea it seems before she looks to Kazuto and nods with a smile. "Good to know. Maybe I will make a guess at some of them for fun." Just no marks will be put on the line! Strider wiggles about and rolls onto his back, stretching out and is right back to sleep, the little firelizard's belly still full with food it seems. She smiles at the firelizard and then glances to Zi'on and Suldith peering at them both a few moments and she then looks to the knot that is there. "Really?" This would be a first for the seabrat.

"You should, and I will too!" Kazuto insists, giving Sundari a broad grin as though he's quite pleased in starting to make a gambler out of her - even if as of yet, there are no marks on the line. He arches a brow at Suldith's insistence, and the offer that's given of both him and Sundari. "Me?" He asks, looking at the bronze as though he's clearly lost his mind on the sands or something. "Of course I would, but…" He starts, trying to think if there's something he can use to get out of the situation, or if he even should. He falls short, however, and just reiterates one part of the previous statement, "I would." He says, and reaches for the knot that's being held out, and nudges at Sundari to take the offering too.

Zi'on chuckles. "I'll give you each a mark if you want. To bet on the eggs with. You can make my guesses for me. How's that? And you can hold onto the winnings. I don't have any money on me right now though. You'll have to come to my office later." Zi'on laughs at Sunny's question. "Yes, really. And yes, both of you sillies." The bronzer raises a brow to Kazuto, unsure if he was going to have some excuse for not actually wanting to stand. Then he grins. Kazuto claims his knot, and Sunny gets tossed hers. Seems she doesn't have much of a choice. "Take the knot, Sunny. You know you like it here at the weyr. You can go back to the boats if you don't impress. I suppose I ought to go over the rules. They're fairly simple. Be respectful to everyone, other candidates included. No excess drinking, no fighting, no sex of any kind. Do your chores, be in your cot at lights out. No traveling outside the weyr without a rider escort. You're free to do as you like today, but you're expected to be in the dorm starting tomorrow morning. So you'll need to get your stuff together today." He looks between the two of them. "Questions?"

Sundari is quiet for a few moments at this thought of standing, on the sands with dragons. She looks to Kazuto at the nudging and grins a bit before the knot is tossed and smacked upon her and soon picked up. "Alright, I will." Is offered with a nod while listening to the rules and eyeing that white knot she has been given. As for the rules she doesn't have o worry about them, or does she. "Does that mean no pranks on people to?" Well if one has to be respectful most likely setting lose a wherry isn't a good idea anytime soon?

Kazuto holds onto the knot and twirls it between his fingers thoughtfully, as though wondering what he's gone and done to himself. The rules might have been listened to, or he might have been lost in thought for a bit before he lifts his gaze to look at Zi'on again. "I'll happily bet your money for you." He offers with a bit of a grin, and as for Sundari's question he just shakes his head, "I think that goes under being respectful. Not real respectful if you're pranking people, is it?" He asks, and ponders the rest of the rules before shrugging his shoulders. "We have to go today? I assume someone will tell us when we have to do whatever chores we will be assigned… So, if I have any questions I'm sure there will be someone to ask.. I can't think of anything right now."

Zi'on nods and chuckles at Sundari. "Good." Everyone has to worry about the rules to a certain extent. Who knows what might come up during candidacy? With everyone living in close corners, things were sometimes more stressful or more romantic than they ought to be. Zi'on laughs at Kazu. "Fair enough." The bronzer just winks at Sundari. "We'll work something out." He says about the pranks. "Technically not until tomorrow, but it's good to at least put your things in the barracks and claim a room today. There's a chore board that will have assignments in the barracks." The bronzer gets up then. "I'm going for a swim. If you need help with your stuff, come by my office. Ila'den or I should be there, so we can have someone give you a hand."

Sundari grins at the wink from Zi'on, see, he knows what she is talking about and she'll leave it at that. "True." Is offered to Kazuto and she ponders a bit before looking back to Zi'on and the bronze. "Thanks for giving me a chance at this." She does seem rather surprised still for some reason, and the white knot is tucked into her pocket for now. "I'm going to go get my things off the boat. I'll see you soon Kazuto." The brown firelizard is picked up, and the bucket before she is off to gather her things as quick as can be it would seem.

Kazuto is clueless, and perhaps it's best that way. He gives a grin to the bronze and nods in agreement with Sundari, "Thanks, both of you." - pleased about the chance he's been given even if he isn't quite sure what it will all entail. As Sundari runs off to gather her things, and Zi'on heads off for a swim, he gets up to dust himself off and go get a bath before going to gather some of his things and checking out the barracks himself.

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