The Performance of the Century

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern
This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.
Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.
Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

It’s past the evening meal, and the Rec room is – well not full, but not empty either. Cue one – dolphineer curled up on one of the sofas, in that slow fall over process that happens when someone fall asleep sitting up. She isn’t drooling yet, nor has there been any snoring but it isn’t unreasonable to think such things might be happening in the near future.

It seems that whatever arrangements Zeltan had that would take him elsewhere have been completed, for he is back at Half Moon yet again - There are plans to carry out after all. Strolling casually into the rec room, a drink from the bar is the first step, and it is over the top of this (Yes, Ayushi, it is a fruity one), he spots a dozing Tanit, and he quietly makes his way over to her and her sofa, passing by and gently brushing a hand over her shoulder. "It can be dangerous to fall asleep in public, Tanit-love." He murmurs softly - audible if she happens to wake up.

Ayushi has managed to find some rest it seems because she's looking quite a bit better than when the dolphineer saw her last. She's also not as tipsy as when Zeltan saw her last. In fact, the harper looks rather polished over all. Her long curls tumble down her back in a half-up half-down style and her usual casual clothes have been traded in for a rather flowing, sleeveless, knee-length dress. This may be the first time this whole year she's worn a dress really…and jewelry. The woman not only has earrings on but a necklace and some bracelets too. SASHAY, SASHAY. Ok not really, she isn't on a cat-walk. She does however have a guitar slung across her back. The harper won’t be heading to the stage first though. Instead she’s stopping by the bar to grab a drink and making her way over to a couple of familiar faces. “Enjoying your evening?” The question to both!

It’s early in the evening, just past the last meal of the day and the rec room is slowly filling for a performance! “I was just resting my eyes.” The dolphineer notes in sleepy tones that contradict the statement though a hand lifts to pat Zeltan’s and she moves to make room for him on the couch. “One of the pod finally had her calf today, so my shift was much longer than usual.” Cue a sparkly eyed harper who seems… absurdly perky. “I need more Klah or a nap.” So far? No luck with the nap. “You look particularly sparkly tonight, you going to perform?”

Why is S'van here? It's actually a rather pointed question, considering he has a myriad of reasons not to be in the Rec Cavern (despite those alluring pool tables over yonder). The bar holds no interest. The games hold no interest. The dolphineer falling asleep on the sofa is being avoided (and therefore, Zeltan is also being avoided as he is within her proximity), and the crowd is growing to an intolerable level. And yet, the bronzerider is here. He appears casual enough, settled in a table with enough proximity to the door to make getaway easy, but far enough not to suggest that it's imminent. There's a glass of something in front of him, but it's boring (water, with a wedge of lemon. LEMON, not lime). The not-sashaying entrance of Ayushi at least gets a glance, a curious uplift of a single brow, and a twitch to the side of his mouth. Hmmmmm.

And what the Shell is *she* doing *here*? Or anywhere farther from Blue Flame Hold, for that matter. The neutrally-clad, athletic form of 'Leeta' is seen striding slowly into the rec cavern from the living cavern, the tall-ish woman's clear green eyes circulating all about, her growing, palest blonde hair caught up in the stubbiest of runner tails at the back of her head. She notes Tanit, slowly moves closer towards the dolphineer though the other folks she *doesn't* know…and suddenly finds S'van in the small crowd. Oh *great*. A slightly sour look filters over the hold woman's features, but she snuffs it soon enough, nodding to other folks before stepping up to Tanit, and trying to prod the crafter with a light knee. "Hey, sluggard." Smirk.

So many different things to look at.. Ayushi's arrival draws Zeltan's attention even as he is settling down next to Tanit, drink kept in his far hand to avoid any bumps and spills. "Ayushi.. You look…" He starts, before glancing at the dolphineer next to him, and quickly changing his words as he spots the guitar on the Harper's back. "Oh, did you work it out? If it was those drinks, I claim half credit.." He murmurs to her with a grin, before glancing back at Tanit, eyes widening slightly. "A baby dolphin?" Is that a coo? Maybe. Don't judge, baby animals are cute, even to guys. As there is yet another form approaching, though, he is hurriedly trying to look chill and nonchalant.

Annnnnnd there's Risali, who's got her hands over her stomach and the kind of expression that says maybe Tanit's hammock is the devil and she'd tell the dolphincrafter herself - if, you know, she wasn't occupied by stranger danger and the beginnings of sleep. There's a smile for the other strangers in the crowed (Leeta, Ayushi), a distant kind of political acknowledgment of their existences as the Xanadian goldrider picks her way through the crowd right on over to S'van's table. Yep, there's not an ounce of shame, hesitation, or trepidation in the tiny queenrider as she pulls herself up into a seat, scoots it over with obnoxious jump-scoots, and then leans right on in against the much larger bronzerider's side. She tucks her head in against his shoulder, wraps both of her arms around one of his, and tosses a leg over his lap for good measure — because she's Risali, alright? "Hi, Sev," comes soft, pointed exhaustion bleeding through the words because she's pregnant again and hates all the men. "I miss you idiots." A soft murmur, but the 'who' is probably clear: him and Jae. FIGHT HER. She just melts in against him more as grey eyes sweep and take everybody in.

“Well, it seems that I haven’t one muse but two. Between some suggestions between you and Zel here, I’ve managed to work out a short little ditty.” The corners of the harper’s lips pull upwards in a rather feline-like smile. She takes a sip of her drink and glances around the crowd, recognizing one other person. S’van earns a small wave in greeting while some of the more unfamiliar folk earn brief nods if they look her way. “And I think it’s time I start getting set up. I think I’m the opening act.” As wonderful as the debut of a song may be, Ayushi can’t keep the crowd entertained forever if she wants to have some fun this evening, so there are probably a few other harpers on stand by too. This one is making her way to the stage however. A few of the chairs are eyed and she eventually picks one and does a few last minute tuning adjustments to her guitar. Let the crowd mingle a moment before the singing begins. SUSPENSE.

It’s early in the evening, just past the last meal of the day and the rec room is slowly filling for a performance! “I was just resting my eyes. I’m perfectly sober” The dolphineer notes in sleepy tones that contradict the statement though a hand lifts to pat Zeltan’s and she moves to make room for him on the couch. “One of the pod finally had her calf today, so my shift was much longer than usual.” Cue a sparkly eyed harper who seems… absurdly perky. “I need more Klah or a nap.” So far? No luck with the nap. “You look particularly sparkly tonight, you going to perform?” Alida’s knee gets a decisive pout and the dolphineer fully opens her eyes, enough to see Risa move over to Sev with a frown. Tanit’d probably make herself scarce except a. sleepy and b. The performance is starting soon.

Waves beget waves, and although S'van's own is a lift of his fingers while lifting his glass for a sip of water, it's at least an acknowledgement of Ayushi's own. Hey. Hi there. That is what those fingers say, even as the rest of him is silent as he sips his boring-ass water-with-lemon. Alida-Leeta gets a glance; a quick pass of his grey eyes that denotes her presence but swiftly moves on. There's a sort of darting-around-the-room thing going on with him, and perhaps a bit of a shoulder roll and MAYBE a look at the door… until that look nets him an approaching goldrider. His smile for Risali is at least genuine, classic Sev-smirk of amusement and affection both. "Hey," offered in casual response to that head-tucked, arm-claimed, leg-slung acquisition of his body. He's still got the other half for himself so… s'all good. "You know where we live," comes on the heels of her statement. But does she tho? They did move. Did they tell her where? Hmm. "Miss you too," is at least more polite, followed by, "And congrats," but for what tho? Pregnancy (wait, does he KNOW about the new pregnancy?… does he WANT to know?)? New badass-baby-weyrlings?

Wow. 'Leeta' (alias Alida, though that's unknown) isn't terribly used to people who kind of slops themselves over other people in public, so — after she nods politely back to the arriving goldrider — the 'scene' between Risali and S'van ears a long, curious look from under heavily-hooded eyes. Ooookaaay. And then those hyper-keen tsavorite eyes move onward, back down to those upon the couch, Tanit receiving a long, heavy sigh and a mile-a-minute, hard-accented light alto, "Guess I'm not gonna get a lesson outta' you *t'day.*" Nose-wrinkle. Ayushi's words of setting up and ditties gets a faint lift of pale brow and a look of small interest, especially when the Harper moves to her guitar. Now *this* might be interesting.

"I knew it.." Zel murmurs, rather proud of himself, even as his eyes slide after Ayushi as she moves to the stage, giving her a smile and a thumbs up as she gets settled, before his attention is back on his couch mate and the unknown woman, arching an eyebrow as Leeta mentions a lesson, and the Trader wisely stays quiet for a moment. But then, should Leeta's attention swing back to him, he is offering a hand, and an introduction. "Zeltan, Trader.."

Tanit's frown is caught, noted, answered by the inward pull of brows as confusion shifts her own smile into an echo of the one that Tanit gives her and perhaps a silent question. What did she miss? S'van's voice pulls her away from attempts at non-verbal communication with the dolphincrafter, a reach of hands to COMMANDEER S'VAN'S DRINK (rude) and pull it in close against her own body. "You know fully well that I don't know where you live now. And even if I did, Leirith was on the sands and I was grounded." If he doesn't know about the pregnancy, he knows now because the goldrider is pressing his freed hand to the swell of stomach without an ounce of shame, glaring at him (in that no-heat Risali kind of way) before she looks away and brings that glass to her lips. A sip, and then a shift again of her sitting up just a little, eyeing him for congratulations delivered, and then slumping right in against him again. "If you mean for the weyrlings and their dragons: thank you. If you mean for the already-five-months-when-I-have-a-six-month-old pregnancy, then I hate you and will find a way to drown you in this water." That she's drinking again, because threats are thirsty business. Still, her eyes are drawn back to Ayushi, perhaps a hint of wistfulness in her expression as she observes the harper preparing her number, and then to Alida, whose observations get a raise of brows and the kind of smile that's almost a challenge. "You have a lot of friends, Sev," she observes on dry tones, drowning herself in his water again.

Evening has arrived at Half Moon and there’s a small crowd that’s formed in the rec cavern. Apparently tonight is a night of performances. One harper is already on the stage and it seems like she’s just about ready. Is there a microphone there? If so, awesome. If not, well…Ayushi’s voice can carry to a certain degree. “Hello!” The young woman calls out then waits a few moments for the general chatter to die down. “Hi….welcome everyone, I know this was a bit of a last minute thing but we’ve got a good bit of entertainment in store for you tonight. This first number is a song finished just today with the help of a few friends. Looks like most everyone that wants a drink has gotten one, so….” It seems she’ll start without further ado. Slender fingers move towards the guitar strings and soon a melody begins to fill the room (tune of: Ayushi does seem to be truly enjoying herself because a grin forms on her lips before they part for the first lyrics, “Oh everyone knows the weyrleader~/His eyes such a blue-grey color~/His abs flex out, and the glitter goes in~/And his…….belt pouch, it sags to the ground~”

S'van also manages to catch that frown (even if he's AVOIDING TANIT. Peripheral vision is powerful). Or maybe it's Risali's response to Tanit's frown that he catches; the tension in his shoulders ratcheting up a notch despite that calm-casual slump he has going. "Sure, help yourself," quipped cheerfully for the commandeering of his water glass. "Oh, you don't?" know where they live? His innocent expression and super-innocent tone of voice says it all really. There's a longer exhale for the further consumption of his beverage (but really, it's water. Basically free. Nothing to get fussy about). "Oh… because now he has his hand on her belly, in addition to her leg over his lap and arms around his arm. All very normal Risa-like behavior, surely. NOTHING TO SEE HERE! "Uh…" because apparently 'congratulations' is not the right response, and he's quick enough to declare, "For the weyrlings," because that seems safer than saying 'Yay you're having another baby, enjoy that chaos! MWAHAHAHA'. He might have even said it, self-preservation be damned, if he wasn't a little off his Sev-game tonight. He tries, though. It's there in the curl of his mouth and the gleam of grey eyes that flash without fear to meet Risali's own. But he's not comfortable, and it would be clear enough that he casual slump is a front. A flicker of a glance to the crowd; a longer linger at Tanit, and then he's turning to press a kiss to Risali's cheek, murmur something that is probably, "good to see you" or "you'll never find us" (really, could be either), and then extracting himself from her grasp. "Keep the water, my treat," because it was FREE YO! And then he's gone, slipping away from the discomfort of crowds and dolphineers alike, just as Ayushi begins her performance.

Awkward looks from across the room? The dolphineer just uses Zeltan’s shoulder as a hiding place for her face. It is perfectly normal, honest. But then as Ayushi starts to sing, The awkward from Sev, becomes trying to hide snorting laughter in Zeltan’s shoulder. Fortunately the man is able to make introductions for himself because Tanit is broke, just broke. “Not tonight but soon.” She promises Alida, and Risa, AFTER THIS SHE WILL EXPLAIN ALL. Provided she doesn’t die laughing.

Nope; Alida's not going to challenge a goldrider. She's at a Weyr, right now…and Risali ranks her. Plus, the Head of Blue Flame's gas security wing is *trying* to become a little more 'acceptable'/accessible company. There's other things to steal her attention, anyway. 'Leeta' takes note of Zeltan's words and attention, you bet ya. Those intense green eyes flick over from Tanit to him, scrape him head to toe in a gestalten glance, her light alto then noting neutrally, "Trader Zeltan…" The hand he offers is looked at for a couple of perhaps uneasy moments before it's slowly accepted, shaken with a firm, callused grip of fingers and palm that remove themselves after the barest 'shake. And then Ayushi starts in on her singing… and Leeta/Alida's eyes shick over to the Harper like switchblades. And, low and behold, the often sere woman's eyes are *laughing* (Oh Faranth!), her lips twitching repeatedly. Nope; not gonna laugh aloud.

A brief nod to Leeta after the quick handshake, and Zeltan shifts just enough to make it easier for Tanit to hide her face, sipping at his drink as he does so. Thankfully, too, Ayushi gives an introduction, and it is just enough to ensure that he doesn't have a mouthful of fruity drink to spit out when she starts the song. "Oh, shards.. Tanit.. She really did it." He murmurs, even as he awkwardly pats at Tanit's knee as she dies laughing into his shoulder.

Whatever S'van is saying has Risali reaching out to swat at his shoulder, so it's probably the latter. Either way, she leans in to press a kiss back, murmuring her own threats as fingers splay and come up in a wave, in tandem with a dry delivery of, "Thanks," because she's now the proud owner of one absolutely free drink of water. Ayushi's voice draws her attention back to the stage (though grey eyes sweep again, settling on Tanit and Zeltan where they linger as she starts to step down from her seat), raptly attentive as the music starts and - PPPPFFFFBBBTTTT. She's choking, on water, and reality, and the life choices of every single person in this room because are you serious and is this even for real and is this gonna be forever? COLOR HER SHOCKED; she's standing with wide-eyes, taking one, two, three moments after the completion of song to reanimate and then she's mouthing what looks suspiciously like, 'By the shell of the first egg,' and, 'Faranth,' because invoking long dead queens seems like a reasonable response when her Step-Dad's abs and glitter transgressions have been forever immortalized — in song. But there is mischief to be found in grey hues as she steps, and side-steps, and keeps going right on over to Tanit and Zeltan. Don't mind her, she's just going to literally plop herself on trader and crafter both, tossing legs over laps and leaning into the dolphincrafter with an arm around her shoulders. "I know you had something to do with this," comes playful accusation. "Watch out for this one," she's telling Zeltan, with a point for Tanit. "She's clever." And back to Ayushi her attention goes.

It's like one of those scenes in the TV shows, in which a character walks in and, seeing the entire room on fire, wonders just what it is they've gotten themselves into, really: Enter R'hyn, stage left. He's never one to turn down a good party, especially one in which so many people he knows and generally likes are participating. There's likely bright greetings for S'van in passing as he leaves, pleased glances at faces that he knows, including the one on stage, whose performance he slows just enough to consider. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand regrets. He's having so many of those right now. No. Nope. Nopeitty-nope, he's just gonna blink at this whole scene with previous wide-eyed observations of a cataclysm at work, raise a hand to cover a mouth that definitely does not reflect amusement because that would be egotistical and wrong, and back. away. slowly. Does he take someone's drink out of their hands as he goes? He sure does. He needs this more than you do. BYE.

Ayushi’s dark eyes shift to the crowd, searching for a reaction whatever it may be. Her hands continue to strum on guitar strings. Laughter….good, VERY good. Her own features settle into a broader smile and the tension in her shoulders eases just the slightest. If nothing else at least the song has started well and she hasn’t /seen/ any sign that produce is going to be thrown at her. “His hair looks like it’s on fire~/He stands in a bow-legged stance,~/And if we are all real lucky, he’ll possibly give us a glance.” The first stanza ends and there’s a short musical interval without words, just the sound of a guitar that carries through the cavern. The song ain’t through yet, so all y’all keep yo seats cause it's time for verse two, "Well everyone knows the weyrleader~/His rage is just like no other~/His chin juts outs and his anger begins,~/But…the….glitter, it covers the floor~"

'Leeta'/Alida is a pretty on-the-ball person, noting much that others might miss. So when R'hyn's motion indicates someone entering, then seeking to quietly depart the premises, those intense greens flick over to the Weyrleader…and *laugh* in complete silence. Mister Glitter? So noted. Does *he* notice that *she's* noticed him fleeing with drink in hand? Doesn't matter; the 'damage' has been done! Her gaze them shifts to Tanit and Zeltan, keen ears overhearing them exchanging words and laughter, the elder holder woman's mouth finally finding a creased smirk. "I should've know *you'd* be behind part of this, dolphineer…" Snort!

Well Zeltan has a shoulder full of hyperventilating dolphineer and now he gets to share a lap full of goldrider. “She did, she really did, and so beautifully.” The dolphineer’s face turning to Risali and Alida in turn. “I’m sure I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Except that the man in question enters the room and about faces and Tanit is just laughing harder. “She’s very talented that’s for sure.” Of Ayushi who is still singing out the rest of the jaunty little tune.

Wait, what's this? There is a -second- verse? Zeltan gives a little cheer, but it is cut off as suddenly there is a goldrider in his lap (ok, his and Tanit's) and he is blinking at her for a bit before his confused expression turns to a wide grin, and his hand shifting from beneath her to rest on her thigh, right above her knee. "Why, hello weyrwoman.." He replies -way too formally- even as his hand gives her knee a little squeeze, eyes darting over to Leeta, arching an eyebrow at her reaction, before his attention shifts back to Ayushi, unwilling to miss any lyrics even a little.

Oh R'hyn. Risali maybe tries to look like she's not here and not enjoying this from behind stolen drinks as Tanit dies and Zeltan's hand finds her thigh with a squeeze. It's that that draws the golderider's gaze to hand placement, brows drawing up as grey hues drag up - slow, slow, slow - to find blue eyes with grey and hold it. Risali might be awkward, but there's a feisty kind of confidence in her that manifests in the way she addresses his greeting: "Risali," she corrects, catching his hand with hers to push down her leg and right onto Tanit's. Patpatpat around a smile that's half laughter, half challenge as she finishes with, "and hello to you." She drops her leg back down right on his hand, pinning it without actually trapping him as she leans back with a smug little look. But then Ayushi is singing another verse, and Risali's attention is drawn back there as she joins in on the cheers, holding up her glass because SHE WILL DRINK TO THAT, okay. FIGHT HER.

It appears that the song is coming to an end, but Ayushi is /feeling/ it. In true harper rock star (because those totally exist, don’t question it) style she stands up out of her chair, knocking it over as she does so and moves to the very end of the stage. Her voice lifts once more, “His abs, they seem to shimmer~/His temper is starting to dance,~/But if we’re a tad bit lucky, he’ll just give the glitter a chance~!” With the final lyric she segues into a quick little guitar solo followed by a loudly strummed ending. FIN! Hands in the air. Feet together. Stuck the landing. GIVER HER A 10. You know you want to!

"Greetings, Weyrwoman," Alida/Leeta notes with *some* restraint and formality to the Xanadian woman as she drapes herself all over Zeltan and Tanit, this time, the Blue Flame woman then meeting Zeltan's eyes in unconcerned, almost bland fashion as his brow arches, her own gaze shifting back to Tanit to give the dolphineer a rather wry-seeming wink. What a strange person! Of course, all this intensive inspection shows her Risali making herself not only more comfy, but perhaps lightly putting Zeltan in his proper 'place,' as well. Veeerrry interestiiiing. Oh yes, the *music*! It's good, too, and the holder finally turns her attention back to Ayushi's next lyrical blurt, the knocked over chair garnering a sharky grin from 'Leeta,' the lyrics making her cough a few time. Still not gonna laugh aloud! There's some applause, though!

The song ends, and Tanit applauds, even as her expression goes a bit odd at Risa pinning Zeltan’s hand on her thigh. HEY. “Well done Ayushi!” Focus on something else, it isn’t Zel’s fault. Right? She will even start humming the tune to herself.

As Zeltan's hand is moved, the trader is giving a glance to Tanit, almost apologetically.. Does he have more respect for the Dolphineer than the goldrider? And then, the song is wrapping up, and Zeltan is left with no hands - one trapped between two lovely ladies and the other holding his fruity drink - and he is left to whistle and cheer Ayushi's performance. "Give glitter a chance!" He calls out, before he is giving an almost nervous look to the other rec cavern occupants - just in case you know.

Well, now nobody has a lap of any goldrider, because Risali is on her feet when Ayushi finishes her song, holding up her glass, cheering and catcalling and making a general nuisance of herself. It's why there's humor and a smile on her lips when she turns her attention onto Alida. "Risali," she corrects again, because titles are for CHUMPS. "Just Risali - please. And hello, ah…?" Don't mind her, she'll wait for a name, and take it a step further by smiling and repeating it if it's given. But then things go sideways, because she's getting that far away look that says a dragon is in her mind crossing all the wires and that smile diminishes as the goldrider takes a step towards the door. "It was a pleasure," she tells Alida, eyes going to Tanit and Zeltan who get a ONCE OVER, a salute, and a wink, and then for Ayushi, to whom Risali joins in on Zeltan's, "Give the glitter a chance! Long live the glitter!" as she bows out… well… Risalifully.

Ayushi has a big smile on her face at the crowd's general reaction, but now it's time for someone else to take the stage and she is /more/ than happy to be allowed to go back to beverage consuming. The harper gives some semblance of a bow and throws a bit of a wave to the people near Zeltan and Tanit before she's disappearing among the crowd. Hell yeah, give glitter a chance! Also give alcohol a chance…or water, she should probably drink water after that. In any case, the harper will spend the rest of the night mingling before disappearing back to her quarters.!

"Risali…" Alida bobs her short-haired, pale head slightly at the goldrider's kind insistence on the name part of her title, something vaguely approving touching the holder's eyes for a few moments before she too stomps her booted feet a few times for Ayuish. Aside, quietly to the Weyrwoman is murmured, "Leeta." Her rank cords can likely spell out the rest: Blue Flame Hold; Head of some important department within it.

“We will catch up.” Tanit Calls after Risa, and it would seem that apologetic look on Zeltan’s part is enough to earn him a peck on the cheek, though the dolphineer will relocate that hand to some place less well. Awkward. Ayushi’s departure is watched too with a laugh. “What do you bet by this time tomorrow the entire weyr is singing that song.” A glance given in the direction of the green eyed security woman. “Were you out this way looking for that swim lesson?”

"Well…yeah, I was. But you're plainly assed-out, good dolphineer," Leeta notes around a little smirk to Tanit.

And then, the goldrider is gone, Ayushi is disappearing into the crowd, and Zeltan is shifted but getting.. a kiss?! from Tanit. It is all just too much - or maybe it is the appearance of a rather shadowy figure in the doorway that catches Zeltan's attention, because with a murmur'd apology, he is giving Tanit a half hug and slipping from the couch. "I'll be back, if you are still here." And then, he is sneaking away, with an inclined head to Leeta as well.

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