Murderous Dragons and Knots! (Iolain is Searched)

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Summer is starting to get a little less offensively hot, and Kazuto is taking a break from chores for a while and lounging at the beach. There's nobody with him, either the other candidates are still busy or, more likely, he's not really gotten to know many of them well enough to be buddies with them yet. He sits on the shoreline, far enough from the water to not get splashed, and has his arms wrapped around his legs as he looks out at the water. There's plenty of activity going on around, some kids playing in the sand and some other teens running around splashing water at each other along with a few ambitious people exercising and a few others lounging about. You know, a typical day at the beach.

Some people come to the beach to play, some people come to work, and then others do whatever mixture Iolain is currently involved in. He's wearing a pair of long shorts and a loose mesh vest, closed haphazardly with a couple wooden toggles in the front. His hair is drawn back and held by some kind of wavy hairpiece, keeping it off his face. He's currently standing in the surf, chatting with a broad-set man who carries a vague resemblance to him who is also holding onto the leadline of a small skiff laden with a number of squat boxes. It's hard to tell what they're talking about, but Iolain has his arms crossed and the larger man is looking rather plaintive.

For others, like Ila'den, today is the perfect day for washing and oiling dragons. The Weyrsecond is making his way down to the beach with Teimyrth, the massive bronze, moving behind him with a gait that's perpetually awkward. The former renegade is pulling off his riding jacket as he walks, rolling up the sleeves of his tunic beneath to elbows, and doing an awkward hop-hobble as he toes his way out of his boots. "Going to take all day," Ila huffs to his bronze, who emits a low, scathing growl in acknowledgement. Once the rider finds a good enough spot for 'camping', he folds his things into a neat little pile, and then wiggles his way out of his leathers. BOXERS GALORE! "Find me a couple of strong looking people to help wash you. And be kind about it, Teimyrth. No scaring people." There's a snort, but the bronze is on the prowl. His first victim? Iolain. See how the not-so-tiny-bronze makes himself as little as possible to sneak, sneak, sneak, WUFF. Face-full of dragon breath. Ila'den splits, making a jaunty walk along the shore until he nearly stumbles over Kazuto, stops, walks backwards a pace or three, and then smiles at the candidate much like the Cheshire Cat. "Hello," he says, friendly as can be. "Candidate are you?" LURING IN HIS VICTIMS.

While most people would probably fall all over themselves when a huge bronze face abruptly appears to huff on them, Iolain glances up at Teimyrth and holds up his hand in a pacifying gesture, "Just a second. Let me finish this up and I'll be right with you." He sounds rather like one of those odd assistants who are really good at stonewalling. He doesn't make the dragon wait long if he doesn't have to, of course, instead looking to the man he was talking to and throwing up his hands, "Fine. Take it all to the docks. I'll find a way to get rid of it. Just remember that I'm doing you a favor in this, brother. You owe me." He pokes the man in the chest, the larger of the two looking vaguely sheepish as he creeps away from both brother and dragon. Iolain turns to Teimyrth then and holds up his hands curiously, "Alright, where we going?"

Kazuto was off in his own world until a giant bronze comes hulking along the beach. His gaze follows the dragon, heedless of wherever the rider might be. He shifts, though not enough to be out of the way as Ila'den nearly stumbles over him. "Oh, hey. Yes." He answers in a choppy manner, as though things were slowly coming through his brain and he is having a hard time processing everything quickly enough. He knits his brows as he notices Ila'den is in boxers, then looks quickly over to where Iolain is getting huffed at by the dragon. Not quite sure what to make of it, he looks up at that Cheshire Cat smile with a skeptical look. "Something I can do for you?" Probably the wrong question to ask when there's a bronze that needs oiling, ne?

"Well," Ila'den says, smooth as honey. "Actually there /is/." He hooks one thumb in Teimyrth's direction, and the smile on his lips turns deviant fast. "That beastly thing over there needs to be washed, and a candidate is just the perfect remedy for that." Teimyrth, in the mean time, jerks his head back in a fashion that would suggest he is /offended/ by this puny human's suggestion to wait - but he does, and when Iolain asks him where they're going, that jutting maw opens and closes with a snap. It's a clear sign of his displeasure before he whips his tail, wings unfurling to give him added size (for intimidation, of course) before turning towards the water. He moves at a slow pace, pausing long enough to drop his snout near Kazuto, sniff, and then push his head into his rider. Ila'den scratches at his maw as he passes, and then pats his hide once he's past and sinking into the water. Those grey eyes jump to Iolain, and there's husky laughter for the second 'unsuspecting' victim. "He needs a washing, and you smelled like you could handle it," the bronze explains, rolling his shoulders before heading into the water with or without the other two. Oh, right, also! BUCKET IN TOW! He's got all the tools needed, gents. Relax.

Kazuto appears a little confused, and shifts to get to his feet and assess the problem he's being presented with. Wash a dragon. Right. "Where do you even start with that?" He asks, betraying that his life probably didn't have much to do with dragons in the least before he was searched. "He isn't going to just push me around or anything is he? I'd get squashed with how big he is." He muses, wringing his hands together and glancing at Iolain and hoping that perhaps there will be others that are getting forced into this 'helping'. Especially since the dragon is going about trying to look all intimidating - sure isn't winning any assurances from the candidate that he's going to remain with all his limbs intact.

Iolain doesn't look intimidated, the gesture lost on him, but he does hold his hands up in a surrendering fashion, "Don't be cross. I just needed to take care of that. Come on, then." He'll follow Teimyrth at a languid pace, seeing as the dragon is large enough that he can stick close to the tail without having to really rush, even if the dragon were going a little faster. He pauses when the bronze does, jerking his chin at Kazuto by way of greeting and then lifting his hand to do the same with Ila'den, "Weyrleader." Yep. Super formal, Iolain. He glances after the bronze and scratches his neck, shrugging, "Well, I've never washed a dragon, but I've scraped barnacles off a ship. Can't be too hard compared to that." He follows along after Ila'den when he heads for the water, looking back at Kazuto with an easy grin, "Don't worry. If you get pushed down, I'll make sure to haul you out before you become a bit of flat flotsam. I'm Iolain, by the way."

Iolain calling him Weyrleader earns a smile from the Weyrsecond, and a mild correction of, "Not quite yet. Hopefully not ever." Teimyrth settles in the water, extending his wings so that his human sla-err-helpers can better make the climb to his back. Note the bronze doesn't move into terribly deep water, opting instead to lower himself all the way down with his maw partially submerged, eyes whirling with lazy content. "Don't worry, candidate. He's huge, but he's well-versed in the art of staying still. There was a time when I couldn't swim, and it made bath time a very interesting process." Teimryth snorts, raising his maw, turning his head to look at the three men, before returning to his previous post of lounging. "Up we go," he says, grabbing the edge of one of those massive sails, pulling himself up and onto it like a tiny bronze island, and setting the bucket of tools there. "And sorry for the surprise attack. Dragon's name is Teimyrth, and I'm Ila'den. Well met." He will sit there with his legs in the water until the other two join him, thankyouverymuch.

"I can't swim that well. Not that I'll drown, but… at least I know I won't become a flat flotsam." Kazuto says, though he doesn't appear too frightened to give it a try. He strips down to his boxers as well to get into the water - not wanting to get any of his actually half decent clothes more ripped or soiled than they need to be - that, and Ila'den did the same, so it must be what you do, right? "I'm Kazuto, nice to meet you two." He offers a little sheepishly, wandering closer to the bronze and giving him a skeptical expression, as though waiting for the dragon to move and get him soaked. "He's huge. Where do you want me to start?" Seems as though even if he's not sure what to do, he's willing to do about anything.. just about.

Iolain squints a bit and then grins slightly and laughs, "Oh, that's right. He was just dressed as you when I met both of you. Sorry about that." Yes, the last time he saw the Weyrleader, the Weyrleader was the Weyrsecond. It's a confusing time for memorable introductions. It seems Iolain's training with ships will come into use when cleaning off a big bulk of a dragon as he doesn't seem to have too much trouble getting up onto Teimyrth's back. Just to be sure, he'll pause before climbing all the way to see if Kazuto needs help, offering him a hand up if he does. He looks to Ila'den after Kazuto's question, giving another curious gesture, hands spread broadly and eyebrows up, "Yes - do we just break out some giant scrub brushes or is there a bit more to it?"

"Kazuto, Iolain," Ila'den says, trying the names on his tongue as they ascend his lifemate. "No need for apologies. Zi'on would be /flattered/ to be compared to me, of that I have little doubt." The smile the bronzerider spares Io is brief, but littered with dark amusement moments before he laughs. "You're both thinking too much about it." Once they're both safely on Teimyrth's sail, the former renegade is gaining his feet, leaning forward, and pulling brushes from his handy-dandy bucket. "Start anywhere, hopefully we'll get him scrubbed before the daylight leaves us." And Teimyrth is lifting his head again, twisting it so that he can level a look at Kazu. The bronze emits a low, rumbling growl that makes his body vibrate, but luckily it's not /quite/ enough movement to be considered jarring. "Stop it," Ila'den says, swatting at his lifemate's maw. The bronze snaps at his rider, and then plants his face in the water before he lets out another wuff. Yep, he just made a small spray of ocean that he's aiming to hit all the humans clambering about on him with. Silly creatures.

"I always think too much.." Kazuto says with a bit of a disgruntled air about it, and reaches for the nearest brush to give it a look over before looking at the bronze that's growling at him. "Something wrong?" He asks, arching a brow at the dragon before getting to work on scrubbing at what hide he can reach. He doesn't spend nearly long enough on a spot to get it really clean though, sloppy sloppy job as it's his first time attempting such a thing. "Zi'on doesn't look like Ila'den, not really… Not that I've seen Zi'on down to his boxers either." He admits, then shrugs his shoulders. "I'll work on this side, and you can work on that one, Iolian?"

Iolain smirks slightly at the idea that Zi'on would love to be compared to Ila'den, remembering the man's odd outfit from the night of the party. He takes the brush handed to him and kneels so he can start cleaning, giving Teimyrth an amused look complete with cocked eyebrow before he wags his brush at him a bit, "Hey, if you knock us off, you'll be stuck trying to find a way to reach all the spots that itch straight down to your backside, big guy." Apparently, he views cleaning a dragon sort of like cleaning a particularly intelligent (and in this case persnickety) dog, though his tone is more amiable than disrespectful. He brushes his now wet hair back with one hand before he takes up the far side of the dragon and starts scrubbing at any spot on the bronze he can find that seems grungy or dull. Hard to tell sometimes, but it helps that the dragon's metallic. He looks over to Kazuto and grins as he notes, lightly, "A good plan - and no, I imagine they don't look much alike. When I met the two of them, however, the Weyrleader was dressed up as something of a caricature of Ila'den. I'm afraid my brain must've mixed them up. Ah, well. Worst things could happen. You're a candidate, right? I think that's what I heard. Congratulations. I hear that comes with a lot of fun chores." His grin grows a tad, playful and maybe even teasing, while he scrubs at poor Teimyrth as he might at leather or grimy wood, where getting rid of short hair or getting into tiny cracks is the name of the game. By the end of the wash, the bronze'll probably look lopsided.

Ila'den finds humor in Kazuto's disgruntlement, though he's got enough manners to refrain from laughing about it. Lucky Kazu. "Thinking too much isn't a bad thing," he says, "more just there's not an elaborate process to washing dragons. Soap, scrub, rinse - well, actually Teimyrth will handle the rinsing part - and repeat. The hardest part is keeping your footing once he gets soapy. There's a lot of dragon here to go sliding around." There's a shake of the Weyrsecond's head when Kazuto asks if something's wrong, followed by, "Teimyrth's only problem with anybody and anything is that he can't come up with enough creative ways to murder them in his mind. Nothing personal, just the way he ticks." There's a wuffling of sorts beneath their feet, something akin to dragon laughter, and the dragon shifts his weight just slightly, as if to give them all a bit of a jarring on purpose. Perhaps retaliation for Iolain's scolding? Though he seems to appreciate the man's willingness to threaten as opposed to the usual cowering he receives. It's Kazuto's last comment that draws a genuinely startled look from Ila'den's face, and the bronzerider pauses long enough in his scrubbing to shoot Kazuto a startled look. "You've never seen Zi'on in his boxers? Faranth, I'm beginning to believe I'm the only man he ever strips for. Tell me, how does one let a man like that down easy?" He's teasing, of course, chuckling into the words before he cocks a curious glance in Iolain's direction. "Don't be insulting. Zi'on isn't handsome enough to be mistaken for me." All said with light banter, of course. He respects Zi, and that fact is very evident in his tone.

Kazuto does what he can, though he doesn't do it particularly well. Too light with the brush, not nearly enough digging into crevices, and he certainly doesn't appear to want to use his hands to help. Brush only, and another wary glance is given to the bronze when it's mentioned that he thinks of numerous ways of murdering people. "Really, /murdering/ people?" He sounds genuinely surprised, though it isn't quite enough to send him scurrying off and looking for somewhere safe - not yet, at least. A few more brush strokes before he's jarred and nearly ends up in the drink. "Hey! Don't try and drown me.." He says, and then shrugs his shoulder in response to Ila'den's assumption that Zi'on must be after him. "I think he's much more interested in girls anyways. Not that I know him well, just he does seem to cater to them and all." No specific examples are given, but it's apparent enough that he's seen enough to make such an assumption.

"Apologies. It is true that you are fairer by far than our Weyrleader, esteemed and lustrous though he may be, and I wouldn't dare offend you by suggesting you were only as attractive as the most common among us," Iolain says in a wry, drawling fashion, giving Ila'den a decidedly amused look. He grips one of the dragon's ridges when he jars them again, giving him a small whap with the brush in retaliation, though he doesn't actually stop cleaning, "I don't think I've seen the man with his pants off, either, so maybe you really should worry. I've never seen a bronzeriding Weyrwoman before, of course." He laughs a bitat Kazuto's concern over the bronze's contemplation of murder followed so quickly by the warning not to drown him, the laughter not stopping even as he continues onto Zi'on's interest in girls. Don't mind him. He's easily entertained. He shakes his head after a moment and gives Kazuto a light grin, "I don't think he was being serious, Kazuto."

"That man has kissed me, licked me, and is clearly trying to seduce me with a constant show of his manfur," Ila'den says, brush coming up to shake pointedly at Kazuto. "A man doesn't just waltz around showing his /goodies/ unless he intends for you to look. No, Kazuto, he's in love with me." It's Iolain pointing out his lack of seriousness that has the bronzerider laughing, and he's pretty much just as useless for a time as Iolain is right up until the man's whapping brush has the bronze underneath moving again, another jarring movement, another wuffing of dragon-like laughter. Ila'den's the one to swat him this time, with a stern, "Teimyrth, knock it off." The dragon snorts, but settles, blowing bubbles in the water impatiently. Why should he have to behave? HE IS SHARING HIS BACK WITH THIS PATHETIC HUMANS. When Iolain gives him praise, there's clear amusement in the Ila'den's every expression, and he makes a show of stretching out his body languid, slow, exaggerating every movement. It'd probably be more impressive if he wasn't littered with scars. "You really think so? I'm flattered, Iolain. Unfortunately, I have a weyrmate. Sorry for the letdown." Husky laughter, cut off abruptly by a blink. Pause. He tilts his head, to look down at his dragon, who lifts his maw to settle an eye on his rider. There's a silent moment of communication between the two, and Ila'den's smile begins again, but more slowly this time. "So, Iolain. Are you particularly fond of dragons?"

Kazuto looks like a fish out of water, like he's going to say something then thinks better of himself before just shaking his head and saying nothing. Scrub scrub, yes, getting this bronze dragon shiny sure does sound like a grand thing to do - and he starts putting more effort into it starting now. Doesn't seem to matter if the bronze moves around, Kazuto is doing a well enough job of keeping himself upright now that he's paying more attention to what he's doing. "Poetic, aren't you Iolain?" He asks, rolling his eyes a little as Ila'den rebuffs the guy even if it was a sarcastic sounding come-on. Trying not to draw too much attention to himself, he just keeps scrubbing away, "Never know when people are serious or not.." He muses, more to himself than anything else, and shifts to get another spot on the bronze's hide cleaner than it was initially. The question asked of Iolain draws a little attention, but for the moment he remains looking at the hide.

Iolain snorts as he is turned down by Ila'den, waving his brush at the man and putting forth a mediocre attempt at looking forlorn, "I'll find some way to move on." Iolain's got his own scars, so don't question him on whether or not they make him less attractive; it might just hurt his feelings. If that's possible. Kazuto's comment just makes him laugh again and he shakes his head, smirking slightly, "I do my best when needed. My brother's better for it - six and a half high and wants to be a Harper." He shakes his head in silent amusement at his own brother only to cock a brow when he's asked about dragons, lifting his head to look at Ila'den. He turns it to eye Teimyrth afterwards, shrugging slightly and giving the bronze a poke in the side that he probably barely feels, "Well, I can't say I've spent much time around them to have much of an opinion. They seem a complex lot. Can't say I'm fond of them as a group. No offense." This last is for the bronze himself, Iolain patting instead of poking before he goes back to scrubbing, "I've more experience with ships as a form of transportation. They're definitely useful, though, I can say that much." He's trying not to offend Teimyrth, more out of respect than fear of being lobbed into the lagoon, but he doesn't seem to have a terribly specific opinion.

"If all else fails, Kazuto, you could just do what I do: Pretend /everything/ is a joke." Ila'den gives the candidate a smile, and then blinks his eyes back to Iolain. When Teimyrth is poked, the dragon lifts his maw once again, this time twisting his head as best he can to nudge Iolain and give him a growl. It's vicious, but far from seriously intimidating. Seems the bronze just doesn't have it in him to be, well /gentle/. It might be a bit of an awkward nudge, even, given his bottom teeth jut out at sharp angles. "They are more than useful," Ila'den says around husky laughter. "You don't really seem to quite understand how very big a part of you was missing until you bond with one." And then Teimyth is flipping his wing, and if there is more than Ila'den still occupying it, they will be suffering the same fate as the bronze's lifemate: plunge into the water! Keep in mind, Teimyrth didn't go into terribly deep water, so there's no danger of drowning for those who swim week. "/Shards/, Teimyrth. Really?" More dragon-like laughter, and Ila'den is emitting a curse before smiling once again. He swims to shore, moves to his things, gathers something from his pile of clothes, and then heads back towards Iolain and Kazu - regardless of whether they're still up and on his bronze. "Iolain, come here," he says either way, pausing right at the water's edge.

Kazuto is really unsure what to make of anything at this point, giving Iolain a skeptical expression as he tries to assess if he's really interested in guys - or if he's just pretending. But, Ila'den's advice comes in helpful for the moment, assuming that it's all a joke and he just grins a little. "Well, you could have been a Harper too, maybe… but you're not?" He asks of Iolain, not quite sure if all the talk about barnacles and such means he's a sea rat or something of the like. He doesn't get to think about it too much before he's flung off the dragon and has a face full of water, recovering slowly and managing not to drown, at least not this time. "Shards! You don't have to really try'n kill me." He gripes to Teimyrth, and doesn't make any effort to try and get back where he was - just searches for his brush and pokes at the bronze.

Iolain shrugs mildly at the reassurance that dragons are more than useful, pointing out, "I'm a trader. Useful is a pretty high compliment." He is, fortunately, not on a wing, and he crouches back on his heels as he watches their beautiful and esteemed and pantsless Weyrsecond do an impressive flail into the water. He hears the whuffing from Teimyrth and just props his jaw on his hand, grinning down at Ila'den as if he was in on the bronze's joke. He finds it funny, at least. Teimyrth may seem aggressive, but apparently Iolain likes him just fine. He gives the bronze a pat as if to say 'well done' before he hops down off the dragon's back, landing on his feet with a splash. He wades over to Kazuto to help him up, laughing slightly, "You're alright, then. When the water hits your face, just remember not to swallow it." His tone is teasing, even though he's not entirely sure that'll properly ping in Kazuto's very serious mind. He wades on over to Ila'den after that, pushing his hair back again and lifting his chin to him, "Ayuh? You're not about to hand me a dragon-sized towel, are you?"

Oh dear. Ila'den is joined by Kazuto! And the bronzerider is /laughing/. "Sorry about that!" he manages, and while Kazuto scolds, the bronze lowers his head into the water and presses at the candidate with his maw. Wuff, wuff, wuff. Is he trying to chew on Kazu's hair? Absolutely. "/Stop/, Teimyrth. Give him space." A growl, one last nudge, and when Iolain descends from his back, the bronze is taking a (not so) graceful dive into deeper water. He might not have achieved the thorough bathing he intended, but there is much more fun afoot! Once he's no longer all sudsy, the bronze is popping his head right back up amid the three, watching. "A dragon sized towel? You'd surely deserve it after conspiring with the likes of /him/." A finger is jabbed at Teimyrth, the dragon retaliates with a gnashing of teeth that splashes Ila'den with water, and there's a playfully indignant look for his beast before Ila'den is holding out a pristine, white knot. "Might be you'd find that high compliment will be a constant one, if you're lucky enough. Teimyrth thinks you'll be a fine candidate, and that from /him/ is as high a compliment as any. What do you say?" Those grey eyes shift to Kazuto though, and he's giving the poor lad another smile. "You don't have to keep washing him. I don't think he's going to let any of us near him again for the night. Tomorrow, perhaps?"

"I'm not stupid." Kazuto says, though there's enough of a grin to realize that he must be amused, at least enough. That is, until the bronze tries to chew on his hair. Not that he has a lot, but enough to get into the maw enough to be felt and he reaches to tug it back. "Hey!" He gripes and starts wading out of the water to search for his sandy clothes to be put back on. Even if they weren't done cleaning the dragon, seems he's had enough himself. He grins a little more when Iolain is asked to stand, "It will be fun, promise." You know, because doing chores and all that sort of stuff is /so much fun/. "I really ought to get back to the barracks anyways… At least I didn't get eaten."

Iolain blinks at being offered the knot, his eyebrows rising for a moment even as he reaches out to take it, "A candidate? Me? I'm surprised I'm not… too old or something." He taps the knot against his palm, looking back at the bronze and then to Ila'den again, "If he thinks it's worth me doing, I can't exactly argue. I only hope I'll have a chance to keep up some of my trader work; otherwise, I'll have to contact my family to keep the stall running." He looks to Kazuto when he mentions how fun it will be followed by going back to the barracks, "That's true. It was good to meet you, Kazuto - especially if we're about to spend a whole lot of time together." He looks up at the bronze while still idly rubbing his thumb over the knot in hand, expression curious, "You think any of the babies will be like you? I'd really prefer to survive it, Standing." Is he teasing Ila'den's dragon? Apparently.

Teimyrth emits a low croon, perhaps an accent, and presses his maw into Iolain's back. It's almost affectionate, but only almost. The hulking beast rises to his full height, and that awkward gait is carrying him over both rider and newly knotted candie with oodles of water to pour down on 'em in the mean time. Ila'den looks /exasperated/, but all in good-natured fun. "Even if there /is/ another like him, you get used to them after a while." He pats Teimyrth on one leg as he moves over them, and then waves to Kazuto. "See you in the barracks soon enough. Got to deliver him there, anyway." Pause, and then Ila'den is rolling his shoulders. "Going to have to talk to the powers that be about your availability, Iolain. I might be their boss, but I doubt they'd appreciate any executive decisions." And then he's moving to his own clothes, slipping on his tunic, tossing his leathers over the crook of one arm. "Let's go get you settled in, candidate. And congratulations."

Iolain gives Teimyrth's nose a pat in response to that nudging, taking it for what it is and exhaling roughly only to stand and look flat as the dragon rains waters down on them, "Ah." He ruffles his fingers through his hair, sending water splattering off, and shrugs a bit, "If it's a pain in the ass, I'll let it go. Never can say traders are inflexible, especially seatraders. Lead on, oh great and powerful secondary leader." His lips twitch in the threat of a grin, but he does at least try to remain semi-serious.

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