Poke her with a Stick (Jeyinshi gets Searched)

Ista Weyr - South Beach
Leading away from the main beach and bordered by the southern forest is a more secluded, narrow strip of sand; so narrow, a green dragon could not even stretch out from tail tip to nose and fit along the black sands. Most dragons will find the tighter space uncomfortable, with the forests looming close by and the cooler waters too close. The waves here are almost nonexistent, stopped by the long stretch of rocks working as a wave breaker, the occasional roar of larger waves heard crashing against it. The calmer waters are a common place for people looking for a quiet swim, the beach perfect for a little bit more privacy, if it weren't for the stretch of docks where boats wait moored and ready to go.

It's a clear, but somewhat late Istan afternoon. Fluffy white clouds dot the blue skies above, and the waters are juuuust the right temperature. Many a resident has come out to enjoy the wonderful weather, but one dolphineer has sought some relaxation farther up the beach. Jeyinshi is currently sprawled out at the water's edge, eyes closed and looking half awake at best. The surf washes up onto the shore, coming all the way up to the wetsuit wearing woman's shoulders before shrinking back again. Maybe Jey should be afraid that she'll breathe in water or something…but apparently the dolphineer doesn't have enough survival instict for that where water's concerned.

There are few things that remind Zi'on so much of his childhood as the black sand between his toes. So it's not surprising that the bronzer looks in a daze as he strolls down the beach in his bare feet, just sort of listening to the water. Dragons generally don't wade this far down the beach, but Suldith is no ordinary dragon. Nor is he uncomfortable in smaller spaces, being small for a bronze himself. Since his rider is in a daze, it's actually Suldith who spots Jeyinshi. He doesn't really recognize her, as it's been turns since he last saw her. He does, however, think she's dead and has washed up on shore. And so he swims and pads over to her, giving an alarmed warble and a few huffs of concern. Dead body! Dead body!

Jey's appearance probably doesn't help with the whole dead body look. Her hair, which is currently died a reddish-brown, is splayed across the black sand while some of it sticks to her face. Luckily, the warble and huffing has the dolphineer coming to. "I didn't bring any fish! I swear. I SWEAR!" She groans groggily, pushing a few strands from her face as she begins to sit up. Maybe she was dreaming about spirit dolphins demanding fish sacrifices…or she just thought it was Sungie. But after a moment, the dolphineer /does/ realize those are dragon noises. "Oh….umm, hey!" And she'll look just a bit sheepish. Oops!

No, it doesn't! But at least Suldith isn't looking to eat her. Even dead, dragons don't eat humans. The amount of alarm coming from the bronze at least snaps Zi'on out of his daze, and he goes running over to Jeyinshi. Only to find her sitting up, alive. The bronzer is just in a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt, the rest of his clothes stuffed into the backpack he's got on his back. "Whoa whoa! Give her some air!" He says to his dragon. "Are you alright mi— Jey? Shards and shells! What are you doing at Ista? Also why are you laying in the sand like you are half-dead? You nearly gave us a heart attack!"

Right. Big snuffling bronze. Newly arrived panicky guy. Jey can totally handle this. Totally. "Good morning…" Wait, that isn't right. The dolphineer rubs at her eyes a bit, blinking over at the bronzer for a few seconds. "Wait…Zi'on? What're /you/ doing here?" It's about then that Jey realizes that she's got some explaining to do and gives another sheepish cough. "I got transferred here a couple turns back….and um, I kind of fell asleep. Sorry, I really didn't mean to scare you guys. The weather was just nice, and the water was great." That habit isn't one she's been able to get rid of. "Shards, it's been ages though. How're you doing?"

Zi'on is panicky! The last thing he really wants is to be dragged into some horrible mess at Ista over some dead body he "found". But he can't just abandon someone who might be dying on the beach, either. The bronzer does look relieved (and so does Suldith) when he realizes Jey is in fact, alive. "I dunno! I was..! And then! Er… I was dealing with some business and thought I'd take a walk since I had my beach stuff with me…" Zi'on rubs the back of his head a bit. "Ah. I hadn't heard. How are you liking Ista then?" He chuckles a bit. "We're relieved, honestly. We didn't mean to startle you." Zi'on grins. "I'm good. How are you?" Suldith warbles at the dolphineer, nuzzling at her a bit. Hi!

It'd make a great story though! Western Weyrleader visits Ista, discovers dead body! And now the question remains, what dolphineer was dumb enough to drown herself? Luckily though, none of that will be an issue! "Perfect day for the beach after all!" The dolphineer grins before slicking back her hair to keep it out of her face. "It's pretty nice here…though lately things have ben quiet. I think I'm getting all soft and lazy. But overall, everything's good on this end." She chuckles at the nuzzling before reaching up and offering Suldith some scritches. "Hi to you too! Looking handsome as ever, Suldith. And nah, no need to apologize. I shouldn't be sleeping here anyways…or so late in the day."

It would be a great story. Once Zi'on was done being detained at Ista's jail and questioned about the dead body. Then he could say he found a dead body! Woo! It's not really like Zi'on could tell who it was lying there. He would hope Jey didn't drown herself, after all. That would just be all sorts of bad. "It is nice out here, I will admit that. I do love me some black sands. It is nice weather for a nap on the beach. Just be careful you don't accidentally drown though. If the tide comes in or something. Would your dolphin know to save you?" There's a nod as Jey explains how things have been. "I'm weyrleader now! I don't think I was that last time I seen you, though maybe you heard. Past that… more kids and all. I was weyrmated for a while." Suldith gives a warble purr at the scritches.

And what a great scandal it would be! One that would be talked about for turns to come. "Sungie should be around here somewhere in case something happens….but yeah. I /proooobably/ shouldn't be falling asleep so close to the water. Maybe I'll stick to trees instead." The dolphineer grins crookedly before sliding her hands back to prop her up where she sits. "I'd heard about you becoming Weyrleader! And congrats on that, though that's super late in coming. And on the kids too, how many is that now?"

Maybe Zi'on will just -say- he found a dead body down at the Istan beach. And that he just… shoved it back into the water after tying some heavy rocks to it. Zi'on chuckles. "Perhaps not. At least… not this close. Without a chair or something to keep your head above water. No one wants to wake up dead." Zi'on takes a seat in the sand. "Thanks! I've got five kids now. And one on the way. Th'ero's sister was my weyrmate for a long while, and we had a set of twins, so that boosted up my numbers." Suldith is nudging his rider then, and Zi'on blinks. "Hm. Alright then. Suldith wants you to come back to Western. And stand for his and Miraneith's clutch. He's making me ask, but don't feel obligated if you have things going on here."

He could. It'd raise the badass factor by a bit! "Heh, /that/ would be an unpleasant surprise. Maybe I should just start wearing a life jacket or something." She'd be the one and only dolphineer to do so. Five kids? That gets a soft whistle from Jey. "Sounds like you've been busy, I'm sure they're all awesome though. Ah, Th'ero's sister? I don't think I ever met her, but having twins is neat." She grins before glancing out towards the waters, "The closest thing to a kid I have is Sungie. Then again, he's also the closest thing I have to a boyfriend. I get him dinner sometimes, and he gets me presents." Yay pretty shells. Her words are said in a complete deadpan, but the smirk on her face probably gives the joking away. Of course, then the conversation takes a completely different turn and Jey is blinking in surprise. "Oh…" Well, she certainly wasn't expecting that. She falls silent for a few moments, thinking. "Nothing I can't put on hold for a bit, go ahead and count me in! And thanks. Shards, it'll be nice to see Western again."

Zi'on could use his badass factor raised a few notches. He laughs at Jey. "That would be something else. Wouldn't that hinder your swimming abilities the rest of the time?" What if she needed to dive down under the water? He grins. "I suppose. Twins are stressful. I don't recommend it. Space them out a little." He laughs. "Poor Jey. At least you have Sungie. But maybe we can get you a dragon down at Western? Then you'd have two non-boyfriends!" The bronzer digs through his bag for a second, then pulls out a white knot for her, handing it over. "There we are. Good! It'll be nice to have you back at Western." He gets up then and brushes himself off. "I'm guessing you have things that you need to pack up and all. So take the rest of the day to get ready. Then either send me a note and we'll come and get you or just hitch a ride with a transport rider, and we'll get you set up in the barracks at Western. Sound good? I need to head back though. I'm already late I think… I'm terrible with the time changes."

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