It's Been A Weird Day

Day 17 of Month 9 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Laundry Room
The laundry rooms has for a long time been the primary source of weyr gossip and stories. Many aunties hustle and bustle about the place, taking care of the weyr's steady supply of laundry. The room itself is large and has been divided into two halves. The main half is for actual washing and drying of clothes. The other half is for mending, sewing, sorting and folding.

The hour is sometime just after noon, a time when most people are still hustling and bustling about their daily activities. I say most because while the washroom might be in full swing, a realm of cloth and soap and organized chaos, it is rather disrupted by a tall, muscular, unfamiliar figure tucked against one of its walls. Despite the fact he's tried to make himself as unobtrusive as possible, hunched over a piece of cloth he seems to be mending with a needle, R'hyn still stands out like a sore thumb, too tall, too masculine, trying so hard to become one with the stack of linen next to him that it's almost pathetic.

The morning started with a ruckos, at least out near the pens when a certain blue mistook a runner for a meal. Irkevalath's defense IT WAS near the feeding pen's, but that is not the point. The point now is that the blue ate someone's prized runner and Sundari has been playing 'NOT MY PROBLEM' all day as she avoided people that looked like the runner owning type. Irkevalath on the other talon finished his meal and took a spot on a ledge to eye the people that are well not to happy at the moment near where he was feeding. Someone is pointing at him, does he care? NOPE! At the moment Sundari is taking any path that means she doesn't have to in the open which leads her here because why not? Also people need clean cloths right? Sunny pauses and just peers at R'hyn as he tries so hard to hide, sorry she saw you as soon she walked in and looks a bit amused as she moves towards him. "So… When did Weyrleader's tend to clothing?" She quesitons curioulywhile peering at what he is working on. As for Sunny she ditched her flightjacket at the talk of some dragon eatng a runner so has shirt and pants on, and no shoes cause who needs them? As for her shirt it is a bit snug that across her belly showing she's getting further along with the whole pregnacy bit, more then enough showing really.

Has R'hyn heard of all of this runnerbeast hullabaloo? It's entirely possible he hasn't, holed away in this little corner of the Half Moon world - he certainly isn't pointing any accusatory looks (teasing or otherwise) Sundari's way when she appears, no. Instead he jumps the guilty jump of someone caught doing something they shouldn't, stabbing himself in the finger as blue-grey eyes jerk up to the bluerider's face, sheepish in despite of pain. "Ow," he hisses around the finger he shoves in his mouth to keep from bleeding over his work, and also to give him an excuse to not talk for a minute. It's okay. His face does all the talking for him: cheeks flush hot pink, eyes zoom away avoidantly, and shoulders hunch in a poor attempt to make him look smaller. "It's been a weird day, okay?," he finally mumbles when it's clear she isn't passing by, pulling his hand down to wipe errant spit off on his breeches. "I keep catching people humming snippets of that song, and then today—" But whatever happened today, he can't seem to find the words, mouth fishing open and closed before he gives up and asks, "But hey, what are you doing here, hmm?" There he goes, trying to maybe distract her by offering a one-armed hug and a nuzzle to the side of her head with an added, "I hope you're both doing okay?"

Sundari can't help it but looks amused at the bit on it's been a weird day. "What song?" Is questioned while she shifts to take over a seat, because honestly why stand when one can sit down? She leans back against a few baskets and let's her arm fold upon a basket of dry shirts it looks like. "Me?…Just passing through." Really why else would she be here? A smile is seen at the hug and bit of a nuzzle which she gives him a one armed hug back. "We're alright, I'm just tired." An stressing over a blue dragon that is gaining more attention by the moment, most likely doesn't help that he kept the runner's tail hair as a prize right?

There he goes, flushing all over again. Damn, of course she hadn't heard it before now, he could have gotten away with it! "The one about my abs, and my temper, and my… belt-pouch. Give it a few hours, you'll hear it," he mumbles, amused by it all as much as he is bemused, gaze still avoiding hers as he adds, "And then I got a letter, and another and… weird," he repeats with emphasis before shooting her a disbelieving look. "Uh huh. Passing through. The laundry room. You know, it was you that taught me to be suspicious of things like this," back in the day when he worked as her AWLM. Dry, sotto voce tones, he has them. Blue-grey eyes unfocus in the way of dragonriders, finally tuning in to the world at large with a deadpanned, "Why is Xermiltoth praising Irk's runnertail?" HMM, SUNNY?

Sundari just peers at R'hyn slightly as he goes on about this song. "There is a song that talks about your abs and temper?" She questions with a curious tone, a soft chuckle soon heard as she can't keep quiet now. "What sort of letter, was it addressed to your abs?" Yep she went there. As for the rest she just looks innocent and ahs a touch. "No idea what your talking about." She offers in her defense witha aint glance towards the doorway as she heard the sound of someone walking by. That's right KEEP walking! A faint hum is ehard and she blinks looking utterly innocent while glancing back to him. "I have no idea what you mean?" Irkevalath on the other hand just bugles out that it is the FINEST runnertail in all the land! Yep, thanks buddy!

No he will NOT keep walking, thank you very much. In fact, Ila'den does the opposite of that; he shoulders open the door to the laundry room, leans his too-big body back on it almost immediately, and barricades them all in as he… sneezes. Again. Does he look a mess? Because he feels it; his eyes are irritated red and watery, his nose is running (though that fact is hidden behind a wad of tissue paper when he looks up), and he just. (ACHOO). can't. (ACHOO). shake. (ACHOO). whatever is happening. The worst part is probably when Ila'den locks eyes with R'hyn, when the door behind him shudders once, twice, three times with the efforts of somebody on the other side to gain entry and who, upon failing, simply mimic Ila'den's sneezing from the other side of the door. Look at Ila'den's unamused face, even as he turns his attention from R'hyn to Sundari and waits (two, three) for the ruckus outside to cease before he speaks. "Do I want to ask?" finally comes, muffled by a thousand tissues, reiterated by a tiny voice on the opposite side of the door that affects his drawl and slaughters his accent and leaves Ila'den looking as if he's trying really hard to pretend he can't hear anything.

"There is now," R'hyn sighs the put-upon sigh of one suffering for words previously said. "I wouldn't be worried if it weren't catchy. Even I've caught myself-" A pause as a laundress walks past, absently humming what must be the song, given how R'hyn's expression darkens and hers goes all pink as she realizes and hustles away, "-humming it." Curse Sunny and her questions! She might be joking, but he isn't, blush spreading to his ears as he says, "Yes. Yes it was. It was very… admiritive." He makes a face, one that lingers when the bluerider pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about, snorting quietly in the back of his throat. "Somehow I just don't trust… that… at all…" Words trail off as the passing figure turns out to be a familiar one, brief concern for "You look like crap" appearances wiped away with a flickering grin for the collision and mockery coming from the far side of that door. "Do I?," the weyrleader shoots right back, raising an eyebrow before shaking his head very, very fervently. "No. No you do not." Let's just all pretend we're not here, not avoiding anything, not looking like various shades of hell warmed over with Sunny being the best and Ila being the cutest and Ryn somewhere in between. This is perfect. Ignorance is bliss.

Sundari lets her gaze lift slightly as the laundress passes by humming a tune and amusement crosses her face before she is looking back at R'hyn and can't help but to grin. "Oh… It is a catchy tune." She murmured with an amused tone and chuckles softly. As for herself she continues to hold the innocent look as if nothing has happened. Irkevalath croons and warbles from his ledge, that runner's tail is his new 'toy' so when the owner of said runner is finally seeing the blue and the bit of what looks like horse hair tail the owner knows who to talk too now it seems. Sundari glances over towards the door, and well mostly Ila'den whom she blinks and just ahs softly while leaning back slightly upon her seat. "You look…awful… I don't want your cooties either." She offers with a teasing tone before she eyes the doorway. "So… Did you sneeze on someone out there?"

THUD. Ila'den doesn't even shift when unseen bodies resume colliding against doors; he merely remains, looking between Sundari and R'hyn with every quivering (and unimpressive) rattle the door makes, with every attempt of outsiders to get in, silent until the assault relents. "Actually," Ila'den says, swallowing down a deep breath, "I think I can actually breathe in - " JOKE'S ON ILA. He starts sneezing again, drowning out (though not completely) the mockery of words and sneezes making their way through barricades and over thresholds, invading despite Ila'den's best efforts to shut whoever-that-is out. "Fuck," comes between another press of too-many tissues, preceding the way he looks back to Sundari and offers, "You already have my cooties. Or maybe his." A squint at stomachs, even as tiny voices HESITATE for curses then PLOW ON THROUGH THEM because no word is too foul when mimicry is the game. Back to R'hyn with, "No, baby. You really - " ACHOO, " - don't. But I do; why are you two here?" 'Why are you two here?' At least Ila'den looks less like murder is on the table than he did only seconds ago, given curiosity vying for dominance (and okay, maybe he just looks like misery on two legs anyway).

R'hyn shoots Sunny a vastly UNAMUSED look for agreeing as to the tune's catchiness, though anything he might have said gets drowned out by the thud of a body against the door and rapidfire sneezing from his weyrmate and the lines of R'hyn's shoulders soften in sympathy. He sets aside work he's basically abandoned anyways, sidling over to pull the bronzerider into a hug, hands coming up to frame his sneeze-addled face to hold it there for kisses pressed to forehead, the corners of eyes, to hands holding tissues. "I'll be right back," he says with a wink, pointing at Sunny and saying, "Don't you tell him!", and then he slides through the door to deal with these shenanigans.

Sundari can just grin while she peeks back at Ila'den. "Perhaps it's both of yours?" She questions with a teasing tone before another glance is sent towards the door. "Honestly… Who is out there wanting in so badly?" A glance is sent to Ila'den before she just grins at R'hyn. "Oh sure.. I'd never do such a thing!" Just you wait R'hyn, you should know better by now actually. She points a finger at Ila'den. "Is it something I can catch? Cause if so I'm coming to your weyr until I'm better." That..could be a while! Irk just glowers down at the once runner's owner MINE! and the person looks very upset and is ointing at the dragon wanting to know WHO'S responsible for such a BEAST such as he. Sundari glowers a bit at something not in the room and clears herthroat just a touch.

Is it possible for Ila'den to look vulnerable, pathetic, at a loss? Yes, yes it is, and it happens now when R'hyn comes in to baby him; it's in the way he leans into contact with his weyrmate, that eye going soft seconds before it closes to endure the press of lips to his person with a quiet kind of patient appreciation that's no less present when he opens his eye again. "You're going to regret this," comes husky, gruff, preceding another sneeze as R'hyn moves to handle business. At first it seems to work, the culprit perhaps stunned to be face-to-face with six-and-a-quarter feet of bronzeriding Weyrleader, perhaps merely gathering their wits about them when doors open and out steps R'hyn. But it's a short reprieve. Ila'den's hardly had enough time to answer Sundari with, "That is physically impossible and I'm not sure. It started this morning; but you know you're welcome in our weyr at any time. You just might have to endure, ah, our extracurricular activities." ACHOO. And there it starts, that tiny voice coming through, this time seeming to mimic whatever it is that R'hyn is saying in lieu of Ila'den's words. And yes, yes there is a flicker of amusement at the corner of Ila'den's lips, a hint of laughter at R'hyn's expense despite the fact that his weyrmate is out there to spare him. BUT HE WILL NOT BE DETERRED. "So why are you here, little bird? Why is R'hyn? What aren't you telling me?"

Sundari lifts a hand to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear and she shakes her heada bit before a soft laugh escapes her. "I know it isn't possible." A slight shake of her had is seen while she just eyes Ila'den before pointing to a spot. "Sit down before ou fall down? The sneezes are getting worse it seems. Would I be able to sleep through these activities?" She questions with an amused tone. Her gaze turns back to the door at the voices between R'hyn and another and she hums before shrugging. "Someone made a song about R'hyn, seems to be sweeping the Weyr so his hiding in here." AS for herself? She ahs a bit and looks almost sheepishly. "Seems Irkevalath ate someone's prized runner a few hours back…"

Give it a moment or two more of listening to that small child mock R'hyn, and Ila'den shifts his weight away from the door, moves to Sundari and rudely gathers her up in against his body with one arm so that he can hug her, so that he can dip his chin to rest on her shoulder, cheek pressed to hers, hand slipping between bodies so that fingers can splay over distended belly without any invitation. "Depends, little bird. Were you able to sleep last time?" And there's something wicked in his tone, in that question that's diminished when he pulls back and tucks into another sneeze, then another. UGH. WORST. But he doesn't sit; he looks at Sundari with all the defiance he can muster, and then leans on her because this is somehow practical and reasonable. "I heard." Note that Ila'den does not look amused for the reminder of the song; there's something darker there, something agitated, something that he pushes back down into non-existence as he tilts his head to look down at Sundari again and waits out another onslaught of beyond-the-door mockery before lips quiver at the edges and quirk into a smile. "He didn't," comes husky, laughter chasing them, ruined again by another sneeze. "Do you think they'll forget about it if you hide in here forever?"

Sundari peers over at the door then back to Ila'de once he is there next to her and she is getting hugged? A smile is seen and she hugs back, a bit tightly for a moment perhaps. "No, but I did rather enjoy it from what I recall. Even if I couldn't move my shoulder for a few days." This said with a grin seen. The sneezing has her making a face and she just eyes the bronzer slightly before letting ar arm rest losely against her belly of her's, well it is good for a few things like a arm rest at this stage. "I've not heard it… Is that what isgoing on upon the otherside of the door?" She questions with a curious tone as she eyes the door and then glances back to Ila before a smirk is seen. "So it would seem… There is someone yelling at him in the bowl right now actually." Which only amused the blue who is safely sitting on a ledge WITH the horsetail prize. "I'm just hoping they will leave at some point…" She can dream right??

"Ahh, well that makes two of us," Ila'den manages around illicit burr, implications clear in concession: he liked it too. At least, he's pretty sure he did, emphasis driven home by one hand on Sunny's hips, his eye dropping to observe the contact as he breathes out, "But I suppose sore shoulders and bites are what happens when you move your hips like that and have two men eager to move with you." Rude, Ila. STRAIGHT DISRESPECTFUL and all the more horrible for being issued through a mountain of tissue paper that seems to be growing INCREASINGLY LARGER. WHERE IS THE EXTRA EVEN COMING FROM? HOODOO VOODOO MAGIC UP IN THIS SCENE. And okay, a pocket that's suspiciously full. ACHOO. Achoo achoo achoo, more mocking words from Beyond The Door, and Ila'den is adopting a shrug and something akin to desperation as he fixes his attention back on Sundari. "Fuck if I know, little bird. We locked eyes and he fucking imprinted. All day he has been following me around doing exactly what I do." So are songs happening opposite the door? Well, if you consider the reverberations of a mockingjay music (even if it is distinctly lacking in prose about Glitter and Abs and Weyrleader's Belts). Still, IRKELVETH AND HIS ERRANT DEVOURING OF PRIZED RUNNERS has Ila'den's lips pulling into a smile again, persisting despite half a dozen more sneezes and the need to dam his nose by pressing more tissue there with his hand. It affects his speech, really, but SOMEBODY is too lazy to go about spelling mispronunciations (IT ME). "Do you want me to have Teimyrth go and roar at them? Or you can send R'hyn out. He's good at handling angry people."

Sundari blinks and can't help but blush as she hears Ila'den and coughs a bit at the thought. "First time for everything I suppose." This said with an amused tone. "I'm also not complaing about not being able to use my shoulder." She offers right back to him with a grin. "ou know if you wasn't so snotty and sneeze I might have actually /kissed/ you for that there comment." Perhaps she is attempint to make him blush now? Well it is possible, anything to make the moment more awkward right? "So it's a kid?" She questions after a moment, her gaze drifts to the door then back to Ila'den. Well is sounds like one but she wanted to make sure. "Naw… I'll deal with it later. Maybe I can cry my way out of it." Well she is pregnant, perhaps she can use it to her advantage this once? She lifts her gaze to rest on Ila'den a few moments. "Ila'den…Why did you leave that day when I came to your Weyr?" She has been wanting to corner him and ask this question, now he is cornered and she is going to ask it.

"Neither am I," Ila'den intones, in ways that should be illegal and not allowed and yet HERE WE ARE, Ila'den implying he'd wreck Sundari's shoulder again in the pursuit of flightlust - a worthy casualty to achieve hazily remembered means. Her blush earns husky laughter, the bronzerider forfeiting some space to Sundari as he aims for solemn piteousness and shoves another tissue into his already handful. "Aye, well, you'll have to show me just what kind of a kiss you meant, once I'm not all snotty and sneezy. Promises, little bird. Promises, promises." But that grey eye is straying to the door, silent as he listens for those tell-tale vocalizations of words no child has a right to know being thrown back to R'hyn on the other side without mercy. MERCY IS FOR THE WEAK. "Yep," is all Ila'den answers with, because only children are capable of being assholes and not getting PUNCHED FOR IT. Then Ila'den is laughing, honest laughter that rises up in his chest and spreads over his face even if it's muffled and results in an odd CHCHCH and a hiccup or two when he sneezes through it. GDI, SUNDARI. PARTY FOUL. "Clever woman," Ila'den offers. "Wicked woman." And there she goes, asking him questions that have him going still, that have muscles going taut and straining against the light fabric of his tunic, standing out as he shifts away from her and, instead of answering, changes the topic abruptly: "Do you think we should help R'hyn?" ACHOO.

"When your not all snotty and sneezy I'll be more than happy to /show/ you that kiss." Sundari offers with back with a smirk. She doesn't lie! A faint roll of her eyes are seen as she glances towards the door. "Well then R'hyn should be just fine with 'em. I put my money on him." She most likely has some marks somewhere or another. Before she glances back to Ila'den and looks amused. "I've been called worse." Then Ila'den is changing the subject and she is standing following him, sneezes or not she is going to push the matter. "Why did you leave Ila'den? You don't seem upset…" There is a light pause. "No he'll be fine." SEE you got this R'hyn, deal with the kid! Her head is lifted slightly while she watches the bronzer. "I thought I might have chased you out with what I came to tell you both." Yep she won't drop it.

"Promises, promises," Ila'den reiterates, teasing implied, seriousness of expectations left in vague ambiguity because this is Ila'den and Sundari is one of those few people the bronzerider allows close enough for shared moments of honest affection. Still, there's a narrowing of that grey eye on unyielding door, as if he might be able to see through it to what's going on outside, Ila'den countering with, "I put my marks on him walking back in having achieved nothing." Not because he doubts R'hyn's abilities, but because SATAN is on the other side of that door - and still mocking. The 'called worse' comment earns another smile, laughter fought down and then diminished as Sundari pursues. That grey eye drops to her, humor void, gentle regard dissipating when at first he says nothing and then Sundari continues regardless of his silence. "Drop it," comes on a growl of sound, a hint to mounting agitation, conviction marred only by the slurring of words and the abrupt drop into a series of sneezes again. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, SUNNY BUNNY.

Sundari huffs a touch. "I have always kept my promises." This said with an amused tone before she sends a faint glance towards the door then glances back to him with a smirk seen. So we need a young priest and a old one if it is Satan? She does catch the look, the slight growl of a sound and slight change and is quiet for a moment. "Why should I drop it? What you gona do growl at me?" She questions with a faint shake of her head seen. The have been through this before, there was a time they didn't even talk because she got him so upset not that she remembers why. "I'm not very good at dropping things, figured that was a given by now." SHE ISN'T DROPPING IT! "Did I make you leave then because of what I told you both?"

R'hyn is a strong independent bronzerider, ain't need no man! Just kidding. That kid is definitely Satan, and he's giving up too. Back into the room he slips, looking even more hassled before, slamming the door behind him and giving it a dirty look. "Don't go out there," he cautions in a whisper he hopes can't be overheard, rolls his eyeballs when somehow, impossibly, those words get repeated in a creepy childish whisper pressed against the door's nearest seam. But hark! What light through yonder window breaks! A laundress is heading for the door and Ryn all but dashes away to let her deal with the mocking menace instead, sidling up against the too-taut lines of Ila's form with a drag of one palm down the man's spine. "What're we conspiring about now?," inquired on vaguely concerned tones, listening in on Sundari's persistent words before 'ah'ing quietly and flicking a glance sideways, gaze roving the planes of Ila'den's face before seating himself more firmly against the bronzerider's side. One arm tucks around the older rider's hip, still observing, chin tilting to press a kiss to SAFE SHOULDERS because that precious face is increasingly becoming a warzone before addressing Sunny with a low, "We sometimes feel like I'm being held back, forgetting who it was that raised me up in the first place. That's all, no more, no less." Translation: it was nothing to do with her. "Though speaking of that baby, I read that fish liver oil is helpful during pregnancies. How do they even harvest that, do you think? Do you just sit there and—" He mimes squeezing a liver between his fingers. Gross.

Ila's not refuting that! Definitely not with that smile anyway, even if it's short-lived because SATAN WINS TODAY. In more ways than one; one of those ways is in Sundari's persistence - or more Ila'den's resistance to answer a question Sundari does, in fact, deserve an answer to. That agitation mounts, another growl is elicited for smarmy observations made from one of the three people Ila'den will willingly endure sass from, and he's opening his mouth for a scathing rebuttal when R'hyn is there, pressing into the lines of his body, easing tension with a press of hands, muting ire with a look and answering things Ila'den should be a big enough person to answer on his own. But the answer does come from the Weyrleader, even if it's vague in everything except for the fact that Ila'den's removal of himself that day was not because of something Sundari did. And Ila'den removes himself from R'hyn tucking into another sneeze, ignoring forced humor because he's rude and maybe is running out of tissues because now he's pilfering launder to dam up his nose with. A beat, two, three, "Don't be ridiculous, husband. They probably put it in buckets and, you know." Did he just make a stomping motion? "Faster that way." DON'T WORRY, he's just joining in on the attempts to ease contention, even if there's still a distinct lack of humor and too much violence in his every movement and word.

Sundari lets her gaze linger on Ila'den, she isn't fully certain why she needs to know so badly why he left, perhaps there is another reason that she can't leave it be other then she always this way. D'nyl is gone and she will never be able to find out why unless he retuns which at this point she figures never will happen. Pointedly she can't ask him 'why'. With R'hyn back she glances to him, listening and not fully understanding but she doesn't question it knowing she hit a sore subject with how they are both well acting now. "You take the livers and put them in jars and let them ferment. Thus you get fish liver oil after a certain amount of time." She was once in seacraft after all. "Just don't get me fish oil, I'm havng a hard enough time keeping food down as it is." She let's her gaze drift back to the door. "Is he still out there then?" Maybe the laundry lady scared him off?

R'hyn sees Sundari's lingering glance, he does, even if he might not fully realize or comprehend the reasons behind it. If Ila'den wishes to go into more detail, he may, but alas, as far as actual explanations go, that's all R'hyn seems to have. He does take a breath, though, letting Ila step out of his grasp, focusing on the bluerider with an earnest, "I promise, Sunny. If there was something to be worried about, I would have come to you with it." Yes, even despite weyrmate violence, the likes of which does not phase R'hyn half as much as it should, observing stomped boots with a playful grimace that only worsens when Sunny corrects both of their erroneous suppositions. "Faranth, I don't know which is worse. Fish bits stuck to your toes or that first whiff right out of the jar." He hrks a little at the back of his throat. "Nope, nevermind, second bit's definitely the worst." Blergh. "Fair enough. What about berries? Berries are safe, right?" There's a glance back towards the door. "Hmm. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not going to go check." NOT IT.

Ila'den notices that lingering look too, that lack of total comprehension perpetrated by ambiguity; that moment when Ila'den's jaw ticks and fingers come to pinch the bridge of his nose as that eye shuts. "Sundari," carefully slow, measured through the fabric of some poor sod's recently laundered tunic. "I am happy that you are having this child, regardless of whether it is R'hyn's or my own. I am not…" a tension in muscles as Ila'den shifts to lean on some unsuspecting surface, half a sit that allows him to rock forward and then back again, "… particularly happy with my own disruptions into things, but it has nothing to do with you, and it has nothing to do with our child." And then he's silent, watching Heryn for talk of fish liver oil, watching Sundari for her corrections, listening without participation and the occasional interrupt via sneeze. BUT WRONG; OUTSIDE OF THAT DOOR? IT COMES. 'I'm not going out to check.' No such luck. THE CHILD REMAINS, intent to push hiding men towards MADNESS. "Do you think if we pretend to fuck, he'll stop?" Wry, dry, but no less darkly amused because the corruption of innocent (ASSHOLE) youths is sometimes funny. "We can practice throwing out that shoulder again, Sunny. For science." RUDE SMILE. … Even when every word spoken comes back through the barrier of that door. Maybe just a little halted this time, because adults are gross, and Ila'den is the epitome of that grossness. Sigh.

Sundari is left quiet for a few moments and glances away from them both, a faint breath escapes her. "I'm sorry…" Is offered after a moment. She knows she can get rather pushy over htings, and she knows how to push Ila'den's buttons as well. "Berries are alright." Is offered after a moment before she glances back to the door. "As much fun as that sounds I'll pass." She's not in the playing mood right now it seems. "I have to go deal with someone about his prized runner anyway." Not like she can hide forever. "Either that or Irkevalath might try to eat him as well." Can dragons do that? Though the blue isn't always stable so maybe it would work for him? Which means SHE GOT IT! SHE'LL DEAL WITH HE BRAT!

R'hyn tries, but he can't help but get swept up in the mood, gaze focusing on his weyrmate as the man moves, leans, gaze filled with gentle reproof and a glitter of something quiet and affectionate before he turns his attention back to Sundari. It's not his place to accept apologies, but he shakes his head anyways, flicking her a smile that he hopes is reassuring. "Berries it is, then. Time's about right for the patches up by the gardens; I'll bring you some this afternoon." Because CLEARLY the jig is up for this hiding space, so it's time to go find a new one! "Surely couriers won't be able to find me if I'm elbows-deep in bushes." OR WILL THEY? Seems they all have their crosses to bear, especially poor Ila'den, hexed with not one but two issues, one of which R'hyn solves by rolling his eyes and withdrawing a clean kerchief from pants pockets, taking the much-abused shirt and chucking it into a launderer's load while they aren't looking. So surreptitious. "Maybe if we split up we can lose all of them, hmm?" Scooby Doo running-through-hallways style. "You go right, Ila goes left, and I'll drive straight ahead. We'll meet up on the patio at dinner-time." Which is to say, he's not going to let any of them face this echo-terror alone! Or is he?? "Just tell Irk to make it look like an accident, huh? I'll take this little monstrosity back down to the nannies. I'm sure they're missing him right now." Are they? ARE THEY? Probably not, but then then it'll be ~not R'hyn's problem~. But first, he approaches Ila to drop a kiss between his brows, tilting up his chin with a no-arguments-accepted, "Go lay down and rest, handsome." Wayward black hair is smoothed back, and then Sunny is next, pulled sideways against him with a, "Good luck. If you need an intervention, just let me know. Xerm can be really annoying when he wants to be." A squeeze of her shoulders, and then he's off, to football carry a small child and spike him into the endzone of the lower caverns if need be! Woosh!

"Don't be," Ila'den offers, gruff and noncommittal, perhaps dismissive because it's not really that important. R'hyn moves closer, extricating laundry and handing over kerchiefs, leaving Ila'den to press that into his face JUST IN TIME FOR ANOTHER SNEEZE. THIS IS LIFE. He returns affection through his fingers, communicates it in the gentle squeeze to bicep when R'hyn presses a kiss between his brows after SCHEMES. AWAY HE GOES, and Ila'den moves to Sunny, to pull her in against him for a hug. "I'm holding you to that kiss, little bird." But he's stepping away, turning to, presumably, follow after R'hyn despite PLANS TO THE CONTRARY. "And Teimyrth can come be a horrendously grumpy threat if you need him. Good luck, Sunny." And AWAY HE GOOOOOOOOOOOES.

Sundari offers a faint smile back to R'hyn, she still feels otherwise on the matter. "Depends on the couriers…" SO it is possible! She glances back to the door and makes a slight face. "Have you dealt with kids before R'hyn? They can run in multiple ways at the same time." THey are special…and scarey things! "Maybe they let him escape?" Possible. As for hugs, well she likes those and they both will get a hug back, Ila'den a slightly longer one before letting go of him hopfully before the sneezing starts. "As soon you done with the sneezing and snot we're work on the kiss." As for her dragon issues she rolls her eyes. "Have you all met my dragon? Nothing he does can be turned into an accident… Plus he is taunting the guy with the tail hair 'prize' he has. So no accident is outa the question." She isn't worried about the owner, she can deal wth him really! "If it turns into a yelling match I'll call for him, or start crying one of thet wo." Would she? It is possible that she would do both. Though when the door is open she will be escaping the room, with a motherly glare to the kid. "Best go home or I'll feed you to my dragon." Wait did she just threaten a child? YES SHE DID! With that she is off to dealing with Irkevalath and the prized runner's owner. Yelling is involved…and then crying and then? Well find out next time!

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