Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Night has set upon the Weyr, the last minutes of twilight coloring the sky in purples and reds. The hot, summer heat is only now beginning to dissipate… but that is not saying much. Summer nights are not all that much better, but the lack of the hot, beating sun is a good thing. Most of the population of the Weyr who are seeking to eat dinner in the Living Caverns have finished and gone on their way, or are bringing their meals to a close. There are some, though, who only now get themselves food and drink. Rhadan, a candidate knot decorating his shoulder for the last few days, is one of these. His plate and cup for red juice have both just been placed at at table, and he is lowering himself into a seat. His face shows some tire, and one might notice the slight dampness of his shirt. There is a smell about him of wet laundry, too, if one were to get close enough to smell it. He releases a long sigh once he is sitting, just before a piece of meat is entering his mouth. Chew. Chew.

Kyldar slips into the cavern, looking tired, her dark hair slightly damp as if recently washed. She makes a pass by the serving area and grabs some chicken and fresh fruit, and picks her way through amid the tables. "Hey there," she says, spotting Rhadan. "Greetings and salutations and all that. I hope this evening sees you doing well?"

Sundari is up an about, a slight yawn escaping her as she moves along glancing over the room curiously as she ponders. A quick meal may be what is on the plans for her, or perhaps that is mostly thanks to the little newly hatched brown firelizard that is perched upon her shoulder. The little fella chirps and warbles out now and then, shifting back and forth on his paws, he can smell the food around her as well, somewhere! There is a white candidate knot upon her shoulder as well, though the firelizard is slightly covering it from full view.

Chew. Chew. Swallow. Rhadan's eyes were focused on his plate as he finished that first bite of the meat. His are already on Kyldar when she has approached him, and he nods up to her when she greets him. "Hello." His eyes dance for a moment to one side, before coming back to Kyldar. "I hope you don't mind. I /know/ I've met you. I think. I just don't remember you. I'm Rhadan." And there - somewhere behind Kyldar is a face Rhadan knows. Sundari. There teen waves a hand in Sundari's direction, attempting to get his fellow candidate's attention before waving her over in his and Kyldar's direction. Whether or not this works, he looks to Kyldar and comments, before taking another bite of the meat, "The taste of the meat is not always the best towards the end of the meal. A little more chewy."

Kyldar has, actually a pair of firelizars herself, one blue, one bronze, one perched on each shoulder. She casts a glance though at Sundari's tiny critter and smiles. She settles at an adjacent table and hands each of her own critters a bit of chicken before tucking in herself. "Mm," she mms to Rhadan after swallowing. "Yeah, we've met. Kyldar, greenrider. You're a candidate for Miraneith's latest clutch, right?" To Sundari she offers a friendly "Good evening."

Sundari pauses at the tables and picks up a plate and goes about getting some food upon that plate. The little brown turns to look around the room taking everything in with a soft chitter and chirp escaping him. With a plate of food, and mug of cider she is off to find a seat, and this is when she catches sight of Rhadan waving her over. With a smile she heads on towards him and Kyldar. "Hey Rhadan." A glance is sent to the other while she is sitting down and she ponders. "Hiyas." Is said to the rider with a smile.

Even as he is chewing this second piece of meat, Rhadan is using an eating utensil right now to poke at another piece of meat on his plate - this one thicker and… well, obviously overcooked. He frowns at this sad piece of meat just before his eyes glance over to Kyldar. Her two firelizards are blinked at for a moment before the teen speaks, "I don't remember where I met you. But… I am, yes. Standing, I mean. Well - I will be." Rhadan turns now to Sundari and smiles, if a bit weakly, "Hey. So… uh, what did they have you doing today?" There is a swipe at the hair that just fell into his eyes when he turned his head. "I was washing laundry. All day. All… day." Like, all day, ya know?

Kyldar chews on some chicken and then on some redfruit for a moment. "Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure it was somewhere around Western. Maybe on the beach?" Then, to both: "Ugh, candidate chores. I remember them well, and I can tell you, it's not going to get better as a weyrling either. I did enough stable-mucking to last several lifetimes, I think."

Sundari glances to the two as she works on picking up the conversation it would seem. She ahs softly at the talk of chores, well she knows a bit about those, just not any from around the weyr. "I got lucky I suppose. Was given a rest day. Which actually worked out because my father got me to take a bunch of stuff to the market before I wasn't able to do it for a while." Her father doesn't seem to think anything will come from her standing it seems. "He doesn't want me to forget about working on the boat and all. As if I could." As for firelizards, the little brown on her shoulder warbles out towards the older ones that are with Kyldar.

The juice is, if one were to judge by Rhadan's facial, enjoyed and welcomed by the young man. As his cup, which was picked up after his last words to Sunny, comes down there is even a slight 'ahh' that escapes his mouth. His eyes are back on Kyldar for a moment, then, and he gives a shrug, "I don't think it was the beach… but no matter." His eyes look down to his plate again and that piece of meat, the over-cooked one, is prodded again as he looks up to Sunny, "I can understand. I was basically told that, until I have to stay near the sands, I'll still be doing some stuff with the other hunters when I have free days. I think that they, the other hunters, would prefer if I didn't stand. Not many of us here." And that meat? It is actually prodded right off the plate onto the table. "His eyes go to Kyldar as he turns from the discarded meat, "I don't think I'd like mucking very much. The… smell." Yuck.

Kyldar says to Sundari, "Well, yeah, you'll come to appreciate rest days plenty if you've not done so already. Candies always get the most tedious or unpleasant chores. On the other hand, once you've graduated from weyrlinghood, it'll all be worth it. Freedom to roam—with a /dragon/. It doesn't get better than that." Meanwhile her two chitter return greetings at Sundari's little hatchling. Kyldar herself offers them a couple more scraps before resuming feeding her ownself for a moment. She turns in her seat a little so as to address both of her interlocutors with equal attention, and says to Rhadan, "Not on the beach. Hm. Well I have traveled to both Ista and Xanadu recently but I don't recall knowing you for more than a couple sevendays. But at any rate the same thing applies. It'll all be worthwhile once you get your freedom." She seems to address the candies as if they're already destined to impress.

Sundari glances to Rhadan curiously at the talk of the other hunters not seeming eager about him standing. "Really?… That's too bad to hear. I hope they don't get you any problems over it." She ponders. "My older sisters think I'm silly, that I'm just goofing off and don't think I'm actually going to be learning anything." Leave it to older siblings to do and think such things! Her gaze turns back to Kyldar and she grins a moment actually. "I think that would be a wild thing. I grew up on a boat basically, so anything anywhere else well I'd be game for it. Also learning whatever I possibly could." She munches on a few bites of food, and gives a piece of meat to her firelizard that eagerly eats it down.

There is cheese on Rhadan's plate, too. Well, it was on his plate. Now, though, the slice of cheese is on a fork and has been lifted to the boy's mouth. A bite is taken out of it, and Rhadan chews softly on it, rolling his tongue inside of his mouth as it melts while he chews. "Cheese can't be overcooked, at least." He comments before his fork is laid down on the plate, the remaining cheese on the end of it. His hand now grabs a slice of bread. He speaks to Sunny as he raises it to his mouth, "I won't get problems, I don't think. They know that I can't do too much. And… well, its been my life for a while. I enjoy going out and hunting tunnel snakes, or just climbing trees and waiting, watching." And bite. The slice of bread is missing a piece now, not unlike the cheese. Rhadan brings his drink up to wash down the bread before he speaks, eyes on Kyldar, "/If/ we impress, of course. I'm find if I don't… but, well, this seemed like a good change of pace." He pauses, he voice changing tone to convey humor, "… then I saw the dirty laundry pile." And he continues to eat. Cheese. Munch. Bread. Yum.

Kyldar waggles her chicken-laden fork at Sundari. "Don't you believe it," she admonishes. "You'll be learning plenty. Weyrlinghood is a full turn of lessons and drills as you get to know your partner. You'll be busy, and you'll be tired. It's an adventure and a journey unto itself." She eyes the chicken on the brandished fork and, well, eats it. To Rhadan she says, "Ah, laundry." The rider pulls a face. "Ugh. But I got by and so will you."

"Well, actually cheese can be overcooked, it is just more well.. Burnt really." Sundari says with an amused tone and slight shake of her head as she ponders that. "Well that's good to hear." A glance is offered back to Rhadan. "That is what I was thinking on it all. I really like it here, a lot different than dealing with things out at sea." She makes a face at the talk of dirty laundry, something that she will not look forward too. A smile is offered to Kyldar and she nods with a smile. "That is what I thought. I don't mind being busy, new adventures is how I see it."

The plate in front of Rhadan had done a good job of holding food for the teen, but ultimately the poor thing is going to be left naked - all of Pern (well, the Living Caverns) will be able to see the naked plate… once Rhadan finishes the last few bites of cheese and bread, and those few pieces of red fruit. Currently he is drinking more juice, washing down some bread and cheese as he give Kyldar a shrug, "I don't fear not being able to get by. Its just work, but that doesn't mean it is the best of work. I swear, some people need to take care to change their sheet more often. And don't get me started on undergarments…" And as the last bit of cheese is being lifted, chewed and swallowed, Rhadan peers at Sundari, "I suppose you're right… but I prefer uncooked cheese." Nom! "And yeah. Busy is okay. If nothing else, some of the work is sort of like working out, I guess." Good for muscle growth, poop mucking and laundry lifting, ya know. Rhadan's fork lifts to come down on the last of his food. And now… fruit!

Kyldar hands yet more tidbits to her critters and says to Sundari, "I don't know where you're from, but I think you'll get to like it here at Western. Best folks anywhere. Of course, considering that I have a bazillion relatives here I might be a bit biased, but, y'know, I do have lots of fond memories of great times both before and since my own candidacy. Oh, and I don't think we've ever been properly introduced. I'm Kyldar, harper and greenrider, humbly at your service." She picks up her redruit and takes a bite. To Rhadan she says, "Yeah, well, there will always be people who insist in making everyone else's job harder or otherwise more disagreeable. Just take it in stride."

Sundari grins a moment to Rhadan and nods. "Yup, sure I am!" She offers with an amused tone over the whole talk of burnt cheese and so forth. "True… Sort of like working on a boat to some degree. Have plenty of chores on there. Though there is different ones here I'm sure." Of course there is. She looks back to Kyldar and offers her a smile. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Sundari, seacraft apprentice." There is a pause as she ponders. "How was candidacy when you went through it all?" A nod is seen. "I do like it here, everyone is so nice."

Rhadan's lips are pulled slightly by the sweetness of the red fruit. When finished chewing his utensils are gathered and placed on his place, and his eyes go back to Kyldar, his eyebrows being pulled down and a brief moment of confusion setting on his face before he shrugs his right shoulder, "Promise, nothing has taken me out of stride yet. Doubt it will. Thanks, though." Of course, Rhadan doesn't totally know everything there is to know about what chores he will face as candidate, but he believes what he says. It is during those words that he begins to stand and collect his plate and cup. He nods to both Sundari and Kyldar, "Rider Kyldar. It was good to talk to you. If you'll both 'scuse me, I'm going to get washed up and head back to the barracks to rest. See you later, Sundari?" Each get another nod before the boy begins walking away to turn in his dishes before leaving the cavern. Oh. And that piece of meat that fell off his plate earlier (well, was pushed)? It is still on the table. Overcooked, maybe… but perhaps still yummy-looking to any of the firelizards who might see it? Perhaps!?

Kyldar seems a little taken aback by Sunari's question. "For me? It was, well, I suppose the same as for everyone. I was far from home. Well, my then home, as this is home now. I was born and raised at Harperhall-but the presence of so many aunts and uncles and grandparents did help a great deal with that. Then there were the chores. Like I said, tedious. But the hardest part was waiting. Anxious, y'know, waiting for that big moment standing on the hot sand, and the standing itself. It lasts only a moment, but subjectively it feels like an eternity as the hatchlings burst out of their eggs and scamper about looking for a partner-perhaps you." To the departing Rhadan she says, "Well, you have a good evening then. We'll talk again."

Sundari waves after Rhadan. "See you later!" She offers as he is on his way out. She lets her attention turn back to Kyldar as she takes in what has is being said. A smile is seen and she nods. "Well it all sounds very exciting I must say." There is a few moments of pondering. "I going to need to get going. Maybe though we could speak more later if your free sometime?" She has more questions, just is is getting closer and closer to lights out and that means she needs to get to the barracks. She stands, plate and mug in hand. "It was nice to meet you again, hope to talk to you soon." This said while she is off, putting her dirty plates away and is soon gone heading off!

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