Inspection Perfection!

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

The afternoon is lazy and quiet, with dutiful little candidates coming and going from in the barrakcs amidst their various duties. Those leaving are thus relieved of the terror, the horror, the absolute mindnumbing devastation of the,

"BUNK INSPECTION! LINE UP!" That lyrical command from Assistant Weyrlingmaster S'ol. The youthful greenrider, not looking any older than half the candidates he's startled into standing, saunters into the barracks in skin tight blue dyed riding leathers and flight gear, face flush, feathery hair looking as if he just gotten off his dragon, possibly had. His face is glowing, there's a gleam in his eyes and his glasses are down to the end of his nose. Something is definitely out of place here. "Lets see what we have here," he says, with a voice that sounds more like the coo of a bird, with a vibrating end-note much like the purring of a feline.

"No, don't eat that, that's not food." Sundari is heard talking to something, though what? A plump young firelizard is sitting upon her bunk, chewing upon one of her shirts it seems. He thinks it is a fine and dandy chew toy it would seem. "Strider.. Come on, I didn't bring many shirts!" Yes she is having a conversation with the little fella while attempting to snatch back the shirt, which so far Strider has managed to keep a hold of. Soon enough Sunny is able to snag the shirt back with a new hole within it. The new voice gets her attention and she blinks while looking over. A soft uhoh escaping her while she picks up her few things from her bag and goes about setting them neatly into the bunk after picking up that firelizard.

Only a night had passed since Jeyinshi had returned to Western and those familiar barracks. She hadn't brought much with her, just some basic essentials. Unfortunately…Jey hadn't gotten around to putting all of her things up. Her bed? Well it's made, but there are clearly lumps and crumples in the sheets. And while most of her things are stowed away, her wetsuit is sprawled across the foot of her bed and still in the middle of drying. "Aw shards…already?" The dolphineer turned candi sighs before getting to her feet and moving to line up.

Kazuto might be one of the few that would be prepared for a bunk inspection, being the kind of organized person that he is. He was finishing putting away some items he had dragged out, and moves to stand at a spot that it looks as though he's ready to be inspected. He gives Sundari a quick grin as the firelizard chews on her shirts, but offers no outward comment. Tugging at his shirt, he appears a little tentative until he sees that the assistant weyrlingmaster is still a young man. It piques his interest, but he simply stands in line and waits.

S'ol goes past several bunks without candidates present, ignoring them disinterestedly, then stops in front of one frightened girl with her clothes tossed on top of her bunk, pillow, and all over the floor. "Are you doing laundry? I think you've missed, one generally requires a basket for that. Go fetch one and take all these clothes straight to laundry room," he shoos her away, and moves onto another youth. The young man there is beaming with confidence, his bed is tucked in neatly and tightly, his things are properly stacked in almost perfect alignment on his side tables, everything is so neatly arranged, that there could be nothing wrong with this bed. Could there? "Those sheets, how much starch did you use on them young man? Do you want to sleep in this bed or dance on it? And those books look like you haven't opened a single one of them, candidates are still required to do their regular studies you do realise. Get to it!" he turns, leaving the startled boy to scramble for his books. And then he stops in front of Sundari. "You will be held personally responsible for repairing or replacing any personal objects of any candidates that this firelizard destroys. I recommend heavy training in that regard for the flit, and for you to get out your sewing kit immediately. You do have one, don't you? Every candidate should know how to mend their clothes." Harumph!

Sundari has a nice neat bunk and bed at least, she knows well how to keep things neat thank you! Strider is settled upon her shoulder looking content and chirps out softly a few times. "Little brat." She grumbles out about the firelizard. Though she is quiet once S'ol is there in front of her and she blinkblinks a few times before just peering up at him. She wondering what to say and soon just offers a warm smile and even a slight salute. "Yes sir, of course sir." There is a pause. "We call you sir right?" Her question isn't full of a joking tone or anything else, she really doesn't know! As for the sewing kit she ponders, taping her chin a moment in thought. "I do think I have one. If not I will get one and no problem fixing anything." She is a seabrat and knows how to mend nets to fixing a shirt should be fine!

Jeyinshi absently pulls at a few corners of her sheets, doing a last minute smoothing out of her sheets before standing at attention against. Her eyes wander to the wetsuit once more, but there's really nothing she can do about it right now. The dolphineer's ears remain pricked to the AWLM's words and her attention flicks periodically from him to the candidates. She does a quick check to see if her own flit is anywhere around, but luckily Mizu's off frolicking with Sungie.

S'ol looks Sundari up and down with a level look. "Certainly you should. But there's no need to overdo it. Once per sentence generally will do," he winks, and then turns to walk down the row. The wet suit catches his attention. And he is…pleased. "Ah, what have we here," he looks at Jeyinshi. "Do you swim often? Its important for a candidate to stay in shape and be healthy. And to eat good foods. Don't forget to eat your greens," he dotes on her for a moment, hands clasped together and a motherly approving look upon his face.

Kazuto starts to look a little bored, he stands there, straight as he can and tries to keep from drawing attention. He doesn't have a firelizard, his cot is made, there's no clutter, and he's dressed appropriately. That should be enough, right? He watches S'ol as he makes his way along the line, waiting to hear if there's something he might have missed himself that he should be prepared for.

Jeyinshi is preparing for the worst really, and gets ready to wince when S'ol begins to speak…but a moment that expression fades away. She lets one side of her mouth move upwards in a grin before quickly saluting. "Yes sir!. I'm part of the dolphineers, so I try to keep in shape…And I'll make sure to eat my greens tonight!" Though really, the problem with her might be that she eats /too/ much. But she'll skip over that tiny detail for now!

Sundari ahs and nods a moment, a friendly smile seen and she. "Alrighty." Good to know for next time! She glances over to Jeyinshi and tilts her head before looking over to Kazuto whom gets a smile and slight wave. She'll wait for S'ol to move off and inspect others before peaking into her bunk for that sewing kit. It has to be heer somewhere.

S'ol suddenly squeals. "Ooh I looooooooooove dolphins!" he says, hands clutched beside his cheek and gives a happy skip. Then he remembers himself and stops squealing and coughs and adjusts his clothes. "Ahem, a very good craft to be in. Good for you!" he hastily moves down the row, remember comportment, and be mean! You are in charge. He points out a pair of holey stinky underwear peaking under one candidates bunk as needing to be burned for the sake of saving the human race from its smell, he warns a teen with glasses to be careful of spiderclaws, shakes his head in complete disgust at the big pink lacy bow being worn by one girl around his own age who giggles. "Hi cousin," causing him to turns hastily and head back down the row over to Kazuto. "Well, hello there," he says, and he looks the young man up and down, from head to toe. They are both the same age thereabouts…and then he's struggling to keep himself casual. "So which craft are you from?" he asks cooly. But its clear the Greenie is quite enamoured by him.

Sundari peeks up slightly as she hears the conversation around her, but she is searching for that sewing kit. "Oh Strider, I hope you didn't try to eat the kit." That could be a /problem/ for this firelizard if he did. Needles are good to chew on after all.

Kazuto arches a brow at S'ol's greeting, and offers, "Hello, sir." He offers cooly, and shifts on his feet and glances to give Sundari a quick smile before returning with that smile on his face directed at S'ol. Dark brown eyes meet the greenrider's and he gives a bit of a blush before clearing his throat and answering. "I was a trader who decided to stick around Western. I was doing handiwork around the weyr." He offers and shrugs his shoulders and finishes with, "I haven't been around very long."

Jeyinshi can't help but break into a full on grin at the AWLM's reaction, "Thank you! Maybe you can meet Sungie one day." As he moves off, the dolphineer breathes a tiny sigh of relief, yay for not getting in trouble! She quietly slips onto her cot, but her attention shifts over towards Kazuto and S'ok. Dawww! She hides a quiet chuckle behind her hands before beginning to straighten out her sheets a bit more.

"Certainly you must be new, I would have remembered seeing such a handsome…fellow…around the weyr…" He seems to be lost in happiness for a moment, then comes back to himself with a start. "Oh, of course. Ahem. Bunk inspection complete. Everyone dismissed!" he turns and heads hastily from the barracks, neatly running into the girl with the laundry basket who has just returned from retrieving it. "Good good, carry on," he says to her as she tries to appologize to him. And poof! Puff! He is gone! Onto the wild greenie yonder!

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