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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries**
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

There is a twelve hour time difference between Half Moon Bay and Xanadu Weyr, did you know? Well NOW YOU DO! Which means that, while it might be early morning for the island Weyr, it's just after dinner time for the weaver apprentice who's dropped in. Why is Sephany here? Family, probably, though there seems to be a distinct lack of giant-bronzerider escort so… hm. But after twiddling her thumbs in the bowl, she's made her way into the hatching grounds out of sheer boredom, peeking in with mild curiosity but not really expecting to find much at all. Surely she would have been told of Ilyscaeth had already laid her clutch. So while the sands are empty of eggs and brooding queens, it doesn't stop the blond foreigner from climbing the gallery stairs and finding herself a seat regardless.

No eggs on the sands, and surely this is a good thing as one dolphineer likely has some sort of horrible plot or another in mind. Or else just maybe she needed a bit of peace and quiet. Whatever the reason Tanit is stretched over the more comfortable set of seats staring at the sands as if they might yield some secret, or else imagining them filled with unmentionable substances. Yet sea-green eyes catch the glimpse of pale hair and it is a half smile that is offered for the Xandian weaver.

Ooh, company! Though not visibly startled, there's a brief moment of surprise for Sephany as she catches sight of Tanit amongst the seats. A smile is offered in reply, wide and bright, and when she's close enough to do so quietly, there's a pleased, "Hello!" It's a low, hushed tone of voice; as if unwilling to disturb these hallowed grounds. "Bit early to be egg-watching, seeing as there are no eggs," she teases. Nevermind that she is also here in the stands, of her own volition, for apparently no good reason.

Tanit laughs, “Is that what I’m doing?” Not that Tanit makes any noise about egg watching or otherwise. Still Sephany gets a thoughtful look. “I’d have thought you weren’t speaking to me either, though I’m glad to find you aren’t as pissed at me as your brother. Not that I can really blame him.” A bone deep sigh escapes the dolphineer as she sinks more into the heat and the cushions of the bench she’s chosen. “I suppose you have your hands full with Risa pregnant again.”

"Hmm, well. Either that, or you're hiding," decides the weaver, dropping into a seat beside her with a grin. Sephany drops an elbow to her knee, chin to her hand, and turns her gaze towards the sands. It's almost reflexive, and she laughs beneath her breath when she catches herself at it. "That would be a bit hypocritical of me," she decides, dry voice attempting to inject a modicum of humor into an otherwise somber subject. "I am not pissed at you at all," she notes with a shrug. "I don't see the point. Jae and Sev can hold enough anger for everyone, I think," even if there's a hitch in her voice, a catch of her breath, at the name of her brother's weyrmate. Like stumbling over the word but catching before the face-plant. "She's busy doing the weyrwoman thing… plus she's got K'vir and D'lei…" which is a segue for, "I've been really busy with weaving, too. I don't see hardly anyone."

“Maybe that’s it.” Tanit admits wryly, shaking her head. “Everything was already decided before I knew they were his. Maybe everything would have played out differently if they had been Cenrie’s I might have stayed in the isles.” But even as she says it, she isn’t sure it would have changed much. Biting her lower lip she adds, “I didn’t mean to take away any say he had in it, everything just worked out that way. But that’s what comes from not betweening properly after.” Tanit glances over then, lips pursed – thoughtful. “You know, I’m the reason my mother can’t have children. I was born wrong and after that she was never able to conceive. When I told her that I wanted her to foster – Faranth, Sephany I have never seen her so happy.”

"He doesn't really… talk to me about stuff like that," murmurs Sephany, shoulders rolled as she leans forward, elbows to knees in a pseudo-wrap. "I heard… enough, and put together the rest," she confesses, "But I haven't had a chance to talk to him." So there's a bit of confusion about what things were 'set' before she knew the babies were S'van's. It's a thoughtful and empathetic frown, however; a somewhat knowing look because Sephany has been there. Sort of. Close enough. "When I…" and there's a wince; a grimace and a nose-wrinkle for a difficult and painful topic typically shoved away and forgotten, "Well… I just panicked. I couldn't decide what to do until it was too late…" A little shrug of her shoulders, as if to dismiss it but without enough strength of resolve behind the motion to be serious. "Can't go back. Can't change what's happened…" A sigh, and a shake of her head. But there's a softer smile for the mention of her mother. "And you know they'll be safe. That's why I left Jaspyr with my mother. The idea of raising a baby…" terrifying. Expression alone says it. "You're braver than me. I didn't even try. I couldn't even… well, it doesn't matter now."

“I thought they were Cenrie’s, we agreed to let my mother raise them.” Tanit explains softly, “Mom actually noticed before I did, Cenrie – didn’t care. I think he’d have raised them with me if I’d been able to stay, but Seph, there’s no shame in giving them the better option for a future. “ Tanit shakes her had, “Brave has nothing to do with it, Selfish – selfish is probably more accurate. I had to know they were safe yes, but also that they would have a good life, that they would want for nothing.” Tanit shrugs, looking to her hand as though she might will a flask into existence. “You make the best choices you are able, and you didn’t have the advantages I had. Cenrie – had a lot to do with keeping my head on straight. I might be wrong but I doubt you had the same kind of support.”

"I just meant… you were brave for even considering to raise them yourself. To even entertain it. I just ran," says the weaver. "I panicked, and I ran, and I hid. And I got caught," which is a really, really glossed-over retelling, but about as much as Sephany wants to recount. A long exhale; a steadying breath. Grey eyes glance sideways and she listens quietly a moment. "Only because I cut myself off," she recalls with a note of bitter regret that vanishes a moment later. "I made some really bad choices. I exiled myself. But I made some really good ones, too," she admits. "I had my mother, and my sisters, but I should have told them… and I don't think J'en will ever forgive me for it, but Sev has. And he'll forgive you, too," she adds quickly, earnestly. "It's how he is. And you did the right thing."

Tanit opens her mouth as though to say something, but closes it instead, thinking better of it. “Is it important to you that he forgives you?” Tanit wonders mildly, “I wouldn’t think Jae the type to be big on forgiveness.” Seems to be what she settles on instead with a sigh, “It will take time, and the anger settling. I just,” But anything else gets bitten back, with a sigh. “Do you enjoy it? The weaving I mean.”

Sephany considers the question for a moment, head tilted just slightly to the side. "I… don't know," she decides honestly. "It would make things easier. He's Sev's weyrmate, so he's going to be part of his life. So for Sev's sake, I wish he would forgive me. But I'm not really, um…" and she frowns, as if to consider how best to explain, settling for, "doing anything to foster that forgiveness. Honestly, I fucked up. And I don't really know what to do to fix it, and I just… I don't have the energy for that." To fix broken things. She'd rather run. Hide. Pretend nothing is wrong. But she won't say it. A slow nod, and if Tanit's amenable to it, there's a swing of Sephany's arm around for a hug, maybe a lean of her head to her shoulder. Solidarity among females. "He's a dick." Sev? Jae? Both, probably. "I do," for the weaving, seizing upon the subject with glee, a smile on her face and evident in her voice when she speaks of it. "I had a whole project with robes for the candidates, and now one of the weyrlings has asked me to design her a dress!"

Tanit considers, and sighs, “Don’t let him put all the blame on you Seph. You were absolutely too young to deal with any of it.” There is a thread of old anger rising up – some past hurt that gets pushed down. “You did what you had to. It may not have been the best or wisest course but you can’t let it eat at you, you just have to learn from it.” The hug is returned with a laugh. “Indeed.” And for dresses the dolphineer laughs. “It sounds like in your craft at least you are finding your footing.”

Whatever might have been said in reply, doesn't come. Sephany just shrugs, or tries to, and shakes her head gently. The past is the past, and the weaver seems to be happy to leave hers that way, unwilling to delve into the discussion of forgiveness (of herself or others) any more than she already has. Running. Hiding. This time, behind the topic of dresses and crafting. "Trying too," find her footing. "Everyone seems to assume I can do more than I can though," which is not really a complaint, but… maybe an observation. "For example, I'm not ready to make an entire gather gown! But the parts that I can do, I love. I can make simple things without much oversight; shirts and skirts and that sort of thing. Plain trousers. Work clothes," said confidently. "Things that don't need embellishment. And I'm excited about the future; I can see the end even if it feels a long ways off. Nailii — that's the weyrling — asked me to design something. I told her I could sketch a few things and bring swatches… it's been so much fun! And I'm hoping the journeyman will allow me to assist in the actual construction."

“Be a while before she needs such a thing won’t it? I mean the dragons have to be a certain age before they can even leave the weyr, let alone much else.” Tanit sighs, “The simple things are likely more needful though, the way some folk go through clothing.” She grins, “It must be nice though, to have such a grounded sense of your work. Are you still a apprentice or a senior apprentice now? I’ve lost track.”

"Months, probably," agrees Sephany. "But a hand-crafted gather gown? It will take months to make. Possibly half a turn or more, if it's not a priority. Best to start early, so it's finished when she's ready for it." A shrug for the simple things. "They are, but there are also lots of hands that can make them. And the day to day stuff usually just needs mending, and almost everyone can do their own mending… if they've the time and inclination," she adds with a grin. "I've always wanted to be a weaver, and a tailor specifically. Ever since I knew what they were," she confesses. "Still an apprentice," with a sigh. "I had to take quite a lot of time off… when I had Jaspyr. It set me back," but there's at least no disgruntlement there. "I love Xanadu, though, and I'm glad that's where I ended up. Even if visiting Half Moon is tricky. Did you know the sun is going down at Xanadu right now? Ugh. And it's barely risen here."

Tanit laughs. “I’ve never had much interest in clothing.” She will admit pulling to her feet and offering the weaver an arm. “But lets go get lunch and you can explain all the gory details. Things like Ribbons and inseams.” Tanit grins making to lead the younger woman out.

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