Pearls wisdom, Pearls of price

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

The days at Half Moon /were/ passing by rather quickly for Ayushi, but lately things seem to be dragging in her mind. Perhaps it’s because she no longer has a specific dastardly song writing project to work on. In any case, today the harper has decided to be rather lazy. Evening has arrived and while time of day has never really /stopped/ Yush from drinking, it’s certainly more acceptable now. She emerges from Tiki Lounge with a couple of bottles of some mystery alcohol and begins making her way to a spot on the beach where a towel has already been laid out. She’s dressed in a simple lavender one piece and has a sarong tied about the waist. After many instances of sea breezes attacking her hair already today, she’s tied it up in a loose bun at the back of her neck.

Slow or fast, life at Half-moon is far from quiet, a particular dolphineer making her way up from the surf, humming along to “Everyone Knows The Weyrleader.” Adjusting the net slung over her shoulder and running a hand through dark hair, and slowly stretching cramped limbs. Ayushi gets a wave of greeting as those bottles are spotted. “I have fresh caught oysters, I’ll share mine if you share yours.” The dolphineer tipping her chin at the bottles by way of greeting. “Lovely job on the song by the way, I think the entire weyr is singing it now.

Where is Kaitlyn dancing now? Why, in Half Moon territory, the Harper/dancer having finished up a performance with a small troupe of other dancers at Half Moon Hold some hours before. Looking freshly bathed and groomed to her usual perfection, the flame headed, tall and regal woman looks to be discovering the Weyr now, walking all around at her leisure, taking note of the sights. It's the Lagoon area that hosts her right now, long legs moving the crafter surely towards where other people currently reside. Give her just a bit, and the woman's pulling up before the other women, and soon offering a polite, jazz siren alto greeting of "Well met, ladies. Harper's duties to Half Moon and her queens." Beat. Smile. "I'm Journeyman Kaitlyn." So says the rank cords on her shoulder…and they also speak of her haling from Monaco, as well. Bottles of alcohol in hand, though. *Those* get a small twinkle of grey eyes and a twitch of lightly painted lips into a small smile. Her own mode of clothing is in league with what most other Moonies wear: light and airy, though colored in pastel greens of varying depths. Braided hair lies heavily upon her back, kept neat and out of the way by two simple bands at top and bottom. She's ready for whatever comes in this climate! And that humming of Tanit's? Shells! She *knows* that popular ditty by heart at this point, her grin widening, a low chortle escaping her lips. "Is the song *true*, though..?"

"Now that is a deal I'm more than happy to oblige to," Ayushi grins over at Tanit before settling down onto the towel. "And thanks, though I credit you and Zeltan with a bit of inspiration….and the idea in the first place." The harper lets out a soft chuckle, though now the song is playing in her head again and she hums to it a little bit too. "Have you met with R'hyn since then? I'm mostly dying to find out what his reaction was." Her attention is soon dragged away by the arrival of an unfamiliar face, and though Kaitlyn offers her own rank and such…this harper does not. Nor is she wearing a knot to identify herself. Instead, she'll just offer a wave to the new arrival. "Uh….Ayushi, nice to meet you." There's a smile but the young woman is more than happy to skip all the formalities.

Tanit grins, flopping into the sand, (because she isn’t so rude as to drench the poor young harper’s blanket.) “I honestly have not laid eyes on the man since. I imagine though he’s probably hiding out somewhere in the Weyr hoping everyone forgets. He wanted to be as famous or infamous as his weyrmate. I’m not sure he was quite ready for what that would entail.” Sea-green eyes shift then to the carrot-top, head tilting in a quick study of the woman, knots and all. “Tanit – of the dolphin craft.” Ranks left off as are salutes, the younger woman offering a close-lipped smile as she starts the work of shucking the oysters, the flash of silver gleaming in the sunlight as she makes quick work of the shells setting them down on a bit of flat smooth rock between herself and Ayushi. “Half Moon’s duties.” She will add politely.

"Well met, Ayushi, Tanit. Harper's and Monaco's duties to Half Moon and her queens." Beat. "And now that that all formality is dispensed with…time to enjoy the day!" Is the redhead settling her rump down on the corner of the other Harper's towel? Apparently, unless she's somehow forbidden. Up in the sky and out above the lagoon swirls a young bronze firelizard, his proud little body catching the sunshine and glinting a bit in places as he examines his new surroundings. She listens to the other women speak, trying not to smirk as her question about R'hyn goes unanswered, even though their talk is rather 'suspicious." "This is the first time I've been to the Islands in over five Turns. Still as lovely as I remembered it." Sigh, smile.

"In this epic battle of glitter versus R'hyn…will he retaliate? Stay tuned for the continuation of this epic saga." Ayushi chuckles softly before pushing the bottles into the sand. Sand: Nature's Cupholders. It seems that all are welcome to the alcoholic beverages! "Everything going smoothly for the next battle plan?" The young woman certainly doesn't forbid the other harper from sitting on the towel though there's an overall raised eyebrow for the woman at the repeated formal greetings. "Really? That long?" Not that she really travels much herself. "Here on vacation then?" Yush watches for a bit as Tanit works on the oysters, but now she's finding it hard to resist a sip of alcohol….so she takes one sip, then another. /Exactly/ what she needed. Eventually the bottle gets placed back in the sand.

“It shows.” The dolphineer will admit with a wry grin, indicating the general pallor of the Journeywoman, “You may want to put some sort of sun protectant on, or else you’ll be blistered.” It happens, and it isn’t pretty when it does. Long legs stretch and toes dig into the sand, Tanit’s mouth curling up at the corners “All the pieces are in place and everything is on schedule, just under a sevenday the final battle shall commence.” Tanit falls quiet as Ayushi addresses the other harper, focusing back on the oysters until a large enough portion are prepared that she feels confident to begin eating them.

"No; here for a performance… which was given earlier today," is replied to Ayushi. "*Now* I'm on post-performance relaxation…though the Hall tacitly insists on me holding to formalities even after I'm done." Smirk, wink. "Vacation time is completely rid of titles and ranks, though.. thank Faranth." "May I?" is asked politely of one of those booze bottles, Kait having had her eye on it for a few moments. "Mhm. Too long, in my opinion." Of her pallor, Kaitlyn notes around a long-suffering sigh, "I'm fair enough that I don't *ever* tan. I just boil like one of those Earth lobsters. So it's sunscreen at all times." Eye roll. "Oysters?" is then inquired of the dolphineer with a little grin.

"Perfect, I'm looking forward to it." It will be the most epic battle Half Moon has ever seen. Will there be casualties? YES. Probably not human casualties, possibly clothing casualties though. Now that there's a bit of alcohol in her, the harper also reaches out to snatch some oysters. Awwww yes, this is the life. There's another lift of the eyebrow when Kaitlyn starts talking about formalities and Yush just gives a small head shake, "Man…you must have some sort of hard ass for a Master. Isn't post-performance relaxation the same thing as vacation? Course, I'm just a bad example so…." There's a slight shrug followed by a very dastardly grin.

“It all sounds rather pompous and pretentious to me but then that’s the harper hall I suppose.” The dolphineer laughs brightly, Of crustaceans? “Must be northern blood.” Of fair skinned completions that go crimson as soon as the light hits them. “Help yourselves, I can’t eat them all myself.” Though she does knock back a few before propping back on the heels of her hands to sun dry a bit. “Who knows, though I don’t know how to outdo that plan, I think I have hit the limits of my creativity – R’hyn will probably be pleased. I’m still waiting for the retribution to come though.” Tanit laughs brightly.

"I'm supposed to show the masses how wonderfully….wonderful the Hall is, since many people seek me out after my performances…" Kaitlyn replies around a little smirk and eye roll to Ayushi, the woman sighing, then pouring herself some delicious, nutritious booze. The perils of being a star. That dastardly grin is met with a sharky one, the flamehead lifting her glass to toast the other (unknown) Harper. To the dolphineer, "I suppose it can be, but the Harpers dwell hourly on Ps and Qs. Must project the right aura, and such." It's really part and parcel of being a Harper who's often in the public eye. Sigh. "Thank you, good Tanit!" is replied of the offer of oysters, the tall woman lifting up one and making short work of it. Mmm! "Delightful!" Though she's overhearing more (and now terribly obvious) planning about teasing R'hyn, the woman makes no note of it, though her grey eyes laugh silently.

"That /will/ be kind of hard to beat, but….who knows, maybe inspiration will strike when you least expect it? Or we could use the good ol' method of drinking for inspiration." Ayushi grins to herself at that and snags another oyster. Her tone changes now as she starts speaking in a high falsetto, "Ah….harpers, they really are a horribly stuffy lot that think far too much of themselves! It's as if they are the aristocrats who come from else-planet to bestow art and intellect on the poor under-educated masses that include anyone not of their own Hall." Yush is smirking at that, ALL THE SMIRKING. There is also sarcasm there. Maybe she just doesn't have enough love for her craft.

“Music isn’t supposed to be about perfection, or at least in the black isles it isn’t. Then again we don’t get many harpers of your –“ Tanit searches for a word, “Quality?” Isn’t what she’s looking for, but it fits and so the dolphineer uses it. “But then again just about everyone sings back home and does so admirably. No need of the pomp and circumstance that the hall attaches to it.” Ayushi gets a laugh, “Hardly, you would be the sort they’d fawn over in the isles, clever lyrics and you clearly have fun on stage. I’d say you have your calling Ayushi. The queen of Satire.” The dolphineer surreptitiously snagging a sip from one of the bottles. “Granted you will have to forgive my opinion of the hall, it takes more than hitting a correct note to leave an impression.”

Should Kaitlyn be offended by Ayushi's words of Harpers? If she is, the redhead shows it not, the woman just continuing to sip her alcohol and nip another oyster or two. She's honestly more interested in what the pair might be plotting for their Weyrleader. So much more fun that stuffy politics! To word of Harper standards and her own 'quality,' Kait just smiles that smokey smile of hers, winks. Noted thoughtfully, "There's more excellent voices in the Craft than excellent dancers." Shrug, sip. Of Ayushi the Queen of Satire, the redhead notes with a smirk, "Certainly more interesting than Menolly." Nose wrinkle, chortle.

"I figure if /I'm/ not having actual fun on the stage, who's going to have fun listening? But queen of Satire….now that's a title I could get used to." The harper laughs, picking up one of the booze bottles and looking at it for a bit. "That's the fun part of it all, you know? It's something that everyone /can/ do, whether they're good or bad. Connect with audience and you're golden, try to impress them with pomp and circumstance? They'll figure out you're putting up a front." She takes a sip before letting out a long satisfied sigh. Ah yes, that's the stuff. "Well, I mean….Voice is also a specialty. Dancing could be part of theatrics I guess, but it's not like there's as much emphasis on that. So maybe there are excellent dancers but they just haven't had the chance to shine." She'll nod as a form of thanks for being called interesting.

“Remind me to take you drinking in blackmoon sometime, I think you’d like performing there.” Tanit will say for Ayushi, offering a shrug for the journeywoman. “I’ve not seen much of the Hall to be quite honest. It’s only been recently that Black Moon has opened the harbors to more than just the sea-craft. Most from the islands were booted from one craft or another.” She shrugs, “I will stick to what I know, which is the water.”

"Everybody should indeed be having fun…" Kaitlyn roundaboutly agrees with Ayushi. "Not putting down voice…but more people can and do seek to dance than try to sing. Dance is…in the soul of all humans, to some degree." Smile! "Part of my performance schedule is to scout out potential dance talent. There's relatively few of us, sadly, so I put forth extra effort to find them wherever I go." Sip, smile. "I recruited a youth from a cot hold whose green rider aunt brought him to one of my performances. He's got stars in his eyes, and twinkles in his toes." Grin. "Blackmoon?" the dancer inquires of Tanit, then nodding to word of the Hall…of this Black Moon's until recently closed ports. She knows the water? Grey eyes lift out to the lagoon, to the bronze firelizard, who's now swimming happily in the warm waters. Quietly, "Seacrafter, then? Or… fishing? Pearl diving?" is inquired aside to Tanit.

"I like the sound of that. It’s always kind of been mysterious!” Of visiting that is! Ayushi takes another sip of her alcohol, much longer this time. “I gotta be honest, I dance a bit on the side too but Faranth….I’m not the Hall’s personal ambassador spreading goodwill to all those near and far. I’m glad you enjoy it though. I guess if it gets more people into the craft it’s a good thing.” The harper shakes her head a bit though before she’s standing and stretching a bit, “Speaking of water….I’m gonna dip my toes in a bit.” She’s not going far, just moving a few feet forward so that she can sit in the wet sand and allow the waves to wash over her legs every once in a while. She’s still within conversation distance!

“Must be so very busy this schedule.” Emphasizing the Sch sound of the word more than usual. Tanit laughs, “Black Moon Bay properly, and generally we frown on outsiders there as a rule. It’s not as bad as it was in the past, and we finally have a crafter pod stationed there, but it’s a long process and well, there is still a lot of bad feeling toward the crafts.” For perhaps obvious reasons for any who know of the Island’s history. “Dolphineer, though that is a recent development, grew up pearl diving.” A wave of her hand, “Out here you almost need a craft affiliation to get access to types of training, I’m a dive specialist with the hall. Still haven’t gained my senior knot but that is more to do with choice than skill.” Tanit admits.

"They picked me mostly because I enjoy socializing, and I know the protocols," Kaitlyn murmurs to Ayushi around a little smirk-smile. "I learned it as my parents' knees." Shrug. "I *do* need to escape their demands sometimes, though, have no doubt. I have an understanding with my Hall: when I work, I work hard. When I demand my short vacations away, I am to be left alone. We both prosper, that way." Sagenod, sip. Yes, she noticed that the young woman alluded to the Harper Hall being hers, too, but Kait speaks not of it. Out in the lagoon's waters, the little bronze firelizard chirrups a greeting to the human entering them, his paddling taking him closer to Ayushi. Back on the sand, Kaitlyn quirks her head at Tanit's words, puffs out a small sigh. "Oh well…" Shrug, nom. "Oh! What a wonderful craft to be a part of! Or so I've heard…" Grin. "I enjoy swimming with dolphins whenever I'm out there, and they deign to join me." Her smile is truly happy, easy-going. Of pearl diving, "I tried my hand at that when I was younger. I was deemed too much of a risk taker and hardhead to live more than a Turn or two if I kept it up." Snort! "If you pass, I'll keep you in money if you can bring me a few really nice pearls per each Turn or two."

“Is anyone else you grew up around there filtering into some crafts now? I’m guessing people like you are what’s letting them open up a bit more lately. Directly or indirectly.” Ayushi digs her toes into the sand, allowing them to disappear for a few minutes. Who needs a spa when there’s this sort of thing around? It’s good for the skin! Or something. “So I grew up in Ista, but I got to be honest….deep water freaks me out. I don’t know how you guys can stand it!” Even the thought is making the harper cringe a little. “Maybe having the dolphins out there helps but….who /knows/ what’s really out there? I keep imagining there’s some weird pointy toothed creature waiting to drag me down to their lair.” She’ll bare her teeth as if to demonstrate. SO FIERCE. As for the Harper craft….Ayushi can’t help it, she doesn’t even hide a very major eyeroll. “You know, I think you fit in pretty well with the overall Hall personality Kaitlyn.”

“It’s becoming slightly more common but honestly? Most people who leave the Island come back and settle back into Island life.” The dolphineer answers with a soft chuckle. “You can’t really blame them for it either it’s paradise.” Since she’s drying out, she is happy to leave Ayushi to the water, a tilt to her chin as she considers, “If you saw some of the stuff that lives down at 100 and 200 yards, you would know that you aren’t exactly wrong. Were you here when the cephalopod washed up a couple turns ago? “ Tanit asks, trying to hide a smile at Ayushi’s observation. Of diving though Tanit sighs. “Yeah most people living near a body of water try it, but there’s a lot more involved than just finding a shell and husking it open. There’s a specific set of conditions that have to be met for the nacre of the shell to develop a pearl, and they take years to form. I’ve been diving for most of my life and even then, you find maybe 10-20 perfect specimens a turn, lots more imperfect ones, but.” There’s a shrug, “I think I might have one or two gem quality ones left somewhere but the price would be rather high for them. If I remember right it’s the conch pearls and a few purple clam pearls, given the color… they would be quite expensive. If you’ve the marks though.” The dolphineer shrugs.

With Ayushi's words comes some kind of internal reaction from Kaitlyn, since her little bronze's eyes instantly shift from blue to yellow-orange, and he rows away from the young woman, even though his mistress remains poker-faced. Noted almost lightly out to the swimming female, "Should I take that as an insult?" She sounds more amused than irked, and quickly enough, her firelizard's eyes go back to something more resembling blue. Mostly. "What's your venom against Harper Hall, child?" is then inquired out to Ayushi in more neutral tones, grey eyes locked to Ayushi's floating form beyond her. Keen ears listen to Tanit's response, and she finally looks back to the Dolphineer, bobs her plaited head. "So I found out. I'm much much more suited to dancing." And *how*. As for pearls of great price, the woman inquires, "The conch pearl is pink or salmon-colored, correct? I like peaches and apricot colors, purple too. As for marks, a subtle hand signal is flashed between them, privately: a spread of five fingers plus another one: 6 marks. Quietly: "The conch and one purple, if they please me." She wants to see them first, aye.

"I was /not/ and I'm pretty sure I'd stay far away from the water for at least a turn if I saw whatever monstrosity that washed up. I mean I get that humans probably aren't their food, but if they just /happen/ to go near the surface for something to eat….what's to say they don't mistake me for food?" A little shiver goes up the harper's spine as she again imagines the horror. "Dolphineers and sea crafters are pretty darn brave if you ask me." She'll swish her feet about in some of the water, an eyebrow lifting at the bronze firelizar'd changing eyes. Rather than answering the question directly however, Ayushi chooses to zero in on something else. "So when you say child are you talking about maturity level, or age? Cause if it's the first probably about 10 turns, if it's the second….man I have aged WELL." There's a hint of a rather devious grin on her lips and a flash of amusement in her eyes following the statement. As for what she thinks of the Harper Hall…there's just a tiny bit of a shrug.

Tanit just laughs at talk of Jim the bygone monstrosity. “There are predators, and while they usually don’t nibble on the living, I’ve seen some massive chunks torn from drowning victims of wrecks.” The thought sends a bone deep shiver through Tanit, and she shifts as though more of the sun might seep into that pale bronze skin and warm whatever chill settled in there. “Depends on the species, and the waters it’s pulled from, the ones I have left are from the Ring of Fire sea, though your daft if you’d think I’d let them go for three marks a piece. The quahog purple maybe, it’s not as good an example but the conch?” The zipper of the dive suit goes down, revealing the bikini present beneath and a generous portion of Lotus tattoo over the diver’s breastbone, she fishes out the leather pouch kept around her neck, fishing two examples out, though she does not let them pass from her hand. One is a pale and luminous purple the color of lilacs, and likely has been saved as an example of the kind of quality that has been found. It is however the conch pearl that is truly remarkable. Soft pinks striated with fire that gleams each way the nearly perfectly round bauble shifts in the sun. giving an optical quality to the object. “The conch would be six on it’s own and that would be if I settled for less, I’ve a trader friend who has a lady of one of the greater houses willing to pay ten for it.” The dolphineer will admit shyly.

As usual, Kaitlyn's trained Harper ears listen to the banter between Ayushi and Tanit, the journeyman calming down near fully, by this point. Can't let herself be baited. And so when the swimming female's words continue to seek to perhaps prickle her, Kait simply laughs alound, shakes her head at Ayushi's rejoinder. Devious indeed. Kait merely shrugs back, moves on to more 'profitable' engagements via Tanit, though the other woman's tales of sea horrors find interested ears. When the goods are shown to be all that was promised — Kait's eyes flashing greedily for a moment as she takes in not the lotus tattoos on Tanit, but those pearls — the barterer in the redhead comes out, and she murmurs to Tanit, "I'm willing to pay you 7 and a half for the conch right *here* and *now*. Cash in hand, with no promises or waiting or passing through various hands." Cue her speculative and slightly humored look.

Ayushi is also imaging eaten drowning victims. So alone down in the deep blue, maybe stuck in a ship, their legs bitten off and their bloated bodies floating around aimlessly in the vas—-yeah, she should stop. The harper isn't buying any pearls, but that does't mean she can't appreciate them. She makes her way back towards the group for that specific reason. There's an appreciative whistle at the specimens and several nods of appreciation. "Man, those colors are just….well amazing. Imagine all the stuff that has to come together exactly right to make something like that." She'll settle back onto her towel now, reaching for one of the booze bottles to sip on again.

Evening has arrived at Half Moon and there's a trio of woman located on the beach. The current topic of discussion? Pearls! And the scariness of ocean depths.

Tanit considers the offer, one finger idly prodding the gem back and forth letting the sunlight catch those notes of fire. “Eight here and now, and it’s yours Journeywoman. I have to admit it would look lovely against your paler complexion.” As for the comment on colors, Tanit just grins, “There is a reason Black Moon doesn’t like too many outsider’s poking their noses in our waters. This is one of the last ones I have from before I left home and joined the hall.” Or at least one of the last ones that she brought with her to the Weyr. The lavender one is tucked back into the pouch but she waits, sea green eyes watching the Journeywoman speculatively as though waiting for her verdict on whether or not the other pearl would be tucked back into it’s safe place as well.

Kaitlyn is sipping off of one of those booze bottles as well, the smooth brandy finding a happy home in her recently-fed tummy…the warmth and sunshine of the afternoon only heating the flamehead further beneath her protective sunscreen coating that porcelain flesh. Ayushi's rejoining of them has the dancer looking a little put-upon, but, sadly, she's the outsider here…and has to put up with it. Sigh. To Tanit's counter-offer comes Kaitlyn's thoughtful pause, and then a low, "Eight marks, *plus* a black pearl of good quality and size." Her flaming head quirks a bit: how will Tanit take that proposal?

To be fair, the alcohol /is/ Ayushi's so there's a pointed look at Kaitlyn when she appears less than happy upon the dark-skinned woman's return. She's not telling the woman to give up the bottle or anything though. She just puts the second one back into it's sand cupholder in case anyone wants anymore. "Black Moon, well hidden…just like their apparently rich waters." The harper chuckles slightly, though is quick to reassure "I won't be spouting off about potential pearl-ing opportunities there though." Wait. "Pearl diving". Ah there, that sounds right! Yush continues to watch the bartering with some interest, though there's an eyebrow raise at the counter offer. Ain't her business though! Instead she'll reach back to redo the bun her hair was tied into.

Tanit shakes her head. “You ask for the sun and the moon Journeywoman. I’m afraid eight is all I could let this one go for, and that is by itself.” The pearl popped back into the pouch, and tucked back into the dolphineer’s swim top, She even moves the zipper up at least to her collar bones. Tanit laughs, “I think most people have enough sense not to poach, though perhaps not all. They did catch one last year and he was not kindly dealt with.” Just how he was dealt with isn’t explicitly explained, which is perhaps – for the best.

Indeed, it's Ayushi's booze. But this business transaction that the once-swimming woman entered into was also private…and has now been made sort-of public. Kaitlyn's not terribly fond of 'public' business deals like this, though neither woman likely knows anything about that. And so…her small frown. Que sera sera, though. When Tanit pops that lovely and rare pearl back into her pouch, the redhead makes a low grumbling sound in her throat, shakes her head, and pulls out her own necklace from betwixt breasts, that has a sizeable pouch of leather attached to its rose-gold metal links. Opened up with tied drawstrings, the woman's long, light fingers soon fish out a rarer 5 mark wooden piece from within, plus three single marks. The 5-er is a Harper mark, the 3 ones Smith, Glass, Tech ones. "I'll take it, you scalper." Grin. As for the poaching which Ayushi, now Tanit speak of, there's a knowing nod. "Never good to mess with unhappy crafters OR business people." They tend to take care of their own.

It's true, public deals made in public often have unwanted intruders. Especially when they're happening near said intruder's things. Also Ayushi is just NOSY. Not really…she just wanted to look at the pretty pearls and could care less for how much they're going for. She's not in the market at the moment! For now it's about time that she starts heading back. "Nice trade!" There's a grin offered to Tanit before Yush is bending down and tugging at her towel in an effort to get it out from underneath Kaitlyn. "I think I'm going to head out now. It was uh….nice meeting you Kaitlyn. Maybe we'll run into each other again soon." There's not really any particular enthusiasm in her voice, but she doesn't sound off-put or angry either. It's just a nice neutral tone. As for Tanit, "Thanks for the oysters. As repayment I leave one bottle of booze. The other….well that one returns with me." There's a brief grin for both ladies then and once she's gotten her towel and sarong the harper is on her way back to the Weyr proper!

The pearl is fetched back out, and handed over, Tanit tucks the marks back into her pouch without counting them, since such things tend to be considered rude, and everything is tucked back into place and the dive suit zipped back up completely. “Just a woman who knows the value of some things better than others Journeywoman.” Tanit replies with an easy smile. Ayushi gets a wide grin of thanks, “Any time, have wetsuit will dive.” The bottle neck is grabbed and the dolphineer lifts it in farewell to the harper.

Neutral non-enthusiasm? Kaitlyn can handle that almost as if it was a positive comment, and so Ayushi's underwhelmed words of departure for the dancer meet with a small twinkle of eyes, a little half grin…and a sixteenth mark tossed to her before she departs. "Thank you for the booze…" is noted very casually. If Kait would've been a guy, it might've almost sounded like she meant to have said 'for the meaningless sex' instead. Kait always pays her debts. Maybe she was a Lannister in a former incarnation. For Tanit, there's a grin and a flash of lust in those grey eyes as the pearl is looked at quickly just to sate her appetite for lovely and rare things, the precious thing quickly wrapped in a scrap of satin within that neck pouch, then secured within it, then back inside her light shirt. "That's nothing to apologize for, Tanit the dolphineer." As for the 'will dive' part meant for Ayushi, Kait adds in a wry, "I hope you find more of these. I'd love a set of earrings and a ring from the conches." Her own bottle is merely lifted to lips, then to Tanit.

“Who said I gave an apology?” Tanit grins all teeth. “I will keep an eye out for them, but I do expect their fair price in return.” Fingers interlocking Tanit arches in a stretch, her hand goes back to the bottle neck in a deep sigh. Sea-green eyes go up to the deepening blue of the sky. “It would seem that time has flown much more swiftly than I thought.”

"Apparently *not* you." Smirk. It's sunset and even encroaching twilight already? Kaitlyn looks a little surprised and let down, though she pays attention mostly to Tanit…who gets a flash of grinning teeth and a nod. "Fairly done on both ends." The little bronze 'lizard finally gets tired of swimming and flying, zips over to his human counterpart, and curls up in a slightly damp ball upon her thighs, where he's petted into a doze. "Glad the little monster can tucker himself out at this age." Chuckle. He looks young…and handsome. "Mind if I walk with you back to the Weyr? I have a room for the next three days. Mini vacation." Grin.

The dolphineer shrugs, “I don’t see why not.” Getting long legs beneath her and standing with another lazy stretch, bottle and empty net scooped up and the dolphineer already starts making her way back to the weyr proper.

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