Candidates Out for Drinks?

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge

The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

There is a table in this Tiki Bar. Well, there /are/ other tables. But there is one specific table with a specific person who has a specific drink. YES! THERE IS! It is evening - most of the Weyr residents had dinner in the past few hours, and have made their way to do their various nightly activities. Rhadan, that specific person, has just sat down at a table (that specific table) which is in a corner of the room, near a window. Summer is coming to an end… but, well, that means little here at Western. The night is a little cooler than it was the past months, but not much. There is a red drink that Rhadan sets on the table in front of him as he sits, and his eyes can the trash left on the table by the previous occupants. Nope, not going to clean it! That red drink is in a tall glass - and right now, Rhadan is sipping it. It is not his normal alcoholic beverage. Nope, not for a candidate! But… it still has /something/ in it. Just less. His hair is a darker brown than normal, due to its dampness, and the teen idly brushes some strands from his forehead as he sets his glass down on the table. And siiiiigh.

Jeyinshi has been sporting her wetsuit less and less lately, but it seems that this evening is an exception. The dolphineer arrives fresh from a swim, brownish-red locks soaked and sticking to her face and a towel wrapped around her waist. At least it looks like she's dried enough not to be dripping anywhere. The only slightly off thing about Jey? She's got a pair of baby blue high heels on her feet. Not exactly beach wear, but she likes them. The dolphineer click clacks her way into the lounger, brown eyes lighting on the vaguely familiar of a fellow candidate. "That was a pretty long sigh….mind if I invade your table?" The corner of Jey's mouth moves up in a lopsided grin, and while she does put her hand on the back of an empty chair, she won't sit unless she gets an okay!

Sundari peeks into the room before she makes her way on inside, not all that far after Jeyinshi it would seem. There is a smile seen and she waves towards the pair and is making a bee-line that way. It can be a candidate table now, right? Well maybe! "Hey guys. Mind another?" This is questioned with a hopeful tone. Strider is perched upon her shoulder, the little brown looking rather sleepy though.

Well! Finally, someone with some manners! Rhadan's eyes had only begun traveling their way around the lounge after his sigh. Jeyinshi was already there at the table. Well - at a chair. /And/ she was asking to sit! Rhadan eyes turn to his fellow candidate and there is a moment where his face is almost blank and his head tilts /just/ slightly. Then he is yawning as he nods his head and a hand waves for her to take a seat. Once the yawn is finished verbal permission is given as well, "Yes, yes - please!" He pauses as his hand pats his mouth. "Sorry. Little tired, is all." And there! Sundari is waving at them, and Rhadan catches it from the corner of his eye and he waves to her as she approaches. His eyes turn to Jeyinshi again before Sundari's arrival, "I don't know if I've actually introduced myself yet. I'm Rhadan." And there is Sundari! "Please! If we don't stick together, us candidates, someone'll come over and try to give us more to do!" Yes! Candidate table! White knots only!

Jey's attention is caught by Sundari's arrival and she waves over to the other girl, "Hey Sundari! You all done for the day too?" The dolphineer smiles before shifting the same expression over to Rhadan. "Thanks!" It doesn't take very long for the dolphineer to slip into a seat. She doesn't have the energy to really sit up though and ends up kind of sliding down and slouching. Though as introductions begin, Jey /does/ sit up fairly straight. See? Manners. Sort of. "The name's Jeyinshi, but you can just stick to Jey." She offers a hand to her fellow candidate along with her words. "You're…a hunter? I forgot who mentioned that, either Iolain or Sundari." For confirmation, she'll look to Sunny!

"Yup! And thankful for it. Don't think I have ever seen so many dirty undies I rather not see anymore." Sundari had laundry duty it seems. At the talk of it being ok that she takes over a seat she grins to Rhadan and nods while settling upon a chair. "Thanks." Is offered a few moments after Jey. "That is so true; we can totally hide in numbers… Or something along those lines." Sure, it'll work out fine. A glance is sent to Jey and she ahs softly, thinking. "I don't remember actually." Well a lot has happened lately in her life so she may have forgot a few things here and there.

They are all candidates and sleep in the same dorm, afterall - so they have passed each other before. Rhadan remembers seeing Jey. But… well, he never told her he was a hunter, that is for sure. So when Jey makes mention of that fact and looks to Sundari, Rhadan does likewise. Ahhh! Not remembering! Rhadan shrugs and lift his glass to his lips, taking a drink before he speaks, "No matter who told, I guess. It is true. I work - worked, I guess? - as a hunter here. Apprentice. Stuff to like… stuff to hate about it. You know." And now he is drinking more. "Are you two going to get a drink? We can't get drunk. There a good drinks here without alcohol, though. And a little is okay, I think." The drink is back on the table now, a third of it gone. "And I had a free day today… but I still kept busy." He was yawning, ya know?

Jeyinshi makes a face at the mention of dirty undies. "Ugh. That and stables are the worst…I'll just stick to dolphins. They're nice. And clean." The woman shudders before leaning back into her chair. There's a tiny shrug when no one can really seem to remember who mentioned what. She's not so clear on it herself after all. "That's pretty cool, I've been once or twice…never really got the hang of it. But speaking of drinks…" Her stomach rumbles audibly, VERY audibly, causing the dolphineer to pat it a few times and then proceed to flag down a waiter. Her order? Two burgers and a glass of redfruit juice. And the waiter dude will raise both eyebrows , but will also stick around in case there are any more food or drink requests!

The waiter receives only a shake of Rhadan's head. Nope, the teen boy needs not! "Well, we do more than hunt game." Rhadan is now leaning with one elbow propped on the table in front of him, chin in his hand, "Tunnel snakes. Wild felines. Other stuff that people would run into. We keep them in check. Though, here on the island it isn't too bad." Less area to hunt, and less wild life - excluding the fish. His smile is directed at Sundari now, though he does allow some tire to show through the smile, "Ye-yeah, I guess. Not bad. Got a lot of time to work out, and run some errands for the hunter journeyman." The hitch is the 'yeah' was brief. It was a day off that could have been better for the teen, but he wouldn't say /that/. And now to Jey one more time. "You work with dolphins, then?" Wet suit didn't give it away, Rhadan? Excuse him, he can be slow.

"I /hate/ mucking stables…but ah well, can't do anything about that." Jey says with a small shrug and grin. The waiter shoots Sundari a grin before disappearing to go and fetch the orders. It doesn't take him very long to return. A glass of cider is immediately slid Sunny's way while the juice and both burgers dropped off in front of Jeyinshi. The dolphineer bobs her head in thanks before immediately digging in. It doesn't take her very long for to finish half of one, and it's only afterwords that Jey puts it down to jump back into the conversation again. "Then I guess I know who to find if I've ever got a tunnelsnake problem." Jey smiles before taking a sip of her juice and nodding. "Mhm, dolphineer by trade, like the rest of my family. Sometimes I think we're all half-fish." Her last words are said in a complete dead-pan. Joke? Perhaps. Her eyes seem to be laughing if not her mouth!

Sundari ohs as she peers curiously at Rhadan, pondering the 'yeah' but doesn't press the matter it seems. "So, have you seen a feline? I've seen their pelts an all, but never actually seen a live one." There is a pause while she takes the waiter and then looks back to Rhadan. "Are they all feral wild as everyone says they are?" She is a curious that that is for sure. A glance is sent to Jey and she nods with a smile about the comment of things running in the family. "Sort of like me and my family. Just.. with the boats and fishing and so forth."

Rhadan is out of place, slightly. He is at a table with two women who both are from families that have deep roots in the sea. Rhadan, "I actually have no sea legs. I get sick anytime I'm on a boat." His smile is only half there, his mind recalling the bad memory of one of those trips on a ship. Ohhhh…. yeah, that was no fun at all. "I can't imagine doing anything at sea." He's be horrible at it. Really. His is sipping his drink again, hand coming out from under his chin to take the glass up. He replies to Sundari about the felines, "There are feral ones. Some can be tamed, but those are small. The bigger feral ones are in the South. They aren't great in the cold." He pauses for a moment, thinking before he speaks, "They get big. I was down there and got caught up with one, once. She… well, she almost got me. Was a few turns ago." He pauses as he sips of his drink. "She chased me up a tree, actually. They climb well, you know? I have a huge scar on my leg now." Huge. And sip.

Jeyinshi grins over at Sundari, "Any of your family around here? Sungie might try and suck up to them for some easy fish. Though that's just him being silly…and lazy." The dolphineer picks up her burger again, quickly polishing off the first one and setting the plate aside. One down and one to go! The question is, how long will this one last? While she was nomming though, Jey was keeping her ears pricked to the conversation. "You good with swimming though? Or maybe surfing…that's fun. Being out in the middle of open water isn't for everyone. Just like hunting felines isn't for me." She runs her finger along the rim of her glass before letting out a soft whistle, "You got chased up a tree? That must have been a heck of a day…but hey, scars are cool?"

Sundari grins as she hears Jey and nods. "They come by the Weyr a lot actually. They are out at sea at the moment though but my family always gives dolphins fish whenever they come around the boat. My father says it's good luck and all." A glance is sent to Rhadan at the talk of the feline attacking him and she blinks a few times. "Woah.. I bet that was not a good experience." She rubs at her left hand a moment. "I once got a hook set through my hand before. Hurt like the dickens."

Rhadan gives a shrug after his story, along with a light smile. He doesn't tell it much - no reason to, really, most of the time. "It was a bad day… but, I survived, she didn't. That's what matters." And look! There is a necklace being pulled out from around his neck to be shown off. There is a rather large tooth on it, too. Couple of inches, at least. It is yellowed around - he has never seen fit to bleach it clean. "This is one of her teeth." Another shrug is give before he replaces the necklace under his shirt. "I never would want a hook in my skin. Ow." Like… hand, too? That must have hurt! "I can swim. It is good for the body, so it is part of my working out. Not much for surfing, though. Never really saw a point in it." And his drink is now to its last quarter, with all that he has been sipping between his speaking.

Jeyinshi laughs, "I'm sure Sungie will tkae it upon himself to become your dad's personal sea escort or something if there will be fish." The expression fades into another wince at the talk of getting hooked by the hand. "I…can't even imgaine how painful that must have been. The feline either." The dolphineer doesn't have any big scars to speak of. At least, not physically. Mentally…well, she's mostly sane! The dolphineer leans forward a bit to peek at the tooth necklace that Rhadan pulls out. "Impressive! You're good. Seriously…if I've got tunnelsnake or feline problems, you'll be hearing about them. And as for the surfing…it's just for fun. At least for me." Jey grins and shrugs before starting on her other burger. "Especially when the dolphins swim through the wave. It's kind of funny actually."

Sundari lifts her hand showing off the scar within her palm that is a strange shape and also about the size of a dime. Needless to say it hurt. "My father had to cut one end of the hook and then yank the other bit out. It was not a fun time." She is lucky that it didn't hit anything majorly and she still has use of her hand. She eyes the tooth, a soft ah escapes her and she nods. "Did she bite you with it?" A glance is sent to Jey and she grins before nodding. "My dad would love to have him around. Keeps bigger things away after all." She's seen some crazy things when out on the boat.

Rhadan is now leaning back in his seat, his eyes traveling from Jey to Sundari briefly before his eyes close and he breaths in deeply. Then he is leaning forward and taking up is glass again, speaking before he drinks, "She didn't bite, no. They attack with their claws - cripple their prey first, and then finish them off when they can't fight back." He drink in some of his remaining drink, "And it wasn't good, really. Lucky. There was a firelizard who helped me." He smiles briefly now before finishing the remainder of his drink. He stand then, "I'll be right back. Gonna get some more. Anyone need anything?" And he'll wait for them to reply before walking to the bar.

Jeyinshi is unfortunately imagining everything that Sundari's saying about the hook, resulting in scrunched up features. "I'm just glad that you can still use your hand…not that it's impossible to go without, but…well, you know." She ends witha tiny grin before nodding, "Tch, bigger things…and nasty too. If he does want anything like that, just let me know. I'm not on official S&R duty, but I can talk to Sungie about it." Her gaze drifts over towards Rhadan then, and she tilts her head slightly. "Well…I'll send my ethereal thanks to that flizzard. You're a cool guy to hang out with." There's a grin, but the question of needing anything else gets a quick, "Nope." Jey will just finish off that second burger she's got!

Sundari makes a face as she hears Jey. "Ya.. I'm too." She would be where she is at the moment if she couldn't use her hand after all! She glances to Rhadan and nods, pondering this before glancing towards her dozing firelizard and smiles. "They are useful for some things, for sure." A shake of her head is seen. "Nope I'm good, thanks though."

Off the the bar we go! Off to the bar we go… Rhadan give a nod and smile to both Sundari and Jeyinshi before he says, "Okay then." His feet walk and his hips move from side to side as he moves his way towards the bar, sliding around and dodging people as he goes. He gives off an, "Oh, sorry!" as he bumps into the chair at one of the tables he passes, the forgiving patron of the lounge nodding a forgiveness to the young man. Rhadan shrugs a bit before he finishes his trip to the bar, and his drink is set down. The bar tender, though, is busy. And Rhad? Well, he is going to wait a little. LITTLE.

Jeyinshi grins, "I've got one little green, Mizu. She's a doll…not particularly good for running errands or anything, but it's fun to have her around." Her gaze wanders briefly over to Rhadan before moving back to Sundari. "You should see it when Sungie's got free time and they're both playing together…I've gotten in trouble with the Istan guard once or twice because they kept spraying the ones on duty with water…"

Sundari nods to Rhadan and smiles before she looks back to Jey with a soft oh. "Really? That much be fun to see how they play and all." She ponders a moment. "Would it be possible if I could maybe meet Sungie sometime? I've never gotten to actually meet one before. I'm sore of interested to some degree." There is a pause and she grins. "That and I would love to tell my older brothers that I got to met one and they didn't."

Jeyinshi smiles widely, "Of course! He loves meeting new people…and since you're a sea-type this probably won't be an issue, but don't wear any nice clothes or anything. There usually isn't any risk of fish being thrown or dropped on anyone…water though? Tons." The dolphineer finishes off the rest of her burger before stacking one plate on top of the other and bringing her glass of juice closer. "The youngest ones should /always/ have something to lord over the elder siblings."

Sundari grins at this and nods. "Great!" There is a pause and she chuckles and nods. "No problems there. I'll wear my boat clothes and all." This said with an amused tone at the idea. There is a nod seen as she takes another sip from her glass. "That is how I feel about it as well. Have to have /something/ that they don't to talk about and hold over them."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Exactly! When I was four it was fine…now it feels like I have to hold my own or something. And it's kind of fun to watch them squirm." The dolphineer leans back in her chair and idly crosses her legs. "Then again, it's revenge for all the pain they put me through playing overprotective older siblings."

Sundari grins and nods as she hears Jeyinshi. There is a pause and a soft oy escapes her while she finishes her drink and is soon up onto her feet. "I hate to run but I just remembered I need to finish a few things before lights out tonight. Tell Rhadan I said bye and all." A wave is seen while she turns to flee. "Have a good night Jey!"

How /long/ does a teen candidate have to wait for a drink? Well, for Rhadan it was a while! The bartender had many older and taller customers who came first in his eyes. Rhadan? Well, even /when/ he is approached, the drink is hard enough to get. "Ya know, this is the last one that I think you'll have tonight. Be careful. No getting drunk, remember. This one will be weaker than the last." Rhadan's eyes are rolling at the bartender then, and he head nods, "Yep. I know. Don't worry." And there is payment on the bar once the drink is refilled, and the drink is in Rhad's hand and he is making his way back to the table, dodging through people. Once back his drink is set down and a frowns for a moment, eyes on the empty seat, "Sundari left?" Awww! And the teen is sitting.

"Bye! See you in barracks!" Jey calls over to Sundari before leaning back in her chair. She stifles a yawn and rubs at her eyes a bit, but doesn't budge much until Rhadan returns. "Yeah, she had some things to finish up before heading to bed. That drink was a while in coming, they give you a hard time or something?"

There is a moment where Rhadan doesn't reply. He can't, you see, because he is drinking that drink. Yum! He gives off a light 'ahhh' once the drink glass is sat down on the table. He gives a nod at the question, his eyes darting to the bar briefly before he speaks, "Yeah. Its normal, though. The bartender keeps reminding me of the drunk rule. I understand it. I do. I won't get drunk." there is a pause, "It doesn't help that I'm younger. Harder to get people to see me, I guess." There is a shrug then. "Where are you from, again? I don't recall. I'm from here." Born and bred weyrbrat, mostly.

Jeyinshi shoots the boy a sympathetic smile, "And the white knot makes sure we're scrutinized all the time. But it's worth it in the end." She gives a tiny shrug before draining the rest of her juice. "Rubiconii by birth, stayed up there with the family and hall. Then came down here to Western…then went over to Fort Sea Hold…then Eastern….and then Ista….and now I'm back here for a bit." The dolphineer chuckles as she lists all the moving. "Shards, guess I've been around a lot of Pern."

"Yeah, I'll say!" Rhadan's expression got more and more surprised with each addition to the list of places Jey had moved to. He shakes his head when she is finished, "I can't /imagine/ living in that many places. I was born here. Live here. I've only ever been off the islands a few times - mostly for working and training." Western is a good island to stay on. Rhadan likes it! "Why did you guys move so much? Dolphincraft kept sending you to different places?"

Jeyinshi chuckles, "The move to Western was…well, there were some things I wanted to leave behind at the Hall. The move from Western to Fort Sea was me chasing after a gent…and then to Eastern was when all of that didn't work out. After that, the Dolphincraft moved me because they had some vacancies down at Ista. It's been an interesting sort of life." The dolphineer smirks before stifling another yawn and stretching. "I should probably go wash the sea salt out of my hair before I head to bed. See you in the barracks?" As she speaks, the dolphineer stands and gives her fellow candidate a wave. Don't want the barracks smelling like the ocean? Not that /she/ would mind.

Rhadan gives the other candidate as she stands, "That sounds like quote a life. And yeah, I'll see you there. I'm just going to finish my drink and head over, I think." He has already washed, himself. A smiles to her before raising his glass to drink from it. Yum!

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