No Egg Kissing Allowed (Egg Touching #1)

Western Weyr - Hatching Grounds Entrance
The entryway is in the shade, but its no escape from the heat. The heat of the hatching sands nearby is such that it warms even a cavern as big as the one before you. The edges of the entryway look to have been carved by a dragon's claws, possibly the original queen who first chose this place and broke down the wall to make it posible for her to enter. The rest of the cavern looks like a natural formation, except the seats of the galleries perhaps.

Herd 'em up, round up the candidates — that's the call that goes out around the Weyr — with the orders to direct any candidate currently not engaged in chores to the hatching ground entrance. And to add to those orders is the demand that the candidates wear thick-soled boots onto the sands. At the entrance to the grounds, Enka is waiting, leaning against the wall of the cavern, arms crossed over her chest as the group gathers. "This everyone?" she glances over the assembled, and pushes off the wall. "All right, the eggs are hard enough for you to go around touchin' them." she announces. "But first there's a couple of rules to go over so you don't get yourself chomped by an angry momma dragon." Two in fact, being as Shad's out there too. "First off, don't bow to Mir. Don't even try and get her attention, because if she takes a dislike to ya…" the goldrider trails off, surely promising dire endings in that pronouncement. "Just go about your business, touch the eggs. Gently though, and no lickin', or kissin' an egg. Hands only. No runnin' or movin' fast. Just take things easy. Any questions?"

Thick boots, huh? Well, that is something that Rhadan had already - he was also wearing them when he and others wear being collected. The reason why he looks uncomfortable is not because he is nervous about the sands, or the Weyrwoman and the golds. Nope. He had just returned to the barracks to collect clothes to change into after a couple of hours cleaning latrines. The rounding up of the candidates, though, delayed his efforts to wash the dirty /feeling/ that came from cleaning them from his body. Now he does his best to not get too close to the other candidates. He just /knows/ they can smell it on him. Ehhh. Thus, he stands on the outside of the group, but not too far away. He does not resist speaking in a low voice to someone nearby, though, "Who'd go and /lick/ an egg?"

Kazuto took a little longer than average looking for boots that would be adequate for going on the sands with. He meanders over towards where they were supposed to gather, after being dragged out of the baths. His hair is still damp, and he looks as though the long day of work has made him really tired. "Kissing eggs wouldn't work either, I wouldn't think…" He says, sounding a little sceptical of the thought and shrugging his shoulders. "I'd be happy to go touch them though. Always wondered what the shells felt like."

Sundari is in the group of candidates that was rounded up it seems, she is rather fine with leaving laundry duty. If she has to hang up any more undies she is going to be dreaming about them for sure! As for thick soled boots, she has to ask where to get some, for a girl that grew up on a boat she often runs around barefoot or in sandals, either would be bad juju out on the sands for sure. She glances over the ones here and is quick to look back to Enka once the rules are set forth. A soft ah escapes her and she nods. "Yes'em." Is said with a polite tone. A glance is sent to Rhadan. "You know… Someone had to do it if they have to warn us not to." This is offered back with a soft tone.

"You'd be surprised," Enka quips dryly, "there was an egg when I was a candidate. Felt as sweet as the sweetest sweetener when you touched the shell, almost seemed like it was darin' you to lick the shardin' thing. And while I aint never seen anyone tryin' to kiss an egg yet, that don't mean it won't ever happen or that someone won't try and think up the idea. So as Sundari said, gotta warn you lot before the idea ever pops into your heads." she winks cheerily, and turns. "All right, here we go. Remember, no runner-play out there, or you'll be makin' a fast exit out of here if Mir gets wind of you messin' around with her eggs. She'll let you touch 'em, but she won't tolerate roughhousin'. Come on out as soon as you're ready." And with that, the Weyrwoman's braving the heat of the sands, and the task of soothing and cajoling her brooding queen.

"I wish we knew the name of the person who /did/ kiss one, though. If it had ever happened" Rhadan's words come out after Enka comments on the idea and makes her way onto the sands. Rhadan begins to walk shortly after, speaking as his feet begin to move, "It'd be fun to ask them /why/ they did." And the sands. Hot. Tales are told of the heat of the sands, and Rhadan will not be the first to be surprised despite those tales and all the warnings that have been told. Much warmer than he thought it'd be, for sure, and the teen does a little hop after that first step, regardles of the boots. "Whoa…" The heat can even be felt on his body! "Hotter than I expected!"

/Of/ course it's hot out there on the sands, the heat isn't just keeping those eggs warm, it's fair baking them into wee little dragon forms. Like bread dough in an oven or something. By the time the candidates would have gotten out onto the sands, Enka's in place, perched atop Miraneith's forearm in a way that the queen can't make any sudden lunges towards anyone /daring/ to touch her brood without tumbling her rider head over heels. Which would just be terribly impolite. "You, you and you," Enka points out a few candidates, waving them towards Shadhavarth's clutch. "And you three," she means Rhadan, Kazuto and Sundari, "come over this way."

The sands were… warm! Like, Rhadan /knew/ the sands would be warm. He had been warned, like all the others… but the heat did more than warm the bottom of your feet through those thick-soled boots. It was like… well, walking into a really well heated room. That was not expected. As he walks onto the sands with the other candidates, he still keeps his place toward the outside of the group, and the first thing his eyes set on once he step out is the golden dragon. Remember… don't bow. Don't bow. And look. A bronze one, too. Was he suppose to bow to this one? Rhadan decides not to, and his eyes set on the eggs. He has seen them from the galleries already, but looking from the sands allows such a better… angle? When he is pointed at by Enka, an older candidate (most are older than him) leans closer to Rhadan, "Bet you won't touch that one first! I'm told it came out smelling something /horrible/!" The man's finger points to… well, the smelly egg that has… err, funny colors. Rhadan only gives the older boy a brief glare as he looks at that egg. His lips turn up slightly in disgust, but his eyes set solidly, "Watch me!" And he doesn't wait any longer to follow Enka's directing. Nope, that was the Weyrwoman! So, he is moving towards the clutch and that stomach-churning egg in particular. He swallows. "Just… touch, right?" Yeah. With your hand, Rhadan. Duh!

If Smells Could Kill Egg to Rhadan> « Rotten Through and Through Rotten Through and Through makes you gag the moment you touch it. It's that smell, that overpowering smell that seems to wrap around you and squeeze until all you know is that terrible stench. It's as if someone has thrown a stinkbomb in an enclosed room and you're unable to escape. As your senses start to scream and you begin to tug your fingers away you are suddenly stopped, paused while fingers were so close to being dragged away. Wait, no, don't go! The inhabitant of the egg seems to be searching for something, poking and prodding at your mind in distinct almost delicate manner. It might feel as if something is burrowing into you, trying to expose all those little tidbits you never wanted exposed. And then as suddenly as it starts your hand feels as if it's almost forcibly shoved back. No no, you won't do at all. I think one eyebrow is lower than the other and that just isn't acceptable. »

Kazuto walks onto the sands not far behind the others, though he isn't exactly leading the charge to the sands. He grimaces when the heat kicks in, so much for having taken a shower, he's going to end up all sweaty again. Glancing at the gold and the bronze dragons, he doesn't appear to be too intimidated by their presence. The eggs are looked at, each in turn, and he scrunches his nose at the one that Rhadan chose to touch first. "I guess after you've done latrines, a smelly egg isn't going to hurt you." He says with amusement and wanders towards where the Fuzzy Wuzzy egg is laying and considers it before reaching out to touch it.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg to Kazuto> « Insane Case From Outer Space crash lands into your thoughts with a boom and a bang! You get the feeling that you're hanging upside-down for a moment, or maybe it's this other presence that 's hanging? It's hard to tell, but soon enough you feel righted again. This mind seems to show very little interest in you from the get go. In fact… is it trying to hide from you? It's trying, certainly. Trying to hide in plain sight, even though you can sense it, right there in front of you! It seems to realize you can see it, and instead starts to skirt around, trying to hide in your… memories? Oddly enough it picks the most mundane memories to do this in. Breakfast yesterday. Dinner from three nights ago. One might be left wondering… what is the point? »

Sundari is use to hot sands, but this, this is something totally different. The heat hits her in the face like a bag of well dirty laundry. She coughs a moment pausing and is very thankful for the boots she has on at the moment. Her gaze flicks towards the dragons here and she blinks while peering at mommy dragon. Woah, Miraneith is big, this suddenly dawns on Sunny when she is in the same room with the gold. It takes another candidate moving around her to snap her out of her little world and she blinks. Right, no bowing, no bowing. She does not bow, and instead is a bit more worried about tripping and face planting upon that hot sand. Her gaze flicks to Enka once she is pointed out and she ahs softly before following along to see where they are being taken. Hopefully not to be strung up as tasty candidate snacks or something like that. Once they are pulled along towards the eggs and told again what to do, and not to do a quick few nods are seen as she lets her gaze drift over the eggs. The first one to catch her attention is that sunshine egg, and once they are allowed she is moving over to that one.

Soured Sunshine Egg to Sundari> « Secret of the Sword gains entry into your mind, sneakily easing itself into the depths of your thoughts. Probing, pushing, exploring, the mind of the unhatched dragonchild delves into yours with a ruthless efficiency. Looking, searching, seeking … for … for … your darkness, the meanness, the more wicked aspects of what might make you into a nasty terrible person. Surely you have them, those naughty terrible thoughts, of the time you might have wanted to push some weyrbrat into the manure pile in the stables, or swipe a sweet roll out from under the nose of some half-blind old auntie. Everyone has their darkness, and this young mind is determined to find it — to serve you and be your lieutenant in your evil dastardly deeds. A final push, and the presence in your thoughts suddenly freezes, and then fades altogether. »

Miraneith gives a rumble of sound, her tail curling over the sand as she cranes her neck towards the candidates gathering around the clutch of the younger queen, and then lowers her head to all but glare at those about her own. But with her rider perched there atop her shoulder, and quite keeping the gold out of mischief by the sheer fact of her presence, well, at the very least, the candidates can touch the eggs in peace without having a big gold dragon breathing hot air down their backs. Enka leans against her lifemate's muzzle, a hand stroking absently at glimmered hide. "There, love. Just like us, when we were young." Younger rather, being as neither queen nor rider are yet in their dotage any rate.

Rhadan swallows one more time. His nose wrinkles, and his mouth closes as tightly as it can as he comes closer to that smelly egg. His hand goes out and finger touch skim across it - Rhadan had spent his day cleaning latrines. Latrines. Do you know how bad those sometimes smelled? The kind of things people left behind… the stuff that gets stuck in the edges, or the latrines that are clogged and people still use? Yeah, Rhadan has gagged a couple of times already today - but the moment his fingers make contact with the that smelly egg his upper body heaves slightly, mouth opening is he gags loudly. Not like it wasn't expected, huh? There is a cough following the gag and his hand pulls back as if to come off the egg. This /smell/! But… well, it stops, fingertips remaining there. His face changes - disgust turning to interest and confusion. What!? His mind is… what? And then, as suddenly as the hand had paused, it is pulled away. Or, at least is it off of the egg. Rhadan doesn't know himself if he pulled or not. That momentary time where he was looking interested and confused? Well, the smell is back at the forefront of his mind, and his nose curls at the smell - not the /egg/ itself, but the smell, and he is moving away from the egg. There are another couple of coughs from the teen as he clears his sinuses. Well, the next egg he touches shouldn't be that kind of experience, right?

Kazuto appears surprised at whatever he felt from the egg, pulling away from the shell before reaching out to tentatively touch it again. He closes his eyes, and then grins a little this time around - since it is no longer as surprising the second time around. "Strangest feeling ever." He comments, though just keeps his hands against the white surface of the egg that he's chosen. Kneeling down a little, it isn't long before the heat of the sands has drops of sweat forming on his forehead which he wipes away.

Sundari lets a hand reach forward to slowly and softly press against that egg while she crouches down there next to it. Hopefully nothing will send her falling onto the sands as it would most likely not feel very comfortable. At the sudden 'attack' upon her and pulls away, there is a blink, thoughts in her mind, probing and looking, searching and she isn't sure how. Her gaze rests on the egg a few moments and she swallows before letting her hand settle back upon the egg and her eyes close as it starts over. "I do not." Is murmured to herself over something.

Soured Sunshine Egg to Sundari> « Secret of the Sword seems to have done a complete heel-face turn as it returns. Chastised now, the presence shutters away all thoughts of dark evil deeds, and instead begins to search for good things, for what makes you a good person, especially seeking out honor and justice. Of the time you helped that half-blind old auntie get across the Bowl, or the time you helped that weyrbrat muck out the stall of a particularly restive runner. There is a nimbus about you, so bright and pure and full of goodness, you half wonder if it shows on the outside as you stand on the Hatching Sands, hand pressed to the shell of this egg. No longer are the bad thoughts encouraged, redemption has been made. Together, you might serve the side of good, making the Weyr a better place. »

"I bet you won't touch it again!" Rhadan had just been looking for other eggs to touch, he really had. But then that /guy/, the same one who teased him before… yup, that guy says something challenging Rhadan /again/. And the teen looks over his shoulder to glare are that guy (again) and… well, Rhadan will not stand being challenged. Besides, the only thing that was bad about the egg was the smell - and the egg itself kind of challenged Rhadan. Rhadan /was/ not /not/ good enough. Ha! This time when he approaches the egg his nose does not crinkle as much, and he lips do not turn. His hand is braver when it goes to touch the egg. He will prove those who doubt him!

Flicking her tail back and forth, a metronome that seems to measure the length of her tolerance for the candidates on the sands, Miraneith huffs softly,her whirling gaze settled upon her brood of eggs, and the young people touching the shells. "There love," Enka murmurs reassurance, stroking a hand against the gold's hide in a gentle caress of purest love. "Easy." So far, so good.

If Smells Could Kill Egg to Rhadan> « Rotten Through and Through smells a little less terrible this time, or perhaps you're just getting used to it the very uniquely awesome smell? That must be it. Just like last time there's a very up close and personal inspection of you. There's a string on your left shoulder, take it off, you aren't symmetrical at all. It feels as if the egg twitches in irritation before something seems to have distracted it. This egg, it's perfect is it not? You could draw a line down the center and there'd be two perfect halves. Ahhhhhh. Perfection. Even the little 'spines' on this egg are perfectly symmetrical, you didn't notice it did you? Well perhaps you should look closer, closer, closer, that's it. Next thing you know you're bumping your nose against the side of the egg. Whoops, too close. »

Kazuto isn't doing anything to the egg to draw attention to himself, not knocking on it to see what's inside, not even trying to tap on the surface at all. It's a tentative expression on his face, searching for something, even if there is clearly an egg in front of him that is visible. He rubs his hand on the shell, as though trying to figure out what's inside just by feeling the texture of the shell. The fuzzy wuzzy egg isn't giving any secrets away though, the white part sticking up out of the sand and keeping the other side fairly hidden. He doesn't appear inclined to move to another egg, not quite yet.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg to Kazuto> « Insane Case From Outer Space is creeping around still. It is… learning you. What exactly it's learning about you is for it to know and you to find out! It seems to trip and get stuck on this particular on this memory. It's one of the more embarrassing ones for you, too. How rude and uncomfortable! But somehow this other presence isn't phased at all. No, we meant to do that! This was all part of the master plan, this one failure is just a stepping stone. Plan A amongst the collective alphabet of plans. And somehow it makes you feel just a little bit better about this situation. Is it… helping? »

Sundari lets her attention stay on the egg she is touching at the moment, her hand slowly slides across the egg, fingers touching faintly while she ponders how the egg can do such a thing. Though it dawns on her it isn't the egg but the one actually within the egg doing this poking and prodding of her mind. Her eyes close tight for a few moments ascertain things are poked around and she nods a few times. "Oh yes, I have plenty of those. I could do that…" Her tone is soft and low and she lets her hand stay settled upon the egg for a bit longer.

Soured Sunshine Egg to Sundari> « Secret of the Sword communes silently with you, secure in the knowledge that while you might still be young and untried in the world, with a friend and companion such as this by your side — together you could right the wrongs, save the people, lead the good fight. Whatever you could do, you'd do it with honor. Honor seems dreadfully important to this unborn mind. The little dragon inside the shell, seems fixated on the thought, that it almost seems overwhelming. But there's a hope there too, of bright good things for the world and a good friend to share it with. The presence lingers, overly long, and then with a gentle flicker, the nimbus of light begins to fade about you, the glow diminishing until the mind within the egg has withdrawn entirely, settling into slumber to sleep and dream of happy things. »

Rhadan's nose is not as crinkled. The gagging that happened the first touch? It doesn't happen this time. Nope. In fact, he begins to look almost comfortable as he touches that egg that gives off the smell. After a few momnets, his free hand, the one that is not touching the egg reaches up to his left shoulder and tugs on his knot that is there. Uh… he can't remove it. He shouldn't. His hand drops after another tug, as his head tilts to one side as he begins to examine that egg. Hm. Interesting. Something must be interesting, in fact, for he is leaning down towards the egg. Slowly his head gets closer before… NO! He was /not/ trying to kiss the egg! But… well, he /nose/ did come in contact with the egg, and from certain angles it might have looked like he actually did kiss it, just like the candidates had been warned against. The touch of his nose causes him to start slightly, and his head comes back in surprise. Wait. Did he just… when did he get that close? Errrr… He straightens himself out, hand moving on the egg to feel at the spines of it. His eyes leace the egg only for a moment to glance around. Did anyone see his nose touch the egg? O.o But glance is brief, though. The egg has his attention. Obviously.

It is hot out here, but is it hot enough to make Kazuto's face go from just being fairly flushed to being beet red? He pulls his hands away from the egg shell and stands up to wipe his hands on his pants as though that's somehow going to make things better. A little shaken, he looks to Enka where she's calming the gold to ask, "May I go back to the barracks? I think I feel a little woozy from the heat." He looks sheepish about asking, and perhaps that isn't the real reason he's asking for a reprieve - but, he's not forthcoming about whatever it is, if it isn't that. While waiting for the answer, he looks to see which one has Sundari's attention - grinning a bit as it's the sunny looking one.

Enka totally missed Rhadan trying to kiss the egg! Well,/looking/ like he was going to kiss it anyway. Smoochy smoochy with smelly smelly butt egg. Haha, wouldn't the joke being on him if someone had seen it and started chanting 'Rhadan and the stinky egg sitting on the sands… K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Except he wasn't, so maybe the candidate is lucky. In fact, Enka only has half her attention on the candidates, the rest is devoted to giving Miraneith lots of scritches so the gold is a little lulled into laziness so the candidates can continue to touch the eggs. Well, too bad she missed it all then.

If Smells Could Kill Egg to Rhadan> « Rotten Through and Through no longer affects you like it did that first time. Is that the smell of roses? You take another sniff. No, most definitely not but the scene is very far from the retch-worthy odor that it was in the beginning. Perhaps you've fixed that stray hair in your eyebrow line because the egg isn't leering at you in such a poignant way that makes you squirm (or maybe just roll your eyes). You can tell it's not fully content at its home though. I mean, sure, the egg itself is perfect but it can just sense the sands around it are an utter nightmare. The rolling sands cause that twitching sensation you noticed before in the egg's inhabitant. You get the image of arms flailing before it slumps over and refuses to 'move' again. Apparently having anything but completely smooth sands just isn't something this little one can handle. You give it a mental poke but all is quiet so you have no choice but to move on. »

"I bet we could." Sundari says with a soft murmur to that egg while her fingers slowly slide across its surface once more. This is just a wild ride for her; she never thought anything like this could truly ever happen. She lets her fingers rub across the egg a bit longer as the one inside the egg seems to start growing still and quiet with a soft tone escaping her and she leans back while blinking. Her gaze lingers on the sunshine colored egg for a few moments. "Woah.." Her gaze drifts around towards the others still here, seeing that Kazuto is gone. Her gaze drifts around thought and she ponders before inching a bit closer to another egg, this one the prickly desert one and she lets her hand softly slide across it wondering if it will be different then the other egg.

"Somethin' aint it?" Enka finally spares a glance for the candidates, her gaze shifting away from Miraneith for a moment to watch them with benevolent amusement. "I remember the first time I met the eggs when I was a candidate," her one and only try in fact. "I loved touchin' one of the eggs, that sweet one I was talkin' about earlier. Wasn't ever too sure about Mir's, too glittery and sparkly for me, but I guess she found somethin' she liked in me." Kazuto's request is met with a look, and then a nod. "If anyone else is feelin'the heat, they can go too. Can't have you stayin' out here too long without gettin' some fluids or somethin'." She pauses, watching the departure ofat least one or two of the candidates before regarding both Sundari and Rhadan with interest. "Findin' interestin' ones then?"

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg to Sundari> « Tasty in Pink zooms by you at blaring speed. VROOOOOM. Perhaps you missed it the first time, but that's okay, it whips by again, the sound rushing past your other ear. All the while laughter bubbles up around you. Everything around you smells so good, almost willing you to reach out and take a bite, out of the egg? Surely not! But you can't help but consider the thought. Perhaps it'd taste like peppermint? Or how about chewy with a dash of sour? Or chocolate, let's not forget that. Once again there's a laugh and you have the sudden urge to yell, 'Weee!' and throw your arms into the air. This is a ride right? Are you having fun yet? »

The scrunch of Rhadan's nose is fully gone now. In fact, when he just sniffed there was a slightly /pleased/ look on the teen's face, believe it or not. The teen's eyebrows lower and his eyes soften slightly as he looks down at the egg. Aw. Poor thing. The look on the teen's face right now is caring. As the mind pulls away from him he does not leave at first. No, he stays, hand running over the egg and his lips forming into almsot a frown as he tries to get contact again… but nope, not happening. He is almost downcast when he pulls away and moves. His eyes glance around to the other candidates. Rhadan /just/ might be lucky. He does not hear anything about the nose touch to the egg. Good. That might have been hard to explain. Before his eyes set on another egg, his attention in drawn to Enka. He glances at the egg, then back to the Weyrwoman, "Yeah. You know the whole 'don't judge a book by its cover' thing? I think that is very true for eggs, too." And there. The closest egg is the one he moves to next… this one being yellowish.

Too Manly To Be Yellow Egg to Rhadan> « The Power to Move Mountains slowly creeps into the waters of your mind. Like the beginnings of a symphony, this first bit is just warming up. Listening to the acoustics of a new venue, hearing itself reflected back at it, only as your interpretation. Yes, it can see you. It can feel you. The embodiment of your own persona. Show your strengths! What are you good at? What makes you feel good? Things turned out for you well in this memory, and this mind focuses in to examine the circumstances around it with you. What about you made this possible? An so you can feel the presence growing, becoming stronger and more confident. The cool egg before you seems to be warming up, and you can almost feel it on your skin. »

Sundari hears talking and looks up about to say something before her head tilts after something as if something, or someone just ran past her. Then it happens again and she blinks. Hey, wait, how did that happen? Her gaze snaps back to the egg and she eyes it a moment. Her hand pulling back actually to make sure it really is something from the egg and not her own mind? Possible. "It's certainly different.." For once she isn't sure what to say, no joking comments come to mind. Her hand rests upon that egg once more, and she is left sniffing the air, and leans a bit closer to the egg as if checking to see if there is a new scent coming from the egg or well, somewhere else.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg to Sundari> « Tasty in Pink Tasty in Pink zips by you again, although this time it appears as if the it's going slower and slower still until there is the distinct sound of crying. All it wants to do is be free, to zip through the sands like it was meant to do, like it was /laid/ to do. But you see, eggs don't make the best of racing vehicles you see, and this egg, oh, well it definitely wants to be free, surfing the sands, the water, the air. Oh, it doesn't matter.

Enka chuckles softly. "Aye, that's the thing. No judgin' any books by their cover, they might looks all glittery and shiny, but inside, they're …" she pauses, reaches over to stroke at Miraneith's neck again. "She's a lady though, through and through even if she don't really look it. Glittery and shiny on the inside anyway." the goldrider grins then. "And no idea what's inside those eggs, they're all different, still developin'. It's just the start of them."

Rhadan looks at the golden dragon when Enka replies and he nods his head, smiling but not replying before his hand goes out to touch that yellow-looking egg. Once Rhadan's hand lands on his second egg of the day, his posture changes after a few moments. His eye brows lower and his eyes start to stare blankly at the sand egg in front of him. His eyes even close then, and there - his mouth just opened slightly, "Well, there was this one time…" He speaks those words, but the rest of what he would have said are in his mind, and for the presence coming from that egg only. His fingers begin to move over that egg, even as his mind opens and shares with that egg.

Too Manly To Be Yellow Egg to Rhadan> « The Power to Move Mountains is continuing to grow. What was once a calm sea is now a choppy sea. Not uncomfortable, just enough to let you know that it is still there. This time it wants to know your weaknesses. Don't be afraid! Test your boundaries! Be confident! Say it out loud! Let everyone hear how little you're afraid of! Now let's see this memory, a not-so-good one. What has gone wrong here? Where have things unraveled? Let's stop there. Let's rewrite this one, fix it, turn your weakness into strength. Let's make this one better. We can do this together! Now what was a bit of warmth is radiating and growing warmer, but still not hot. »

Sundari swallows as the one within that egg is moving around again. Oh the questions she has pooping into her mind at the moment! Like how does something inside an egg do such a thing. There is a pause, her eyes rests upon the egg as something has caught her off guard. "Oh.. No I can't do that.." She says with a soft murmur to whatever was possibly asked of her. Her fingers slide across the egg a moment as if she was in mid thought, should she, shouldn't she? It's a big /no/ she shouldn't and so she does not do with the egg is asking of her.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg to Sundari> « Tasty in Pink Tasty in Pink is free! You're so amazing! You're my Stinkbrain! You're my hero! It's so excited I could verp? What's a verp? Oh what, you've never gotten that feeling where you want to vomit and a burp at the same time? No? Well that's beside the point, this egg is totally ready for the race and you are its partner in crime you see. You hop on and it zips through mountains of whipped cream topped with cherries and peppermint valleys with massive jawbreakers that swish from side to side. Oh dear, did that one just get too close? Quick! To your right! No no! Your left! You look to your side expecting to see another person joining the race and then just as soon as the whole race started you're left alone with your heart thumping. You'll win the race next time, for sure. »

There is an intake of breath from Rhadan, and he shifts there in the sand next to the egg his is touching. His mouth opens, and he hesitates, head shaking once before it opens again, "I can't ride on a boat to save my life." Those words are loud enough to be heard around. His mouth opens as if to continue, but he does not say more. And then? his shoulders stiffen. No. Not that memory. Not a good thing to recall! The egg… that prescence, though, is making him recall it. And he does. And now… oh. Yes. "Well, that could have been…" There were better way for that to look and to have been!

Enka's expression is one of bemusement, fond memories of her own time on the sands, of meeting new minds, experiencing new wonders. And in the end, well… she leans in against Miraneith, resting her forehead against the cheek of her beloved dragon. "Oh love," comes her soft comment, full of joy. "There is goin' to be so much out there for them to see." There's a rumble of sound from Miraneith, the gold flicking her tail across the sand, stirring up dervish of gritty grains. For now, the queen is content to watch, not yet stirred into worry by the presence of candidates amongst her brood.

Too Manly To Be Yellow Egg to Rhadan> « The Power to Move Mountains is booming now. It stomps on your unpleasant memories, or warps them into your positive experiences. Your good memories it displays as heroic feats of strength. When was it that you were savior of the weyr? How did you stop the cavern from collapsing or that ship from capsizing? What was once a small presence, this other persona has grown to monumental proportions. Like a start that has gone super nova, or expanded from a small yellow to a red giant the heat and power radiating fill your mind. An overwhelming confidence washes over you, and for a moment you, too, feel as though you could move mountains. Then in the blink of an eye, you realize you are alone again. But has the feeling gone as well? »

Sundari doesn't recall doing what the egg actually wanted her to, she still is unsure about a lot of things but she goes along with it so to speak. There is movement having happen, to the point she feels a bit woozy, which for someone who has spent all there life on a boat to feel woozy that must be a feat indeed! Then there are images and her head tilts here and then as if trying to follow which only proves to make her a bit green around the gills so to speak. As soon as everything started it seems to have ended and quickly at that. She swallows a touch and then leans back away from the egg which is just eyed. Soon enough she is leaning back and then standing from that crouch brushing her hands off before she looks back to Rhadan, a soft smile seen and her attention goes to Enka. "If it's alright I think I'm going to head back to the barracks as well." It is totally not because of the quick movements of that egg, it is all the hot sand that is around. She'll wait until being told it is alright before she slips off.

Miraneith rumbles again, the gold's stumpy tail swishing furiously through the sand before she makes an abortive half-rise, and Enka clambers off her shoulder in a nearly-sliding tumble. "Whoops, Mir." the goldrider scolds the dragon for a moment, before turning towards Sundari at her words. "Actually," she suggests, "seein' as mir's startin' to get a little upset, and no sayin' how Shadhavarth's takin' this," Enka does spare a glance towards the younger gold and her own cluster of eggs, "it's better if everyone got off the sands and got somethin' cool to drink. If you aint used to bein' out here, it can be a bit much." Waving her hands like a goosegirl, Enka starts chivvying some of the candidates towards the entrance. "Off you go, you'll be back out here soon enough."

There is a smile from Rhadan - his smile had left a few moments ago, when those bad memories were brought out to be examined. He didn't like those situations. Now, though, the smile is returning. Not only that, but it is growing wider. The teen even gives off a laugh. Is he taller? No, but his chest is filled a little more than it should be, and it is sticking out proudly. His chin is up, and it might look for a moment as if the teen is posing. He even has one hand on his hip, firmly planted so that his elbow is sticking almost straight out. There is a moment then where he looks down at that egg, still in that 'pose'. WHERE'D YOU GO? Enka draws his attention then, though, and his eyes go the the queen gold and her rider. Suddenly, then, he might look as if he deflates. His chest and shoulders lower, and he releases a breath of air he didn't know he was holding. After a moment like this, he coughs briefly. His hands move from his hip and the egg, brushing at himself for a moment as he turns. No one saw that pose, right? Ahem! He is then leaving the sands after a nod to the Weyrwoman and Miraneith. He sniffs himself just before he gets off the sands. Ugh! Latrines! Hot springs, here Rhadan comes!

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