Ila'den's Tighty-Whities

Western Weyr - Laundry Room (Lower Caverns)
An oddly shaped cavern. Almost kidney shaped, with tunnels leading off to various parts of this side of the Weyr. Residential, craft and storage caverns mostly. Though one exit leads to the Candidate quarters, since with all their chores, it was thought to be a good idea to have them close to the Living Cavern and the Bowl, just to keep them from disturbing the rest of the Weyr in the mornings.
(The laundry room is off the lower caverns.)

Having laundry duty isn't fun, it is even less fun when there is an overcast and thick clouds threaten rain to fall at any moment which means most of the laundry was thus hung up inside the laundry room, or outside it down the halls. Sundari is in the middle of hanging up some more damp laundry, shirts, shorts, and yes even undies which makes her quiver at the thought. Her firelizard is perched upon her shoulder, curled up and actually asleep, silly little brown.

The end of summer means the beginning of the wet season for Western. So there were going to be days full of clouds. Zi'on can certainly think of places he would rather be than in the laundry room, but that is where he is heading. The bronzer doesn't come down here very often. In fact, it's been a dog's age since he has been down here. Usually someone comes to pick up his laundry. Today though he is down here with some specialty care items. His own weaver is happy to fit him for new clothes, but when it comes to mending or alterations (like when the bronzer keeps putting on muscle mass and only fits in his 'fat' clothes) he needs to go to the seamstresses who work in the laundry room like everyone else. Also he's got at least a couple of shirts with big stain blotches on them. The weyrleader looks… lost as he heads inside.

Sundari works at hanging up another shirt, which makes her stand on her tiptoes upon the stool she is standing on. She grumbles a bit and fumbles with a few clothespins. She just nearly has it in place before she become unbalanced and a half yelp escapes her as she is griping onto some poor riders shirt half hanging before the clothespin gives way and she is sent tumbling to the ground. Well this was fun. She struggles a few moments trying to free herself from shirt. Strider trills out as he is sent hopping into the air, flapping his wings a few times before he falls and lands upon his persons head.

Zi'on spots someone falling! He doesn't realize it's Sunny, she's facing the other way. But it is a girl. Or a lady. Someone of the female persuasion. All the clothes he's carrying get folded over one arm and he moves over to wrap the other arm around Sundari's middle to steady her. "Whoa! Whoa! Careful with the shirt! Also don't be flopping over and killing yourself now!" Hopefully Sunny doesn't go flopping onto Zi'on. That would make for a right mess. But it seems as though the candidate has kept herself upright. And so all is well. The bronzer looks up to see who it is he's "rescued" then. "Sunny?"

Sundari blinks at the voice and tilts her head to peer over at Zi'on as she is 'rescued. "No, I'd rather not kill myself. That sounds rather painful." She grins a bit and waves a hand once he is looking at her. "Yup. How goes it Zi'on Or, do I call you sir now as well?" This questioned with an amused tone. Strider warbles out and tilts his head, swirling gaze seen while he hops a few times before settling back down, still perched upon Sunny's head. Luckily she doesn't cause anymore craziness like making Zi'on drop all his items that he has brought.

Zi'on grins up at Sundari. "I would rather you not, too. It would make a horrible mess all over the place. Also who would help me let a wherry into the caverns?" The bronzer blinks at Sundari. "Eh? Heh, why would you have to call me sir now? You've never called me sir before. Is being polite in the candidate handbook?" He winks at Sunny. "It goes okay. I have to take these shirts to the seamstresses. And a couple to the laundry woman." He holds up one shirt that looks like it's had an entire bottle of red wine dumped onto it. Perhaps Zi'on has had some crazy nights. Or he's made some ladies angry? "I've been popping buttons and seams a lot lately. I think I need some new shirts."

Sundari grins at the talk of letting a wherry into the cavers. "Oh I'm sure you could find someone else whom might also be interested in such things. I can't be the only fun loving pranking seabrat around after all." This said with an amused tone. A soft ah escapes her. "Well, some of the weyrling teachers, or what have you, came through the barracks an I'm supposed to call him sir so I didn't know if it went for you as well." There is a pause. "You're the weyrleader an all too so just thought I'd go along with it if I was suppose to an all." A glance is sent to his shirt and she tilts her head. "You either had fun, or made someone really mad." Leave it to her to point out such things. "Do I even want to know how your popping buttons?"

Zi'on laughs. "Maybe I could. But I think you're the only fun-loving seabrat around, honestly. I don't even thinks we have any other seabrats now that I think about it. At least none that I know about." Zi'on shrugs a bit then and nods. "I suppose it is a good idea to call the weyrlingmasters sir. If they say so. I always found it to be a little… uppity I guess. I'd rather just be called 'Zi'on'. But to each his own." The bronzer grins a bit. "True. I am weyrleader. But that doesn't mean I ought to turn my nose up at people. Besides, we're friends. It would be strange." He grins to her. "Don't ask. I make a mess wherever I go. I'm sure there are stories around here about my clothes." The bronzer grits his teeth and flexes for Sundari. "Rawr! That's how!" And, true enough, his shirt is stretched out so much one of the buttons across the chest goes flying off. Wizz… ping!

Sundari chuckles and nods looking amused. "Well they did break the mold when they made me." She points out with a beaming smile and is soon grinning once more. "Well, yeah I figure that is true. It would be sort of strange to start calling your sir now." There is a pause as he goes about flexing and she blinks while her gaze follows after that flying button. A soft laugh escapes her and she looks back to him. "Well, I think you do need some new shirts indeed. If not your soon be without shirts that have any buttons on them." Which, really isn't bad thing but still! Buttons are important to have at times.

Zi'on laughs. "Did they now? Why do you say that? Not all seabrats are fun-loving pranksters?" The bronzer pokes at Sundari's middle with his free hand. What? She's more at eye-level with him now, so it's most tempting to poke her or something. "Yeah. And I don't intend to call you 'candidate'. Though I'm supposed to. How are you liking your time on land? With real land-y chores and.. such?" Whee! There goes his button. "See?" He sighs and pokes at his shirt where the button's gone missing. "I'll be right back." The bronzer heads over to have a talk with the seamstresses. And there is much laughter heard and some scolding. He comes back to Sundari dresses in his nice pants and his wife-beater undershirt, looking like a scolded puppy. "I do need new shirts. I guess I need to write my weaver to come out and remeasure me."

Sundari grins and nods before a soft ah escapes her. "Well, my sisters sure aren't, my brothers have there days but even then I wouldn't call them fun-love pranksters. More like trouble makers then anything." She squeaks at the poke and swats out at his hand once. "That would be strange if you did that. I don't mind it really, plus I get to learn some new things along the way." There is a pause while she makes a glance to all the hanging clothing. "Though I did already know how to wash and hang clothing so I'm sorta not thrilled with this job." There is a pause and she nods as Zi'on is off to speak with the seamstresses, she is back to hanging up the damp clothing and makes a face as she picks up a pair of undies from the basket is has hold of. "Eww" Is heard before she casts a glance over to him and grins. "Told you so!" Is said with an amused tone.

"Is that so? Or are you just the butt of all their pranks?" Zi'on asks, laughing a bit. He's teasing her, of course. Sundari was sort of like a younger sister to the bronzer, so he feels like he can pick on her and get away with it. He nods. "Probably not as fun as working in the market though, doing laundry. Yeah, well it has to be done I suppose. Otherwise we'll all have dirty undies." Zi'on comes back looking a bit dejected, but at least his shirts should be fixed up for him. There's a nose wrinkle at the undies as well. "Those undies look familiar… I think Ila'den wears tighty-whities like that. Those might be his. I wear longer shorts. Next time you get laundry duty you should just come get my stuff. At least you'll know whose it is." He laughs. Knowing doesn't probably help. "You should give me those undies. I have plans for them."

Sundari ahs softly at that part while brushing her hands off once the tighty-whities are indeed hung up. "Well, actually ya I tend to be when you put it like that." There is a slight rolls of her eyes caught perhaps. "Well, working out in the market is a lot more fun I must say. I get to run around, and do things." Like annoy people, play games, and perhaps break things (by accident of course). She reaches over to poke at him, to try and get him to stop that look of being dejected it seems, a soft smile seen before the undies are spoken about. "Well, alright. I'll also make sure to come by and grab your stuff next time then. Better then washing some stranger's undies at least."

Zi'on laughs. "Well, they just pick on you because they love you. Think of it like that." Though it sounds rather contrived. "I guess being a candidate isn't really about fun. It's more about meeting people and getting used to the weyr. And learning things that will help you if you become a rider. It helps you to form lasting bonds with the people around. Since in the olden days you'd be headed off to fight Thread together." Zi'on blinks, then grins. Since Sunny isn't taking down the underwear, Zi'on stands up on his tiptoes and pulls them down. He takes a pen from his pocket and inscribes the tag in them. "I dunno if it's better, but at least you've already been exposed to my cooties. Here." He hands the undies back to her. "When these are dry, take them and put them under Naris' mattress. I'll send the weyrlingmasters over to inspect the barracks later."

Sundari huffs out at the thought of that. "I suppose so I mean I've been told that before. Still doesn't mean I have to like it." She points out before a glance is sent back to Zi'on. "So Doing laundry helps me become a rider?" This is questioned with an unsure tone as she just peers at him. "Wait.. Fight what?" Yeah she doesn't know anything about thread yet it seems. As the undies are taken she soon laughs hearing where she is to put them. A wide grin seen and her eyes light up at the thought. "Ooo… I do like that idea, a lot." She holds onto the undies, hanging them up after the ink has mostly dried.

Zi'on just looks amused. "Well, no. But no one said you got to pick your older siblings either. Life isn't very fair. Though I can imagine being stuck on a boat together isn't very helpful to the annoyance factor." The bronzer laughs. "I didn't say -everything- you do helps you become a rider. Some of these things are just to help the weyr. And helping the weyr is good, since a weyr needs everyone to pitch in to make it run." Zi'on raises a brow at Sundari. "Someone has skipped out on their Harper lessons. Fight Thread. I… I don't even know how to explain it." He blinks, surprised and a little confused. "Don't you know why we have dragons?" Zi'on rubs his hands together evilly. "Contraband. This should be good."

Sundari ahs a moment and smirks. "True." Is said to the bit on picking her older siblings, or the fact that life isn't fair. She tilts her head to peer at him and shrugs a moment. "Point taken on the whole not everything helps someone become a rider bit." A slight grin is seen at the skipping Harper lessons. "Well, on a boat and all. I got some in when we went to port but I suppose I did miss a good amount of them. I know the dragon's protected people an all. It was against thread then?" Maybe she is starting to remember a few of those lessons. At the bit on contraband she just grins and a soft chuckle escapes her. "Yes! It will be good indeed." There is a yell from one of the laundry workers and it is Sunny name, they want to know why the clothes haven't been all hung up yet and a faint err escapes the girl.

Zi'on grins at her. "Every job involves stuff you don't like to do. Even mine." Especially his. There was always an angry holder or boring meetings or paperwork or discipline that he had to do. What was the benefit of being weyrleader, anyways? Zi'on nods to her. "Hm. I might suggest to the weyrlingmasters to give you less chores and more classes then. To catch you up a little. But yes, dragons protected the people against Thread. An organic-matter-eating microorganism that fell from the sky and looked like thread. They killed it by burning it." Zi'on grins, then blinks as Sunny is getting scolded. "We had business to discuss, but I am leaving now so she can get back to work!" He calls to the washerwomen. "Remember what I said." About the underwear. Zi'on waves then and heads out.

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