The Greatest Show on Pern

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

The cover of darkness cloaks the quiet island paradise that is Half Moon Bay, the sleeping residents unaware of the chaos that is about to be unleashed. They begin popping in from between, silent as silent can be, mud-caked as to obscure colors. One very large (too large really to be a brown) dragon holds uncharacteristically still while barrels are unloaded and rolled into the cavern. Bandanas and pirate masks are a must, « WE ARE SNEAKY BADASSES » But somehow this is managed to be kept only to those dragons participating in the transfer of the illicit substance. Cue one lanky female in (of all things) a glitter mask and bare feet tapping on the lid and causing the contents to spill over the sands in all their glorious iridescence. “Would it be easier to just switch the loading team to tarps?” Tanit murmurs quietly pushing the barrel so that the glitter sand empties in a nice trail.

Dark clothes, dark mask, dark.. hair? What did he do to his hair? make up the form of someone who isn't fair behind the lanky, glitterized female, and he actually seems to snort at her question about tarps instead. "If you'd wanted tarps, you should have said tarps to begin with. I mean, once what is already packed is here, maybe, but." He counters, even as he is shifting a barrel of his own, freezing as the lid makes a little too much noise as he cracks it open, glancing around to make sure no one heard, though the flutter of dragon wings stealthily coming and going probably covered it up.

Irkevalath was there offering a taloned paw to help get the glittery sand to point A and then to point B. Sundari was amused more at the matter at hand and it took a lot of effort to make her blue not bugle with amusement when they returned home. Any long and Sundari and Irk would not have been able to go between thanks to said rider and certain by things. Once within the caverns Irkevlath shifts on his paws and Sundari is working on undoing some ropes that hold onto a few barrels he helped carry. "Would be easier… But we can get the dragons to help spread it." Also, let's face it, it would take mud to hide Irk's hide, and while Sunny is in dark gear as well someone is bound to spill the beans at some point. Once a barrel is down Irkevalath shifts bumping it with his head to push it further into the center.

Why the ever-living f*ck is 'Leeta' (unknown alias Alida) here? And at night? Well, you know, sometimes there's just the spin of the wheel of chance. ANd other times, certain former Guards happen to overhear something from someone in the know when she was last visiting the Weyr. Whatever 'happenstance' it is, the Blue Flame Hold head of natural gas security is settled in the lower gallery stands, her body enrobed in a loose Igen-type robe cover of soft black…to blend with the low light surroundings in aforementioned Galleries. Hooded and silent as death, the woman sits motionless, hunched over some…and watching all of what transpires with an unseen smirky grin on her face. Oh, and *her* face is dusted with matte camo paint in soft blacks and darkest greys. And her newly acquired firelizard? Sent off to bathe in the lake. Nothing to see here but dark shadows, inside and out.

Among those dark-clothed figures is another. This one has opted for a pair of black shorts and a long black-sleeved shirt. She'll probably regret those sleeves later. She also grabs onto one of the barrels and begins the rolling process. "We'll manage somehow…. worst case scenario there has to be a way to create a diversion outside." Ayushi's voice is of course a quiet whisper. All the sneaking!

Tanit winces at the crack the barrel sound makes. “The next time I plan to move several metric tons of glitter I will be sure to list tarps instead of barrels.” Tanit notes exasperated, though she does eye the formerly blond male with an odd twist to her lips, “Is that ‘ink’ in your hair? I have to admit you are kind of cute as a brunette.” Sea-green eyes glitter with mischief as she watches Irk roll the barrel. “I’d just have him smash them, but the splinters wouldn’t be good for the eggs. And while I am all for creative mischief, I do not what Cita angry at me if we get caught. She has strange powers that one.” Cue the wobbly spooky voice with the last. “Thank you for the help though, If he can get the heavier ones in we should be able to empty them in no time.” Tanit marks to Sunny. Ayushi gets a solid grin, “We could strike up a chorus of that one song, it would send the weyrleader running in the opposite direction.” Poor R’hyn.

Sundari nods slightly and looks a bit amused while she undoes a few more lengths of rope and three more barrels thud to the ground. "No worries, he won't break 'em. Can at least open 'em." Irkevalath shifts and is pushing barrels all over the area. One here, one there, another there! The blue is rather amused at this and his wings ruffle and flutter a bit while he works. There is a pause and he turns to start opening a barrel, a taloned forepaw making short work of it and then the barrel is rocked back and forth to get all the glitter out. « Someone bring a rake! »
"Wait.. what… Next time?" Zeltan replies far too quickly, not hiding the bit of worry in his voice. "Next time, we're going to need a difference source. You really did luck out on this batch. I don't know how many more holds are deepening their harbors." He murmurs, even as tips his barrel over, grunting as he gets the mica-filled-glittery sand flowing. Moving to another barrel, he pauses, glancing over his shoulder to the bluerider, speaking a little louder, but not TOO loud. "Do you think he'd roll around it in, once we have the barrels clear?"

"Now that /would/ be quite the distraction, bet we could gather quite a crowd with that." Ayushi lets out a soft chuckle at Tanit's words before her current container is being emptied out onto the sands. "I wonder if the glitter will wash out of these clothes….for the sake of appearing innocent it would help not to be covered in it." Not that the harper seems too worried. There's humor in her voice as she moves off to work on getting another barrel. Though as for the whole 'next time' bit. "Glitter Wars, Part 2….coming when they least expect it."

High-pitched giggles herald the child's approach before the toddler rounds the corner, somehow managing to keep upright despite teetering to the side as she races away from her chaser into the hatching grounds. Not long after, Kiele appears, cheeks flushed and eyes bright, her hair floating around her face. "Stop! Right there!" It's not enough to deter the small child, but the people and dragon out on the sands does. "Oh, my word." That's Kiele, green eyes widening as she lays eyes on the rebellious task all those people are doing out there. She has enough sense to snag the little girl by the hand, before walking slowly, with horror, towards the gallery railing. "That's— that's—" GLITTER!!!

Someone didn't bring anything but herself, her 'little babies,' and a flask of some kind of booze…the wood of dusted darker with a bit of mud. Sip, peer, listen…internally laugh. Alida alias Leeta is glad of her training that keeps her rather 'invisible' after a loose fashion, this night one for her memory book as she watches the Weyr residents and one WAAAY too large brown and blue dragons help in the stealth glitter bombing about to happen. It's better than television! Each voice is noted — Tanit's recognized quickly enough — the holder woman in the lower galleries slowly moving a darkened hand to lift her darkened hip flask to lips for a pull. Ahh. And then the figurative monkey wrench is tossed in, via arrival of Weyrbrat and Co. And ALida hunkers down to watch what transpires with ever more attention, and an even larger, wolf's grin.

"Honestly?" Sundari questions towards Zeltan with a glance towards him slightly. "He would of course." This said with a slight shake of her head before she is shifting and sliding down from the straps and is pulling them of and coiling them up. Irkevalath on the other hand is quick to start spreading out glitter from one barrel then another while seemingly humming to himself. Only problem is Irk is never /quiet/ and while no one here save his rider might be hearing him there is a chance other dragons could be..

Tanit laughs, a deep throaty sound that echoes a little much in the mostly empty galleries. “I’m teasing you.” She will offer to Zeltan as the ‘brown’ waddles in and starts helping Irk with the moving and the knocking over of the barrels and really with the Xandian gold’s bulk, put to work the glitter pile is growing more rapidly.. Because Badassery is quick. Of course, one voice piercing the otherwise amiable quiet does earn a lift of both brows behind Tanit’s glitter mask and sea green eyes narrow. Decisions, decisions. “I suppose kidnapping would not be recommended in this situation?” The dolphineer notes to no one in particular under her breath.

"Both kidnapping and dropping the source between, probably frowned upon." Zeltan agrees with a soft laugh, even as he is pausing to turn and glance near the balconies, eyes adjusted to the darkness. After a moment, it seems that not only are the little child and the nanny spotted, but Zeltan is squinting into the darkness in the general area where Alida is hiding in the shadows. "Apparently we have company.." He murmurs, even as he picks up his pace a little bit, meeting the next delivery and moving the barrels towards the sands. "Someone should keep an eye on them.. if they leave.. we may have to cut this short." He murmurs.

Noticed, eh? Well, it was likely after awhile. With Zeltan's eyeing of her darkened form, his words of her, 'Leeta' very subtly lifts her flask to him, takes a sip. Her identity isn't compromised, however. She's seen to that. She's just a silent presence in the darkness. A very quietly laughing one that remains steadfastly in her seat.

"Up, up!" cries the little, who gets tucked securely at Kiele's hip. Disbelief continues to contort the features of the blonds face, as what she's watching both confusing and appalls her. "Look! Shin-yyyy." Tiny hands direct Kiele's face towards the crime, even if she's already riveted. At least her extra baggage means she's not going to be able to get away quickly. "Hey!" Finally, collecting herself, the nanny waves a hand in the air to try and distract the scoundrels. "What are you doing? Don't you know that that's forbidden? You'll get in trouble," is both warning and accusation, but she's somehow giving them the benefit of the doubt; a built in loophole.

Sundari isn't going to comment on the kids that may or may not be watching, nope and double nope thank you. Instead she is carrying the straps off for her dragon and sticking to the shadows cause they know things or osmething along them there lines! As for Irkevalath he is busy pushing sand and gliter around, some here, more there and big pile RIGHT THERE! It is FABOULUS!! Then Sunny is slipping off leaving the others to finish and Irkevalath turns his head with a low concerned rumble before the mudy and now glittery blue is following after his rider and making a bee-line for the door. Sems the pair is done with the helping hand so to speak, but look at how beautiful it all is!

What does one do in this situation? Tanit strides to the center atop the largest pile of glitter and gives her best imitation of a traveling storyteller/trader’s deep flourishing bow. When you are chest deep in trouble (almost literally in this case) The best plan is to improvise. “Why what a lovely young lass! Surely you’ve heard of the dragon circus?” Except sunny and irk are now bailing. Eyes dart to the smol rider atop the GIANT BROWN. « THE BIGGEST MOST BADDASS CIRCUS OF SPARKLE THE WORLD OVER » And of course to emphasize this, the ‘brown’ rolls in the stuff ensuring there’s about a three to four-foot-deep layer of the stuff evenly spread around. It does gleam and glitter in the iridescence. Washes of blue and green and purple catch and shift in the light even as the ‘brown’ gets herself coated in the stuff.

Man, the sands are warm. Moving barrels of everything everywhere is warm. And it seems that the heat has gone to Zeltan's brain, for he is tugging the mask down off his nose and mouth, leaving it gathered around his neck. And then, there is the 'accusation' from Kiele and he is pausing to glance at her. "Its -fiiiiine-." He insists, even as Tanit takes center stage, with a little (ok, LARGE) bit of help from that circus-star "brown", and he is sneaking to one side, quickly ushering the last barrel, saluting to the few outside helpers who make their way back into the night's dark.

Oh sweet Faranth's non-existant teats! 'Leeta' quickly claps a hand over her mouth to stifle the waves of cackling that more-than-threaten to overcome her when Tanit starts showboating. And then she stops dead in her mental tracks when she hears a certain disguised gold's mindvoice — ANY dragon's, really! — for the first time! The power and loudness of it make her wince, the woman's eyes widening, her head jerking around to try and figure out where the eff that came from…and WHY! No-no…it wasn't someone booming aloud. No echos. Gulp. She's rocked enough that the woman slowly gets to her feet, hunches down more, and starts to move near-silently away from her seated position. Thanks a bunch, Leirith!

The dragon circus! Luckily, it's dark. Luckily, Kiele is naive holdbred girl. Because she squints at the spectacle before her, she considers for a time, and then timidly calls back, "The- dragon circus? Why didn't anyone mention the dragon circus before? Why are you in the sands? Why are you here in the middle of the ni-" Oh, no. Who is that? That voice is familiar! Her face screws up again. "Zel- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Aghast! Horrified! "You're all going to get thrown in jail," the nanny hisses, glancing around with a paranoid air.

With a beat of enormous wings, which sets the mud to flaking from mustard hide the entire caverns is filled with GLITTER. A dusting swirling haze of glitter that may as well be smoke or fog for all it obscures from view! A Draconic cackle is followed by A « UNTIL NEXT TIME MY BAD ASS MINIONS, UNTIL NEXT TIME. » Taking full advantage of the chaos one long limbed dolphineer claims Zeltan’s hand or arm or really whatever socially acceptable body part she can reach, moving to drag him out behind her into the clear air with throaty laughter, out into the night and away from the immediate threat of imprisonment. By the time everything settles, the whole cavern is dusted in an iridescent layer of sparkle.

Sounds like clueless Kid and Co. girl is clueless indeed…until she speaks that name and gets all in a fluster over some simple fun of the 'Dragon Circus' kind. Alida groans inwardly to herself, and keeps to the walls and the shadows as she picks her way *out* of this place. Nope; not gonna be caught by anyone just because someone had to go and ruin the fun.. even if Leirith's booming startled her and does once again. Yikes! What a loud mouth…mind. Time to depart more hastily! Suddenly, 'Leeta' stops, checks her person with eyes and hands. WHEW! No glitter on her person…none on her boots. No tracks left behind! Slink-slink-slink… Good thing she escapes before the glitter settles on her.

GONE! The trader is dragged out by Tanit, under cover of glitter, but not before Zeltan is blowing a kiss in Kiele's general direction - that seems to be what he thinks of the poor nanny's concerns.

It happens in the blink of an eye, and Kiele is wholly unprepared for the glittering that she experiences. "SHINYYYYYYY," is the first thing said once all the culprits escape, as the tiny toddler opens her eyes to discover the shiny bits all over her body. DELIGHTED, while the nanny is less-so, mouth open, full of glitter and DISBELIEF — GUYS HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HER!!!! But the glitter in her mouth keeps her from spilling the beans, anyway.. for now.

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