Trot Before You Walk

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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field**

EXERCISE TIME! …You know, for /some/ people. Zhelinath and N'on are getting an early start, as usual, and have already had her breakfast and morning oiling. The green glimmers in the morning sun from the corner of the training grounds where she has parked herself. Her neck is arched /just/ enough to watch as N'on gamely goes through the mount ups and downs. Strength training might not be a huge issue for him, but /this/ is something he's yet to get the knack of. Still, his face is set in an expression of concentration as he puts his full effort into it. Up, up, up…. Doooooooown. Up, up, up… Dooooooown.

Yep! It's exercise time! And since both Alida and Jorynth are 'into' such, the early-starting pair can be found upon the training field, the woman jogging firmly, while her stormy blue…gudalumphs. Nope, he's NOT walking, as they were instructed to do. Instead, the big boy with the big mouth is moving as gracefully as a dragon can on all fours, trotting beside his only one…and mentally urging her to « Come on! I'll be passing you soon enough! Ha-ha-ha! » Because he's already way bigger than Alida, and can leave her in the dust! Soon. The unwinded blonde puffs out a crass, "Oh, *fuck you*, Jor," them smirking and flipping him off. Cue another round of booming, thunderous laughter from the blue! And when the pair notice N'on and Zhel out here, too? Alida gives her clutchmate the thumbs-up, while Jorynth distantly thunders to his green sister, « C'mon, sister-mine! You can feel yourself getting stronger by the minute if you jog with us! »

Zhelinath's head goes up, attention perking at Jorynth's invitation. Her tail whips once, and that's the only warning N'on gets before she's leaping to join the chase. Alarmed, N'on grabs at the training straps, but luckily he was /almost/ in place and it only takes a bit of quick thinking to get himself safely seated. Time for mounted exercises, apparently? Zhe falls in next to Jorynth, then slows to match his stride. « What are we chasing? Is this hunting? /What/ are we hunting? »

« We are 'hunting' exercise, Zhelinath! Perfection of form and reaction…something we'll need when we get bigger. » She's actually trotting with him? « Magnificent! You're doing well! COntinue! » Naughty blue, inspiring a clutchsibling to trot instead of walk, like the boring WLMs said. He's yet to miss a footfall, and his form continues to make this all look easy, for their age. And, like lighting, Jor suddenly skids to a halt — his own tail hammering the ground a couple of times — as he thunders to his Alida, « Time to mount up, Alida! » Of *course* he believes she'll do a great job! If Zhel keeps going or skids to a sudden halt with him is purely up to her! Poor N'on.

Zhelinath is only a follower of the rules she agrees with, it would seem. She trots a few more steps before she realizes that Jorynth has fallen behind, and she skids to a stop, whirling to see what could possibly have happened. N'on is very nearly unseated, but manages to catch himself, somehow. He's looking a bit… pale. « Oh, hush. I knew you could hold on, » Zhe chides him, before her attention is once more on Alida and Jorynth. « I confess, I don't understand how this helps us fight the enemy, » she remarks toward Jorynth. « Are we preparing for running away? » While she's distracted watching Alida mounting up, N'on takes the opportunity to start mounting /down/.

« Wonderful stop, Zhel! You are impressive! » Jorynth thunders to his sister again, his neck arching proudly as he sees her skid and stop. « Yours is not bad, either. » Still could use some work, though. « No-no, not running away. We exercise to make our bodies as perfect as possible, ready to do whatever we ask them to, when the time arises. » Because it SHALL, oh yes! Meanwhile, Alida snorts once, rolls her eyes at her blue, and notes, "Oh YesSIR, your lordship!" to that near command to mount up, and soon she's doing it with only a liittle scrambling and groping for his straps. « You'll be doing this like a pro in no time! » Jor notes almost merrily to his rider…and when she's only just begun to fasten those straps, he starts walking again. Surprise! "Ach!" goes the woman's alto as she moves to quickly right herself, Jor's surprise movements making her glare at him for a moment as she finally secures those straps well enough to keep her from falling. "You don't want my head splitting on the ground when you knock me off, do you?" is noted with sweet causticness. « You're too graceful and strong to do that! » Boom!

Whoops, and there goes Jorynth again. Which means there goes Zhelinath, and N'on is only halfway down. He grabs at the straps, makes a sharp whistle… And reluctantly, she comes to a halt. « I wouldn't let you /fall/. » Silly humans. But she waits impatiently until N'on is back into the straps, and /then/ she rejoins Jorynth. As she matches pace with her clutchsib, N'on looks over at Alida with a rueful little smile, and an apologetic shrug. « I'm pretty sure my body is already perfect, » Zhelinath observes, conversationally. « But I will keep you company while you fix yours. »

"Quit being a bad example, Jorynth…" Alida tartly informs her blue, who simply snorts as he makes a semi-gentle curve back around to lightly trot back to Zhel and Co. He would never leave her behind! His already powerful form ripples with muscle begging to become even larger, stronger…while his Alida just holds on for dear life, then tries to master his not-cantering gudalumph movement. Weird mismatched front and rear dragon legs, FTW! "Kids!" the woman calls out to smiling N'on, rolling her eyes again. « It can be even MORE perfect! » Jorynth rumbles back to his sister. As for 'fixing' his form, well, lightning strikes not far away, and thunder claps, laughter booming in Zhel's and Alidas minds, which makes the woman wince a little, and mutter, "Shiit… will you tone that down a little?" Because headaches after awhile!

« There is no such thing as /more/ perfect, » Zhelinath informs her brother. « By definition, perfect is the best. » Smug green is smug. But after trying to keep up with Jorynth for another few paces, she finally listens to whatever N'on's been saying and slows back to a walk. It's not because she's tired, okay. IT'S ALL N'ON'S FAULT.

« Only in the known world's languages, Zhelinath. I go *beyond* them. » Oh, how arrogant and cocksure he sounds, but it's also so full of delight and enjoyment in these circumstances and his sister's presence that, really, how could she not agree?! It's only when N'on finally gets his own lifemate under some basic control that Alida notes silently, almost crossly to her OWN, » You've had your way *enough* now. *I'm* taking charge, now. So WALK, oaf! » Thor, meet Mjolnir. After some grousing, the blue's finally walking — though with lots of animation! — beside Zhel. I'm fiiiine, baby! « You're looking quite lovely today, Zhel. »

Zhelinath gives a snort at all of that, but the following compliment seems to incline her towards letting it go. « Why thank you, » she returns, primly. « Mine has used the /good/ oil today. » Because there's a bad oil? Apparently! « I have been thinking. You should make yours learn the sign language. It will help us sneak up on the enemy. »

He's a smooth one…and an honest one, even if Jorynth's quite young. It's the whole handsome + charisma thing…plus powerful. Rotten blue seems to have it all. Good thing he's got Alida to direct him! « As long as it doesn't stink, all oil is wonderful. » Because growing, stretching hide is almost magically CURED by it! Well, for a time, anyway. Mmmm. As the blue walks, he also rustles his wings, stretches his neck, and generally looks buff. As for sign language, « Alida was going to ask him to teach her starting at dinner tonight. »

« This is excellent, » Zhelinath replies. « Yours is very smart. It must be your influence. » Meanwhile, she just walks. She's not rustling her wings or flipping her tail. Nope. That's just the way she walks /every/ day. N'on? Well, he looks a little seasick, but he'll probably get over it.
ooc I've got about a half hour, then dinner time. :)

« She is *incredibly* smart! And wily, and wise, and lovely… » Jorynth breaths out around hints of falling rain and forests about his Alida, his words laced with love, fierce pride, devotion, and awe of sorts. And yes, she's only made even better by 'yours truly!' « How is yours? » Curious, that. the human part of this equation's peering at seasick N'on has her calling over to him, "Maybe we should call this part of it a day, eh?" *She* seems to be doing okay, aside from the occasional jerk in her seat from Jor's wing rustling and neck and head stretching.

Zhelinath rumbles pleasantly, sending back the smell of scrolls and a cozy evening by the fireside with the rain pattering on the roof. « He is very brave. And very kind. And clever. He fought pirates! Twice! » With that unlikely declaration, N'on gives a crooked little grin at Alida's observation, but nods his agreement. Zhelinath at least pretends to sigh impatiently as she comes to a stop… but it might be noted that she was awful quick to respond to a request for a break. This time, she holds stock still while N'on makes his careful way down.

"Stop, you great blue oaf!" Alida notes with dark humor in her voice of slightly prancing Jorynth, the blue reluctantly coming to a halt only after Zhelinath does…his wings still rustling like a cloak, however. In proud return to Zhel, « Mine fought RENEGADES, many times! » Secrets about their incredible lifemates! And finally, Alida is 'allowed' to scuttle her way down from Jor's neck, taking a long moment to get her ground feet back. Yeesh. When both she and N'on are back on solid footing, "How about breakfast, Tei?" She still calls him that, sometimes. "And we can leave these two to their own devices." Yeah…Maybe.

N'on is not about to complain about the nickname. Perhaps it's even comforting! He might look a bit seasick, but he nods an agreement to the suggestion of breakfast. He takes a step or two to get his equilibrium back, but it seems that not permanent harm has been done as he joins Alida to head off for the caverns. Meanwhile, Zhelinath settles into a warm sunbeam and begins to preen at her claws. « Pirates are just ocean renegades, you know. » She settles in, content to sunbathe while bickering about whose lifemate is more impressive for the rest of the morning, if need be. Or at /least/ until second breakfast.

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