Of Kisses and Beanholes

Western Weyr - Waterfall Path
This jungle path is luxuriant in thick dark green vegetation and brilliant tropical flowers. There is a rich scent of them clinging to the air, mingling with the salty scent from the ocean. The path itself is a mix of the white beach sand and black volcanic pebbles worn smooth. Here and there, narrow tracks have been cut, branching off into the jungle and giving access to the fruit that weights the branches for much of the year, while older tracks are almost lost under the encroaching vegetation. The path ends at a waterfall of about 15 meters high, freshwater cascading into a crystal clear pool that is deep and wide enough for several people to wade in. The pool is bordered by large, flat black stones that jut from the rocks at the sides and base of the pool. There are sweetly scented tiny white blossoms growing from underneath and around the cracks in the black stones.

Ila'den's come to the waterfall because… well, it's secluded, he can have quiet time, and there is /always/ quiet time required when he's got Iris. In case you were wondering, yes, he /did/ just do that with his 'mate, and you'd better believe his appearance is as wild after as it should be. You're welcome (WHAT YOU GET FOR BAD JOKES). They're free of children today (thankfully, because for as much as Ila'den loves them, there's only so much running around he can do), and the bronzerider has left Iris' side in favor of moving a ways away. He's removed his shirt (GASP, I know it), and is crouched at the edge of the fall, scooping some of the clear water to rub through his hair and over his face, pushing it down his arms as well in silence. Isn't much to say when you've just defiled the woman you can't keep your hands off of. Time to just bask in the silenceeeee.

Latrine duty had ended! Chores. Why did all the candidates have these horrible chores? Rhadan had spent the last 6 years of his life working under, learning and training to be a hunter. There was more to it than hunting. One had to know how to track. First aid. Survival tactics. Shooting. So many things. So he had kept busy all those years. Now, though… with the chores of a candidate, he was busy doing things that were nasty! Today, though, he was lucky. He had watered plants. And tended to them a little. I was all done by early afternoon, and now he was free! So what does he do with his free time? Well, he is running. Light shoes are on his feet, and his torso is bear. No, he is not shirtless per-say. See, his shirt is pulled up over his shoulders. His arms are free. It helps with the heat, and keeps his with a shirt in case it is needed. Hair wet with sweat, cheeks red from effort and breath coming in pants the teen finally comes to a stop feet from the waterfall. His mind takes in Ila'den's form, and Iris' just before he bends over, hands to his knees as he begins to catch his breath. "He—-llo". Pant. Pant. pant.

Quiet time? Pah! What a notion, there was certainly nothing quiet about the deed Iris and Ila just accomplished. Iris is stretched out languidly, still reclined , stomach to the ground, where Ila'den had left her moments ago. Oh and does she ever look satisfied! Mmmmhmmm! The approach of a running person doesn't really give her cause to cover up or to little more than prop herself up by her elbows, rest her chin on her hands, and peer curiously at the sweaty, red youth. Not, of course, sweaty from the /fun/ exertions like Ila and Iris just took care of.

Ila'den looks up when Rhadan arrives on the scene, still for a moment as those grey eyes take in his exhausted appearance and then flicker over to his weyrmate. That mouth of his sets in a line, a clear indicator that he's at war with the situation, but after a moment, the Weyrsecond is moving with grace to his feet. "Rhadan," he says, around a smile, but there's a distinct lack of friendliness to that look. "Training for something?" The candidate is given the bronzerider's back, and he's moving towards a pile of shirt and leathers, right next to his very nude mate whom is leaned over and hauled up against the hard press of Ila's body. His own tunic is brought down over her head, large enough to drown the tiny woman, and more than ample coverage until she decides to put something a little more waterfall suitable on. The goldrider is caught by her chin, head tilted back as the pad of one thumb finds its way across the goldrider's bottom lip, and then he's leaning in to kiss her before turning back to face Rhadan. Now the man is day to his previous night, and the smile he's giving him is more than friendly. In fact, now he's looking downright deviant as he stalks back to the younger boy, and brings an arm around his sweaty shoulders. "Or are you just trying to pick up as many women as possible?" Because some men try to get stronger for the lady benefits only.

Who's to say Rhadan isn't sweaty from fun exertions like those two just had? Well… Rhadan's player, for one. Really, the teen hasn't. But he did just have quite a run - and a lot of it had been on the beach, which makes it harder to run. Harder, but better for working out… right? Whether or not that is true, Rhadan is tired. Sweaty. Hot. And in need of a cool down. The waterfall, thus, has always been a good place to end the first half of a good run (the second half being the run /back/ to the Weyr). His chest heaves, and blue eyes look up to Ila'den through strands of sweaty, brown hair when the Weyrsecond speak. Rhadan's mouth is open and he pants, and the question that is asked brings a smile smile to the teens face - but he cannot answer. For there was a BACK turned to him. WHAT!? Peer. His eyes follow Ila as his tongue snakes out to lick his lips (both are dry, sadly). Rhadan's breath catches slightly, though, when he actually /looks/ at Iris for a moment. Blink. Stare. Is Rhadan a little redder? YES HE IS! Sure, he has seen naked women before… but that was unexpected! His eyes turn away as Ila'den pulls Iris up to cloth her, and his breath, one might note, is now starting to even out. Then Ila'den is back, finishing the questioning. Rhadan looks up to the bronzerider with brief hesitation (Iris has clothes on now, RIGHT?), and there is a moment of looking, taking in the friendly smile before he responds, "I… well, I just want to be stronger. Better." Honest. Of course, the last part would be a good positive.

DID RHADAN JUST GANDER AT HIS WEYRMATE AND BLUSH? The look on the Weyrsecond's face says that he's /on/ to you, young little candidate boy, but that you are forgiven because who /wouldn't/ look at that hot piece of a- "Stronger? Better? For what?" Ila'den doesn't simply believe in actions without motivation, but if he has interest in the answer to his question, he doesn't linger long on waiting for it. Instead he's tousling Rhadan's hair and turning a sideways smile onto the hunter apprentice, saying, "There are other things that are much more important to learn, like how to pick up on the ladies." There's a pause, a glance over his shoulder at his weyrmate, and then there's a deviant smile turned back onto Rhadan. He uses his arm around the poor boy's shoulders to steer him towards his weyrmate, and plants him face-to-face with the tiny goldrider. "Well, go on then. Let's hear your best." YOU CAN USE HIS LADY AS PRACTICE.

Breathing is slowing - becoming more even, deep and solid. Rhadan's chest is not heaving as heavily anymore, as his breathing evening out. Air is being distributed to his tired muscles, and the teen now takes his hands off of his knees and is standing straight, just as he begins to answer the question that Ila'den asked. The candidate's mouth shuts, though, as his damp (and sweaty) hair is tousled by the Weyrsecond, drawn a look of confusion from Rhadan. Something like, 'Did you just tousle my hair? I barely know you.' - and that confusion depend when the Weyrsecond comments about learning to 'pick up on the ladies.' "Huh? What do you - uh!" Rhadan /did/ just flinch when Ila'den's arm went around his shoulders, but only slightly. He doesn't fight against the movement, either. And then… he is in front of Iris. RECENTLY NAKED IRIS. Note the look of shock and confusion that Ila'den gets when Rhadan looks over his shoulder. Note also the embarrassed look that comes to his face when he looks at Iris again. Blink. "Uh… hi?" How can you resist /that/, Iris? A bare chested 14 turn old (almost fifteen), all sweaty and flushed (from the sun, exercise and the situation) looking up at you and saying "Hi?" - WHO COULD RESIST THIS?

Ila's man-handling-clothing of Iris with his tunic has the weyrwoman laughing lightly, rolling over onto her back once covered up. Eventually she pulls herself up into a sitting position as Ila approaches Rhadan and brings him over. She gives the candidate a once-over, head tilted curiously. "Hello there," she murmurs, her intention innocent but, being as she was only too recently enjoying some intimacy with Ila'den, her voice contains far too much sexual overtone. "Stronger and better, hmm? Planning for becoming a dragonrider?" Iris shakes her head at Ila'den, laughing again. "Are you saying /you/ need some practice on that, love?"

Far too much sexual overtone indeed! Ila'den looks, for a moment, quite annoyed with Iris' inability to reign in her intimate tones, but the look is gone nearly as quickly as its come, replaced entirely with amusement. "Well, go on then, Rhadan. She's using that voice on you, means you're doing /something/ right." Or somebody /else/ just finished doing something right. "What would you say to her, to get her to notice you instead of me?"

Footsteps on the path! There isn't much need for silence, and thus V'ric's arrival is not at all..stealthy. But it is full of staring, and eyeballing, and otherwise /looking/ at the group that happens to be..just there. A few more steps in, and the brownrider simply stops, the inevitable sigh a heavy one as he immediately zeroes in on the one so obviously responsible for that somewhat annoyed expression. "..This is what you wanted me for?" A hand waves out somewhat to include the half-naked riders and candidate. "I don't even want to know. Whatever you're doing to him..I don't want to know."

So, here we are. Ila'den is shirtless, arm around a bare chested Rhadan's shoulders (for the teen's shirt is hiked up over his shoulders still). Rhadan is red and sweaty from the lon g run he has recently finished, having come to the waterfall for a rest. It is a good place to rest. Of course, when he got here he was confronted with Ila and Iris. One had been NAKED (not that Rhadan saw much) - Ila was good at blocking. This, though, was not expected. He has been presented to Iris and challenged to… Woo her? WHAT? The teen is quite… well, uncomfortable. Any who can see him would be able to notice that easily. His eyes drift down to the ground when he Iris addresses him, and replies, "Uh… well, no. The training is for… well, me. Not for anyone else. Not for becoming a dragonrider…" AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ILA? Rhadan's eyes give the bronzerider a look meant to convey just that, even as he speaks it, "I… I don't know what'd I'd say." And then his eyes are drawn to V'ric. Someone… else. New. HELP!

This is what Ila'den wanted V'ric for INDEED. "Of course you want to know," Ila'den says around a roguish smile, relinquishing his hold on Rhadan in favor of moving to put his best friend in a headlock. He pulls the brownrider closer to the fray, releasing him only then he's beside his 'mate and the candidate again, and then moves around both of them to catch Iris around her waist. He hauls the tiny woman up and onto her feet, back to his chest, and then gives her a gentle push towards the both of them. "I'm trying to teach him, Vel, the fine art of picking up women." Now the bronzerider is on the move once more, and he's catching at Vel's elbow while simultaneously catching at Rhadan's to shuffle them about until V'ric and Iris are face to face. "Show him how it's then done, you renegade, you." Easy laughter, as if he's just told the world's best joke. "Unless, of course, you are unsure of how to pick up women." BROWWAGGLE. Poor Iris. Poor EVERYBODY.

V'ric is manhandled about! He'd help Rhadan…really he would, but there's a bare arm of Ila'den rather tightly locked around him. At least he has some dignity about it, swatting off the limb as soon as he's able and trying to straighten back up. Only to end up face to face with Iris. The brownrider simply stands there a moment, slanting a look back at Ila'den. "You do realize that I've already /had/ sex with her, right?" HOW MUCH MORE PICKUP DOES HE NEED? Nevermind the help that dragons provided for that. The brownrider sighs faintly then, rubbing the bridge of his nose, then simply steps forward, sliding his fingers underneath Iris' chin. "He asked for this." Oh, such quiet words. Ended in the connection of lips, and an arm around Iris' waist. WAS THIS WHAT ILA'DEN WANTED?

Rhadan IS FREE! Well, mostly. When Ila'den moves over to grab V'ric, Rhadan is let go. Of course, now Rhadan will not receive help from the brownrider. The brownrider is captured too! Where will help ever come from? Rhadan takes the freedom to cast Iris a shy look, "Sorry about this…" Why is /he/ apologizing when it is all Ila's fault? Well, he just wants to. As Ila'den begins to drag V'ric over, Rhadan uses his freedom to get his arms back into his shirt and cover himself. Yes, that is better. Of course, it is a little sticky - stupid sweat! And then V'ric is there next to him, and more shuffling is happening and Ila is grabbing him again! Ah! Rhadan's eyes boggle a bit when V'ric is so blunt about his and Iris' sexual encounter in the past. They boggle more, though, when the brownrider kisses the goldrider. WHAT! "I'm… uh, I'm going to go was up real quick…" The waterfall is right there, see? And Rhadan is sweaty and sticky and thirsty and… well, there is kissing! So, now he is trying to take a few steps back and excuse himself from the situation. Flee!

Iris raises a brow, challenging, as the boy squirms uncomfortably. "You could compliment the girl. Make a comment. Maybe you think it sounds stupid… but in the moment, even some of the silliest comments and come-ons are… well. sexy." She glances over to Ila then, her smile sultry. Oh yes, there were some Words. Nice words. Before their deed at the waterfall just now. And now, a new person! V'ric is on scene, and Ila'den is shuffling people around and around and shoving Vel at her. She pushes herself up from the ground then, to stand as Vel steps forward. She winks at Rhadan as Vel comes in close, and certainly Vel, being this near, will catch the unmistakeable scent and taste of Ila on Iris's lips. Ila's tunic rides up slightly as Vel snakes that arm around her waist, and she snakes her arms over his shoulders, pressing into the kiss for as long as Vel wishes to give in to Ila's demands. When that's done, she'll wink again at Rhadan. "Sometimes… words are just superfluous."

What a taste, what a scent! Ila'den's brows go up when his best friend is catching his weyrmate around the waist, and then furrow together when their lips are meeting. Rhadan tries to make an escape, but Ila'den is quicker, and before the teenager can so much as complete a full step, the Weyrsecond has him by the collar and is jerking him back forward once again. "Not exactly what I had in mind," he says softly, from just behind the brownrider, and anybody who's anybody knows that soft from Ila'den is dangerous. "But I guess that will do." Regardless of whether or not the pair are prepared to break away, Ila'den is catching V'ric by his hair, and giving the former renegade's head a non-too-gentle jerk backwards. He leans in, lips at his friend's ear to whisper something, and then he's giving him a shove away, fury in his eyes. It's gone, however, mischievous when he's shoving Rhadan forward. "Might as well show him how it's done, Iris." And you can bet your ass there is a thick layer of insult behind that generous smile.

Well that's far from polite. It's all fun and games until someone's weyrmate is getting kissed. V'ric, is, at least, used to Ila'den's form of manhandling. Though getting yanked by his hair is not at all what he was expecting. But at least he's disengaging from Iris, and throws a glare right at his friend for it all, despite stepping back. Or being shoved. And when the bronzerider pushes Rhadan, V'ric moves forward again as well behind Ila'den, a growled whisper against the man's ear before he pulls back entirely again. "Stop molesting the damn candidate, Ila'den. Leave him."

Rhadan is stopped! Well, it wasn't totally unexpected. One of the reasons the poor boy is training so hard recently is to get stronger than those people who keep trying to manhandle him. Ila'den just happens to be the newest manhandler on the list. His body is jerked forward by the collar of his shirt, and the boy's eyes go wide when it happens, arms flailing briefly. WHOA! His expression is kind of… scared? What is going on? Why him? He swallows, and a redish tongue darts out to lick his lips as he watches Ila'den, eyes studying the man's face as he confronts his friend. What was up with this guy!? He is scary, yet friendly. And then scary… and friendly. Then, suddenly, Rhadan is being pushed forward to Iris! And… what did Ila'den say? Uh… RED. Yep. That is Rhadan's color now. He is blushing. "Uh… sorry." Again with the sorry. A hand goes up to swipe hair from his forehead, as some had fallen to into his eyes as he looks at Iris and then, with a swallow, turns around! Yep. Turn away from Iris to… Ila? Yup. And now Rhadan is looking up at the man while his back is to the goldrider. What the heck should he say!? Well, this, "You know, your left nostril is different from than the right one." When in doubt, make random observations.

Far from polite, indeed. Iris makes a moue at Ila'den when he jerks V'ric away. "If you wanted to give Rhadan an example, you could've just kissed me yourself, love," Iris grins then, and as Rhad is then shoved in her face, she sighs. "I can tell I'd pay for it later if I did. But I mean, if you insist I will." But then Rhad is twisting away and the goldrider is breaking into snickers at the comment. Not what she thought was coming out of his mouth! Helpless snickers. So helpless. Because after all, she'd always thought it looked sort of like a bean.

HOW DARE YOU TRY TO NEGATE THE PERFECTION THAT IS ILA'DEN, AND HIS COMPLEXION. In fact, the only one who has /not/ commented on Ila'den's nose (meta or otherwise) is V'ric, and it's why the brownrider is getting a look. Or perhaps it's whatever V'ric said seconds before that's earned the man the bronzerider's favor. "You want a closer look at it, kid?" Ila'den asks, and there's something husky in his tone when suddenly he's leaning in much too close to Rhadan, roguish smile in tact. "Of course, I'm not a woman, but that's a horrible way to pick up women." So his hands go on Rhadan's shoulders, and he twists the young man back to face his weyrmate while brows go high for Iris. "I don't need to make you pay for anything, little bird. I'm pretty sure the entire weyr just heard you singing my name," and with a gentle push back towards the goldrider (for Rhad, of course), Ila'den's attention is on V'ric. He leans towards the man, whispering something or the other, and comes away looking positively wicked. "Now then, where were we? Ah, yes. Pick up /lines/," notice the emphasis on that last word. "V'ric, do you have any good ones to share with our candidate?"

V'ric is looking at Ila'den alright. And not at his nose. He already /knows/ the man's nose is shaped in the way of beans. But it's a wonderful nose. He sighs though, arms folding over his chest when the poor candidate abuse continues. Alas, he has no authority to be telling weyrwomen and weyrseconds what to do! And then there's more words from Ila'den, and he calmly eyes the bronzerider for just a moment…but then there's more! Pickup LINES? Ila'den wants lines? "…Please." A soft, singular word. And oddly directed right at Ila'den, despite the fairly challenging look in on the brownrider's face. Best. Line. Ever.

Somehow, Rhadan has brought laughter from the goldrider behind him. His face does not convey any sense of pride or pleasure in what is apparently some sort of 'joke' the told. Nope. He didn't mean for it to be a joke, he was just making an observation. Not his fault that Ila'den has a bean-hole for a nostril. Actually, the candidate has not had enough time to secure the idea of it being bean-shaped yet. Perhaps if he were to look some more… oh, yeah, there is Ila. Right. In. Rhadan's. Face. Swallow again. Of course, his mouth is dry, so it is just the motion that is calming. "I didn't mean for it to be—" And then? Well, then he is being turned again, and Ila'den is speaking more. And then? Then he is being pushed back toward's Iris. Why!? Swallow. Stare. "I didn't hear anything." Okay, so if Rhadan, who was running nearby, didn't hear Iris singing Ila's name, not everyone would have, right? There is a weird beating in Rhadan's ears, and as he stands before Iris, one foot kicking at the ground below him, he does not hear V'ric's softly spoken 'please'. So he has no pickup lines! He does speak, though, after a moment. "I'm, uh… thirsty." And he has been kept from any source of water or refreshment after a long run by this weird picking-up-ladies-lesson!

Iris curbs her snickering very quickly. "I love your face, my love. Every little bit of it." After all, she's got strange shapes of her own. Be that as it may, when Rhad finally turns back and offers that oh-so-suave line… she snickers again. Can't help it. But then she's coughing and assuming a very serious expression, a very… suggestive expression. "And I suppose you'd like to quench your thirst on my… juices would you? It is better down where it's wetter, after all." More moisture down below than saliva up top, anyway. /If/ the pick up artist gives a good enough line.

It's a softly spoken word from V'ric, and there's a /look/ from Ila'den. There's a heartbeat, maybe two, where Ila'den is half deaf to the ridiculous conversation going on between his weyrmate and Rhadan. When it sinks in, his brows furrow together, and he's turning a look (though quite the distracted one) at Rhadan. It's better down where it's wetter? "Take it from me, kid," Ila'den rasps in assent, but the next moment he's taking steps to close the distance separating himself from his best friend, and the brownrider is being caught by the back of his neck moments before Ila'den pulls him in for a kiss. There's certainly nothing chaste about the meshing of mouths, but there's certainly nothing gentle, either. He's demanding, teeth finding the rider's bottom tier, then the top, and when he jerks back he's growling out, "Don't fucking do that to me, Velrich." The brownrider is let go, and suddenly Ila'den looks little and less in the mood to play games. He's moving between Rhadan and Iris, heading straight for the water and where clothes have been left in a tell-tale pile.

Score! V'ric doesn't seem to /mind/ either, allowing that kiss, and looking just…a tad satisfied afterward, even with Ila'den stalking away. At least he doesn't seem smug about it. He shakes his head though, wiping his mouth a bit with the back of his hand while going the other way, and gives Iris a light nudge. "Go on after him then, before he takes it out on some /other/ candidate." After all, they're all over the place. The perfect fodder for an angry bronzerider. As for Rhadan? Well. Vel eyes the candidate, a brow lifting just a little bit. "Not a fountain you want to drink from, kid."

THAT WAS NOT WHAT WAS INTENDED! Rhadan's eyes are boggled, again. It took him a moment and a blank look for the goldrider's words to register in his head. It also took him a brief look 'down', past the goldrider's hips for a moment. Then his eyes are wide and traveling up to Iris'. If she had been expecting something other than shock, surprise and embarrassment, she will be sorely disappointed. If she wanted any or all of those, she hit the jackpot. "I… I … Uh… Uh…!" And Ila'den is speaking then, and Rhadan's blinking, shocked expression turns to the male riders just as they are… KISSINING! WHAT!? Everyone here has now kissed accept for Rhadan! Of course, this is not… as shocking as the statement from the goldrider, but Rhadan does watch it with that shock still on his face. Then that kiss is ended and Ila is moving between Iris and Rhadan, and the boy… well, what is he suppose to do? He is still in slight shock! His eyes travel to Iris, then V'ric is looked at with a slightly… horrified look. Rhadan's eyes are still a bit wide and his chin is still dropped a bit. "I.. I… I didn't mean that! I just wanted water!"

Iris does not hold that serious, suggestive expression very long after her 'pick up' line. No no, she breaks into the giggles, even as she watches her weyrmate get smoochy with Vel. And then proceed to stalk past them all towards the water. With one last giggle, she sucks in a long breath before heading off after him. No bother to let the kid know she was only teasing, she's off and away and catching up to Ila, snagging his arm and tiptoeing up to whisper in Ila's ear and then also collect up clothing from their pile. Not that she had much more than a bikini and waist wrap. Once they are on, though, Ila can have his tunic back.

Poor, poor Rhadan. "Lessons are over for today," the Weyrsecond informs, seconds after his weyrmate is at his side. He doesn't give her the opportunity to get dressed, because he's hauling the poor thing up against his body to settle on his hips. "And /you/," he growls to his weyrmate, though it's husky, and far from angry. "Are going to give me a very belated turnday gift." What is his gift? There's another look for Rhadan, and the bronzerider is jerking his head towards the abandoned pile of clothes. "Run me some errands, Rhadan. If you don't want to be where it's wetter, take that down to be washed, and bring it to me later. I'll teach you all about women then." And then? He's moving after his best friend, shifting Iris so the woman is over his shoulder as he catches at the crook of V'ric's elbow. "I don't need a fucking flight to dictate what I need." And yeah, regardless of whether or not either of them consent, he's dragging them both away. Who knows! Maybe he really will get his way after all~

"I know you didn't." Who /would/ mean it that way? At least not if they /wanted/ to pick up the ladies. V'ric shakes his head a little though, eying Ila'den and Iris as the two whisper, work on bathing suits, and then…Iris gets tossed right over Ila's shoulder like potatoes. Then the brownrider is being steered about, and he casts a somewhat disbelieving look on his friend. But he also doesn't quite pull away, moving along before he finally speaks up again..somewhat hesitantly. "I'm sure she can walk…"

Rhadan is… well… free of all these dragonriders. These weird, beanhole-nostriled and kissy-kissy dragonriders. Well, almost. The poor boy who had ALREADY been doing chores all day before coming for a hot, sweaty run and left with the clothing of the Weyrsecond and goldrider. The teen's face goes quite quickly from shocked and horrified to indignant in a matter of seconds. Only the sheer hate for chores and annoyance at the older man's inability to do his own work can bring such a look to the boy's face. Oh, this was not cool at all! For a few moment's, Rhadan's lips turn and he is, obviously, thinking about rejecting the command… but, he cannot, and he knows it. Whatever! Fine! There is an unhappy glare sent to the bronzerider as Rhadan turns and he is moving towards the water. Well, at least with his apparent 'teacher' leaving the boy can finally get some water! Ugh!

Really? Throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes? How many times is he going to do this? But really, she's used to it by now. It's pretty normal for her oh so beloved weyrmade to toss her around with his strength. At least he's usually gentle about it. Usually. She does squeak with faux indignation, though at the same time she's squirming to get into a better, more comfortable position. V'ric has it right. "I /could/," she mumbles. "But then Ila wouldn't get to feel like a manbeast carrying around its mate." To Rhad, as they depart, she waves, throwing a sympathetic look in the kid's direction.

APPARENTLY ILA'DEN'S OUTTRO WASN'T ENOUGH. So, when V'ric stops, and Iris doesn't protest, the bronzerider is raising an eyebrow. "Did you both just agree to sleep with me?" Yep, he's going to let that sink in a moment, and then he's going to call out a gruff, "Take your time with that laundry, kid. You interrupt me, and I'll make sure you get latrine duties for the rest of your candidacy." Most men's fantasies? Girls. Twins, even. Ila'den's? V'ric and Iris. Yep, V'ric is grabbed once more, and Ila's saying, "The fuck she can walk. I'm not giving her a chance to back out." And he's draaaaaggggging them both away. Far, far and away.

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