Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Western Weyr - The Sea
There is water. And waves. And more water. Maybe a fish?

Zi'on is excited! And when Zi'on is excited that generally means bad things for the candidates. For some reason the weyrleader has got it in his head that the candidates should all learn how to man a boat. Not sail a boat, mind you. The bronzer, despite being named Shipton, doesn't really know that much about ships. No instead he's got a rather large paddle boat and has loaded it up with snacks and drinks and fishing gear. And then he's rounded up some of the candidates early in the morning (shame on them for sleeping in late) and coerced them down to the docks with the promises of no chores. It all seems like fun, until they get down to the docks at Western, and he's shooing everyone into the boat. "Alright candidates! Everyone into the boat! Grab an oar!" Nevermind that the gray clouds overhead seem to suggest this is a bad idea. Noo, nevermind that. Zi'on helps a young chubby candidate with shaggy brown hair into the boat as everyone climbs aboard.

Kazuto is not so excited. It's early morning, the clouds suggest that it might rain, and he is barely awake enough to realize what trouble he might have gotten himself into. The allure of not having chores is a strong mistress to overcome, however, and he managed to get himself put together enough to go along with whatever zany idea is going to take place. Lifting a hand to rub at his eyes, he takes into account the fact that there is a boat with ores that they're getting told to get into and he blinks owlishly at a nearby candidate. "Are we going to have to row that thing? That's /worse/ than chores." But, no sooner than he grumbles about that - they're told to get into the boat and grab an oar. Despite his grumbling, he does as he is told - it's past the point of no return at this moment..

"No chores." That is the promise that convinced Rhadan to follow on this trip. Well, it wasn't like someone could actually say "no" to the Weyrleader (could they?) - especially a candidate. Still, even on the morning where the chore schedule permitted the teen to sleep in a bit later, it was okay to be woken up to the promise of "No chores." Groggy, without so much as a mug of klah to wake him or a slice of toast in his stomach, Rhadan is following the Weyrleader in the group of candidate with groggy eyes and mind. "Why so early?" Is a question asked to no one in particular as the walk through the bowl. Once to the docks, Rhadan's mind begins to clear. Then, more to himself than others "Why… docks?" Is there worry in his voice? Yes, yes there is. And then they are there, and being told to get a /boat/. One with oars. And while Kazuto and the other candidates are doing as they are told (a few with grumbles), Rhadan's feet stay glued to the dock near the boat. "Um… sir." Zi'on is looked at sheepishly, "I… uh…" Rhadan's voice is quieter now, "I… I get seasick, you see…"

No chores, grab them oars! "Yep, we're rowing that thing. Buck up, Kazu! Rowing a boat puts hair on your chest. See?" Zi'on pulls the collar of his shirt down so Kazuto can see his chest hair. Gross. At least the bronzer takes his place at the oars as well. "We can take turns. Also it's not that far. We can sing songs on the way." And if it is far and the bronzer gets tired of rowing he'll have his dragon pull them the rest of the way. Or he'll leave them stranded out on the island. Technically they could say no to Zi'on. Though it might not do them much good. But the bronze is at least jovial for the time of the morning it is. Normally Zi'on is the worst in the mornings. "If you all are hungry I brought sandwiches." Zi'on pats Rhad's shoulders. "We'll let you ride up front. That way you'll get a lot of air. Or is it better to ride in the middle? Don't worry. It's not that far." That's the nice way of putting 'man up and get into the boat, Rhad.'

Kazuto grimaces when he's shown the hair on Zi'on's chest, and scrunches his nose. "Do women like that stuff?" He asks, and then shakes his head before hopping into the boat and picking one of the oars to grab for himself. When Rhadan looks tentative, and Zi'on tells him to get a lot of air, he reaches to tug another candidate to sit next to him so there's no room for the one that might get seasick beside him. He tries to look innocent as he does so, grinning at the poor candidate that's tugged to sit beside him. "Sandwiches sound great!" Kazu chippers up a little bit at that, at least there's some food to be had, once the rowing is done.

Boats. Horrible, wobbly swaying up and down… BOATS! Rhadan had taken a few long trips on boats, and the results were never very good. The teen's feet are still glued to the wood of the docks for the moment, even as Zi'on gives him assurances and he receives looks from some of the other candidates. Some people just don't understand! They would, if they had go through it! The teen candidate swallows, and his gaze sets on the boat, and those oars. EYE! "Okay. Well… short trip… right?" Tentative indeed. Rhadan's feet move now, and he begins to step his way slowly onto the boat. Even as he does, Kazuto gets a bit of a glare. How can anyone sound so happy about sandwiches when they were on a /boat/! No one has the right to sound like that this early! Rhadan is on the boat now, though, and he certainly does look unsure. Short trip. Remember that. Short. Trip. And thus, Rhadan is in the front of the boat. Zi'on said that was best, right? Air, or something? Sitting is good, right?

This is a stupid idea, or at least Rhabel /looks/ like he thinks it's a stupid idea. Actually, that's a lie; Rhabel doesn't look anything at all aside from bored. He watches with eyes that say very little as those unfortunate enough to be within Zi'on's radar are corralled and lead to boats, but despite the fact that he comes up short when the Weyrleader is telling the lot to grab oars, he obeys. Rhadan is spared a look for his seasickness, Kazuto for his commentary, and the anti-social candidate finds himself a spot to sit far from all three of them - or as far as he can manage, given there probably isn't much in the way of /space/ on the sharding thing. There is news of sandwiches, and chest hair, and Rhab looks straight ahead, mostly because he doesn't want to see anything attached to Zi'on that requires a rearrangement of clothing. Ever. Idiots, every last one.

Zi'on laughs and turns a hand this way and that. "Eh. It's hit or miss. Enka made me shave it, Kiena wanted me to keep it. But it's easier to shave it if you have it than it is to grow it if you don't. Am I right?" Instead Kazu gets stuck with chubby candidate sitting next to him, who looks just as excited as Rhadan does. "Short trip! We'll row fast. Right men?" Also that girl who has sat at an oar. "Rhabel you take one of the oars. You need some beefing up anyways." Also he needs to participate, so Zi'on will FORCE HIM TO DO SO. Anytime is a good time for sandwiches, though Zi'on much prefers pastry or sweets of any sort. Once everyone is in the boat, Zi'on shoves them away from the dock. "Okay Rhadan. You're the navigator. Can you see the islands on the horizon? That's where we're headed so just keep us going that way." Anchors away! "Let's try to row in sync if we can. So does that mean you have a girl you're looking to impress, Kazu?"

Kazuto doesn't appear to mind whoever he gets sat next to, unless, of course, the person starts having issues on the boat and he ends up covered in something he would prefer not to. He tugs at the oar and gets ready to row as soon as he's told to - but, the question is - is he going to be in sync with the others? Probably not so much. "I've never done this before." He admits, before scrunching his nose at Zi'on, "I got none, and I don't think I want any. Guess whoever I end up with will have to like me for me." He says with amusement, glancing at the antisocial candidate and peering to watch where Rhadan ended up. "Who, me? No…." He answers to Zi'on, shaking his head vehemently as though no such thought could go through his mind. Pink cheeks might say otherwise, or it could be the cool morning air, right?

Yay. Rhadan is in the same boat as the chubby candidate, but literally and figuratively. Easy pun? Yeah, get over it. I know you will. Anyway, that fugitive boat is the one of people who don't enjoy being in this boat. Rhabel doesn't count - he never enjoys being anywhere public. Anti-social and all. Rhadan's eyes look over his shoulder when Zi'on speaks his name (those eyes were on his lap, looking at the oar there) and the uncertainty he feels is apparent on his face. Blink. "Uh… okay…" And now he looks forward - and if only someone could see those eyes and the odd… fear in them. He is quite afraid that he'll be heaving soon. The swallow of fluids in his mouth, though, can been noticed by the lifting and lowering of his head, perhaps. But, the show must go on. He points, "Those ones?" And then they are off. Rhadan, it might be noted, actually does know how to handle an oar. To a candidate behind him he comments, "I might get seasick… but I had to learn." So now he is using that oar. Soon, he'll say, "We need to go a little more to the right." And they should. So… left side strokes?

When Zi'on addresses him, Rhabel turns a look onto the Weyrleader that asks insulting questions without words. Mostly questions about intelligence. "I /have/ an oar," the candidate says then, monotone, as green eyes drop to the object in his hands. Evil Zi'on, making him be around a GAGGLE of candidates. Kazu's dissension of chest hair does, however, earn him a look from the pleasantly blank Rhab. "Don't you want to be a man?" he questions. It's not like Rhabel has any chest hair, but if he did, he'd certainly feel beefy enough to tell Zi where he can stick his sharding boat. And then his eyes are on Rhadan, and there's a murmur that sounds something like, 'Stop looking back,' because clearly that's where his might-possibly-happen seasick will go if he doesn't stop. In the mean time, he will just obey directions. He doesn't show it on the outside, but on the inside, he's way excited about those sandwiches. In a serious way.

The chubby candidate just looks more frightened than anything. At least so far. Only time will tell if he's frightened because he might get sick, or because he can't swim and is afraid the boat will capsize. Rowing is happening, yes. But synchronized rowing? Not so much. At least they seem to be heading in mostly the right direction. So far. Zi'on chuckles to Kazu. "I suppose they will. How old are you? Mine didn't really come in until I was maybe sixteen or seventeen. Maybe even later." The bronzer peers at Kazu. He can smell a liar when he sees one! Or something. "Yeah, those ones." Zi'on says, turning to look where Rhadan is pointing. "Our left or your left?" Since the rowers are facing the wrong way. Technically Zi'on is in the left side of the boat, but he's not sure if he ought to row harder or not. "What, do you like chest hair, Rhabel? Surely you don't actually have any. Ir'e has some though, doesn't he?" Zi'on can't remember exactly, but Ir'e and Zi'on seem to be of the same sort of dark-skin dark-haired hairy bake. "Whooa!" Zi'on says as a big wave lifts the boat a little.

"Is that the measure of a man, if they have chest hair or not?" Kazuto asks Rhabel skeptically, then shakes his head a couple times. "I'm eighteen, and I don't have much." He says with a shrug, not like he's really put a lot of thought into if it mattered or not if he had any. Tugging on the oars, he manages to drag it through the water before trying to do it all over again. More work than he thought it would be, from the looks on his face as the wave lifts the boat somewhat and his oar from the water - causing him to lunge forward a bit before righting himself. "Whoa!" He agrees, looking up at the sky to see if there's about to be any droplets falling on them soon.

Rhadan has no chest hair. But he has an excuse. He has yet to turn 15 turns. Others who are older? Well, they'll have to figure that out for themselves. Rhadan is okay with his lack of chest hair, personally. HE IS TOO YOUNG FOR THE STUFF. "You know, alcohol doesn't actually put hair on your chest." That is stated as if it was a tested fact (indeed, it was tested). And the Zi'on is asking for the actual direction, and Rhadan is turning to blink. His arms then go out and he is looking at both hand alternatively. Right… left… right… "Uh, your right!" Yeah, now it the point where Rhabel should call Rhadan an idiot. Hey, give the teen a break. It was his first direction. And then there is the wave. Rhadan is not /afraid/ of the sea. He can swim and all. He just gets /sick/. So when the wave lifts the boat, it is not fear that enters his face, but a slightly sickly look. It was more of anticipation. He isn't sick, yet. His face is soon straightening. "Uh… was that normal?" is that a good question to hear from your navigator? Rhadan is looking forward again, and around at the sea. "Um… what do we do if there are more?" PEER!

Zi'on laughs. "Not really. If anything you lose points for having chest hair, then your lady making you shave it." Yes, that was a knock at himself. "Really though I don't think girls often care or think about it." There's a pause in the rowing from everyone as the boat wobbles from the waves. Even Zi'on grabs hold of the sides. No rain yet, thankfully, but the wind is picking up and so are the waves. It also doesn't help that the waves seem to be working against them. If Rhadan had chest hair Zi'on would give him his manliest manfur award straight away. "It doesn't!? Why was I always drinking all that whiskey as a kid, then?" He laughs. "I'm kidding. I never drank whiskey. Just gin." Zi'on picks up his rowing, assuming that is what Rhadan meant to happen. "It was just a wave. It's normal." Everything's normal, everything is fine… Ookay, they're getting wet now, but it's from the waves licking the boat. Chubby is whimpering. "It'd be more work to go back now. So let's just keep going." Never you mind that thunder in the distance!

The navigator. That is Rhadan's job. His duty is to guide the boat to those Isles. Yes. Nevermind the waves that are beginning to churn Rhadan's stomach, despite the fact that he hasn't ate for just under twelve hours. Maybe that weird rumbling is hunger, not sickness? Those around him can only hope. Rhadan /did/ want the rowing to continue, and as it does, his hands dart out on either side of him to catch the side of the boat. That… was a wave. Whoa. "This… does not seem /normal/." It isn't that Rhadan doesn't believe Zi'on… but can you feel the splashing of that water!? /All/ of Rhadan's groggy is gone now, and he is fully awake. And turning a bit green. Gulp. One might note, though, that Rhadan (even while looking a little sickly) is pushing on! YUS! NO FEAR! "I… uh… we need to go right a bit! Your guys' right, little stronger for a bit!" And as the course is being corrected, and thunder is /clearly/ heard (Okay, fear a bit), Rhadan turns around to ask, "Uh… you wouldn't have brought any alcohol with you today, would you?" Forget the sandwiches. Bring on the booze.

Zi'on doesn't seem to be minding the waves. Of course if one looks carefully against the dark clouds, they can see the shadow of a dragon looming overhead. A large one. Probably Suldith or some rescue rider out to keep an eye on them. So Zi'on isn't worried! "It's normal. Just a little choppy." There are lots of candidates crammed into the boat, and as Kazuto moves off the oars, someone else is urged to take his places. Sunny! Wake up and take Kazu's place! Chubble-Bubble in the middle of the boat now is crying quietly to himself, so at least Rhad is doing better than he is? "Buck up, sailors! Let's sing a song!" Zi'on takes a flask out of his pocket and hands it up to Rhad. So what if he gets a little tipsy? Meanwhile, he starts to sing. "Got a dragon of a tale to tell ya, lads. A dragon of a tale or two. 'Bout the lumberin' wher and the girls I've loved, on days out there with Rukbat above. A dragon of a tale and it's all true I swear by Rhab's tattoo!" Yes. He will sing as the waves beat the boat.

Sundari is sleeping or something, up until the singing starts it seems, then it is all bets off and she is awake. A yawn escapes her and she stretches a bit from her place near the back of the row boat it seems. She peers out over the others and peers over the side of the boat and grins a bit. "Hey, look how far we got!" She has on a tunic, slightly worn dark brown pants and no shoes seen at all. The sleep is quickly leaving her and she is sitting up, pushing off a blanket she brought along, Strider her brown firelizard pokes his head out of her bag.

Rhadan does not look carefully up at the sky, and thus he does not see the shadow of the dragon. Of course, if someone were to think carefully, or even just /think/, they'd know that Zi'on is a rider. The Weyrleader. There was no way a dragon would not be a) watching them or b) a moments call away by thoughts alone. Rhadan is getting soaked - one of the disadvantages of being at the front of the boat? Well, he is catching water from the waves breaking on both sides of the boat, not to mention the front. His hand is not as steady as it could be when it reaches to take the flask offered by Zi'on, and it takes the teen little time to unscrew it a take a swallow - soon coughing at the strong, burning sensation. He is not accustomed to drinking without something added to the alcohol. His eyes squint and his head shakes before he passes the flask back to the Weyrleader. His face, it might be noted, does not look as sickly. And the chubby candidate? He is given a slight encouraging nod as Rhadan eyes the Weyrleader before he grins slightly. "I didn't know Rhab had a tattoo." Wait. Did he? Maybe. And now Rhadan is looking forward again. Waves. And more waves. "Uh… Right. Your left! I think. I don't know if I'm good at this!" No, he will not sing. He will not sing. He will not sing… Okay, maybe he will join Zi'on under his breath slightly.

It's taking way longer than it ought to, rowing on in the little row boat with the waves crashing into them. Even Zi'on is starting to look tired at the oars. Also he's getting wet, now not only from the waves but the sky has started to open up as well. Though it's not full on raining yet, and hard to tell if it's coming from the sea or the sky. There's a soft "damnit" heard from under the bronzer's breath. And something about the sandwiches getting wet. But if they have to be airlifted out that would only make them more wet, so it's better if they get to the beach. "Come on, ladies, let's pick up the pace before we get blown away!" The flask is taken back and a gulp taken from it. "Rhad take an oar. Sunny, can you try to guide us to the island?" Can anyone even see the island anymore with the waves? Zi'on starts up the song again. Maybe it would help at least distract them? "There was little Jinnie, met her down in Xanadu. She would kiss me, any time I asked her to. Then one evening the flame of love was through. Blow me down and pick me up she swapped me for a blue!" And then back into the chorus. If someone doesn't strangle him first.

"Shells" This escapes Sundari as she catches sight of the store and she blinks a few times before nodding. "Yup!" Is said quickly before she is up and hoping over a few people and up near the bow of the row boat, perched upon it as if she had been doing this most of her life. A pair of goggles is pulled free from her bag and she pulls them on and looks ever so stylish in them, well no not really, they are more to keep the water out of her eyes while she works on finding that right path for the island. "Keep on the path we're at!" Is called out to the ones doing the rowing. As for the song she is humming along some tune that seems to go along with what is being sang rather well.

One very unlady-like person is Rhadan. A lady would be able to get to a better spot to row without bumping into two or three of the other candidates, right? Well, Rhadan is not able to avoid it. It isn't /his/ fault there are waves. Or that he has the sea legs of an eel. Okay. That could be his fault in part… but not /really/! He needed to move so that Sunny could guide, right? There is a look of jealousy and wonder shot at the girl as she makes her way to the front. She is good on a boat! Rhadan, not so much. Rhadan's face, as he takes up an oar, is beginning to lose the strength the alcohol provided it. If he /had/ ate or drank this morning, he likely would be releasing some stuff from his stomach. Right now? Well, he'll last a little longer, maybe. But as he begins the row, the way he is tightly sealing his mouth is obvious. Yep. That'll help, right? His hair is turning a dark brown from the water, and soon that is all one could likely see of him, as he turns his eyes to the bottom of the boat. Why does the boat's floor spin? That is /weird/. "Ugh…" Yep, that sound just left him, even as he continues the rowing. Song. Song. Focus on the music might help the seasickness?

"Okay!" Is the only answer Sunny will get from Zi'on. He's running on pure adrenaline right now, rowing as hard as he can and not worrying about the other rowers. Which is probably bad because they might be starting to turn in a circle if the other side can't keep up. At least the island seems to be getting a little bit closer. But the rain is starting to come down a little bit harder, too. And then there's some shuffling going on, with people standing up in the boat. Things are swaying and it's small wonder that Rhad is seeing the bottom of the boat spin around. "Hold onto your britches!" Zi'on calls out as a big wave crashes in over the boat. "We're taking on water!" Someone yells. It's not Zi'on. Chubby stands up in the boat then slightly, trying to move away from the water. But he loses is balance and… splash. He topples over the edge of the boat. "Waa!" Zi'on of course reaches out to try and grab him, and there is just enough weight to one side (considering the water) that another wave is enough to spill the boat significantly. It's not capsized yet, but a few others are tossed into an angry sea. There's a trumpet from above as the dragon takes a nose dive into the water not too far from them. At least Zi'on has his head above water, and he's got Chubby, too. "Stay with the boat!" He calls out. Or try to.

Sundari leans forward just a bit within the boat, gripping the edge of it with her fingers as she bites down upon her lip. She is shifting sides, leaning one way and then another with a faint grumble and soon a slight eee escapes her as she catches sight of the waves. Who's idea was it to go out in a row boat? The wave smacks into her but she is able to cling onto the boat. Faint warbles of surprise and fear is escaping a brown firelizard that has managed to cling to Sunny and looks rather frightened, maybe she should have left him back on dry land. As the boat is sent one way, and then another wave is slamming into the boat Sunny gets to be one of those tossed into the waves with a slight yelp escaping her in the process. At least she knows how to swim and is soon back up on the choppy surface sputtering out some water in the process.

Sway. Sway. Rain. Rain. Rhadan, while he wishes to be rowing as strongly as the other seamen out on the water today, has started to lose his ability to row the oar with much strength. His arms are weaker than the should be, and his rowing is becoming light. There is a lot of water. And things are spinning. Just before the chubby candidate, whose name escapes Rhadan despite the boy's size, stands and makes a call of 'we're taking on water', Rhadan is /totally/ holding onto his britches. Actually, I lied. He is holding onto the side of the boat as he gets his head over and his stomach releases… something. It wasn't breakfast, for he had none. And dinner had been digested already, likely… whatever it is, it is likely hard to hear the splashing with all the noise… and the fact that it feels like he is being pulled down and backwards! He is on the opposite side of the boat from the tipping, and he hears splashes, should and cries. But he does not look. He does do his best, though, to push down on his side of the boat as fluid exit his body onto that boat's side. COUGH COUGH! "Uhhhhhh…." Others are, hopefully, trying to right to boat as well. If not, he may just fall in, too!

Whoosh! And Sunny is in the water! It was Zi'on's brilliant idea to go out in a row boat. He'd thought the storm would hold off until the afternoon! But that does not appear to be the case. Several of the candidates are left in the boat. Though there was only about eight or nine of them to begin with. Nine maybe including Zi'on. Hopefully the other candidates dumped into the water can swim, or at least can hold onto the boat. While Rhad loses his… whatever happens to be left over in his stomach, the remaining candidates just try to keep the boat upright, which seems to be working for the time being. But it's already full of water and won't be above it for too much longer. Never fear though, Suldith is here! Zi'on had taken precautions at least, so the bronze is wearing his straps. And Zi'on is a trained search and rescue rider, and water rescues are commonplace at Western. The bronze paddles over to them, fighting the waves, and maneuvers himself so it's an easy climb onto his back for those in the water. Some people need a boost, like Chubby, who is clutching onto Zi'on like Sunny's firelizard is clutching onto her. "Everybody up! No you're not going to drown. Just hang onto the straps. There we go." Once everyone is out of the water, Zi'on steadies the boat as best he can from below. "Okay… let's get out of the boat one at a time. Rhad are you alright? Should we take you to the infirmary?" It might not be a bad idea to take EVERYONE there. Just in case.

Sundari is near the boat, not so close that she will get slammed into it though, someone has fallen off a boat a few times it would seem. She paddles along, humming, yes actually humming that same tune to herself that Zi'on was singing mere moments before. Each times a wave rolls over she ducks under it so not to get pulled one way or another. Strider is clinging to her still, tail wrapped around her neck, and claws very much so digging into her shoulder, which she doesn't give too much of a thought to at the moment. "You alright Rhadan?" This is questioned after she is up after another wave, and right before he is losing his breakfast it would seem. Sunny makes a face, looking a tad green thanks to seeing that before there is a paddling bronze moving over close. "Hello Suldith!" It isn't hard to see that someone may be enjoying herself just a wee bit, though she grips onto one of the straps and is pulling herself out from the water and gives herself a slight shake. At the question to Rhadan she looks to the boy once more, blinking a few times, hopefully he won't need to go there.

Rhadan is not able to take back control of himself until the sound of a dragon paddling is heard, and another candidate still with him on the boat is nudging him, "Hey. Dude. Come on." And others are inquiring too! Sundari is heard, as is Zi'on. But everyone sound so much father away that they truly are! ACK! Rhadan's hands are clutching the side of the boat still, even as it takes on more water and is sinking… wait. WHAT! Rhadan's heaving seems to be over once he is nudged, though the sickly look on his face is not one that is normal. He looks… droopy. Yes, droopy. He looks at Zi'on and there is a moment of just… staring. Then, he nods his head, "I… I'm okay. It'll be gone soon. Usually. Once we get to ground." He doesn't even have to wipe his face off - the rain took care of that! And so, with that, Rhadan slowly gets his feet under him and stands - legs unsure - before he looks at the bronze and reaches to grab a strap. Swallow. And… safety. Kind of. Right? "I'm okay." He says that to himself, and others. Sundari was kind to ask, ya know.

Sunny wins the weird candidate award. She's -enjoying- being turned out of a boat in extremely choppy seas and having to be rescued on dragonback? This was not the fun day Zi'on was hoping for! He wanted to take a nice row out to the islands and go fishing and eat sandwiches and chat with the candidates. Suldith makes a general warble in greeting, but the bronze is rather focused on the task at hand and making sure he doesn't swamp over any of the candidates. Most of the candidates are somewhat able to scramble up Suldith themselves, others are pushed by Zi'on or pulled by the other candidates. And Rhad is pushed out of the boat. Or at least nudged a little until he leaves. Zi'on climbs up during the boat evacuation, and helps lift droopy Rhad up onto the bronze. He can ride in front of Zi'on, in case he starts to droop off the side. "Alright. I've got you. No one kiss Rhadan until he's had a chance to wash his mouth out." Once everyone is in they're taking off. There's no time for strapping in, so hopefully everyone can hold on for the short flight back to the weyr. Off they go! And the boat… well that's lost and gone probably forever.

Sundari never said she wasn't weird, though spending a life out on the open ocean a good amount of the time may have something to deal with why she is acting this way at the moment. A slight cough escapes her as she just leans against Suldith a few moments before she is leaning out to try and help get Rhadan onto the bronze that is rescuing them. A soft smile is offered to him. "At least you stayed in the boat." She points out and gives his arm a pat once Zi'on has him settled in so he doesn't try to add skydiving to his list of things to do.

Sunny is /weird/! Why don't people just all get seasick and not like it? Sure, it is useful and fun for some, but Rhadan's mind right now can only focus on the wobbly feeling he has. It stands to reason that there would be those who love the sea and are… good at it, and those that are /not/ so good at it. And hate it. Rhadan loves swimming. Boats, though? They do things like sway, rock and shake. Ugh! Rhadan's limbs are a still weaker than they should be, and it is a good thing he got help getting up - he /might/ have fallen back in without it. Then, in not too much time, he is sitting on the bronze dragon, and being talked to. His eyes settle on the dragon's scales as he rests into the ridge, "I… I don't think you have to worry about that." Afterall, no girls really kiss Rhadan anyway. Sad day! And then, "Yeah, I may have stayed in the boat, but /you/ look like you didn't have a bit of trouble." Sundari and her sea legs!

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Sundari may be weird, but it is a good weird right, not like a bad weird as some other people? She can hope at least. She nods and keeps that smile as she hears Rhadan. "Well, I was born on a boat basically. Spent the last half dozen turns out at sea." So it stands to reason that she may be good out in water that is crazy like this. There is this talk of Rhadan no getting kissed and she smirks a moment, really is that a conversation o bring up now. Her gaze drifts down across the ocean as they make the trip back to Western. She waits to hope down and once on solid ground she holds her hands out to offer some help to Rhadan as well. "Come on, I'll give you a hand. No waves around here neither."

Western. The Weyr. The /ground/. No water. Well, excluding the idea and fact that they are on and Island in the middle of the ocean. Or the fact that there is a lagoon right /there/. Where? OVER THERE! The flight was… well, flight. Rhadan survived it. The only thing he said during the trip back to the weyr was, "Well. I guess that could explain it." Sundari's time at sea made her more able to withstand it than Rhad, then! Then the bowl. And the Weyr. Oh, the lovely, beautiful Weyr. Rhadan's slid from the bronze is slow and focused. The ground is harder to focus on right now, you see? And there is a hand! Two, actually. Sundari is offering to help him, and he does not reject the help. Once the teen's feet are solidly on the ground, he stands still for a few seconds, testing his balance. "Thank you." and she is getting a bit of a smile now. "I think I need sleep. And a bath. And food." Rumble. Ugh. "Uh… maybe not food yet." His feet move now. Balance is a-okay!

Sundari chuckles softly and nods with a smile. "Pretty much is the reason." She is rather sure there are a few candidates giving her the evil eye, strange glare and whom knows what else. Not that she cares mind you. She keeps hold of Rhadan's hands, making sure he is alright with the balancing bit. "Come on. I'll give you a hand back to the barracks how's that?" She'll wait for him to get moving before following along next to him to offer a shoulder to lean against if he wishes. "I thought you did really good out there. Especially for someone that doesn't much like boats."

Ah. Balance. It is a thing that many people are good at. Rhadan? He can be. Like, when he hunts. Or when he climbs trees. But, often, he trips when he walks. That is under normal circumstances, too, when he is not seasick, soaking wet or dizzy. He is all of those things right now. He does walk, though, and on his own. A man cannot be seen to receive too much help from a woman, you know! Well, save for that stumble. He catches himself on Sundari's shoulder before he does more than stumble a little. "I did warn him, you know, about my seasickness. I think it would have been okay if the storm hadn't come." If that had been the case, they'd likely be on a beach fishing and eating sandwiches while Rhad puked behind some trees. And so, barracks, here Rhadan and Sundari come! Is there a restroom on the way? Ugh.

Sundari wouldn't dream of trying to over help Rhadan, he has to keep up his reputation after all among the others. "Oh it's alright. I bet everyone would have been better if that storm hadn't sneaked in and got us all upside down and all." She sends a glance over to him to make sure he is alright. "You sure you don't want me to take you to see a healer or something?" This questioned with a curious tone. As for a restroom, if he needs to find out she can sort of lead him in the direction of one, or at least a tree or bush perhaps. "If you wasn't so icky looking I'd might consider given you a quick peck on the cheek for being so brave like to attempt to deal with a boat ride like that." No she is not teasing him now either.

"Um… not, I'm okay. Just need to get my legs, you know?" Well, she might. She likes the sea, and has maybe seen some like him before. Of course, everyone is different. "Once my body settles, I'll feel like nothing happened." Yeah, and he'll be able to eat, finally! There is a hitch in Rhadan's step then, though. Ahhhh! Is that a blush, or is Rhadan still colored from the expelling of his stomach? It could be either. Did she just /say/ that? Now Sundari will get to see his slightly shocked face when Rhadan's eyes turn to her. Peer! And then? Look away! "Uh… well, I didn't do anything brave. Nothing. Just got on the boat. You know who was brave? Augustus. The chubby guy. I just remembered his name. He fell in, right?" Change of topic, maybe? Either way, Rhadan give Sundari a nod. "Well, thank you for the help. Really. I can make it on my own, I think?" Maybe? Maybe not. He'll try, though. '

Sundari got him to blush, her day is complete it seems. She shrugs a moment and soon lets his arm go that she was holding onto. "Don't hold that face for long or it'll stay that way." This said with an amused tone. "An, bravery comes in many forms." She says with a smile before looking amused and soon chuckles. "Yeah. Augustus is going to have nightmares for a few nights I'm thinking." There is a call, her name and she glances over catching sight of her sisters. "I'll see you back at the barracks? If you need anything let me know." This said with a wave before she is running off to talk to her family.

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