Bad, Mad, and Dangerous with Abs (Ayushi and Kiele are Searched)

Day 21 of Month 10 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

IT'S THE DEAD OF NIGHT, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LETTING ME SET. MAKE A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE HERE YOUR OWN SELF! MOOHAHAHAHA. Just kidding. It's late afternoon, and while the temperature has finally lowered itself somewhere tolerable, clouds hang low over the weyr sky, ruining what would probably have been a lovely sunshine-blue day. Alas. At least it gives good excuse to dismiss evening drills early, sending riders scattering to the winds before the rain promised in heavy humidity has a chance to unleash. It's also an excuse for Xermiltoth to observe eggs, stepping carefully through iridescent shimmer on his way to peer at them through faceted eyes, some thought answered by his gallery-bound rider. "I don't know. Aren't you the dragon with the whole mind-to-mind thing? Ask a dragonhealer if you can touch them yourself." SASS. It comes from a figure lurking against the railing, hands folded in front of him, watching the big beast dither. "I'm not your mom. No, that is not an invitation to ask Feyruth for— Faranth." The latter likely going unheard as Xermiltoth's head raises, points weyrwards, and his mind blasts outwards indiscriminately with a loud, « MOTHER MAY I TOUCH SOME EGGS? » A beat, in which golden thoughts likely leave ringing silence in their wake. Poor weyrfolk. Hopefully they're used to this by now. « Aw. She said no. » Sigh.

Ayushi has been staying /far/ far away from the sands for…reasons. Mostly she just didn't want to be identified (correctly) as one of the accomplices in The Great Glittergeddon of 2716. Now curiosity has been staved off for about as it can be, so the harper is definitely taking a "break" to look at the eggs. The Master harper she's under may think she's going on a bathroom break but you know what, maybe she has a dragon-sized bladder. He can make his own assumptions! She will probably be punished for this later but….seize the day? Or something. In any case, the harper stretches as she makes her way through the bowl and finally arrives at the galleries. Her black curls are tied up in a pony tail and she's dressed in her usual fare of shorts and a shirt. Ayushi is kind of getting used to random dragon voices, but with her skipping she's on edge. So when that question gets shouted out, the harper winces and lets out a tiny groan. "Oh man….what the….why?" She covers her ears, though that absolutely makes no sense because it's all in her head. But yeah, she does anyways. And probably looks a bit silly doing that in the middle of the entrance to the galleries.

A steady face in the galleries since the clutching has been Kiele - sans glitter - with that dreamy can-I-touch-them look on her face, and today is certainly no exception. And no weyrbrats hang from her skirts either! It must be her break time, because she's looking a little frazzled as she wanders into the hatching cavern, balling her dirt-smudged apron in her hands. Her reaction is a little tamer than the crafter's, but the wince that scrunches up her face looks rather unnatural on the girl who MOSTLY smiles. "What's happening?" she asks in passing Ayushi, her eyebrows knitting, and then she's side-stepping onto one of the aisles, and perching on the edge all delicate like. There are eggs to stare at! And loud bronze dragons, too.

And there's Ila'den. Why is he here? BECAUSE HE CAN BE, THAT'S WHY. And he's in his usual attire because he's probably not very smart: a light, long-sleeved tunic (at least he shed the rider's jacket), his leathers, and boots, and his unfortunate (and very messy) hair. It's longer now, stretching to brush the tops of his shoulders while still somehow managing to defy gravity. He's occupying one of the benches with his jacket shoved under his head, one leg stretched across the length of seating space while the other settles on the ground somewhere in the proximity of the railing-bound Weyrleader, and he's holding up a book without really looking at it. If Xermiltoth's indiscriminate sharing, or the banter between R'hyn and R'hyn's lifemate bothers him, it doesn't register at all. Probably because he lives with it. "I'm telling you," comes on a husky rasp, that one grey eye TRAINED on that ONE EGG that's LOOKING BACK AT HIM, IMPOSSIBLY, MAKING ASSESSMENTS FROM THE SANDS, "it's judging me." That's why the bronzerider would have missed Ayushi (HELLO AGAIN, LITTLE CALL-ILA-OUT-ER) except that she speaks and draws his attention just long enough for amusement to register in the slight upward curl of lips. "You get used to it, little bird." A pause, because HERE COMES KIELE, and Ila'den fixates on her for one, two, three beats and then hooks a thumb towards Shame On You. "Tell me that it's looking at you too." LIKE INTO YOUR SOUL. And now he's back to staring at it, squinting a little because what a rude egg, ya'll.

Loud… loud bronze dragons, ones that do not look even slightly abashed for causing mental mayhem - if anything, the winces and fruitless ear-clapping garner the bronze's full attention, dragging him away from egg-sulking to stick his big, dumb face up towards the stands with a warble and a rush of golden candescence, words contained within halted only by R'hyn raising his hands as though warding off a coming storm. "Can you not," the bronzerider grumbles, hands shifting to gesture behind him. "Not everyone likes to hear your opinions." A beat, a sigh, and a glance over his shoulder. "He says he was just going to tell you that you both look lovely today," a kick at Ila's nearby foot, "and that you look like something a mama wher drug in." And yet there's an affection-infused smile for his weyrmate, eyes rolling for egg-judging insistence. "It's an egg," he replies, which isn't much of an answer, glancing back at the ladies and issuing a welcoming gesture, bidding them draw closer - if they dare! Dun dun dun! "I'm sorry. He never quite got the whole 'keep your brain to yourself' concept. Doesn't like leaving people out." Or R'hyn's version of telephone and its CENSORSHIP, but there you go. "Good day?," further inquired, though hesitantly, taking in Ayushi and Kiele's appearances before offering a slight grin. Maybe?

What is happening? NOTHING. Nothing at all. She is not extra jumpy because she is being sneaky. "Not much, just here to admire the….eggs." Not the glitter. There's a smile shot towards Kiele before her gaze lands on Ila'den, "How many turns did it take you? Though maybe it's easier given you're kinda used to something similar." She has stupidly left her hands on her ears until this point and they quickly drop. It's cool. She's cool. Look at her. So chill. "Well, thank you very much. You're looking rather handsome yourself today!" This offered for the bronze before Ayushi's moving towards the galleries and finally taking her seat. She sits with both legs crossed between her before waving a hand, "It's fine, sounds like his thought sharing is coming from a good place!" And as for her day, "Pretty good overall, just taking a breather." But can anyone really relax when the egg is /judging/? There's a glance towards it, then Ila, then back again. "Maybe it's specifically judging you. I mean, how could you lose yourself in a romance novel when your weyrmate is /right/ there?" Cue a rather impish grin, cause she honestly has no idea what he's reading. It could be something amazing and scholarly!

There is a lot going on, and that's why Kiele's eyes keep dancing between bronzeriders, back to the dragon and his loot, and even to Ayushi. "It kind of looks like — but eggs don't have eyes?" She doesn't sounds so sure, as she glances at Ila'den again, her fingers twisting; still, R'hyn is beckoning her and Ayushi closer, and she's nothing is not eager to oogle them eggs. "Tell Xermiltoth I said thank you, please. I don't know if I feel lovely. It's been a little bit of a crazy day in the nursery," she says, eagerly climbing down the benches until she's standing by the railing - which probably brings back bad memories, as the last time she stood there, she was on the receiving end of a glitter explosion. "How are you today, Xermiltoth? And you, sir?" this to the closest man, R'hyn, though she does offer a thoughtful look back at lounging-Ila'den and dark-haired Ayushi.

"That's the nicest compliment anybody has ever given me," comes on dry tones, humor laced through despite, foot maintaining that half-an-inch it gave up when R'hyn's boot made contact with it. Ila'den retaliates by shoving a finger between pages, rolling slightly onto his side, and SMACKING THE WEYRLEADER RIGHT ON HIS BOOTY BONGO (WENT THERE) with it. Onto his back he goes once more, grey eye finding blue-grey, something electric answering that smile with alacrity; something not allowed that he schools into something allowed by the time he's looking back to Ayushi. "It never bothered me," comes honest, soft, but then he's rumbling low husky laughter as he opens that book back up and rasps, "Because it's a romance novel about my weyrmate, and with lines like, 'His body was hard - not hard like Illadalian, the strongman, but hard like the marble on your shower floor, when you fall and bang your knee,' it's hard to stay away." RUDE! (P.S.: The title of this book is very clearly, 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous with Abs.') So yes, yes there is some kind of wicked humor in his expression when he looks away from a REAL PAGE-TURNER to Kiele, and answers her with, "It's an egg with eyes," and then back to R'hyn, "and I am telling you, it's judging me." STARE AT IT. LOOK INTO THE ABYSS. "As she kissed her way down his manly chest, he felt his marks increasing in value." Yeah, that's what happens when you contemplate an egg too long and let Ila keep hold of terrible romance novels. That, and the ensuing laughter.

"Yes," R'hyn drawls sotto voce, "the… eggs." He matches Ayushi for cadence, if not for tone, eyes swinging out over the beglittered sands with a hint of distaste and… underlying amusement? Surely not. Maybe that muted smile is for the vision of her with her hands still clapped over her ears. Yes. That's it. He is definitely not amused by this blatant illegality; this is not the bronzerider you are looking for. Move along. "And, perhaps, the prank?" BECAUSE WHO WOULDN'T, RIGHT? In blissful R'hynland, suspects would not return to the scene of the crime thusly, and so Ayushi and guilty-by-proxy Kiele are safe - for now! "I have to admit, I didn't see it coming, though perhaps I should have. I think it's finally convinced the Harpers it needs revoked. Your people play hard and fast with laws," he playfully accuses Ayushi before his gaze lands back on Kiele with a sympathetic wince. "I'm sorry. Hopefully our lot didn't contribute to the chaos." Let's be real: of course they did. "Do you think they need help? It's been a while since I let myself be buried in screaming toddlers, but it's a noble sacrifice, I think." Smirk, one reflected by Xermiltoth, who preens for return compliments and issues a comparatively quiet, « Thank you, » to both ladies before turning his attention back to eggy matters: chiefly, determining if those eyes are real. FOR SCIENCE. And then there's Ila, Ila who would normally capture and hold Ryn's attention with distinct effortlessness, but whom the weyrleader now endeavors to ignore excepting a sharp, mirthful snort for the connection of book to derriere. Maybe Ila won't tell them what the book is about. Maybe he won't read a passage from i— Damn. "It is definitely specifically judging him," he agrees with Ayushi, pointedly remaining facing the sands as he flushes bright red. "It knows the crimes he's committing, speaking that nonsense aloud. I've a mind to ban those, next." 'Bang your knee, honestly,' gets muttered under his breath but for now, he'll just be over here, ignoring this conversation until it goes away, lalala!

Ayushi looks thoughtful as Ila'den reads line from the book, occasionally throwing in a very sage-like nod. "A wonderful read. Chilling, thought provoking, and with just a hint of mystery. How many knees has the marble floor murdered? Was /that/ the beginning of a blossoming romance?" As she speaks, the harper's voice becomes deeper and announcer-ish. "Did the woman survive her encounter with those /dangerous/ abs? All this and more in Mad, Bad, and Dangerous with Abs….now available at your Weyr library." The harper can't help but laugh now, "Clearly it needs to be added to the Half Moon Book Club's list." Does such a thing exist? It does now! Ayushi leans forward, one elbow placed on a leg to help prop up her head while her other arm hangs loosely. "Perhaps…it's caused quite a stir after all. I had to see it in its full glory underneath the afternoon sun." is. A bemused smirk appear on the harper's lips as she's accused of being a complicit to this madness. "Think of it as an exercise to make sure the law harpers are on their toes." She's not admitting to anything, but she's not attempting to feign innocence at this point!

If only Kiele could hear such an accusation - guilty-by proxy, my word! As it is, the blond nanny goes strawberry red from the conversation she's witness to, including the innuendo and the bango bongo smacking. It's her Holdbred-ness rearing its conservative head. "I don't think anyone would complain if the weyrleader came to play with the kids," Kiele manages to stammer out, refusing to even look Ila'den, even if she should be used to his tactics by now.. she isn't, clearly. "Yours would love it. They always love it when people drop by for a visit. I think they get bored of us." There's a tentative smile, but then she starts blushing all over again, and she can't help to turn back to the eggs, putting her hands, figuratively, over her ears, as she watches Xermiltoth checking out the egg-who-judges. "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous with.." Kiele can't even finish the sentence, her fingers tightening on the railing, knuckles white with tension - obviously, she's thinking about those marble slab abs.

"'He awoke my slumbering womanhood with his double tall loin beverage. 'Shenanigans!' I cried.'" A beat. "Classic." And maybe Ila'den just really enjoys that blush he can't quite see from this angle but knows is there, because his attention strays back to his weyrmate, fixates, comes away only when Ayushi expands on her harper-ability to weave words into magic and he laughs. It comes unhindered by any of his usual restraint, almost pitchy for how it contrasts with his usual mirth right up until he sobers long enough to breathe out, "His abs were strong, but their love was stronger." ANDDDDD HE'S LAUGHING AGAIN. Give him a moment or five, and then that attention is back on Kiele, deviance in place, smile intact, voice more husky and raspy for the laughter-breathless quality he's adopted. "Ours don't count. They have no concept of self preservation, and I suspect that they got it from that one." A POINT IN R'HYN'S DIRECTION (with book), though Ila'den is shifting to sit up, to gain his feet, to move forward and place a hand on the small of R'hyn's back as he leans in to find temple with nose and lips, whispering something against the shell of his ear before he gathers up his jacket. The bronzerider digs into a pocket, moving towards Ayushi now where he sinks into a crouch right in front of her. And then he just… PLOPS A WHITE KNOT, RIGHT THERE ON HER LAP. "Well, now you can get an even closer look, and keep those law harpers in their trade." RIGHT? RIGHT. At least he doesn't move, so Ayushi can refuse if she really wants to.

R'hyn can't help it - Ila laughs for Ayushi's vivid speculation on the book's content and premise, and Ryn laughs with him, head falling into hands as he rides out the wave of near-hysterical amusement and a hiccuped, "Dangerous abs." He can't. Give him a second. Rebooting… "Faranth. Every time I think I'm free, another one gets published. It's like they know." And yet, if you can't beat 'em: "This one's trash, though. If you're going to book club one, at least pick 'The Abs That Made Me.' There's swashbuckling." NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW OF WHAT SORT, and judging by that monalisa smile, Ryn's not telling either. Instead he focuses on safer topics: their children, chiefly, flicking Ila a rude single-finger gesture for renewed laughter as he tries to give Kiele a straight answer whilst attempting outdo her for coloration. "Perhaps I shall, then. I canceled this afternoon's meetings - it didn't seem fair to invite Igenites in just to drown them when the sky unleashes." He finally rotates slightly when Ila makes to stand, watching knot-plopping with curious amusement that colors his tone when he says, "Or," cue a lean against the railing, oblivious to white-knuckle tension, "I suppose I could take inspiration and whisk you away." He resumes his own personal space, gaze thoughtful, letting the nanny make her own connections, trusting her to be a quick-minded sort. "That is, if standing for a clutch would be something you would consider. It'd be nice, knowing someone was out there that could already care for littles, if that's in the cards. Well." A glance back at the sands and the eggs thereupon. "Big littles. But littles just the same." No knot just yet though, merely an offer given as his gaze focuses back on Ayushi and Ila'den, flicking the harper girl a wink and his weyrmate a sideways grin.

"Is it possible to get copy of this thing? Because honestly, I think she needs ten and I'm willing to pay." Ayushi does not know Kiele's name, but she is the she in question! Introductions should probably have been made earlier but clearly the harper is rude! There's a raise of both eyebrows, curious when Ila'den moves over to R'hyn. Is there where they act out a scene? OH MY. Jk, that's not what is happening. There /is/ something equally as interesting but definitely more PG happening though! Her gaze meets Ila'den's eye (and eye-patch) before the smile on her face is turning rather devious. "Now /that/ is an offer I can't pass up!" But maybe she didn't think this all the way through, "Wait….do I get a last drink before the rules apply? Only I'd be a candidate not a prisoner and it'd be alcohol and not a meal?" Not that the answer is going to change her mind either way. There's a rather throaty(CREEPY) laugh from the harper as the white knot disappears into one of her palms, along with a nod of thanks. And lest anyone think she forgot the whole book club thing, she didn't. She's just not commenting on it at this very second. But that swashbuckling one? It will /definitely/ be mentioned to the Weyr Book Club!

Can Kiele get redder? From strawberry, to tomato, to lobster red, and she's largely quiet there by the railing, paying too close attention to whatever is happening on those glittery sands. Finally, sucking in a stabilizing breath, she leans back on her heels and attempts a reply to the weyrleader that falters unmercifully when R'hyn's words sink in. "What? Me? Ye-yes. Yes!" Her words are excited and disjointed, and her expression keeps flickering between happiness and anxiety, but that's definitely an acceptance of his suggestion. "Do you think-I mean you have to know-I'm getting ahead of myself." She steels herself with an inhale and gives the man a sharp nod. "I will. I will stand. I would be so happy to." Cue girlish dreaminess oozing from every pore and word, because that's what seventeen year olds do, on the cusp of the future. Are they allowed to just throw them out like candy!? What does she know! Who cares! Maybe later she'll have congratulations for Ayushi and she'll need to be inducted into the Weyr Book Club, but currently, she's blinded to everything else.

"They are delivered to our doorstep," Ila'den intones, though there's an honest smile for once, void of his usual deviousness, sans any wolfishness, gone boyish in as much as it is possible for a man of Ila'den's ilk to be boyish. Perhaps he's simply pleased to see his 'request' acquiesced, even as that smile turns into something a little sharper for amusement. "Aye, little bird. You can have the night to party like it's the last time you're going to get to drink - and it may well just be, for a time - and then you should probably drink some water and report to the barracks come the morning." A raise of finger to his lips, a lack of DISCREETNESS even if his voice is already soft because that's JUST THE WAY HE TALKS, and he offers up, "I won't tell if you don't." AND THE WEYRLEADER IS RIGHT BEHIND THEM, smiling at them in a way that earns Ila'den's smile turned onto him, but more, and the bronzerider's back to Ayushi with a rasped, "Congratulations." Back to stand he moves, picking his way across benches until he can settle beside Kiele while she OOZES FUTURE AND AMBITION for what's to come. Ila'den? He's rude; he extends that novella towards her with a wicked smile. "For you, little bird. It's only fair that you get a celebratory gift as well." Ayushi's was clearly one more night of freedom. And then, belatedly: "The swashbuckling was the best part. That and the part where all hands were on deck." LET YOUR IMAGINATIONS RUN WILD WITH THAT. YOU'RE WELCOME.

"Of course, you," R'hyn replies, taking in that happiness mixed with anxiety with a certain sense of gratified expectation, pleased by the former, perhaps expecting the latter. "If you can handle our tiny terrors, you can handle anything." Even eggs that judge. He smiles, though, amused by enthusiasm, tone tempered by realism as he says, "I know nothing," just call him Jon Snow, "except that we'd be honored to have you be our candidate." There's gold-rushed affirmation pressed indiscriminately into their minds from Xermiltoth, but there's little to be seen of the harlequinned beast except his tail passing through the exit, swishing merrily as though satisfied with this day's outcome. R'hyn requires no fishing for his knot - it is readily procured, extended in his palm for the nanny-turned-candidate to take even as he adds, "Thank you, though. First candidates are usually much more difficult to decide upon." BUT IT'S AYUSHI AND KIELE ALRIGHT. They can be forgiven, perhaps, for candy-throwing behavior in the face of known commodities, right? The decision practically made itself. Blue-grey eyes fix on Ayushi and Ila'den then, enjoying creepy chuckles and boyish expressions that definitely don't make too-adult-for-this stomachs do flip-floppy things, laughing quietly through Ila's promise that MUM'S THE WORD and adding to it with locked lips. "Tomorrow will suffice," as indicated report dates for them both. He can totally fudge that paperwork. It's good to be the WL. But for now, he'll snort under his breath when Kiele is offered that wicked, wicked book, flushing arising anew as he attempts to disguise it as a cough and steps in to intercept any further propositioning - book-related or otherwise- that Ila might have to offer with a press of one finger to the man's chest. "And you're fired. I'm cancelling your subscription the second we get home." GASP. RUDE. And probably untrue. It brings so much undue joy. How could he ever. Sigh.

Sigh. R'hyn, when will you learn? That finger at his chest earns a banding of calloused fingers around it, Ila'den jerking the Weyrleader down to press nose to nose as a Cheshire grin arises, that grey eye locking on blue-grey from within so little space and giving up none of it even as he stands. It's borderline aggressive, punctuated by a husky rasp of, "If you'll excuse me, ladies, I have marble floors to bang my knees on." Give him a moment and he pulls away from R'hyn, blinks, loses some of that NOT AT ALL ALLOWED intensity in favor of rumbling laughter, and then manages an almost-apologetic-except-Ila-doesn't-apologize, "That came out considerably more terrible than I intended." But it doesn't change the outcome: he nods to Ayushi and Kiele in turn, and then emphasizes, "Tomorrow," before he hooks a finger in the belt-loop of his weyrmate's leathers and pulls him along with him. THIS LEAVES KIELE TO EMBARRASS-DIE IN PEACE, AND AYUSHI TO PROBABLY EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY. EITHER WAY: END SCENE.

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