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Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

It's misty out, today, the whole world cloaked in warm, humid grey. From the patio of the tiki lounge, it's possible to see out towards the lagoon, but only a shirt distance before it gets shaded into obscurity; that doesn't seem to be stopping Rhysa from staring in that direction, though, from the table she's claimed off towards one side. With lessons finished for the day, she's changed out of her heavier duty work clothes and into a sundress, and now leans back in her chair, nursing the (virgin) cocktail she's purchased in an idle, reflective kind of way.

Nae emerges from the mist like some sort of eerie drifter. An eerie drifter who is wearing a light blue dress. Hey, it's warm enough for it, mist aside. As she steps onto the patio she spots her fellow weyrling almost immediately. A bright smile pops on her face as she makes a beeline for Rhysanna's table. "Hey there."

"Nae, hey," says Rhysa, abruptly straightening her posture as the other weyrling approaches, even as she waves towards the spare seats with one hand: join her, do. "This mist, huh? It was pretty eerie flying in it, earlier. Taveh likes it, of course, but…" she likes anything that allows her to pretend to be alone, go figure. "Me, I just miss the sunshine."

Nae slips into one of those spare seats just as soon as she's invited, a warm smile on her face. "I know exactly what you mean. Sunny days are my favorite. The water just looks like it stretches out forever. But still, good to see Taveh flying." She gives an encouraging smile. "… Hard to believe it's almost over, yeah?"

Rhysanna makes a face at the mention of her dragon and flying, though her nod is undeniably in agreement. "Flying," she agrees, "and eating, after that whole thing— well, you know how she is." Stubborn, and apparently terribly skittish when it comes to things going wrong, for her or anyone else. "Really hard to believe. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday that we Impressed, and then… I look at them, and it's just incredible. Pretty soon we'll all be real dragonriders, in wings and everything."

"I know." Nae says with an understanding smile. "They all have their little… oddities." Kaiath certainly does. "I know what you mean. In some ways, it feels like it's been an instant. Though in others, it feels like it's been forever." She leans back in her seat. "… I hope I get to stay in Islet. Though I guess transport wouldn't be the worst assignment. Still, I've made it clear what I'm hoping for. At least you don't have to worry about that whole mess."

Rhysanna plays with the straw in her drink, abruptly laughing. "They do. They're… so much more complex than I ever imagined, you know? Back when I was imagining what it might be like." Those dark eyes of hers consider Nae thoughtfully, with something resembling curiosity visible in her expression even before she says, "Why Islet? I mean, not that it's strange or anything, I'm just curious. What about training weyrlings appeals to you?" More wry is her, "I may not have to worry about the where, but I have worries enough. Atoll scares me."

"Dragons are just as unique and varied as people are." Nae grins. "I guess I wouldn'tve imagined I'd have a lifemate quite like Kaiath. But… she's perfect. I couldn't be happier." Still a little bit of that post-impression delight lingering on with her. She smiles as she answers the question posed. "Well, I won't lie. Kaiath's a big part of it. She /loves/ getting to encourage others. To teach them, build them up, make them realize their own potential. Surely you've noticed her at least trying to do that with Taveh? And… well, it's appealing to me too. I've always wanted to teach. Granted, I thought I'd be doing that as a Dolphincraft Master rather than as an assistant Weyrlingmaster, but the same appeal is there. It's very satisfying to raise people up like that. Does that make sense?" Her smile takes on a sympathetic quality, though a glint of amusement appears in her eye. "Are you scared of Atoll, or just some of the people on Atoll?"

Rhysanna's abrupt grin, those faintly flushed cheeks and the pleasure implied in her expression go a long to way suggesting she knows exactly what Nae means, with that first remark; despite her gripes and insecurities, it's pretty obvious how much she loves Tavehtiath. "That does make sense," she agrees, still grinning. "I think you'd be good at it, both of you. And… I mean, the fact that you've done weyrlinghood so recently is a plus, I think. You'll remember what it was like, which gives you sympathy towards the weyrlings that follow. I don't think I could ever teach, but I guess that's not really going to matter, huh?" Her gaze drops towards the table as she allows, "A little of column a, a little of column b, probably. It's just… intimidating, you know?"

"They need at least one of us to stay on as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster. The wing is undermanned." Nae insists. "And as far as I know, nobody else is clamoring for it. I've done my best with my lessons. So, I'm cautiously optimistic." She smiles widely. "You certainly have a big task ahead of you. But just remember you've got friends who will always be by your side. So whenever it gets too much, you can lean on me. Got it?"

"I'll cross my fingers for you," says Rhysa, firmly. "And if you don't get it immediately, I'll push to get you there, later. You can teach Taveh's offspring. I like that idea." She stirs her drink idly with her straw, then leans in to take a sip from it, using the time to formulate her thoughts before answering on the rest. "Got it," she confirms, firmly. "And believe me, it helps. Knowing that. I don't want to make a big deal out of it or anything, but… yeah. It's scary. But I'll manage."

Nae grins cockily. "Give me ten turns, and I'll be running the show. When you're the Senior Weyrwoman, you'll need a good Weyrlingmaster to raise up her hatchlings. Just because my old ambitions are gone doesn't mean I don't have new ambitions to replace them." She laughs softly, but her smile turns a little more serious afterwards. "You will do better than manage. You'll thrive. I know it's scary, but I know you, Rhysa. You'll be great."

Rhysanna can laugh and say, utterly unserious, "You and me, running the Weyr. Well - most of it. One day. I'm your second in command, after all," and still make a face afterwards, no doubt for the prospect of really, seriously being that Senior Weyrwoman. "I'm glad you have new ones. I didn't really have old ones, and I'm not sure I have them now, either, but… whatever comes comes, right? I'm— glad you have faith in me. I'm trying to. I mean, she picked me for a reason, right? I'm just still getting used to the idea. Just hit me if I get boring, worrying about it all the time."

"That will never change." Nae answers with a wink when Rhysanna calls herself 'second in command'. Merry laughter follows. "You have something better than ambitions, Rhysanna. You have a calling. And I can think of no one better suited towards it." Her smile turns a little lopsided. "Kaiath and I… our strength lies in helping others reach their potential. You? You're the one who has the potential. You'll do great things. I know it."

Despite her feelings on the rest of the conversation, Rhysa can't help but grin, broadly, in answer to that wink: second in command forever, man. The rest, though, has her smile not faltering, as such, though there's a much more serious look in her eyes, and a definite pink in her cheeks. "I'm glad you have faith in me," she murmurs, embarrassed but pleased. "Though I still think you have potential - everyone does, to be great in their own ways. Anyway." Her expression suggests she'd rather talk about something else. "How confident are you feeling with all this between stuff?"

Nae shares a smile with Rhysanna before the topic of betweening comes up. She drums her fingers upon the table for a moment. "… I won't say it's not scary, you know? I mean, it's dangerous. Not just like flying is dangerous. Even worse. But… Kaiath's confident. And that makes me confident. She's got the visualization exercises down. I think it's the best we can hope for. How about you?"

"Much worse," agrees Rhysa, frowning momentarily, although she doesn't ultimately seem too worried. "Taveh's good at the exercises; better than I am. Or maybe it's just that we compliment each other, and thus it all works out? I'm not sure. She's confident, anyway, and I'm trying to be. We've been well taught, and if there were a problem, I can't believe they'd let us go ahead. So." She gives a nod, a relatively firm one. "We're as ready as we can be. I'll still be glad when the first few jumps are done."

Nae smiles and reaches out for Rhysanna's hand, trying to give it a reassuring little squeeze. "Don't worry. The exercises have been refined over centuries. It's dangerous, but things don't go wrong very often these days. You and I will be okay. Still… I have to admit I'll be glad when it's done, too."

Rhysanna's fingers give a squeeze in answer, and abruptly, the weyrling laughs. "I think I worry too much," she says, head shaking. "I really need to stop that. Live and let live, right? We've done everything we can to prepare, and we'll just have to— make sure we do our best. We'll be fine. And then… then there's the mating flights lecture, and after that we're so close to done I can almost taste it."

"Ah yes. The mating flights lecture." Nae grins and leans forward, elbows propped on the table. "Now there's something to look forward to. Well, not so much the lecture itself, but the freedoms that accompany it." She pauses briefly. "… I went on a picnic with that vinter girl."

That pause does not precisely break up the two thoughts - not for Rhysanna, in any case, given the way she abruptly smirks. "Did you now. And?" It's a moment later that she adds, "It's hard to believe that after so many months of waiting, we practically have a date for it. It's close enough to plan for."

Nae smiles just a little sheepishly at the inquiry. "And I behaved myself. Despite any temptations to the contrary." She insists quickly. "… But I am looking forward to the lecture. She's sweet, and kind. And very pretty. She's someone I'd very much like to get to know better… anyways! I share your enthusiasm for what's to come." She waggles her eyebrows. "Got any… special plans for that?"

"I believe you," promises Rhysa, faithfully. "I've faced plenty of those temptations of my own, believe me. I hope you get many opportunities to get to know her better. Especially once we have weyrs and some amount of privacy." Nae's eyebrow waggling and question have the goldrider flushing, despite her grin. "I've received an invitation to sleep in a nice, big bed that first night," she answers, unable to keep her smile from broadening. "Which I certainly intend to take up."

"Oh reaaaalllly?" Nae drawls, before breaking into giggles. "Well. Can't say I'm surprised. But good for you! At least you have a… ah… sure thing lined up. I still have to employ my charms to see if I can make the most of the night after the lesson. But I'm staying optimistic."

Those giggles are promptly accompanied by Rhysa's own; she's blushing furiously, but still grinning. As the giggles die down, she gives Nae a more thoughtful glance. "I believe in you," she says, firmly. "And your ability to convince pretty girls to go to bed with you. With luck, we'll both have very satisfying nights."

Nae returns the blushing Rhysanna's grin. "We can only hope." She says with a little laugh of her own. "… She says she's never been with a girl before. So that may be a little challenging. But she's very sweet. And Kaiath likes her. I'll be sure to introduce you sometime, make sure she gets the Rhysa stamp of approval."

"She's never been with a girl before, but she's willing to try, right? She's open to the idea." Presumably she must be, indicates Rhysa's expression and the tone of her voice, but she's clarifying nonetheless. "I'm glad Kaiath likes her. I think that's important, even if… well, it's not like Taveh really likes anyone, right?" That results in a momentary wrinkle of her nose, one that she abandons in order to add, "You'd better. I need to check her out, make sure she's good enough for you. It's a service best friends do for each other. Very important."

"She seemed… intrigued by the possibilities." Nae confirms with a wicked little grin on her lips. "… Taveh will warm up over time, I'm sure. She likes you, right? How does she feel about Zi'on?" She laughs and nods quickly. "Absolutely. I need you to make sure she's on the up and up. I take a look at her and I go all swimmy and stop thinking straight."

It's the use of the word 'swimmy' that has Rhysa laughing again, amused, but obviously pleased. "Good," she says. "That's how you should feel. But never fear, I'll have a much more objective assessment for you." That earlier question, though, has her hesitating. "She doesn't like the idea of me being close to anyone. She doesn't see why I need anyone. It's not like I think she's going to throw a tantrum— that wouldn't be like her. But. She doesn't really approve."

Nae smiles, a mix of both sheepish and proud all at once. "I do. I'm really looking forward to… spending more time with her. And Taveh will get used to things over time. She's still young. They all are. You know?"

"I'm so happy for you," says Rhysa, quiet but genuine. "I hope it works out beautifully." Of Tavehtiath, she's more hesitant, but nods. "Right. She will get used to things. She's just… it's all still new, and she struggles to understand, but she wants what's best for me, and this… is important to me. So."

"Everything is new to her, remember? In a way, it's a miracle that they grow up as fast as they do. Remember how we were when we were there age? Couldn't even understand the concept of a romantic relationship." Nae smiles softly. "We'll all make it through this. I know it."

Rhysanna's laugh is abrupt, but heartfelt. "You're right," she agrees. "You really are going to make an incredible Weyrlingmaster, Nae. You put things so well. If not immediately, maybe she'll relax after she's had her first flight," not that Rhysa looks terribly enthused about that prospect, "and understands for herself. Or not. Either way… it'll be fine. We'll all be fine."

Nae grins with obvious pride for a moment. "It's nice to hear you think so. But you're right. After all, our equivalent of flying does wonders at relieving stress and tension, yes? Hopefully it'll loosen Taveh up the same way. It'll only be… what, another turn?"

"Mmm," is, let's face it, somewhat wistfully eager: why yes, Rhysa is thinking about that release of stress and tension. "Another turn or so. Or… who knows, really. I suppose we'll get more of an idea of how soon it could be at that lesson, not that it'll really matter: she'll go when she goes."

"The greens usually go up well before any golds in a clutch." Lecture or no, Nae's been around the weyr long enough to pick up on such things. "Though it'll be interesting to see Taveh rise, given how reserved she is. Not to mention how… exciting it always is when a gold rises."

"So you can tell me all about what it's like long before I need to deal with it," concludes Rhysa, promptly; she's smiling again. "I— yes. I can't imagine how different she'll have to be. Though," her mouth twists, more wry than pleased, "I'm not sure I'm excited about being in the middle of the excitement. And I suppose I'll never again experience the excitement from outside."

Nae tilts her head to one side, a little confused by that last comment. "You won't? Don't goldriders still feel it when other golds rise?" She ponders this for a moment. "… I'm not actually sure if that's true or not. Hrm. Something to ask during the lecture, maybe. Anyways! The point is, lots of excitement ahead."

This is one thing Rhysa does know for certain: "Other goldriders leave the Weyr, to make sure their gold doesn't get… I don't know, jealous or something? Two golds rising at once is a bad thing." Still, she's content enough to confirm the last thing Nae has said, smiling easily enough. "Lots of it. And weyrs. I can't wait to have a weyr."

Nae ponders for a moment. "That makes sense. I mean, if /one/ gold rising up creates that kind of a reaction, I can only imagine what kind of reaction two or more might create." From the little smile on her face, it seems like Nae might be curious about what that could be like. "I'm with you on that. I think I want a weyr by the lagoon. Then again, one by the springs might also be nice."

Rhysanna, by contrast, makes a face. "I've read about it… I wanted to understand better what it all meant. It's happened before, and the queens basically tried to kill each other. With varied success." No thank you. "I guess that's another thing I don't get a choice about, though, with weyrs. Otherwise, I think I'd definitely want one by the lagoon."

Nae smirks a little. "Yeah, but you get the biggest and nicest weyr, so I wouldn't be complaining too much if I were you. Of course, if you want to trade, I certainly wouldn't say no." She laughs a bit.

"Oh, I'm not complaining," insists Rhysanna, with a self-conscious grin. "Anyway, I promise there are downsides. My mother is probably going to just wander in at any opportunity… something I will disabuse her of as soon as I possibly can, because, uh, no." She leans forward again, this time finishing the last of her drink, poking around the bottom of the glass just in case there's any more lurking there.

"That would seem to be in order, yes." Nae smiles ruefully, leaning back in her seat. "Perhaps you can get one of those locking doors installed at your weyr, like the holders have. Seems reasonable."

Rhysanna makes a face, nodding. "I may need to. We'll see. Perhaps she'll actually take orders if I try and throw my weight around." Although she sounds terribly uncertain about that - probably both the taking orders and the throwing weight around components. Her glass gets pushed aside, and she glances back out towards the beach. "It's really not going to clear up, is it? Want to walk back to the barracks with me?"

"Locks are nice and impersonal. Keeps the riffraff out and you don't even need to have a confrontation about it." Apparently, Nae is grouping Rhysanna's mother together with general 'riffraff'. She smiles and rises from her seat. "Yeah. Should get back before it gets dark, anyways."

Rhysanna, notably, doesn't argue that designation of her mother. "Yeah," she agrees. "We should. Things to do and all of that." She stands, stretching out her shoulders before leading the way off the patio and onto the beach. Homeward bound!

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