Weyrmates Ruin Everything (Tanit and Ashwini are Searched!)

Day 25 of Month 10 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Walking. Ashwini has been walking through the weyr for the better part of the day, having appeared in several places throughout the weyr. "I know I know, you have to get to work. I'll wait here for you then." is heard from as the door opens to reveal Ashwini coming into the lounge once more. "Bye!" waving to the unknown face outside the lounge the girl turns her attention to the inside of where she just stepped in, pausing to look about.

The evening is one filled with drink and song, smoke from the already lit tiki torches curling and dancing with the flames against a brilliant deep blue sky. For once, Tanit is not seven shots in and singing for her drinks, but instead seems to have claimed the Uno table and a chair to prop up long, mostly bare legs in the chair opposite, for once in a sarong and swim suit rather than the usual full dive suit ensemble. Still barefoot as ever as she bursts into throaty laughter with the game ending. "Don't be a sore loser then, if you don't want to play for marks we can just play without betting." She notes to a surly looking pair of apprentices who are getting up from the table as she scoops an odd assortment of marks into the leather pouch hanging from her neck before tucking it back where it goes. "Maybe next time then?" She calls after the departing backs shuffling the cards and refilling her glass with Death by Lime (aka Margarita's). She doesn't even look up when more people arrive, attention focused mostly on shuffling and the ball of white fluff that is purring in her lap.

Ashwini is not the only one coming through the door; Ila'den is there too, though he pauses just behind Ashwini. It might be unsettling to have a man of Ila'den's build and ilk suddenly pause behind you - unruly hair that's defiant despite its shoulder length, an eyepatch over his right eye, dressed head to toe in his leathers and sans a knot to confirm that those leathers are, in fact, because he is a dragonrider — BUT WORRY NOT, ASHWINI (I mean, you know, IF you were worried). Ila'den's attention actually seems to be focused in on Tanit, that grey eye narrowing in a squint as he watches the dolphincrafter and, as if he's known Ash forever, dips his head to breathe out a rasping, husky, "She looks like she's winning, doesn't she?" on dry tones. A beat (two, three,) and an almost resigned, "Faranth. I know that look. She's definitely winning." But now the bronzerider is tilting his head to the side to actually look at Ashwini, stilled less by a societally appropriate hesitation than maybe rude (but not THAT kind of rude) assessment before he puts a hand to her lower back and makes as if to guide her towards Tanit. "I'm Ila'den, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you. I enjoy long walks in cold places, copious amounts of alcohol, hearing my weyrmates laugh, and being able to run away on my dragon whenever they start playing on their recorders. You can tell me your name along our way to," a point of his finger towards Tanit, "that little fish over there, and we will be well on our way towards being best friends. Come along, little bird." Because he intends to use her AS A SHIELD, AFTER ALL. Though he does lift a hand to wave at Tanit, if he can catch the dolphineer's eye on his journey to leading Ashwini uno-wards.

"….." before Ashwini can do more than dimly become aware of the hulking presence right behind…before she can barely even register his question in regards to Tanit's possibility of winning or not on a card game…and before she can even decide on her next step into this brand new ( to her ) establishment, a hand is gently guiding her before him ( a shield) further into the room. His next words of long walks in cold places and other such explanations of who he is gets absorbed quickly. "Um.." another moment of genius from Ashwini before she can find actual words as they head to their destination. "I've never been one for cold places, cold drinks on the other hand. The sound of knives cutting flesh is a good sound, much better than recorders which do hurt my ears. Only my own two feet to run; no dragon and I'm Ashwini." currently playing the part of a shield in case that wasn't too evident yet. The actual name introduction is directed towards Tanit once they arrive.

A spot of brilliant lime green appears from the white fluff in the dolphineer's lap, the smoosh faced thing perhaps recognizing that gravely tone for some reason and perhaps it is in deference that she only opens one eye to the man instead of two. Or it could just be that sleep is more important cats aren't that smart after all - are they? Lime does stretch and poke needle claws in the woman's saronged lap, causing a small hiss of sound from the Dolphineer. Tanit? Is perhaps oblivious to the storm coming her way as she shuffles humming 'Everyone knows the Weyrleader," a bright little jaunting tune along with the hiss and fwipp noises the shuffling cards. So it is only the cat repositioning herself that draws the woman's attention to the potential danger approaching her way. Sea-green eyes lift from the shuffling, and that smile goes from wide to a little less wide, and then twists back into almost wickedness. "Ila'den have you kidnapped another holder? I guess it's good that this one isn't over your shoulder." A cursory glance is given the woman. "He is mostly harmless though he would strive to have people think otherwise. Have you come to end my winning streak or did you get the newest copy of 'His Abs Glittered like the Stars?"

So Ashwini likes cold drinks? "See, we already have something in common," comes on an amused lilt, though Ila'den's brow does raise a little higher for mention of enjoying the sound of knives sinking into flesh. "You're not a renegade, are you? Dragonriders and renegades have a sordid history and I'm not exactly the kind of man who's full of altruistic spirit, Ashwini." At least it sounds cheerful, even if there's something distinctly sharp in his tone, more aware in his expression right up until it's swept away by Tanit. He mouths the words 'mostly harmless' back to her, raises a hand over his heart as if wounded, and adopts his sometimes there, sometimes well-hidden brogue to offer a husky, "Och, lass. You wound me." And then he's looking back to Ashwini as he pulls out a chair for her to sit, and then sits himself. "Don't listen to Tanit, I'm perfectly dangerous and my weyrmate assures me that I've got the kind of face only a mama wher could love, which gives me at least ten more points towards my startlingly intimidating presence." But there's a hint of laughter in that smile, self-deprecation good natured, eyes going onto the cards as Ila'den shifts to pull his jacket off of his shoulders. "This is Ashwini, actually. She's my new best friend; I even know more about her than you do: she doesn't like the cold unless it's a cold drink, she likes sinking knives into people, she hates recorders, and she finds me roguishly irresistible." WOLFISH SMILES, the kind that say that last part isn't true but he PRETENDS IT IS because it's a good distraction for what he does next. "And she is here to blow on my cards for luck, because I have a proposition - or, rather, Teimyrth does. If you win Uno, you can choose what you want, but if I win," a beat, and a white knot is produced, held up, tucked back away into a pocket. "You have to help me go search a candidate." Wow, Ila'den. Rude. "And then you have to read R'hyn your favorite passage from that masterpiece of a book. Deal?"

There's a slight shrug of her shoulders and Ashwini is simply going with the flow of this whole thing as she settles into the proffered chair. "I thought we were discussing sounds liked and disliked." is said with a roguish grin towards the leather clad rider. "Most certainly not a renegade nor a dangerous person. I just like knives." simply put from the just met and now proclaimed best friend of Ila'den. "SO I'm a good luck charm then? What's my stake in this?" she glances towards then cards then to the two potential players of said cards. Nothing is said, for the moment, on how irresistible she may or may not find him. Amusement flashes across her expression as she leans back, arms crossed and watches as the terms of this deal are laid out.

There's a hubbub outside of the lounge, a few raised voices, some laughter. Nothing out of the ordinary, there. So why the hush of dread that follows a pair of wide-eyed computercrafters in? Don't worry about it. Everything is fine.

Mention of renegades pulls a frown from the dolphineer, who ceases the shuffling temporarily. "Don't know why anyone would like the sound of knives against flesh, it's a lot of swooshing and sort of slurpy squishing. I prefer Piano personally." She pauses, "And occasionally recorder. But only when tormenting someone else with it." She shrugs, "I'm Tanit, apprentice to the dolphin craft, I enjoy warm beaches and blue waters and terribly written romance novels" May as well join the game, as to Ila'den's proposition? The dolphineer laughs. "I think I can assist with that - there are plenty of starry eyed hopefuls already pouring into the weyr dreaming of that special snowflake connection that will make them into a harper's song." Tanit notes glibly, "With the Caveat of course that I get to watch said hopefuls slog through that mess that is the sands for touching with a bag of pop corn from the bleachers. The physical training is fun to watch too." The cards are dealt and another pitcher and salt and sugar rimmed glasses are brought over, Tanit will share her drinks. Her eyes lift to the computer crafters as she deals, brow arching.

There's a slow smile to emerge at the corners of Ila'den's lips, low, husky laughter offered up as he looks away from Tanit to Ashwini and leans a little closer to her, as if he means to share a secret with her. "I'm glad you asked, little bird," and he's righting himself, pointing to Tanit and then back to Ashwini. "Deal her in too, little fish." And back in he leans, with another wolfish smile. "Now if you lose, you also have to help me search a candidate. If you win, you get to ask for something and I will do it - so long as it is within my ability to do." A beat as he focuses in on his own cards, fanning out his hand and making adjustments, listening to Tanit speak and divulging more of that rumbling, husky laughter for something that the dolphincrafter has said. He doesn't elaborate on what he finds funny (or why), but he does throw down a card on top of Tanit's. "I promise you will get to be right in the middle of the fray, enjoying their misery immensely." There it is again, another wolfish smile, a moment when he locks gazes with Tanit and looks back down to his cards again. "Have you been in the weyr long, Ashwini?" AND OKAY, Ila'den DOES turn a look onto those computercrafters, brows raising as he breathes out, "Well, that seems forboding. You didn't threaten them with knives, did you?" A playful question for Ash, BUT FOR NOW, he will just… keep playing his cards in lieu of investigation. It's probably safer that way.

Ashwini is thusly dealt in. "So if I win then I get to ask for anything…" she looks interested in that. "Okay." taking her cards she does look at the forbodeing scene at the entrance. "Not long, just a couple days visiting with a friend." she plays a card. "You don't have good odds at winning." she comments conversationally as the game progresses. Ashwini also adds, belatedly. "I've not threatened anyone lately with knives."

Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun. Cue Jaws theme.

It is a smiling — for once, in the last few sevendays — Citayla that breezes into the Tiki Lounge, cheeks rosy, beaming like the sun's shining out of her backside. Never mind Ila'den kidnapping poor Ashwini and using her as a meat shield against Tanit, never mind the crowd she parts and their mildly concerned looks. The Weyrwoman has been on a tear lately, and there might be a bit of a maniacal gleam in her eyes, but well. Mostly she looks genuinely happy? And not like she's just going to start busting heads and lining people up for the gallows. Maybe. We'll see, won't we? It's possible that Ilyscaeth has warned Ila'den of the goldrider's arrival, but it's also possible that the senior gold thought it would entirely more hilarious for her rider to come bounding up to the bronzerider out of nowhere. "Hello, ladies!" Cita greets blithely, eyes crinkling up at the corners with glee. "Ila," That's a warning; Cita cranes close, angling her body so she can whisper something along the lines of 'she's laughing like a sea-avian', practically buzzing with delight. She ends it on a slight shove to a shoulder in an upward direction, and when she comes away from the brief prod, the Weyrwoman has a pair of plain white knots in her hand. Where did she get those…? "I need this," This being Ila, whose arm she now grips loosely, still grinning triumphantly. Or possibly maniacally, now, as her smile turns a little evil. "I've been informed that you two need to report to the barracks, if you please." Never mind helping search. They'll skip right over that part, if Cita has anything to say about it. And she does, gesturing lazily with the knots and already starting to inch towards the door. Where's the fire, Cita? Alas, card games.

"Oh don't let the odds fool you." Tanit remarks with a puff of breath against a stray hair in her face, "I'm not sure how but I am fairly confident that this man cheats. I've yet to beat him in a game of uno and we play with an absurdly regular frequency - " Had there been more? If there was, it's gone with the arrival of Cita. And? an eye at the white knots as the woman works to whisk Ila'den away. "R'hyn told me to just say no to dragons." And glitter. Mostly it's the glitter.

"As long as it's reasonable," Ila'den amends, because HE HAS LIMITS TO WHAT HE CAN DO OKAY. He would comment on his odds (or laugh when Tanit accuses him of cheating), but here comes Half Moon Bay Weyr's senior queenrider, and there's humor (and perhaps a bit of surprise) in that stormy hue when it fixates on Cita, the bronzerider already rumbling laughter as he leans forward onto the table and waits, simply watching her progress. And there she is, Ila'den unperturbed by Citayla's sudden proximity to his person, leaning in to hear just what it is that she has to say and coming away from it with his own Faranth-but-that's-a-smile. "No," he breathes out. "Did you tell R'hyn?" Her shoulder-shove is, oddly enough, met with Ila'den's hand coming out to rest on her lower back, as if he means to steady her before she PROCURES WHITE KNOTS, and steals his THUNDER, and - Ila'den is laughing. He places his other hand over Cita's on his arm, rises and leans his body into hers, and points from Tanit to Ashwini. "Ladies: proof that weyrmates ruin everything. And this doesn't count as a loss. I'm literally being pulled away by the Weyrwoman." A beat, eye fixing on Tanit even as he moves with Citayla towards the door. "Well, then R'hyn was right about exactly two things in his life," said with dry humor, "but I'd like to see you tell Citayla, who by the way is the Weyrwoman, and also a trained and capable healer who finds the most gruesome texts fascinating, and who knows all the parts of the human body she can go for to be the most fatally accurate, no." WOLFISH GRINS. INCH INCH. "And you did say you wanted to be right in the middle of all that hard work, Tanit." YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOOOO.

Despite not being a regular person here at this weyr, Ashwini is able to mostly follow the conversations and bets. Candidate talk, white knots. She's got all that down pat especially since she did spend a bit of time in the galleries today doing some old fashioned checking of the eggs. It's not often one gets to sit and admire them after all. Glitter notwithstanding. "Oh well only one of us have to beat him and he'll be doing his own looking." is remarked lightly as her gaze flickers to and from the door before eventually settling on watching the approach of Citayla. Being a newcomer she really has no idea the many looks and expressions of the weyrwoman. Or that this approaching person is the Weyrwoman for that fact. This is quickly corrected before she can even open her mouth to reply to Cita's greeting as Ila'den mentions the title Weyrwoman. Ashwini half stands then plops back onto her backside at the order of reporting to barracks. IT doesn't take long for it to click on what just happened. "Um.." momentarily forgetting words. "Wait…really?" magically appearing knots! Wow! Again she attempts to stand, this time uncertainly as she now watches Tanit explaining she's supposed to say no to dragons." and the unmentioned glitter.

Smiles get equal from Citayla, who's all but bubbling with glee, eyes alight, practically wiggling as she backs up a step to run, Ila in-hand. Only, Tanit and Ashwini aren't playing along, they're dilly-dallying, and the Weyrwoman looks a little exasperated. Completely unreasonably, of course, but it's been A Sevenday. "R'hyn doesn't know what he's talking about." As if she didn't literally cry about the search thing, and nearly second-guess herself entirely out of it. Right, Cita. "No!" The Weyrwoman adds, undertone, for Ila'den, grinning fiendishly. "We're going to show him, right now." Thus her excitement, maybe, the bouncy glee. It's worth an interrupted game. Totally. The fiendish grin only gets more triumphant as he goes on, eyebrows doing a weird seize-y dance that might be a waggle. "I can't help it if you're too slow, love." She hums, contented, like she gave him any sort of a reasonable frame of time before she came busting in. Rude. "I certainly am the Weyrwoman, and I certainly have been holding these knots for a long time now." That's playfully arch for Tanit, but softens a little for Ashwini, on a nod that might possibly be courteous. Or more courteous if she wasn't also inching away. "Citayla. Welcome to Half Moon Bay? The cots in the barracks are…" Beat. "Comfortable." She certainly sounds like she isn't lying, there. "Really. Teimyrth and Xermiltoth both agree, and they were right about me, I suppose. Ladies?" Gesture. GESTURE. EMPHATIC, NOW.

"Laughing at a distance, at others misfortune." Tanit answers for all the 'hard work'. "Unlike our glorious Weyrwoman however I'm not sure I could survive a barracks full of half-naked men all the time. I like my freedom thank you. It is an honor that you would ask Cita but, I have to in good conscience decline." Tanit? She is going to slowly stand sending the cat bounding off in the direction of the weyr and attempt to quietly disappear before any other objections can be rendered. TIME TO FIND A HIDY HOLE!

SIGH. DAMN IT TANIT. That's pretty much what Ila'den's expression says anyway, as that grey eye rolls and his attention fixates on Cita for one, two, three beats. "Well alright then," comes on a raspy bur, preceding the way he leans in to press a kiss to the top of Citayla's head, smoothing her hair back down when stubble catches at it. He gives her hand on his arm a gentle squeeze with his own, a warning, perhaps, and then he steps away from her. YEP. STRAIGHT. FORWARD. HE. GOES. Right over to Tanit, whom he leans over just long enough to scoop up a cat in one hand before using the other AND ALL THAT HARD-WON MUSCLE to UNFAIRLY scoop her RIGHT UP and over his shoulders. "Come on then, little fish." Though he does pause, probably quite the sight with Tanit over one shoulder, arm looped around her hips to keep her in place, while the other nestles a cat in against his chest. That grey eye shifts to Ashwini, and there's a smile for her - clipped though it may be in patience. "You can follow, or I have another perfectly good, perfectly empty shoulder." AND THEN THERE HE GOES. Who knows what Tanit is doing on his shoulder. DOES IT MATTER? SHE CANNOT ESCAPE. He's making his way back to weyrmates, pushing kittens into Cita's arms, and then pressing his hand into her lower back so that he can guide her out of the Tiki Lounge. VAMOOSH! Better keep up, Ashwini, or he's COMING FOR YOU NEXT.

Ashwini's head is nearly spinning this is all happening so fast. Not so long ago she was a meatsheild for a recently met leather clad Ila'den and now she's being directed towards barracks with a white knot and the promise of comfortable. Sorta of. Now fully standing she takes a few tentative steps to follow along as ordered. After all it's doubtful that Ila'den could carry her on the other shoulder and it appears that saying no is not an option? But not taking the chance she gets her feet moving with more conviction and she follows along with a half meek, half amused expression. "Quite the welcome to here indeed." she'll murmur as she heads out. And the poor Uno game is abandoned!

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