Half Moon Bay Weyr - Laundry Room
The laundry rooms has for a long time been the primary source of weyr gossip and stories. Many aunties hustle and bustle about the place, taking care of the weyr's steady supply of laundry. The room itself is large and has been divided into two halves. The main half is for actual washing and drying of clothes. The other half is for mending, sewing, sorting and folding.

It’s a surly afternoon in the laundry, the place mostly empty save for a matronly woman with hands on hips as tanit resurfaces in one of the wash vats adjusting the eyemask with a frown. “Look, it didn’t come out in the wash, I’ve checked every vat now – and swimming in soap water was not part of the job description, I may have a white knot but I’m still a member of the dolphin craft hall and we do have rights damnit.” The dolphineer hisses back at the laundress, who throws her hands up. “Well all I know is she said the necklace and bracelet were in her pocket and they weren’t when we returned the clothes. Best to investigate every angle before someone accuses us of untoward things. Thank you at least for looking, I appreciate it. Sorry to trouble you with it.” And with that the laundress leaves and Tanit hauls herself up onto the wash tub’s edge. “Move to a weyr they said, it will be fun they said.“

"I can't believe anyone every said -that-." And those are the words that announce Zeltan's presence, his arrival in the laundry room appropriately timed - and also rather unexplained. The Trader strolls rather casually over towards the vat that contains a dolphineer (candidate!?), leaning lightly against the edge to peer into the soap water. "That's a new way of washing clothes.. But I guess that isn't my specialty, so what do I know." He glances back up at Tanit, grinning widely, despite of her grump.

“Har har har.” Tanit continues to grump, though the trader’s appearance does tug a more genuine smile from her lips. “Never let it be said that good deeds go unpunished. You might want to hide from anyone with a dragon lest you get forced into indentured servitude to the weyr.” She will reach up slowly for the front of his shirt, seeming to pull him down for a more intimate greeting, only to tug harder and move at the last second, aiming to land him in the tub with her. ”Regardless of success or failure when he is able to hear them, she adds the words; “Thought maybe you’d washed your hands of this place entirely.”

"I've been safe this long - I've less than a turn before I'm too old, I'm not worried." And Zeltan is, well, Zeltan, letting himself be tugged in far, far too easily - though given their last 'goodbye' maybe he has expectations - and he even helps her, leaning in - and ending up in the vat with a splash. Sputtering as he comes back to the surface, he stares at her, mouth opening and closing a few times, only barely catching her words in his indignation. Grabbing the side of the vat, he narrows his gaze at her a little before shrugging. "I figured it was better to lay low, for a bit.. keep out of the way."

Tanit laughs, making her way over to at least plant a light kiss on his cheek in apology. “Lucky you, then. I guess it isn’t so bad, but when people know what you do for a living they start asking for favors that you can’t actually refuse.” She gestures to the vats, “Some prissy woman is claiming that jewelry was stolen from the pockets of her dress when she sent her things in to the laundry. I’ve checked every vat, and there is no bracelet or necklace. I did find about two marks in assorted bits.” Her thumb tugging at the leather thong about her neck. “And found a very nice buyer for pearls while you were gone. I’ll give you her information, she seems vain as a peacock so likely would be interested in all kinds of trinkets.” Tanit says, “She wasn't in the laundry vats though."

A wide grin at Tanit, and it seems her apology is accepted, for no other complaints are made as he pulls himself out of the vat, dripping on the floor, glancing down. "Those were my favorite books.." He does murmur to himself, before he shakes his head and glances back at Tanit. "I'd wager she wanted the marks for something and traded them away, and is now trying to raise a stink." A shake of his head, and he wiggles his arms some to help encourage dripping. "Yeah? Those are the ones that keep me in business.." Or at least, slightly more questionable business. "Surely they didn't just come down to the lagoon and recruit you for this, though.." Maybe her other comments haven't totally clicked - forgive him.

“Books?” Tanit queries studying him a moment before hauling herself out of the vat, and shaking the water loose from her hair before snagging one of the towels. She at least was in her dive suit when she went in, so harm done, mostly. “I wish, No – I was assigned to the laundry today. She unzips the suit enough to fish out a white knot from the usual hiding place and toss it in his direction. “Apparently when the Weyrwoman decides you should stand, you don’t much have the option of saying now. I was summarily thrown over a bronze riders shoulder and carried to the barracks.” There is a frown with this and likely it was as undignified as it sounds. “What about you? What have you been up to in the wide world.” Tanit asks with a broad smile, “I will confess I’ve missed your company.”

A pair of small books - barely bigger than the palm of his hand - are pulled from his pocket, the paper dripping, and the color of the ink bleeding to the edges of the book, Zeltan shrugging a little and flipping through them absently - that is until there is a white knot out of the corner of his eye, and he glances up hurriedly. "What, even after the Sands?" He asks - perhaps a bit too loudly, cause then he is looking around to make sure no one else heard. "I thought she'd never want to see you again." He whispers. And then, at the question there is the tiniest hint of a blush before he is replying rather smugly, but sort of avoiding her question. "Have you now? I'd say we could find out how much, but well, with that knot.."

Tanit frowns looking at the books, reaching over to take one and peruse the pages if allowed. “They don’t know who did the sands.” She answers rather smugly, though in a pointedly lower tone. One thick brow arches sharply at his suggestion earning a soft peal of laughter. “Do you think I’m so easy as that?” The avoidance of the question is noticed, but not yet remarked on. “Best get you somewhere where you can dry off and I need to change clothes before this dive suit dries stuck to my skin.”

The small book is passed over - the pages are mostly small notes - names, items, mark values - the one in her hand still about half empty. "Ah, so that's why no one came chasing across Pern, screaming. I'll take it." Zeltan offers softly, and then he is smirking back at her. "I don't know, but we could certainly find out.." Leering at her, "I'll help get you out of that, don't worry…" But then he is coughing slightly, apparently giving up on the ridiculousness, for he is tilting his head towards the hall. "I'm sure there are dry things in the storage room, that no one will miss.."

Tanit rolls her eyes at the banter, but is already moving in the direction of the storage room as he mentions it. “I think you would wind up so flustered and confused that you wouldn’t know what to do.” She teases, going back to where the shelves are more thickly stocked. She tugs at some of the items, squinting to read the labels marked in a spidery scrawl. “So is this your attempt to be mysterious or were your travels really that boring?”

"I mean, it sounds like you want to find out.." Zeltan counters back, even as he is joining her in the search of the shelves, the book set on the edge of one in order to free his hands. "I had a few people I'd promised to come back and see - and pay out their earnings. And a few favors to repay for covering for a Trader who may have been unable to get rid of that stupid shimmer for a sevenday, I swear." He glances over his shoulder at her, even as he is tugging a shirt off the shelf. "So, you really missed me? You haven't been too busy, being a candidate?"

Tanit laughs, “Maybe if the whim strikes me and the southern wind is blowing just right.” She teases him. She finally settles on a sarong, starting to unzip and peel away the wetsuit, and yes Zeltan, there is a swimsuit covering the important bits. Though peering through the shelves it is possible to get a glimpse of some of the scars and tattoos. The art of tying a sarong is a beautiful thing and the dolphineer arranges it into a halter style dress. “I have only been a candidate for a few days now, why do you sound so surprised that someone would miss you? The over the top flirting can be irritating sometimes, but once you get past that – you are actually a lot of fun to hang around.”

"South wind blowing, got it." Zeltan repeats, pausing to peek through the shelves shamelessly, grinning a little. "Man, you're good at that." He comments absently, even as he is swapping out his soaked shirt for a dry one, and continuing his rummage for other clothes, which are found a moment later and he is eyeing her through the shelves. "Now, don't think you are going to get a free show, or anything." Turning his back to her, he is moving to finish changing with less grace than she had, even as he calls back over his shoulder. "Nah, not someone. You." There is apparently a distinction.

Tanit is already pointedly looking away, though… well she might steal a curious peek, but just one before hastily looking away. “Lots of practice. I used to wear them more when I was younger, and wasn’t always in a dive suit.” She laughs, but it is the last comment that gives her pause, sea-green eyes shifting to study him thoughtfully. “I’m not sure I understand the distinction.”

Wet clothes are rolled up and a towel is found to add to the bundle, Zeltan retrieving his damp little notebook from the shelf, slipping around the edge of the shelf to return to Tanit's side. "I mean, some people miss me when I am gone because they aren't getting paid, some people miss me because I don't have things to sell them. Some people miss me for what ~else~ I can bring to the table.. But I think you might just miss -me-." He finally offers after a moment, pausing as if to consider his own words, before he is moving off to find a basket to deposit his clothes - and a tag to identify them as his own.

The wetsuit is tucked into a bin that already has her name on it, and she is quiet at his answer, considering the words. Instead of answering him though, she just lifts a hand to his arm and plants another kiss on his cheek. “I need to get back to the barracks, but I will see you later yeah?” Handing the other book back to him, “And I will find away to make the ruining of those up to you.”

Eyes meet hers, and Zeltan stares for a moment before giving her a little more of an honest smile, "I will see you later, Tanit. Congratulations, by the way.." he offers, the other book stuck in his pocket, waving off her concern. "Don't worry - it happens. They may be fine when they dry out." And then he is patting her gently on the back, and heading out himself in the opposite direction of the candidate barracks however.

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