Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's been quite rainy at Western of late. Since the storm blew in the other day it just seems like it has been nonstop rain from dawn to dusk and through the nights. Nights like this one, actually. And so the rain falls. And eventually the weyr's reservoirs are full and the tide is coming in… so where's all that water to go? Well, there is no place for it to go really, instead it just starts collecting in the bowl in large puddles that become larger and larger… And then there is a drip drip drip… In the middle of the night. When everyone ought to be asleep. Perhaps someone is sleep tinkling?

Sundari is so very much asleep, curled up on her cot with a young brown firelizard settled of all places upon her head. Her covers are pulled up to about her chin, a arm sticking out one side and then a leg sticking out the other. The dripping water isn't noticed a first, though it's been going on long enough that it is finally enough to get her to move. Sunny lifts her head, a hand moving to rub across her eyes as a yawn escapes her, the firelizard rolling off her, off the cot and then onto the floor with a thunk along with a half asleep warble to escape the lizard.

Growing up on a boat tends to make one used to a variety of things and water is pretty high on that list. Iolain has slept pretty comfortably throughout the stormy weather, to the annoyance of his nearby roommate, a lad from Igen. All he did when the rain started pouring was take some sleeping bag made of oiled cloth and toss it on his cot, blankets and pillow later getting crammed in so he can sleep without having to worry about his blankets getting dripped on. That doesn't say his head won't, but worse things have happened than damp hair. Like weasels. As it happens, this particular night he is snoozing quite serenely, a soft snoring coming from the sack that happens to also be him. Zzz.

It won't quite be a thunk when Sunny's firelizard hits the floor. It will more of a… splash. Not a big splash mind you, but a splash none-the-less. Which means he will probably also be a little more angry than usual. It's been damp around the weyr, sure. But the floor has always been relatively dry… except for certain spots. Until now! It seems that there's a couple of inches of water covering the entire floor right now. Chubby Augustus is fast asleep in his bed. Sure his blankets are getting wet, but he's still snoring away like it's any other day.

Sundari hears this splash and then the fact that Strider is struggling around as he is trying to get himself out of the water. "Strider?" This questioned while Sunny peers over the edge of her cot and blinks before reaching down to pluck the brown out of the water and back up with her while she sits up. "Oy.. Flooding." This murmured out mostly to herself before she glances around to see how far the water has spread.

Splash? Hm. Iolain considers whether or not to wake up for this followed by whether or not he actually wants to be awake for this. He decides that it would probably be a better idea than not and he shifts inside his coccoon, pulling himself back and up rather than trying to roll out. He remains sitting while he rubs at his eyes and blinks a few times, squinting in the dim light only to sigh at the water, "Great." He slips his legs free and crawls to the end of his cot, yanking his chest up with a huff of breath and setting it on the end of his bed for now. He's only wearing shorts and a shirt, so he steps off with his bare feet and walks around to some of the nearby cots, shaking people awake so they can save themselves the rough wakeup.

Splash! Wet firelizard. There is water everywhere! At least Io seems to have the right idea, getting his trunk out of the wet. Since the water only seems to be… rising. There's not a lot of dripping coming from the ceiling overhead, which means it's probably coming from the crack under the door. His feet splashing through the water is probably enough to wake most people. Then there is yelling outside the barracks door. Something about the levee breaking? Which might explain the rising water. No one's come in to warn them of anything yet. So maybe not a cause for alarm? Chubby is in his bed with his knees pulled to his chest looking down at the slowly rising water and whimpering.

Sundari shifts about and struggles for a few moments before she is able to pull her trunk upwards so it is out of the water. It wasn't that big so sets upon her bed for the moment, soon enough her firelizard is settled upon the top of it. Her gaze flicks towards the door at the yelling and she is left pondering. "If levee has broke, should we go and see what is going on, try and help?"

Iolain nods to Sundari with a small frown, "Probably a good idea. If the levee's broken, the water's only going to get higher in here." He grabs another candidate who is not Chubby, but is helping some of the younger members get their trunks up out of the water, "Stay here and make sure everybody doesn't freak out." He raises his voice and puts up his hands, acting bossy because people are letting him, bwaha, "Anyone who has any experience with water, heavy objects, or just generally isn't scared or too tiny to lift another person, come on. The levee's apparently broken and they'll probably want sandbags everywhere or something." He makes a small face, then looks to Sundari and sloshes in her direction, quirking an unamused sort of smile, "I guess we should go see if anyone's in charge up there before we all wind up sleeping in boats. I'll strongarm the door if you don't mind checking the hall before we head out?" Okay, so not entirely bossy. Ahem.

There. Is. Water. Everywhere. Well, at least the water shouldn't cause motion/seasickness… right? Well, if the beds start floating that /may/ be a problem, but until then Rhadan will be quite fine. Except for the fact that he is wet. And his bed is a little wet. And… well, /everything/ is a little wet. Rhadan got over his seasickness after a good day of rest. Now, though, his rest is interrupted. He is awake, though it did take him longer than most to get into a state of awakedness (it is a word, get over it - I say so). There were boots next to his bed… and sloosh! Those are on as he sits up, eye blearily blinking around at other. He is, in moments, lifting his own chest onto his bed, while looking to Augustus, the chubby, "Augustus, don't just sit there! It is just water. Get your chest, man! You're not going to die from it." Yet. Once it floods the room and there is no air, that's another story. Rhadan has the mind to take a belt with a knife from his chest now, strapping it around his night-wear (baggy shorts and a large shirt).

There's more yelling outside. Muffled, this time. It's hard to hear what they're talking about. But the sound of the water is becoming louder. Who put a river in the lower caverns? Some of the candidates are milling about, lifting trunks or just moving the water. Others are making themselves islands on their cots. Sandbags were probably a must, and surely by now every dragonrider at the weyr has been woken up rather rudely. At least the sands were raised up a bit from the weyr floor. Augustus just nods to Rhadan and sniffles. Then he tries to pull his trunk off of the floor. Unsuccessfully. It's not that he's especially weak. Just more than his trunk is especially heavy. Hopefully no one dies from a bit of water.

Sundari nods as she hears Iolain and is up splashing through the water, pausing long enough to get a different shirt from her trunk, as she's in a tank top and shorts at the moment. Once she has her other shirt on Strider is up on her shoulder to try and escape the water more and the pair are moving towards the door. There is a pause and she blinks while peering at it a moment, tilting her head to lean closer and listen. "The water is getting louder." Her gaze drifts around the room. "Is there another way out?" Well maybe she missed another entrance.

"Not sure, but either way, we need to get the door open. We're not going to do too well if water keeps coming in and we've got nowhere to go," is Iolain's response, frowning slightly as he listens at the door. He looks back at the room and shakes his head again, "Being stuck in here without food isn't going to do us much good, either. I hear some barracks for candidates lead directly onto the hatching Sands, but I'll be damned if I have any idea where that is and frankly I'd rather risk drowning over an angry gold warding people off her eggs." He licks his lips and rests his hands on his hips, shaking his head slightly, "No, the best way is to get the door open. Even if the lower caverns floods, if the door gets stuck closed by the weight of the water, we're screwed in a decidedly not bed-type manner."

Rhadan's eyes narrow for a moment before they roll at the sight of Augustus struggling to lift his trunk from the floor. The brow-haired apprentice hunter's head shakes during that eye-rolling before he sloshes his way through the water to the chest. He looks at Augustus for a moment, "You grab that side, now." And then, if Augustus listens, Rhadan will lift the other and, perhaps with a struggle, they are able to lift it together. "What the shard do you keep in that thing? How much crap did you bring?" There is a moment, then, when Rhadan looks over his shoulder to the doorway and the group of candidates gathering there. He only looks back to Augustus for a moment, "Stay here, alright? For now. But put some boots and clothes on." And then Rhadan is moving. Sloshing. Whatever. And then, the door. Sundari. Iolain. Other candidates, maybe. Rhadan does speak, though, as he looks around the room, "Uh… well, couldn't have happened during the day, huh?" Well, it would have been nicer that way.

No one likes an angry gold. And it wasn't good for a candidate to make the queen angry while she's on the sands. So it is probably better that they use the main exit, if they can get it open. There is definitely the sound of rushing water outside, and the sound of the door straining a bit against the weight. Augustus pathetically complies with Rhadan's suggestion, and they manage to lift his trunk onto his bed. "But… if we have to leave… I don't want to leave it here. All my stuff is inside! It might get wet!" Nevermind that it was already a little wet. And no, it couldn't happen during the day! At least the choice is clear, get the door open or get stuck in the barracks. Every so often the sound of people sloshing by can be heard as people move through to head up through the caverns.

Iolain is starting to worry less about the trunks and more about other things, frankly, turning to yell into the room, "If anyone's still asleep, get them up! Some of you big guys get the kids on your backs and off the floor. Water may come rushing in in a few minutes and we don't want any kids getting swept under, especially in the dark." It isn't completely dark, but if a twelve year old gets sunk, they may not be able to find them in time to help. He rolls his shoulders and smirks a bit at Rhadan before nodding towards the door, "Help me open this slowly. If we can avoid a torrent, we should." He sets his shoulder against the door and is glad of his bare feet, which hold traction on the wet floor better than his boots would've. He'll wait for Rhadan, if the other man is willing to help, before he braces himself and turns the door handle.

Sundari swallows as she eyes the main door once more. "Can everyone swim here?" She glances back to the ones, a worried look sent to Rhadan before glancing to the others before she looks back to Iolaiun. "There is a lot of water on the other side of the door. You can hear it, right?" She points at the door which is straining. "You're have to leave it if we're having to swim outa here!" She calls to the whiney kid over his trunk. She shifts back once Iolain is moving to open the door, her firelizard clinging to her and looking rather fearful to say the least.

Poor Augustus likely won't have to worry about being swept under by any torrent for all his weight. And the poor boy's stuff. Well, the chubby rich kid will have to get over it! Rhadan was going to help wake people, but then he got called out to help pull the door open! Sundari is glanced at as Rhadan walks to the door, "I can. Boy, I hope everyone can swim. Just in case, you know?" And then Rhadan is at the door. He has boot on, though, see. And they don't like the floor. But, that is okay. He won't have to worry about stepping on sharp objects. One hand goes to the door frame, trying to gain traction. Then, he too has his shoulder set to the door, and when Iolain turns the handle he will begin to help get that door open.

If anyone is asleep still they must sleep like a stone. Several candidates are sharing cots so they're not by themselves against the water. There aren't too many really that are small enough to ride someone's back. That sounds mean that Chubby isn't looking around to see if someone might carry him though. It was too late to worry about people being able to swim now! Well, sort of. As long as they didn't let people drown it should be fine. As soon as they're able to get the door open a little ways though, the current rushing through the caverns takes the door and flings it open! Ta da! Also the water rushes into the room in a torrent, and even the cots are fighting to stay above it. There are several shrieks and then everyone is getting ready to get out of the barracks. There are also several more shrieks and Augustus yells "SOMETHING TOUCHED MY LEG!"

Iolain's response in regards to people swimming or not is a pretty curt, "they're about to learn," before he levers himself against the door. When the water rushes through the door and flings it, Iolain is knocked backwards into the water, cussing rather impolitely as he splashes down. He doesn't stay down long, not wanting to get trampled, but he does yank some poor soul's blanket off their bed and pushes his way through the current towards the hall, "Of course something touched your leg, you idiot. It's water. There's stuff. Stop yelling." He grabs for the edge of the doorframe and hauls himself forward, trying to see if there's anyone else out in the hall dealing with this ridiculous situation the way they are. Gripping the doorframe still, and tightly, he again yells at the rest of his fellow candidates, "Nobody goes through this alone! Grab somebody and stick with them! If you lose track of your partner at any time, let up some noise, alright? We'd all really like to make it to the Hatching."

Sundari stays out of the way while Iolain and Rhadan work at the door. She blinks and looks around as the water is rushing in, a faint meep escaping her and she is sent backwards a few feet before bumping into a cot and there is a firelizard scrambling up onto her head. "It's just water, come on move it!" She calls out to Augustus while she is helping a pair towards the door once she is back up and moving.

Wow, this is a nice ankle here. Nice, nice. OH! And another one! I should definitely rub up against that one. That one looks very nice. Very. Yes. SCHLOOP! Schlooping through the water and up against Iolain's leg, leaving a thick slimy stream on tendrils in it's wake before the shadowy form submerges back under the water's surface once more. Just a little lube to help you through the caverns, just helping a little buddy out.

There is a moment where time seems to freeze for Rhadan. Everything slows down - people, voices - the sound of the rushing water. It is the moment as he and Iolain are working to get that door open. The moment before it is flung open. The moment before he falls into the water, falling forward when the door flies. Oops. Time speeds up quickly, though, and the water is pushing him. People are shrieking and something is, apparently, touching Augustus' leg. Rhadan grunts as he pushes himself up from the ground. Nevermind the scrap on his knee - that is not important. What is is getting people out. And /Augustus/! Rhadan is moving back into the barracks, moving with the current to the chubby boy, reaching out a hand, "Come on, then! Nothing is in the water, we need to get out of here!" Nothing is in the water… right?

Wiggle jiggle! All these nice legs with with to rub against! Augustus's leg was… nice. Nice and wiggly and jiggly, too. SCHLIP-SCHLIP! Ooh, a different leg. This one is Rhadan's! Right around the ankles, leaving a string of slime to lube up the floor. What better to put your feetsies in? Everyone loves a slimy foot-job! It's good for the toes.

Augustus is moving towards Rhadan. Hopefully the other candidate that is nice to him also wants to be his partner! It's possible something -did- touch his leg. Because it's now touching other people's legs. Several girls are screaming, which doesn't help the 'be quiet' rule. At least they're all bunching together now. Though some people are flailing and others are pushing everyone out the door. Augustus finally makes it to Rhadan, but he keeps wriggling his legs and wiping at them with his free hand.

Iolain isn't going to focus too much on that. If it's slimy, but isn't biting, it's not dangerous enough to warrant his concern just now. He frowns, of course, and makes a bit of a face, but only shakes his head and calls out, "There's something in the water, but it could just be some leather or something. It's not biting or stinging, so it's less dangerous than the water rushing in here right now. Everybody needs to try and stay CALM." He grabs another blanket and knots them together, making a point of getting them wet first so that they won't like come apart. Satisfied for the time being, he ducks his head back out and calls out again, "Alright, we're going out. We need a chain. Everybody grab somebody else's hand and try not to fall." To that end, he hooks the blanket over his shoulders, likely for possible future use should he need to anchor himself somewhere, and then hooks one hand around the doorframe and offers the other to Sundari. Pushing out the door would involve pushing past him, and trying to shove yourself past six feet of solid trader probably is harder than it seems, especially with water rushing in.

Sundari pushes the pair she was helping out the door and is quick to help another pair out before there is call of something being in the water? She blinks and looks around to the water, trying to catch sight of it. "What What's in the water?" She is use to being on a boat, use to things moving in the water but this is a bit different in a area like this. Her gaze snaps back to Augustus and Rhadan to make sure they are moving before her gaze turns to that hand that is offered and she reaches out to make a grab for Iolain's hand. Alright, maybe she is a bit worried!

No biting or stinging necessary! Just Schlipping and Schlooping. Little tendrily bits feel out through the water, touching at Sundari's legs as she moves through the water. Suddenly something wraps around her leg and the water gets very heavy and slimy in a localized spot. Yes. She is being leg-raped by an eel. But don't worry, it's a lucky eel, right? SCHLIP-SCHLIP! Also it's totally consensual.

Ever see someone /jump/ in the middle of a flooding candidate barracks admist screaming and the dark of night? Well, you certainly have /now/. Or… well, some have. Augustus has. Rhadan's eyes were rolling again at a group of screaming girls. Then Iolain is stating that there /is/ something in the water. Rhadan is rolling his eyes again. "People over-react sometimes." Then, just before Augustus reaches him, Rhadan felt… something rub against his leg. Something that was not a floating blanket or towel. Something that was slimey. Something that caused him to start, and jump up and out of the water in surprise. There is a yelp from the teen, and his feet come far enough out of the water to clear it, though barely. Yep, he can jump. He can also splash when he comes back down. Augustus likely isn't spared from a bit of that splash, but the chubby boy is likely wet enough already. "That did /not/ feel like something inanimate!" So… uh… about that 'stay calm' thing… Rhadan is not worried. Rhadan is not worried. He is not worried… "We need to get out of here, I think!" And then Rhadan is grabbing Augustus' wrist, practically pulling the heavier boy after him as he makes his way for the door. OUT!

Schloopy isn't done just yet, there's still a little bit of leg he'd like to get to know. Perhaps take out for dinner and drinks cause that's what you're supposed to do first, right? The eel decides he wants to get up close and personal… UP Iolain's leg. Hey there, nice to meet you. Do you slime here often? SCHLOOOOP.

Out! Out! Everyone out! It was hard to stay calm. Whatever it is in the water (eels) seem to be multiplying, and there is now slime everywhere as more get caught up in the trap that is the barracks. Everyone seems to be holding (or gripping for dear life) onto everyone else. Which makes for a convenient web of candidates. Which will be a nice chain as they all feed through the doorway. There's still a lot of shrieking and some of the girls are actually sobbing about the fact they're being molested by eels. Augustus kicks his leg and a trail of slime goes flying and splats on the wall across the barracks.
Rhadan has disconnected.

Iolain responds to Rhadan's comment about them needing to get out of there with a rather sardonic, "Oh, really?" He looks to the girls screaming and promptly barks at them to shut it, mostly to shock them into calm, since staying calm is pretty hard. While most people would shriek over the prospect of being eeled up, Iolain actually looks relieved, kicking the eel back into the water with a rough exhale, "It's just eels. They're not really big on biting anything bigger than themselves, far as I know. They're disgusting and annoying and weird, but they won't kill you. Water in the lungs will. Let's go." He glances down the chain to make sure people are, well, a chain, then begins hauling himself out the door, using his body strength plus any hand hold he can find in the tunnel wall outside. For the most part, he is physically making himself the lead of the chain, trying to haul Sundari along or at least make it easier for her to get through the water. Let's just hope Augustus doesn't decide to step up as an anchor.

Sundari swallows a bit as everyone starts to yell and yelp while she is trying to escape, and then there is something on her leg, gripping and holding. A half squeal escapes her even. Hey, she can squeal with the best of them thank you! She is slowed down by this fact that there is something on her leg and scrambles a bit to try and get it off before Iolain is dragging her along. "Eels What are eels doing /here/ of all places?" Of course she would ask questions like this but she moves along, if that eel lets her, hopefully it will.

Don't leave me, Master Eel! You didn't gift Schloopy with a pair of tightie-whities like the one you live in! He isn't a free eel yet! The eel fights the current once more and attempts to take up residency with Iolain's leg. He promises he won't run out and leave you with the bill and he doesn't know who that other triflin' eel is!

Whoa there! That… is not cool! It is far from cool, it is /slimey/. Though… slime is cool sometimes. And 'cool' if it is the right kind of slime. Of course, regardless of any of that, the point is that there are eels. EELS. Rhadan does not know eels that well - it isn't like they do more than Schloop around and slime people. Still, his detour to grab Augustus has left the two of them as the end of the chain. "Here, take hold of her hand." Augustus is pulled forward to the girl who was at the end, and Rhadan takes up position as the caboose - his hand is free of Augustus' though, and thus the chain, when he lets go to reach down and swipe at his leg. Stupid. Slimey. Eel. Ugh! And look. Runaway train. Well, not quite. Rhadan only has a feet feet between him and Augustus and he'll close that in no time. "I don't think I like eels, even if they don't bite!" Uuuugh. Slimey.

SCHLIP! The eel is still around Sunny's leg, wriggling and squirming against it. She'll have to shove it off! Which means touching it. With her hands. And putting them into the slime. So sexy. The eels have come in with the storm, don't you know? Or maybe they were already in with the drinking water. Yum! Why is everyone leaving!? Nuuu the current! Nuuuu! Off it goes, wherever the current is drifting to.

Iolain focuses on hauling the chain along, though he doesn't ignore Sundari's question either, rolling his eyes slightly as the eel wriggles around his leg, answering flatly, "Looking for a date, if I had to guess." He leaves the eel to likely get hauled back by the current again, considering Iolain's moving against it and having a hard enough time on his own. He looks back to check on the chain of people behind him regularly, which means he at least catches when the caboose falls off, slowing a touch without really stopping. It's slow going between the current and the eels and the squealing, anyway, so it's not as if they're really likely to lose Rhadan. Still, Iolain will only continue on in real force once Rhadan's reclaimed his associate, leading the merry gang of soaked and slimy candidates off towards the tunnel that should get them to the living cavern.

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