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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Word gets around the Weyr relatively quickly that some pale femme named Leeta is looking for Tanit the dolphineer. ANd while the holder pauses in doing so, she's taking a stroll along the lagoon, where the two met and talked last time they ran into one another. Who knows; maybe Tanit will show up here again. In the meantime, the chief of security feeds her pair of firelizards a few fingerling fish she found in a sort-of tide pool. The very young brown and blue tuck into them with relish, making pleased sounds of hunger.

The only sign of the dolphineer is the lazy white fuzzy feline stretched across the end of the dock, sunning herself in all her smoosh faced glory. The dolphineer surfaces moments later hooking her gear over a hook down in the water. Releasing the belt weights once they are attached to the peer. “I don’t know what Raican is talking about Lime, it all looks sound to me.”

A feline by the water? That's really odd; they usually hate water. As she feeds brown Aegis and blue Khan the last of their fish, Leeta strides over to the end of the dock, peering down at 'smushy mc smush-face,' then slowly squatting…to be confronted by the surfacing Tanit. A lurch backwards sends her own pets scattering skyward, chittering their own surprise and small irritation, while their owner recovers, makes a face at the dolphineer. "Give someone a heart attack that way." Snert.

A small fish pulled from a net is flung at the feline who catches it and starts eating, which might explain why the cat is near her owner at this particular time. “Well I have to come up for air sometime. “ The dolphineer notes perhaps less cheery than usual. “If you are looking for a lesson, you’ll have to settle for a swimming one, I’ve only got a few hours left before I have to report back to the stupid candidate barracks.”

Listening to Tanit rag, Leeta responds with a dry half-smirk, "Well, someone's got sand up their crack t'day." Awww! No lesson in diving? *That* earns the dolphineer a small frown, an acerbic, "I can't catch ya' for shit 'r shamrocks…" What?!? Candidate barracks? "Aww shells, they got you, too." Frown. She flops into a lightly cross-legged seat by the chewing feline, coaxes her firelizards back to her shoulders again, where they whistle and grooms themselves…and peer at the cat and Tanit.

“Contrary to what they would have you think, saying no politely isn’t exactly an option.” The dolphineer notes climbing up the ladder to flop on her back and just breathe for a few minutes. “I got carried there over a shoulder, in a completely undignified fashion.” She sighs taking a few minutes to just breathe. “Besides, there isn’t much profit to be had in pearl diving around here lately, if that’s why your looking to learn. If it is just in case someone throws you down a well and you are afraid of your survival chances well.” She gestures vaguely.

"Bullshit…" Leeta responds near-immediately, her livid green eyes narrowing a little when Tanit says that. "Are you shitting me? They didn't allow you to say 'no' and carried you off?" Blink, scowl. "What the fuck is this, the start of the Ninth Pass?" She looks a little irked, and the orange flecks in her pets' blue eyes echo that. As for pearl diving, "*Both*, actually. Survival always comes before potential profit." So sayeth the former guard.
Tanit laughs, “Don’t think too badly on them, I’m pretty sure it’s just payback for all the times I glittered the weyrleader.” So Tanit isn’t exactly innocent. “And to be honest, I’m not really much of a teacher. Mostly it’s just learning how to breathe.” She sighs. “Straight to business aren’t you.”

*That* makes Leeta un-bristle, the woman actually smirking broadly. No more orange is in her pets' eyes, anymore. "Well then, a friendly unwanted Search. Congratulations, toots." Of glitter…well, there's only an unvoiced laugh in those green eyes. "Well then, teach me how to breath properly, slug."

“Attitude like that and I won't teach you at all." The dolphineer laughs and gestures vaguely to a bin on the edge of the peer. "Should find a wet suit in there that fits, you could do with a swim suit but honestly the waters are a little cooler this time of year."

"Spoil-sport…" Leeta notes along with a stuck-out tongue, the woman noting as she moves to find the proper wet suit, "You sound a little better now." Grin. Setting her pets aside on the dock so they can peer curiously at Tanit's feline (no touch!), the holder pulls out one suit, begins to strip down to a one-piece, mint-green bathing suit that fits her well, noting as she does so, "I'll do a quick swim, then. A couple of minutes, if y' don't mind." Once she's working her way into the suit, there's lots of grunting wriggling, some huffing. "Is this thing meant to cling so much?"

"You'll be glad of it if you run across a stray sea-nettle. Trust me on that one, though this isn't the time of year for them here." The dolphineer notes with a soft chuckle. "Toss me the stopwatch from in there too if you could, I figure about three laps from here to that bouy and back and I should have a good ear for your bad habits by that point." As for the wet suit? Tanit laughs, "It serves its purpose but if you can't stuff everything in you may have grabbed one that was too small."

"This is fucking *ridiculous*…" Leeta huffs as she listens to Tanit as she hops, huffs, finally pulling the wet suit off of her form, and going for the next size up. Soon: "Ahh, *much* better…" Yep, the previous one was too small. Once suited up, that stopwatch is found, handed to the other woman to avoid a dunking, the holder then looking out to the indicated bouy, and thinking. "Gotcha. Gimme a few seconds to get past the entering the water phase." Snert. Over her shoulder to her pets: "Be nice." Firm, but caring she sounds. Two chirrups of agreement soon seeing the blue and brown curling up with each other and soon sunning themselves drowsily after their meal. Into the water Leeta steps, blinking at the coolness of it, and then doing something not many folks know how to do: resisting the urge to shiver, thereby denying the racing heart and pooling blood syndrome. Soon enough: "Ready!"

Tanit clicks the watch, which is the signal for the holder to start. Meanwhile lime, (so named for the vivid green eyes) watches the blue and brown with feigned disinterest fastidiously cleaning her claws with flicks of her small pink tongue. Tanit manages to scramble herself upright enough to lean against one of the dock posts watching keenly with sea green eyes.

As soon as she hears that click (Leeta has excellent hearing!), the holder is off, utilizing a typical freesytle form to go back and forth thrice from dock to bouy. Her form is unspectacular, minimalistic, enough to get the job done decently. She's able to stay afloat well, makes pretty good time, but she's no born swimmer or professional. Once she's back 'home,' the laddertwi is held onto while she puffs out a even, "So, how was it?" She's above average in most areas, average in others.

“Not bad, how winded do you feel?” The dolphineer asks, “go ahead and start treading water.” Clicking the stopwatch again. The cat curls up tail coiled about her haunches with a yawn, watching the silly humans with intent curiousity.

"Not much…" Leeta notes, her endurance apparently not much of an issue. After she gets her breath evened out again, the holder nods, starts to tread water in time with that stopwatch click. She's not working for speed this time, but endurance, her strokes easy and smooth, meant to conserve energy. Keen ears and eyes keep abreast of what's taking place.

Tanit is listening though, keenly as this goes on, “Don’t break the surface when you tread.” She notes tipping her ankles back into the water. Something unseen below may brush against one of the guardswoman’s feet, barely there almost mistaken for a bit of seaweed or other such flotsam.

"You want me to hold my breath, then?" is called out by Leeta as she swims. That touch to her foot has the woman pulling her leg away quickly, breaking her stroke for a few moments, but then she starts up again, listening for Tanit's answer.

“No, for now just focus on treading the water, keep your breathing as slow and even as you can manage. You panic out on the ocean and your dead.” Her usual jovial tone carrying more weight than usual. “Don’t break your strokes, remain calm.” Easy to say when she isn’t the one having something strange brushing against her foot. Several minutes pass, closing on five it’s the opposite now that gets nudged. Oh, so briefly.

"Gotcha…" Leeta calls back to Tanit, her brain thinking 'No fucking kidding…' to the Dolphineer's words of panic equals death. *That* one she knows down to her bones. It's part and parcel of learning to be an effective Guard. Onwards — steady and calm she goes — until that touch to her foot occurs again. Smoothly — the flash of a small knife perhaps noticed suddenly appearing in her left hand — the woman stops, and dives beneath the surface in planned manner. What she confronts below is met with firm determination…but suddenly, the ex-guard thinks she knows what… *who* she'll find.

Except that there is nothing to find below, and it is a very irked Tanit who watches the flash of steel and waits /patiently/ as the guardswoman comes up. “Panic my dear Leeta, is deadly. Excessive paranoia makes you a danger to those around you.” Some way in the distance the Half-Moon pod breaks the surface. “I think that’s it for today’s lesson. You’ve got good groundwork, but you need to work on treading water and controlling that paranoia first.”

Just as irritated, "That was *NOT* panic…" is called out to the other woman when she surfaces, green eyes flashing at Tanit out there on the dock. "I know that was likely your dolphin buddy. I acted in a…" Shhh. "In a manner that would confront any potential attacker or even a net or piece of seaweed curling around my ankle." "SEE?!" Yep, there's a pod of dolphins out beyond her.

“If I see you flash steel again in our lessons.” The dolphineer marks coolly, “It will be the last lesson. Preparedness or no, attacker or threat or seaweed. Unless I indicate otherwise you will keep your weapons on dock.” The dolphineer gets to her feet, raking fingers through short locks. “There are places where steel is fine as a first resort Letta, Half Moon is not one of them.” And with that the dolphineer makes to leave. “Stick the wetsuit back in the bin when you are done.”

"And does this lesson give you…" And there, Leeta silences her angry retort. She asked Tanit to train her, and part of the training is apparently learning how to properly deal with unknowns out at sea…like playful dolphin pods, and not only dangers. Swallowing her ire and pride, the woman simply notes, "Heard and noted," the woman then stowing her steel back at underarm holster, and swimming the rest of the way in smoothly. The time taken doing it lets her release her anger so that she's neutral again when she finally exits the water, dripping. Quiet. She lets Tanit leave without a word, finally sitting down by her pets, then getting out of her wetsuit before laying down beside them to think and warm herself in the sun for 15 minutes. When she finally makes it back inside, her fairest skin is a light pink. Damn it.

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