Confrontation in the Tiki

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents.
Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Early evening, and the singing hasn't begun yet. Some are eating a warm fresh meal, while others are milling around. Sitting at a bar stool, relaxing on the arm of a random bronzerider and drinking a deep red wine. Looking relaxed she laughs easily, she's wearing a small tight outfit that makes her look cute and curvy. Blonde hair is wet and she shakes her head getting the rider next to her wet and giggling, at least she looks like she's relaxed a little.

Though people are in and out of the tropical bar at a good pace, it doesn't take much for those near the door to recognize the short brunette with a braid in her hair, and anyone knowing well enough knows the local Senior doesn't patron the place as easily as most do. So, when Rea steps into the bar, looking a bit like a wild fire in the eyes, a few are taken aback. Not many, just enough to notice her entrance… the one's who arn't plastered, anyways. Her spirited entrance makes a brownrider quickly backstep out of her way as he makes to leave, a half-inebriated attempt at a salute made by the man which the goldrider completely ignores. Rea enters far enough into the saloon to inspect faces, slowly but surely… and no one seems stupid enough to run into her, though a few nearly do, the vibrancy of her anger auraing around her just a bit. A minute longer, and Rea narrows down her search, noting the person she is in search for. If Ameera is not too drunk, she'll notice the harsh grip on her arm, and the low growl that accompanies it. "Stand up, now, Junior. You and I need to to talk." Rea's eyes flick fiercely to the bronzerider which Ameera is sitting in the lap of, "Alone. Now." Her voice is clipped, authorative as she can manage given her size in comparison to Ameera.

Ameera is so busy with her giggling, but it seems Elinath has alerted her and she sits up and attempts to look proper for the Seniors sake. Tilting her chin up she regards the woman with icey blue eyes, crossing her legs and saying in a sweet tone. Very proper as always, "Yes Weyrwoman?" Looking at her company she gives him a look and makes a slight 'shooing' motion. The bronzerider reluctantly untangles himself and she slips off her bar stool tilting her head to the side and saying. "May I inquire to what this regards?" Asking very nicely, her voice always seeming to be slightly high pitched and grating. Crossing her hands in front of her she seems to be very sober and comfortable. Not suspecting anything, her hand moves to curl around her wine glass. Sipping at it idly she holds herself up and mentally seems to exude silent snobby confidence. For a harper there are many stages that he might perform on, and well the Tiki no doubt provides one such stage. So it is

with that goal in Mind that Ly'am and a couple other harpers make their way to the Tiki tonight. There lively conversation heralding their arrival, instruments of their trade in hand. Ly'am carries a pair of bongo drums of different sizes and he follows the native Harpers to the stage and gets set up. There is easy going conversation between the trio as piper and the guitarist get their instruments tuned up. Ly'am just gets himself settled on a stool, setting the drums between his knees and gives some soft little pats to the drums, getting his fingers back into the rythm.

Rea pulls herself short at Ameera's complete soberness, inspite of all the giggling she was doing a moment before… which in turn makes the brunette goldrider wrinkle her nose in disgust. With a bit of curbed patience, she watches the bronzerider particularly as he reluctantly disengages the Junior, before the Senior is back to looking upon Ameera, pulling herself up stiff. Controlling and curbing whatever violent response she /wants/ to have, in favor of playing her respective part. "You know what this 'regards'," Rea spits out quietly, measuring Ameera up with her eyes, before forcing herself to look at the blonde's face. "Don't play naive with me. If you can't figure it out, take a minute… maybe your small capacity is capable of putting two and two together in a few more minutes…" The entrance of the harpers catch Rea's attention, who seems to be warily on guard — a gunman in the midst of danger — curbing the seething back a little farther to pay some respect to the craftbred with a nod of her head. Turning back to Ameera, she glares. "Figure it out, yet? Let's take another moment… he's the one that teaches the Weyrlings… that point of obviousness ring a bell for you yet?" She shifts her stance, leaning from one foot to the other in ebbing impatience, waiting for her Junior's response.

Ameera looks perplexed, staring down at the little brunette. "Are you speaking of the rude redhead?" Seeming, or at least acting, like she doesn't know his name. Easily distracted she spots the harpers and watches their movement, following her eyes moving up there bodies first then to the faces. "We did have, a night, but.. I didn't think his consumption would be a matter of importance.. he did seem very upset when he left, though I assumed it was due the to alcohol." Perfectly innocent, she keeps a straight diplomatic face and her eyes stay soft and questioning. "I.. had /heard/ you two where involved, if the rumours are confirmed by this conversation, I would like to mention he broke one of my more expensive trinkets out of anger and I wish for him to replace it, or at least give me the funds to I can have another one made. It was special, from my father to my daughter." Fretting over her trinket, "I understand if, you would prefer I did not touch him again. The night in question was not in my plans." Drinking the wine down like this is a casual conversation. With the glaring her brows pucker and she frowns, "Was there more to this? I feel talking to him would serve your purpose better than coming to me."

The harpers finally ready themselves for the set, and Ly'am plays out a complicated drum roll between the two drums to announce the musicians. It is then they set to playing an instrumental piece that does well to combine the three instruments. Ly'am it seems is no 'simple' drummer. His fingers dance like an artist over the leather hides of the drums, eyes half closed and body relaxed as he plays a complicated rythem to match the music of the other pair. Conversations, arguments are lost to the lad as he focuses on the beats, the rythem of his fingertips.

Rea arches her brow in bewilderment at Ameera's description of N'kor, and a slight blush flares on her cheeks that has nothing to do with shyness. "His name is Weyrlingmaster N'kor, and you will call him by his rank or name, as is expected for someone of his standing." She says this as if talking to an errant child, Ameera taller then her or not. "Any less is not acceptable as a Junior of Western Weyr, and you will live up to those standards or find Elinath clutching on some beach outside Ierne!" She snorts softly at the mention of the trinket, shaking her head at the absurdity of the comment in relation to the conversation. "No doubt it's destruction may have something to do with your malignant treatment of him, if your poor wording is any hint of your ability to misjudge. If it's so important to you, pay for the trinket yourself… you are the one allowing anyone who shows interest to your bed, after all. Something's bound to get broken." She can't help but look at Ameera, arching a brow as further bewilderment sets in at the Junior's seemingly genuine response. "I have talked to him, if you haven't noticed. Why else would I bother with you?" There is a few more mumbled words, something along the lines of hair color, and Elinath's choices being slim, but they're lost to the beat of a harper's drum, and the noise of cheering from

Ameera awws quietly, a tiny smile on her lips. "Then, yes, Weyrlingmaster N'kor, if you wish I will call him his proper title. All you had to do was ask." Obidient, and proper, is this all it really took? "It would be, difficult, for Elinath to clutch in such a manner." Begining to pace a little, her eyes glazing and she is now mumbling, "No, no darling, I wouldn't let that happen to you dear.. No, no listen.. just listen." Sighing she shakes her head and turns to Rea, "Then I will find a way to replace it myself, Once every turn and a half I do like taking bedmates. If you do not mind me saying, I usually hold myself to a higher standard but there are certain needs and I have not found a man yet that pleases me longterm, I am sorry the Weyrlingmaster and me crossed paths and i will make sure to avoid further inappropriate or nonpertinent interaction… I just wanted him up and out of my bed. I am sorry he was not please with the night, it's regrettable and I will make sure to apologize properly next time we cross paths." It's like being talked to by a lord holder, trying the best to be as proper and perfect, words well thought out. But she sighs and looks at the younger Weyrwoman, "Be please when she decides to rise though, I can only fawn over her so long." Attempting to at least be pleasant even as she seems very distracted, "I had just assumed you where coming to talk to me about my duties, I did not think the night was of anything to.. important."

Oh yes the harpers keep a playing, as if a major argument was not going on in their midst. No they don't notice it as well. The first song ends and the trio rises from their seats to give bows to their adoring fans before setting down for their next song. Ly'am leans over to the others seeming to suggest something and they laugh and nod before playing up a lively tune. Ly'am's hands again move over the leather hides in a upbeat manner before he starts to sing in a deep baritone, "What do you do with a randy rider? What do you do with a Randy Rider? Ride her ride her ride her! Proddy are the golds, proddy are the greens, but oh the flight you would follow her between!…." Oh the rest of the song does continue along in this vein, a large grin on the face of the singers and …most members of the crowd and they start joining in the chorus. Oh his weyrmate might kill him for this one.

All of the wind falls out of Rea's sails at Ameera's more diplomatic response, making the goldrider step back a moment, emotionally, and review the issue at hand. Quietly, she turns and watches the set on the stage for a moment, a twitch of a smile touching her lips as a few patrons get a bit too jolly and dance to the music. Shaking herself, she turns to Ameera again, and with that same watchful, and aloof look, she sighs. "I apologise, Ameera… I am greatful you are taking this in better stride, then I had expected. If you can follow the line made for Juniors… it really isn't much different from the politics one see's at a Hold…" Rea is a Senior that keeps informed on the backgrounds of her higher ranking riders, Ameera obviously being one of them. She nods her head slightly in acquaintance to the the comment of Elinath rising. "I respect your concern for Elinath, and I apologise if my wording has caused stress for her…" She mumbles off, going quieter then before, "When one loses much, the simplest things can become important to someone." She confides with the Junior, trying to imply her reasoning for confronting Ameera… in a more calm fashion. That is, until she suddenly looks up, as the chorus of the current song catches the Senior's attention, and she slaps a hand over her mouth, showing a bit of amusement in her eyes as she turns away to take note of the stage… whatever held her as a fire before, hasn't held for long. Probably because there was nothing to fight against in Ameera. "Of all the songs, harper!" Rea cups her hands and yells over the crowd, laughing outright after saying such.

Ameera listens carefully, letting herself slouch and lean back on the chair. The song that plays cause's her to blush very brightly. Even though while Rea speaks she seems to be searching, her eyes scanning each face. Finally they fall on the bronzerider from earlier and she grins at hime, giving a small tentative smile. Eyes back on Rea she nods, "Thank you, I've been a Junior or thirteen turns now." Lost in her thoughts, he eyes look blank, then she says to the harpers, "You do know that you only get to ride if you're lucky enough to win, don't you?" A little smile and she allows herself to laugh. "Elinath at this moment is under a deal of strain, she can not seem to make her mind up on how to behave." Then with a quirk of a smile she pulls back up on her bar stool, "I do understand, I have my daughter and Elinath. I do hope things work out for you, he is just not my type… Must be a gentleman in the bunch somewhere.." muttering and watching Ly'am, "Bronzerider..what are you doing after this?"

Ly'am finishes the song with flourish and another raucous round of applause. At the question from the crowd, he looks up with a grin to Ameera, "I am gonna go find me a blue rider and ride her ride her rider her!" He declares much to the laughter of the cloud and the nudge from his fellow harper. Better hope THAT never gets to Taira.

Rea looks a bit flustered, still, eyeing Ameera slightly and nodding her head. " I know you have… and I respect that you've been a Junior for that long." Hell, when Ameera impressed, Rea was likely still gallavanting around her parent's cothold, oblivious to the rest of the world outside of it. Nodding again, she smiles tentively as the woman shows a bit of understanding. "I don't have a daughter, but Bennueth is enough for the moment. Thank you… I dunno, but I guess we'll see. Either way, I protect my own." She says the last as another form of apology for her less then diplomatic reaction, before her eyes suddenly glaze and she 'hmms' softly. "If you'll excuse me, Junior… seems the Holders are here to deal with a few things… something I must handle, alas." She gives a respectful nod of her head to the older woman, before she rolls a shoulder to relieve her own tension. "I expect you to live up to your word, goldrider! I'll hold you too it!" She says louder back to Ameera as she leaves, pinning her with her eyes to let the words strike home, before the Senior is back out the door, and away from the smell that riles Bennueth up so much….

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