Lessons Learned (Or Maybe Not)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Kitchen
The kitchen cavern is a huge and perpetually bustling place, one that rarely seems to slow down - if at all. The cooks certainly seem to be busy both day and night, preparing meals or getting things ready for the next day. The cavern itself is large and with a domed ceiling that seems perfect for trapping the aromas of deliciously prepared food. New steel-bodied ovens and stoves have been designed and installed along the walls, utilizing the natural gas that's piped in from a nearby well. The vents are also new - shiny metal exteriors that house silent fans to pull any fumes and smoke from the space. The walls, too, appear to have been painted fairly recently in a warm off-white color to contrast the dark tile floor.
The interior is an open space - or would be, were it not for the rows of neatly organized counters. The counters feature a dark wood as the main body - some have wood surfaces while others are capped with black marble. Several islands have wheels on them and can be moved as necessary. Many of the counters double as storage and the fixed ones have shelves built into the ends for storing various odds and ends, like spices and herbs. Hanging from the ceiling are wood and metal racks that have been arranged, just so, to allow pots and pans to be hung out of the way - but still within easy reach. A heavy, metal door leads to the cold storage chamber, which has been outfitted with a refrigeration device of some sort. Cold foods and ice are kept there, ensuring that the Weyr's foodstuffs are always fresh.

While winter afternoons in other Weyrs may bring cold, at Half Moon it’s a rather pleasant day outside. Sure the temperature is a few degrees lower than normal, but it actually feels rather nice…and makes working in the kitchens bearable. Unfortunately, some of the cooks here are learning that Ayushi is not /cut/ out for this (haha). The dark skinned woman is currently at a vegetable chopping station, her curls tied up in a loose ponytail, and a couple of stray strands definitely getting in her way as she tries to chop things. “You /seriously/ don’t know the difference between minced and chopped?” An older man stands next to her, frowning in disapproval at some of the vegetables on her board before sighing loudly. “But they’re all going into the same pot…so….” Clearly the harper has no love for this work. What’s on her cutting board are some misshapen vegetables, they can’t even be called sliced. Just….mutilated.

An optional chore day, and yet for some reason, Zeltan is wandering into the kitchens.. what *is* he thinking? Oh, right, that the smell of pastries has drifted into the more public areas of the weyr, and that he is just following the scent to the source. "Please, they smell almost as lovely as look - No one will notice if one or two go missing." Big blue eyes are currently settled on a middle-aged baker, who finally just sighs, motioning him to take a pair of the bubbly pies from the tray. "Thank you, beautiful.." He offers with a wide grin, leaning to plant a peck on the woman's cheek, before he is dancing away from the swat of her towel, eyes landing on Ayushi as he does so, slipping that way and holding out one of the two pies to her as his attention drifts to the cutting station in front of her. "You look like you could use this.."

“So, nothing! People don’t want mush for stew!” The man huffs and Ayushi does manage to look a tad apologetic. “Maybe we can change the menu to….gruel? That’s a food right?” RIGHT?! Sighs turn to a groan of frustration and hands are thrown up in the air before the cook walks away. “This is what happens, /every/ time….I try to make something nice for dinner and….” Mumble mumble grumble, etc. Ayushi’s savior arrives in the form of pie…and Zeltan! Her features slip into an easy grin at the offered pastry and knife is quickly traded out for something much more tasty. “Thanks. Apparently they don’t appreciate my take on the art of cooking. Something about recipes and the size of vegetables. They’re just stifling my creativity honestly.” A hand is placed on her chest, eyes closed, and a very dramatic sigh escapes her lips. Though eventually one eye opens to glance over at Zeltan, “Buying any of that?”

"Some people just don't appreciate the things they have.." Zeltan offers in a commiserating tone, as he settles on a stool at an unused station nearby. "Though, they may have a point. Unless you've a bunch of children who don't eat their vegetables." The pie is snacked on as he waits, since he can't keep a straight face at Ayushi's performance, shaking his head a little as his eyes go back to the pile in front of her. "I tend to leave the cooking to others, but they are also the ones I know not to upset too much." The portion of the pie remaining in his hand is waved a bit. "They didn't give you more directions though?"

“This could very well be meant specifically for brats.” Only it most certainly isn’t. Ayushi eventually drops the act, a smile forming on her features again. “Maybe I just looked confident when they told me what to do. And by the time they discovered I was less than an expert…..” The harper gives a little shrug before taking a bite of the pie. “Maybe they’ll let me stir something instead, that seems easy enough.” It’s not like anything could possibly go wrong there! “So how’re you enjoying Weyr-bound life? Though it seems like you were around pretty often anyways, heh!”

Zeltan settles for shaking his head as he polishes off his pie, chuckling softly at the harper. "Sure, what could possibly go wrong with that, either. Maybe they'll have learned their lesson, though." Or the food quality in the cavern over the next sevendays may take a serious nose dive. A shrug, and the Trader-candidate glances behind him to make sure the spot is clear before he is leaning back on an elbow. "Considerably less profitable?" He offers after a moment, considering the other options, "Oh, and far less comfortable at night. Other than that, though.." Shrug. "Nothing I can manage til the eggs hatch, and things to back to normal." Pausing, he bobs his head at the vegetables. "Other than that, you seem to be adjusting ok, yah?"

"Could be my hidden talent you know. With extreme guidance and careful watching at every moment in the kitchen, I may flourish into a wonderful cook." Or not. The pile of mutilated vegetables probably says otherwise. Ayushi takes another bite of the pastry. She looks a tad thoughtful for a moment before eventually nodding, "For the most part. Can't say that the chores are my favorite but besides the kitchen and the nanny duty it’s pretty manageable. Lessons are one thing,” that she doesn’t enjoy, “but just being around that many little ones for that long….” Cue a tiny shudder. “And getting used to sleeping around other people is kind of difficult.” At this point, the harper begins to glance around furtively and her voice drops to something just above a whisper. “I heard there might even be a thief in the barracks!” Gossip!

"Hmm, I guess you are right, you might. You'd better get back to chopping those vegetables. But -remember-, chop, not mince. You're making stew." Zeltan teases her with a grin, even as he is glancing around the kitchen, attempting to spot an unattended tray of pastries to sneak another snack from. Sitting up a bit straighter, his eyes linger on a particular tray, even as he half-listens to Ayushi's feedback on candidacy, until her comment about a thief has his eyes snapping back to her. "Wait, what?" Is that a bit of concern? Yep. "Who lost what?"

“Or I could dice, whatever that means.” Ayushi /does/ turn back to her vegetables now and does…something. There’s a small flurry of vegetable peels that probably don’t bode well. But hey, it’s something? Her knife pauses when she hears the concern in Zeltan’s voice and her gaze shifts towards him. “Wait, you mean you don’t know?” There’s concern in the harper’s features now and her brows knit together. “Zel…it’s /your/ stuff…” Cue another glance around, “Are your pants holding up ok? You have to have more belts….right?” And now Ayushi really can’t help herself, there’s a rather devilish grin on her features and the whole ‘omg secret’ pretense is dropped.

"I thi-" Zeltan starts to protest her chopping - or dicing? before he is just choosing to give up the battle with a sigh and a shrug. And then, as she is staring at him, shocked, he rolls his eyes. "Tanit.." He mutters with a sigh, shaking his head and leaning back on the counter behind him again. "Of -course- I have more belts. But I am pretty sure she doesn't have more felines.." He mutters, rolling his eyes again and shaking his head, before peering back at Ayushi. "You had me like, actually worried." Does that mean Tanit doesn't worry him? That could be bad.

"I'm sure her feline will wander back, or some rescue mission will happen. I'm /pretty/ sure you're not getting that belt back in the very near future." Ayushi laughs a bit before she's picking up some other form of organic vegetable matter to slaughter. "Who knows, by the time she's down with you, you may not have any clothes left." In more ways than one! Though for everyone's benefit Yush will explain a bit more, "I'm imagining she steals a piece of clothing from you every few days until the eggs hatch…by the time it's all said and done you'll be utterly wardrobe-less." That's probably not a word.

"I think Lime is my cat, now." Zeltan counters, shaking his head as Ayushi moves on with her chopping, eyes wandering back to that now unguarded tray. Slipping from his stool, another pastry is stolen before he is turning to stand over Ayushi's shoulder, peering down at her word, tsking slightly. "Well, I suppose I should have to thank her, then, when all the girls are too busy swooning over me to get to the Sands. Not sure how everyone else will feel about that, but."

"Do they record what happens at hatchings?" She should know this, she is a harper. "I can see it now….This cycle a large portion of candidates failed to appear on the sands. When the Weyrlingmaster was sent to investigate they found one Zeltan in a pile of babes. One feline by the name of Lime appeared to be ignoring the general hubbub. Sagas will be written of this day." Ayushi chuckles quietly, now moving to mix two piles of vegetables together. She was probably told to do that. Or she could be experimenting.

Speaking of belts, they make excellent fashion accessories, Today Zeltan’s belt has been a crown, a lasso, and currently? It’s actually serving a real purpose on a floral print wrap dress, that the dolphineer may have only chosen to wear over her swimsuit because it requires a belt. Of course the giant, slimy monstrosity on a hook, swinging over her shoulder is probably not anyone’s idea of dinner, but she does decide to stay quietly out of Zeltan’s field of view to see what other things she might hear. Ignore the huge gasping it’s last breath fish over her shoulder Yushi. You only have to kill and clean it.

"I think that sounds like a great end to the cycle, don't you?" Zeltan agrees with the Harper's story telling, even as he is moving to settle back on his stool, munching on his pastry as he changes his perspective on the kitchen. Hey, he is 'supervising'. "I mean, what more could you ask for. Definitely better me than some of the others." He points out, even as his attention is wandering, and with the move, catches sight of Tanit, missing the belt for the time being - instead wrinkling up his nose at the large fish. "Oh, Ayushi.." He murmurs, almost sympathetically as she experiments with her vegetables.

"Hey, some of the other guys are no—" Ayushi should probably come up with some sort of witty remark, anecdote, or just words in general. Instead she's left mildly speechless as Tanit walks in with that…/thing/. "Where did you even /find/ that? It looks horrendous…." Curiosity gets the better o her though and the harper walks over to poke the thing with the knife she'd previously been using for vegetables because safety. "This is, edible?" She has to confirm, someone please tell her otherwise! And for the sake of the Weyr, hopefully there are no semi-poisonous parts that need careful removal.

“Not bad looking.” Tanit will finish for Ayushi, as the monstrosity gets thwapped against the counter. “They said fish and edible, they didn’t specify a species.” She grins, “So spearfishing it was.” She grins at Ayushi, “Did you see the two newbies they brought in from the mine craft? I think they could give R’hyn’s abs a run for their money.” Moving to claim a seat and enjoy the show. “Zel.” She greets with a smile.

"If you say so. Honestly, I thought with the smell of most of them you wouldn't have gotten close enough to notice." The large fish is eyed. "Sort of like that guy there." Making a face, Zeltan looks away to keep from gagging, though the remnants of his pastry are set on the counter behind him for later. Maybe. Maybe not. "Couldn't you have caught something prettier, Tanit?" He asks after a moment, his attention on the dolphineer as he seems unwilling to look at the fish, and it is then that he notices his belt, brow furrowing, the slightest frown appearing on his face, though he says nothing - yet.

"Clearly those two need to have their own Abtastic novels. And hey at least a few of them know how to take showers….some we may have to teach…." Ayushi's playful grin only lasts until she accidentally touches the slimy fish with her BARE HANDS. "Oh Faranth…this is going to get messy." But she has a job to do, and she'll indicate some free space on the counter if Tanit wants to drop it there. "On the menu tonight, fish stew with a side of vegetable mush!"
Tanit laughs, “One of the peculiarities of weyrlife, Co-ed bathing.” She offers stealing the remnant of pastry. “At least the two new ones do. I think we could swing that maybe Ayushi, I know quite a few of the girls would snap it up, given how many are ah… well I’ve seen a lot of copies of ‘I rode his abs to rukbat’. “ Tanit laughs, “Well I could have, but seems like I’m using the wrong bait.”
"Ugh…." Is the sound that sort of escapes from Zeltan, rolling his eyes as the girls fall to discussing the abs of the newest candidates abs, even as he still eyes the belt around Tanit's waist. "Nice belt, Tanit." He finally offers, before shaking his head to glance back at Ayushi and the fish. "Maybe… I wonder what the Tiki Lounge has on the menu tonight.." He finishes after a moment, before with a sigh he is sliding off his stool to grab a bowl, sliding it across the work station to the harper-candidate. "You may want that."
"Get enough momentum going and I bet we could start selling these things." Ayushi chuckles a bit, but humor can only go so far in the face of the slimy monster fish. "Thanks…." There's a nod of appreciate for Zeltan's offered bowl and then…well, she's attempting something. To be fair, the harper has maybe prepped a fish once in her life? And apparently no one in the kitchen is paying attention. So what does she do? She takes a deep breath and…stabs. Which was the wrong move. Maybe she should have cut off the head? How does one generally kill a fish? It's cool, she has this. The knife is turned at an angle and now there is a sawing motion happening. Wait…no, scales first? Right, she'll try scraping those off.
“Just hope poor R’hyn doesn’t walk into the barracks I think that poor man might just be scarred for life.” Tanit meanwhile is trying her hardest not to laugh. “Get a pointer knife and aim from the underside of the Skull.” She comments oh so unhelpfully. And the comment on the belt gets a very wide smile from the dolphineer. “Aww, thank you – Isn’t it lovely?”
"It really suits you, you know." Zeltan is commenting to Tanit, even as his eyes linger on Ayushi, the knife, and the fish. "Wha-" And then there are scales flying and one might be surprised how quickly Zeltan is off his stool and on the far side of the counter, putting even more space between himself at the fish. "Shards, Ayushi, definitely don't do -that-." He practically hisses, rubbing at his arms even though none of the scales made it that far. "Maybe you should listen to Tanit.."

The flurry of scales pauses, "So…stab its brain essentially?" That's one way to put it. The proper knife is finally obtained and the harper /does/ actually manage to successfully manage to put the creature out of its misery. Success! But it also looks like there's been a murder in the kitchens and it's a miracle no one has noticed yet. "Him and Kiele both….speaking of, I think she needs some education materials. Every time I see her flush I'm afraid she's going to pass out. And what better way to learn than through Weyrleader abdication, right?"

“Yeah, or chop off then head, not sure the knife is big enough for that though just make sure you go in from the direction of the spine or you’ll break the knife on the skull.” The dolphineer points out and Tanit laughs as the Nanny comes up, “I think she might need a gentler education to start with than that… Maybe His abs glittered like Timor.” As for the belt, she smiles, “I am quite fond of it, How are you enjoying the white fur all over everything or the face pat alarm clock?”

As the discussion turns to Kiele and her need for 'education', somehow Zeltan manages to stay quiet - probably because he is still watching the Harper-Candidate and the knife and the fish with far more suspicion than they warrant. "Can't you just.." But then Ayushi has some success, and at least it is slightly less terrible to watch, the trader slowly sneaking back to his stool, which is when he discovers his missing pastry, frowning and narrowing his eyes at Tanit. He is watching you now.

"What…wh….HOW…FARANTH…." The cook from earlier? Well….he's back. To be fair, he's all the way across the kitchen but turned to check on Ayushi and saw…everything that currently is. "Oh shit…" The harper, knife still in hand, looks just a tad panicked. "How could you…even…just…." There's quite a bit of floundering for the man, and the harper finds herself being beckoned over. This can't be good. "It just /looks/ bad." There's an attempt of an explanation on her part, but she's being led off somewhere. Hopefully she'll be seen again some day!

It is kind of catastrophe. But Tanit can’t help but watch as Ayushi is lead off into the dark unknown. “You think they will ever force her to do kitchen duty again? Or let her see the light of day again?” The dolphineer slipping off to go fetch a plate of pastries stashed somewhere and setting it in front of the Trader-candidate with a smile.

The yelling cook, and the disappearing candidate, and Zeltan just watches it all unfold with wide eyes. The fish is eyed, and he is moving to gently rest a hand on Tanit's shoulder as she returns with the plate of pastries. "No.. and we should go, now, before they conscript us. Or decide we encouraged this." And even as he says the words, he is glancing over his shoulder to make sure AngryCook isn't on his way back for Ayushi's companions.

“Ok, but I am taking the pastries.” Letting Zeltan lead the way.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tidal Pools
Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

Like Zeltan would protest the presence of pastries - what do you think he is, some sort of heathen? Either way, though, he is setting a brisk pace out of the kitchens, way from the caverns, and it isn't until they are past the lagoon and the Tiki Lounge that his pace starts to slow - Whatever his plan was, it seems to have worked, though, for no one stopped to question the candidates who looked like they had somewhere to go. Pausing, he glances around to make sure that any company isn't the type to set him to work, and only then does he reach for a pastry. "Remind me to always trade away kitchen duty."

Hey the number of places that won’t put a candidate to work? Very slim in this place and she’s done her ‘good deed’ for the day. “Ah it isn’t that bad, just… have to know how to actually do the kill and cleaning portion.” The dolphineer notes finding a spot near one of the pools to dip bare feet into the water. “I have to admit though wouldn’t have pegged you for the squeamish type. Shouldn’t we feel bad though about leaving Ayushi to the wolves?”

A moment more to make sure no one has followed them or is going to set them to work, and Zeltan is moving to settled down near Tanit - leaving enough space to be polite, but also leaving it up in the air as to if he has learned his lesson or not. "Yeah, I will leave that to someone else I think. How are you suppose to give get it, when its flopping around yet." A shake of his head, and he settles tugs his boots off, cuffing his pants to stick his feet in the water. "Rule one when you are out and about - you don't have to outrun the wild wher - you just have to outrun at least one of your companions."

Tanit laughs, “Usually you do it when it’s still stunned or you just get it with the harpoon.” The dolphineer sighs, leaning back on the palms of her hands and casting a glance up to the sky. “I will have to keep that in mind, wonder if that works on the sands.” She sets the plate between them adjusting space as needed. “What did they have you doing today?”

"Yeah, if you ever bring in a fish while I am on kitchen duty, and you haven't finished it ahead of time? I don't know if I can ever forgive you." And based on his tone, he might not actually be joking. However, for now, she is not in his -bad- graces, reaching over to snag another pastry as the first one vanished rather quickly. "Somehow, I drew an optional day. Who -optionally- does chores? I mean.." He shrugs, staring down at his feet as he wiggles his toes. "Not that I mind someone came up with the idea."

Tanit stares at Zeltan over her shoulder, the fury of a dozen choredays in that look. “Lucky.” Biting off whatever explicative might have been at the end. “Well you don’t want to finish it until its getting cleaned and cooked. You have to move fast or it’s utterly inedible.” The dolphineer notes with a smirk. “So. Piles of babes hm?” Oh yes she heard that part of the conversation amused and pulling apart one of the pastries to eat.

"I'm sure it will come back to get me, don't worry." Zel tries to soothe the dolphineer's fury just a little, even as he pauses his feet wiggling to stare back at her. "Why do we even eat those." He asks flatly, shaking his head, "Yep, definitely trading kitchen duty." He mutters to himself. A blush threatens to creep onto his face, but after a moment it seems he triumphs, glancing at her. "Piles of babes. Absolutely what will happen if you take all my clothes, one piece at a time before the hatching. So distracted, they'll never make to to the sands." He agrees with a smirk and a nod. "You rethinking your great plan now?"

Tanit seems mollified, though she laughs, “When you live on an island with dragons your protein choices are limited. We eat them more at home than we do here though.” She glances over his shoulder, lips curling. “That depends, did you learn your lesson yet?”

As she looks at him, he arches an eyebrow at her. "What lesson is that? That you are cruel and terrible and made me walk all the way back with your cat in one hand, while the other held up my pants?" A pause, and he glances out over the tidal pool. "Or that you definitely want to kiss me again, but don't want to admit it, so you'll use it as an excuse to 'trick' me?"

“No, I have no problem admitting that I enjoyed kissing you.” The dolphineer admits with a throaty laugh, “and that you know you probably deserved having to walk back holding your pants up. Though I admit I was surprised she took to you as well as he did.” So what was the lesson then? Hmmm TANIT? She swishes her feet through the water.

"Well, then, I don't know if I learned my lesson, but I did learn that you are going to have to try and get Lime back, because she is fluffy and I love her, and she loves me." Zeltan says it all rather matter-of-factly, choosing to ignore the first portion of her comment - after all, they are candidates, they aren't suppose to dwell on those things, right? Zeltan spare her a glance though, watching, to see if she gives him any clues on what he was suppose to learn.

Tanit laughs, “No – I don’t think you have yet. Hopefully you will before the pile of babe disaster.” She considers, “Though probably a good lesson from that would be don’t start anything that would require an ice shower later.” Is that her lesson or his? No indication either way and for Lime, The dolphineer laughs. “She does love you, the little traitor. So how do I go about winning back her fuzziness?”

"That.. is it be determined. I mean, you can attempt to win back her affection as you so choose but.." Zeltan smirks at her with a shrug. "I think I'm figuring out most of her favorite tidbits." Either way, when Tanit gets Lime back, she might be a little more.. lime shaped. As she decides he hasn't learned his lesson, he rolls his eyes, flopping backwards with his hands over his head. "I hope it isn't that you ~like~ me and are jealous. Because well…" Its hard to shrug while laying down.

The last has Tanit laughing, tears streaming side splitting laughing. It takes a few minutes for her to recover enough to breathe and she leans over wiping a tear from her eye as she studies his expression. “I genuinely enjoy your company and I do miss you when you aren’t around. I get the feeling though that you are the kind who has a girl for every port.” She will lean over to press a kiss to his cheek as a kind of apology. “You are very sweet Zel, but I think I’ve finally grown out of that ‘pine over someone’ phase of my life.”

Should Zeltan be upset that Tanit is laughing at the suggestion? Because he doesn't really seem to be. Sparing a glance at her, he arches an eyebrow until she finally sort of recovers, reaching to tweak her nose idly. "Good. Shards, you had me worried." And then he clears his throat, and waves his hand. "I mean, not that I don't like you.. I mean.." He trails off, not clear where he is going, clearly.

“You mean that you would fuck anything female that asks but you don’t want to tie yourself down yet and limit your options?” She manages that much with a straight face but there’s still almost giddy laughter in her eyes. She loosens the belt and slips off the dress, leaving her in a sleeveless knee length dive suit, so that she can sink into the water up to her chin. Folding her arms across the opposite edge of the pool and watching the waves beyond.

"Now, I think that is exaggerating -just a bit-." Zeltan says, making a face at her. "Definitely not anything. I don't even know about -most-." But yeah, probably most. Meeting her gaze, he watches as she slips into the water, before he is moving to snag the belt, assuming it was left behind, taking advantage of her distraction. "I don't know, Tanit, you say one thing, but then you act all.." He waves a hand at her back.

Tanit laughs. "Human then, and under the age of … fourty?" Glancing over her shoulder for confirmation. "I act all what?" The belt is entirely forgotten in favor of dipping beneath the water and resurfacing slicking her hair back. Turning back to glance at him.

With the belt retrieved and tightly coiled and tucked out of view, all his attention is on Tanit, watching the water as she ducks under, waiting til she has resurfaced. "Like it bothers you, a little." The rest of it doesn't deserve acknowledgement, it seems, cause Zeltan just lets it float right by.

“It does but, probably not entirely for the reasons you would think.” Tanit admits swimming back and shaking her head at him. “And here I’d have let you take it off me.” She grins folding her arms against the ledge again. “What bothers me is when someone who is that way tries to present themselves as anything else. Especially to someone who is innocent to it.” Tanit shucks the dive suit too leaving her in a simple turquoise two piece that leaves most of the tangled scars on her back visible. Setting the dive suit on the edge. “So I mean it when I say that if you present yourself as anything other than what you are to any of the younger girls, I will ensure you do not share your families prolific nature.” The dolphineer shrugs, “Beyond that who you bed is your own business, just don’t expect me to be nearly as inclined to invite you to mine.” She holds up a finger, “Not that I’m inclined.”

As she closes the distance, he leans forward to peer down at her, considering her words carefully, before he is inclining his head as she loses another layer. "Do I really come off as anything other than what I am?" Zeltan asks with an arched eyebrow. "I had assumed it was obvious.. I mean." He glances back and forth, before peering back at her. "You realize I would never -trick- someone into that, right?" Maybe he is getting a little panicky at it being assumed it would be any other way.

“I’m not a dragon Zel, I can’t read your mind. Frankly I think both of us are glad of that.” Tanit notes with a soft smirk, as to the rest, long fingers reach for one ankle as she considers him. “It isn’t, because usually you have enough sense not to say stupid things in front of some people.” The dolphineer grins at him, tilting her head. “I don’t know what you are yet, though it’s been fun trying to figure it out. What’s interesting though is I’m not sure you know either.”

"Probably for the best. Though, I have to say, some of the things I've imagined you in.. you should probably look into. You'd really turn heads." A dangerous game, Zeltan plays, especially as her fingers touch his ankle. "Can I assure you that while I may be a flirt, and have no complaints about company.. the last thing I want to do is force someone into something they don't want?" He asks, even as he shifts a bit, bracing himself incase she decides he needs another dunking.

“Oh really? You will have to show me sometime, All I own are dive suits, bathing suits and sarongs.” As he shifts his weight she grins, pulling herself up part way into his lap almost. “I’ve never worried about that with you.” Tanit notes with a smile a hand on each ankle now though she just stays there in the water between his ankles. “My concern is generally that you will end up breaking a heart without meaning to because you are male and – no offense an idiot. And trust me there is nothing worse than realizing after that first time that after all the flowery lies you believed, you were just one conquest of hundreds. And worse when others don’t believe you when you try to warn them of the same.” Her eyes are focused entirely on his face, “Hence you have your warning.”

"When this is all over, we'll go to Ierne and I'll buy you a dress, if you promise to wear whatever I pick out." Zeltan attempts to bargain, even as he is leaning down to hold her gaze. "Why am I always the idiot? If you don't notice me flirting with everyone, including the awesome pastry chef who is old enough to be my mum…" He gives a little shrug. "But don't worry, I won't corrupt any of the young ones. I've got my hands full, I think." Though won't say with whom.

Tanit laughs, “I think I can promise that, so long as it isn’t anything that would only be appropriate in the red-light district.” The dolphineer shrugs, “I did notice but I wasn’t sure how much of that was – genuine flirting and how much was professional habit.” She grins at him. “Because you are the male, if you haven’t noticed women kinda rule the world when it comes to the weyr. “ His promise earns him a brief – chaste kiss. “That does mean a lot.” AS for having his hands full, she arches a brow at him curiously.

"Ain't nothing inappropriate, but something a little more.. Feminine. But nothing too ridiculous.. shards, some of the fashions coming from Weaver.." He just shakes his head, and then laughs softly. "Its a bit of both, I suppose, but why shouldn't I make sure everyone has a little bit of attention, to make them feel special? I mean, you all deserve it.." Sweeping generalization, that! As she gives him that curious look, he laughs softly, shaking his head. "Nu-uh. AIn't gonna kiss and tell."

Tanit smirks, “Some of us are vain as peacocks and don’t need the ego boost.” Tanit will state simply but Zel has his promise and his ‘kiss and tell statement’ does earn something of a sigh from the dolphineer. As she slips both arms around the back of his neck. “Mm.” Her smile taking on a slightly dangerous curve. “So – maybe I am just a little bit Jealous. Don’t let it go to your head.” But he’s getting kissed and pulled into the water simultaneously if he doesn’t stop her.

"Well, some of you definitely don't, but, I don't know if it harms anything.." In general. As she wraps her arms around his neck, one hand is reaching in his pocket, pulling a few things out and leaving them out of reach of water, and then it holds the the edge of the pool as the other is slipping to her waist, despite knowing all too well it is a trap. Sometimes, the price is worth it, it seems, for Zeltan is returning the kiss - and ending up in the water yet again - though this time without his belongings.

There are some perks to being a diver, one of them being that Tanit can hold her breath for a while, not forever though, and she is laughing when oxygen drives her up for air both literally and figuratively. Making sure of course that she hasn’t drowned the poor trader. “Such a damned shame about being searched, We probably shouldn’t be doing that – though I think the specific rules are sex?”

Not drowned! But maybe closer than is fair, given the hand that is reaching for the edge of the pool. Either way, though he isn't complaining, even as his other one tries to slip around her waist and keep her close. "Sure it isn't, 'Don't get pregnant'?" Zeltan asks, though maybe he doesn't actually know the rule - though more likely he is just trying to see what else he can get into.

“No.” She laughs short of breath, “Pretty sure it’s sex. I think the Weyrlingmaster suggested it as a way of getting thrown out if I really wanted out of candidacy.” She frowns, “At the time I thought he was calling me something very unladylike, but in retrospect I think he was just listing how to break the rules 101.” Zel does seem to be getting away with all kinds of things today though because she isn’t removing his arm from her waist. “Well I think Don’t get pregnant is a damned good rule too, come to think of it.” R'sner may be owed an apology.

"I mean, I guess if you -say- so. But its sort of hard to like, prove that.. who is going to admit to it? Getting pregnant is a little harder to hide." Though, I guess early on, maybe it is easy enough to hide. Zeltan's arm shifts a little, giving her a gentle squeeze and ducking to try and steal another kiss - she started this, after all! And then, with a soft chuckle, he shrugs. "He didn't mention any rules to me, so.." Or, Zeltan wasn't listening - Yep, that's more like it.

“Sweet Faranth, give you an inch and you’ll take the whole mile.” Though she doesn’t deny him another kiss, kissing him back even, until he has her in damn near giggles. “One drink a day, No Sex, no leaving without an escort, no fighting.” The dolphineer recites, “Besides I’ve decided I enjoy kissing you, going to bed with you is an entirely different matter.” That of course doesn’t stop her from snagging another of her own. “And using you as a pillow/spaceheater/plush toy isn’t completely out of the question either.”

"Only half a mile, promise." And he grins at her, grin turning to laughter as she goes through the list of rules. "Ok, ok, I believe you." His sigh is drawn out to be overly long, and what he hopes is slightly pitiful. "In the spirit of keeping all these candidate rules, I guess I'll allow it." Kiss stolen. "Except if I am in my cot, cause those things are too shard in' narrow, and you'd have be like, totally on top of me, and that is just -mean-." There are conditions that you just can't act normal under.

“Mm what about the stables hayloft, is it still mean then?” She teases of course it has been the go to for naps on days that were too cold to hide in the berry bushes, “Barring a snow in Half-moon I don’t think it will ever get that sharding cold here.” Though she thinks about it, “And you can fit two people comfortably in a bed that size, you just have to be a little – creative about it.” Don’t ask Zel. DON’T ASK. At last, she pulls away, one last long kiss before she’s pulling herself out of the water and throwing on the wrap dress, grabbing the belt from the pile of things removed from Zel’s pocket with a wide smile. Belting the dress shut. “But I think It is almost curfew.”

"Sure.. Creative. Creative means -not fair-." Zeltan argues, and then she is pulling away and climbing out of the pool, and Zeltan is following after, sighing as she takes the belt back. "I am never going to get that back, am I?" He murmurs, even as he tugs his shirt over his head to ring it out - or try to. "Well, if it is, I am going to go get myself some Lime snuggles. And you'd better hope I don't talk in my sleep." So cruel. Shirt is tugged back on, and he just shakes his head at her as he is collecting the rest of his belongings.

“Well do you want me to explain why I am walking back to the barracks with an open dr - —- ah…” Shirtless male has a funny effect on Tanit. And while Zeltan is not the next cover for the “I rode his abs” Series, there’s enough muscle there to at least briefly derail the poor dolphineer’s train of thought. There’s a reason she actually waits to the end of the day to use the bathing caverns ok. Ahem. “I just need to change and I’ll give you it and the present I promised.”

While there is an arched eyebrow at Tanit's momentarily lapse of braincells, Zeltan just shakes his head at her, before he is offering her an arm. "Then, by all means.. Lets get you back to change, and get that all settled. And get you your present, too, if Lime hasn't decided to claim it for herself." And if no one else has wandered off with the lime-green plushies that have been sitting on Zeltan's cot.

And when they return Tanit does return the belt, along with a set of well made leather bound sketch books and a water proof fountain pen and pencils. Because while she is evil, she isn't a total ass.

And, a lime plushie cat is deposited into Tanit's arms, while the real Lime? Well, that is a fuzzy butt that she may just have to learn to share. Because Zeltan has a buddy.

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