A Pan Can Be A Weapon Too!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Late afternoon with heavy clouds hanging low in the sky outside. Too early for dinner and too late for lunch there's a bare minimum of food out at the moment. Fresh fruit mostly though the aroma of freshly brewed klah wafts through the caverns. Chores less for the moment is Ashwini so she's tucked away at a random table with a hunk of wood before her. With the knife in hand it could be assumed she's starting a carving project.

Candidacy has just begun for them, but Kiele has already thrown herself whole-heartedly into her new role and her new chores. That doesn't mean they're pleasant; she is determined however. It's after one such day of laundry chores that she finds Ashwini in the living cavern, whittling away, and without preamble, plants herself in the chair opposite. "It's so hot," she states, pressing the backs of her hands against her perspiring brow.

How hot IS it, Kiele? Well, it's at least hot enough that R'sner has forgone the outdoors for the indoors, slogging his way into the Living Caverns with a hefty coil of leather over one shoulder and a small tote of various 'supplies' in the other. There's a grumpy sort of "Yeah, yeah," tossed over his shoulder (probably for the green lurking just beyond the doorway). The lack of crowd provides ample seating options and, fortunately or unfortunately, a clear visual on the pair of candidates over yonder. Once he's spotted them, there's a moment of hesitation before steps alter and he takes himself right on over to them. "Afternoon," he offers in a more or less neutral tone of voice. "Ashwini. Kiele.”

Ashwini offers a quick smile to fellow candidate. "It is?" clearly Ashwini hadn't noticed. "Eh, could be worse." she finally says after a moment. Course her duties today have kept her indoors so the temperature is all relative. Not hot in here! "Been doing…."what ever she was going to ask trails off as she spies R'sner. Carefully the knife is set down next to her partially whittled wood and she offers up a crisp salute. Someone's been working hard at that it seems for there's improvement. “Sir”

Definitely, it just got HOTTER. UH OH. But really, Kiele stops dampening her forehead with her pale hands long enough to give Ashwini a stricken look. "Worse than what?" She then glances down at her hands, reddened from a day of toil in the laundry and too-hot water, and sighs. "I don't know how the laundresses do it all the time." There's a slight moue, before she casts a look backwards at the greenrider. Recognition brightens her eyes, and without any disparaging emotions, she greets in a friendly tone, "R'sner.. sir." Doubt imbues her voice when she spies the gesture Ashwini gives, and she's slow to provide a salute of her own. Everything new.

The crisp salute at least sees the upturn to the sides of R'sner's mouth; something that might, with a little more emphasis, become a smile. "Very nice," he compliments. A nod for Kiele's own, coupled with a "not bad," because at least she made an attempt! The coil of leather is hefted a little higher on his shoulder, a redistribution of the weight as he stands there. "Doing well, I trust?" the question is undoubtedly posed to both of them, though there's a longer look for Kiele's reddened hands. "Infirmary, or laundry?" he wonders.

Ashwini offers a sympathetic look to Kiele's reddening hands. "Guess I'll find out about that tomorrow when I take my turn in the laundry." to R'sner she nods. "Doing well." a simple answer!

Not one to sulk over much, the nanny-turned-candidate looks pleased by both compliments given to them by the weyrlingmaster. "Laundry," Kiele emphasizes, with a dramatic sigh and a woeful look that lasts three seconds exactly, replaced by a smile. "I prefer working in the nursery still, but I liked helping out in the kitchens and in," with a show of red hands, "here. I got to meet a lot of people I hadn't had the chance to before." And then, SUDDENLY: "What were you before you Impressed, sir?”

R'sner hooks his foot around a nearby chair and drags it over. Rather than sit down himself however, it's used for the dumping of his riding straps. The whole coil gets draped over the chair and into the seat, mostly kept from dragging on the floor. It's at least out of the way of passerby's, and not a trip hazard. "Good." A index finger points briefly to the wood and knife. "Project? Not carving a sword handle, are you?" He MIGHT be teasing. Maybe. "My least favorite," is said to Kiele, perhaps in sympathy of her laundry-duties. As for what he was before Impression? "Sane." Said with a straight face and everything. At least he offers an honest answer a moment later with, "Helped my mother in the tavern mostly; she was a barmaid. I used to bus tables.”

"I'm seeking inspiration." indeed the wood is hardly nicked yet with the knife sitting beside it. Th coiled up leather draping over the chair gets a curious look. One finger does tap thoughtfully to her chin as she considers. "A sword handle though…" is said in a thoughtful tone though the twinkle in her eyes will show she's joking. Maybe. "Ah, so some sanity goes with impressing or is it your current job that has taken your sanity hostage?

"Why would a candidate need a sword?" Besides the obvious? Kiele gives Ashwini another startled look, and then glances down at her unfinished block of wood. "You could make a lovely jewelry box." And it's R'sner's response to her question that causes her to glance up from the thing-that-needs-inspiration. "Do you regret Impressing?" she asks, quietly.

The tote of tools is soon to join the coil of leather, set upon the floor as R'sner glances toward Ashwini and her twinkling eyes. "So long as it remains just a handle," and there is no blade attached. It's a vague threat to… what. Maybe confiscate it? He'll let her explain for Kiele though, moving right on into the question of his sanity, or lack of it. "Both, probably," he decides with an almost-smirk. "Toith definitely took a chunk, and probably takes one each Turn when she goes all glowy," which… she is right now, if anyone managed to catch a peek at that vibrant-hided dragon. Proddy. For sure. "Of course not," comes quickly for Kiele's inquiry, somewhat startled by the question. "I've never met a dragonrider who has regretted Impression. Toith is…" and here his expression actually softens, going almost tender. "She's the other half of me." A frown. "Why do you ask?”

"Not really for a sword. Even as a handle." Ashwini murmurs towards her fellow candidate. "I'm thinking a person. OR a thing. Or a dragon." so many options it's clear how much inspiration she really is needing. "Ooh or an egg." shaking her head to control her run away thoughts she leans back to listen as Kiele asks such a quiet question. She does insert a question though quickly before R'sner's reply to Kiele's question. "Glowy…oooh." slowly comprehension sinks in. Slowly. Then she's absorbed in the explanation of the green being his other half and she does a quiet ‘Awe'."

"You can make a handle for a pan?" Kiele's own suggestion makes her smile widen, as though the other candidate is making this merely for her pleasure. "That would be pretty. Would you hand paint it as well?" She leans forward, elbows on the table, and nestles her chinny-chin-chin right on top of those delicate fists of hers. "I just don't know what to expect. I think it would be lovely to Impress. Other people are scared of it, and there must be a reason why."

"Hm. Everyone whittles dragons," notes R'sner with a bit of a twitch to his mouth. "And wouldn't an egg just be a sphere? What about a flower?" But really, that's the extent of his imagination. "A pan?" with an arched eyebrow for Kiele. "Interesting…" maybe. When it's clear she's not about to make a weapon from it (or any part of a weapon), his attention wanders. A nod for Ashwini's repetition of 'glowy', confirming with his own, "Yes. She'll go up in few days I expect. Thank Faranth," and there's a somewhat longer exhale that is, perhaps, a sigh of exasperation. "No one really knows what to expect," of Impression, "but I would imagine it's not the actual Impression they are afraid of. Some are afraid of dragons. Those that have not been around them before seem to find them fearful. And there is perhaps a bit of danger on the Hatching Sands, though it's markedly reduced considering how small the clutches are. I think what they are afraid of is the unknown," he muses aloud. "A dragon will change your life. You are no longer as… independent. You will always have your dragon to think of.”

Ashwini spares a glance towards the entrance before simply looking back to R'sner. Quietly she listens with not much to add.

Are you sure, R'sner? Pans can be weapons if wielded properly! Kiele is all agape and a bundle of girlish dreaminess again, her attention riveted to the greenrider's story time. She's doubtful to put two and two together about this glowing business, but she seems fascinated all the same, especially about the Impression part - that is relevant now! "But you teach us how to do that? How to take care of them?" That part is important, it seems. "It could be a little scary, I guess, but just think of all the possibilities. You could travel the world in one day. You could- you could- you could anything, really, except become a Lady Holder, but, dragons are more exciting.”

Toith is undoubtedly there, lurking in the bowl just beyond the reach of eyes that might seek a glimpse. Glowing like a… well. A glow. R'sner is not terribly concerned (he's clearly not considering the merits of frying-pan weapons) though there's a dry sort of amusement around the edges of his expression; a pull to the corner of his mouth and a faint gleam in his eyes that is not typically present. Another chair is acquired, and the weyrlingmaster sits himself down and reaches for his leather straps as Kiele vocally contemplates the possibilities of being a dragonrider. There's a softer sort of smile, turned in the direction of leather straps, for the words. Appreciation, perhaps, for the joys of youth. "You… could," he agrees with some speculation, "But you also have a duty to the weyr, if you choose to stay. Or you have to find a way to make a living. Yes, we will teach you how to care for your dragon," he continues, fingers working over the many buckles and snaps of his straps as he goes about disassembling it, "as well as how to create and maintain their leathers which… if you want to help me with, I would be most appreciative." It's an offer made to both of them, a glance going between Ashwini and Kiele. "I'm happy to answer more questions, but I'll put you to work while I do it." Hands on experience!

Settling back in her chair she finds a comfy position. All the better to hear you m'dear! With no more inspiration than before she simply starts shaving thin strips off the hunk of wood. "An egg would be oval but with paint…" perhaps! Meanwhile as she whittles she listens. Ashwini does occasionally glance up to watch the rider work on his straps. "What kind of jobs are available to new riders once training is done?”

"You could make a bunch of eggs to look like the clutch, and gift them to the weyrleaders." Kiele is so fresh and so optimistic, despite her position in the world. "I bet they would like that." Undoubtedly, she wouldn't know what the weyrleaders like, but it's a thought she tosses out there as she continues to dream on about what could be. "Yeah, what Ashwini said," she replies, scooting over on her seat to be closer to R'sner and his wisdom. "Oh. Yes? I'll help you- just, how," WHERE SHOULD SHE PUT HER HANDS.

"Still a round hunk of wood, even with paint on it," notes R'sner. Though at Kiele's suggestion that Ashwini make a clutch of them? "Hmm. That… actually sounds nice." He might have other thoughts on it, perhaps other suggestions, but he cuts himself off before he begins as he turns to the leathers. "That depends," he answers Ash, pulling a length of leather free from the mess of straps. "If you stay in the Weyr, you are expected to join a Wing and earn your keep. In return, the Weyr will house, clothe and feed you. "Here," and he hands Kiele the length of leather, about the size and thickness of a pair of runner reins. "Take this," and he ducks for the supplies, finding a metal jar and a pair of sponges, one of which is offered to the enthusiastic candidate. "Just going to oil them," he explains, unscrewing the lid on the metal jar to reveal a solid oil that melts at the touch. "Dip the sponge in the oil, rub in circular motions into the leather." And he'll even demonstrate, getting to work on a much larger, thicker strap that has been laid across his lap. "If you stay in the Weyr," he prefaces, "There are several Wings you can join. Archipelago does Search and Rescue, Seamount does Transportation of goods and people, Atoll is the administrative Wing for those inclined towards politics or the daily operations of the weyr. There's Reef, too, if you're a crafter. Or you can stay in Islet as an assistant Weyrlingmaster.”

"If I stay in the weyr? Would riders leave the weyr?" queries Ash. "Not a crafter. Not even close to being a crafter." So Islet is out. "Never really taught anything." not that she couldn't adapt to teaching. "And any size dragons are accepted in the wings?”

Blond haired Kiele is eager to please, and quick on her feet when R'sner starts handing her the leather and giving directions. "Oil them," she parrots, and wears an earnest expression as she repeats the steps he spelled out in real time, her hands dipping, then rubbing the oil into leather, as instructed. "What does this do?" She glances up from her work to the weyrlingmaster, then to Ashwini. "I think all of those things sound exciting - every single one." That sigh, that's one of wistfulness. To be young and full of hope.

"Some do," leave the Weyr. This, in answer to Ashwini's question. "Some prefer to make their own way. Get a lot of those types in Ierne. It's a weyrhold, but the riders make their own marks based on skill or trade; buy their own food and clothes, rather than the weyr providing it." R'sner shrugs, and seems not to have a strong opinion of either option. As for the oil? "Softens and conditions the leather, as well as provide a barrier to protect it against the weather. Any time that the straps get cleaned, they should be oiled to protect them from drying out." His hands work methodically, taking up a task that he has been doing for turns and turns. "Well," and there's a bit of a grin, just there at the corners of his mouth, "if you Impress, you will have an opportunity to try out a few of the Wings before graduation, to get a feel for what you like. Some of it will come down to aptitude. And what your dragon might want.”

"Huh." is her comment on the whole moving on ones own way. She seems undecided either way as well. Standing and stretching ( after putting down the knife!), Ashwini asks both candidate and rider. "Want anything while I am up?”

"How often do you clean these?" Hands are diligent in oiling the straps, which are infinitely better to clean than the dirty laundry she has been elbow-deep in all day. "You don't get to just pick?" Kiele frowns at that, and then shakes her head at Ashwini. "I don't- oh, dear." Her head turns towards the entryway to the caverns. "I think-my break has been up." She winces and delicately puts the straps back on the chair, before wiping the oil residue on her apron. "I thought I could help longer, but- I should go or they'll come looking for me.”

"A mug of Klah would be great," R'sner decides, glancing up at Ashwini as she stands. "Thank you." His hands continue working, but he does spare another glance for Kiele. "Depends. If it rains, or Toith decides to roll in the mud," which tone of voice might suggest is often, "then almost daily. If I can manage to keep her… behaving herself, then spot cleaning daily and a full clean every other sevenday or so. Spot oiling, as needed. Full oiling after each full cleaning," he recites, as if reading a list. "No, you—" but he stops as Kiele seems to remember her chores. "That is fine. I do appreciate your assistance. And there will be plenty of time to learn more of the Wings before the Hatching," he assures, the hint of a smile ghosting across his face. "Enjoy your day, Kiele.”

"One cup of klah coming up!" Ashwini bobs her head Kiele's way. "I'll see you around later then. After chores." speaking of which… setting the freshly poured mug of klah before R'sner she says. "And on that note I'll let you to your straps I should check in on the kitchens to see what help is needed for dinner prep. And if you ever need help bathing her after a roll in the mud come and find us." she grins and turns to head to the kitchens.

More wiping - frantic wiping - of her hands to get all of the oil off. "I'm sorry," Kiele says once
again, and she's throwing both Ashwini and R'sner a wave in farewell, before she sprints off in the direction of the laundry. Someone has to wash Ila'den's underpants.

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