Barracks fire, number two

Midmorning, the sun is high in the sky, and it seems like a pretty good day. It may be suprising to see Hadi got up early for once and was gone almost all morning. Coming back her hair is caked in flour, and what looks like a cream sauce. In her hands is a cake of sorts, more like a cake and a custard filling. The top is glassy with liqueor and the greenrider is heading straight for the weyrlingmasters office. Mishath is following at her own whimsical pace, in Hadi's other hand is a match. Smiling she says to her fellow werylings, "I know he'll love it! Plus it's a congratulations cake.." Humming and bouncing as much as one can when carrying something so delicate.

Often the door to the weyrlingmaster's office is closed, especially when one of the staff members needs to concentrate on paper work or when there's a one-on-one discussion going on, or for a variety of other reasons (like N'kor sleeping on the couch for example). But today, the door is open, as if inviting any of the weyrlings inside. In fact, it has been open since the subject of between has risen. Those who wish to approach and test their memory are welcomed inside. So far, not a one has broached the subject, as most are still working on getting flying down pat. So, this leaves the red head sprawled on one of the couches inside the office, with a leg up on the cushion so that the paper he's reading can rest up against his thigh. He looks pretty relaxed, all things considering.

Either Ae'gus has slept in unusually late, or he's just taking a late morning nap. Though due to the odd lack of his usual snores, it's likely that he's just lounging around for his spare time until it's actually time for him to do something. He has his arms folded comfortably behind his head on his cot, his eyes closed even though it's obvious now that he's not really sleeping. Halinith isc oiled comfortably in his couch depression, filling just about every inch of it with his bulk but still managing to look as elegant as possible while doing so. It is the bronze that notices the arrival of Hadi and Mishath first, as he offers a welcoming croon to his green clutchsibling before his attention turns to the match and the cake. Ae'gus' eyes pop open then and he twists his head to peer curiously at Hadi, blinking once ins urprise, "You going to light a cake on fire for … who?"

G'len looks up from the little firelizard he's cooing over. "Plus congratulations?"

Hadi does a small twirl, almost dropping her cake and she squeaks. "No. no stay!" Mishath moves over, as if somehow she could hope to catch a falling cake. She moves her head in a dainty little circle, resisting the urge to slip and all her concentration on the cake. Moving into N'kor office she says to G'len, "Mr.weyrlingmaster, it's a congratulations cake for him! I just overhead the best news." She lights the top of the cake on fire, the fire a deep blue moves back and forth sizzling away the booze that lightly coats the tops. In a happy trill she says, "COngratulations!" Mishath croons to Halinith «Come on! Wanna see the look ok his face!» A happy breeze running through her mind, then Hadi moves to hand the cake to N'kor, she slips over her own feet, and the flaming cake lands on a couch just to the side of where the weyrlingmaster is sitting. A small fire begins on the couch, spreading to another cushion and the smoke fills the office rather speedily.

N'kor, still in the office, shuffles the papers on his lap absently, probably ignoring the conversation in the background as his attention is focused downward upon the papers. Still, when he catches the titles being used by some of the weyrlings nearing all the time, his chin lifts and slowly his chin tilts back in line with his shoulder so that he glances out of the corner of his eyes toward the scene approaching him. It's the fire that first catches his attention and then the young girl that's carrying the large cake. Although he doesn't react in time to his gut instincts before the cake is sent flying. In slow motion the man tries to move to do something, yet isn't close enough to avoid the cake splatting all over the place, inculding on his pant leg. Immediately he jerks up as the flames start to lick up his pant leg, the booze on top of the cake having caught his trousers. It doesn't take long before the fire is not only on the couch but climbing up his leg! He hollars a bit as his hands instinctively bat at the flames curling up his leg, comically flailing as he falls off the couch in a squirming pile, trying to kick and thrash out the fire on his pant legs.

It might be the slow motion view of the flying flaming cake or the smell of smoke that does it, but Ae'gus suddenly is trying to spring out of his cot much faster than his short legs allow him, "Shards … what are you do — .." It isn't much of a surprise that he gets his legs caught somewhere in the tussle and lands face down on the floor next to his cot with a loud OOF and a grimace. No damage appears to have been done, even though he is piching at the bridge of his nose a little as he staggeres to his feet and sort of careens over to the Weyrlingmaster's Office. For a good few moments he just stands there framed in the doorway, staring bugeyed at the scene inside, his nose forgotten. "Ah .. ah .. someone get some water!" He himself seems rooted to the spot for a moment, but Halinith soon rumbles with alarm, partially rising from his couch either to flee the spread of the flames or try to help himself. Ae'gus' head whips around, trying to find the best way to get some water to the scene of the accident. "Water, Hadi. G'len. Water," he continues to repeat to his fellow weyrlings, as tohugh it weren't already known. Well. A lot of talking, but little movement other than a half-step towards some of the oil buckets near the other side of the barracks. Finally he wills himself to move and he's heading towards some of the buckets.

G'len gasps! "Fire!" he yells and quickly plants the firelizard on his shoulder as he runs to get a pail. "Quick! Waterrrrrr!" He's out the door to get it filled in the spring, running as fast as he can.

Hadi screams, looking at the fire she grabs cake and starts attempting to use the cake to put the fire out on nalks pants, hand fulls of cake being thrown at the flames and Mishath is flapping her wings in attempt to blow out the flame. With Ae'gus issuing orders she races to grab a bucket of water, getting it instead of throwing it on the sofa she throws it on the Weyrlingmaster. "Here, just stay calm. Stop drop and.. and.. flop! Yes stop drop and flop, like a fish!" Running for more water she slips in a puddle and lands on her face, squeaking. No real damage done, though blood is seeping through her pants where she cut open her knee. Grabbing the bucket she says to the weyrlingmaster, with his sofa still on fire. "I'm so sorry, sorry.. really really sorry." Sniffling and going to get water, before they burn down the barracks.

The man howls at Hadi when she tries to smush cake all over him, "Get away from me! Stop it!" Then with cake mashed into his leg is something that becomes less important when a bucket of cold water gets dumped on him - not just on the trouser leg, but on him. He just lies there for a second in stunned silence. The flames are out with the help of cake and water, but he's also soaking wet. His face is horribly comical - the way it's set in an unbelievable expression, exasperated and speechless. Yet the hissing of the soaf leather is what gets to him next as the bright glowing orange of the flames comes rather close to him. It's at that point in time that he jumps up, springing upright on his two feet with a back curling leap that looks rather awkward to have pulled off. Panic striken, he looks at his beautiful couch burning up and then gasps, trying to reach for the paperwork that is just catching - a whole file worth of paperwork is burning and to this he tries to pluck out of the already burning couch, howling back at the weyrlings, "WATER!" Only managing to save a few sheets from the flame with darting fingers jabbing into the flames, he desperately looks around, "QUICK!"

Ae'gus skids to a halt beside the rows of buckets, hands hovering over several of them before he manages to grab onto one of the bucket's handles. Just as he was about to do whatever it was he was supposed to do - something about water? All that seems to register in his mind now is bucket as he hauls the thing from the floor and barrels past a few other stunned Weyrlings to the door of the office. Before he can even manage to check at what might exactly be in the bucket, he dumps the contents on the nearest bit of flame licking at the edge of the couch. Rather than water, a slop of oil lands on top of the blaze, causing the fire itself to jump and leap upwards with the sudden addition of fuel - albeit one that isn't terribly flammable. Flammable enough, as Ae'gus himself was close enough to feel some of that uprising heat backlash. "Ow!" is all he manages, staggering backwards and dropping the bucket with a loud clatter, a hand immediately going to his face - his eyebrows in particular. Is that a hint of singed hair in the air? Well, perhaps he should have thought before tossing that bucket onto the flames. "Shards! That was supposed to be /water/." It's almost as if he's blaming someone else for his mistake, but he seems a bit more wary of the flames now that he's been bitten by them a tad and he looks hopelessly at Hadi and G'len.

G'len rushes in with the pail of sloshing water, sees an even bigger flame and screams! With that he hefts the bucket with a swing and the water splays out over the flames. " You IDIOT!" he shrieks at Gus. "Master! Are you all right?" He calls out to N'kor.

G'len gasps and drops the bucket, then runs tp get his blanket to throw over N'kor and try to beat the blazes outa him. Er…off from him…beat off the flames….

[Dragon/Western] Nasrinth growls out to everyone that's listening, his voice smoldering and sizzling like fire « Emergency! With the weyrlings! Barracks. Fire! »

Hadi watches helplessly as Ae'gus adds grease to the fire, making it bigger and it's soon going to be near the desk and all that paper. Running she is finally at least thinking, stripping the sheets off of another weyrlings bed she throws them on the fire, Also she grabs some of the raw meat, throwing that at it too for some unknown reason. "Ae'gus, I-I think we need towels, and.. and no water no more water!" running with tears streaming down her face she seems at a loss. The fire is now a grease fire, created originally by a cake, and it has spread from N'kor, to a sofa and a whole file full of paperwork. Fast approaching a desk as well. Hadi has a blood knee and she is trying to throw whatever she can at it.

Oil with water? Oh yeah, that's a catalyst for more flames and unfortunately for N'kor when Ae'gus goes to dump on what everyone thought to be water on the flames, the red head is standing near enough to get some of the 'blow back' as it were from the oil being added. The man throws his hands up to his face to protect himself though ends up stumbling back because of the heat, smacking his heel on the back of the coffee table's leg and in turn causing him to spill backward in a tumbling aching mass… A groan rises up as his shirt smolders and the entire front of him is singed. The water that G'len splashes down actually makes the fire more like liquid fire now, and it surges over the remainder of the couch, consuming the lengths of it.. N'kor rolls over on his side, grunting "Evacuate the barracks…" Hopeless.. The weyrlings were hopeless! The man seems sluggish this time as he pulls himself up, as if he hit the back of his head rather hard from his fall backward.

T'burk rushes in. From all the stressed sendings and crying out pf the dragons, and the growing smell of smoke. "Jays! He screams. "Get sand!" he yells at the witless weyrlings. He rushes to grab the blanets and pull the weyrlingmaster out. "Get out! Get out, all of you! Get the dragons outside, quick!" He pulls N'kor down to the floor to beat out flames on clothes with his bare hands if necessary.

[Dragon/Western] Raenth responds with blaring brass in a bright golden light. « We're on our way! »

M'gan runs in not more than a moment after T'burk, and quickly surveys the situation. "Everyone down on hands and knees, stay below the smoke. Get sand and water both, we need to get the flames out." He quickly covers his mouth and nose with a cloth, even as he pulls on his flying goggles.

Unfortunately for Ae'gus, the man as well was still rather close to the flames as G'len's misguided bucket of water causes the fire to leap further upwards. Another gout of heat causes him to stumble backwards, now his moustache and some of his hair singed as well. Thankfully, though, it seems that there isn't much damage to his skin beyond some minor burns, but it's painful enough to make him stagger backwards more and trip over his dropped bucket. With a loud THUMP, he lands on his behind just outside the office. But before anything more untoward can happen to him (and has reinforcements arrive from outsie), he does a sort of crab walk as fast as he can to get away from the spreading flames. It's obvious that anything he might be doing is just making everything worse, so he just settles on retreating. And fast. Flames aren't his friend. No indeed. "Shards. Shards." is all he can say, staring wideeyed at the fire, with his singed eyebrows and fascial hair clearly evident on his face, along with some reddish spots that got a little bit singed on his skin too. At M'gan's comments, he flips over onto his hands and knees and starts to crawl over towards a stock of sand bags used for training. Best to try to put some of this right by helpign out, even if he does have singed hair as a result.

T'burk grabs N'kor beneath his shoulders and , bent over to keep his face out of the smoke, starts to move when T'eo is ready with N'kor's feet.

Soaked, covered with cake, singed, and now with a lump showing in the back of his head, the Weyrlingmaster takes a moment after he's dragged a few feet back from the burning couch to regain his composure. Putting a hand against T'burk, N'kor still has enough nerve to climb back to his feet (or at this point fight free of their hold), or at least until the smoldering black cloud from the burning leather and wood cause him to kneel back down, covering his mouth with his hands. Abruptly, all he can think about are the shelves filled with previous Weyrlingmaster history that's going to go up in smoke as it were if something's not done quickly. Squinting his eyes he grits his teeth, "There's sand bags… It's a grease fire!" He points toward the inner barracks since the fire is in the office after all. This is where he moves too, not considering his own condition, finding some sort of adrenaline rush to power him on. The office were the flames billow and threaten to reach up toward the wooden rafters.

G'len drops to the floor as instructed and works his way not out, but over to grab the book beneath his pillow. Not clothes nor anything else, just the book. He starts to cough. Then he heads for the door, tears streaming from his eyes.

Hadi gets on her hands and knees as ordered, crawling on the floor with the yellow green Mishath leading the way. Once Mishath is outside though, Hadi comes back inside this time with two bags of sand moving to throw them on the fire she coughs with the smoke choking on it and getting out of the office as quickly as possible. Putting the sand on it does help with the couch fire, though not eliminating it and smoke damage probably has occured to the office. Running out she tells anyone who is near that their is a fire, and soon other riders and people are throwing sand on the flames to help stifle the flames.

M'gan curses as he sees Ae'geus get singed by a flare up when water's added, and runs over to drag out the heavyset weyrling. "Shardit. Ok, no water, just sand. Hurry up people! Everyone get out of here NOW." His eyes glaze for a second, and from outside a large bronze head enters the barracks, and bellows, trying to urge everyone else. When N'kor yells out about sandbags, he spots them, and runs over, grabbing one, and reaching for his belt knife with a free hand. Quickly, the bag's slit, and he's pouring sand out over the flames as best he can.

Ae'gus scuttles past Halinith as he passes by, choking out a warning to the anxious bronze as he passes, "Out, get out!" Halinith doesn't need any further bidding as he edges his way out of the barracks entrance as best as he can without trampling any of the entering helpers. Even when he's outside, he remains glued to the edge of the doorway, anxious still for his rider's safety. Ae'gus himself keeps one hand over his nose and mouth as he makes his way to the sandbags, coughing and choking against the onslaught of smoke. He manages to take hold of one and moves to a low crouched position, carrying the heavy thing over to the flames. With a quick movement, he dumps the sand messily over the licking flames. A bit scattered, but it does help batter the fire down a little with the help of the others.

T'burk keeps low and grabs more of the sandbags. He pulls his utility knife from the back of his belt, slits open a sack and tosses the sand in a spreading motion onto the fire. Then he sees all the books on the shelves. "Shards," he says through gritted teeth. "You weyrlings GET OUTSIDE!"

With all the effort the fire is slowly controlled, first with the sofa, then the paperwork. Followed by the desk and paperwork, smoldering and smoke is still thick in the air. Sand, water, oil, cake and meat are all over the sofa and office. The smell of burnt leather, hair fill the air. But everyone is begining to calm, as it seems a true disaster has been averted.

The aftermath is quite depressing. Where moments ago the office was in prestine shape, it now resembles a war zone. Sand has been flung just about everywhere with water soaking the carpets and the remains of the couch still sending tendrils of smoke up toward the ceiling. N'kor stares at the ruins of the office, looking up toward the ceiling where it has now turned black from the heat. In a moment, the weyrlingmaster staggers back, regarding the damage of the office with a morose gaze, eyes watering from the smoke, or is he really crying? Either way, the adrenaline is wearing thin and it's evident the man will be feeling pain any time soon, especially by appearances of his trouser that's burned off up his calf and his shirt which is seriously singed - but his arms were unprotected for the shirt had short sleeves.

[DTU/Project] Nasrinth senses that Mishath a light breeze, sad darkness and deep confusion «Mine had just wished to tell you, that.. that the blonde goldrider is expecting.»

T'burk looks N'kor up and down. "Infirmary…NOW!" He reaches out to take N'kor's arm. If they can get him in there before the nerve endings start flairing up, if they are still there, then he count the man lucky. "T'eo, help me escort him over there. Quick."

Ae'gus lets out a few feeble coughs as the last vestiges of smoke are expelled from his system, though his eyes are still smarting from the stuff that lingers in the air. He keeps one arm in front of his face, tryin to block out the smell, but it does little to hide the singed state of his facial hair. Even the hair ontop of his head has been singed slightly, making it look shorter in the front than the back and somewhat lopsided now. Not to mention his bushy eyebrows are a bit less busy than normal and his moustache is almots completely gone. Wonderful. The weyrling just sits there on the ground near the office, looking somewhat horrified at the blackened remains of the office. Either he's too shocked to say anthing, or too afraid to say anything that might bring N'kor's attention to him. Afterall, he did have a hand in making the fire worse than it already was. He settles for just looking dazed and confused, which isn't hard to do right now.

M'gan scowls, and looks around, Stil holding up the wet handkerchief to his mouth, he takes a breath, as he moves over towards where the fire seems to have begun in the office. "Ok, what exactly happened?"

Hadi stares at the damage, climbing into her cot and pulling up the covers. Like the covers may just protect her from wrath. At the question she sits up and mumbles, "Well.. earlier today.. I was in the infirmary, I-I had cut my knee, and I over heard.. this blonde goldrider, talking about how N'kor was..was going to be father, and Mr.werylingmaster is so very very nice, so I baked him this cake. I had read about it, you light the top on fire. Has liquor on it, but, but I tripped. And it lit him on fire, and the sofa.. and the desk." tears streaming down her face she pulls her legs up and sniffles loudly looking around sadly and coughing due to smoke.

T'burk uses his knife to cut burnt fabric away fromt he would. "T'eo, reach into my bag and pull out the redwort." He carefully looks to see if any fibers have been burned to the skin. "I need more light! Make sure the windows are open."

Outside the great copper gleam of Raenth lands amidst the rescue dragons which means in a matter of moments the Weyrsecond is entering, bandana drawn up over his nose. He stands in the doorway a moment, brows creased in calculation. His gaze sweeps over the weyrlings, the Weyrhealer, M'gan, and then the Weyrlingmaster. "That's exactly what I would like to know." He echos after M'gan. "Weyrhealer? Lets get those wounds covered before he goes anywhere. It'll give time to get questions answered…" And to himself… "Great… yet another barracks fire." He mutters, but his attention shifts to Hadi as she sniffles through her story. A glance is shot at N'kor at the "father" bit but he just waits till she finishes. At last he gives a long breath through his nose. "Well, perhaps the barracks wasn't the best place for that…" He reasons, looking to N'kor now. "And you were here when she started this?" Disapproving frown time.

N'kor seems to notice the arm reaching for him out of the corner of his eye perhaps, and this is when the bronzer jerks away, as if to prevent T'burk's hand from coming in contact with skin that's bare and likely to be sensitive at this point. Abruptly there's something that flashes through his eyes, contact with his dragon perhaps, and it makes him sway on his feet just enough that he catches himself from staggering. Yet, the confirmation of it from Hadi … Hadi, announcing it to the world has him stiffen up, shoulders tensing as he snaps out almost unorthodox like in the middle of so much chaos, "Father?! I don't think so!" Then the man puts up his hand toward any healer getting close to him, stalling them with a defensive posture, eyes flashing to T'eo, "I /was/ here. I was nearly part of it!" Yank on his shirt now to which ignites the pain as he seems to immediately regret the movement, grunting, "Alright…numb weed would be good.. right about now…" Eyes close as he stands there, inhaling as if trying to ignore the rising sting.

M'gan sighs, and defers to the weyrsecond, as he moves around, and starts to assist the healers with the wounded.

Ae'gus drags his gaze away from N'kor long enough to stare at Hadi for a moment. Whether it's in disbelief or something else, it's difficult to tell. His usually expressive eyebrows are wofully singed at the moment, so it's harder to discern any movement frm them. His lips come together in a thin line and he does add for clarification, "Ah .. that goldrider WAS puking quite a bit in the living caverns the other day. I shoulda realized she had something growing inside her." Not that it's relevent to the fact that N'kor might be the father, but he does venture that forward anyways, perhaps trying to remove focus from the fire story. Rather than add his part in the story in, he merely slowly pulls himself to his feet, swaying a little after the prolonged time spent on his behind and the stress of the past few minutes. Placinga hand to his face, he begins to probe at his cheeks and facial hair, grimacing slightly at the sparseness he finds there. Great. His preoccupation with his looks makes him completely miss T'eo's inquiries about the fire, or perhaps he's ignoring them.

T'burk looks up at N'kor, "Please sit down, N'kor, before you fall down. It'll make this a lot easier on both of us." He carefully daubs on the redwort to clean out the woulded flesh, working lightly but quickly with well practiced hands. After the redwart to disinfect, then the numbweed. "I want some ice packs right away," he says to Hadi. "Go get them." Once the leg is covered with numbweed T'burk wraps it in clean dressing, keeping it on lightly to not irritate or bind.

Hadi looks like she's beating herself up plenty, looking up at T'eo.. "She..she seemed a bit upset of it, though she had mentioned wishing for the Werywoman to learn first. Maybe.. maybe I shouldn't have said anything." Standing she coughs, sullen and looks outside the barracks, just outside the door is the olive-yellow Mishath, who croons sweetly, eyes whirling a distressed yellow. At T'burks request she moves quickly, running out and sobbing slightly under her breath.

G'len looks around. "Well…the smoke will probably get rid of allthe spinners…..they'll be coming out of the woodwork now, out of all the little cracks…." He coughs some more.

T'eo's eyes flick amongst the weyrlings and back to N'kor, ignoring the talk about babies… or parasites, whichever it may be. "Clearly…" He replies acidly to N'kor's defensive reaction, looking him over before continuing. "No, what I meant was when she started baking… in the barracks. Or have I misunderstood how this cake was created?" Pause… He scans the damage again. "Suppose it makes little difference now." He says more wearily, moving over to the damage. "T'burk, I think it best all these weyrlings involved get a good once-over at the infirmary. Make sure they're alright… I'll get some folks out here to start the clean up but once they're okay'd I want Hadi down here helping." He wanders through the wreckage. "N'kor, you get to decide what you will do from there… I imagine a new office design would be ideal, but that's up to you. I would fully support Hadi assisting with anything regarding it aswell in any time she isn't in lessons, eating, sleeping, or taking care of her dragon."

At least this much N'kor can follow, the man goes over to the nearest Weyrling cot and plunks down on it… Being good to hold back when other people would likely bail in distress, N'kor let's the healer do as he must. He doesn't say anything to the healer but instead regards Ae'gus, seeing the weyrling without his facial hair, grunting over toward the other bronzer, "You and I… We'll have a talk later about how to put out a fire." No need to embarrass Ae'gus much more than that since the lack of facial hair is enough, or at least the singed hair is. Finally at hearing more of what Hadi has to say, there's a long sigh that registers as something close to a man being conquered, followed by the slump of shoulders and a downward tilt of head that hides his face. At this point, once the numbweed is slathered on and T'eo starts ordering /him/ to order Hadi … it just becomes too much for the crispy Weyrlingmaster. He absently rises from the cot, steps away from T'burk before the rider can catch him. His eyes flicker up at T'eo, but then away once again as he apparently can't bare to hold the other's gaze. Then, with a dejected but quickened stride, he's escaping everything and everyone.

G'len glares at Hadi. "What /did/ you make that cake out of?"

Ae'gus flinches involuntarily at the mention of spinners, his eyes immediately checking the ceiling corners for some indication of the creepy crawling things. Thankfully his attention is taken away from his search by N'kor's voice. Or perhaps not so thakfully for him, considering the words that reach his ears. The tips of his ears go pink, unless that is some residual burn from the singing he received in te flaming, "Ah .. yes. Of course." He presses his lips together a moment, trying his best to look serious and sorry for what has happened, but it's difficult to tell what exactly might be going through his head. He does have the afterthought to add in a quick, ".. sir." to the mix, but that's it. He's left standing there, staring rather vaguely and bleary eyed at the remains of the office that is still smoking. He himself looks a dread state, as well, with his clothing smoky and his facial hair in ruins. Allt hat hard work growing it out for nothing. As though that thought were crossing his mind, he lifts a hand to rub at the spot where his previously bushy moustache used to reside. The only thing left is a slight bristling that looks more like an infestation of the skin than anything else now.

Hadi comes back with ice packs, to find the Weyrlinmaster gone. Just in time to hear she may get to be a designer, smiling just a little she says. "Alright." trying now to look upset, laying down she grabs her design book that was not damaged by smoke and begins drawing. Oh no. Mishath comes back inside, and gets comfortable for the night.

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