Weyrleaderly Faux Pas

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's dinner time at Western! And the caverns are hustling and bustling. But what better time to grab some grub? Usually Zi'on avoids the caverns when they're this crowded, it's just an excuse for people to bother him about this or that about the weyr. Today he's hungry though, so he's in line with the rest of the herd to get something to eat. The weyrbrat in front of him is chattering away about this or that going on in the caverns as they get their food. It's directed at him, but he's mostly ignoring her, with a short 'mhm' or 'I see' when she looks to him for a response. He settles on some mashed tubers and herdbeast and a couple of bubblies. And klah, lots of klah. When the weyrbrat goes to sit down, Zi'on does a 180 and moves to a table that's just clearing up and breathes a sigh of relief as he sits down.

Enka is a sheep. Baaaaah. The weyrwoman is amongst the hungry dinnertime goers that muddle into the living caverns, queuing up to take her place in the line for food with a look that bodes no good if anyone even /thinks/ of opening their mouth about Weyr matters and 'something she could do about it' in her presence. At least for the time being that is. Looking tired as she is, and a bit rumpled, the likelihood is that the goldrider was up in the galleries keeping Miraneith company. Collecting her tray and the various food stuffs she desires along with an entire pitcher of juice all for herself, Enka moves towards the tables to find a place to sit down.

Suldith is likely curled up with the gold, or maybe out on the hunt for her. Either way, he's not left the sands unless he's had to. And he's proven himself to be as grumpy and possessive about the eggs as the clutchmom. Zi'on spots a tired looking Enka in the sea of people and gives her a short wave. He's amused by how many people looking in his direction wave back to him, but he's sliding the seat out for the weyrwoman, and staring daggers at anyone who dares to come close enough to sit in it. "Enka!" He calls, that should make it plainly clear who he's addressing, right? Either way, Zi'on opens up the pitcher of klah he's taken and pours himself a mug. Food can wait for now.

Enka's carefully balancing her tray and pitcher of juice — spilling it would be just awful — and spots that short wave from the bronzer. "Hey there," Yeah, it's pretty amusing that a lot of people wave back to Zi'on, but Enka knows it's totally for her, right? Setting her tray onto the table, with the pitcher following soon thereafter, Enka plops onto the seat that Zi'on had pulled out for her with nothing short of graceless relief. "How you doin'?" she asks the Weyrleader, offering him a cheery smile despite her weariness before she pours herself some juice and takes a long swallow.

Well, Zi'on can't greet everyone at the weyr, even if everyone knows him. But the wave was for Enka, so she knows to come sit with him if she wants. If she doesn't… well then he'll just eat by himself. Zi'on leans over once Enka has plopped down to give her a kiss on the cheek and rubs her back. "Egg sitting, still? You look beat. You sure you don't want some klah?" Zi'on pokes at his food a bit before actually taking a bite. "I'll be glad when those eggs are hatched, honestly. Then I can get some help around the office. With the new baby Ila and Iris are gone a lot, and when they are there Ila's a zombie. I'm afraid he's gonna pass out at his desk most of the time." Zi'on will at least get the tubers down before he starts in on pie.

Even if the bronzer can't greet everyone in the Weyr, a lot of people might /think/ he's greeting them. But Enka does know the wave was for her, and that's definitely why she went to go sit with him. She'll definitely keep him company, eating by yourself is boring, unless you want to be left alone and have a book to read or something. "Mmhmm," comes her reply, eyes closing a bit when he rubs her back. Massages are nice. "Mir swears that they're gettin' close to hatchin'. I really hope they do and she aint just playin' a trick on me and those eggs are painted rocks." That would be so bad! "I druther have juice." she answers. "It's so shardin' hot out there, wanna cool off." she nods. "I'm really lookin' forward to gettin' back into the office." It takes another mug of juice before Enka can even think about eating. "How are things goin' for them?" Ila'den and Iris, she means.

It was important for the weyrleaders to put up a united front, no? Not to mention Zi'on and Enka are friends, so even if they weren't weyrleaders he'd still be inviting her over. "They better be, seems like an age since she laid them. Suldith's starting to think he lives on the sands. I gotta remind him his couch is his when he drops me off at the weyr." He chuckles. Painted rocks! That would be terrible. Suldith would be heartbroken, he'd be the saddest dragon on Pern instead of the cutest. "You still thinkin' there's a gold in one of those eggs?" He nods to her about cooling off and grins. "Well, you can always just take off your clothes and go for a stroll in your turnday suit." There's a shrug then. "I guess well. I haven't heard anything otherwise. New parents and all, it's a stressful time I guess. Exciting though. All the talk makes me miss Ezio. I picked him up and took him for a walk today. He's getting big."

United fronts are good. Especially if there's no need to fake united fronts the way some Weyrleader pairings have to do. They're friends anyway, so there's genuine camaraderie there. "I know, right." Enka just shakes her head a bit. "I am startin' to wonder if they've been cookin' too long." she chuckles a bit when Zi'on mentions Suldith and the couch. "He'll be happy to finally get to sleep there once the eggs are off the sands." Painted rocks, yeah, everyone would be sad about it, especially the candidates and the clutchparents. Poor eggs. There's another giggle from the goldrider at the bronzer's suggestion. "Well, you have a point there. It probably would be cooler if I was goin' around starkers. Except it might distract people from their dinners." She nods. "I've not heard much either. They're probably just gettin' used to havin' the baby in their weyr and all." She offers a wry smile. "That's nice. Ezio's growin' up so. All of them are. I go see him when I can." Which hasn't been much with her being chained to the hatching grounds.

Zi'on frowns. "Can that even happen? Cook too long? I figure it'll be soon. Maybe tonight! Mir's babies like to hatch at night, right? I think ours did." He waves off Enka a bit. "Meh. He sleeps just fine on the sands. He's used to sleepin' curled up with Mir anyways. Feels comfortable for him." Zi'on grins at that giggle. At least Enka got his jokes. "I know it would distract me from my dinner." He pokes at Enka's leg under the table, then goes back to eating. "Yeah. Those first couple of sevendays are the worst. You can't tell what's going one or when it is. You're sleeping whenever you can get it, waking up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep at noon." He nods to her. "Be easier when the eggs are gone. How's the rest of your brood? Your girl's got to be getting pretty big by now."

Enka shrugs, a lazy upwards migration of her shoulders and then back down. "I dunno, never seen 'em cook too long." But there's always a first time, right? She grins a bit. "I think Mir's clutches just hatch whenever. After lunch, early mornin' whatever they feel like." There's a nod from the goldrider, she sucking her head a bit to apply herself a little more fervently to her meal before taking another sip of juice. Feeling him poke her leg under the table, she smirks cheekily at him. "That would be the point, of course, providin' distraction." Because she's a weyrwoman, and she /flaunts/ it, baby. "Shells, they'll get used to it, we all did." Noit that she doesn't sympathize with either junior weryrwoman or weyrsecond, but hey, they'll learn to cope. "Almost nine," Enka answers, nodding. "Startin' to think about what she wants to do when she grows up, she does. Except of course, she changes her mind every week. Last week it was bein' a dragonhealer. Now she wants to be a runner racer." Just like kids, ever eager and excitable.

If there is a first time for that Zi'on hopes it's not -this- time. "I guess so, yeah. Still, could be today! Though somehow I doubt it." He laughs. "Distraction to me, or to the rest of the weyr? If I walked around naked here I wouldn't be much of a distraction, but I bet I'd get some food thrown at me." There's a nod about the I's. "Yeah. I bet they're happy though. I remember I was scared to death when we first got Ezio home, but I got used to it." Zi'on blinks at Enka. "Nine! Wow. That even makes me feel old. That's cute though, she doesn't want to be a goldrider like her mom? Runner racer sounds fun though." Zi'on grins. "I'd be lying if I hadn't already thought about Ezio impressing bronze. Just like me and da. I'll try never to mention it to him, though."

For the sake of the Weyr, this better not be /the/ first time for eggs overcooking on the sands. "Never know," Enka admits, "although Mir might be holdin' out on me about it. I wasn't sure, since she let me come get dinner instead of wantin' me to have somethin' sent over. I'd take that to mean it wouldn't happen tonight, but you know that dragon, she's a kidder sometimes." Big joke, it'd be, really. Especially if it was a middle of the night Hatching. There's another giggle from Enka. "Well, if you wanted to be distracted, I could arrange somethin'. But then again, the Weyr could use some gossip of some kind." Extra extra, nekkid weyrwoman walks through caverns — people forget to eat dinner. "I'd never throw food," Enka remarks. "It's just not nice." There's a slight pause, and Enka chuckles. "Oh, I know. Nine, shells, seems like I just turned around and she's shootin' up like a skybroom. I remember when she was so small she couldn't even say kitten right." The goldrider grins. "Well, I don't doubt that she has designs in that direction at some point, but she's tryin' to think what she's goin' to do in the meantime." She smiles, and nods fervently. "I'd very much like to see Ezio get a bronze someday." Heck, one for all Enka's boys. "Course, he's got a lot of growin' to do until then. So no rush."

Zi'on laughs. "Maybe she wanted a break from you. Or sent you away just in time for the eggs to start hatching. Well if she's pulling something like that then Suldith must be in on it. Because he didn't seem to care that I was coming here from the office." Zi'on grins to Enka. "I'll do all your maths for a month if you have a wardrobe malfunction right here in the caverns with all these people. We could stage it to look like an accident. You don't have to get naked. Just… slip a nip, or something." Zi'on laughs. "Wow, nine. I still can't believe that. I haven't seen her in a while, maybe I'll take her over to the market one of these days. We can get double-fried meat rolls and she can look at some of the stuff down there. Or maybe the one at Ierne. They got different stuff at that one." Zi'on grins and nods. "He's still too little. We'll see what he's like when he gets older. Maybe he won't end up like me. Maybe he'll be quiet or shy." Fat chance, though.

"Oh shells, I hope she's wantin' a break from me. She's been so insistent that I stay with her almost all the time, especially while those pirates were stealin' stuff from us, and especially after poor Iris got nabbed. Wouldn't barely let me out of her sight." Which meant Enka probably was camping rough in the galleries for a few nights on end. "So they might be plannin' somethin', her and Suldith, but we'll have to wait and see." At his rather naughty suggestion, the goldrider giggles. "I'll see if I can arrange somethin' before dinner is over. Havin' you do my account figures for a month is awfully temptin'." There's a nod, Enka finishing off another mug of juice — she was definitely thirsty. "I think Ema would like that. Goin' to Ierne or the market here." And on the subject of their little son. "Time will tell what Ezio's goin' to be like, although quiet and shy, I might have trouble thinkin' of him like that." Look at his parents… they're anything but!

Zi'on at least was around to bring Enka fresh clothes and food and water. Though he wasn't going to give her a sponge bath or bring a bedpan, so she was on her own for those types of activities. "Yeah. Hopefully she's a little more relaxed, now. They better not be planning anything too big. I'm just getting used to things being back to normal-ish." Zi'on has abandoned the rest of what's on his plate for the two bubblies he's picked up. He grins to Enka. "I'll even help. But it's gotta be good enough for me to do all your numbers for that long." Zi'on nods. "Does Ema like clothes, or dolls? I know she likes riding, maybe I can get her some new gear or something." There's a shrug about Ezio and a grin. "Probably not. Doesn't run in the family, bein' shy. Though I guess some of my sisters are shy. The one's I've met."

Enka appreciated his assistance very much. Although it was likely the goldrider managed to get by without needing a bed pan or a sponge bath and basin. "She seems more content now." Enka agrees with a nod. "I'm hopin' life can get back to normal, although some of those candidates have me wonderin'. There's one girl…" she trails off, shaking her head. "I'd say she's a few glows short of a full basket, if you get my meanin'." Her meal's finally done, and Enka can have her own bubblies and cookies. Yummy. "I'd just bet you'd be able to help," she grins tewasingly at him. "I'm open to suggestions." There's a pause, the next words mumbled around a bite of pie. "Clothes," she answers, "long as you can ride in 'em. And if you got her new gear for her pony," who really was Enka's pony, but now that she has The White Lady, the kids ride Bubblies, "she'd be over the moons for 'em." she nods a bit about Ezio and chuckles. "Well my brothers' aint shy. Guess that's why they became Harpers."

Zi'on still was of the mindset that when Enka says jump he asks how high. At least for most things. And he wasn't going to let her suffer out there on the sands. But someone had to make sure the weyr didn't starve to death in the meantime. Zi'on laughs. "Yeah? To be honest I haven't really talked to any of the candidates. That's sort of bad I guess. Maybe I'll go bother them now that it's almost over. Been too busy, I guess." He rubs his chin in thought, then takes a sip of his klah. "You got anything on under that shirt?" He chuckles. There's a nod about what to pick up for Ema. "Sure. I can do that. New pony gear, riding clothes. Speaking of, how's White Lady's new foal?" He grins and nods. "Well, I ain't shy. And only some of my sisters are."

He was going to be such a good Weyrleader, he was. Once he got over that midnset of Enka being totally in charge, that is. But he's learning, that was for sure. Enka chuckles a little. "I've been meetin' with a few of them." she admits, "tryin' to feel 'em out and see what they're like. That one girl, she's a Holder's daughter so she's a bit spoiled. The rest don't seem too bad. And I'm sure we've just had other things on our minds as they've been brought in." Like pirates and stolen goods and all. She watches him for a moment, and when the question is posed at her, she grins. "Shells no. The less I gotta wear the better if I'm sittin' up in the stands." That's said a bit teasingly, of course. "She'd like that," the goldrider nods. "And the foal's doin' great. Just got weaned the other day, I've finally managed to get everythin' worked out for him to stay. The breeder didn't want to come here as long as we were havin' trouble. Probably thought he'd get kidnapped or somethin'." she snorts. "Jerk. He can stay far away now." Cause that colt's hers, dangnabit.

Zi'on knew when to take care of things himself. He tries to shield Enka from the brunt of the blows, especially while she's sands sitting. "Mm. I guess you see them when they come out for touchings and all. Mir did let them touch, right?" He sips at his klah and finishes up his first bubbly. "Spoiled. Sounds like she'd make a good goldrider." He laughs a bit, clearly teasing. He raises a brow at her when she says she's got nothing on under her shirt. "Well, you let me know when you're all finished. And we'll make an exit that no one here will be able to forget." There's a nod about the foal then. "That's good. The breeder may as well forget about him. And any money he was hoping to make off her. Or we'll give him something to complain about. A lock in the cells might not be a bad idea."

Enka sure did appreciate that. "Mmhmm," the goldrider nods. "Mir would let 'em touch the eggs as long as I was there with her. I mean, /right/ there with her." Standing next to the gold dragon, no doubt. She washes down the last of her pie with a swig of juice. "Oh shes spoiled all right," Enka chuckles, grinning a bit at his words. "Although I'd shudder to see her as a goldrider. If she was spoiled and smart… I think she'd be fine. But spoiled and lackin' the sense Faranth gave little green whers, oh shells. We'd be doomed." DOOOOOMED! "If you see her, her name's Liora." She looks right back at him. "Well, wouldn't you?" That's enough of an swer, right? "And I'm sure you're just lookin' forward to it." Exit, dramatic stage center, right? She chuckles wickedly. "They'll gossip about it for days. Mmm, yeah, the breeder will stay far away." It might have been that being thrown out of an office by a gold dragon had something to do with it. Including the threat of being kidnapped and possibly permenantly — would Enka threaten someone with that? "If not, well, I like your idea about lockin' him away."

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, you make her feel safe. Plus she knows you'd be decking someone if they did anything stupid. And we don't need any weyrwomen without any sense in them. Bad enough we got you and Iris." He grins to Enka. Clearly looking to tease her if she was going to keep letting him. "I don't want to be doomed. Liora. Got it. How old is she, then? She cute?" He laughs. The dumb ones were easier to trick into bed. After the hatching was over of course, if she was left standing. Or at least that's what he'll pretend. He looks slyly at Enka. "Maybe. But I'm not going to make you be the only one." Zi'on finishes up his second bubbly. He'd weight a thousand pounds if he actually ate like a normal person on top of his bubbly intake. "You ready?"

Enka grins wryly. "Well, yes." she agrees. "Mir likes havin' me there for that." And decking, sure as shootin' the goldrider could throw a mean punch if she had to. "Iris and I are plenty full of sense and reason." she agrees chuckling a bit. "And Rea's got a good head on her shoulders too." Zi'on gets a arched look from the weyrwoman. "Well, she's seventeen, if that's what you were wonderin'. And I suppose you could call her cute." She looks back at him, pushing her tray back. "Mmmhmm." she's done.

Zi'on bets Enka can slap pretty good, too. Though he hasn't ever been at the receiving end that he can remember. Has he? Maybe during that bit with Iris… "Suuure you two are. I haven't seen Rea in a while. Does she know I'm weyrleader now?" He chuckles. "Seventeen, eh? Sounds good." He leans over to give Enka's leg a squeeze and kisses her on the side of the mouth. "Alright lady. Let's do this, then." Hopefully Enka is wearing a button-up, otherwise this was going to be an awkward exit. Zi'on pushes his tray as well, getting up and then offering Enka a hand up. "Just follow my lead." He starts heading towards the door then. What was his plan, anyways?

Enka can slap pretty good! No weak-armed little wallflower her. Zi'on probably hasn't been on the receiving end of a slap, even with that bit over Iris. That was probably a punch, who can remember. "She's been …. around." Enka remarks as far as the other Weyr junior goes. "We don't talk much. I just leave work for her, she leaves the finished stuff for me." And so on and so forth. "I don't know if she knows you're Weyrleader now, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't." She smirks. "Mmm, seventeen. And spoiled. Although since she 'aint the sharpest needle on the needlethorn bush, I wish you luck with that." She gives Zi'on a wicked little smile when he leans in to pay attention her leg and kiss her a bit before she accepts his hand and lets him help her to her feet. And yes, she is lucky to be wearing a button up shirt. "Lead the way." She'll be right behind him as she headed towards the door. Yeah, what's Zi'on planning anyway?

Zi'on wasn't looking for one, that was for sure. He's gotten one recently anyways. Of course after this little spectacle he might earn himself another. There's a nod about Rea. "I see. You mad at each other or something? She was the one who gave you the knot, right? She's not regretting it or something now, is she?" Zi'on scratches his head. He grins to Enka. "Girls like that feel flattered when the weyrleader comes to talk to them and takes an interest." Most of the normal girls with common sense can smell Zi'on letching from a mile away. Zi'on lets Enka take the lead as they head to the door. Then he "trips", catching the collar of Enka's shirt to "steady himself". "Whoops! Sorry, Enka!" He says loud enough so that everyone in the caverns can hear him. The people in back need not be worried though, Zi'on's pants have fallen down. Only in the back though, giving everyone behind them with a full moon of Zi'on's hairy behind.

Western's Weyrleader — everyone's favorite slapping and punching boy. Or something along those lines. Mind, Enka isn't looking to give out any slaps or punches, but she just might be giving Zi'on a good one in reward. Not that he'd see it as such. "Mad at her?" There's a blink from the goldrider. "What? No, we aint mad. She's just busy I guess. Maybe she's thinkin' of doin' some other kind of job, I don't know." There's a smirk from the Weyrwoman, and she chuckles a bit. "I'm sure she'll see it that way, bein' a Holder's daughter and all. Might demand somethin' out of you in return. Not that she's what you call, smart, but if she's spoiled and all…" the woman shrugs, moving a little ahead of Zi'on when he lets her take the lead. "Ack!" When the bronzer 'trips' and catches at her collar, Enka's shirt rides up and then gapes at the button holes. Oh hey, look, boobies! She of course, can't see what's going on behind her, but she is giggling a little.

Zi'on deserves it. At least most of the time. "I dunno. You girls have all those… feelings. And whatnot. I can't tell half the time. At least when us men are mad we let the whole world know. Like Th'ero and me." He frowns. "I think he's still mad at me, Th'ero. I guess I ought to do something 'bout that." Once the little 'accident' happens, Zi'on is pushing Enka out the door. This was supposed to be a peek, not a show! Though he's giggling too, so hard he can barely walk straight. Also he's trying to pull up his pants.

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