Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Sun shimmers on the surface of the lagoon and waves lap with increasing frequency upon the sandy shores early on this morning. Breezes are hard to come by today, and that is what has Kiele with her hard bound up on top of her head, her shirt opened a little more to allow what winds do come by to cool off her perspiring skin. She is walking through the shallows by herself, pants rolled up high, and she appears to simply be enjoying this quiet outing by herself; with the ever-filling candidate barracks, it's a treat to get the solitude and tranquility of a seaside morning stroll.

The noisome barracks drives many to seek peace and quiet elsewhere. Today however Tanit, is in the usual dive suit, out in the deeper water, whistle held to her lips. Sleek grey shapes darting in and out of the shallows to deeper waters. Over one arm a set of brightly colored rings. It’s the movement of Kiele that catches the dolphineer’s eye, raising a hand to waive in greeting even as the whistle half hangs out of her lips. “No chores today Kiele?”

Wind stirs up the feathery baby hairs around Kiele's face, causing her to look up from her sandals and that is when she spies the dolphineer in the water. "Tanit," she calls back, waving an arm back and forth and bouncing on her toes. "I have a rest day, finally." It's relief that washes through her voice. "I was about to go mad if I had to help the hunters and fishermen anymore. Grub? On a hook?" Her noise wrinkles in distaste, but not for long. "Are you working?"

Tanit grins, “Spear fishing is more fun though, probably not something you’d be ready to try any time soon.” She lets a long burst of the whistle loose and the sleek shapes move out and away dorsal fin’s breaking the water. “You could call it that, The craft hall requested me today to do practice with some of the younger dolphins. Our Journeyman was out sick today.” Her head tilts and she studies the younger girl with a smile, “Still moony eyed about the beauties of candidacy or has the snoring and the forced labor brought you to your senses?”

"Oh, no. I could never spear a fish," Kiele looks momentarily appalled, though her focus is pulled quickly by the dolphins swimming away in the lagoon's water. She lifts one hand to shade her eyes from the morning light. "I bet that is better than laundry duty or stores assisting," is sincere, "I am not bothered by sharing the barracks. I like that part. It's nice to meet other people, and you know Sharylina next to me has the most interesting stories from High Reaches." But there's a pause, her gaze casting out over those blue waters. "I am excited and nervous about the actual hatching. I've talked to more dragonriders, and they- they don't regret it at all. It is hard though." On second thought, "But didn't you not want to stand?" YOU THOUGHT SHE FORGOT DIDN'T YOU.

“I hate High Reaches. It’s cold, and there’s snow and it’s cold.” There may be other reasons but those are what she gives. “I still don’t think it’s a particularly good idea but I’d rather not wind up over Ila’den’s shoulder again. Quite undignified.” The dolphineer laughs. “Depends on the ones you talk to, my friend Sev – he was a mess all through weyrlinghood. Poor kid had his hands full. His dragon was hatched with a malformed leg, and a foul temperament to match. It took them a while to find their pace but they did.” The dolphineer lifts an eye-brow curiously. “Really? I have to stuff cotton in my ears to get any sleep in there.”

"You don't like the snow? It's so fun. You can ice skate and you can build snow people, and a warm cup of hot tea or cider tastes so good after a long, cold day." Kiele waxes poetic about the snow, and looks a little forlorn standing there on the beach, sweating profusely from the unrelenting sun. "That's-" She hasn't much to say about the manner in which the other woman was Search, except to flush a little in her cheeks, which is easily hidden by the shadow from her hand shading her brow. "Does that happen often?" she asks, sounding concerned. "It's better than sleeping all alone, but I think I have gotten used to the dorms by now."

“I’m a tropical creature.” Tanit answers. “Ice Skating is kind of fun though.” She will give it that much. The dolphineer laughs, “I am not really sure, though I wouldn’t put it past this lot. I think you are probably safe though.” Maybe it’s the way Kiele words the question that has both of Tanit’s brows lifting skyward. “I don’t know if I would say that – though I think you are possibly the last person I expected to hear that kind of a sentiment.”

"Oh," answers Kiele quietly, because she is quite the opposite kind of creature. "I know we can't predict what could happen, but I think it would be upsetting to Impress one who was hurt. I would be sad for them and- what can I do? I'm not a dragonhealer. I can't fix it." She shifts her weight where she stands, switching hands to shade her eyes. "Why? I have two older siblings. We shared a room until they both moved out to their respective halls. It's comforting having others so close, especially when I'm trying to sleep. Don't you find the dark kind of scary?"

Tanit laughs, “Ah, I should have guessed it was something like that.” Wading out a little farther and blowing the whistle again. “I didn’t have any siblings growing up, and the dark – well it takes some getting used to in a weyr but back on the island you always had moonlight, starlight or stormlight.” She smiles, glancing over her shoulder. “Do you like animals?”

Morning light still beats down on the Weyr, and Kiele takes a moment to drop her hand and start pulling incessantly on her top to create false wind. "I like animals," she eagerly answers, head tilting to the side and her eyes squinting in response to lack of shade. "I like people more, but I haven't met an animal I didn't like yet, except icky spinners." Totally gross.

Tanit grins, “Can you swim ok?” Three short bursts on the whistle as she wades to about chest level. “Spinners aren’t so bad, they tend to eat the biting bugs but they do make a mess. Were you close with your siblings?” Further in the water sleek shapes move and dart, coming closer but not quite within range yet.

Nothing can improve the temperature, though she takes a couple steps into the water so it laps around her ankles. "I can swim passably. I can't in any swimming contests or anything," Kiele replies, moving one foot back and forth in the seafoam. "They have so many legs and are just- ugh, gross." She gives a shudder, rubbing her arms to get rid of the gooseflesh that rises quickly to the surface of her skin. "I am. They're both- one's a healer journeyman and one's a harper journeyman. They are so busy with their crafters I don't get to see them often, but they write me letters sometimes."

Tanit grins, “Come out this way then sweetie. You are in for a real treat.” Tanit smiles as Kiele talks about her family. “Have you told them yet that you were searched?” One, two, three, four shapes, moving out in the deeper water, launching into the air and cavorting about. “Meet some of Half Moon’s Pod, Merc is actually from the black moon pod but Aste Vince and Hawn are the younger dolphins.”

The other candidate's request has Kiele slowly wading her way into the water, hands once more shading her eyes that have zeroed in on the dolphins. "Are you sure it's ok?" Likely, these animals she's not had much experience with, and though she seems wary, she keeps moving forward until Tanit will tell her otherwise. "I haven't, but my father might have. He's a healer posted here," she murmurs idly, because DOLPHINS! They each get a polite "hello" in greeting.

“These guys are all old enough, if perhaps a bit ill mannered.” A hand reaches out staying level with the water, “hold out your hand like this.” A series of clicks and squeaks can be heard from the male, to which Tanit rolls her eyes. “No she’s not going to be a dolphineer, so no funny business. Behave.” Tanit stays a step back letting the girl greet in her own way, “I haven’t written my parents yet, though I suppose I should.” The noisy one inches closer to the blonde, as though concerned he might scare her off.

"Dolphins can be ill-mannered?" New rank, new concepts, and new dolphin acquaintances, oh my. Kiele has had adventure after adventure since moving to Half Moon Bay, and she meets each with a certain aplomb, as she does with these sea creatures. "What kind of funny business?" she asks, still holding her hand out besides her concerns. "We should do that tonight. You can write your parents, and I can write to Reis and Eislyn. I might send them a bit of Half Moon's sand in a bottle. I think Eislyn would like that."

“Think of them as mischievous five-year olds.” Tanit notes gravely, and as if to illustrate the point, Merc decides to water gun both dolphineer and Nanny at that precise moment. Blinking there is a rough cackling sound from the male and Tanit rolls her eyes. “Case in point.” The dolphineer considers the offer, and smiles, “I think I have some smaller shells from the beach that should fit in too. Brightly colored little things.”

There is little time for Kiele to formulate a response to Tanit's supposition about the dolphins before she is mercilessly gunned down. "Ah!" she screams, throwing up her hands much too late, because she's already got shiny droplets of seawater on her face and parts of her hair are flat against her head from being dampened. "Goodness." She lowers her hands slowly, to wipe water from her face, and blinks wide-eyed at the dolphin who shot her, WIHTOUT PROMPTING. "They have many similarities," she sighs, suppressing a smile, because then the dolphin would win. "Do you? Oh, that would be nice. She's up at Harper Hall still, you see, and I don't think she's made it out to the western isles."

Tanit laughs, “Your curls.” Unable to hide a wide smile. “I’m ah, sorry. They do that.” To which Merc nods emphatically with a series of clicks. Swimming by and presenting his belly for congratulatory pets. “I may even have some of the glowing shells from my home I think if you’d like those too.” Trying to hide the chuckle. “Do you think they will all come for the hatching?”

"It is okay," Kiele explains, obliging in those affectionate dolphin-belly pets, with light fingers, "because they are so cute. I tell the babies that too." Her green eyes shift to Tanit with the new suggestion, which gets an amicable grin, and a bob of those dampened curls. "I'm not sure. I believe my brother can't come, and Eislyn.. she has her own things. My father will be there though, cheering me on. What about your family?"

“I don’t know, Mom has the twins so it might be hard with two toddlers to make that trip.” Watching as the shipfish dart back out into deeper water, cue Tanit starting to move toward the shore. “It probably won’t mater either way. After the sands it will be back to life as usual.” Tanit grins glancing over, “Lets head back.”

"Your mom has toddlers? That must have been different for you. You were grown up and then you get two new surprise siblings." Kiele watches the dolphins for a measure, and when the other candidate starts slogging through the water, follows. "What if you Impress, Tanit? You never know what could happen."

“Twins. Veylin and Vesta.” Tanit laughs, “Big families are a thing on the island, so she’s happy to finally have more.” The dolphineer starts heading up the shore line. “Come on, I’ll find those shells for you and I think they will be serving breakfast or at least brunch.”

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