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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Sometime after lunch the barracks may seem like a perfect place to resume a nap. One very lime shaped Lime Cat happens to think so, having laid claim to a certain trader’s cot. But it would seem that the treats are not the only reason she has become rotund, after having tugged the bedding into a more nest like shape, Lime has proceeded to give birth on Zeltan’s cot. How Rude! One tiny round jet black shape is currently being licked clean, and she hardly seems finished yet.

Children are, lets face it, exhausting. And given the state of Zeltan's appearance as he trudges back into the barracks, looking far more defeated than anyone has seen up until this point, they were particularly bad today. "How in Faranth's name does Kiele do it.." He mutters under his breath as he weaves through to his cot, before reaching to offer Lime a habitual greeting. "Hey Limey.." He murmurs, though his hand freezes as his eyes take note of the situation, and that is how someone is likely to find him, just standing there, staring wordlessly at his occupied cot.

The morning, for Ashwini, has been spent….dun Dun DUN…washing dragons. At the very least washing one. A late lunch Ashwini ducks into the kitchen to cajole a sandwich from whichever candidate is currently there and then it's to the barracks. Why the barracks you ask? Cause she's currently dripping wet still from the dragon bathing. So her goal is dry clothes. Passing by the birthing cot she pauses and blinks. "Limey was knocked up?" she had no idea.

Lime’s teeth lift to meet that hand, though she just fixes him with wide green eyes when he halts. Good human, do not touch the poor kitty bringing new lives into the world yet. There is however an expectant mrowl as a pale ginger ball appears next the first clean and set to nursing, Lime dutifully begins cleaning this one next.

Riders are apparently less exhausting than small children, but Tanit still looks mildly exhausted as she makes her way back to the barracks. A towel across her shoulders as she works at the fasteners to the riding jacket. Zeltan is spotted, and for a moment Tanit frowns. Perhaps remembering that she still hasn’t quite been forgiven for playing dead. Rude. It’s only when she notices he isn’t exactly moving that she makes her way over reaching out to brush fingers along his shoulder. “Hey you ok there – oh.” The dolphineer finally looking at the cot. “So maybe you haven’t been overfeeding her.”

Ashwini continues on her path towards clean clothes. The kittens are going anywhere! Towel obtained and a dry shirt thrown onto the bed she spends several long minutes rummaging through her chest of clothing to find a pair of pants clean enough to wear.

As the number of kittens doubles, Zeltan blinks, and continues to stand there, lifting his gaze to peer at Ashwini as she comments as passes my. "Me either.." He murmurs, returning his gaze to his cot with a sigh. And then, there is a touch pulling him from his stunned silence once more, and he is sparing Tanit a long look. "Yeaaaah." Pause. "What do I do, Tanit." At least he isn't outwardly panicking, though it may be slightly more preferable to the totally shutdown quiet.

A third shape, this one white appears and Lime Mrowls, moving to clean this one or at least making sure it can breathe. Lime-green eyes lift to the gathering humans and there’s another Mrowl, some kind of command? Or else she’s just giving birth and it is not the most comfortable thing.

Tanit blinks at him a moment and smiles tiptoeing to kiss his cheek lightly. “Because I know all about how cats give birth?” She doesn’t give him time to answer instead, “If she struggles for a while oil might need applied, but probably a plate of food and water nearby and a clean towel to help if she isn’t able to clean them all the way herself or break the membrane so they can breathe. She seems to be biting the umbilical cords well enough on her own for now, but possibly some clean thread from the infirmary wouldn’t hurt if we have to help.

Ashwini returns to the cot in dry clothes and a towel over her head. Watching a moment she asks. "We wagering on how many kittens?"

"You say that like I have any idea how -anything- gives birth." Zeltan is a little snippy as he counters Tanit's explanation, even as his eyes remain glued to Lime and her progress. And yet, even as she is giving next steps and just in cases, he is rooted to the same spot as he has been. "Right.. Towels and thread." And he still makes no move to go fetch these things, instead glancing around the barracks and suddenly shifting to sit cross legged on the floor, resting his chin on the edge of the cot.

The next seems a mix of colors, white, ginger, and a sort of brindle color. Lime seems fine with the human being so close Zel having apparently earned the right to sit there with his face a foot or so away from where she is giving birth. RUDE!

The dolphineer laughs, and since obviously the trader is enraptured by the miracle of birth the dolphineer will go collect the things. “If you want to? I wasn’t aware she was pregnant to be honest I thought he was just overfeeding her, though in retrospect it is probably good that he did.” It only takes a moment for her to come back with all the things listed, a plate of shredded wherry and everything else in a bin which she sets down next to Zeltan. Ruffling the blond’s hair the way one might a small curious child. “I think they can have litters as large as twelve? R’hyn and Ila’den would know better, their weyr is a regular cattery.

Ashwini scoots back to plop down on the closest empty cot with little regards to whose cot it is. Munching on her sandwich she watches as little tiny beings are born! "That black one is a cutie." she comments to no one in particular. "That stuff all needed? I mean don't she kinda know what she's doing?"

A finger reaches in to gently nudge the little ginger kitten, the trader holding his breath as he does so in an attempt to be as careful as possible. As the conversation continues about him, and well, the cat, but him overfeeding her, he stirs for a second, sitting up a bit straighter to blink at the young women who are gathered nearby. "Maybe.. Should we get one of them?" Zeltan glances towards the gathered supplies, reaching for the plate of wherry, moving to offer it tentatively to Lime. "You hungry?" He asks softly, leaning back against the edge of the cot.

Normally? Lime snaps up those treats, but she has work to do! A grey striped ball comes next and she’s working to clean bite the next umbilical. The ginger mews lightly blindly searching for it’s place to nurse. WHATS THIS FINGER THING?

Tanit smiles, “Not if she’s able to do everything herself, She doesn’t seem to be having too many issues though.” Watching with dark amusement as Zeltan is absolutely enthralled by the wonders of life. “Well Lime herself is an adorable pain in the ass, I wouldn’t expect her kittens to be anything else, though looking at this lot – I can’t even guess who the father was. “ Nor to be honest, has Tanit paid much attention to her feline’s suitors. She’s a strong independent female capable of making her own decisions after all.

Ashwini snorts in amusement. "Don't know about you but I don't think I could eat while giving birth." nothing she's experienced yet but she can guess. "Aweee…" evidential the grey one gets the cute seal of approval from Ash.

Did someone mention Kiele? Did they? Because here she is, sweeping into the barracks with her mud-brown apron tied about her waist and her hair a giant puff-ball bun on the top of her head. It has been a long, long day of dusting and other rudimentary chores for the former nanny. She goes directly to her cot, before she glances back at all the commotion. Still, being short, it is hard to see, so she creeps closer as she begins to unravel the tie at the back of her apron. “What’s all this- KITTENS!” she squeaks, hands coming together to clap.

"I promise, I am absolutely the one person in this room who -would not know-." Zeltan grumbles as Ashwini laughs 'at' him, looking significantly pouty, even as he is carefully shifting the little ginger closer to mom, attempting to settle him closer to his destination. A squeal draws his attention, and his attention flicks to Kiele, and then back to the kittens. "Sooo…" He sits for a moment. "I guess I am not going to get a nap." He offers after a moment.

Lime mews softly, maybe an apology? Maybe just feline birth noises. The next one seems to take much longer, and earn more sounds of discomfort from the feline, the bundle a mix of black and white and after a few seconds It becomes clear that it’s two kittens and Lime is having trouble getting the membrane clear of them.

Tanit laughs, “It is one of the most exhausting ordeals a person can endure, or so I’m told. Given some rest though I imagine she will clean that plate utterly famished.” The dolphineer eyes the cot and sighs, “You can use mine for the afternoon, I am going to change and head back out soon, oh the joys of dragon washing.” Kiele gets a smile, “It would seem Zel has been evicted from his cot.” Leaning over to whisper the last “And is about as cute as a little kid would be in the same scenario.”
Ashwini smirks faintly and simply resumes her meal and kitten watching.

"How did a feline get in here?" Kiele starts to undo her apron again, and suceeds in that endeveaur, casting it off onto the nearest cot. "That looks like a lot of little kittens." She moves closer, green eyes only for the newborn felines. "Whose feline is that? What do we do? Call the Headwoman?" Even if they're cute, they have a place, and Kiele looks downright concerned.

Oh, there is the panic, yep! Zeltan looks a little worried as there are two kittens, this time and he is looking around, snagging the towel from the bin by Tanit. Taking a deep breath, he carefully tries to help Lime with the newest arrivals, even as he is looking a little green at the prospect. "Shards.." He mutters - maybe helping, maybe not - someone should probably take the towel away from him.

Helping, as it turns out, and as the two are separated and freed from the membrane it becomes clear that one is white with black socks and a soot mark on her nose, and the other black with the same markings in white. Another ginger with white socks is produced and lime sets to cleaning this one as the rest move to nurse.

“Lime is mine, or well – I suppose she has decided to adopt Zel.” Is that a little bit of jealousy? Perhaps. “She shouldn’t be moved for a while though. And yeah – that’s a lot of kittens.” Maybe it hasn’t dawned on the dolphineer that she now has nine cats instead of just the one. Talk about gifts that keep on giving. She does rest a hand on Zel’s shoulder though with an easy smile. “Good job, I’d have not expected it given how squeamish you are.”

Ashwini bobs her head in agreement. "That is a lot of kittens." lunch finished Ash sprawls out out on her stomach on this random cot. "Maybe we should make up a box with blankets for her. An alternate bed." instead of Zel's cot.

"I didn't realize you had a cat," Kiele mumbles softly, her fingers folding together as she watches this biological process take place - just don't ask her how these tiny gemstones are made or she might start exploding. "What do we do with all these kittens? We can't keep them here. This is the candidate barracks," in case anyone didn't know. "Maybe someone else in the dorms will adopt them?"

"I.. She.. They can have my cot for now, I'm sure there is a spare." Zeltan murmurs after a moment, glancing at the trio around him. "Its fine, they can't go anywhere for a while." And the a pause to stare at Kiele. "They can't leave Lime, and Lime won't leave us." The stare he gives the former nanny is rather unlike his normal reactions, and he shifts, as if to put himself between anyone who may try and move the felines.

Ashwini wrinkles her nose. "Surely they can stay here. Kittens aren't much trouble. And besides they shouldn't leave their momma." just then the real owner of the cot comes up to AShwini, clearing his throat. "Oops!" Ashwini smirks as she rolls off the cot. "Need to get back to chores. Byeeee!" she calls over her shoulder as she scoots out.

Lime curls around her kittens, rearranging as necessary to keep comfortable. The outburst from Zeltan earns a broad smile from Tanit, eying Kiele with a laugh. “I will leave you two to, ah discuss the details, I am due back to wash dragons. For now they are too small to move though, play nice.” And with that the dolphineer makes her leave chuckling all the while.

Blink. Blink. BLINK. Kiele isn't sure what's going on, but she's going to just slip over towards her cot and away from the chaos. She can take a hint! Even if the kittens are cute. Even if she's still confused about why they're in the barracks. Even, even, even.

As suddenly all the watching eyes are gone, Zeltan lingers for another moment, watching to make sure all the kitten are settled in. A yawn sneaks up on him, and after a moment, he glances around, sneaking to slip into Tanit's cot for a nap - she *said* it was ok. And its her fault his is occupied.

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