Wrinkled Soul

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidate's Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It is really late in the evening when Tanit does finally make it back to the dorm, it’s with a wood crate about the width and one third the length of a cot, lined with towels and old bedding. She’s half awake and sort of not mentally there so when she nearly trips over something on the way to her cot and collides chin first with the ground, there’s only muttered soft swear words instead of actual swear words.

Ayushi is /finally/ off caverns duty. Isn't everyone glad it was that and not kitchen duty again? And clearly she has missed a lot of things! Her attire is the usual fair of shorts and a shirt, though her hair falls loosely around her shoulders. She walks into the barracks just in time to see Tanit fall to the ground and there's a sympathetic wince from the harper. "Need a hand?" The woman moves over, offering a hand. Whether she needs to help Tanit up or take the wooden crate or just look SILLY, the hand is there.

The fish are very glad.

There is a groan from the obstacle which is suspiciously Zeltan shaped as it rolls under the cot. Tanit lifts a hand to her oozing chin and sighs, reaching up with the free hand to accept Ayushi’s hand up. Watching where the trader has rolled. “Do I want to know why he’s passed out in the floor?” The dolphineer murmurs to Ayushi softly. Her hand comes away wet and she frowns. “Well great, now I’m going to look like a teenage boy who can’t grow decent facial hair. All I’m missing is a beret and a moustache and I can be one of those wanna be poets from the Harper Hall.” Dusting herself off and wiping her hand down her shirt. She eyes the crate next, sighing. “Well He’s just rolled to where I was going to stick the crate once the kittens are loaded. Gesturing to the box that has a few slats cut so that momma cat can get in and out but the kittens stay safe.

"I'm sure we could find a few wigs to whittle into facial hair if you're /that/ keen on the idea." Ayushi chuckles softly, though she'll also stare at Zeltan for a few moments before shaking her head. "If it's a chore that has him this worn out, remind me to be sick that day." It takes a second for the harper to actually notice that Tanit's bleeding and there's yet another wince from the woman. "You need the infirmary? Or…." Well, there are maybe bandages around here somewhere. Or a cloth to a least hold on it? Tonight it seems that Yush's attention can't stay on one topic however because now there's a couple of curious blinks. "Kittens?" She really /has/ missed a lot!

Tanit laughs softly, moving to scoop up the crate, and move over to sit on the edge of Zeltan’s cot snagging one of the glow lamps to show Ayushi the sleeping fuzz balls on Zeltan’s bed. “It would seem Zeltan wasn’t the only reason lime was gaining weight.” A green eye opens from the white furry mass that is lime and a soft meow of greeting given as Tanit settles the crate on the end of the cot. “I think he had Nanny duty today.” She will add as an after thought with a grin, reaching out to scratch lime behind the ears.

Ayushi is not the squealing type, so she does not. She does however such some breathe in between her teeth and /look/ excited at seeing the little fuzzes. "Faranth, they're adorable." Though she isn't about to reach out and touch one lest mama cat become angry. The smile on her lips quickly fades into a grimace at the mention of nanny, "If he's had to deal with screaming children all day passing out on the floor makes complete sense. I don't know how Kiele does it." There's a brief shake of her head as the harper remains crouched at the side of the bed.

“Well that and when I left he seemed loathe to have anyone take them away.” Tanit smiles softly shifting so Ayushi can see the eight fuzzy invaders in various colors sleeping in a kitten pile. She looks to the bed spread and gently lifts lime and settles her into the crate, after which the cat sniffs and circles for several minutes before hopping out to start carrying her kittens over to the crate. “Kiele mentioned that they shouldn’t be in the barracks but I think if we stick the crate under his cot where they will be safe and he can still sleep there shouldn’t be any complaints. From him or her.” A solid black fuzzball, a white fuzzball, a ginger fuzzball, a grey tabby fuzzball, a tricolor fuzzball, a black kitten with white socks and a white smudge over his nose, and a white one with the same markings in opposite, as well as another ginger cat with four white socks. Lime moves them over one at a time, and once her kittens are safe will trot over to Ayushi, expecting treats and pets.”

"It sounds like he's gotten pretty attached to your cat," Ayushi grins a bit and then proceeds to watch The Parade of Kittens! She's silent for some time, counting them in her head and eventually letting out a whistle. Impressive! "I imagine if she's around them a bit more Kiele will get used to the idea of them being around. Honestly, how could she resist? They're just fuzzier, cuter children. And besides, all of them," them being the cats now, "will probably be happier with you and Zeltan around anyways." And as for should, well….Ayushi is all for them being there. Why not? Upon Lime's appearance, the harper stretches out a hand to give the feline some chin-scratches, "You did good, very impressive!"

Tanit chuckles looking at the leg that is still sticking out from under the bed. “He’s a horrible flirt, possibly a womanizer, and a little full of himself. And he has stolen my cat.” And yet there is a note of affection there despite this. Lime purrs softly at the chin scratches half crawling into Yushi’s lap. “But he’s also very sweet, and considerate sometimes.” Tanit sighs “I think it’s more – Kiele seems so very focused on the rules, and yet she has never once mentioned – “ Ayushi was there, she knows. “She’s very sweet though.”

"And you two mesh pretty well, at least…from where I'm standing you guys do." Ayushi grins a bit, settling fully to the ground so that Lime can have full access to laps and pets. The harper is more than happy to oblige to Lime's demands for affection and continues to shower her with attention. "Yeah, Kiele has some…adjusting to do. Course it also sounds like she's grown up in a very different atmosphere." Speaking of Kiele. "I picked up an extra copy of that book by the way…." She glances over towards her bunk and then juts a thumb towards Kiele's bed. "A gift is in order."

Tanit laughs, “I’m not sure I understand what you imply Yushi.” The dolphineer laughs, “He is – a friend.” The words having an uncertain finality to them. Of Kiele, Tanit smiles. “She’s just young, honestly there was a time when I was that innocent of things. Occasionally I miss it.” Her fingers tip back up to her chin, making sure she isn’t still oozing. “Just make sure she isn’t eating or drinking when she opens it, I’d hate for her to choke.” The dolphineer sighs, leaning against the back of the cot. “How was the caverns? Better than the kitchens?”

"Me? Imply? Never." Ayushi's lips twitch upwards in a smirk, though she will leave the topic be thankfully! "It's been a long /long/ time since I was that oblivious to the ways of the world. I promise it'll be one of the more innocent books." Or as innocent as those books could really get. The harper's fingers continue to idly pet Lime and a chuckle escapes at the mention of the caverns. "I walked in at the same time as some of the kitchen staff….you should've seen the horror on their faces. They were /very/ happy I wasn't going back there, and I was too honestly. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." And as for chores, "How was being an intern?"

The dolphineer simply shakes her head, “You surely can’t be that old” Tanit notes in mock horror, though more for the fate of the poor kitchens folk. “Have you really never had to clean a fish.” She asks, before sighing. “It was quite a bit like any day as a rider. Drills basic dragon care and all of the stuffed shirt courtesies that I absolutely loathe.” Tanit grins with a faint smirk.

"My young looks hide wrinkles of the soul," Ayushi states solemnly. Though /no/ she really isn't that old. "I think I've got a few turns on her, nothing too bad though." At the question she'll shake her head before glancing towards the ceiling, "I did grow up in Ista so you'd think I would have but….nope. I never much cared to watch anyone prepare it either so…." There's a slight shrug, "But hey it wasn't too bad. I think I could get the hang of it with a bit of practice." As if anyone would let her. At least, not inside where things have to be cleaned. "That actually sounds incredibly boring." A comment on the whole rider intern thing. "Though maybe things are different when you aren't going through those drills alone."

Tanit squints at her. “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you Ayushi?” As for the fish? “If you want me to show you how when next we are both stuck in the kitchens I’ll show you how if you’d like. “ Tanit shrugs, “Not all the wings are like that, Reef means you stay tied with the hall, and there are other options. Search and Rescue is pretty interesting.”

"Twenty two," Ayushi replies easily. She doesn't seem too terribly concerned about her age no matter how many wrinkles she says her soul contains! "I would be /very/ thankful if you'd show me how. Though maybe the kitchen staff would be more thankful because I really don't think I can avoid that chore forever and the next time something needs to be butchered…." Well, everyone would prefer it not look like a crime scene. "Seamount sounds both boring and interesting…get to go a lot of places, but not exactly thrilling in and of itself you know?"

Tanit jaw drops. “Twenty – I thought you were 16? Clearly your soul doesn’t have enough wrinkles.” Give her a minute, her head is spinning. “Well I guess I feel better about your choice in books?” The dolphineer laughs at last. “Of course, It’s one of those things that practice makes perfect. Like – so many others.” She sighs. Lime moves crawling into the crate to rejoin her kittens. “I suppose we should sling a blanket over him?

"Just a bit older than 16, which just means I'll have to actively look into adding some more wrinkles." Ayushi laughs softly, though when Lime moves away there's a hint of disappointment in her eyes. Ah well, it's probably time to get some rest anyhow. "And maybe if we put a pillow close enough to his head he'll eventually find it." The harper eventually makes it to her feet and will help Tanit find some sort of unused bedding to donate to the trader-candidate should she need an extra set of hands. But eventually even she will succumb to tiredness and sleep!

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