N'kor Gives A Blunt Lecture ... (Warning, R-rated In parts)

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

The damage from the fire has been wardened off, though it's likely everyone knows the story by now of what had happened to cause it to have occurred in the first place. Even so, N'kor steps from the tarnished and blackened room, looking a little better himself but there's evidence he's bandaged up showing through underneath his shirt. His beard is also gone and his hair has been trimmed short due to the fire's work on that. Otherwise, despite the reddened skin and the bandaged arms, he looks ready to go. Maybe. It all depends on how the Weyrlings react to the 'talk'… The door closing behind him is enough to settle a silence in the barracks, and if not, he grumbles, "Gather yourselves around. Get some chairs," he points to the numerous chairs scattered around the barracks, to which he himself goes to grab one off to the side near the oiling shelves.

Kimmila hasn't been in the best of moods since the fire. She and Varmiroth were off flying at the time, and missed not only the excitement, but the ability to do anything about it. She looks up from her couch as N'kor enters, frowning at the evidence of his injuries. Giving Varmiroth a pat she gets to her feet and grabs a chair, carrying it over and plunking down to the Weyrlingmaster's right. She frowns at him, "You doing alright?"

Lissi glances up at N'kor when he emerges and she winces, but says nothing. She's moving to get her chair as soon as he tells them to do so and she draws it up into the area, close enough but not too. A smiles finds Kimmila as she passes then she folds her hands in her lap and waits for the class to start, idly reaching to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.

Hadi has been in a melancholy mood since the fire, but she arrives for this chat in new looking clothes. Obviously for those who have glimpsed her hand made clothes, it's obvious this lavender dress with white flowers that fade into the lavender as you move down from the top. At the mention of the lesson she grabs a drawing board, a note book, and a bound book. Mishath follows and she pulls up a chair, turning it around and leaning forward in the chair. Rocking she holds the chair on 2 legs for a moment and then when she can't hold the position any longer lets it clatter to the floor. Mishath is bouncing though she does finally settle besides Hadi. Hadi raises her hand, "Is this what I think it is?" She asks in her high pitched mousey voice, almost like she'll break into song.

There's a sound of shuffling and movement coming from behind the big bulk that is Halinith near the back of the barracks. It doesn't take a genius to figure that it's probably Ae'gus and the suspicions are confirmed when the stocky man meanders his way into view from behind his bronze. He himself seems to have gone through a similar transformation as the Weyrlingmaster, atleast as far as facial and head hair goes. Almost all of his thick bushy eyebrows have been singed off, leaving only a faint trace of them behind that makes his features even more visible. Not to mention, there is littel left of his moustache bar a thin bristling traversing his upper lip. Even his hair has been cut shorter to manage what damage was done, though it doesn't seem to have suffered as much as his facial hair, as it atleast has some semblance of neatness to it (if you ignore the fact that several portions of it are now sticking up like spikes in some sort of uncontrollable hair style with little regard to Ae'gus' wishes.) Trying his best not to draw attention to his new looks, the man flops unceremoniously into a seat near the front.

Once the red head has his chair he seems to move a little slowly as he settes but once settled, N'kor looks relaxed despite having his back to the ruins of the staff office. Settling his hands on his knees which sit parted, his eyes take in the group that's gathering, nodding to the weyrlings who decide to participate with him. His eyes stray on Lissi for a moment, seemingly showing nothing but that calculating gaze which in turn switches upon Kimmila as she asks of his status, to which he shrugs, "Could be worse, could always be a little more crispy—" he gests, showing a quiet smirk as if to lighten the mood a little, even with the fire dampening some of the general mood. To Hadi he notices the melancholy mood change into a bit more excitement when she assumes the subject of the lesson, to which her assumption is right and earns her a nod, "Right. Mating flights." He glances all around and then gestures with a hand to open the floor, "Anyone want to pose a question? Since by now, with all the mating flights that haven taken place during your weyrlinghood, you must've felt something of a reaction out of your dragon… and thus, must have questions…?" N'kor regards Ae'gus now too, seemingly bonded with the experience of losing facial hair, though for now the Weyrlingmaster's eyes merely skim over his face to include him in the conversation.

Kimmila shifts in her chair, arms crossing over her chest as she listens to N'kor. She lifts a hand slightly to request permission to speak, "What if your dragon doesn't seem…interested?" she asks, glancing at Varmiroth. "Is that…bad? Should you encourage them?"

A steady green gaze meets N'kor's and Lissi remains pretty much expressionless, though his jest does draw a slight grin. She looks to Kimmila as she asks her question then simply waits for someone to answer, one leg crossing over the other, fingers idly picking at her pantleg.

Hadi raises her hand, almost falling out of her chair with excitement, moving her shoulder up and down in a manner that might welll dislocate the joint if she continues. Waving her hand and whispering "pick me.. pick me." she waits with her question though, tell finally she can't stand the suspence any longer. "So, what if like the first time your dragon goes up she's caught by a dragon that is ridden by another female. What do you do? Is it less fun?' Grabbing her note book it's easy to see in bright yellow MAting flight questions PG 1 Reading off she asks, "And does that count of losing your… um your." Searching her brain for the term her eyes glaze, "Does it count for losing your varginity?"

Ae'gus straightens up slightly, looking almost ready to ask something but perhaps not quite. He politely waits for Kimmila's question to be answered first, or perhaps he was just stopped by Hadi's mention of her word for virginity. Even without his expressive eyebrows, it's not difficult to tell he's attempting to hold back some sort of laughter. He presses his lips together firmly, looking either like he's going to throw up or try not to laugh. Thankfully it's likely the latter, considering the faint grin that's pulling at his lips. He gives a little cough and leans back in his chair, waiting for the answers to the first couple questions

N'kor takes a moment to roll his head around so that he can capture a glimpse of Varmiroth, following Kimmila's gaze for the most part until he draws it back toward her. "Each dragon is different. Nasrinth doesn't chase every single female dragon that rises, because that'd likely mean I'd be involved in a mating flight every day, as there are more greens in the Weyr than anything else. So for Varmiroth, it could be he will wait until he's ready or finds a dragon that inspires him. You could encourage him, if you felt the need to." He seems to consider this more and then hrms, "Up to you however. For example, if you felt some emotion for a greenrider persay, when that green rises in mating flight the chances that Varmiroth will chase is greater, yet if he doesn't do it on his own, you should be able to encourage him despite his reluctance. Or you could leave it entirely up to him." He waits to see if Kimmila has anything further with that before he seems to move on as he notices Hadi jumping up and down and about to burst with all the excitement she has built up behind her. There's a tilt of his head that indicates she could proceed. When she does, he just stares at her for some time. "So… you want to know how you being with a woman would be different than being with a man?" He gives her a smirk, "For one, two women together have to figure out different ways to … pleasure themselves, like with the use of fingers and objects -" he pauses, gathering his thoughts, "where as with a man and a woman it's fairly simple. The man's sex organ, the penis, goes into the woman's sex organ, the vagina." He seems rather bland about it, not at all awkward, at least not on the surface. He shrugs, "I can't say one which would be more exciting to you Hadi. You'll have to find that out on your own, and I suggest you do that before Mishath does decide to rise, because losing your virginity-" he corrects the term, "-during a mating flight will be a harsh experience. Virginity, Hadi, is applied to a person who hasn't had sex. Sex most often occurs during the course of a mating flight, and thus, you won't be a virgin after. Honestly, Hadi, go find someone and have sex with them."

Kimmila nods, apparently satisfied with N'kor's answer. She settles back in her chair to listen to his answer to Hadi, lips pressed together tightly.

Lissi listens as Kimmila's question is answered then when the topic shifts to Hadi's question, Lissi blinks once, quietly biting her lower lip to hear her cousin march right through sex toys, fingering and intercourse without even batting an eye. She doesn't dare look at Hadi, especially after the last part, find someone indeed. But then her hand goes up. What? She glances up at her hand as if it just did that on its own, but it remains raised. Question!

G'len comes in late with a book tucked under his arm. He just sits quietly by the door.

Hadi aww quietly, looking shell shocked she quickly starts filling in the answers to her question.. "Objects, like.. like? DO they make such things? Where would I acquire such an object?" Ready for the answer, big innocent eyes and she's very quietly staring at N'kor.. Humming, you can almost see the gears in her head working over time, eyes very blank and glazed over. "So, I just find someone." Hrmming again she says, "Do I need to encourage Mishath to rise? Or will she do that on her own.. Which do you prefer?" Moving to page two she looks over to Ae'gus, whispering, "What are you doing after this?" Perking up again she asks, "So.. you're dating the Weyrwoman, what's that like? Do you two have sex often? How is it? Just wondering because, help me make my choice and all."

N'kor leans back on his chair, being a little mindful of his chest and arm movements due to the bandages showing underneath his shirt. Even then, he glances at the other weyrlings as if to gauge their reaction. Spotting Lissi's raised hand, he nods to her, "Yes. You may have sex after this lecture. Not in here… ever. Rather, there are ground weyrs if you prefer but we're getting private weyrs for you all worked out. Now, even if some of you are lagging behind in your other training, you will be moving into your personal weyrs at this time since your dragons are now living in cramped quarters and it's not fair… Besides of which, we're going to have two clutches on the sands in a matter of sevendays, so we must move you all on out. I expect you to finish your training however, and just like normal, you'll meet at dawn and proceed to go through your drills. But, as of this day, you're free to have sex and drink - but keep the drinking to a minimal level, unless your dragon chases or rises for a mating flight." He cants his head, "None of you have been approved for betweening yet, so we'll still have to work on that, but otherwise, your limitations are becoming less and less. We're only a matter of sevendays away from you becoming a full fledged rider of Western."

N'kor takes this time to regard all the weyrlings in turn, waiting for Hadi to comment. There he laughs, shaking his head, "Banana's and cucumbers I heard work…" He just eyes her after and just laughs a bit more, "I've no idea where you'd acquire objects outside of that." A shrug, "It's up to you. Most women find someone they like, love, or have feelings for. Others don't. Other's just want to have babies…" This is where his fingers curl up on his pant leg into a fist, grabbing up the slack of the trousers before he calms himself, "Mishath will likely go up on her own, but she can be influenced to rise if you have sex." The last makes him grin, "That's really none of your business."

G'len raises his hand.

S'uin had a very good reason for wandering into the barracks. He did. He just can't seem to remember it right now. Whether it be a conflict of scheduling or whatnot, the greenrider really hadn't been expecting a lesson of /this/ sort to be going on! Which is why he stops short, eyes just a bit wide at the questions being fired at N'kor…and the Weyrlingmaster's responses. One hand rises just a bit, fingers giving the bridge of his nose a slight pinch, trying very hard to calm the shade of red he's starting to turn. No, Xiliath's own glowing state is just../not/ helping here.

Kimmila sits up sharply, looking at N'kor in disbelief, "We can have sex, like, tonight?!" That was unexpected. "I thought graduation was..A'ven said…" And then she's blushing crimson, sliding /low/ in her chair, staring at the floor. Varmiroth gives her a delighted warble.

Ae'gus looks all content to just sit there and listen for the moment, happily safe in his little isolated chair near the front. He even has the confidence to start chortling slightly under his breath at N'kor's answers to Hadi, though he carefully avoids locking gaze with anyone at the mention of all this private stuff. No need for a sudden blush to cause his manly calm to be broken by some untoward eye contact. Though everything is shattered by that one single question by Hadi and a sudden pink tinge starts to creep to the tips of his ears. "Ah. I'd have to check my schedule after lecture," he quips with lots of amusement and sarcasm in his voice. "Not something one can plan on a whim, y'know." He sinksb ack against the back of his chair, all questions sort of driven out of his head for now. Perhaps he's content to just listen to the others speak and gather the information from them instead. Seems like as good a plan as any.

Lissi looks nearly stricken when N'kor addresses her, even as her hand is coming down. She doesn't bother to clarify anything, let them think what they want. Her eyes lower and she exhales slowly, folding her hands, then lacing her fingers, shifting, the voices more distant, her eyes lidding, a few thoughts for Damasth perhaps.

Hadi shakes her head, "So you haven't had sex yet have you, you and the Weyrwoman… I've always heard sometimes men have problems with getting there parts to work correctly, maybe you could talk to the males about umm." Pulling out a peace of paper "Impotence, I think they call it.. or Aractile diefuntion." Not pronouncing it correctly she turns to to Ae'gus, "Well.. i mean, if you don't want to." Turning to N'kor, "If Ae'gus is busy, what are you doing.. If I have to get this done, I guess.. maybe.." Blushing just a little she looks at Mishath, very unsure of herself.. "This, I mean.. I have no one I like." Looking at Kimmila she says, "Umm, just in case they're both busy, what're you going to do.. we could have dinner."

G'len raises his hand.

N'kor regards Kimmila's blush and her look of disbelief, "Honestly, your dragons are old enough that they're likely ready to rise in a mating flight any day now Kimmila, or in your case, chase. And I'd rather have those of you who've never had sex before experience it /before/ your dragon makes you experience it. Being entwined with a man or woman is much more rewarding when done outside of mating lust, but don't get me wrong, having sex during a mating flight is like no other sex can be." He notices S'uin wandering in and catches the red shade he starts to wear, causing N'kor to chuckle as his eyes switch back to the weyrlings. To Lissi he clears his voice, maybe having caught her obvious discomfort with him, "I'm sorry Lissi, I rambled right over your intention of asking a question. Did you have one?" Then, finally, he catches the weyrling in the back whose raising a hand also, pointing over heads, "Is that you G'len? Got a question? Might as well spit it out." Hadi's continued question makes him pause, tilting his head with an amused twitch of a brow, "I choose not to tell you what we do, because it's our privacy. You, and everyone here in this room, has the right to keep their bedroom life to themselves." His eyes glaze over at her continued words to her fellow weyrlings and then at him, "Hadi, take it easy."

Kimmila clears her throat, looking over at Hadi, "No," she says simply. "I'm taken. But…thanks for the offer?" She tries to smile and then looks at G'len before her eyes are darting back to N'kor, "I've had sex before," she says bluntly. "It's fantastic."

G'len says "Yes…" He coughs, a nasty raspy sound. "So I take it, what happens in your dragons rise to mate and we stay on the ground and rut like besasts in a pen…or we get ignored."

S'uin clears his throat somewhat, although his voice is rather..small when he finally manages to speak up. "Having the first time../be/ in a mating flight isn't fun. So..please do try and take N'kor's advice to heart.." And then G'len has his question, and the poor greenrider blushes all over again. "…That's a rather…vulgar way to put it.." Although not totally incorrect, given S'uin's own horribly embarrassed expression. "If you are not the..um…winner of the flight, it is typical to find a substitute.."

N'kor seems to immediately catch onto G'len's question, shaking his head, "/Most/ times, the rider of the female dragon ends up with the rider of the male dragon. However, the rider of either dragon can always find stand ins, borrowing their weyrmate for example, rather than having sex with the rider whose dragon has risen. Otherwise, though it's difficult to ignore, you can try to lock yourself away for the duration of a flight. Likely you'll have to manually figure out a way to release the 'need' that is driven into you by your dragon. Because with them, they have a desire to mate, so it does pass to us to mate as well. Or you could have the option of jumping in lake, which doesn't work quite as well as it should, or drinking yourself into a stupor — which I've done…"

G'len says "But that is basically it?"

Ae'gus shifts slightly in his seat, looking even more uncomfortable than before and it's not due to the type of chair he's sitting in. It's difficul to tellw hether it's the subject of virginity at hand or Hadi's questioning, but both seem to be lashing at him from either side. "Ah, it's not that I don't /want/ to, it's just that … it's not something that you just jump into, y'know," he tries to explain, rubbing absently at the back of his neck as he attempts some sort of explainatio to Hadi that isn't upsetting in any way. "It's not like .. y'know .. 'Hey, let's have sex.' I think we're all just getting used to the idea that we'll be /allowed/ to after this." He reaches a hand up to run his fingers through his hair, trying to flatten the strands to his head as he normally would in situations of stress. Alas, his fingers find only short bristles and spikes that do little to relieve his pent up frustrations. He drops his hands back to his lap with a sigh of frustration and a slight frown. Back to listening. Either he has no questions or he's keeping a tight lock on anything he might have to say in frnt of a group of people.

A slender hand lifts to brush her hair back over one shoulder and Lissi looks up at N'kor and merely shakes her head. She looks over at Kimmila and smiles softly then blinks over at G'len, beasts rutting, really. N'kor finally gives a decent answer without giving a detailed diagram of what goes where and what vegetables will work in case one of the parties in the mating doesn't have pointy bits and Lissi looks out toward the barracks and back to the group at large, not focusing on any one person.

Kimmila flashes Lissi a grin before Ae'gus gets a wink and a tilted smile. Then she's settling back in her chair, fidgeting a bit. Clearly waiting for the lecture to be over!

G'len just looks straight at the weyrlingmaster with a very cool businesslike non expression.

S'uin settles for leaning against the nearest wall, arms somewhat curled around himself. Yes, he's uncomfortable, but he remains present, frowning just a little bit.

N'kor regards G'len with a noted lift of his brows as if to ask if the weyrling had any further questions, before his eyes whirl around to the other weyrlings, watching Ae'gus trying to explain things to Hadi. A trickle of amusement still shows behind his eyes as he shifts sluggishly on his chair, "Alright. Any further questions then? It's straight forward. If you have a female dragon, your dragon will become proddy. You'll feel the symptoms of it and will likely express your dragon's proddiness in some fashion. Usually for greens, riders can tell a day or two prior to their dragons rising. For golds, some riders have a much longer warning. Then, there are the few that do not get any warning at all. It's completely case-by-case. Though, the important part for you," he eyes those with female dragons, "is for you to ensure your dragon 'bloods' when it's time she does go up. Blooding as we've touched on during the hunting, is just when your dragon kills and takes the blood from the beast, leaving the meat. It's important for females to do this because it ensures they can flight high enough so that when they are captured, the males dragons have enough time to entwine themselves, mate, and release before either of them near the ground. Sometimes, mating pairs will do a few mid-air entwines before they part ways. It just generally depends. Nasrinth and Bennueth actually entwined several times to produce the clutch yours were all hatched from." There's a shrug, but he lifts a warning finger, "Remember to blood. The more blooding the higher and farther they'll be able to go." A pause as he opens the floor again to any of the weyrlings.

G'len says "What if….you are out at sea, doing excort service, and a green somehwere rises. Does your male dragon leave off what he's doing because you have no control over your dragon any more?"

Ae'gus seems to settle back down again once any focus is taken away from him. He does even return Kimmila's grin with a lopsided one of his own and leans back into his chair to listen to the rest of the lesson. It's turned to the topic of female dragons, anyways, so why should he feel the need to be flustered by this particular part of the talk? None whatsoever. So, he folds his arms easily over his chest and maintains a look of ease once more, as though nothing previously had happened. All back to normal now.

Kimmila shifts her weight in her chair again. Female dragon stuff, blah blah blah. She's heard it all before - seen it all before. Her expression is a tad presumptuous.

N'kor smiles a bit at S'uin before he once again considers G'len, shaking his head, "Distances usually help to prevent your male from chasing, which is why some people choose to take their dragons away from the Weyr when females rise. For example, I was away when Bennueth last rose and therefore Nasrinth didn't chase. Other times, /you/ can prevent your dragons from chasing - it takes strong will power if your dragon's already meaning to chase, but it is possible. It helps prevent siblings or relatives or other family members from getting placed together. Sometimes, a dragon won't chase because /he/ knows it'd cause you problems, say, if it was your sister's dragon that was rising - a dragon could prevent himself from chasing. Like I said, Nasrinth doesn't chase all the time, or else I'd go nuts. He typically tries chasing a handful of times every month, even though there's green's and gold's going proddy every other day."

G'len says simply, "Thank you," with a bit of a smile that quickly fade. "That's all I needed to know." He gets up and leaves to take the book he borrowed back to return it. As soon as he's out the door he begins coughing again with a chesty, hacking sound.

Hadi has been deep in thought for a long moment, her and Mishath no doubt chatting back and forth. When she finally starts paying attention again she says "Can you prevent rising, say.. I wanted at least two months to think over my choice in bedmate or find one. Could I keep Mishath from rising for a bit tell I make up my mind?" asking with a little questionable look on her face, head tilted slightly to the right. "I know it's none of my concern but.. if say I did not like a certain dragon could I prevent that dragon from winning?"

Kimmila tilts her chair back to look at the exit before she thuds back to all fours, trying her hardest to be patient.

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