Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Late afternoon means that a few of Half Moon's candidates have started trickling back into the mostly empty barracks. Among them is Ayushi who is freshly bathed after a long day of training. No one will have to suffer a terribly sweaty smell from her! She's back in her usual attire of shorts and a shirt, though there's a towel in her hand being used to dry her hair. She eventually makes her way to her cot and settles down on the edge. There's a somewhat sneaky glance around before she's reaching under a pillow and pulling out a book that most /definitely/ features the Weyrleader's abs. One would think it's for her, but it is not. It's intended for much more nefarious purposes. What those purposes are? Not quite clear yet!

Followed by a Tanit, who is also freshly washed and smelling of – well she always smells like ocean. Not rotted fish but, salt air and sea breezes. Of course the fact that she goes to flop on Zel’s empty cot long enough to tug out the kitten crate and check on the fuzzy lovelies. Lime pops out and leaps onto the bed to greet. It only takes a moment to glance over and see the book in question. “You know, that man’s abs really are criminal. I’ve done tequila shots off them. What are you up to Yushi?”

"Me? Up to something? Never." Ayushi grins before hanging her towel off one of the posts at the end of her cot. She picks the book up again, looking first at the front and then the back. "You know, whoever writes these should hire someone to start putting random picture inserts into them. Now /those/ would sell well." A quiet chuckle escapes her lips before she's looking around the caverns and considering each cot in turn. "Someone needs a copy though, but who?" Sure they've talked about Kiele earlier, but this book would probably be a little too much for her. "But I gotta be honest, shots /and/ abs? I'm maybe a /tad/ bit jealous of your life."

“I believe it’s a trio stationed in Fort or some such place, When all is done we must seek these masterminds and suggest it to them.” The dolphineer laughs rolling onto her belly to peer into the crate. “Lets see, that one might be a bit much for Kiele, we don’t want her fainting from the vapors.” A glance over her shoulder at Ayushi and Tanit is laughing. “I wouldn’t be, I tend to lose intelligence equal to the number of attractive shirtless males in my vicinity, and I’ve never had a serious relationship last.” A bit of leather that may just be one of Zel’s boot laces is dangled for the white fluff ball to play with.

"Sounds like a plan." Ayushi laughs a bit before moving over towards Zeltan's cot as well, book in hand. "Don't suppose you've got any alternative ideas? I may have procured more books than necessary and well…gotta put them to good use somehow." Because reading them wouldn't be doing the novels justice, they need a higher purpose! "Everyone with some hormones and a taste for alcohol leaves intelligence at that rate, it's almost a rule of nature." She crouches to take a look at the baby floofs and just /stare/ at the cuteness. "Think Lime'll take offense if I try to pet one?"

“That depends, do you want them appreciated or to flat out disgust someone?” The dolphineer smirks, glancing over. “They have their eyes open, just don’t over do it I think.” Tanit notes with a glance at the smol wriggling floofs. “I’m pretty sure Zel would just make disgusted noises over it, he is a flirt but it seems he prefers to stick to the opposite gender for it.”

"Disgusted, definitely disgusted. There's already a good number of people in here that appreciate these books a bit /too/ much." Ayushi shoots a look to one bunk in particular, though who that bunk belongs to is unclear. "/That/ one has what I'm pretty sure is the entire collection." By the smirk on her lips, the harper is somewhat amused by this. Fangirls! At Tanit's assurance that she won't immediately get mauled, she reaches out to gently stroke the top of one of the kittens head. "It sounds like Zeltan /really/ needs this book."

Tanit laughs, “Do they really do that? In here?” The dolphineer almost incredulous, though she smirks, “He’s already pissed at me for letting him think he’d drown me, what’s another prank for him to be irritated about.” Tanit notes with a soft laugh, “Though be warned - I think he is quite capable of retribution that one.” Though it isn’t an outright no. “What did you have in mind?”

"TANIT, how could you even think of such a thing? I just meant she stayed up reading too late." Ayushi sounds absolutely scandalized, though there's a smirk on her lips. "You let him think you drowned?" Amusement turns to a note of curiosity. "I'm not sure anything prank could possibly make him angrier than that, but if you're guaranteed to get away with a prank it's just not quite as fun." There's got to be some risk, whether that's of being caught or of retribution! "Well….maybe we could make sure he can always find this source of reading material. Strategically place pages in locations." A pause. "Could wrap some of his stuff up too maybe?"

Tanit lifts a brow, “Because I’m pretty sure a few of the males have.” She is not amused. Nope. “I didn’t really think it through, and it was stupid and a foolish thing to do and If I ever did land myself in trouble I’d deserve to drown.” She sighs wiggling the string a few more times. “I think there’s a bottle of resin in my trunk, coat it with that and he’d never get it removed.” Is that a smirk? Maybe.

Ayushi makes a bit of a face and a gagging motion, "Hopefully they did it when the barracks are empty…no one wants to hear that." Seriously, she does /not/ want to hear that. "Well, if he cares about you enough to be angry about it I'd say that's a good sign." A beat. "As a friend of course." Of course! Tanit is enabling the harper's desire to mess with people, which is a brilliant thing! She'll head over to Tanit's trunk (hopefully that was permission to grab the resin), taking the bottle before heading back. And then she proceeds to tear pages from the WLfiction. "I'm guessing you apologized though?" Oh that page, she needs that one. It's /particularly/ scandalous!

Tanit kindly, does not squish Ayushi’s hopes. If she hasn’t been subjected to the horrors then the better for her. Tanit rolls her eyes. “You are absolutely incorrigible.” That however doesn’t stop the dolphineer from flopping on her back to eye the wooden board of the bunk above, Lime departing to tend and clean her kittens. “Apologized but not forgiven, I’d probably have to give him lime and all the kittens for that.” She eyes the book, “Do you see a line that goes something like “his “bulbous salutation”, in a “pained frenzy”, “whacked and smacked its way into every muscle of Eliza’s body except for the otherwise central zone”.”

"Hey, I've got to find some way to keep myself occupied. Chores can only entertain me to a certain degree." Ayushi nods a few times as she flips through the book, "Sounds like it might take some time. Hopefully not too long though. You could maybe return his belt as a peace offering…or maybe just an opening line that'll hopefully lead to eventual forgiveness." There's a pause as she stops on one page, "No no, I think you're right…it's this one." And the harper is tearing out said paper to hand over to Tanit for inspection. "Though this one seems to feature several different main characters. Oh my….Lindy here is getting quite intimately familiar his bulging….bicep. Faranth, this…this is GREAT. It features a water bed, HAHA!"

“I already returned his belt.” Tanit marks almost sulkily. “So that’s out. And don’t let any of the staffers hear you say that or we will all have double rounds of chores.” Tanit smirks taking the page and adjusting it until it’s just perfect. “There you think? Lindy and her biceps might encourage him more than is necessary.” The dolphineer laughs, Though she gestures for the resin brush regardless. “What in sweet Faranth’s name is a water bed?”

"Imagine getting stuck with double nanny duty…" Ayushi grimaces at the thought before looking up to see where Tanit has posted the pages. "/Perfect/, absolutely perfect." There's a chuckle before she's examining the page in her hand a bit more closely. "Honestly? It sounds like a large-fish bean bag filled with water instead of stuffing? I don't know how that'd be comfortable but…it's entertaining!" At least in her mind it is.

The board above is slathered with resin and pages begin to stick a collage of terror as it were. “It sounds like a mess if someone forgets to unstrap a knife or forgets an ink pen.” The dolphineer notes. “ I wonder if it’s like a hammock, I like hammocks. I do however miss tequila.” Reaching for the next page.

"Imagine if they put water filled bean bags in the rec cavern….one stray dart and /bam/ flood." Ayushi continues to rip pages out of the book and hand them up to Tanit. "Tequila would be amazing right about now." But alas, they trapped in this alcohol-free life…for now! "Do dragons drink? Imagine having a drinking buddy that size."

“Think they do not, however some might share something of the riders inebriation over the link maybe? A better question for a rider than me.” The dolphineer tones seriously. “There is a flask of it in my trunk though.” One drink is all, they just said nothing on the size.” The dolphineer will note with a pout. Brushing Resin over another page.

"Hmmm, getting drunk by proxy? Must be an interesting feeling." Ayushi is lost in a moment of farfetched thinking before she raises and eyebrow, "Not so secret stash, huh? Nice." The harper grins a bit as they continue working on the book pasting. "At least we get this much I guess…imagine Impressing, then no alcohol at all. Though I honestly can't imagine that, things are going by pretty fast."

“For you, and Zel maybe. I think I shall be spared the horrors of weyrlinghood this time through. After all they say blood will out and my cousin is the only rider in my family for generations.” She shrugs, “I thought it might be useful now in this moment before Zel comes sauntering in.” She grins. “Is it? Who knows how much longer it will take those eggs to harden. Do you have a favorite yet?”

"Besides the whole blood thing, what makes you think you're not going to have to go through the horrors?" Ayushi pauses in her work to glance up at the other candidate. "If anything, it sounds like your family is due to have a few more riders." And that is when Tanit makes a very good point and the harper is going to yet again raid Tanit's trunk. She'll offer the flask to the dolphineer first. "They all look pretty interesting. That judge-y one? It makes me curious. I haven't gotten a chance to try my hand at a touching yet though so…" There's a slight shrug, "Not entirely."

“And maybe they will have them, but I love the sea. I don’t see any future without at least that fact sticking true.” Tanit sighs, grinning as she opens the flask and takes a long swig. “It’s in Zel’s blood, his father was Weyrleader prior to R’hyn. Don’t tell him this because he will get a big head, but I expect he will impress a bronze and I may have put good marks to that.” She grins, “It’s not very judgy at all, and seems very keen on showing you castles and logs. And castles – and logs.” Passing the flask over to Ayushi with a wide smirk.

"Just because you love the sea doesn't mean there isn't room for a dragon. There's an entire craft wing with people still doing what they love." Ayushi does grin a bit though, "Between the attention from girls and a bronze…well, it would certainly be entertaining. I'm sure you'll put him in his place if he goes /too/ overboard though." The harper takes the flask and tilts it back to take a long sip. There is a VERY happy sigh as the flask is passed back again. "Man, I've missed that. I need to take more advantage of this one glass a day thing." And as for castles and logs…that earns a raised eyebrow. "Interesting, I think."

Tanit laughs, and arches a brow, "What attention?" She ponders curiously smoothing another page of lurid erotic text over Zeltan's bed. (well maybe not Lurid.) Another swig from the flask. "I'm supposed to put him in his place?" She grins, "Do you want to impress? What made you say yes when they asked?"

"There's been a random girl or two eyeing him, though with you flaunting his belt I think they've been keeping their distance." Ayushi rips a few more pages of that scandalous Weyrleader novel, putting them in an easy to reach pile for Tanit. "Supposed to? Probably not. But I feel like you might, whether on accident or on purpose." And as for the question about Impressing…that causes the harper to pause. "Honestly? I'm not sure, there's something intriguing about it. I like what I do, but I don't know if I /love/ what I do. Every rider seems to…I think curiosity just got the better of me."

Enter in Ashwini with sandwich in hand. Cavern duties done the leggy teen saunters in to plop on her cot to work on her late lunch. Or perhaps it's an pre-dinner snack. Or just a random snack cause she's a teen and naturally teens are always hungry. "Heya." is her garbles greeting around a mouthful of food.

Tanit laughs, “How many people pay enough attention to know it was even his belt.” Brush, brush, brush, goes the resin, shquick goes the page to the roof of Zeltan’s bunk. “I don’t own him – they are welcome to try him if they like, I’m sure he’d accommodate them.” Thwap goes the next page stuck and smoothed to the top bunk. “You see nothing.” To Ashwini’s entrance.

Yush pauses slightly at Ashwini's appearance, but soon she's looking back down to her very important work. "Like she said, saw absolutely nothing. If he asks blame it on…." There's a pause as she thinks through the list of candidates, "Eugenio, maybe? Not that I think Zel will buy it for a second." Eugenio is a name, and a candidate, and horrible as far as anyone is concerned! "Two I reckon, /those/ two. But like you said, you guys are just friends and honestly it /would/ be funny to watch those two throw themselves all over him." It's not clear what qualifies for entertaining in Ayushi's eyes, but that apparently does.

"Um…okay. Sure. I saw nothing." says a poor confused Ashwini who really has no clue what those two are doing.

Tanit laughs, “It might be fun to watch, maybe they just need some encouragement?” Thwap, goes another sheet from the latest Weyrleader fan-fic stuck sharply to the top of Zeltan’s bunk. Nothing to see here, save for the mischievous at heart. It might be hard to tell if Tanit is enthused on the idea or just taking out some pent-up frustration on the pages being pasted to the bunk. The kitten crate sits out where Lime nurses happy.

"Good good, well done Ashwini." On not tattling? The harper's own eyes are sliding over to Tanit now and there's a glimmer of mischief in them. "Is that another plan starting to form already?" This could be wonderfully amusing in so many ways. Is it true? Has the harper reached the end of the book? "Think we should post the cover in the lid of his trunk? He can read the title every morning."

Ashwini offers a thumbs up on the whole not tattling thing. Nothing to see here. She's moved on. Food eaten she sprawls back on her cot. Without even bothering to take off her boots she's soon fast asleep with one arm thrown over her eyes to block the light. Now she really can't see what mischief is happening. Someone wake her for dinner!

Tanit passes over the resin brush and bottle to Ayushi to have her do the honors. “Why not? I think it would do some good to remind myself of that.” Giving Ayushi a look. Sushi knows the look. She knows it. “I think his handwriting should be pretty easy to mimic, he should have some correspondence stuffed in that trunk somewhere.”

Ayushi takes the brush and bottle in hand, meeting the other woman's gaze and smiling quite broadly. Which can only bode well. "He'll be so busy with the novel he won't even know what hit him." She moves over to the trunk, opening it and pasting the page on the inside of the lid. "And those girls, just a whiff that he /might/ be interested and confirmation that he's single and…." It'll be like a carnivorous sea creature that's smelled blood. But perhaps less messy!

Tanit sighs, “I’m not sure how I feel about that but perhaps it is for the best.” Her mouth quirking to the corner as Ayushi plasters the last of the pages. “I could do with a good healthy dose of reality.” Tucking the kitten crate back into its place under Zeltan’s bed. “You are better at writing than I am, Harper hall and all.”

"Dose of reality…realization that you don't want to lose him as a /friend/," the last word said quite pointedly and accompanied by a look. "Something will come of it one way or another, amusement included." A few papers are snagged from Zeltan's trunk before it's shut. At least from afar. "If you can get me a sample of his handwriting, I'll get to practicing." For now, she'll start cleaning up the crime scene. It'll take some time, and hopefully Zeltan doesn't appear during that time, but once that's done the harper will /eventually/ make it to bed. There may be more dastardly plans being made first, who knows!

Tanit gives Ayushi a look, “And why would other girls throwing themselves at him lose me him as a friend?” She reaches into the trunk pulling out a small smeary notebook and hands it over. “If we get it back before the week is out he may not notice it’s missing.” And Tanit will finish cleaning up the mess with a chuckle. Hopefully Zel doesn’t catch them indeed!

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