Rhysa's New Home

Western Weyr - Rhysanna's Weyr
This is one of the more extravagant weyrs at Western, fit for a gold and her rider as they preside over the weyr. The stone has been smoothly cut and polished to a shine in places. The wallow is extra large size, big enough for two queens, with a smooth rounded lip to separate it from the rest of the stone. In it are several thick, rich blankets of regal blue and purple. The perfect sitting and sleeping room for a queen.
The living area of the weyr opens up into a large open-floor type of space. The front part is a living area covered in a plush green carpet. An L-shaped couch corners the area, with a love seat on one side and a pair of arm chairs on the other. All are made of soft leather. In the center is square klah table with a glass center. Shelves have been carved into the walls, and a closet is built into one side near the entrance. Behind the sitting area is an eating area. It's got a nicely carved table and four padded chairs at it. The kitchen area is against the back wall. Wood cabinets that have been lightly stained and stone countertops make up most of it, with essential appliances like a refrigerator, stove and klah maker. There is a small washroom off in the back corner on the right.
Off the wings of the main area are two bedrooms. The right bedroom is smaller, meant for a guest room or an office. In it is a desk and a day bed, and a couple of bookshelves. The master bedroom is off to the left. It's been fully furnished with a full armoire, a vanity with a stool and mirror, a dresser, a king size canopy bed with two nightstands on either side, a trunk for the foot of the bed and even a small desk and chair in one corner. All the furniture looks to be new. The master bedroom has a full bath, including a tub and stall shower connected to Western's hot springs and a full vanity with two sinks.

It's a little out of the ordinary, sure. Even weird. Zi'on has sent a note to Rhysa, asking her to meet him… in the hallway. Outside his office. Was he planning on doing something naughty someplace they could get caught? No, actually his madness has a purpose, and it's not even sex related! The bronzer waits outside an unfamiliar door in the hallway, for Rhysa to show up. His note said urgent, and he signed it as the weyrleader on Western stationary. Which is a little rude, to interrupt her from whatever she was doing. But it's fairly late in the day and hopefully she didn't have much going on anyway.

It's bad form to ignore anything that says 'urgent' on it, and especially when it's all official like that, and Rhysa is certainly not the type not to be aware of that. Luckily, whatever it was she was doing doesn't seem to have been important - or at least it can't have been too difficult to abandon - because it doesn't take her too long to arrive. She has her hands clasped behind her back as she strides down the hallway towards him, her shoulders drawn back into a fairly formal stance: Weyrleader-and-weyrling, then, presumably, not Zi'on-and-Rhysa. "You needed me?"

Zi'on doesn't look very formal about things. Meaning it was likely just a ploy to get her to show up quickly. He's leaning against the wall when she shows up, though he still is dressed for work. The bronzer raises a brow at her, then chuckles. He moves over to take her hand gently, and plants a kiss hello on her cheek. "I always need you, Rhysa. But this isn't really business related. I have something I want to show you." The bronzer opens the door slightly to the weyr he plans to show her, then motions for her to step inside.

Clearly, she's worked that much out, too, and gives him a dubious lift of one eyebrow to call him on it - not that it lasts, not that she's not also smiling and accepting that kiss. Her hands unclasp, allowing Zi'on to take one of them, and she teases, "False pretenses, I see how it is. You don't trust your charms to be enough to get me over here." Still, her gaze slides from the bronzerider and towards the door in question, and in she steps.

Zi'on just grins at Rhysa. "Heh, maybe. I wouldn't expect you to drop everything and come here, no. For all you know this could be a booty call. Plus I don't get to pull rank very often on weyrwomen." Zi'on steps in behind her, and tada! She's here! At the weyr. -Her- weyr, that Zi'on has had furnished for her. It's not really decorated per say, other than the carpeting. "This is all yours. Take a look around. Tell me what you think. You can have Taveh check out the ledge."

"I'm not—" a weyrwoman. Yet. The rest of that answer is forestalled in any case, because Rhysa has walked into the weyr, and come to an abrupt halt only a few steps in. "Oh," is what she says, a pink flush darkening upon her cheeks. She hasn't even seen beyond this main room, and clearly she's a little overwhelmed. Nonetheless, she turns her head so that she can look at Zi'on, and says, "I don't even know what to say. It's…" Big. And impressive.

Zi'on smiles to Rhysa. He knows what she's protesting. He's still got her hand, and moves to step in beside her. He smiles down at her. "Welcome home. Your weyr is nicer than mine, now. Also with this you're basically a weyrwoman now. The rest of the lessons are for flaming. Which obviously doesn't apply to you. So you'll be in with Enka or myself, learning some of the ropes." He grins to her. "Well, go ahead and check the rest of it out."

Rhysanna answers that smile with one of her own, though it's tentative, and there's something like a frown in her eyes even so. Her gaze drops, back towards the weyr laid out in front of her, and she says, aiming for levity, "I'm not sure if that's fair - they get to play with fire and I get a mountain of responsibility." And the big weyr, which she is, finally, taking another few steps into, and dragging the bronzerider after her, assuming he doesn't let go of her hand in the interim. "It's huge," she says. "I've never even had… but it's beautiful." And, very quietly: "Thank you."

Zi'on laughs at Rhysa's reaction. "Well… Maybe if you ask Enka nicely you can play with one of the old flamethrowers. If we have any that work. Since that would have been your job. Before your soul is crushed under all that responsibility." Zi'on moves with the goldrider, she doesn't need to drag. He chuckles. "It is one of the larger weyrs, yes. Two bedrooms, which is nice. Two bathrooms, as well." He smiles to her. "You're welcome." He says quietly. "If there are things you don't like, or if you want to rearrange, just let me know. I have close ties with the woodcrafters, after all."

Letting the fingers of her free hand trail over the back of the couch, and, later, over the surface of the table, Rhysa certainly seems to be appreciating what she finds, even if her expression is otherwise difficult to read - and even if she's just a little quiet. "No, no," she says, quickly. "It's perfect, just as it is. Two bedrooms. What am I supposed to do with all this space, mm? I don't… it's beautiful, all of it. And it's going to be nice to have somewhere private. Taveh's delighted. I mean, as much as she ever is."

Zi'on lets Rhysa go she that she can explore how she will. He lingers back, watching her. Rhysa was always sort of mysterious when it came to her feelings. At least at first, the bronzer has found. She's a bit of a closed book, though he's gotten used to figuring out how to open her up. Right now thought he seems content to watch her examine things. He chuckles. "I don't know. Use it as a closet. Use it as an office. Don't use it at all. When we have kids you'll be glad of it." He grins to her. "I'm glad Taveh likes it. I tried to pick out some blankets she might like. Regal ones."

Whatever it is she's feeling, it won't stop Rhysa from opening doors, running her fingers over things, and generally exploring in depth. Zi'on's suggestions on the subject of that second bedroom do have her laughing, though, even if there's a moment's delay as she considers, and a faint flush at that mention of their future children. "I'll have to tell Mother it's my very important office," she says. "Just in case she decides it means she ought to move in so that she can be right here to… help me, or whatever it is she thinks she needs to do." She's standing at the door to that second bedroom, now, regarding it levelly, though her gaze wanders back towards the bronzerider a moment later. "She noticed that. She approves. You— really thought of everything, didn't you? All of this." All this trouble.

Zi'on just grins to Rhysa. He's mostly kidding. Mostly. At least that's the way it comes out. He laughs at the notion about her mother. "Exactly. This is your space. And I don't really want to worry about having to wake up to mommy dearest lurking about. No offense to her." The bronzer moves to take a seat on the couch while Rhysa explores. He smiles a bit at her. "Well, not everything. It's not exactly decorated or whatnot. You'll need to add your personal touches. I just got the essentials." There was very little trouble for Zi'on. He just ordered the furniture and then told the delivery riders where to put it.

Rhysanna's exaggerated shudder suggests exactly what she thinks about the prospect of her mother's lurking presence, though she's grinning, too. There's a brief pause while she disappears into the larger of the bedrooms, before she pads back towards the bronzerider, aiming to take a seat alongside him. "Everything that matters," is her answer, then, however belated. "I wouldn't even have known where to start. It's— it's normal for it to take time for a person to get used to having their own space, right? To living more or less alone."

Zi'on grins back to Rhysa. The last thing he wanted to have to worry about in his old age was keeping a look out for a rogue parent lurking about. They were both adults! Zi'on moreso than Rhysa. But still. Zi'on wraps an arm around Rhysa when she sits down next to him. "I didn't want to add to your stress level, by making you worry about furnishings. This way you're all set to go." He smiles to her then, and nods. "It took a while for me. I wasn't used to living alone. In fact, at the start I had this live-in girlfriend. I didn't even really like her that much. At least not enough to have her living with me. But just someone else around made it easier to adjust. At any rate, I can come over if you want someone around. I'm right down the hall."

Instinctually, Rhysa curls in against Zi'on as his arm comes up around her, her head leaning against him. "I appreciate that," she says. "I'd probably feel even more overwhelmed, walking into a big, empty set of rooms." His answer to her question softens her expression, easing some of that almost-physical tension; she even laughs, however quietly. "Good. It's— I feel like I need to get used to it. I don't want to just give in to asking you or anyone else to be around all the time. And there's Taveh." Though, by her tone, she's not really sure that her dragon actually counts. "It's a little embarrassing, knowing the girls I grew up with are mostly still in the dorms, and here I am with… all of this."

Zi'on chuckles a bit to her. "Plus it would be strange, sleeping in a big empty weyr with just a cot in it. It would probably make you more uncomfortable. At least it feels a little bit lived in, in here." He pulls Rhysa in close. "I won't be around all the time. But I can stay here the first couple nights, until you get used to what it feels like, I guess. Staying in here and all. But it's up to you." He chuckles to her. "Or you can have a big slumber party in here, with all the girls you grew up with. But I will be crashing, at least for a little while. If it comes to that. While you girls have pillow fights and talk about boys."

"It'd be creepy," is Rhysa's conclusion to this mental image of sleeping all alone in a big, empty weyr. Despite looking thoughtful throughout most of the rest of his words, she breaks into immediate laughter after that slumber party comment, using her elbow to nudge him. "All those girls, running around in skimpy clothes, pillow in hand, diving at each other… no, it's obvious you couldn't miss that." She shakes her head after that, though, and says, more seriously, "No, you don't need to stay. I think it probably should just be Taveh and I, at first. She'll prefer that, and I'll… get used to silence. Before I get too used to having anyone else around. Start thinking of the space as mine."

Zi'on nods, and chuckles. "I figured as much." He grins as she nudges him. "Mm. Yep. Lots of scantily clad women accidentally falling into the bed with each other. Yep. Couldn't and wouldn't. Other guys might be embarrassed if they're the only man around in a room full of girls. But not me." He chuckles. His demeanor sinks though after Rhysa insists on being by herself in the weyr at first. In typical Zi'on fashion around Rhysa, he's terrible at hiding his disappointment. "Alright. If that's what you think is best. I am just down the hall though if you need anything. Shall I leave you to start the process, then?"

"You'd take that one for the team. Very noble of you." She's instantly aware of Zi'on's disappointment, though, even if she's not actually looking at him at that moment. It's obvious, and so is the way she sucks in her own breath in answer, all regret and incipient loneliness. "I'd rather you stayed," she says, simply. "Much rather. But for tonight, just tonight… it's important. For me." She pulls away from his arm, then, but it's only so that she can crawl up onto her knees and try and meet his gaze directly. "And I definitely need a kiss before I do anything." Or two. Or three. Four could be nice.

Zi'on generally tries not to emotionally attach himself to things. It gets in the way when you have to make important decisions that affect entire weyrs. But when he's already emotionally involved, like he is with Rhysa… it was much more difficult. He nods to her, giving her a sympathetic look. "I know. I'll put on my big boy pants and try not to be too disappointed. Take the time you need, Rhysa. You know I'll still be here." He smiles to her as she gets up, looking back at her. "I suppose I can manage that…" He beckons her into his lap. "You sure you don't want to break in this new couch…?" He asks, teasingly.

Rhysanna doesn't need a second invitation, really, clambering herself into Zi'on's lap the moment she's beckoned there. His tease has her laugh, cheeks flushing softly pink. "Another time," she says, with an expression that's not far short of saucy. For now, though, she'll content herself with reaching up to claim his mouth with hers, initiating a kiss that is probably not going to make kicking him out any easier.

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