Gurl, Look At Them Eggies (Second Touching)

Day 1 of Month 12 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The iridescent sands shimmer in the heat, a myriad of pearlescent colors which change and shift in the light. The sands themselves are uncomfortably warm although they seem most welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It's a cloudy day today, winter putting a damper on Half Moon Bay's usually balmy weather, offering a hint of chilly air that's driven out the moment one enters the hatching arena. Ilyscaeth is dozing once more, leaving Xermiltoth as the only dragon in the backdrop, being used to balance by Ila'den and R'hyn both who, once again, are standing too close together for conversations to be overheard (sans the occassional huff of laughter). It's the Assistant Weyrlingmasters who are doing the hard work today, this one an unimposing woman who has to stand on her tippy-toes and almost-shout just to be heard. "Please — no, you need to listen or I will have you removed from the sands." A beat, two. "I said please." SIGH. She focuses her attention on those willing to listen instead, a half-smile that comes and dissapears as she breathes out, "The rules haven't changed: no fighting, no biting, no licking, no kicking, and make sure you listen to me when I tell you it's time to go." A beat as she does a headcount, and then moves the candidate onto the sands with a motion of her fingers that says 'come hither'. "Don't forget to bow to Xermiltoth and Ilyscaeth." And, as if to lead by example, she dips into a dainty little curtsy for sire first, and sleeping dam. "This way! Pick an egg!"

At least Zeltan isn't one of the candidates giving the poor AWLM a hard time, though the young man does look more tired than normal, and maybe that is simply why. Nevertheless, he is waiting for the ok, and then he is wandering around to the sands, offering a bow to the clutchparents, before tentatively moving towards the one egg he was blocked from last time. Eyes flick up to R'hyn and Ila'den to make sure he is not about to be stopped again, before resting his palm on a silvery-white-rainbow egg.

< Zeltan touches egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >

More clouds. Loverly. Ashwini isn't a big fan of clouds so she's been hiding away indoors. In several different locations actually. Still dusty from her forays into the storage areas she's hardly stepped foot into the barracks when she's being ushered out by some random, diligent, assistant weyrlingmaster. "Still gotta ask about that no licking rule." she murmurs to whichever candidate is closest to her. However that thought slips away as first things first. BOW TO THE DRAGONS! Bow done she fast tracks to the eggs. She knows what to expect this time. OR DOES SHE?! However she halts in her tracks. Someone else is at her egg. Frowning and grumbling she quickly steps to her second choice.

< Ashwini touches egg 5 - Destined to Darkness Egg >

Zeltan seems to have no fear after his first experience on the sands, and it seems that - so far - it hasn't bitten him. Even now, he is perking up a little, straightening up as he makes contact, even laughing softly under his breath. "Hello.." He offers, before he is glancing over the surface of the egg, tilting his head, suddenly freezing, like a deer in the headlights.

Ashwini blinks several times in rapid succession. Looking left and right she just looks confused. Lifting her hand briefly she puts it back down. Is this thing on?!

Ayushi is among the gaggle of candidates, an easy grin on her lips as she steps onto the sands. "Right, no funny business." She'll have to save the dastardly plans for later! There's a nod the one of the AWLM's before she drops into a bow that's directed at the two dragons on the sands. She doesn't immediately make her way to the eggs though, instead taking a moment to consider them. Where to start? Hmmm. There's one that's made her more curious than the rest and she approaches the very judge-y Shame Egg. There's a moment of hesitation before she finally touches the shell, "Here goes nothing…."

< Ayushi touches egg 2 - Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg >

Another moment passes, and Zeltan remains frozen, his hand against the shell of the egg - holding his breath as the mental investigation continues. And then, there is a wince, and the trader-candidate is furrowing his brow, though the lines smooth away quickly after a moment, and he is left to stare at the shell as he takes half a step back, widening the space, leaving fingertips on the shell's surface.

Ayushi's back seems to straighten just the slightest and a smile forms on her lips though soon the expression turns a bit puzzled and she opens her eyes to take a quick glance around. "Oh uh….hm." The moment of confusion seems to pass as her fingers brush against the shell. "That was…kind of a complex question." What question?! "I'm not sure I have the answer." But she does have curiosity.

Ashwini appears to be fairly distracted by this egg. Fingertips run along the top as she walks in a circle around the egg. Is she looking for something? Maybe. Looking from the ground back to the egg she nearly trips up during her path around the egg.

Lingering for a moment, Zeltan blinks at the shell before shaking his head as if to clear it, stepping away from the storm-cloud shell and meandering towards an off-white and black-capped egg, pausing as the candidate before him shuffles off, and then his hand is resting on the black top.

< Zeltan leaves egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >
< Zeltan touches egg 6 - Don't Fall Down Egg >

Is that pride on the harper's features? Just a hint of it, "I think luck had a lot to do with it…but the satisfaction was very real." Ayushi tilts her head back, eyes closed now and soon a laugh escapes her lips. "I'm guessing you're going to show me those things again." But what else is going to come with those repeating images? The harper doesn't step away quite yet, willing to linger a bit longer to find out.

< Ayushi leaves egg 2 - Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg >
< Ashwini leaves egg 5 - Destined to Darkness Egg >
< Ashwini touches egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >

"Ok that WAS pretty awesome, not everyone thought so but…." Ayushi apparently agrees with some things that the egg is showing her. "Man you have /really/ got a thing for…those three things. Specifically those three things." Though she seems less impressed by this, there's quite a bit of amusement in her features. And perhaps even a hint of disappointment when she's left standing on the sands again. But there are other eggs to explore and soon her she moves towards a Hint of Glitter Egg

< Ayushi touches egg 4 - Hint of Glitter Egg >

Zeltan's non-concern about this whole experience may have finally caught up with him, given the look on his face, the hand not resting on the shell curling slightly into a fist. "Because we aren't ready.." He murmurs after a moment, slowly forcing his hand open, even as he peers at those five brush-like marks on one side.

Ashwini doesn't linger much longer. Stepping away from that egg with uncertainty in her expression she looks around. Aha! Zeltan's left that one egg so quickly the younger candidate steps over towards it.

Ayushi's eyebrows furrow together just the slightest as her hand lays on this shell. "Hello?" One beat, then another. "Oh shi—" A shiver runs downtime harper's spine and now there's some apprehension in her features. Unfortunately for those around her the woman's bad language just seems to be escalating. "Hey to you to-FUUU…." Luckily she doesn't finish that word and instead ducks down physically. "Nice to meet you too." She's calmed down, see? And she's staying at the Egg, for /now/.

There are a few more muttered words from Zeltan, but being under this breath, they are all but unintelligible as he lingers next to the oddly shaped egg. A soft sigh, and he is subconsciously straightening his back. "Because.. we all fall. Its what we do." This time, his words carry slightly, even as he glances around to see if anyone noticed.

Ashwini gets caught up in the excitement of the egg and it's overwhelming! "Oy!" her head shakes a couple times. However she lingers with one hand laid flat against the hardening shell.

"Yes yes, applause is welcome…as are gifts. Thank you thank yo…." Ayushi's celebration seems to dwindle to a slow stop and there's a new uh-oh look on her face. "Sure I'm a…." But she's distracted by something, whatever it is and then she's ducking again as if expecting something else to happen. But does it? Who knows, but the harper is straightening up to touch the egg once more.

Today.. Today is the day that Zeltan steps slightly more quickly away from an egg shell than he has previously, though how much of that is to cover a sudden loss of balance and how much is because of ~the weird shaped egg~ who knows. Either way, Zeltan is left staring at one last egg - a black thing with a rather distorted shape. A soft sigh, and on he goes.

< Zeltan leaves egg 6 - Don't Fall Down Egg >
< Zeltan touches egg 2 - Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg >
< Ayushi leaves egg 4 - Hint of Glitter Egg >

"Ok, but I'm really not sure what I did to deserve…." To deserve whatever. Ayushi can't help but smile, even though she may be slightly confused. But that lull of comfort only lasts so long. Apprehension starts to creep into her features and the harper bites her lip. It's almost as if she's holding her breathe for a second before she relaxes once more. "Sure I can do that." Perhaps there's some mental conversation going on because she stays for a few beats longer, but eventually….she departs. And then she's heading towards Unlimited Potential.

< Ayushi touches egg 7 - Unlimited Potential Egg >

Ashwini absently shifts her feet as she's one vaguely aware of the heat seeping through the souls of her feet. All her focus is on the egg and around it with things only she can see. "Music…." she murmurs.

Well -that- was unexpected. There is a sound of surprise that escapes from Zeltan as his fingers rest on the oddly black egg - a sound that he quickly changes into a clearing of his throat. Finger rest on the surface, and after a moment he is shaking his head with a chuckle - "Woah woah slow do-" And then, just as suddenly as the presence appearance, its gone, and he is left staring at his hand. "Well then."

Ayushi's reaction to this egg isn't quite as severe (exaggerated) as it has been with the others. There's a sense of…calm? While her mouth doesn't quite form a smile the corners of her lips do have a slight upwards turn. It's a half-smile. Perhaps it's because she isn't focusing on a single thought, just going with whatever peaceful flow she's settled into. Still, her hand stays on the egg.

"Which one?" That would be Kiele, whispering loudly to the annoyed-looking brunette to her left, after bowing to the two clutch parents and shuffling off towards a cluster of candidates. She appears excited to be in the sands and touching the eggs again, but there's a certain hesitancy not normally found in her actions that shows itself now, in the slowness to pick an egg and the little flick of green eyes towards the sleeping dam. "I think-" She starts in the direction of one egg, only to go in the opposite direction; finally, her fingers rest on the one - this moment's one - and she falls silent as she stares at its shell with seriousness.

< Kiele touches egg 5 - Destined to Darkness Egg >

Ashwini takes several more minutes with this egg before stepping away, that vaque smile never quite leaving her expression. She takes a moment or three to decide which egg to go to next, watching the other candidates for a bit first.

< Ashwini leaves egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >

Zeltan, based on the look on his face, may be feeling a little scrambled at this point, but still he lingers at the side of the black egg, squeezing his eyes shut as if that would help still the incessant random movement of the mind against his. And then, as he is alone once more, he takes half a step back, a deep breath, and swaps the fingertips against the egg shell - Just to see if it will come back one more time.

< Ashwini touches egg 6 - Don't Fall Down Egg >

"I…guess. I never really thought about how complicated it all was." But the egg makes it sound so /awesome/. Ayushi grins, standing up straighter and nodding her head a few times. Yeah, that's right. It is definitely amazing. "I don't know about rather, but…." Well there's a whole world out there, "There's some other fun things out there…" Perhaps she can show it. Or perhaps it will show her. What? Who knows!

Perhaps, it was worth it, for Zeltan lingers at the egg shell for what seems like forever, fingers curling gently against it. Eventually though, there is a soft sound and he just shakes his head, rolling his eyes. "Shards, if -that- one isn't a headache.." He murmurs to himself as he makes room for the other candidates, sort of moving off to one side to watch his classmates interact.

< Zeltan leaves egg 2 - Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg >

Slender fingers splay across the inky shell, and Kiele closes her eyes, as though the action could summon forth a dragon that would claim her as theirs. "It's warm," is her murmured response, green eyes flicking back open. She sighs and then steps back, tucking away a stray blond curl as she glances over at Ayushi.

< Ayushi leaves egg 7 - Unlimited Potential Egg >

Ashwini's gaze lingers on Zeltan a moment since he did visit an egg she wanted to visit before. He's with another egg that look like watching eyes. Not sure if she's ready for that one she slips quietly to a new egg, the imperfectly shaped one. "Hey there." she greets.

"Oh…." Ayushi seems at a loss for words. But she is a harper after all, and that can't last for long. "Wait…" But it's too late, the egg has left. No /physically/ but in the mental sense. "That was a weird feeling. Never alone huh…" Ayushi finally steps away from this egg. Why does she feel cold suddenly? It's a great time to go to Storm to Sunshine Egg!

< Ayushi touches egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >
< Kiele leaves egg 5 - Destined to Darkness Egg >

Ayushi winces just slightly after first touching the egg, but she seems overall pleased with what's happening. "I just…happened to be?" Be what? Her. "There's actually quite a bit more than those feelings…you'll get a chance to check it out, soon…ish." There's a slight pause, brows knitting together in confusion. "But wait what?"

It is a frazzled Kiele who looks from egg to egg, her normally sunny expression a quagmire of emotion and confusion. Which egg to choose? When there are so many? She must decide on one at some point, even if it takes much too, and other candidates are also walking around the eggs. "I guess- that one looks nice," she says, to no one in particular, and roams slowly towards one of the more colorful eggs. Her hand stretches out towards it, fingertips grazing shell, before she commits fully to a whole palm and then a second hand.

< Kiele touches egg 7 - Unlimited Potential Egg >

Ashwini runs a hand back through her hair as she considers this particular egg. "To fall and get up again…" she seems unsure.

Suddenly, so suddenly, Kiele's cheeks are flushing and she snatches her hands away. Whatever she must have felt left an impression, and one that makes her hesitant to try again; even, she stares at the person next to her, which might be ZELTAN, WHO KNOWS, and then hastily back at the egg. One more try? Both hands are laid on the egg's shell again.

Ayushi tilts her head just the slightest, a touch of amusement in her features as she stays with this egg. "That's a lot of things to look through….seems to entertain you though!" Most of these eggs seem to prompt a smile. But that means the return to her present is all the more jarring. The harper lifts one hand to fan herself and her slightly flushed face, but she doesn't wander away yet.

At a loss for words, Ashwini merely shakes her head a bit. "You gotta keep going." she murmurs.

How much more can Kiele's cheeks flush? It could possibly be from the heat of the sands, but the way she jerks her hand from the egg's shell and twines her fingers together speaks of another reason. She stares at the egg for slightly longer after her hands leave it, and then she steps away and onto the next, gaze still lingering in a curious kind of way.

< Kiele leaves egg 7 - Unlimited Potential Egg >
< Kiele touches egg 3 - Fly Away Home Egg >
< Ayushi leaves egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >

Everything is just so darn /uplifting/. There are so many ups, not a lot of downs, but again Ayushi seems about to explode with /feelings/. Which is weird for her. The harper isn't used to all these strong emotions and she's starting to look just a tad bit exhausted. But overall it's enjoyable and it seems like she's been gifted a bit more energy to keep on going because now Ayushi is headed to Destined to Darkness.

< Ayushi touches egg 5 - Destined to Darkness Egg >

Time, and a new egg, soothes Kiele's frazzled nerves, and she surrenders herself to the moment with the egg she lays her hands on next. "This is nice," she can be heard murmuring to herself, fingers lightly touching and moving over the surface of the egg. It's certainly not as strong a response as she had with the second egg she'd touched, and her eyes flutter close again.

Ayushi again seems confused, though not unpleasantly so. This egg is different from what she's encountered so far and it seems the harper is using it almost as a way to rest? There's a sense of relief as the whirlwind of /emotion/ seems to leave her be for now! Even if it's good emotion, emotion is exhausting.

Ashwini stands still with her eyes closed and her fingers lightly brushing the imperfect egg. "Right. Got it." she informs the egg in a firm voice. Stepping back she leaves this one and seeks out one more egg to touch.

< Ashwini leaves egg 6 - Don't Fall Down Egg >
< Ashwini touches egg 2 - Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg >

"Ah!" It was going so well, but inevitably Kiele's hand pulls back from that egg too. She glances down at her feet, look at the egg, and then takes a hurried step back. Whatever happened, she seems unsure about it, and so off she goes - to the next egg, where that brunette glowers at her again, so she bypasses and tip-toes her way around Ayushi to the egg on the other side.

< Kiele leaves egg 3 - Fly Away Home Egg >
< Kiele touches egg 4 - Hint of Glitter Egg >

Ayushi's sense of false-peace only lasts…well, the few seconds it lasts. Her eyebrows furrow together as if she's concentrating /very/ very hard. In her mind eyes are flicking to the left, to the right, and then back to the egg. She leans in closer, turning her head so that her ear is just inches from the shell, "Ah!" She stumbles slightly from something unexpected and her eyes pop open before she looks around in confusion. She sees a Kiele. But Kiele wouldn't try and knock her down. Would she!? No, it has to be the egg!

"Huh?" KIELE IS HAVING A HARD TIME, GUYS! Her head turns back and forth, as if checking for something, before her focus shifts back to this egg. She takes a steadying breath and steps closer, crouching down in front of the egg and spreading her fingers wide along its shell. But unlike the other time, she's squeezing her eyes closed tight. What's going on there? Who knows. It's Kiele.

< Ayushi leaves egg 5 - Destined to Darkness Egg >

Ayushi's head flicks back and forth before she freezes. She's stock still for a good few seconds another smiles (man there is so much of that going on during all this) starts to form. But then it stops, instead it's replaced with a decided "OW, you little…" She doesn't finish the sentence. Respect, that's supposed to happen. But when she steps away from this egg there's a hand held to her head and she seems a bit out of sorts. "Need another egg pick me up…" Hopefully Don't Fall Down will be a bit nicer.

< Ayushi touches egg 6 - Don't Fall Down Egg >

Ashwini finally approaches the one that is everyone seems is watching! Squatting down get close she looks around. It's her last one. Should she try licking it? Wrinkling her nose she hesitates then sticks her tongue back in her mouth. No licking. A rule is a rule. So no licking but this one she turns her head and listens to the shell. "Curious thing aren't you…." she laughs.

"I can cross my eyes!" Kiele says aloud, without even knowing she's spoken aloud, if her closed-eyed, crouched stance is any indication; or perhaps she doesn't care? Her shoulders pull back and then slump, and she's soon falling backwards onto her rump, all in the sands. But, her hands don't let go of that shell, continuing to touch and lightly caress those theatric sides.

Ashwini follows along wherever she's dragged to. "Nice castle." she'll agree after a bit. "Oh..back on the sands." she looks around then looks to the egg again. She's watching it watching her.

This egg certainly doesn't provide the immediate relief that Ayushi hoped for. Instead it demands answers, thinking, and actual consideration of many things. "I…I don't know, there's always the chance for something fun. Something to entertain…?" It's a haphazard answer. The harper hasn't had enough time to really think it through the way she needs to. "To learn…something?"

Surfacing from the egg-touching-high is slow business for Kiele, whose eyes blink, slowly - one, two, three - as she registers that she's sitting in the sands. She smiles a chagrined smile and pushes her way to her feet, dusting any lingering granules of sand-and-glitter from her pants. "That was.." Oddly, she casts the sleeping gold dam a nervous glance, and then side steps to the next egg.

< Kiele leaves egg 4 - Hint of Glitter Egg >
< Kiele touches egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >

Ayushi is still, just so very still. There's a long stare at the egg as she remains frozen in place but soon biological necessity forces her to breathe. "I…" There's a seriousness to her features and her eyebrows furrow. "You're building this up to be….I don't know. I don't know. We just do because we /have/ to or…" Or what? She trails off.

< Ashwini leaves egg 2 - Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg >

Ashwini is feeling the heat now once she steps away from this egg. Absently she brushes back a lock of hair behind her ears and simply people watches the other candidates for now.

< Ayushi leaves egg 6 - Don't Fall Down Egg >

Ayushi pushes away from the egg and just stares for a good long time. "I don't know that what I've done is as grand as all that…." It's not that she sounds disappointed, just…fatigued now. "I guess that makes sense though." And now the harper finally moves away. Perhaps Fly Away Home will not give her such complicated things to think of!

< Ayushi touches egg 3 - Fly Away Home Egg >

This seems to be exactly what Ayushi needs after the last few eggs. The tension in her shoulders melts away and she seems entertained by something. Or perhaps enthralled? Something is grabbing her attention. The harper bobs her head a little bit, tired features rearranging into another soft smile.

Ayushi's mind eyes (because those are a thing, roll with it) are flicking this way and that. She grins and follows some mysterious floating thing before being distracted by another. But then there's a frown, some confusion, and she's suddenly crouching down. Her hand remains on the egg shell though.

This egg has a different feel, and has Kiele giving it soft, dreamy eyes - the kind she usually gives when staring at the eggs from the stands. It even tugs a smile from the blond-haired girl, and eventually, a laugh that bubbles up; while the laughter dissipates, the smile is hard to shake. Instead of looking self-conscious about the whole ordeal, she's solely attentive to the egg, and whatever it is that passes between them. Are there even other eggs? Other people?

Ayushi now looks like she panicking and flailing a bit. "What the…" The harper's nose scrunches, brows knit together, and her lips turn downwards. "Oh Faranth…" Is that a hint of pain? It doesn't last for too long. She's lulled back to a sense of security. But it seems that the harper has had quite enough for one day. She moves over towards one of the AWLM's and bobs her head at them, "Thanks…" And then she's heading out, looking just a bit haggard.

< Ayushi leaves egg 3 - Fly Away Home Egg >

Ashwini starts to edge away when the heat overtakes the need to people watching. Must. Cool. Down.

As the other candidates start to filter out, Zeltan is slipping into the group to join them after one final bow to the clutch parents, and another glance over at the tiniest egg of the bunch.

Kiele looks more like Kiele next to this egg - with her silly gap-toothed smiles and overflowing cup of enthusiasm that for the moment is saved expressly for the egg she has her hands on. "Wow," she breathes, basically shooting heart laser beams at this egg (if that was actually a thing). "How can an egg-" she starts to ask, looking towards the assistant weyrlingmaster, but that's wasted breath she could be giving to the egg instead. There is only so much time given to these eggs, today. "I think this one is my favorite," as if that wasn't obvious.

"Oh, no," Kiele lets go, fingers flexing as her hands pull away from the egg. "Drat." Someone seems disappointed by something, and then she's getting back to her feet and casting a glance around at the other candidates. There aren't many eggs left that she hasn't touched, and still - she seems bothered by the heat of the cavern, even as she shuffles forward, looking for another to touch. But then.. a familiar egg catches her eye.

< Kiele leaves egg 1 - Storm to Sunshine Egg >
< Kiele touches egg 7 - Unlimited Potential Egg >

This time, Kiel looks relieved when she touches that one egg that caused her a lot of trouble earlier, and she wears another smile when she trips off to find an egg that she hasn't rubbed her dirty candidate hands all over. Is there one?

< Kiele leaves egg 7 - Unlimited Potential Egg >

It isn't that favorite egg of Kiele's, but there are no hard feelings when she releases this egg from her hands and steps back, rubbing her hands together. She simply stares at it, smiles, and then stares some more, as though trying to work her way through a puzzle. But, staring for too long is rude, and it prompts Kiele to spin about and bow once more to the clutch parents. Other candidates are leaving, so, shouldn't she? Many, many dreamy-eyed looks are given the eggs as she passes them. Another day, babies, another day.

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