Nae's Inner Romantic

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It is a bright sun-shining day, perfect for beachgoing. And Nae's lucky enough to have a day free from duties. So of course she asks Hotaru to accompany her for a day of fun in the sun. The greenrider is in her favorite blue bikini, hand in hand with the vinter as they approach the water.

Hotaru is indeed with the greenrider on this sun-shiny day at Western. She's in her favorite red and white striped bikini and a pair of sandals. She's got a pair of shorts on over her bikini bottoms though. And her red-tinted glasses of course. She's got a backpack slug over her free shoulder as they head down the beach, stuffed full with beach supplies, and a small cooler with some fruit flavored alcoholic drinks in it. "Pick a spot, I guess." She says to Nae, looking around.

Rhysanna is also on her way down towards the beach, though she's a fair distance behind the other two girls, having barely managed to set foot on sand, just yet. Unlike them, she's wearing actual clothes - a purple cotton sundress and sandals - and seems to be out for a walk rather than prepared for a day of enjoyment. It's entirely possible that she's noticed Nae and Hotaru, though, because she pauses, using one hand to shade her gaze from the sun's glare, and watches, well, something.

Actual clothes. Pffft. So overrated. Nae finds a spot above the tide line, and starts to lay out the towel she has slung over her shoulder. "How's this?" She asks, beaming. She's about to set it down when she spies the woman in purple a little ways off. Her eyes narrow, then she beams. "Rhysa! Hey!" She waves to get her attention.

Hotaru feels too naked walking around the weyr in naught but her bathing suit. She doesn't notice the goldrider. Not that she would recognize her by anything other than a dragon or a knot. Hotaru gives a nod when Nae stops. "Looks good to me." She drops everything in the sand, pulling out a towel for herself to lay down. Which she does, as Nae goes waving to Rhysa. "Is that the new goldrider?" Hotaru asks. At least she recognizes the name. She also offers a friendly wave to Rhysa.

Clearly Rhysa was looking in their direction, because her reaction to those waves is pretty much immediate, and comes in the form of a wave of her own, followed promptly by her approach. By the time she makes it as far as the pair of girls, her sandals are no doubt full of sand, but she's smiling. "Nae," she greets. "Hi. And—" Her expression turns appraising as she considers Hotaru. "You must be the vintner she's always talking about." Or… she's just put her foot in it.

Thankfully, Rhysa seems to have been correct in her guess. At least one would assume that from the way she's grinning. "Yep." She answers both Rhysanna and Hotaru at once. She sets down the towel to make proper introductions. "Hotaru, this is Rhysanna, rider of gold Tavehtiath and my best friend. Rhysa, this is Hotaru, my girlfriend." More proud grinning.

Hotaru smiles to the goldrider on her approach. "Hello." She laughs a bit at Rhysa's guess of her. "I suppose I am. Unless she's been hiding another vintner from me. And you must be Rhysanna, goldrider." There's a hand extended to Rhysa as Nae does the proper introductions. "Well met. Care to join us? We got some wine coolers, sun oil… I'm sure Nae's top will be off in just a little while." Hotaru giggles a bit. "Though I'll probably be more interested in that than you will."

"Rhysa," says the bearer of that name, quickly. "Call me Rhysa. It's nice to meet you finally, Hotaru." The vintner's hand is given a quick shake, as Rhysa shifts her attention from one girl to the other. "Well, if Nae's top is coming off…" Her laugh is cheerful. "I wouldn't be in the way? If I stayed a little while, I mean. I'm pretty sure I promised Nae I'd make sure you were worthy of her," she explains to Hotaru. "And it seems like now might be my chance."

Nae gives Hotaru a sly smile for that remark. "You know me so well." She replies before giggling a little bit. Rhysanna's question earns a grin and a roll of her eyes. "Like you haven't endured me with my top off before. C'mon, sit with us. I'll try to keep the PDA to a minimum. Besides, I'm sure you two will get along great." She laughs a little. "And you did make that promise, Rhysa." She settles onto her towel, shooting Hotaru a grin.

Hotaru smiles and nods. "Rhysa. Same. I think I've been occupying a lot of Nae's time recently. Sorry about that." Hotaru shakes her head when Rhysa mentions being in the way. "Nah. We were just going to lay out and relax a bit, maybe swim later." Hotaru grins a bit and looks a little pink in the cheeks. "Well, hopefully you deem me worthy." Hotaru grins back at Nae and then settles down next to her on the towel. Leaving a whole towel for Rhysa to occupy. Or she can be a third on Nae's. The redhead drags the cooler closer, opening it up to pull out three bottles. "Drinks?" Two are offered up to the other girls.

Rhysanna, apparently needing no further convincing, settles down cross-legged on the spare towel. "Mm," she says, with a laugh. "We move out of the barracks, and now we barely see each other. Monopolizing my best friend; that's points off for you." It's both an exaggeration and a tease, one that has her grinning towards both girls. She accepts one of the bottles with a nod of thanks, and adds, "But Nae seems happy, so that's points to make up for the loss. And the drink - more points there, too. I take it things are going well."

"Yay booze!" Nae replies with great enthusiasm, reaching to snatch up the bottle passed over to her. "Things are going /very/ well." Nae happily brags, scooting over and wrapping an arm around the vinter as she lifts the bottle for a sip. "Sorry, Rhysa. Didn't mean to neglect you. But Hotaru and I have been… having lots of fun." She gives Hotaru a very wide smile.

Hotaru looks playfully dejected at losing points on the Rhysa-scale of Nae-worthiness. "Aww.." Though she doesn't dispute the fact. Her and Nae have been spending a lot of time together recently. She grins at the addition of points for booze and Nae-happiness. "Being a vintner, bringing the booze is part of my job description. These guys won't dehydrate you, either." In addition to being delicious. She giggles a bit at Nae's response, and wraps an arm around the greenrider in turn. She nods to Rhysa and then smiles back at Nae, though she looks a bit embarrassed.

"I'm teasing, I promise," says Rhysa, reassuringly. "I'm happy for you both, honestly." And, from the quick smile she aims at Hotaru, conscious of - and sympathetic for - that embarrassment. "And I'd be disappointed if you weren't making the most of new-found freedoms." She opens her bottle, though doesn't yet sip from it.

"I can't imagine we're the only ones enjoying new freedoms." Nae says with a teasing little smile in Rhysa's direction. She sips her drink and tightens her grip on Hotaru a little more. "While I couldn't be happier, I'm sorry I haven't had much chance to catch up with you. You've been okay, I hope?"

Hotaru still looks a little pink through the cheeks. "Ah… thanks, Rhysa. That's very sweet of you." She does slide in a little closer to Nae though, and chuckles a bit. There's a curious look in the greenrider, and then goldrider's direction when Nae says she wasn't the only one enjoying the freedoms. "You have a boyfriend then?" She asks Rhysa. Oddly enough, the subject of Rhysa's boyfriend hasn't come up except maybe once in passing. "I guess graduation is coming up quick for you guys. You'll be full riders and all."

Oh, look. Now it's Rhysa's turn to blush, leaving her both smiling and lowering her gaze away from the other two; it's entirely possible that she takes a sip from her bottle as a distraction, or at least to give herself something else to focus on. "I have a boyfriend," she confirms for Hotaru. And, for Nae: "I've been good. Busy, too, of course. I— I guess it is." That last must be in answer to Hotaru again. "Nae's going to be able to throw her weight around with those new weyrlings."

Nae laughs a little bit, then grins at Rhysa. "Mmm. Well. That's not a sure thing yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Unless you've heard an inside scoop I haven't been told yet?" She asks optimistically, taking another swig from her bottle. She shoots Hotaru another grin. "It is exciting. We'll have to do something special to celebrate."

Hotaru gives Rhysa a sympathetic smile, and nods when she confirms. "Ah, heh. I guess you two had a long wait, as well?" Though Hotaru and Nae's was considerably shorter, as they met during weyrlinghood. She grins a bit. "She sure will." She looks to Nae then. "It's not for sure? I thought they pretty much let you pick which wing you wanted?" Hotaru takes a swig form her bottle and raises a brow at Nae. "What did you have in mind? Night out someplace?"

"Excruciatingly long," confirms Rhysa, with a laugh. Her blush is finally beginning to recede. "I know nothing more than you do Nae, sorry. But Hotaru's right - I'd be very surprised if you didn't get what you wanted. I mean, unless someone wanted something they were completely unsuited for, or something, I guess. Which clearly isn't the case here."

Nae shrugs her shoulders, smiling warmly. "Well, okay, yeah. I mean, I'd be very surprised if they decided to put me someplace else. And they do need more Assistant Weyrlingmasters, it only makes sense. But I don't like to count my wherries before they hatch, know what I mean?" She shrugs and grins. "But yeah! Night out. We can party. Go dancing. There should be a real celebration."

Hotaru chuckles a bit at Rhysa's answer. She grins then and looks at Nae. "Unless they think you'd be a bad influence on the weyrlings. Which… maybe." She teases a bit. "You might have some of them following you around like canines… But Rhysa will put in a good word for you." Hotaru nods and gives Nae a squeeze. "Don't they usually have a big party for graduation anyway? Or do you mean in addition to? Heh… I'm not too much a dancer, Nae."

"Just don't take your shirt off in front of them, and you'll probably be fine," puts in Rhysa, teasingly. "It just wouldn't be fair. But if you don't get it, I promise I'll kick Zi'on's ass for you." She takes another swig from her bottle, then sets it into the sand, building up a little support structure around it to keep it from falling over. "There have to be graduation cocktails, at least. Maybe I should host a pre-party."

"The kids have to learn about resisting temptations sometimes." Nae is clearly joking. One hopes. She tugs at the straps of her top and giggles a little bit. "I'll hold you to that, Rhysa." She says with a little wink. "Yes. Pre-party. Party. Post-party. All the parties we can fit in. You in, Hotaru?"

Hotaru laughs a bit. "Exactly." She says to Rhysa. Then chuckles. "The weyrleader? Someone told me he was bad news…" She peers at Nae. "Was it you?" Hotaru finishes off her bottle. "You better not be flashing weyrlings." She says, eyeing Nae. Tsk tsk. There's a laugh then. "That's a lot of party. But yes, I'm in for all the party. I've seen a couple big orders come through recently, so I think it's a safe bet there will be booze."

Rhysanna's abruptly pink cheeks are the only comment she seems to have on Zi'on's reputation, for better or for worse, aside from the way she glances at Nae, eyebrows raised. "I don't think it would be Western if there weren't a lot. But - okay. Pre-party. No one will be drunk enough at that point to trash my place, and there's, uh, plenty of room." She reaches for her bottle again, sandy fingers wrapping around it.

Nae looks a little sheepish, eyes darting between Hotaru and Rhysanna for a moment. "I… I don't think I used the phrase 'bad news'." She hopes not, anyways. "I just… used to see him. Before Rhysa." Awkward. Time for an abrupt topic change. "So! This is great booze!" Which is why she suddenly drinks quite a bit more.

Hotaru blinks and glances between the two other girls. Was it something she said? There's a blink when Nae admits what's going on, or what went on. "Ooh. I didn't realize. Er, sorry. Not sure where I heard that, then." She rubs the back of her head sheepishly. "Maybe no where." There's a look given to Nae. There will be questions later! Many questions. For now though Hotaru moves onto the party talk. "Ooh. I guess goldriders get the big weyrs, hm? I'll supply the pre-party booze. Just let me know what you like." Hotaru finishes off her bottle and stands it up in the sand. Then she goes into the backpack to pull out the sunning oil.

"Oh, no, I'm sure you heard it. It gets said." Rhysa's certainly heard it, even if she seems resigned to it - even wryly amused. Certainly, she's managing to smile about it, even if she's quick to take another drink from her own bottle. "But it's fine. I—" Topic change, yes! Better. "Yeah, they're kind of ridiculous." She's embarrassed by this. "I kind of rattle around inside, on my own. But good for a party, I suspect. Thank you. I guess I'd better work out what to do for it."

"Better your place than mine. I've just barely managed to get it set up and clean." Nae says with a wry little grin. Cleaning really is not her favorite activity. She finishes her bottle and mimics Hotaru, setting it down in the sand. Then she spies that oil coming out of the backpack. Now /there's/ a promising distraction. "Ah, you read my mind, Hotaru. Tanning time, I think."

Hotaru's face looks pensive as Rhysa confirms that it gets said. "Sorry." She offers the other girl, quietly. Not sure what else to say, she's glad to switch topics. "What's wrong with a nice big place to yourself?" She chuckles. "Don't worry, Nae. I'll clean up for you." Not that it's really Hotaru's favorite activity either, but she's used to doing it. Hotaru scoots around behind Nae and scoops up the greenrider's hair, moving it over one shoulder. "How about you, Rhysa? You've got a nice complexion. Care for some tanning oil?" For now though she puts a bit on her hands and smooths it over Nae's arms.

"It's weird and quiet and empty." Rhysa makes a face. "Well, not physically empty. But compared to living in barracks or dorms or anything. I'm still not used to living on my own, I guess. I'm supposed to be up there getting my head around stuff, but…" She's here, instead. "Did you end up getting something close to the lagoon, Nae?" Examining her own skin, she shakes her head: "I'll pass this time, but thanks, Hotaru. I'd rather avoid the tan lines I'd end up with, sunning in this."

Nae gives Hotaru a grateful smile. "You are so sweet to offer, Hotaru. But we should at least split the duties evenly, to be fair." She ponders. "… Or find someone we can pay to keep the place clean." Maybe a better option. Nae shoots another smile at Rhysanna. "Ah, lines. Can't have those." She winks and reaches back to remove her top. Hotaru's prophecy has become reality. "'Course, we all know the easiest fix for that problem."

Hotaru nods. "I've never lived by myself. But I have had my own room for a good part of my life. I didn't much care for the crowded dorms or barracks really." Not that she's used to anything the size of Rhysa's weyr for sure. There's a nod at Rhysa's rejection of the tanning oil. "Next time, then. When you're in your swimsuit." Hotaru shrugs. "You'll probably be the more busy of us. Once I walk the tables.." She laughs. "Maybe." Hotaru just giggles and shakes her head. She looks a little pink in the cheeks. Not just for herself, but for Nae, too. Regardless, she sets to oiling the greenrider's back.

Rhysanna is apparently unbothered by Nae's toplessness, probably because she's got to be pretty used to it by now; she doesn't even avert her eyes. "So you two are basically living together, now," she concludes. "Or actually living together?" Despite her refusal of the oil, she adjusts her position, now, stretching out her legs in front of her and leaning backwards so that she can tip her face up towards the warmth.

Anyone who spends significant time with Nae pretty much has to get used to her in varying states of nudity. She practically melts at the oiling hands of Hotaru, smiling blissfully as she enjoys the application. "Mmmm. Thank you, Hotaru. You're so sweet to me." The question from Rhysanna has her cheeks pinkening just slightly. She pauses briefly as she figures out how to answer. "We're… working towards that?" She glances over her shoulder to see if the vinter can put that more artfully.

Hotaru seems to relax when she sees Rhysa isn't much bothered by Nae taking off her top. She giggles a bit at Nae. "You're welcome, Nae." Oil is smoothed over the greenrider's skin until her back is evenly coated. "Mmm. I like the smell of this." She hands the bottle to the greenrider then, if she's going to be oiling her front, she'll have to do that herself. It's too lewd for Hotaru to do in front of Rhysa. Or anyone. There's a nod from Hotaru at the question. "More or less. I'm there most nights, but I've still got my room downstairs. Figured we'd sort of build up to that, before we make it official." Hotaru doesn't seem to mind the tan lines, and wipes what's left of what's on her hands onto her exposed chest and stomach.

As unbothered, thus far, as Rhysa is, she's probably grateful not to have to watch - or deliberately not watch - any frontal oiling between Nae and Hotaru. There are limits. Her mouth twitches, amused, for Nae's flush, but the answer, as put together between the pair of them, seems to satisfy her. "That makes sense," she says, nodding. "Shells. A few months ago, I'd never've imagined Nae settling down like that. Good for you."

Nae may be settling down, but she's just as wicked as ever. She pouts with feigned disappointment when Hotaru doesn't oil her front, even if she does realize it'd be inappropriate in this context. She takes the oil and pours a little into her hands to take care of that job herself. "Are you going to need any help, love?" Apparently they're using that word now. She gives Rhysanna a little grin. "I'dve never imagined it either. Hotaru's just that special." Awww.

Maybe in a turn or two Hotaru will be comfortable enough with Rhysa to also take off her top in her presence. But right now she's still barely comfortable doing that for Nae. And as far as oiling up Nae's front is concerned… yeah. That will probably never happen with someone else around. Except in very specific circumstances. Hotaru isn't sure how to take Rhysa's take on things. Nor does she know who the 'good for you' is for, and so she just gives Rhysa a bit of a shy smile. "So are you from Western as well, Rhysa?" Hotaru isn't quite sure how long the two have known each other. Since childhood, perhaps? She nods to the greenrider. "My back, if you wouldn't mind." She spins around and moves her hair over one shoulder. At least what she can get to do that." There's just a smile and flushed cheeks for Nae's comment. "Nae is more of a romantic than she lets on…" It's hard to tell if she's teasing or not.

Oh, goodness. Rhysanna's expression seems to imply that she's finding Nae and Hotaru utterly adorable, though at least she doesn't actually say as much. "I guess it just needed you to find the right person," she concludes, digging her toes into the warm sand. "Mm, born and bred here. Amazingly, though, Nae and I didn't really know each other until a turn or two ago. I suppose we just moved in different crowds. And you? I know you're not from Western."

Nae is just shameless. But these are also two people she's exceedingly comfortable with. So perhaps it's no surprise that she's so comfortable being flirtatious with Hotaru in front of Rhysanna. "Happily." She purrs, sliding behind Hotaru once she's finished oiling herself. She pours more into her hands and starts oiling Hotaru's back, beginning with the shoulders and working down. She turns a little pink when Hotaru calls her a 'romantic'. "I guess so." She answers Rhysanna, evidently in full agreement.

Hotaru, through all her embarrassment, seems quite happy. She's just not used to talking this openly about her relationships in front of someone she just met. Not that she minds, clearly Rhysa and Nae are quite close. There's a nod about Rhysa's origins. "Ah. I thought maybe you two were childhood friends." She giggles a bit. "Is it that obvious? But no, I'm not. I was born at Igen, but fosterd with my grandparents on a cothold outside of Fort until I was a teenager. Then I moved to the weyr for a while, was searched for Xanadu. Then I went to the crafthall for a bit before being assigned here." She chuckles. "I guess I've moved around a bit." Hotaru seems used to Nae's shamelessness. She leans forward a bit as Nae smooths the oil over her back, nabbing the bottle to do her legs.

Rhysanna, no doubt, has some sympathy for Hotaru: it's not something she tends to be terribly comfortable with, either. "Igen," she says, latching on to that particular destination over and above the rest of Hotaru's convoluted past, and, indeed, on this topic over further discussion of the relationship between the other two girls. "My father's from Igen. Well - he was, anyway. I don't know if he still is. I've not been, not properly. It must be interesting, having lived in so many places." Glancing sidelong at the other two she adds, grinning, "and it's only obvious because I haven't seen your face around, and I'm sure I would have, if you'd grown up here."

Nae is probably /too/ comfortable with things of this nature, even for a weyr girl. It's probably a very good thing that she has people like Hotaru and Rhysanna to balance her out. Still, she probably massages Hotaru's back a little more than is necessary, but she doesn't go too far. "You know, I've never been to Igen. Maybe I should visit someday. I hear it's nice and warm there. I love hot climates." She leans in and kisses Hotaru's cheek quickly. "After our trip to Fort, of course."

Hotaru chuckles to Rhysa. "Mine is too, I think. At least he was. I don't know anything about him though, other than he's a bronzer and was there. We could be half sisters and not even know it!" She laughs. Oh weyrs. "I don't really consider him a parent though." There's a shrug about living so many places. "Fort is home to me. Sort of. Western has grown on me a lot. I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon." She smiles to Nae, for obvious reasons. "Mm. Yeah. Not from Western." Hotaru's eyes shut as Nae massages her back a bit, and she relaxes. "There's not much there, really. It's hot and dry. I guess if you like that." Her eyes open as Nae kisses her cheek, and she smiles to the greenrider. "I guess we can go at any point now. Next time you have a rest day. I'll rearrange."

"Likewise," agrees Rhysa, in answer to something Hotaru's said regarding her father, though not necessarily all of it. Perhaps it's just that last remark - or perhaps not. "Western has definite advantages," is her conclusion, hinting at low laughter. "I can't blame you for seeing Nae as one of them. For me… the prospect of living anywhere other than Western is a strange one. With luck, I'll never need to find out."

Nae returns that smile from Hotaru, clearly feeling exceptionally happy in this moment. "I think if I'm anywhere with you, I'll be happy." Awww. It's almost sappy, the level of adorable here. She may be finished applying oil, but she keeps on rubbing Hotaru's shoulders. "A trip will definitely be fun." She says with a grin before looking to Rhysanna. "Have you gone anywhere fun? Or are you planning to?"

It was highly unlikely the two were sisters, of course. Hotaru was mostly just joking. There's no sense of longing for Hotaru either, to know her father. She's got enough family as it is now. She chuckles a bit. "The weather is quite nice, as well. And plenty of islands to explore. I miss the mountains and woods at Fort, but not much else. I can live without the cold." Hotaru smiles softly at Nae. "You're so sweet, Nae." Hotaru turns around so she can give the greenrider an affectionate peck on the lips. "It's getting towards winter, if you like the snow."

It's a good thing Rhysa is relatively inclined towards the soppy and romantic herself; otherwise, she'd probably have to start gagging and making faces right about now. Instead, she just seems pleased and amused, casting occasional contented smiles in their combined direction. "Proper winter is one thing I'm very glad to never have to deal with," she says, as much to herself as to the other two. "Although Taveh seems to like it. We've been a few faces," she adds, answer Nae's question, her tone edging towards vague. "I thought I'd want to go to more, but… I'm happier here. I'm headed south with a friend for an afternoon soon, though."

"Actually, I've never really had much experience with snow." Nae confesses, clearly in no hurry to stop rubbing Hotaru's shoulders. She meets that peck on the lips, and is smiling in an utterly dopey and sappy manner afterwards. "… But for you, I'm happy to go anywhere." Yep, Nae clearly has it bad. Still, that last comment from Rhysanna definitely catches her curiosity. "A friend? Which friend?"

Yes, it is a bit sappy. And probably a bit strange to see Nae like this, no? Zi'on would think it strange. Hotaru chuckles. "It has some advantages. At least the fall and spring are nice. To see the seasons and all. And it's pretty. Plus there's sledding or ice skating… So it lends itself to some different activities." Hotaru nods to Rhysa. "South, hm? To Xanadu?" She'll let Nae inquire about the friend. She leans back into Nae's rubbing. "Mm. Well it'll be winter soon enough. So you can get some snow experience I suppose." She chuckles.

Very strange. Luckily, Rhysa seems to be largely taking it in her stride. Different side of Nae! Good to know that it exists. Surprisingly, she turns pink when Nae probes about this friend of hers; she even turns her gaze away, staring out towards the lagoon, instead. "Not Xanadu," she says, carefully. "Somewhere quieter. It's—" She really seems rather awkward about this. "You remember before the hatching, Nae. Fort's Weyrleaders visited? She wrote to me, after the hatching. We've… corresponded, a little."

There certainly is a unique side to Nae that Hotaru seems to bring out. She's smiling merrily. "Those things sound like fun! I mean… I've never gone sledding or ice skating. But I'd like to try! Even if it does sound a little cold." She looks to Rhysanna, blinking a little. "You and… Fort's Weyrleader are going to Xanadu?" She sounds somewhat bewildered by this. Rhysanna certainly seems to have a type.

Hotaru blinks a bit at Rhysa as she turns pink when probed about the friend. A second boyfriend, perhaps? Nope. Nothing that juicy. "Ah. The new weyrwoman at Fort?" Hotaru isn't familiar with her. Not that she was terribly familiar with the old weyrwoman, either. Hotaru chuckles a bit at Nae's question and clears her throat. "She said 'she', love." Hotaru grins then. "We can do whatever you'd like once we're at Fort. We can try everything, and then curl up someplace with some hot klah and stew for the night."

She. She. Rhysanna's abruptly scarlet cheeks and half-horrified, half-bewildered expression are pretty obvious. "She and I are going to talk in person," she confirms, all heavy emphasis. Exactly why this was awkward to explain in the first place is… honestly, anyone's guess. It can be hard to tell, with Rhysa. Hastily: "I'm told sledding can be a lot of fun, and that it's relatively easy for beginners." Quick, change the subject!

"Mmm? Oh. She." Nae gives Hotaru's shoulders another rub. "Sorry, I was… distracted." Obviously. She at least has the courtesy to look a little bit embarassed. "… Well, sledding is something I'll have to try, then. You've done it, right, Hotaru?"

Hotaru looks pretty bewildered. "So… you're going to the southern continent with Fort's Weyrwoman to talk in person?" This all sounds… odd to Hotaru. But Rhysa certainly must have her reasons, and she doesn't know the goldrider well enough to pry any further. Hotaru nods and chuckles about sledding. "If you can sit down you can sled, more or less. It's just riding it down a hill." Hotaru picks up Nae's hands from her shoulders. Then she scoots back into the greenrider's lap and pulls Nae's arms around herself. Probably not any less distracting, but at least Nae would be more tempted to look at Rhysa while she's talking. "Ice skating is a bit harder."

"No, we're just…" Rhysanna, still blushing, hesitates over trying to actually explain herself. "Girls' afternoon out, that's all." There's an uncomfortable set to her shoulders, now, and her expression suggests she's half tempted to try and clarify further - anything to make the whole thing sound less dubious - but… she gives up. Bravo, Rhysa, bringing the awkward. "I, uh, think I'd fall on my face, if I tried to skate. Give me warm weather any day."

"Hey, a lot of fun things in life require risking falling on your face." Nae claims, somewhat nonsensically. She may be distracted by the sudden appearance of Hotary in her lap. She very happily wraps her arms snugly around the vinter, looking positively blissful. But Hotaru is right in that it gets her to look at Rhysanna. "Maybe we could all go someday."

Hotaru is just trying to understand why a girls afternoon out makes Rhysa so embarrassed, really. "Ah. Sounds like fun." If a bit confusing to the redhead. She leaves it at that, though. Hotaru chuckles a bit. "Most people end up falling on their behind the firs time. At least once or twice. I don't think I've seen anyone fall on their face though. I'd be happy to show your guys how, though." Hotaru relaxes back against Nae, smiling in general. She holds her own arms out in front of her. "Hm. Might be enough sun for me. I don't want to burn, and I'm not used to it like you two are."

Rhysanna would probably like to know why it makes her so embarrassed, too. It's probably half of what keeps her cheeks pink and half, too, of what she's thinking about as she stares so intently off into the distance. She's distracted enough that most of what gets said by the other girls completely passes her by; she glances back at them quite belatedly, blinking away her thoughts in an obvious sort of way. "Hm? Oh. Oh, of course. You don't want to burn."

Nae is quite happy to just continue clinging to Hotaru, resting her chin on the vinter's shoulder as she settles contentedly. But then, it starts to come to an end. She blinks, reluctantly pulling arms away. "I should probably head back too. I mean, before it gets dark." A genuine desire to get out of the sun, or an excuse to follow Hotaru? Could be either one. She gives Rhysanna a little smile regardless. "It was nice to catch up, though. We should all try to hang out again sometime soon!"

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