Shadhavarth and Teimyrth's Clutch Hatches

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

As luck would have it, there /are/ people on the hatching sands at this very moment. While Miraneith wouldn't let anyone close to her clutch, a few of the candidates were allowed to touch Shadhavarth's eggs. At least, it /was/ an egg touching until someone started shrieking about something moving — that something being an egg. And the humming begins, a loud reverberation through the very rock of the Weyr itself. Baby dragons coming!

Suldith was enjoying a nice nap on the sands, when all the sudden there is movement about. The bronze looks around nervously at those who are rushed off to get their robes on and the twitching eggs from the other clutch. There's no real humming from him, just a low sort of growl as he moves to position himself between the two clutches. It's an odd sight to see the generally cheerful bronze on edge, but he's always grumpy on the sands.

Enka isn't dressed in hatching finery. How could she? The Weyrwoman had been on the sands, overseeing Miraneith's possessive grumpiness and making sure that no, none of the candidates didn't wander over to fondle any eggs they shouldn't be fondling in places they shouldn't be touching them. So when Miraneith starts humming practically right above her head, the goldrider claps her hands over her ears. "Shells, Mir, warn a body sometime before you start tryin'to do deep pressure massage on me though sound." Sending a weyrbrat off for some water, the Weyrwoman tucks herself in along the curve of her dragon's shoulder. "Well, here we go. Seven to hatch, and ten later."

Naturally, among the first on alert is Shadhavarth herself. Eggs hatching? It's time for rumbling and protection. The younger gold moves closer to her eggs, nosing them gently, waiting. Teimyrth, for his part, is of course displaying proper fatherly concern, though he's keeping back further than his mate. It isn't long before Iris and Ila'den arrive, having been in the offices at the time of the start. "Hope it's /just/ these seven, eh?" Iris wave-salutes at Enka when she arrives.

<In the galleries> The news of a hatching spreads in a series of ripples - though, really, the metaphor is imperfect, given the speed and spread of draconic communication. A proper modeling of the data would present interesting challenges, but is likely permanently out of scope. Nevertheless, the primary flow of the news is through the dragons of the primary Weyr involved - hence the hum - and the secondary flow takes the form of communications sent to parents of candidates and incidentals. These incidentals can include dragons formerly of the primary Weyr, or those who otherwise possess ties to such dragons. From these secondary sources, tertiary involvements can be had. For example, Xanadu's steward, on the way back from a meeting on a dragon whose rider was involved with one from Western. Such persons may find themselves diverted to Western, arriving into unexpected skies. Once there, they may find themselves carried along by the gathering crowd and end up in the galleries. Hence, the arrival of Jethaniel, who finds a seat to prevent being swept further along and watches with a somewhat bemused expression.

Zi'on of course is late to the party. The bronzer seems to make a habit of it when it came to hatchings. Then again he was often busy doing extra work while all the queens and their riders were tending eggs. Zi'on finally runs over to the sands, skirting his way towards the clutch that belongs to his own dragon. His shirt is half untucked and his hair is soaking wet, which means he was enjoying a bath when the humming began. He makes a desperate attempt to fix himself as he moves over to join Enka. "What have I missed? Anything happen yet?" Thankfully, he hasn't missed much of anything, other than some wiggles.

Hot Sticky Sweet Egg is taking his sweet time. Sure, there's been little bits of jerky movement here and there. But it's all been rather… spaced out. Even as cracks start appearing down the side of the egg, there doesn't seem to be any rush. Small talons appear from a hole, covered in egg slime to the point where it's difficult to tell the color of what's inside just yet. Bits of the egg crumble away, sometimes in small shards and sometimes in large ones. And then, after what seems like an eternity, one of the larger pieces are shoved away and the egg's occupant finally becomes visible.

Cool Story, Brown Hatchling
This light tan brown looks almost like a tiny gold at first glance. Brown doesn't really describe him, he's more 'golden brown' in the baking sense. The underside of him though is actually a proper brown. A dark chocolate color bathes his belly and the underside of his jaw. The same chocolate covers his toes and feet, like he's been walking around in the mud. Tanned wings are striped with brown rods at the ridges, and fold in to cover a muscular form. A short snout leaves this dragon looking jovial and pleasant.

"I'm hopin' that it's /just/ those seven," Enka calls out to Iris. "I'm not sure if Mir's eggs have finished bakin' yet. Can you imagine if they weren't and tried to hatch anyway." That would be just … ewww. "But at least it's almost over. For you anyway." Poor Enka's still semi-chained to the sands. She flashes a grin at Zi'on as he arrives, and then peers towards the eggs. I think … is that a dragon? It looks like a dragon. Is it gold? No, brown maybe?" The woman makes a face. "Where's that weyrbrat with my water anyway? Sent him off,that little redhead with the funny lip. Frye. And he's still not back."

<In the galleries> D'ani is from the Western Isles, has spent a few turns living at Western Weyr, so could conceivably be on a visit home. But no, he's here today in a more official capacity. Having been in his office just about to head out to those camps the holdless are being interviewed in when the notification came through Dremkoth that eggs were hatching somewhere in the world. Free enough to pop over, at least for a short time, because hey, PR is important stuff! He gets the gist of which Weyr they're going to by the time his bronze rises into the Fortian skies, arrives more or less with the crowds and finds a seat somewhere not too far from where the Xanadu Steward sits.

Iolain is being hustled onto the Sands and that means there are a few moments where he's bouncing on one foot,the typical 'hot hot hot' expression on his face. His robe doesn't quite fit right, which makes the gesture somewhat more comical, as it means he does it while plastered tightly in white fabric. Ah, candidacy. He tugs the robe down as he tries to walk less like an idiot, making his way into the loose half-ring with the other people from his group.

Berry Berry Goodness Egg jolts, a back and forth motion that sends sand flying out from about it in every direction. It stills for a moment, trembles and mightily continues its endeavors. The hatchling in here wants OUT! A loud crack rips a portion of the shell off, a flash of green seen within, before the egg tumbles forwards, rolling across the sand. Another crack, a sharp ripping sound, and a taloned claw pokes though, dragging into the warm sand. Another claw, punching sharply through the shell, and the hatchling tears her way free, pushing out of the confining egg in a manner of infinite calmness. Nothing rattles her. NOTHING.

Keep Calm and Green On Hatchling
This girl's definitely got the green thing going. From the brilliant shade of chartreuse that saturates her hide with a radiant sheen, her very being seems extrude confidence and a calmness of purpose. Her finely shaped head, crowned with delicate little head knobs is set on a long swanlike neck that blends smoothly into graceful shoulders. Lean of belly, and haunch, she's not scrawny, but rather lithe and given to a feminine figure. Her wings are that just right size, enough to give her a sleek aerodynamic look without making her appear too overbalanced, and her lean long tail adds length to her presence, without making her seem bulky or dominating.

One of the last candidates out onto the sands is Augustus. The chubby boy is so late he's practically being carried by one of the assistant weyrlingmasters. He's also forgotten to bow to the clutchparents, a fact that is noticed by the weyrlingmasters and will made for a reprimand later. "Ow… Ow. Ow!" He whimpers as he moves onto the hot sands. His sandals don't seem to fit right, and his feet spill over a bit. Just enough to make it extra uncomfortable. He pulls down at his robe, which would be long enough if not for Augustus' copious belly. There's a bit of a squeak as he stares wide-eyed at the newly hatched brown, and shuffles in behind Iolain. "Erp… it's got sharp claws!"

Shadhavarth greets the new brown hatchling with a pleased bugle. Iris tilts her head curiously, grinning at the appearance. "He's a handsome one!" she grins, patting her own lifemate on the shoulder. And with the second one hatchling, another pleased greeting comes from Shadhavarth and Iris laughs. "Check that out, love. Just what we need, fearlessness." Pride. And then she's glancing over at Enka and making a moue. "I can't even imagine!" she calls. "I mean, there's plenty of tales of eggs trying to hatch… late. But early? I can just imagine the dragonhealers being on our tails demanding to study it if that happened."

<In the galleries> Kiena is another native of the Western Isles and though now wearing a Xanadu knot, she called Western Weyr home for sometime. Her business here had been strictly to visit but her timing is impeccable as always. Not long after Ujinath had landed and she dismounted, barely able to even consider what to do first — the humming began. So she joined the throngs venturing towards the galleries and walked those familiar steps, keeping her head low and unusually subdued as she too finds a seat, flopping down not far from the Fortian bronzerider and Xanadu's very own Steward.

Sundari has followed not to far after Iolain, peering around him curiously as he struggles with his robes, mostly because she is trying to see what is going on down on the sands. This is a first so she doesn't want to miss anything. There is a pause and a quick bow seen to the two rather important parent type dragons here before she lets her gaze settle upon the eggs that are quickly turning into little dragons.

Cool Story, Brown gives a biiig stretch, splaying his claws and opening up his wings. Ah! That feels good! No more being crunched into the egg! He is free! There's a bit of waddle-scampering in the sand, enough to make all the little bits of egg and slime fly off himself. And then he skids to a stop in front of the line of candidates. There's careful examination of each one, and at several points he pushes past the line, shoving some of the candidates out of the way. Nearly every candidate is looked over in turn. One lucky candidate even gets a snout up his robe. Woo woo! Finally Cool Story seems to settle on a cute red head girl covered in freckles. She giggles a bit as their eyes meet. "Oh hello, Lanzuuth! Yes, I am your Hansel. We can go explore a little later, how about something to eat, first?"

Enka makes a sound that's probably a rude little groan of dismay. "I keep lookin' over my shoulder to make sure I don't see any wigglin' from those eggs, but so far, not so much as a twitch. Thank Faranth. I'd rather not have the dragonhealers pinnin' me down and sayin' Mir's a freak or somethin' for cookin' them in the belly too long before they got laid." That brown, gets a laugh. And another for that lucky candidate. "Well, aint every day you get a dragon pokin' ya there."

<In the galleries> Ah, yes. Public Relations. That's part of being a Steward as well, depending on the definition of the public and the manner of relations. Jethaniel watches the arrivals on the sands; first the humans, then the dragons, and as the first impression happens, he nods slightly before casting his gaze over the remaining eggs. One, two… "Ah. Two queens." Dragons: not one of the purviews of a Steward.

Ennuin is more or less dragged out of the barracks by a hyperactive bulk of a blonde male candidate. He sighs expansively after bowing to the clutch parents, moving to fall in next to his "friend" - if you're into that sort of thing - with a laconic disinterest. You'd think the pale youth was standing in some long line waiting for the dentist or something for all the enthuisiasm he shows. Le sigh.

Zi'on chuckles a bit to Enka. "Me too. Though it would be fun to have all of the dragons hatch at once. Like the bigger clutches of the old days." Someone was sure to get hurt though, with that many dragons running amuck. "I'm pretty sure it would be strange to see a not-dragon hatching out of a dragon egg." The bronzer shrugs. "They hatch when they're ready to hatch, I suppose. Maybe Shad's are just cooked at a higher temperature or something. They were laid close enough together though. Her and Mir seem to be on the same cycle."

There is no movement from the So Bloody Wonderful Egg. None at all. Several might say they saw some, but really, there is none. It just seems to be sitting there in the sand. Maybe it doesn't realize that it's time to come alive? Or perhaps it is a dud after all. Even as some of the other eggs seem to move and shake about it just sits there. And then, as if out of nowhere, the egg shatters into a million pieces. Egg shards fall onto the sand and egg bits rain down on anyone close by. Even a few of the candidates end up with some egg dust in their hair. It is done! It is ALL DONE!

Hatch All the Blue Hatchling
This dragon is… blue! Really blue. Almost a single shade of blue all over. It is perhaps the bluest blue that was ever hatched. It's head is blue, its body blue, wings and tail are also blue. And all are the same shade of blue, only looking darker or lighter if they are in the dark or the light. So blue, this dragons best means of camouflage would be to lie flat on an ocean or a lake and blend in with the blue water. Or to fly around in twilight, while the sky was a darker shade of blue. A lithe figure, this dragon is longer than average with a bigger wingspan, but is by no means bulky or heavy looking.

Keep Calm and Green On Hatchling's entrance onto the hatching sands is one of poise, and grace, her mother's daughter without a doubt, and she sashays from the remains of her egg towards the assembled knot of candidates, her tail lashing back and forth in gentle precision. She knows what she must do, find a lifemate, get some food — in that order — and then get petted and pampered with an oil rub followed by a nap. And she's got her eye on just the /right/ one for her. A lovely green like her needs a perfect pretty companion, and that's Klara, the prissy little blonde who isn't quite so snobby now that she's been chosen by a dragon. Or at least, not snobby to her dragon anyway. "Oh yes Tairath. We are meant to be together. So perfect and wonderful. You'll see!"

Iolain feels as though all of his body is trying to melt and become one with the Sands. He's used to hot weather, certainly, but not usually from both above and below. He fans himself unashamedly and looks back at Augustus behind him only to step aside as the brown comes for his inspection. The sudden blue's emergence has him wincing and brushing egg dust out of his hair, but he expects Augustus to react somewhat more violently, so he mostly just waits for that. With everything happening so quickly, he's a bit off on calling out congratulations - aren't you supposed to? Eh, who knows.

Enka makes a face in Zi'on's direction — something akin to amusement and horror all rolled into one, which certainly makes for a very interesting expression indeed. "For that to happen, all the eggs hatching at once in a /huge/ clutch, we'd probably need all the golds on Pern to clutch or somethin' at the same time. And probably about a million candidates to make things really hectic. I wonder how much fun it would be to watch." she laughs a little, and nods. "And Shad rose first, so naturally her eggs started brewin' sooner." The goldrider's lips tighten. "Jays, where /is/ that boy? At this rate, I'm goin' to need somethin' stronger than just water. Ought to go find him myself if there wasn't a bunch of baby dragons in the way."

Iris's moue takes on a deeper botheredness at Zi'on's comment. "A not dragon? That would be… more than strange." Disturbing, really. She shakes the image out of her head though, distracted by Shadhavarth's crooning to the new hatchlings and their new lifemates. "Most excellent," she grins. "Look at /that/ color. What a fine blue." Even if there /is/ egg dust everywhere. Shadhavarth doesn't seem to care, she snorts/sneezes, the wind from which clears dust at least off of her lifemate. "And that would /not/ be so fun," she calls over to Enka. "I've heard the stories too. Chaotic, absolutely chaotic."

Augustus suddenly grabs hold of Iolain's arm as one of the dragons come close to him. There's a squeak and he tries to become one with the older candidate. "Ah! Ah! Don't let it come near me!" One wonders how this boy was searched at all. And how he'll ever impress with that kind of attitude. When the dragon moves off he relaxes, gives a (supposed to be) suave smile to Io. And also one to Sundari. The latter gets a wave, too.

Crusted Custard Egg gives a little shake, a little shimmy of movement on the sands, before it seems to be stirred from within by a flurry of movement. No wait, that's not just /seems/ to be, it is! Jagged streaks race across the shell of the egg, the places where the shell looks to have been broken off are truly shattered apart now, and an oozy sort of goop appears to be bubbling out of the broken parts. And then, with a loud *SCHLOOP*, the egg all but pops apart, leaving an oozy puddle of baby dragon in the middle of the remains.

And so it was Hatch All the Blue, was ejected from his home. And he was free from captive egg and across the sand to roam. His wings were stretched, his claws gripped sand, he sniffed about the place. His legs lurch forward for a stumble or two before he finds his grace. So thus he went, this blue of blues, towards all the candidates. There he stood still as a stone across those he'd never met. There's no panic in this blue big eyes, no need to get too near. No, he'll walk the line a few paces back, he can see them all from here. Too short, too tall, or this or that, no one seems to be quite right. At this rate the feast will spoil as everyone waits all night. And Lo! Behold! What of this lad with dark hair and eyes of blue. "Oh Hyperboleth come close to me and let me look at you!" H'lf and his dragon then were led away from the sands' heat. Down to the weyrling barracks both in which to get some meat.

Ennuin and Augustus would probably make for one pathetic Wing if they were put in one together. The youth waves a hand idly towards his face as if it would stir up some wind, but he can't really be bothered to care. He tugs on his associate's robe and the boy is happy enough to fan him instead. It's good to have friends more energetic than yourself.

Not Sure If I'm Green Or If That's Just Egg Goop Hatchling
While undoubtedly this dragon is clearly green for a verdant gleam shines forever upon her hide, given the pale sage hue of her body, it can be no wonder that the uneven driblets of darker forest tones that run across the upper curve of her neck, down across her short muzzled face and the length of her back and tail could not be mistaken for sticky egg goo. This same uneven dappling is etched across her wingspars, staining her pale wingsails with droplets of pine.

Sundari shifts on her feet, half on her tiptoes to peer out at this new dragon, a soft oh escapes her while she watches the blue. "Look at him." Hearing Augustus she glances over and just peers at him. "Isn't that sort of the idea?" Well that is the idea she got from it, the dragon has to come near someone in order to impress them, right? A wave is offered back to Augustus though. "See, they're not going to hurt you. Well, wait I suppose they could, but there just not." Her bright gaze flicks back towards the hatching of another dragon, a soft oo escaping her at the sight of the green.

Iolain makes something of a face as Augustus attempts to fuse with him, probably into some greater form of ultimate candidate. He wags his arm a bit, expression drab, and then finally pushes him away slightly, "Augustus, for the love of - you're cutting off the blood flow to my hand." He wags his arm again, frowning down at the other boy and then shaking his head, "Stop being so scared and just try not to get in their way, alright? You'll be fine." Probably.

Enka points at the newest dragonet to plop from her egg onto the sands. "That /soooort/ or looks like a not-dragon." she observes. "At least, she really looks like she might be oozin' and goozin' all over the place and next thing you know, the dragonhealers will be demandin' we let them look her over to make sure her insides aren't oozin' out. She's got pretty color under there, but them markings, if they are markings, and not you know, the half-done dragonet." The Weyrwoman scowls at the entrance, right when she catches sight of a certain redhead with her water. But oh, no, he's not coming out here.

<In the galleries> There's going to be chatter in the galleries over the hatching; D'ani knows this. And yet, over the babble of voices greeting one another, the words spoken by the man nearby catch his ear. "They seem to be sharing the sands amicably enough, even though they don't share the skies" he says with a smile. Upon noting his knot, he leaves the simple explanation to say, "Fort's duties to Xanadu and her queens, may they and the Weyr prosper." With a friendly nod in her direction, he includes Kiena in that as brown eyes catch the colors of her knot.

Zi'on blinks at Enka, then laughs. "The oozy ones are the best ones. That means that they have extra food. For growing… HUGE! Or something. I dunno. Maybe it just means they are slimy for longer. At any rate, they're impressing fine." The bronzer grins. "Hatch all the dragons? Can you imagine a clutch of thirty? It would be a madhouse in here. And I wouldn't mind. I've already got my dragon. I survived!"

Not Sure If I'm Green Or If That's Just Egg Goop Hatchling sneezes, spraying icky oozy goop everywhere, before she clambers to her feet, swaying back and forth and creeling hungrily. Foood, she needs food. But to get food, she needs to find a rider, that perfect one. Wait, where's she going? That scrawny little redhead at the edge of the sands. He's a candidate, isn't he? Even if he wasn't, that's the boy for her! Butting against him, and leaving a slimy smeared trail of sticky egg fluid across his clothing, the little green has made her choice…. in lazy little Frye. Who calls out her name with a loud shout of surprise "Siltyth. What, food? Why, of course you can have some."

"By that logic she'll become enormous, then?" Iris grins at Zi'on. "I suppose that /is/ how many we used to have, back in the ancient days. When we needed everything for fighting. Although I can hardly imagine a single queen carrying that many eggs." Shadhavarth rumbles at the implied insult. A queen would /never/ be fat, thirty-egg heavy or not.

Augustus looks up pathetically at Iolain. "But.. but… what if one of them steps on my toes? Oh Faranth! It's getting closer!" Hide! Whew… it's gone by. No mauling. Though he is gripping Io's arm again for comfort, enough to get himself pushed. There's some sniffling and he moves over towards Sundari. "Can I stand over here instead?" Iolain's a bully!

Iolain shrugs at that question, arching a brow at Augustus and pointing out helpfully, "You'll probably have aching toes, but I doubt much more. Just don't let them scratch at you or anything." He watches as Augustus goes to try and be defended by Sundari instead, making an exasperated gesture with his hands. He exhales and shakes his head, folding his arms and trying not to be too put off by the, uh, oozing thing that just exploded. Oookay. At least the dragonlet seems to have found the person it wanted.

Sundari smiles as she watches that green and just peers crossed eyed as she is rather sure some of that oozy goop just smacked into her somehow. "Oh.. gross…" She grumbles out before she looks over to Augustus while she is wiping off the icky dragon slobber or it could be snot even she isn't fully sure. "Ah, well, sure?"

<In the galleries> "It's true. Though not all golds will share the sands either. Depends on their personalities, I guess," Kiena drawls, simply joining into the conversation without hesitation as she leans back a bit on her seat, hands at either side to prop and hold her weight. Blue eyes do dart to Jethaniel first and the Steward receives a curious look. What're the odds? Probably higher than usual. Then she shifts her focus to D'ani and her eyes linger on his knot, before she smirks. "Xanadu's duties to Fort and her queens," she replies, though not quite as lengthy and formal as the Fortian Weyrsecond.

Enka grumbles and grouses, nose wrinkling as she realizes that her water bearer was … well, snagged by a dragon, for the lack of a better word. "Now I'm never gettin' that water." she mutters, watching one of the weyrlingmaster staff move over to collect Frye and Siltyth. "I'm just hopin' this is over faster than a green's flight, and I can go drown myself — figuratively speakin' in some water. Or juice. Or somethin'." She does manage a laugh. "She'll be gigantic, if your theory holds, Zi. Biggest green on Pern or somethin'." Iris gets a sidelong look. "Mir's already plump enough as it is with that tail of hers, with thirty eggs inside her, she'd never get off the ground."

Kazuto is here, he's always been here. Just quiet, watching, and moving near candidates that he knows a little better than others. He shifts from where he was standing behind some taller candidates, to peek at the green that just impressed - is he hiding? Maybe.

So Fresh and Creamy Egg quivers and shakes, a real vibration of movement from within as the hatchling inside struggles to free itself from the confines of the egg surrounding it. Out! It cannot get out! Oh wait, maybe it can. The sides of the egg seem to melt away in a gooey puddle, the hatchling springing free, chest puffed out in heroic poise.

Zi'on lifts his arms to Iris. "HUGE! The biggest green ever. Bigger than a brown! She'll be too big to have proper green flights, instead only bronzes will be able to chase her. She will be… epic! Oh, are you talking about the queen? I was talking about the oozy hatchling over there. Though the queens would be pretty big with that many eggs to lay. Mir would have to store some in her tail. That's the only place they would fit." Though there is something comical about a bowling-pin shaped queen, and Zi'on chuckles a bit.

One Does Not Simply…. /Pick/ a Lifemate Bronze Hatchling
The very epitome of bronze! A perfect blend of greeny-gold that seems cast into a warrior's frame. Strong broad shoulders, a wide chest, and powerful wings define him, mold him and shape him into the brazen form complete with arrogantly uptilted muzzle. His neck is arched, a curving sweep like the huntsman's horn, and his tail, straight and true, is like the swordsman's blade.

Ennuin sighs and brushes a lanky piece of hair off his forehead, managing to slouch even in a candidate robe that is baggy enough that his thin frame is dwarfed. He complains airily of the heat, then looks almost like he's rolling his eyes at the newest heroic little bronze. So unimpressed.

<In the galleries> The acoustic properties of this area are yet another of the things which might be fascinating but do not merit sufficient study to be properly appreciated. Jethaniel's attention to them at the present time is limited to leaning forward, the better to hear D'ani. "Fortunate they are, in this case," he says with a glance to Kiena and a nod for her addition. "I am given to understand the transport of an egg-heavy dragon is prone to complications; it might be difficult to achieve sufficient seperation, were they not amicable." And that's even after taking into account that theoretical logistics are much simpler than actual ones. Being only theoretical, they can also be abandoned without significant consequence. Jethaniel does so, in favor of a polite response. He inclines his head, saying, "Indeed. Xanadu's duties to Fort and her queens."

"No, no, I meant the green." And she's about to make another comment when that… oh so gorgeous bronze hatches and stands in his puddle of gooey eggbits. "Well… well well well." Impressed smile. Shadhavarth croons happily at the bronze. Yes. /That/ is a hatchling. Even Teimyrth rumbles a welcome. As impressive a bronze hatchling as ever they've had, indeed.

Augustus does not want aching toes. He does not want them on the sand, he does not want want them on the land. He does not want the toes of pain, he does not want them Iolain! And also now he's hiding back by Sundari. He avoids a goopy fate narrowly, though some does land nearby, causing him to stare at it with a nice 'eeewwww'. The latest bronze to be hatched seems to get his attention though. Even if it's just because he doesn't want to get trampled by it.

Sundari lifts her head while peering at the bronze that is hatching, a soft oh escaping her while she just wonders. "Could be worse Augustus, could be more eels getting slim over everything." She grins a touch seeming a bit amused.

Enka laughs. "Maybe we could try and experiment with her if she was so big, don't let her chew firestone. See if she can actually reproduce." Maybe that's said rather tongue in cheek from the Weyrwoman. "Although given her choice, I'm not sure who's worse, Liora or Frye." Maybe Enka's just disgruntled that she's lost out on getting that water due to the young man impressing. Shucks. "Now there's a fine lookin' bronze." she observes. "Looks every inch what you'd think bronze ought to be."

One Does Not Simply…. /Pick/ a Lifemate Bronze Hatchling remains poised in his hero's stance for a moment or two, drawing the eyes — or at least trying to — of as many male candidates as he can. And ladies, feel free to look with your eyes, because you can't HAVE him. And then a rumble from deep within his starving belly prompts the bronze to lurch forwards towards the candidates. And yet, he takes his time to choose —this lifemate finding is serious business after all, and he has to get it juuuuuust right. Peering first here, then there, he finally spots a likely lad. With a rumble of sound, the bronze moves forwards tow-headed gangly young Lajos, a Weyrbred Western lad. Him, he's the one. Nudging at the boy, the bronze makes his choice known, and the newly named L'jos exclaims happily. "I'll do my best Bormith. I won't let you down!"

Ooey Gooey Chocolate Egg gives a half-hearted shake, as if its heart — would that eggs had hearts — wasn't quite into the spectacle of hatching. Another weary little wobble and a shake, and then finally a crack, that seems to take forever to run a uneven jagged course down the center of the egg. Crumbled flakes of brown fall away, and then the egg all but disintegrates in a dusty little splat, leaving a very dejected looking blue hatchling in its midst.

Forever Alone Blue Hatchling
What a sorry fellow this is. While most blues might be cheerfully bright of hue, a sodden foggy grayish-blue color that envelopes the hide of this dragon like a gloomy little rain cloud. Tiny, as far as one of his color goes, he almost seems to be drawn inwards on himself, his wingsails, far too large as they are, and streaked with darker blue to appear rather tattered and torn dominate his personal space, the wearied droop of shortened neck and heavy head a burden nearly too great to bear.

<In the galleries> "That would make sense given-" D'ani coughs and changes it to, "the circumstances." Yes, maybe it's best not to say female personalities as the former beastcrafter meant to! He's got a lot to learn about dragons yet, totally inexperienced when it comes to how golds handle themselves on the sands. As for PR, he's working on it. He dips his head to Kiena, grins at Jethaniel good-naturedly introducing himself briefly, "D'ani, Fort Weyrsecond." And then, there's action down below, so he pays attention to it.

Kazuto shifts closer to Sundari, nudging her and grinning. "Fine looking bronze, hmm?" He asks, though any sort of glimmer of hope of that dragon coming his way is quashed by it impressing Lajos. He sighs a little and then grins as another egg starts shaking. The gloomy looking blue gets a bit of a frown. "What a sad looking thing." He muses, and shifts his weight from one foot to another. At least his interest in the proceedings is starting to pick up.

Taste the Snot Quite Rainbow Egg gives a few violent shakes, stirred into motion by the frenzy of the eggs around it. There's a pause, the hatchling within either drawing breath and strength for a renewed assault on the shell of the egg … or … maybe it really doesn't want to hatch at all. The moment passes, and the egg begins it's furious gyrations once more. A pop,a snap, and like the cap of a bottle, the uppermost curve of the shell flies off, the hatchling within oozing out in a sinuous glide to sprawl athwart the hatching sands.

Iolain arches a brow at Kazuto - his eyebrows are getting a lot of mileage today - and shakes his head a bit at the other youth's disappointment. He mostly wishes he had pockets. And pants. He ruffles his fingers through his hair to dispel some of the heat and sidles over a bit so he's standing near the others, mostly because he knows them. He watches the latest of the proactive eggs with curiosity, shrugging mildly at the description Kazuto makes regarding the blue, "He just hatched. I'd be upset, too."

Zi'on laughs. "A green that big? Maybe. Of course if she could reproduce wouldn't that technically make her a sickly gold instead of a butch green? Sickly, small, and greenish." The bronzer peers at the latest blue to hatch. "Ah… what a sad looking thing. So sad… it makes me depressed just looking at it. Especially in the wake of that last bronze." So… so sad. It needs a hug.

I Don't Always Hatch From My Egg But When I Do I Am Brown Hatchling
An air of suave sophisticatedness oozes from the pores of this debonair of browns. Sleekly squared off neck ridges run back from a broad, intelligent brow, his muzzle rather jutting like the noble prow of a ship. Across his chest, his dark brown hide pales slightly, a brief splash of softer hue against the sienna-streaked mocha of his base coloring, an interesting flash of pigmentation that does little to mar his hide, but rather enhance it.

<In the galleries> Kiena only tilts her head towards Jethaniel, wide blue eyes blinking a few times before her expression twists in an utter perplexed look. "What?" Comes her blunt and curt reply, only to be followed by a frown, "I'm… not sure I followed any of that." But boy does she feel a little slow when D'ani seems to grasp it and she pointedly looks away. Oh, look! Hatching. Her head will dip and turn again when greetings are exchanged and the bluerider tosses her name into the mix. "Kiena, Xanadu Wingrider. Blue Ujinath's." Done! Or so one would think, as her gaze lingers again on D'ani, followed by a crooked smirk. "So you've come in place of Th'e— Weyrleader Th'ero?" Quick slip of the rank there.

Augustus is not trampled! Huzzah! Also Sundari is safe from his arm squeezing. In fact, the chubby candidate seems to be too frightened and awwkard to really get close to her. His round cheeks are all reddened through, only half from the heat of the sands. Finally he's able to squeak out to the other candidate. "Hey… maybe one of those last two are yours."

Forever Alone Blue Hatchling heaves a long and wearied sigh, sprawled out amongst the remains of his egg. He gives a wearied little wing flutter, his manner total apathy for a long moment — enough perhaps to make the weyrlingmaster staff edge nervously towards him, before with another long-suffered sigh, the dragonet heaves himself to his feet. Right. There's some protocols to follow here, sure. Find someone,who is he kidding? And then get food. Whatever. Trudging forwards, putting one foot in front of the other, the little blue slumps along. At least until he bumps into a skinny tall girl with dark hair, Enola. "Olsoth." the girl from High Reaches Weyr, who'd always kept herself back from the crowd, reaches out to caress the forlorn little hatchling. "We're not really alone, if we're together."

Sundari glances over to Kazuto and smiles before waving to him. "There you are, come on up front?" She tries to drag him up a bit before she is looking back watching as the bronze finds a person and then there is another blue that has hatched. A soft ah escapes her. "Poor thing.." As for Augustus she nods a moment. "Could be for any of us, right?" She watches as the blue finds someone and can't help but smile.

Shadhavarth is most pleased with the bronze's choice of lifemate. A good pairing indeed, as the clutchmomma croons towards the pair headed for the weyrlingmasters… only for her attention to be nabbed by the sorry looking blue. Croon. Poor baby. It's okay. Iris's expression is… nonplussed. "Well. He's. He'd better find his lifemate and I hope it's somebody very cheerful, to say the least." And, well. At least the girl from High Reaches isn't completely a sad case. She was nice, at least? Shadhavarth croons encouagement to the pair. And, at last, the brown. A handsome brown indeed, from a most rainbow'd egg.

"Zi'on, she picked a /boy/." Enka is quick enough to point that out. "It'd probably take a really really sickly gold to pick a boy, right? So she's just a big green. Or could be a big green. Watch her stay a scrawny runt or somethin'. No offense intended there, Iris. Or Shadhavarth." Right, Enka's got to cover her bases there, and insulting a dragon from her junior queen just isn't done. "Poor little blue. Poor poor little fellow." There's a sigh of relief that he at least had moved to pick someone, and Enka's turning towards the last of the hatchlings. "After this, I'm goin' divin' in the biggest tub of cold water I can find. Or skinny dippin' in the lagoon. Either or."

<In the galleries> "Ah…" Jethaniel attempts to replay his own words in order to find the place where he was unclear to Kiena. Unfortunately, it seems likely that the place was 'All Of It', which makes the situation… "Difficult. Moving queens with eggs is difficult." Maybe that'll work? Most of those words had fewer than three syllables, after all. He tilts his head closer to be sure and catch D'ani's words despite the evident dryness of his throat (as the cough would indicate), then nods at the sentence's conclusion. "Quite." He provides a smile of his own. "Jethaniel. Xanadu's Steward." After considering the Fortian Weyrsecond's features for a moment, he hmms. "I believe we may have met before." Ah, but when? "Perhaps one of the joint patrols? Or at the herdbeast collection?" Jethaniel has plenty of technical terms for his own domains. For those of the beastcraft, he is sometimes lacking.

Kazuto scrunches his nose at the thought of coming out front, though he does as he is bidden and steps out to stand close to Sundari and Augustus. He gives Augustus a quick grin then glances to see where the sad looking blue wandered off to. "He didn't really look upset, just sad or something." He says to Iolain, and then shrugs. Not for him to know what a dragon is thinking, really.

I Don't Always Hatch From My Egg But When I Do I Am Brown Hatchling breathes heavily for a moment or two, drawing in air like a thirsty man would gulp a draught of water or stronger spirits. This hatching stuff is hard work! But slowly, but surely, he clambers to his feet, head cocked about to stare towards the knot of candidates. And there, he spots exactly the young man for him. You! It's an interesting fellow he picks, young Gulxxar of Honshu WeyrHold. "Why, Dosquith," G'xxar exclaims, "I think there will be many interesting things to see and do, but first, let's get you fed."

Zi'on ponders this. "Hm. Are we sure he's a boy? Well, I guess she won't be making eggs. Such a shame. Though I suppose it would be better to leave that to the golds anyways." The bronzer wipes some of the sweat from his forehead. "I don't have any proper water on me, Enka. But you can take some of my man-water." He means his sweat. He is offering his sweat as a drink to the weyrwoman. How gross. "I'm getting back in the bath I think. I am sweating up a storm in these clothes. Next hatching I'm coming in a loin cloth and sandals."

Iolain shrugs just as much as Kazuto, folding his arms in lieu of pockets and then huffing at his bangs in irritation. Ugh. So hot. He looks aside to check on Augustus and Sundari, glad to see neither is dead or dying, as Augustus is quite concerned. Satisfied, he'll look to see if there are any further eggs to hatch, forced to rake his hair back just so he can actually see.

"Still on about the green?" Iris peers towards Zi'on and Enka. "None taken," she responds to her senior. "She'll grow up fine, I'm sure. And Frye will probably develop some obsession about getting you water. Watch it happen. And I am totally down for a dive in the lagoon." It is still a fine temperature outside, after all. The final impression from Shadhavarth's eggs brings a satisfied croon from the junior gold. She peers at the remains of her eggs for a long moment, headbumps her weyrmate, and takes off. Who cares about the rest, after all? Iris peers at the remaining eggs. "Sure none of yous are going to go, Enka?" If not, it sounds like about time to release the candidates back to their own work, or own plans of diving into cool water.

Enka arches a brow at Zi'on. "You sayin' I ought to go find out if he's got the plumbin' that means boy or girl? Not my vup of klah, thanks. I'll just get the Headwoman to do it." The offered sweat just makes her wrinkle her nose. "Ewwww. I don't think so, Zi. I like your sweat fine at other times, but drinkin' it, right here?" No way! Iris gets a grin. "We aint lettin' about about that green." she remarks, glancing towards the clutch of Miraneith and Suldith's eggs. "Not so much as a twitch. And I'm really wantin' to go dive in some water right now. A bath sounds really good, if it's cool." She laughs. "Loin cloth and sandals. Now that would be just perfect. I'd spend so much time catchin' peeks, I probably wouldn't even know what impresses who." Moving towards the remaining candidates, the goldrider nods her head at them. "Well, your lifemates weren't amongst these dragonets, but as you can see, there's still a clutch of ten that's just waitin' to hatch sooner or later. So don't go runnin' off from the Weyr just yet."

Zi'on chuckles. "Yah. We make our own fun." He says to Iris. Since all the eggs are hatched, Zi'on stretches out, letting Enka do her announcement thing. "I think I might get something to drink now that they eggs are hatched. Can't let all the good booze go to waste at the feast, right? Then maybe we can head down for a swim." The bronzer fakes a yawn and puts an arm around Enka's shoulders. "We'll let the dragons hold down the fort." He grins to her. "Yep, don't any of you go leaving just yet. In fact, everyone should go down and get something to eat at the feast. The next clutch will be due to hatch soon enough, and your lifemate might keep you from partaking in the next one."

<In the galleries> D'ani flicks a faintly surprised look at Kiena's bewilderment. He understood the steward, but then his beastcraft mind made the correlation between hatching sands and alternatives to egg-laden dragons not sharing them. It might have something to do with trying to move heavily-pregnant bovines in from the pastures one too many times? The greenrider looks sharp enough to him, but he's also rather fresh from reading manuals written by masters a wee bit too fond of technical wordage. He winces slightly, understanding when she looks away, brown eyes sliding to Jethaniel. Oops? "Kiena," he repeats the name so he'll remember it, "Th"

Sundari gives Kazuto's arm a soft pat before she is looking back to see who the nice looking brown might go about picking. "This was all wild." There is a pause as she hears Enka, a warm smile seen and she nods before looking towards the candidates that are left around her. At the talk of the feast she is poking Kazuto and then Augustus, and even Iolain gets a half poke to the arm. "We should go change and head out to the feast, yeah?"

Iolain sighs a bit as he points out, all frowning and sulky, "Yeah, but we're candidates. We can't drink at the feast." Still, he's not really all that put out, straightening slightly and tugging at his robe as he says, "At least I can get out of this thing. I've been doing my damnedest not to flash the entire clutch." Ahem. He hooks an arm around Augustus's shoulders to steer the chubby youth off the Sands, pausing to bow to the dragons again and then hauling him - hauling him to SAFETY.

Augustus makes a 'hoo-hoo' noise when he is poked by Sundari. Like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Did Sundari just ask him to go and do something!? He turns as red as a redfruit and just sort of nods or something in confirmation. He could eat! And change.

<In the galleries> D'ani flicks a faintly surprised look at Kiena's bewilderment. He understood the steward, but then his beastcraft mind made the correlation between hatching sands and alternatives to egg-laden dragons not sharing them. It might have something to do with trying to move heavily-pregnant bovines in from the pastures one too many times? The greenrider looks sharp enough to him, but he's also rather fresh from reading manuals written by masters a wee bit too fond of technical wordage. He winces slightly, understanding when she looks away, brown eyes sliding to Jethaniel. Oops? "Kiena," he repeats the name so he'll remember it. "Th'ero is probably here somewhere," he answers her question. He's racking his brain to remember meeting the Steward. The round-up? A couple of dust-filled days, bawling herdbeast, keeping Horatu busy and out of mischief, felines attacking (of the non-Hotaru type) confusion and mayhem. "Oh. Right. You were the one hugging the blonde," he says. Two points for PR? Riiight.

With the last of Shadhavarth's eggs hatched, and Impressed, Miraneith is content to finally have the hatching sands all to herself. Without any extra candidates wandering around or anything. And so the gold's settling down around her clutch, watching as the last of the people trickle off. Hold down the fort indeed. "I could use a drink." Enka remarks, faking a little dry cough, and when Zi'on's arm comes down around her after that fake yawn, she snugs herself right up alongside him, an arm sliding around his waist. "Wash out the dust and sand with a couple of drinks, and then wash off the rest of me with a good swim." she grins cheerily. "And besides, we might have to mingle and smile and all that. It'd be terribly rude to just not show up at least for a while." Which is why it's a good idea to go. Now.

<In the galleries> Oh. OH. Kiena doesn't quite facepalm — much too much going on for that — but her expression says it all. She's feeling pretty stupid. "Uh… right. Yeah, it would be." she says awkwardly, not quite certain how to salvage that blunder. Nope, it worked. Small words work, apparently. And maybe that sudden flush of red to her cheeks is from the heat in the galleries too. She snorts for D'ani's reply, "Doubtful." she counters, rather brashly. How would she know? With the last of the hatchlings finding their pairs, Kiena exhales softly and stretches, rolling one of her shoulders before she's turning on the gallery bench to peer curiously between Jethaniel and D'ani when she zones in on their conversation again.

Kazuto scrunches his nose a little more and ponders what to do next, "I really want to get cleaned up before going for any food." He decides, suddenly realizing how sweaty and uncomfortable he really is. That, and his feet are still being touched by hot sands. "Let's get out of here. I can't believe we will have to do that all over again!" He complains a little, hoping that next time the sands will be a little cooler, yea right…

Iolain just hopes his robe fits by the time they have to Stand for the next Hatching. There are some things that cannot be unseen and he's about to show it all to the other candidates in the baths. Off they go!

Sundari eyes Augustus at the 'hoo-hoo' sound he makes which makes her shake her head. "That works for me Kazuto." And she is off following the others back to the barracks to get changed and so forth.

<In the galleries> Too fond of technical wordage? Such a thing is possible? Nobody tell Jethaniel, he might try to explain otherwise… and Western probably wants the galleries clear sometime before the rest of the eggs start rocking. Granted, sometimes, simple words can suffice. He provides the initial proof thereof, and D'ani demonstrates further. Thundering hooves, attacking felines, and what gets remembered? That. "Ah. Yes." Jethaniel offers no further explanation, instead directing his gaze out over the sands. What he sees there catches his attention. "They're leaving." The humans, at least; many of the eggs remain.

<In the galleries> D'ani's perplexed and perhaps a bit offended of the dismissal of a man he holds in hight esteem (though knows little about, truth be told). "And you'd know this, how exactly Kiena?" he drawls lightly enough with a puzzled headtilt. And oh, you bet hugging a blonde would be the thing remembered out of the mayhem because, "She was striking," he says casually with a 'you lucky guy, you' sort of envious grin. He cam however, take a hint and drops the subject to peers down at the sands. "I suppose that's my cue to do likewise," he says reluctantly. Probably it has more to do with stopping by Western's 'leaders and doing the formal thing rather than getting back to his work at Fort.

<In the galleries> Leaving? So they are. Kiena's distracted again by Jethaniel's (much clearer) remark and her head turns towards the emptying sands, save for the remaining clutch. The bluerider's mouth quirks into another thin smirk and then she is slowly pushing to her feet and brushing her hands idly over her pants. She looks up at D'ani at his question, pushing back a few strands of her hair that refuse to remain put behind her ear. "How do I know? 'Cause he's my brother and if I know my brother well enough, he's either busy," And she'll fold down one of her fingers. Oh, there's a list? "Finding trouble." Check. "In trouble." Check. "Or something like that. Could be wrong," Kiena admits with a shrug of her shoulders, sweeping her hands in a helpless gesture and begins to move away. "Time to go," she remarks and at the very least she dips her head with a half-wave and salute before disappearing down those steps.

<In the galleries> When it comes to that blonde, D'ani is correct. Jethaniel acknowledges this with a nod, accompanied by a small but pleased smile. For several moments, while his gaze rests on the sands, he's silent - perhaps because his thoughts are halfway across Pern and responsible both for that smile lingering and for his lack of response regarding Th'ero's disposition… which, all things considered, is likely for the best. In certain circumstances, distraction can be a fine form of diplomacy. "It does appear so, yes," he agrees to Kiena, and offers her a wave in return before extending his hand to D'ani. "A pleasure to meet you in less chaotic circumstances." He says it straight-faced, and never mind the egg shards still strewn across the sands, the occasional penetrating squeak of a hungry hatchling, or the fact that he's no idea at all where his ride home has gone. He'll probably find him at the hatching feast, and until then, well, there's always more PR to be done.

<In the galleries> Th'ero has a sister?? D'ani shouldn't be so surprised. "Kiena! Waaait!" And with an apologetic look at Jethaniel followed by a, "Nice seeing you again," he blurts right before he dashes off after her. Probably won't catch up with her, given the crowds. And he probably figures he'll see Jethaniel down there later where he'll say a more proper farewell. In either case, he'll make it a point to visit Xanadu and flounder through his faux paus later.

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