For Want of a Wherry

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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Field; Corral**

The weyrlings have been learning and reinforcing a lot of different skills this month or two, but it must be said that HUNTING is really Jorynth's favorite. At first, the humongous blue did so on foot, like his other sisters and bros. But today… Oh YES. Today, he's going to be the first and the best at doing so on wing! And so, with nothing but his inner storm and thunders to disguise his intent, Jor gudalumphs over to the pens…and without anything but a tremendous CRACK of lighting in Alida's mental face to stun her for a moment, he unfurls those wild wings of his, gains speed…and flap-flap-FLAP! The big bastich is airborne! With lots of effort, aye, and not quite as gracefully as usual, but he *does it*, and is soon gliding over the corral of beasts, stampeding them willy nilly… and aggravating a pair of adult, hunting greens. « Hello ladies! I am going to feed with you, pardon me! » BOOM! He chooses his victim quickly, and soon enough, the wherry is… simply fallen on like a ten ton hammer from the sky! CRACK! One broken wherry back and neck later, the blue is shaking his head from the hard impact of 'landing,' then finally roaring his success to anyone who will listen!

Zhelinath was being indulged in some well-earned oiling when Jorynth drew her attention. Poor N'on is left just sort of hanging out in the training grounds as the green rises to her feet with a flick of wings and trots to the edge of the field. She hops once, then flicks her wings open. A flap or two, a couple of false hopping starts… And then she's in the air, wobbling slightly in a low glide until she reaches the edge of the feeding grounds. She touches down foreclaws first with an odd little series of hops, then flicks her wings closed again as she observes from the sidelines. « You lost points for style, » she remarks. « But it /is/ dead! Are you hurt? »

Count on Jorynth to disrupt the mundane. The young blue stops roaring his fool head off when he notices he's 'egged' (a-ha-ha) Zhel on into taking a nice glide over to him, the red-eyed guy climbing off his squished wherry carcass, and pointedly licking the gore from his feet. Show-off. « I make up for that loss with sheer power, my dear sister. » Griinnn! Ham. « I'll share…if you bring down one next. » You know you wanna do it! Meanwhile, Alida is running over to the feeding grounds, yelling out crossly to her dragon in tones that befit a drill sergeant, "ASSHOLE! THAT WASN'T FUNNY! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT PEN!" Notice she's not yelling at him for his unannounced flight and kill maneuver. Not yet, anyway. On the way she passes N'on, and jerks her chin for him to join her, if he so wishes.

N'on finishes putting away the oiling supplies about the time that Alida is passing, and between Alida's yelling and the information he gets from Zhe, he's just too curious /not/ to trot along in her wake. Meanwhile, Zhe has settled down firmly on the outside of the pen, and starts preening fussily at one wing. « If I brought one down, there would be no need to share, » she points out, reasonably. « Besides. I am a lady, not a boar. And mine says it's bad to frighten the food so much. It will make them taste bad. »

« Oh-ho-Ho! Not as brave as Seyu, huh? But yes, a lady indeed… » Jorynth notes within his summery thunderstorm. « But I shall let you share with me, anyway… » It's a big wherry. As Alida hollers at Jor, the blue lifts his kill up in his mouth, and snaps those wings until he's once again airborn, clearing the fence, then rising over it to finally glide beyond…meeting the humans halfway. Backwinging is a smooth thing, but he has to let his kill drop to make a GOOD landing, this time. « My next kill will be better. » Jorynth notes to his sister's mental words of 'scaring the meat,' the two grown greens finally resuming their hunt with chuffs of amusement at the blue 'kid.' Alida finally meets her lifemate half-way, and barges past his preening self to check out those wings of his with eyes and hands. "Idiot… you might've damaged yourself. And if you *ever* play that fucking distraction joke on me *again*…" Yeah yeah yeah. And, while the woman inspects, Jor sets ahout carefully opening up the big wherry. Hunger waits for no woman.

Zhe keeps right on preening, conspicuously disinterested in Jorynth's bravado. When he offers to let her share, she replies with a prim, « I do not accept gifts from those who insult me and harm their own. » N'on, for his part, hangs back once he sees Jorynth incoming with a mouth full of wherry. He's lived in weyrs a good number of years, and most of that time was spent in the hunting grounds. He /knows/ what can happen when weyrling dragons decide to fly around with their kills. When the dead wherry is back safely on the ground, he approaches and waves a hand to get Alida's attention. "He's okay?" he signs, with a quizzically raised eyebrow.

« Your loss.. » Jorynth notes dryly, unfazed by his sister's prissiness, though he does stop to stare at her when she mentions harming his own. Sudden lightning strikes not far away, thunder booming as he answers rather darkly to Zhe, « NEVER. » Confident, resolute, certain is his slightly husky, rich baritone. Alida is his only ONE, his hammer, his storm, and he will NEVER EVER harm her knowingly. And then he's back to his usual self, though his ichor splattered muzzle slowly reaches out to rub *his* Alida in her belly, a low croon of comradeship and love given off. And dang it if it doesn't quell much of the woman's upset, her arms wrapping about his muzzle for a long moment as green eyes close and she 'communes' with her lifemate in silence for a long moment. Softly, "Yeah… me too, handsome. Just… be *good*, okay?" is noted low before she steps away to allow her blue room to eat his kill without worrying about her. As she steps back toward N'on, the woman uses both hands and voice to indicate, "Perfectly. Just jostled his brains for a moment on the hard landing." Cue her dark, shaggy grunt of laughter.

Zhelinath continues to look conspicuously unconvinced, though she glances over at him, eyes whirling as the other two share a moment together. When it's over and Jorynth has returned to his meal, she settles down and spreads her wings to catch some weak winter sun. A whisper of a thought is sent toward Jorynth, approval for thinking of his lifemate, belated though it might have been. N'on grins ruefully and shakes his head. "He has a hard head," he signs back, with a wink. "That's good."

He can't help it: Alida is his ALL…and Jorynth shares with Zhelinath just a *breath* of a secret forest and a *hint* of softly falling hail… or is it something else, to have such a nacreous glow? Alida is bigger in the blue's mind than she is in reality; larger than life, powerful, beautiful and wild, magnificent and strong. A Valkyrie. Perhaps this is why he doesn't feel she was endangered in any way by his actions. He doesn't need Zhel's approval, but it bolsters him just the same, a warble given to her before he's nose deep in wherry once again. "A VERY hard head…" Alida comments both in hand and voice to N'on's comment, her smirk edging a little wider. "I'll talk to you later about it." It's really something else from this usually cool and distant woman, that she's managed to strike up this much trust and perhaps friendship with N'on.

Zhelinath croons gently, then closes her eyes to enjoy a moment of sunbathing. Even if it's not exactly /warm/. Alida's promise draws a raised brow and crooked grin from N'on, but he doesn't press her for any more details. Instead, he cuts a glance toward his own green, then signs, "They are all hard-headed in their own way." The green must have picked up on that thought, because she gives a little snort, but doesn't bother to open her eyes.

"No doubt. I don't know if I've heard of or seen a dragon here yet that doesn't have something of that in their personality…" Alida chimes in low, just watching Jor eat, feeling his hunger slowly diminish and his satisfaction grow. She can't help but sharing in the sensation of the wherry's ichor sliding down her lifemate's throat, and for a moment, the woman looks a little green around the gills until she concentrates on something else. Aside to N'on, "That blood and ichor swallowing crap he does goes down better with me when I imagine it as beer…booze, anyway." Zhel's snort is met by one of Alida's own, the woman then noting again to her fellow weyrling, "I'm gonna head to the water… get a head start on Jor." Yes, he'll need and want a quick cleaning after chowing down.

N'on seeks to clap Alida on the shoulder with a sympathetic expression. He has not seemed to be quite that bothered by the shared sensations of eating, but they've all got their own difficulties. Zhelinath's eyes pop open at the mention of water, and she shares her thoughts with all in the vicinity, including Alida and Jor. « We will join. » The 'we' as usual being herself and her lifemate. Both dragon and weyrling move to join Alida, but soon the green is outpacing them them all.

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