Happy Easter Fools! (Egg Hunt!)

Day 21 of Month 12 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together

SO BASICALLY this is a glorified scavenger hunt. ICly your characters have seen the flyer on the candidate bulletin boards (or have been pulled in by talk of said flyer) and should have been drawn here by the clues in the riddle. You will receive another riddle here shortly, which will lead you to another, and so on in true scavenger fashion. Each time you solve the riddle and move to the next room you will receive a prompt written in gold text.

This will require you to OOCly a: solve the prompt and b: 'look <answer>' in order to get the next riddle. Once you've got the answer, you can RP ICly finding the next clue rolled or folded up in the correct hiding space, solving it, and moving on to the next room.

It's a glorious day, truly: the sun is shining and the skies are calm, with high, puffy clouds scudding gently overhead. A soft breeze stirs, scattering glittery micah across the ground of the bowl, with it stirring a sense of anticipation. One almost expects a mysterious benefactor to be lurking in the wake of that strange riddle left in the night, perhaps rotating slowly in a wingbacked chair, nefariously petting a feline whilst wearing an eccentric purple suit, but no. There's just a gold-painted stand set up in the middle of one of the busier pathways, forcing people to pass it by or stop and read text written in a curvy, flowing hand:

'You almost believed it, it almost went by,
You nearly expressed your relief with a sigh,
But here it comes swiftly on chaotic wings,
An event to celebrate the silliest of things,
An event to banish your sugar-crash blues,
An event in which you must find five hidden clues.
What's in it for me, you ask with suspicion?
Why, that age-old, much-beloved candidate tradition
Of receiving an egg as your own special prize,
Gifted only after using your one-or-two eyes
To explore all the weyr and its far-reaching rooms;
Only once all are found will you receive your boons!
So, go on! Begone! All these clues you must find,
The first hidden where you'd go with booze on your mind.'

Drawn out to the bowl, Zeltan is amongst the candidate class who has appeared, and is now milling around the bowl. Glancing this way and that, as if he suspects a trap, he meanders over the the stand, leaning against it to peer at the curvy text written there. Reading it softly to himself, he blinks, before he is leaning closer again and shaking his head. "Right then.." He mutters, stepping out of the way.

Leeta is one of the (maybe) oddest Candidates in this cycle…the woman older than all the others, mostly quiet and observant…and just a often smirking or holding a look in green eyes that seems sort-of judgemental or coolly assessing. At least she's been mostly polite, if somewhat distant…and *now* is seen lurking about to take in this odd little scavenger hunt. When the ryhme comes, a small roll of those lurid green eyes might be noticed by the very vigilant, but she's listening nonetheless, and is soon off towards what she believes is 'that place.'

Ayushi has seen the flyer on the bulletin, and of course she isn't one to pass up a chance for entertainment. That and she's terribly curious about who master-minded this entire thing. So it's to the bowl she arrives, her black curls tied up in a secure bun at the top of her head. She remains in her usual affair of shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, but on her feet are a pair of boots. Hey, if she's going to participate she's going to /participate/. She strolls along the path, finally spotting the gold painted stand and raising an eyebrow. There's no hesitating, the harper simply approaches it and falls into place beside Zeltan. Words are quickly read and she tilts her head to the side, "Figures they'd involve alcohol, especially cause we can barely have any!" Still, there's a smile on her lips.

Leeta is one of the (maybe) oddest Candidates in this cycle…the woman older than all the others, mostly quiet and observant…and just a often smirking or holding a look in green eyes that seems sort-of judgemental or coolly assessing. At least she's been mostly polite, if somewhat distant…and *now* is seen lurking about to take in this odd little scavenger hunt. When the ryhme comes, a small roll of those lurid green eyes might be noticed by the very vigilant, but she's listening nonetheless…and looking over her fellow canidates (and any others) for their reactions.

Ashwini makes her own way out to the bowl from the direction of caverns. Specifically the kitchen for once more she has food in her hand. This teen always seems to have a sandwich in hand for indeed she's halfway done with her chosen food as she makes her way towards the stand set up. Standing still she chews and reads. "So we working in teams or…." she asks those around her.

Everyone that has ears has heard Kiele go on-and-on-and-on-and-on about the flyer and the scavenger hunt. Oh, what fun! There is even prizes! Can you even IMAGINE!? She finds her way to the golden stand with its scrawled writing, sans apron and looking ready in all her happy, sunny glory. "What do you think it is?" is gushed, bursting with rainbows and lollipops and- oh, she composes herself slightly, and attempts not to bounce on her toes. "I bet it's something grand." Youth.

Sylrain is young, and tiny, and scrawny, and did we say young, but he shows up nevertheless, drawn to the small crowd of his fellow candidates like a moth to flame. "Alcohol?," he parrots Ayushi's words, slipping through to read the poem before groaning under his breath. "That probably means the Tiki, don't it? That man that works there don't like me. He don't like me one bit." Hands brush his arms awkwardly, and even more awkwardly when Kiele arrives, because it's WEIRD being on the same level as your former nanny, okay? "'M'sure it'll be nice whatever it is. S-should we go?" There he goes. Backing. Away. Slowly. Towards. The lagoon. "Lastonethere'sarottenegg!" GET IT. EGG. FLEE! Off he goes, kicking up glitter and dust with a laugh.

As Ayushi is joining him, Zeltan grumbles an agreement, even as his eyes flick over the others gathering, looking somewhat competitive. And then, that one scrawny young kid is there, and then just as suddenly gone, and Zeltan is looking to Kiele and Ayushi with an arched eyebrow. "Race you there.." He offers, grinning, and then - he is off! Cheating is fine, right?

"It's probably cause you aren't old eno-HEY!" Ayushi's words are cut short as the child goes running off, though is she /really/ going to compete seriously against a child? Maybe. At least half-seriously. Only now he isn't the only one issuing a challenge, /and/ getting a head start. "You're going to regret that!" There's a side glance towards Kiele and a smile, "Looks like you're more than ready, let's go!" Soon the harper's boots are hitting the ground and she's off chasing after Zeltan.

Ashwini eyes the kid who just takes off. "Well then!" and she takes off running behind the others.

Awkwardness rolls off of Kiele, as it were. There is a happy, gap-toothed smile for the other candidate before he scampers off towards the lagoon. "Hey!" Is that a pout? Surely, not from Kiele. She puts on her game face, which merely consists of a little gumption and a swiggly brow. "That's not fair! Let's go before they beat us there." And she's giving Ayushi a determined nod before taking off after the other candidates, blond braids whipping behind her. Go, Kiele, go, go!

Leeta's just doing this on her own, it seems, the woman with the now-somewhat longer (subjectively) white-blonde hair moving off on her own towards 'the objective' at a lazy little jog. Wouldn't do to fall behind. She's got a (secret) guard's honor to uphold.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

At first you see nothing but patrons and glasses,
But why not look underneath were people sit their… butts.

Under a chair:
You did it! You unraveled the first clue of this mystery!
The second is hidden where the weyr stores its history.

"I ain't young, you're just old," Sylrain crows back towards the adultier-than-him types, victory in his tone replaced with complaint as he "Heeeeeeys" when they easily pass him up. "Should'a-" huff "-taken a-" wheeze "-lesson from you," he puffs towards Leeta and her more reserved pace, dropping back to keep her company (and hide while the others enter, because you ain't catchin' him dead in this place, eggs or no eggs).

Passing the annoying younger candidate at some point, Zeltan is skidding to a stop in the the Tiki Lounge, before he is slowly, carefully, pacing around the outside of the patio. Glancing over his shoulder to find his competition challengers, he considers for a moment, before a change of perspective has him snagging something, smirking as he opens up the paper, considering the words as he is already edging towards the door.

Entering in on the heels of everyone else Ashwini spares a glance to Sylrain. "Haha!" a laugh is snorted his way. With the next clue she drops to her hands and knees and starts crawling around to peer under chairs that are occupied. For the chairs not occupied she flips over to peer at the bottom of the chair.

Moving with the pack of other candidates, Leeta finds herself glancing over repeatedly at young Sylrain as she lopes easily, the woman blinking, then shrugging at his response to her…her little smirk touched with knowledge. It's a solid distance to the Tiki Lounge, and enough of the others could be falling behind or utterly winded in thier speedy over-enthusiasm to get there. When she arrives (with or without Sylrain), the woman's green gaze looks for the next clue…and it finds her chortling a little wickedly. Soon enough, she's smirking at nothing in particular, and moving around to check under chairs as she gets back her breath, always murmuring a polite 'pardon me' to anyone who might be *occupying* said chair. Notice how the blonde glances all about, keeping tabs on others in here? Yep: she's on the ball in more ways than one.

Ayushi shoots the poor Sylrain a wink as she passes him buy and pauses a few steps into the Tiki lounge. She glances around for a moment before she's carefully making her way towards a set of table and chairs. The harper crouches down for a moment and when she stands again there's a paper in her hands. She unfurls it carefully, eyes moving over the words before there's a decisive nod. Out of the corner of her eye there's a glance towards Zeltan and, "Oy…I'm not letting you get ahead this time!" She'll be right behind him, already heading out!

Sylrain peeks. He whips his head comically from side to side. He sneaks in to perform a literal tuck and roll to land himself near Ashwini, scooting closer on his knees to stage-whisper, "What's it say? Did you find it? Let me see!" Yep. That is a teenager's head shoving its way under the chair with her. "This is terrible. I don't get it, what does that even mean. Whose dumb idea was this. HEY!" THONK. That's his head smacking against the bottom of the chair as THOSE FELLOWS OVER THERE look super shady about their business and look like they're about to run off. "Wait for us! We gotta run slow okay!" He spies the bartender out of the corner of his eyes, knows when he's recognized, and— "AHH! Don't arrest me I didn't steal nothin'!" Out he goes, fantically gesturing for Ashwini and Leeta to follow. Suspicious little twerp.

Leeta finds her piece of paper under a portly seafaring guy who looks rather put out by all this tomfoolery, even if Leeta apologizes to him again (with a slightly sour look for him). Jerk. Breath and wind returned — her piece of paper in hand — the woman looks around for the others (MAYBE for Sylrain), then sets off for the next goal at the same easy lope, conserving her energy…in this for the long haul. It's a goodly way back to the Weyr-proper and the Records Room, after all. Sprinting is the best way to fall behind.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Records Room
A large, natural cavern that is well lit for ease of reading. Tall shelves, holding everything from old-time hides to newer printed books, cover every inch of the cavern's walls. A few round, wooden tables offer work stations, while small, uncomfortable wooden chairs give readers and refugee's a place to sit. At any given time there is at least one resident working the shelves, replacing lost books or tidying up after messy study sessions.

There are so many records, where to even begin?
Try the one documenting something only male dragons win.

In a document titled 'flight':
Yay you found it, you clever young thing!
The third clue is found in a well-heated spring.

Keeping his pace more.. sedate this time, Zeltan keeps an eye on Ayushi and Kiele to make sure that the two young women remain close by as he darts across the bowl, rather heedless of his path - though thankfully he is neither involved in, nor the cause of any major incidents. Deep breathes, and he slowly slips into the records room, pursing his lips as he glances around him at the records.. slowly sliding them off the shelf to peek at them, before put them back in place.

Ashwini runs in, behind everyone else. Breathing hard and a stitch in her side. "Farnath, I need to explore this weyr more." she says breathlessly. Finally finding the others she gets to work trying to decipher this clue. And when all else fails she's follow someone else. And keep up this time better.

Ayushi pulls into the records room at her same medium-paced jog. She hasn't broken a sweat yet, but it's likely she will by the end of it. There's a moment where she looks around the room, slightly overwhelmed. Eyes dart this way and that until she settles into a more methodical way of searching…just move horizontally. Her fingers trail across the records as she starts to check though them. It takes her quite a long time to find the correct record book but she does, and soon her eyes are eagerly glancing over another clue. The corner's of her lips turn upwards in another smile she's heading towards the doorway.

Leeta's conservative jog gets her the Records Room soon enough, the woman again taking her time to get back her wind as she looks for the proper clue in the many books, the woman glancing around at the others as they do the same, or enter after her. Zeltan's peeks are glanced at a tetch more often, as he seems to be having better luck than all of the others. Keep your options open! Books are perused quickly, pushed back in their proper slots, another in a series of the tomes moved on to…even if they're currently spread out on some table. Ashwini's arrival nets her a wink and a nod. Guess what Leeta's been doing in her down time (aside from exercising in private)? *wink* Ahhh! *Here* it is! With the proper book discovered, clue gathered, the woman is swirling her eyes all around to see which candidates are here and others who are not, then moving out at her typical conservative jog. Someone's on very good shape, it seems…and Leeta looks it, with her athletic frame.

Ashwini sticks close to…Leeta. Heading over to where she is she looks through the book Leeta was just reading.

As soon as Ayushi is moving towards the door, Zeltan is moving to the book where she just was, slipping a copy of the next clue out to read it even as he is trailing the Harper candidate. "Ayushi, wait up!" He mutters, hurrying to get past the others who are also on the move.

Leeta notes Ashwini's dogging of her, and the often aloof woman gives the younger female candidate a sly wink on her way out.

Sylrain is good and winded by the time he finds the records room (read: follows Leeta there with a sense of dawning realization), huffing and puffing like a bellows and then sneezing shortly after he arrives. "Faranth, but they don' dust-" CHOO "-here a lot do they-" CHOO! Luckily for everyone else he gives up yelling at this point, trailing behind Ashwini and looking miserably out from behind his hand. "I run through it lots and I still don't know half of what's here." SNIFFLE. Taking Zeltan's lead, he pokes through a few records, half-hearted and awfully cheat-y about it, considering he's quick to sidle over to the record they've been visiting. "You guys are awful smart," he says in a would-be chipper manner ruined by stuffed nasal passages. This is fine. HE IS OFF, chugging to keep up with legs longer than his.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

There's so much space here, do you even have hope?
Look under the jar filled with this special Pernese 'soap.'

Under a jar of Sweetsand:
Your execution was perfect, right out of a book!
The fourth clue is found in a warm caverns nook.

Ashwini is kinda sorta doing the same thing Sylrain is, half watching what others are doing. This time she keeps up with everyone else as the clues take them here! Right away she starts looking under all the soap jars. She'll even rustle through the towels just for good measure too.

Ayushi 100% expects the next clue to be in some fancy water-proof contraption in the pools….so that's exactly where she starts looking, in the water! The harper makes her way from hot spring to hot spring, kneeling by the edges and STARING into the water. No clue….no clue….no clue…There's a frown starting to form on her face. Maybe she has to feel around for it? Maybe she can't see well enough, so naturally….she starts slipping off her boots!

Maybe, maybe Zeltan gets a little distracted as they wander into the Hot Springs - but can he help it when a trio of candidate girls who apparently couldn't care less about the scavenger hunt giggle from one of the pools and call his name? A wide smile and Zeltan pauses to blow a kiss in their general direction - its an excuse to keep looking, right? And then he is wandering along the boardwalk towards the supplies, tugging baskets out, pushing them back in, and then peering into jars, checking methodically - though his progress is halted as his name is called again, and he turns back towards the girls, a jar open in his hand - just in time to see Ayushi. "What.. Ayushi!"

Sylrain jerks to a halt just inside the entrance to the pools, snuffling and wiping at his face in an attempt to get his dust-allergies from the records room to stop and— "Hey, that looks like fun. Good idea, Ayushi! Maybe it's at the very bottom. Woohoo!" KERSPLASH! Into the pool next to hers he goes, potentially soaking one of the others in the process. SHAMELESS.

Ashwini hasn't found anything yet, half turning as she hears Zeltan. "Oh..in the water?" she wonders. Then Sylrain is jumping in and sending water everywhere.

The harper pauses in her efforts, one foot already in a pool when she hears that gaggle of girls calling Zeltan's name, she glances over towards them and the look on her face is just so damn amused. HA! Oh wait, now someone's calling her name? Ayushi glances over towards Zeltan and finally seems to realize that this is probably not the answer. The one foot that's already made it into a pool is taken out and then she has the length task of putting her shoes back /on/ before she gets to her feet. Only she isn't the only one getting into a pool, "Nice cannonball Sylrain!" Only she isn't joining him. No, she's heading towards Zeltan with the sweetest of smiles. "Thanks for keeping me from doing that…." A thumb is hitched over her shoulder in the child's direction. And hopefully he's distracted enough because she's swiping the clue from his jar with her other hand. AHA!

Leeta's looking around under various jars and near them, just in case, the tall woman noting the entrance of her peers, nodding to them as they appear — especially wheezing Sylrain — her search continuing all around the damp and humid area. Zeltan's quick flirtation is noted, given one of the blonde's characteristic smirks, though Ayushi and Sylrain soon receive her almost-barked, "Labels can't survive in water. Don't waste your time." So helpful! She soon finds a slightly fuzzy-printed and curled up clue on the bottom of a smaller bottle of that lovely, sweet smelling soap, and — with a wink to all about her — is off again to the next place. Hopefully nobody's falling out of the hunt, yet, due to utter exhaustion. She can't do anything about *that*.

Kiele is a good runner, ok! She has been run-run-running, keeping up with the other candidates on this wild chase of a scavenger hunt, and she's been so out of breath that she hasn't had much to say. But the splashing has her squealing in protest, lithe hands covering her fair face and flaxen braids. "What out!" she manages, scooting behind a few of the other candidates; ENGAGE CANDIDATE SHIELD. Besides, there are shelves to look into and-ah ha, that jar of sweetsand, there.

Between all the distractions, Zeltan barely notices Ayushi snatching the clue from the jar in his hand, frowning, and reaching to catch her arm and read over her shoulder. "You're welcome.." He offers, even as he is moving to steer her out of the baths with one more kiss blown to the girls in the water - but no move to help pooooor Sylrain.

Ashwini doesn't move to help the kid in the water either assuming he's not drowning. Finding the right jar she reads and pauses a moment before zooming off with her best guess to wjere!

Sylrain is totally unabashed. He pushes up out of the water with a nasal giggle, splatting sloshily towards his fellows. "Well at least I ain't dusty no more?" Could be worse! He squishes out his shirt and pants, hooping his sandals over his fingers as he pads off barefoot after the others, not about to be left behind even if he hasn't even seen the clue.
Whoa! She didn't think of Ashwini's winning idea of checking jars on the other side of the pool. Leeta looks sour, inwardly scowling at herself for missingout on *that* as she depart.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hearth Nook
This smaller room is separated off the main living cavern. The focal point is a big stone hearth, which always has a couple pots of stew and klah bubbling over it. Thick carpet lines the entire space and the room is has several cushy chairs and sofas spread around. There are no electric lights here, only glow baskets to keep the cosy effect.

Of clues and of hunting there has been no dearth!
Look inside the object one might find in a hearth.

Hidden in a pot:
Well done! You're sailing through these like old hands!
You may fetch your prize from the room overlooking the sands.

No longer winded, Ashwini jogs this time across the bowl though the main living cavern and into this little nook that's oh so warm. Looking around she starts looking through everything starting with under the glow baskets then to the klah pots.

"You've got quite a fan base going on there Zel," As if Ayushi knows nothing about it. "Bet they've got a poster of you somewhere." That's what artists are for right, making posters of random people for you to fawn over? In any case, the harper is successfully steered towards the next room and since she should focus on the scavenger hunt and not snark…she starts glancing around. Her lips purse slightly as heads towards some of the couches, looking behind some throw pillows. Eventually her gaze drifts towards the hearth and she eyes it thoughtfully for a moment. "Maybe…."

While his pace is definitely slowing down, Zeltan is still in the main group that moves from place to place, staying near Ayushi. "Yeah, I am not sure what happened, but you won't see me complaining." As he enters the hearth nook, he is immediately drawn towards the fire - And the large pot of set that is bowling there. However, before he can go digging in -that- for a clue, one of the cooks is shooing him off, and his attention turns to the other, not-currently-in-use pots, reaching in one and drawing out a slip of paper, which he reads before -so kindly- passing to Ayushi as he closes the distance to her.

Thankfully, they have moved on from water to fire. It is towards the end of the pack that Kiele arrives, out of breath still and with a head full of messy hair. She makes it in time to see Zeltan already digging his fingers into one of the pots, and there's a tiny sigh of disappointment. At least someone finds it though- someone she knows even better. She may even tip-toe closer. "What's it say?"

By this time, even athletic Leeta is starting to feel the workout all the candidates are putting themselves through, her leg muscles twitching just a little in thighs, her breaths coming a bit more quickly and not quite as controlled as before. In a hearth, eh? Forget fire…or mortar and brick…granite. Putting clues IN the food is ridiculous to the woman's orderly mind, sooo… carefully, she oggles each pot suspended far above the banked fire, finds a clue painted upon one of them. Success! And if there's any rolls or quickly grabbable food there? The ex-guard snags herself one of them, shoves it in her face…and grins at Zeltan's nabbing of the one empty pot for his clue. Salute! How's sodden Sylrain doing? A few light dings of the pot with the written clue on its side (ding! Ring!) is given by hard fingernails to summon others to its 'wisdom' if they need it before the woman takes a few sets of seconds for more rest before loping off again in the proper direction.

"Hey, I was getting there!" Of course she would have /eventually/ gotten the clue. "Thanks…for both of them," and she doesn't even sound sarcastic. What a smile! So genuine! As Kiele approaches the harper angles it so that the other candidate can read it, but will say the riddle aloud as well. "Looks like we're going to be taking a look at the eggs, just not as up close as we have been recently."

Ashwini is making her way towards the pots slowly and methodically. "Aha." she murmurs as she spies Zeltan finding a slip of paper in an empty pot. Sliding to stand behind Kiele to listen.

Sylrain isn't shy. He scoots in after everyone else and slides right to the hearth to warm his cold toes. There's choky, sniffly laughter for Ayushi's notation of Zeltan's fanbase and an amused, "Wouldn' be surprised, considerin' what they call him when he ain't around." But whatever that is, it's less important than sneaking a spoon full of soup when the cook turns away from admonishing Zeltan. Leeta's dinging makes him jump and drop the spoon into the vat, watching it sink with mild horror. Welp. That's a thing. He flicks the former guard a panicked look, raises his finger in a 'shh' gesture and then peeks at her pot. OH HO. Winkitty-wonk, and he's off in her shadow, kicking up heels in an effort to maybe beat one of these long-leggers to the punch for once! Float like a flitterby, sting like a… like a really fast thing. Shut up. It was almost clever.

There light as well be a lightbulb above her head as Ayushi reads the clue aloud and even lets the less-brilliant candidates read what the paper says, which are TECHNICALLY the same thing, but you know. Kiele smiles wide. "It looks like it. Come on, Ashwini," she says, motioning the other girl, as she sets off with the group. To the hatching cavern! March!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

IS THIS WHAT YOU EXPECTED ALL ALONG? R'hyn sitting imposingly tall on the edge of a railing overlooking a small basket full of firelizard eggs? If not, you SHOULD HAVE, for there he is, cat in lap and lurking dragon behind, eyes glowing eerily in the dark. "Ah, good, you've arrived." Thankfully lacking in a bad accent. "We were starting to worry, weren't we, my sweet?" Pet. Pet. Pet. "Go on then. Choose an egg, if you dare, so I can get the heck out of this place." Because it's hot, y'all, and he's already stuck here enough! SET HIM FREE.

Amongst the group climbing into the gallery is Zeltan, and as R'hyn sits there, all imposing, Zeltan just shakes his head, laughing as he closes the distance to the basket, eyes resting on a candy-red shell even as he looks questioningly to R'hyn again.

Ashwini races in with everyone else, drawing short when the imposing tall seated R'hyn is spotted. OH HAI THERE. "Pick any egg?" she peers over the eggs. Her hands over over the Cadbury egg cause…Cadbury is the best Easter candy there is.

She's huffing some by the time jogging legs reach the Weyrleader in the Galleries, Leeta pulling up short after jogging those steps…and breathing on R'hyn. Hi buddy! Snort! Eggies? Peeer… point! Grin! (More like smirk-grin, though). Breathily mumbled to the Weyrleader: "Thank you, sir." Headbob. How could Satan be in an egg, really? It's the rusty rouge in all that white that attracts the woman. Opposites coming together.

Ayushi is trailing behind Zeltan, though she'll stop behind Zeltan at R'hyn's appearance. "Oh my…." There's a grin on her face, "I feel like this is a trap." Maybe in some way firelizards /are/ a trap. In what way? Who knows. Her gaze drops down and eventually falls on the Let's Go Kick Some Honey Buns Egg!

Suddenly, so suddenly there is a tall weyrleader! And eggs! And hot glittery sands! It's a lot for one girl to take in, and so Kiele stands there, fanning herself - surely not because of the romance novels someone has been putting on her bed - and staring at the commotion, pink cheeked.

Ashwini waves Kiele over. "Don't just stand there! Pick out an egg." she gestures to the little ham egg. "Try that one!" her hand is still hovering over her Cadbury egg, unsure if she should just pick it up or what.

It takes a while, and probably most people have chosen eggs before Kiele gets down on her haunches and wibble-wobbles over to the What A Little Ham Egg. She puts knees to the ground and, after a nervous glance around, moves her fingers to cradle the rotund egg. Come to Kiele~ she love you foreva and eva, ok~

Leeta gestures huffly-puffing Sylrain over after she choose her own egg, one firm hand seeking to take his bicep and maneuver the winded and wheezy candidate over, if he's lagging. "Hurry up…" is all she notes.

U Jelly(bean)? Egg
If it weren't certain this egg contained something one would say it was almost translucent! Alas, it is merely pretty: a candy-red shiny shell broken only by splatters of an only-slightly-darker shade for variety.
Not Your Average Dumb Bass Bronze Firelizard
APRIL FOOLS, SUCKA!!!! There's nothing to see here but GLITTER, AND GLITTER, and EVEN. MORE. GLITTER!!!! And hey, maybe a little something else if you can figure out why your shirt weighs a proverbial ton, but we wouldn't count on it.
It'd be a lot easier to see what this firelizard looked like if he wasn't so busy clinging to your back — and somehow the backs of everybody else who tries to see him too.

Not Your Average Dumb Bass Bronze Firelizard looks into Zeltan's eyes. Impression!

Cadbury Your Head in the Sand Egg
Is… is it an egg or is it candy? There's something delicious about it, a faint waft of something softer than klah, stronger than icing, that just sort of makes you want to… lick it. Its lower half is swathed in wrapping-paper brightness, cheerful and metallic.
The Joke's On You Green Firelizard
You gotta tell some real good jokes to get this one going. IT WIBBLES, AND IT WOBBLES, maybe laughing at all of your jokes. Your prize? SO MUCH GLITTER! An explosion of it on a tinkle of sound. DING DING, DING DING! And oh! Well… would you look at that…
She's less a firelizard, and more a hatlizard, perched up there upon your crown, screeing dominion, looking oddly like she's been cut into four parts that're wilting. We don't know either, man. Good luck with that.

The Joke's On You Green Firelizard looks into Ashwini's eyes. Impression!

Let's Go Kick Some Honey Buns Egg
A shame there are no rabbits on Pern - that might make identifying the creature hidden in the chocolatey depths of this egg somewhat easier. Alas, it is a mystery to you - slightly oblong, hunched, with too-long ears and too-short legs and a stunted little tail. Maybe it's a particularly knobbly flit, or a dressed-up wher? Whatever. It's cute, and there's probably something cool inside!
It's Electric! Blue Firelizard
IT'S RAINING EGGS! HALLELUJAH, IT'S RAINING EGGS! AMEN! We're gonna go out, we're gonna let ourselves get ABSOLUTELY GLITTER-ED! And okay, you can have this for being such a good sport, now that that song is stuck in your head.
BZZZZT! This little guy vibrates, humming with pent up energy, giving you a ZIP and a ZAP every ding dang time you try to touch him. IT'S ELECTRIFYING. You better shape up (ooo, ooo, ooo), 'cause he needs a (wo)man. And his heart is set on you!

It's Electric! Blue Firelizard looks into Ayushi's eyes. Impression!

What a Little Ham Egg
It's fat, round, brown and meaty, highlighted with a subtle rouge sheen. Just LOOKING at it makes your blood pressure jump sky-high and consider putting on your loose pants. Hopefully something cute is inside? Who knows. It might just be more meat.
It's a Trap Gold Firelizard
Sweet baby G, is it a firelizard or a really tiny crocodile? With a big old mouth like that, she's practically both! It's a good thing she's only got a single set of chompers, really - otherwise she'd be liable to bite down on your fingers on both ends and then where would you be? EVEN MORE TRAPPED.

It's a Trap Gold Firelizard looks into Kiele's eyes. Impression!

Not Today Satan Egg
This egg is… an egg? Confusing, but true. It's pure white at its base, with a swirl of creamy golden-orange at its center. Rusty rouge fleck its surface in spits and spots, heavier in some areas, lighter than others, but ultimately just a dash of something daring and dangerous on an otherwise pretty straight-forward egg.
AUGH IT'S A 'SNAKE Green Firelizard
BOOOOOMMM!! It's like an explosion, the egg deceptively still until it's not; now it's spraying shell and glitter EVERYWHERE. AHAHAHAHAHA. APRIL FOOOOOLS. THERE ARE NO FLIZZARDS, ONLY GLITTER EGGS. And this too. You're welcome.
EUGH! It's all slithery and slimy and UGLIER THAN A MAMA WHERRY IN A TURNDAY HAT. Weren't these supposed to be Firelizards eggs? SO WHO'S THE JERK THAT REPLACED ONE WITH A TUNNEL SNAKE? THERE'S A SNAKE IN MAH BOOT.

AUGH IT'S A 'SNAKE Green Firelizard looks into Leeta's eyes. Impression!

Sylrain is definitely suffering, but gives Leeta bright smile for her encouragement. "S'alright, miss, I can wait my turn. I'm patient and such." IS HE THOUGH. IS HE? Because the second R'hyn's not looking, he takes one of those anonymous eggs close to the weyrleader's foot and FLEES WITH IT. LATER, HATERS. He's making like a tree and leafing before anyone can point fingers! R'hyn descends from his lofty perch with an eyeroll and a droll, "Alright, you lot, get on out of here before—" BEFORE THAT. Before glitter explodes from eggs and pandemonium descends and all he can do is sigh and guide them out into the afternoon sun to seek food and baths for themselves and their new little charges both. A most eggcellent conclusion!

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