Taira and Ly'am Make a Discovery

Western Weyr - Waterfall Path
This jungle path is luxuriant in thick dark green vegetation and brilliant tropical flowers. There is a rich scent of them clinging to the air, mingling with the salty scent from the ocean. The path itself is a mix of the white beach sand and black volcanic pebbles worn smooth. Here and there, narrow tracks have been cut, branching off into the jungle and giving access to the fruit that weights the branches for much of the year, while older tracks are almost lost under the encroaching vegetation. The path ends at a waterfall of about 15 meters high, freshwater cascading into a crystal clear pool that is deep and wide enough for several people to wade in. The pool is bordered by large, flat black stones that jut from the rocks at the sides and base of the pool. There are sweetly scented tiny white blossoms growing from underneath and around the cracks in the black stones.

With the attack on the weyr's herds the Seamount wing has been sent into overdrive, searching everywhere for the beasts and for the culprit of the crimes. Tired from hunting, dragons tired from flying, Taira spots a waterfall and points downwards, giving Bhezuth the nudge to land a moment later. As the little blue spirals down, his eyes still searching for danger even if hers aren't, she shouts over, "Good place for a rest."

With Odryth finally fit enough for wing duty, Ly'am and Odryth were not far behind as Bhezuth circled for a landing. It is not long before Odryth spirals down to the waterfall cliff. The bronzerider dismounting even as the bronze settles his feet down. So far away from Reaches and still…helping out herdbeasts. Will he ever get away from that amusing past? Ly'am unhitches a waterskin from the straps as he dismounts, uncorking it to take a drink before passing it to Taira as he approaches, "See anything?"

Taira shakes her head, slipping down from Bhezuth and turning to grin at Ly'am, "Just some nice water to go swimming in. Nobody'll notice if we don't go straight back." There's a move made to remove Bhezuth's strap but for some reason the blue steps aside a little so she just gives up. One particular batch of rocks is eyes and it's to these that Taira moves so that she can sit down and remove her boots.

Ly'am grins at Taira's response to the question. A long day of fruitless searching, least they can do is relax before they head back. He tossed the waterskin in the general direction of Odryth as he joins Taira, plopping down on the earth to unlace his flight boots, plopping one off then the other. Then his fingers move to remove his flight cap and jacket. Well it seems he survived the morning after mostly unscathed from the hangover she likely had.

Taira managed to avoid the hangover, mostly through drinking several gallons of water when she woke up in the middle of the night feeling like a herbeast had died in her throat. Her birthday night before isn't far from her mind though, probably contributing a reason towards this sudden skinny dipping expedition. Clothes quickly join boots and she jumps into the water. Bhezuth, on the other hand, is not in the mood for frivolities, something over at the edge of the grove has caught his eye and he wanders in that direction. After a moment he sends out a thought towards Odryth, « Dear boy, do come and tell me what you make of this. »

There is little shyness about disrobing and following after his weyrmate. Well they were alone out here on the cliff. He follows up behind her and dives in after her. It is some time before he resurfaces, shaking the water from his hair with a big grin on his face. Odryth looks bemused for a moment at the rider's activities before Bhezuth gets his attention. The bronze lightly walks along with the blue, «What is it you see here?»

Taira claps as Ly'an jumps in with her, waiting till he surfaces to splash water at his face and then swim off. Bhezuth shuffles to the side a little allowing Odryth to see what was so fascinating to him - a small flattened piece of grass. « Look. While it does not do for one to scaremonger, I feel that perhaps we might exercise a little more caution than those who know no better. »

"HEY!" He exclaims as water is splashed in his face and he just decides to return the favour, swimming after her, diving under the water to catch up after her, pretty oblivious to discussion of the dragons. He surfaces finally looking around for Taira. Odryth on the other hand is rapt by Bhezuth and lowers his muzzle to the ground to inspect to the bit of grass. He looks back to the frolicking humans, «But…they are both happy again, I can forgive their…lapse of judgement.»

« One might pass of such a lapse as childish folly, but even for folly there is a time and place. » Bhezuth replies bluntly, lowering his own nose to the grass and then recoiling slightly. In the pool Taira had managed to squeeze behind a boulder at the base of the waterfall, ready to leap out at the unsuspecting Ly'am as soon as his back is turned. The squeal she gives as she does it is cut short by a rebuke from Bhezuth, and she treads water for a moment as he lets her listen in on his half of the conversation. « Where you may only see a patch of grass, I surmise there was something lying there only hours ago. See the way the grass is flattened but not broken, and there is a faint, yet very distinct, odour on the leaves above. »

«They would never pass with us to protect them Bhezuth.» Odryth replies on the rebuke, though he raises his head to give exploration of the area and glances back to his lifemate and his weyrmate before stepping closer to the forest edge. Ly'am swims around looking for Taira and is pounced even as his own dragon's concerns are filtered through. So the pounce catches him by surprise and he goes under the water with a gurgle and comes up spluttering. He looks from the dragons to Taira and back again, "What is it…cough?"

"Bhezuth found someone's secret place." Taira tries to giggle it off, to make it into a joke, but there's obvious concern in her voice even as she wraps her arms around Ly'am. A kiss is planted on his neck a she ads, "Maybe we can borrow it." Another private rebuke from Bhezuth makes her wince, arms tightening around Ly'am for a second. « While I have no doubt in our abilities, dear boy, » Bhezuth replies to Odryth, « It is not us that I fear for. » Slowly, methodically, the blue begins an investigation of the surrounding foliage, pausing now and then to sniff and even in one place taste the leaves.

Ly'am notices the edge in Taira's voice, his arms moving to keep him behind her protectively. Then the thought of borrowing the place gives a faint smile to his lips, though it passes as his emerald eyes are intent on the dragons at the forest's edge. Feeling unbelievable more naked then he did before, his dagger off with his discarded clothes. His body tense in his, muscles drawing tight. "What is it Ody? Bhez?" He calls out to the dragons trying to keep his tone light. Odryth gives a low warble as he moves along the line of the forest to investigate it further. «I will always protect them.» He says evenly to the rebuke.

« Then I hope you are quicker than I. » Bhezuth replies with surprising sincerity. His pacing along the jungle's edge quickens, something having caught his eye - or perhaps nose. « Quickly! » "Bhezuth?" Taira presses just a little closer to Ly'am as the blue seems to launch at a patch of trees, using his weight to pull the branches down. A moment passes, the world seeming frozen. « We leave. Now. »

Odryth catches the scent nearly as soon as Bhezuth, he is a herdbeast expert after all. The intensity of the blue's voice though does steel the bronze and he turns back to the riders in the river heading over to them protectively, his whirling gaze shifting along the treeline as he looks back to it. Ly'am nods to his lifemate, "Time to go darling…" He says with a forced smile as he looks back to Taira. He grips her hand and guides her to the shore once more and to their clothes.

Taira doesn't see the remains of the beast that Bhezuth managed to knock from the tree, she's too busy trying to pull clothes on over damp skin. Bhezuth has picked up some decoration - leaves and twigs that will need to be removed later and some rather sore looking scratches - but there's no time for worrying about that as he hurries her on, nudging insistently every few second to back up his instructions. "We need to find the weyrwoman." Never mind their wingleader, this one gets reported right to the top.

Ly'am grabbed his clothes to get dressed, placing himself between the treeline and Taira. So his manly protective nature has come out now. His serious gaze darting to the trees as he quickly tugs on his flight clothes, jamming his feet into the boots without tying them. "Both of you get a good visual on the scene." He orders before looking back to Taira and nodding. They may have just found some evidence, time to get going. He even waits for Taira to mount before he pulls up on Odryth's straps to pull himself and buckle himself in. "Lets go."

Taira is caught between worrying, needing to get back to the weyr, and the sudden realisation that she could well have got them killed because of teenage hormones. All colour has drained from her face and it takes a couple of attempts before she can fasten her riding straps, her hands are shaking so badly. Bhezuth doesn't wait for a signal, he simply launches as soon as he knows she's secured. Three wingbeats up and he's already broadcasting to the watchdragon of Western. « Odryth and Bhezuth reporting with news! »

Ly'am is mostly kicking himself that he didn't scout the area better himself. Just time to be alone with his weyrmate was all on his mind. Thank goodness for dragons. Odryth is in the air only after Bhezuth takes to the air. The bronze doing a wide circle over the forested region before following Taira back to the weyr.

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