Miraneith and Suldith's Eggs Hatch

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
//A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch. //

Ah yes, the all-familiar hum. Even big daddy Suldith is getting his hum on, and for once he's not looking like he might eat someone out on the sands. Instead he's sitting comfortably with Miraneith, joining in with the hum and looking pleased as punch! It's hatching time! Zi'on, for once, isn't late to the hatching. Though he almost is, running onto the sands right before all the candidates start to arrive. He moves over to take his place next to Enka, brushing his shirt off and trying not to be out of breath. "Whew. Made it. have I missed anything yet?"

Urban Zombie Blood Egg does not shake, or wobble, or really do much of anything at all. It just sits there, looming and being generally zombie like.

Holy Guacamole Egg wobbles. Just a tiny bit. Exploratory, really. And then another wobble. And then a tilt. Tiiiiillllt. Oops, too far, too far! The egg's occupant seems to frantically push the /other/ way, and for the moment, the egg re-balances and is still.

Miraneith is loud, Miraneith is proud, and really really soon, Miraneith is going to quit the crowd and hightail it for the comfort of her cavern. There's so many people around, all those faces in the galleries! Nevertheless, the queen is happy to greet her newest offspring as they emerge from their eggs, and this time, Enka's been forewarned enough to at least dress herself in Hatching finery. "Couple of them moved," she says, turning a little to grin at Zi'on as he takes his place next to her. "Or maybe, that was one wigglin' and the other one just sittin' there."

Round two, and Kazuto isn't too impressed to have to rush out onto the sands again. It's hot, it's .. well, it's hot. He shimmies and twists his way through some of the candidates so he can stand somewhere closer to Sundari, following along with what the other candidates are doing. "Wait up, Sunny." He complains a little, as he was one of the later ones to actually get changed into his mostly mended robes.

Jeyinshi is hopping on one leg as she slips on her left sandal and makes her way with the others onto the sands. Damp hair and the faint smell of sea water say that the dolphineer had just been rushed in from a swim. "Back again, huh." The woman mumbles to herself while moving with the rest.

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg starts doing a little mambo of sorts. Dancing around on its mound like there's a party going on within its depths. You can almost hear the music in the air before the egg is once again still.

Iolain feels somewhat better about this round on the Sands if only because he's wearing a robe that fits better than a flattering teeshirt this time around. He'd probably be happier still if he wasn't acting as an anchor for Rhabel and, by extension, Rhadan, plus probably Augustus somewhere. The tall blonde candidate trudges out to the Sands, bobs a careful bow to the dragons of power, then hauls his posse off to line up with the others as neatly as he can.

The sands. The dragons. The eggs. Well, the time was bound to come. The hatching of the junior queen had been a test run for Rhadan - well, he didn't impress then, so now he is an experienced… err…. 'stander'? Yeah! That's right! He is in robes that were fashioned for the occasion, and his footwear has thick soles. He is ready. He is also, despite his efforts to move himself to the outside of the candidates, in the middle of the throng. He tried to help it, but he coudn't. Oh. Look. Is that a dam, there? Yes, it is. "We bow, right?" That question is said out to whomever is around him. Without waiting for an answer, Rhadan will bow as much as he can. Queen first. He is suppose to, right? How about the sire, there? Yes, Rhadan will bow to him as well.

A hair length fissure slides from apex to base of the Urban Zombie Blood Egg but there's still no movement. If one could see the crack they'd have to been looking quite closely at the egg because there really is no movement. No hint that this egg holds life within it. It's just an egg, doing its eggie thing.

Theres utter fear on Rhabels face in the form of stark-white skin, and hes not his usual elegance when he makes a clumsy dip to bow at Dame and Sire before catching at Io first, then Rhadan to keep himself upright. "Of course you bow. Idiot." Even fear will not without that statement to Rhadan. He moves with them, keeping them as a unit, where he looks every bit the part of child ready to faint.

Augustus is here. Hanging onto someone. Whoever is closest that is bigger than he is. Which is basically everyone vertically, but not necessarily horizontally. "Oh Faranth… why am I doing this again. Oh geez. Oh Faranth." He wipes his hands down on his robe to work off some of the sweat. "Io! Don't leave me over here alone!"

Sundari didn't plan on being near the front of the line, for some reason she got pushed up there so she just went along with it. There is a call of her name and she pauses while brushing out her robes and giving her still damp hair a shake before she looks back to Kazuto. She smiles. "Hey. Come on!" Is offered, as for her there is a bow offered to both parents, because this is the time one should do such things, and it is the right thing to do! With the bowing down, she stands near the rest of the others near the sand to watch the eggs wiggle about.

The balance could not last forever. Holy Guacamole Egg wobbles again, tilting now the other way. Thin striations begin to appear along the shell, cracking the surface oh-so-carefully as the occupant within begins more vigorous movement.

Kazuto gives a quick, likely improper bow to the parents of the eggs, as he seems more interested in making sure he makes his way to where Sundari is. Noting Jeyinshi, he waves for her to come over to where they're standing too, while watching Augustus and Rhadan. But, he doesn't watch for long, as moving eggs capture his attention. "This is quick. Was it this quick last time?" He asks, seemingly having forgotten that things do seem to happen fast.

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg definitely has a party going on as the egg nearly bounces up and down and side to side, doing a little jig of sorts. Cracks start to form along its shell and the points of impact the little one inside is making.

Iolain turns from Rhabel just long enough to grab Augustus by the shoulder of his robe, hauling the poor boy up to stand next to him and then planting him a neat distance. He'll take his hand and hold it up, focusing on Augustus partially because it means he can stress a bit less about the eggs and heat, "Alright, hold onto me, but if one of them comes towards you, don't freak out. I'll pull you in case it looks like something's about to happen, alright? Just try and stay calm, August, or you're gonna fall down or something." He rolls his shoulders to get rid of his own nerves, his other hand currently busy holding onto Rhabel. He uses one of those clasped hands to give an amused half-wave over to Sundari and Kazuto with a couple fingers, but seeing as the eggs are actually misbehaving, he winds up focused on them and totally not holding his breath. Not at all.

It should come as no surprise that the Urban Zombie Blood Egg explodes quite suddenly. No warning. Egg bits, here, there, everywhere. Goop, yucky stuff, shell. And, of course, the dragonet. He rises from the melee, a stout, handsome little brown hatchling, and wastes no time resting. No, rest is for the lazy. This fellow is on his toes and stumbling forward just as fast as he can, seeking out Someone Special to Feed Him Now.

Brazenly Bold Brown Hatchling
This dragon wears coffee like it's going out of style. The color a deep rich color like the kind that drips its way into one's cup. He's rather small in stature for a brown, stockier in stature with thick limbs and a thick tail. When he curls up he somehow can manage to get himself into the shape of a coffee bean if you squint a bit. His wings are also on the small side. Even for his size they appear miniaturized, as if something perhaps is wrong with them. But he'll fly, albeit kind of awkwardly at first. He has streaks of black slashing at his sides and his stout snout is covered around the nose, as if he was playing in the mud. His paws are large and ungainly and awkward but somehow he makes them look cool as he clomps around, dark talons flashing.

Jeyinshi catches Kazu's wave from the corner of her eye and quickly sidles over that way. "Isn't it? They're going fas-ah, there's one already!" The dolphineer's gaze slides over to the dragon while a small grin forms on her face.

Time! In a burst of energy, the occupant within the Holy Guacamole Egg bursts forth. The cracks along the green shell break apart all at once as the hatchling seems to be pushing from every possible direction- wings, legs, tail, neck, head all in pursuit of instant freedom. For a moment, the hatchling is frozen, the bits of eggshell and goo clinging to her body. And then she's shaking vigorously, loosening all those bits and letting them fly any which way. And then. There she is. Lithe, graceful, petite, green. She stands there, frozen, for a long, long moment. Limbs are stock still and straight, wings trailing the ground. Brand new eyes stare at the Real World before her, whirling with wonder, wanting, and hunger.

Zi'on peers across the sands as the first dragon makes his appearance. "Oop, there we go. We got a live one! A brown. Not bronze. That is a bit sad. Ah well." Suldith gives his rider a -look-. So what if it's not a bronze! Brown is good, too! "It's a good thing I didn't place any bets. I'd already be out some marks. He's a thick one, that brown is."

Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Hatchling
Mantis wing green slides across this lithe dragon's form. Slipping over her snout and down her neck before pooling at her stomach and spilling down her dainty legs. She's built similarly to that of a runner, lean, with powerful muscles rippling down her flanks. Teal slips down around the back of her neck in windswept motions, as if she had hair and a gust blew by throwing it into disarray. This same hue skips the entirety of her back and continues once more at the top of her long whipcord tail, stumbling over the top of it as it runs down the rest of the entire length. Her wings are perfectly matched for her size and that same mantis green slips over the tops of them while a dark avocado green coats the underside. A freckling of sea green is splashed across the darker hue, perhaps making one think about stars upon a night sky of green. But her wings aren't the only part of her that take on a darker hue, from her chin to the tip of her tail her underside is consumed with that shadowed avocado skin, slinking along her belly like a sly shadow unable to be frightened away by the light. Her legs seem to mostly escape the shade except at the very bottom, upon each foot is a 'boot' of black that slowly bleeds back into the expanse of green.

Enka lets out a whoop as the first egg turns from rocking cracking ovoid into live breathing dragonet. "A brown!" she exclaims, cheerfully enough. Nevermind that bronze hatching first is supposed to be good luck, brown is still just as good, pretty much. There's a rumble of sound from Miraneith, and Enka grins a little sideways towards Zi'on. "He's chunky."

"I was just asking." Rhadan's head turns to the side that Rhabel is on, his eyes rolling at being called an idiot once again. those eyes drift up to the stands for a moment, eyes setting on the number of people in them, "There are more here than last time. People, I mean." He thinks so, at least. His attention is taken away from the crowd when a murmur runs through some of the other candidates after the sound of an egg exploding is heard and Rhadan's eyes turn to set on the first of the hatchings. Blink. Stare. "He's thick, huh?" And look! Another one now! "Brown? And green?" Well, someone has to keep track.

"And I was just saying." Rhab shifts from foot to foot on the hot sands, already uncomfortable as the heat rises and threatens to (what it feels like, anyway) scald. Or maybe he's just /that/ nervous. Whatever the case, the first baby is out, and Rhab is making a minor retreat by taking a half-step backwards. He lets go of Rhadan and Iolain for seconds, before his hands are reaching out once more, their upper arms held captive to anchor him. And then there is a second! So many eggsplosions.

It doesn't take long for the Brazenly Bold Brown Hatchling to find exactly what he's been looking for. Stumbling across the sands, he makes a round of all the candidates, sniffing and peering and eventually stopping in front of a tall, blonde former Beastcraft apprentice. Well, sort of stopping. Okay, crashing into her. Mergana is quick on her feet, though, even on the hot sands, and she's catching him. They freeze, staring at each other for several moments, the girl holding an armload of brown dragonet. And then Me'gan is bursting into happy tears and shakily standing upright and leading him over to the weyrlingmasters. "Moochith is ready for food!"

Augustus moves over to attach himself to Iolain, as instructed. He takes deep breaths. "Okay… I'm okay. I'm okay. Oh Faranth that brown is big! But… I'm not freaking out. I… I'm not." Deep breaths. "That green looks nice. Pretty. Small." Safe. Maybe. At least at a distance. Augustus leans over a bit to catch a glimpse at Sundari, and offers her a wave.

Sundari nods to Kazuto while her gaze flicks towards Iolain and his new little friend. A grin and wave is offered back towards them. "Your be fine Augustus. Just don't think about being scared." Because that works, right? Her gaze turns back towards the eggs once they start to hatch, she'll agree with everything going quickly at the moment and catches sight of the brown and then the green that is soon working itself out from the egg. "She's cute."

Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Hatchling finally makes a move, after standing still for oh-so long. Carefully, tenatively, she leaves the remnants of her shell behind. She has a certain grace about her, bypassing the stumbling that many of her siblings do upon first movement. At first, she is entirely within her own world as she moves forward, and then all of a sudden she is near the candidates, and she must have caught a glimpse of all the close-by white in her peripheral vision, for she freezes again, mid stride. Slowly, slowly, she curves her neck and tilts her head up, whirling eyes settling onto the candidates. Oh. Hello there. Are you what I seek?

Iolain doesn't want to lose track of the people he's supposed to be taking care of, even if he is a bit startled by the sudden hatching of eggs. He feels Rhabel let go of his hand in response and actually reaches out to try and grab him, only to have the man do it himself. He shakes his head with a sigh and nods at Augustus, quirking him an encouraging smile before turning his attention to the Sands again. There's way too much going on. He blinks as someone Impresses - he'd thought it would take longer - and doesn't even think to call anything out. Inhaling sharply, he eyes that green now, shifting his feet on the hot Sands and wishing he had something besides thick sandals to stand on.

Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg has had enough of the noise and suddenly the shell is being ripped asunder as Back From the Dead Green Hatchling tears herself free of her enclosure. She gives a little shake which looks suspiciously like a dance move but might just be to remove a stubborn piece of shell clinging to her butt before she's trekking out across the sands in search of her one true partner.

Back From the Dead Green Hatchling
This green's hide is shrouded in a dark forest green color from nose to tail. An intense bright green outlines her wings and their ridges, causing them to pop against the dark green background of her hide. The bright green continues from where her wings meet her back and travel in a large thick stripe on both sides around her legs, meeting on her chest to form an M-shape on her body. Toes and tail are tipped in this electric green and give this well-toned dragon the appearance of floating as she walks. Her head is also drowned in this dark green sea. Even her mouth is colored darker than is usual, and seems to disappear against her face while it is closed. When open her teeth seem to be longer and sharper than most. The most notable feature of this green though is the mask she wears on her face. Two bright green wing shapes spread out from her nose and flare back past her eyes. Large ridges give shadow to her eyes and seem to slant them downwards with intensity.

"That brown had small wings, didn't it? Wonder if there's something wrong with him." Kazuto says, though he's no judge of how a dragon should be set up. He grins at Sundari, "The green one's cute." He agrees, and makes sure a spot is close to him to Jeyinshi to come join him as well. "Come on over here. Maybe this'll be done super quick so our feet don't get too hot." He says with amusement, as yet another green pops from her shell.

Soured Sunshine Egg shudders violently, a flurry of sand flung up from beneath it as the egg spins halfway along it's axis, disturbing fresh new sand in the process. Another spin, and the egg seems to buck a little, jolting upwards off the sand before thumping downwards into the hollow it occupied previously. And there it lies, still and quiet for a moment or two.

Jeyinshi grins as the first Impression comes and goes, but there isn't much time to linger on that. The appearance of new dragons has the dolphineer whistling softly. "Niiice." She can't help but smirk over at Kazuto though and nod in agreement. "I'm meant for the water, this heat thing…not my most favorite past time." So saying, she'll shift a few times. Too hot!

Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Hatchling sniffs delicately, nostrils flaring in an oh-so runner like fashion, testing the scents of the candidates, whirling eyes peering at them as she stands there before the group. A glance is spared for her siblings on their journeys, before she moves forward, stalking down the line of candidates, her stride purposeful. She knows what she seeks. She knows who. She's just not sure where, exactly, that person is.

The dancing is over and Back From the Dead Green Hatchling is making her way across the sands carefully with a sort of slow float-y walk. She puts her snout in the face of a younger girl, who shrieks when the green involuntarily smacks her lips. There's a grumble for the noise, and she moves on to a muscular young man. "I'm not afraid of you like she is." The young man says confidently to the green, though she does not look impressed with him either, and moves on. Then she spots Ennuin. Is he alive? Is he dead? It does not matter! He is hers! Eyes meet eyes for a long while it seems on this tall young man who seems to be asleep standing up. Eventually he speaks, though he does sound rather unimpressed that he's impressed. "Oh. I'm N'u, now, I suppose? Fine, Hollaicheth. Let's get out of the heat."

Soured Sunshine Egg seems stirred into a new frenzy of motion, bucking and jumping on the sands in frenzied gyrations. Back and forth, back and forth, the egg tilts sharply towards the rounded point and then the end just pops right off, that funny little bumpy protrusion cracks sharply down the middle and falls off onto the sand. There's a pause, most likely the hatchling within catching its breath.

"Look at that one," Rhab says when the first impression is made, but he says it less in awe and more in a oh-faranth-oh-faranth-we're-all-gonna-die kind of way. If it wasn't obvious that he was scared before, it might be a little bit /more/ obvious when his shifting feet take him just slightly backwards again, as if he's fully intent on being off of the sands before this entire thing even comes to a conclusion. At least this time he doesn't let Rhad or Io go. Io's got enough problems without having to worry about Rhab disappearing.

"Congradulations!" Is given to Mergana as there is a newly hatched brown Moochith paired with her, and Rhadan's smile to the Bestcrafter is genuine. Rhadan's head turns again to Rhabel when the older man lets go of him, blinking at him before turning to look at the green hatchling that is moving her way around, searching. "Well, at least she isn't charging at anyone." And then he tips a little when Rhabel grabs him again. When his balance is regained, he notices another green has hatched, and is quickly moving to… "Ennuin? Is that his name?" Nope, N'u now. But maybe Rhadan didn't hear that part.

If Smells Could Kill Egg doesn't move at all, but the smell from that corner of the hatching ground just got worse (if that is even possible at this point). Several candidates gag and point in its direction but it appears still and unmoving. But that smell, shards, it just really might kill someone soon.

Iolain resists the urge to try and help Rhadan when he nearly falls over, gritting his teeth a bit if only because he would feel sort of like a heel if he let go of Augustus. He takes note of Rhabel's desire to exit the Sands before the predetermined time, however, and shifts his arm back, forced to run over the man's arm with his hand before he can grab hold of Rhabel's. With a grip on the man's hand, Rhabel can't really back away too much, which probably makes things easier on everyone. He tries to keep track of the dragonets already on the Sands, which isn't too hard just now, mostly in case Augustus gets nosed at and winds up panicking. Yes. Totally the reason. Cough.

Is it somehow a random ray of sunlight shining down through the aerial tunnel from above, or perhaps the soft glow of an overhead light bathing the shell of the yellow, pitted looking egg with a nimbus of pristine and innocent limelight, but Soured Sunshine Egg seems ready to make its mark on the world. Renewed rocking bestirs the egg into action, the shell peeling and flaking away in long stringy strips, bit by bit, before it shatters completely, leaving a medium-sized brown hatchling lying there, glistening wet, brand spanking new.

Gifted With Magic Brown Hatchling
Pale sandstone clothes a lean and graceful form in flawless brilliance, a long elegant neck rises from the curve of his chest, and cumulates in a tapered fine-boned head at the other end. Well formed headknobs rest above a broad and intelligent forehead, strong jowls giving way to the delicate softness of his dish-faced muzzle. A straight, correct shoulder and a trim barrel flow seamlessly to the span of his hindquarters and onwards along the shortened line of his tail. Save for a few places, there is little to mar or contrast 'gainst the uniform sheen of his hide. And yet, however, a burst of sienna — garish opposition — wends its way across his neck ridges, fading out as it meets his withers only to reappear again in tangled streaks along the downward fall of his forked tail. Perhaps most striking of all are his long narrow wings — saffron tinted along the leading edge of the 'sails, soon overtaken by russet highlights that finally give way to coppery tones along the trailing edge.

Kazuto is one of the candidates that looks as though he's getting a sour stomach from the smell, but he doesn't actually gag. Instead, he tries to pinch his nose and keep the smell from getting in. "Is one of them rotten? I wonder if anyone can tell…" He asks, though doesn't expect an answer. Another egg is moving, and then another, which unveils a nice looking brown. "Ooo, that one looks nice." He comments and looks to Sundari and Jeyinshi to see what their opinions of the dragons on the sands are.

Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Hatchling has come to the end of her search. With utmost grace, the lithe little green halts before a handsome brown-haired young man. There is a long moment of contemplation, longer than she'd given to other candidates. And then in a fit of excitement, she jumps forward, overshoots her newly-hatched body's abilities and stumbles into a heap at his feet. There is snort and baby-sized rumble of dissatisfaction, and then a trill of glee. Well, so what if she fell? There you are!

Yes, there is a nose picker amongst the candidates. There's always one. The sands are dry and hot, and it makes one's nose itch furiously. This one though isn't one of the smaller boys, less preoccupied with personal hygiene. No. This time it is an older female candidate. Extremely pretty, with big blue eyes and long golden hair that falls in big curls about her shoulders, she's the one that all the bronzer wannabes were hitting on whenever they could get the chance. And now here she is, up to her elbows digging for nose-gold. For shame.

"Oh we're all be fine. See, there all hatching quickly. It's like one started and then a chain reaction went down the line of them or something." Sundari offers to Kazuto before smiling to Jeyinshi as she makes room for the other girl near her. "Isn't it great? Look at them." She is back to looking at the eggs, and then pauses to send a glance towards the first green that is moving down the line to stare at them all. Well, that is a bit of a strange feeling. As the dragons start finding there lifemates she offers soft yays and congratulates them when able. There is another brown seen and she oos softly at the sight. "There all beautiful."

What did that dragon just do? Rhabel turns a little more white and almost forgets how to breathe-almost. The heat underneath his feet reminds him to move again, and he exhales when he shifts, turning green eyes onto Rhadan with furrowed brows. Is this really happening? This is really happening. "Smell that?" His voice is weak. And sharding Iolain TRAPS HIM THERE! It doesn't matter, the hand closing around his is gripped almost too tight. "I'm not going anywhere," he says, to nobody in particular. Maybe just to encourage himself!

If Smells Could Kill Egg ruptures, shards of shell slip down like a mini avalanche of sorts but that smells kicks up another degree or so. That same group that pointed earlier is now moving distinctly /away/ from the horrid stench, nudging and bumping into their fellow candidates to get as far away as possible.

Jeyinshi grins over to both Sundari and Kazuto before nodding. "They all look pretty amazing…" Though as she trails off, the dolphineer raises a hand to her nose. "But Shards, that smells /terrible/. And the heat isn't helping anyway." She, for one, is definitely sweating at this point. "What I wouldn't do for some water right now."

Enka makes a face. "Ewwwww," comes the statement from the Weyrwoman. "That egg's smellin' even worse now. Mir, I'm convinced you did somethin' to it when you were layin' it because it just about reeks." The gold rumbles grouchily at her rider's insults, but she can't stay angry for long, she's too busy humming and making more noise than ever as her offspring hatch. Two greens, and that fabulous brown. Very good indeed.

Zu'to might have been distracted by the brown for a moment, but when the small green spills at his feet he seems surprised and then surprised once again when he realizes that it's green. A green? "Danzleith?" He asks, blinking a couple times and reaching out to touch the tiny green. "I don't think we can go there…" He says, though he blinks as he comes back to his senses. Where /should/ he go? He was expecting to go off the sands to the feast, not off the sands with a dragon.

Gifted With Magic Brown Hatchling lies sprawled across the sand for a moment, sides heaving up and down like bellows as he gulps in air, recovering from his exertions of freeing himself from the egg. And then slowly, he rises, front end first so he looks as if he's sitting up, and then up pops his rear and he shakes a little at the clinging sand plastered to him by the egg fluids, and totters forwards, shaky steps that grow stronger each time he lifts a foot and plants it down again.

Rhadan needs no help! He may have been able to use it. But need? Nah. Iolain doesn't need to help Rhadan. Augustus and Rhabel are the more needy of the bunch. Fears and everything, ya know? Now, things are starting to get a little more crazy. At Rhabel's promting, Rhadan's eyes are taking off the second brown hatching as he closes his eyes and sniffs before outright coughing. Uck. "What…" He is bumped by a passing candidate who is trying to escape from the smell of one of the eggs. "*cough* I think it is that one. The smelling one." And Rhadan is now pointing in the direction of the smelling egg.

For the sake of everyone involved, Iolain tugs on Augustus's hand and scoots a bit further away from that stinking egg himself, wincing and nodding in agreement with Rhadan. He has no issue letting the escaping candidates step in front of him and the others, though he's distracted enough that he doesn't realize a brown is on the Sands and Kazuto is about to leave it until it's all already happened. He blinks over in the direction of his ex-fellow candidate, flashing Zu'to a quick grin, even if he doubts the guy'll see it.

Akyla can move into action, pacing forwards to collect Zu'to and his new green. "Right this way," she calls out, leading him back towards the tunnel. "There's food right this way."

Sundari catches that smell now, well when the egg ruptures it isn't to hard to do and she is left coughing as a good wiff. Water, water would be so nice right about now! There is a green dragon and she peers up between another harsh cough escaping her to catch sight of Kazuto and she blinks a few moments before grinning. "Told you!" She calls out after her friend, glad for him. Sunny will move on closer to Jeyinshi now that Kazuto is getting tugged off.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg flops over onto its side rather dramatically. Whatever is going on around it is just too much. Eggs, dragons, people. Forget it! But such a dramatic display has caused a large crack around the egg's middle and spidery cracks around its sides.

Jeyinshi lets out a small whoop as Zu'to gets whisked away by a green! There's a broad smile for the new pair and a call of "Congrats!" But now her attention shifts back to the other eggs and dragons. Especially…that smelly egg. "Mannn, what is wrong with that one?" She'll just hide her nose in her white rob and scoot closer to Sunny!

If Smells Could Kill Egg is finally at its most rotten. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, oh, you were most definitely wrong! But at its strongest stench level, it lasts only a moment more before it seems like a great wind has blown through the hatching cavern and the smell is mysteriously gone. Candidates and onlookers are probably so relieved by the sudden retreat on the war on their nose that they don't notice the egg has fallen into two distinct piles and Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Hatchling is standing in the debris, proud and well, perfect of course.

Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Hatchling
Molten dark chocolate has been slowly dribbled and dripped down this young dragon's form. Ripples of near black can be spotted across his hide, waving in an assortment of different patterns across each of his sides. Sadly he is not perfect, the patterns differ very visibly and for anyone else this might have been fine, but don't ever point this fact out to him. Across his brow on the left side is three perfectly linear bands of milky brown that wrap their way half-way around his head before coming to an abrupt stop. His wings are the optimal size for his body, not overly large and not underwhelming and small. They're the same dark hue as the rest of his body but when he spreads them out six surprisingly rectangular blotches of near white can be found in a straight line. These same peculiar rectangles can also be found across his belly if you're lucky enough to get that close to him.

Rhabel pushes Rhadan's hand down when he points as if the action just might inspire the ire of a dragon or two. "Knock it off," he says, just before he follows Iolain's lead a little further away. Not that he has much of a choice, having an appendage being held hostage and all. He catches at Rhad's arm again, giving a nod to Zu'to when he makes his impression and a smile. "Congratulations," he breathes, but it'd be no surprise if it goes unheard. He can hardly hear himself.

Augustus is scooted! "W-what?" The boy has mostly been frozen in fear this whole time. Hoping and praying that none of the dragons get close enough to him to be in mauling distance. As far as who is impressing to what… well, he might have a better idea if he opened his eyes once in a while.

Gifted With Magic Brown Hatchling breathes in sharply, letting his breath gust out of his lungs with a little loud whooshing snort. His footsteps have been growing steadier, and now he moves towards the white-robed candidates with a brisk prancing walk. His special person is there amongst them, he has to find him … or her. Nosing against a girl candidate, he sneezes a little, wrinkling his muzzle before pressing on. She's not the one. A boy is inspected this time, perhaps … but no, he moves forwards again.

There seems to be this chain of people that includes Rhadan, and when Io starts moving Rhadan is, through his being connected via Rhabel, moved a little ways away from where he had been standing as well. Rhabel will get a slightly confused look when the younger Rha's hand is pushed down. "Knock what off? I was just pointing." Oh. Pointing. Are they not suppose to do that? Rhadan is only able to catch sight of Kazuto's back as the other and his new lifemate are being escorted away. Blink. "Did Kazu impress?" Rhadan missed it? And now he will look again to the hatchlings, "Does that make… 3 brown?"

Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Hatchling saunters across the hatching sands like he owns them. He has a strange way of moving, as if he's trying to be perfectly upright as he walks—which really doesn't work well when you're barely moments old! He stumbles, trips and with a nostril flare he's up again, retracing his steps back several feet to where before he fell and then he starts his walk again. He walks along the different groups of candidates, everyone has their partner, someone they're grasping hands with or just lingering that much closer to. He sees them all, quickly disregarding groups of three or the lone straggler before he's coming up to a pair of blonde girls, sisters in fact. He stops, falling back onto his rump and peeeeers at the pair for several moments. One can tell he's quite torn, his sturdy little head bouncing back and forth as he sizes them up. But finally he makes his choice, stepping towards the taller of them. Erizabesu cries out in happiness, falling to her knees before wrapping her arms around him, "His name is Desuzakith and I'm his Liz." An assistant weyrlingmaster is hurrying to their side and quickly showing them off the sands.

Iolain flickers an apologetic smile to Augustus, nudging his side a bit so he might actually look, "Sorry, Aug. Just trying to get us away from that smell a little. Better leave your eyes open, though. It'll be easier to see if we need to move." He puffs his bangs off his forehead as they try to crowd in on him, loosening his grip on Rhabel's hand a bit considering he was just vaguely chastized for his grip. Still, he's going to keep a handle on the other candidate, if only because they're friends. He watches as the brown on the Sands inspects people with care only to flick his attention towards the new brown, harbinger of Febreeze. He relaxes now that the stink isn't about to spread out and infect the entire Sands, even as he shifts from one foot to the other and nods for Rhadan, "Yeah. I kind of missed a little of it, but he did." The new brown is Impressed almost as soon as Iolain got a chance to look at it, but hey, when you're perfect, it must be easy, right?

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg finally gives up on being intact. Bits of its side crumble away and other bits are pushed and shoved to the sand below. A large section lifts off the top of the egg, like it's about to be pushed aside, but is pulled back down by sticky egg goop. It's pushed up again… then snaps back into place a second time. The egg is still a moment while its occupant seems to take a rest. Then the egg rolls a bit in the sand, and the large section is kicked aside in triumph! And out emerges the victor.

Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Hatchling
This blue is laid out like an ocean before. A deep dark blue is washed over the great majority of his hide. There is a certain sheen to his hide, and it seems to glisten in spots in the light. This blue is smooth and sleek, without any rough edges or corners. The sort of smooth that makes one eager to run their hands over, like well polished stone. Wings tuck neatly at his back, like a gentle rolling wave and expand into cerulean cliffs against his navy black. Strong and stocky as opposed to long and limber, the blue sails are robust enough to take a strong gust even as a tiny weyrling. Large ridges ripple up and down his back, leading down to an unusually tall and flat tail. Dark blue ridges sit heavily over the eye of a fierce face. Two baby blue splotches fan out from the narrowed eyes, making this blue look all the more intense. A powerful jaw sits below the shadowed snout in this same light blue. The lighter color drips down the underside of his neck and washes over his entire stomach and underside. Thick string limbs of average length extend from his torso, ending in onyx talons that shimmer blue when light hits them just right.

Too Manly to be Yellow Egg does a little hop in the sand. Good thing it's buried nice and deep! Otherwise it might be hopping across the sands and out into the foyer of the hatching area. Wouldn't that be fun? It hops again, and again. It's starting to look rather like whatever's inside has the hiccups.

Gifted With Magic Brown Hatchling has spotted his quarry, were it said the brown was hunting in the first place. That thick thatch of blonde hair, that's the one for him. Yet, he's so far away — for somehow in his wanderings the young brown got himself turned around and is now at the opposite end of the clutch of candidates. No problem then, he'll just push right through them to get to the one he desires. His choice has been made.

Rhabel is so nice! He reaches out to push the offending hair from Iolain's eyes when he notices the other candidate trying to blow it out of his face, but he doesn't let go. He actually tightens his grip when Io loosens it, and asks, "Better?" before he's reaching out for Rhadan again. "He did," he affirms, moments before the newest impression is made and Rhab starts his foot-shuffling again.

Sundari is finally able to catch her breath, it took a few moments with a mixture of both hot sand, smelly egg and who knows what else floating around everyone here, especially with a certain nervous candidate in the mix. She pulls on the collar of her robe and she glances around to see what she may have missed, and who got carted off with a new friend.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg quivers, the green shoots seem to rustle as if a large gust of air has blown by. Yet there is no wind on the sands and one would think the movement perhaps is part of one's imagination if it didn't go and do it again. Oh dear, there it is again! But as quick as it happened the egg is still now as if nothing ever happened.

Talk about egg on your face! Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Hatchling is wearing a piece of his egg around like it's some sort of hat. Or maybe a toupee. The rest of his limbs are shaken free of egg goop. Though he still feels… sticky. So sticky. And what's this on his head! There's a moment of panic in the small blue's face. And then suddenly he is running around like a wild dragon, flapping his wings and making a lot of noise. He narrowly avoids tripping over a tail and crashing into a pack of frightened candidates when suddenly the egg piece drops off his head. Then he stops. And relaxes. Whew. Safe.

Iolain is nodding his head slightly for Rhabel by way of gratitude when he looks rather distracted. He narrows his eyes, lifting his head to look across the Sands curiously only to wind up back-stepping a couple times as a brown hatchling comes pushing through the candidates. He jerks on Augustus's hand as well as Rhabel's to help pull them out of the way only to go still when the brown dragonet stops in front of him. He blinks again down at the creature, reaching out to carefully brush his thumb over the brown's forehead, "…Vereduth. Ah, yeah. We have to go over here." He looks sort of stricken, frankly, but the newly christened I'o will have to let go of his friends' hands finally in order to move in the direction he more or less saw the others go, his arm tucked around Vereduth's neck. He's a little wobbly.

Akyla is moving again, having just escorted the newest green weyrling off the sands,she's headed over to lead the newest brown impressee off too. "Iolain… I'o. And Vereduth. Right this way then. There's food, if you'll follow me."

Jeyinshi shifts her gaze this way and that as new dragons appear and new Impressions are made. There's a wide grin and a cheer for I'o before the dolphineer is shifting from foot to foot on the sands.

"Congradulations!" Liz is given this from Rhadan, and the young man will give her a smile as well. "A blue." Rhadan resists the urge to point this time, perhaps because he would rather not have his hand pushed again. "And look - that one is /hopping/." Rhadan is clearly entertained. But then there is /more/ shuffling within the ranks of candidates as one of the hatchlings, a brown, makes his way through them. Rhadand is bumped, and he is pulled from Rhabel's grip as he stumbles in the other direction. "Ack. Watch it." He pushes against the guy who bumped into him. His balance is regained. That's good, right? And then his eyes see Io, and the brown. Peer. Smile. "Oh. Congradulations!"

Too Manly to be Yellow Egg grows hair! Well, not really. A spidery crack forms at the top of the egg, starting from a point and expanding outwards until it looks like hair. Long splits form down the sides of the egg, slowly moving from the top on down. They snake down the sides as it someone was slicing the egg to peel it open later.

Sundari catches sight of Iolain, well I'o getting moved off the sands, she waves after him and smiles. "Good for I'o!" There is a pause and then there are candidates getting pushed and bumped around and a half eeee escapes her as she shifts backwards a few steps to look at the now bouncing blue. "Well, there's a first. I don't think the others was hoping around." Not that she has a problem with it as she grins. "Hey Jeyinshi. What you think of the blue?" Well the two are from the waters basically so blue is a color that they might like.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg gives a violent wobble, as if the inhabitant has slammed itself into the side and a large fissure slowly creeps up from the bottom of this egg to splinter out across the middle.

Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Hatchling has begun his search! Also he has calmed down a fair bit, and looks much more relaxed now. He wanders up and down the semicircle of candidates, stopping at each one and sitting down in front of them. When he gets to Rhadan, he gives a large yawn, then gets to his feet and moves over a few more candidates. Rhabel is peered at for a long time, and the blue pushes past him to look over his backside. Not bad. But still not what he is looking for. How about the ladies? A trio of girls holding hands and looked at, then Radioactive shakes his head a few times in an odd fashion. Then he sneezes on them.

Rhabel is abandoned! Betrayed! Iolain is gone? No, /I'o/ is gone? Green eyes blink after the recently bonded pair, and Rhabel almost forgets to call out, "Congratulations!" except that he doesn't. He waggles his fingers after the set and then pays much more careful attention to those remaining babies. He wouldn't want to get mauled or anything. Like he feels he almost just did. Like Rhadan almost just did. At least he's holding out his free hand for August and reattaching himself to Rhad. "You okay?" Pause, STARE. "Did that dragon just…?" Headshake. He's pretty sure he just got checked out by a baby dragon, but maybe that was just his overactive imagination.

Jeyinshi grins over at Sundari, "I think he's cute. I've got a bit of a soft spot for blues though." And yes, it may or may not have something to do with her watery roots! Her mouth has to pop open slightly as the dragon sneezes on those girls though. "Dragon snot, every girl's dream, yeah? Could be considered territory marking?"

Augustus has lost his savior. As Io moves off the sands, he gives the new brownrider a pathetic wave. And a whimper. Then he slides over to stand next to Rhabel instead. But he's too afraid to take his hand. That's… after that nosey blue has moved on, too. Maybe when the next dragon comes by Rhabel will have a new buddy to hold onto.

Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg is rockin' and rollin'! It's swaying from side to side in well timed, if jerky motions like it's doing some sort of awkward dance. Left, Right, Left, Right.. Back! Forward. Back! Forward! And… faceplant. The egg tips over in the sand and is still.

Sundari blinks as she watches the blue, check out Rhabel? "Jeyinshi Did he just.. do what I think he did?" Her gaze narrows in thought before she catches the sound of the sneeze and a laugh escapes her. "I'll take snot over that stench from that one egg. I thought I was going to cough up a lung or something when that smell got me."

Given the amount of cracks in the shell, it is a wonder that the Too Manly to be Yellow Egg is still structurally sound. But somehow it seems to still be holding itself together, even as the cracks become larger and more numerous. Finally the egg seems to quiver and then the side splits seem to fall away from the egg rapidly, exposing the dragon inside.

Warrior Anti-hero Bronze Hatchling
This bronze is all lines, sharp edges and jagged corners. Almost looking underfed, his bones seem to jut out at elbows and knees and in the joints of his wings. A dark firey copper covers most of this behemoth devil's hide. Around his legs it shifts to a lighter bronze, ending with pointed talons of a hot white. An elongated snout seems to taper to a point. The end too small even for nostrils, which stick up from his snout as if they were an afterthought. Lips seem to not cover his entire mouth, leaving his teeth bared in a scowl most of the time. Sharp features are seen in his face as well. Eyeridges slant downward in two wedge-like shapes. Pointed headknobs seem to extend the eyeridges out even further, adding to the menacing look. Ridges of bright yellow march their way down his back and tail. Longer and thinner than is typical, his tail looks as though it were made for taming wild felines. Spiny wings sit on his back, their burnt amber color like that of a wound scabbed over. Opening them up reveals spidery crimson discolorations along the blood vessels.

The girls who were sneezed on give several yelps and start trying to wipe themselves down. Meanwhile Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue bounds along happily. He feels much better now! A few more candidates are given cursory examinations. And then… oh ho! Who is this person! This person smells of sand. And… eel? Yes! This one is it!

When the blue dragon sits in front of him, Rhadan will look at the newly hatched blue and blink. Stare. Was he just /yawned/ at? Rhadan's brow is furrowed as his eyes continue to watch the dragon as it stares at Rhabel, Rhadan's starealternating between the human and the dragon. Blink. Hm. "I'm fine." Rhadan replies when Rhab reattaches himself, "But… I think that dragon just looked at your butt. In… like, an undragon-y way." Rhadan's eyes go up to Rhabel as the younger man grins, "I think it liked you." More dragons? Oh my.

Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg might be all but lost amongst the frenzy of activity on the sands. The little egg has lain so quiet and still that were it not for the coloring of the egg, it might as well have been a statue. But now the time for action has come, for stirred into motion by all the chaos about it, the small egg rocks hard in motion, falling still for a second, and then shuddering into life once more.

Prickly Desert Mirage Egg makes a pop noise as a circular epicenter of cracks forms on a bit away from the previous fissure. There's a moment of silence before the loud noise explodes again and bits of shell go flying (some even making it to the stands!) before a stubby green tail flops out of the newly formed hole. Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Hatchling backs her way out of her shell and whirls around, blinking away the egg goo clinging to her eyes. Ug. /Ew/.

Sundari watches that blue bound one way and then another. "I wonder if he is going to sneeze on anyone else." Though there is a pause as that sneezing, hoping and bounding blue is stopped before her? Wait! How did that happen? She peers at that blue watching him and soon smiles. "I did see it, it was grand you should have left it there. Yes, that is right Sundari, or Sunny.. Maybe we can go find it later, Irkevalath.." Well there goes the name so it must be true that this little blue feels the need to hook up with this seabrat. She lets her hand reach out and give the blues head a soft rubbing. "Right! Let's go."

Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Hatchling
A swarthy hue of sea green washes over the length of this petite dragon in large, rolling waves. It almost appears to be shifting with each tiny movement she makes, rippling in teal as if a stone has been skipped across the surface. Sea foam froths about her toes, churning that darker color into something soft and bubbly which quickly gets reclaimed by the fray going on at each one of her elbows. Her wings, which look especially large and unwieldy, compliment her hide when folded neatly at her sides, a few shades lighter color than the one that holds the majority, a sharp hunter green. Yet when her wings are spread and she's soaring through the air they appear nearly paper-thin. One could see the glitter of stars through them in the night, their color only muting their surroundings and not completely masking them. Gamboge sticks out in stark contrast to the rest of her, but it's only visible when she's flying seeing as how the awkward color lines only the underside of each wing. The orange hue slips across the bones of each wing before diving down the middle, splitting the sails into two distinct quadrants before a dark green splinters them further like a stained glass window. As if that wasn't strange enough, a smearing of white blots out some of the natural transparency on the top corner of each wing. Her tail on the other hand can be described as nothing else but stocky, no lithe length for her, instead it appears as if her waspish body stole most of the length that her tail perhaps could have gotten and it just never quite had the chance to fully bloom. It's about a fourth smaller than those of her kin in similar size but make no mistake, she still always holds her tail up like a proper lady.

Warrior Anti-hero Bronze Hatchling emerges triumphantly from his egg. Horribly ugly wings are spread wide as he moves carefully across the sand. Step after slow step, it looks as though he thinks he might sink through the sand or something. Once he has made his way up to the candidates though he seems to gain a bit more confidence. Up and down the rows he goes, making snarly faces at anyone who looks at him. He makes eye contact with one of the older male candidates, a tall one with lots of muscles. Then he huffs a bit, as if to say 'not good enough'! The females are even pondered over, though never for long. They don't feel right. Finally, the Warrior bronze stops at Augustus, the young candidate affectionately known as Chubby. "I'm… I'm what?" Yes, that's right! Chubby Augustus has impressed to this scary looking dragon. "I'm… Gu'u? I… Oh, right. Okay, Proeliath. I mean, sure. I'm hungry, too. Let's go and get you something to eat maybe… Which way?" Gu'u seems a bit confused, but eventually one of the weyrlingmasters is able to point him in the right direction so him and his bronze can make it off the sands.

A long jagged streak appears across the middlemost section of the Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg as the egg shimmies and wobbles in desperate attempts for the hatchling within the free itself from the egg's confines. It has lain long and still these many sevendays, and now the darkness within is too much, too small. Freedom is sought, further cracks splintering off from the first one, a roadmap of inky black lines that mar the surface of the shell.

Rhabel gives Rhadan a strange look, and then murmurs a soft, "Why would it like me? Mass hysteria. Hallucination. We were both just… seeing things." Rhabel is sure of it. He moves in a little bit closer to the younger candidate, keeping his eyes open and fixated on the rest of the eggs, dragons, and remaining candidates. So many impressions! Rhabel's head is spinning.

Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Hatchling shakes her head and this is where you imagine those shampoo commercials, the slow shake, the ripple of hair? She totally does exactly that, but you know, minus the long lengths of hair. The egg goo goes flying, splattering a few candidates that were in the front 'row' or perhaps just a little too close to her. Oh.. dear! The little green looks around sheepishly, hoping that they were paying attention to some other egg or hatchling that is currently on the sands. She lifts her stubby tail up so that it's not dragging upon the sand and decides now is as good as ever to make her debut into the world. With dainty, lady-like steps she makes her way to the sea of white.

Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg seems to be tuckered out from all the dancing and flopping. It looks like it might be taking a nap in the sands, face down. Then the egg starts to tremble a bit, and there is a loud *CRACK* noise as a big chasm opens up down the center of the egg, arching nearly over the entire exposed hemisphere. Several candidates jump and one of them… hey. What's that smell?

Jeyinshi calls out a congrats to Sundari before shifting her gaze onto the next dragons. "Pretty green!" The dolphineer grins before doing the candie shuffle again. Left right left right. "Shards it's hot. She startles slightly at the loud crack before looking curiously over at that particular egg with raised brows.

As some of the candidates peer around looking for whoever… dealt it the Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg is starting to chip away at that big crack down its spine. Pieces are chipped away, and the smooth crack becomes riddled with jagged edges. There are no more surprising noises, though eventually the crack has become a large enough hole, and the dragon inside pokes it head out before working its way onto the sand.

Boiling Water Blue Hatchling
Pale is barely the word to describe this blue. So light is his hide in certain lighting it almost looks white, but on close comparison, is actually a very pale blue. Intricate swirls of dark blue are penciled finely all over the hide of this beast. Big swirls, small swirls, all tiny threads of blue reaching from his head to the tip of his tail. The swirls become more like vines on his wings, large trunks of dark blue travel up the ridges and then fan out like branches to their own swirly designs. Blue swirls lick the head of this blue but go no further. Instead two dark blue diamonds surround his eyes, and taper off slowly in the back until they are wispy lines that run a ways down his neck. Swirls are more pronounced at his hands and feet, becoming thick lines that become solid dark blue at his claws. His tail tips are also covered in this dark blue anti-frost color.

Enka whoops loudly at the hatching of the bronze. Even if he was well … different. "And there's a bronze," she declares, leaning towards Zi'on to jostle his arm a little, just in case the Weyrleader couldn't see it. And when he impresses, oh, oh how the Weyrwoman chuckles loudly. "Oh my goodness," she remarks. "Who'd he pick. I think the Weyrlingmaster and his staff are goin' to have their hands full with that."

There are little dragons going about to different people. Did that blue go to Sunny? Rhadan's attention was gone, and he barely is able to get out a "Congrats!" to the girl when she impresses before his eyes are again on Rhabel. Blink, "I don't think I hallucinated." And then Rhadan will stare. DId Augustus just… impress? Blink. Stare. Blink. Rhadan is slower than he normally would be at getting his, "Congradulations." Out. But then, he hadn't really expected that. He is turning back around to look at the green currently occuping the sands. Peer. And a blue now, too? So much is going on. "This seems quicker than I thought it'd be."

Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Hatchling pauses a moment to examine Jeyinshi, giving them the once over and even daring to stretch out her neck and take a sniff. But she's quickly pulling her head back and wrinkling up her delicate nose before giving a sudden sneeze that knocks her on her tushie. Perhaps Jey still has a bit of her very smelly sibling egg on them. Who's to know? Several moments pass and she just sits there, staring down at the sand like she has no clue what just happened. Not a muscle moves in that span of time before she's giving a wobbly push up, jerking her head high and continuing on. She approaches a young girl, dipping her head in a coy manner before snapping her head out and taking a nip at the poor girl's robe. There's a little bit of struggle and a cry of terror from the girl as her poorly made robe is nearly ripped from her body but instead the green is left with a rough square of fabric. No one saw that! It's just she's so /hungry/ and one has to admit that all these things dressed in white totally look like edible something-or-others.

Zi'on stretches out and shifts his own weight on the sands. "Yep. I see him. I was starting to think we weren't going to get any out of this clutch. What a sad hatching that would be." Zi'on blinks. "Wait, did Chubby just impress to that bronze? Oh boy. I hope it helps him uh… gain some self confidence at least." Zi'on wriggles around. "Darnit. I got an itch." He turns his back to Enka. "Would you mind?"

Jeyinshi stands perfectly still, tilting her head to the side as the green comes up to sniff her. Though that sneeze? That gets a reaction! "Hey, I don't smell that bad!" The words are mumbled to herself however, and the dolphineer has to chuckle in amusement as she watches the green head off. At least she didn't get /her/ robe (or part of it) ripped off!

Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Hatchling apparently didn't particularly like the way that girl's robe tasted because she definitely is not trying to nip at anyone else. Instead she strides on, holding herself very prim and proper like, as if she didn't just try to rip someone's robe from their body. Her nose twitches and she veers off, tromping through the remainder of the candidates like it's her right and duty to send them scattering like wherries. She's quite oblivious of the chaos she causes as she's very intent on her trek. It brings her smack dab into the legs of a young man who really probably wishes he wasn't there at the moment. Because having little green dragons pretty much slam into your calves is always fun? Right? Thankfully she doesn't appear to do any damage to the candidate but ends up on her butt again and staring up at the green eyed man with.. wait.. is that disgust?

Enka's expression is certainly mirthful. "Well, it'd be somethin' to worry about, havin' no bronzes out of the batch, but as least there's one. Even if the lad impressin' him is ah …. goin' to be interestin' to work with anyway." She quirks a brow at his request, and then chuckles before reaching out to rub her fingertips against his back. "When I said you might have an itch that needed scratchin', this wasn't what I was thinkin' about, but I'm happy to oblige either way."

With a deafening crack that resounds in the echoing chamber of the Hatching Cavern, Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg explodes — egg shards flying outwards like little propelled bits of shrapnel that hopefully won't hit anyone as they rain down. Gone, vanished, simply no more, what's left behind is the dragonet, of such a size that one wonders who he might have been able to move within such a small egg.

Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Hatchling
Arrayed in antiquated brazen hue so dark it seems to absorb all light and make him appear a darkened shadow of a dragon, the bulk of muscle and weight lend greater semblance of mighty power than mere length alone. Beginning with a short-snouted muzzle, a short but massive neck meets the outward swell of strong shoulders and the unassailable hulk of a broadened chest. Short, stout-boned limbs add presence rather than height, huge paws ending in silver-gilt talons. Rather trim and lean in belly and sides, a surprising contrast to the command strength of his forequarters, some bulk is regained once more in the swell of strong haunches before the smooth lengthy descent of his lithe and lively tail. Equally as dark as the rest of him, the gigantic span of his wings, surely of a size to throw great shadows across the ground will make him a formidable presence in the sky in times to come.

Great, just great. This is a /robe eating, calve knocking dragon and… The world around R'bel seems to stop and then proceed in slow motion, green eyes turning in a near daze onto the little green before him. "Your name is Espeth? Mine is R'bel?" It's repeated in the softest of tones, and there's not an ounce of hesitance when he reaches out to press a hand against her muzzle. "A vtrol? What is a… Okay," he whispers, because /really/, he'll agree to anything right now. "Let's get food and… new clothes." He's scanning the crowd for Ir'e, but not long enough, and then he allows himself to be corralled off of the sands with his lifemate in tow.

Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Hatchling was very very cramped indeed inside that tiny little egg, but freed of the shelled prison that had surrounded him, he stretches, first his limbs, then his wings before he settles them against his side, taking long slow breaths to acclimate himself to the world he's found himself in.

Zi'on nods to Enka. "Yeah. Without a gold, too. That would be strange." But there's a second bronze, popping free! And Zi'on feels a bit more firm about the clutch. "Eh. Maybe it'll be good for him. His dragon looked fierce enough." He chuckles at Enka. "Maybe not. But this is the only kind you can scratch down here." There's a nice long 'aaaahhh' as Enka scratches his itch.

Boiling Water Blue is having a rough time of it. He apparently, is stuck to his shell. Most of him seemed to get out okay. Tail, arms, wings, head… leg? Only one leg has come free. There's an excited scramble for the candidate line that ends in failure. The blue can't see to get anywhere with one leg anchored to his egg, which is anchored in the sand. Instead his free leg just digs a hole into the sand. After a few tries of this he manages to get the egg somewhat dislodged, but it almost immediately falls back into position, taking the dragonet with it. There's an annoyed growly-bark noise made at the leftover shell and teeth attack at the spot that's got his leg caught. Shell pieces go flying everywhere for a few moments, then he is free! Free! He wriggles out his leg and then bounds over to the candidates, nearly jumping on top of one right away. Apparently he'd seen Ravithaye from across the sands, a tall girl with raven black hair. She falls backwards onto her behind, laughing. "Ah! Ooh! Hello to you, too, Yojokitobuth! Sure… Raye it is. I know, that egg was especially pesky. But it's okay now! You don't have to go back into it, let's instead find you a nice wallow you won't get stuck in. And maybe a bite to eat." After Raye is on her feet, she dusts herself off and heads off with one of the weyrlingmasters.

Jeyinshi grins at the latest Impression and waves after the new pair before directing her gaze to the last arrival. "Another bronze, niiice!" The dolphineer smiles before stepping back a few feet. "Shells, definitely need a drink. Way too hot down here."

And with that, the four man chain that had been formed when they had entered the sands is broken, Rhadan the last remaining link. Of course, he hadn't even tried to be apart of the chain in the first place. He is grinning, though, when the green dragon is between Rhabel's calves, and he states, "Ha. I knew you'd impress!" Well, he didn't /know/… but he though so, okay? When Rhabel and his new lifemate exit the sands, Rhadan moves to give himself a little more space. Well, now he can dodge better from being mauled, right? When his eyes go up it is in time to see a blue bounding across the sands. Blink. Well, at least it wasn't mauling /him/.

Enka wrinkles her nose at the very thought. "I'd have never lived it down if Mir hadn't produced at least one bronze in the clutch, especially considerin' how long the flight was and how much fun they had after." she grins wryly. "That was a fierce lookin' bronze all right, hopefully it'll help that chubby lad be more aware of himself." And not in what he's eating, right? She digs in a bit deeper, briskly massaging at the bronzer's back over his shirt. "Feelin' better?"

Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Hatchling doesn't exactly have a swaggering gait, but stout as he is, even half-starved from imprisonment within the egg having consumed all the nutrients within, well, he's just a hunk of dragon muscle marching forwards over the sands with an intentioned stride.

Zi'on grins. "I suppose not. You know how long the flight was? Also… afterwards? I don't get that kind of reporting. Though I'm not sure I want to know, either. Now that I think on it." The bronzer laces his fingers behind his head. "Yep. Thanks. At least for now it does. I think something bit me back there. Or I'm getting a rash or something. Maybe I'm allergic to hatchings."

Jeyinshi tilts her head at the marching actions of the bronze and chuckles, "Looks like he's pretty hungry, though who can blame him really?" She says to herself before wiping away a few beads of sweat.

Enka smirks. "Zi'on, Mir was the one runnin' away from all the bronzes and browns, of course I knew how long and far the flight was. I just knew. There was a shardin' lot of open water under her. As for after," she just gives the Weyrleader a far too cheerful grin. "Well, considerin' how much fun /I/ had, it stands to reason that afterwards was…. Mir did report a little, but then I got wrapped up in my own thoughts." And other things. "Maybe you ought to put somethin' on it," she suggests. "We're almost done, could pop over to the healers and ask them for some cream or somethin'."

Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Hatchling has timed everything perfect to this moment, to the point where his brothers and sisters have all hatched and impressed, leaving him with his choice in solitary splendor. He doesn't hesitate, moving with exacting purpose. Him. That young man all by himself. He's found his partner,his teammate and buddy for life.

Rhadan's feet shift in the sand below his feet as he brings a hand up to swipe some fallen hair from his forehead. He leans to one side, most of his weight going to one foot as he speaks to himself, even has his eyes stay on that bronze hatchling. "So, what is that? Three brown, three green, two blue and two bronze? Did I miss any?" Well, if anyone could count, they'd know he didn't. But then that young dragon is approaching /him/, Rhadan. Blink. Stare. Whoa. Rh'ad's weight settles back down to both his feet as he looks down to his new lifemate. "I…" Speechless? There is a grin spreading on Rh'ad's face then, though, and he nods, "Of course I am yours, Sidarith. And yeah. There is food. Lots of it." And Rhada—Rh'ad turns to look for the right direction to go. And he will head that way. Yup.

And with that, the last of the hatchlings having chosen, Miraneith is free, free free! The gold stumps her way along to the entrance to the hatching grounds, her tail dragging a deep furrow in the sands which only serves to earn a sharp "MIR, tail /UP/," from her rider. "'Scuse me." Enka gives Zi'on another smile, and then moves towards any candidates who might remain. "I am sorry your lifemates were not amongst these hatched today," she says simply. "But you are welcome to remain here until you have opportunity to try again or you may return home. In the meantime, please enjoy the hatching feast." And she'll put action to words, exiting the sands to pay her respects and regards to those who have come to attend the event.

Jeyinshi stoops in a short bow of thanks to the sires and the Weyrleaders before stretchiiiing. When her arms drop there's a whisp of a grin on her face. "Drink time!" And she'll shuffle away, there are food and drink to be had!
As the last pair of weyrlings move off the sands, Zi'on claps his hands together in a finalizing motion. "Well, that's it for the dragons. For those of you who didn't impress, never fear! Even Zi'on the great and powerful had to stand three times before he impressed! Also, you get to come to the hatching feast and have first dibs. So dry those eyes, and let's get us all a drink!"

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