Gold Nieleth and Bronze Halinith's Hatching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It's an early morning at Western weyr, very early when the deep thrumming of the dragons starts to build up, announcing the imminent hatching of the eggs on the sands. Various staff and residents start to crawl about the weyr, wiping sleep from their eyes as they shuffle into their positions ready to deal with what is needed.

Frozen to the Core Egg shifts a little, seeming as if its starting to melt perhaps, the pale blue-green shell pushing sand away from its base.

Nieleth lets out a loud crooning rumble, pleased that finally her eggs are ready to hatch. Meanwhile Orla comes running into the sands, hair flying everywhere, boots in hand as she hurries along. "What time do you call this!" She shouts at the big gold. "Your timing is wonderful."

A shimmy, a shake, and for a moment it seems as if the Tie-Dye Fireflies Egg is hovering upon its pile of sand. And then, it falls still once more.

<In the galleries> Shorynia grins as she moves into the caverns. Early for Western is midday for Ista, so she's awake, at least. The green lizards on her shoulders give entreating cheeps in a trio chorus for all she tries to shush them as she moves down the galleries to a comfortable seat. Despite this being far from her first hatching, her whole body vibrates with excitement. Hatchinghatchinghatchinghatchinghatching.

<In the galleries> Early morning at Western is still later Xanadu-time, so the pair that move into the galleries under the watchful eyes of an inky blue dragon above seem bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. R'iahn is dressed in a clean button-down shirt the same dark blue of his dragon and a pair of black trousers, while the little girl who dashes before him wears a sunny yellow sundress. "Briahla, you watch where you're going!" Riah calls, finally trotting a few steps to sweep the five-turn-old up and set her on a seat next to him near the front row. The man turns his attention to the sands, then, squinting and frowning thoughtfully while the little girl wiggles excitedly.

Frozen to the Core Egg continues to shift, to move, cracks beginning to spread outwards from the crown of the egg, following the vivid streaks of turquoise, pushing its way across the pale hues that twist and wind around the shell.

Avani exits the tunnel and gives a deep curtsey to both Sire and Dam, Siodore in perfect sync with his own low bow at her side. Then the pair make their way into the semi-circle, Avani trying to find a spot nearest the egg with the red spot but as far as possible from the one with the points of light upon its surface.

Ae'gus hurries out onto the sands ahead of a straggling line of candidates, turning only once to peer behind ihm and be sure that the lot of them made it through the tunel alright. Satisfied, he gives one last grin and retreats to the sideline near Halinith. The big bronze is thrumming and humming along with Nieleth, happy to welcome his offspring to the world. He also has a bit of a smug expression on his face, if that's even possible.

<In the galleries> Adouzhi is not far behind Shorynia in the Istan contenget. "Oh boy, hatching, this'll be-be great." He grins. Flute gives a chirp from his shoulder, before he joins his larger cousins in humming. Douzi mean while will plop down in the seat next to Shory, with a grin.

Zeibhan makes his way slowly in with the line of candidates, flailing as his feet catches a bit of sand. "Shard it. I hate mornings." Another pointed yawn, he somehow remembers to offer a deep bow to the sire and dam before making his way off to the side. Far enough away to not do damage, while also keeping a view on things.

Zsriston makes his way out onto the sands. He wasn't terribly awake just a few minutes ago, but the heat of the sands has definitely woken him up! He politely bows as the rest of the candidates do, then takes his place amongst the rows. They were hatching! Sure, he's seen dragons before, even small ones, but not tiny ones this close up!

A slight shiver runs through the Rings of Perfection Egg, a barely noticeable vibration making the regimented colors blur for a few seconds. Tiny granules of sand shake and shimmy away from the base at the tremor, though everything soon falls still again.

Sororn shuffles out behind the others, offering his own bow to both Dam and Sire before setting foot any further on the sands. He takes in a deep breath, glancing around where everyone is positioning himself and he merely takes a decent place not too close and not too far from the others. "This is how it starts, huh?" he says to no one in particular, watching the eggs cautiously. He's heard stories…

<In the galleries> R'shed is stumbling his way through the crowds, in a bit of a hurry to get to one of the lowest tiers. The closer to the sands, the better. "I know, I /know/," is muttered under his breath as he looks across the sands, his eyes blurring between clear and dragon-fogged. "I'm looking, but I don't see her." His rio of 'lizards are quick to perch on him once he finds a seat, hands anxiously wringing together. "C'mon Ela, where are you … ?"

Toraya walks out onto the sands with the other candidates behind Ae'gus and she says close to Norela and a few others she had become close with as candidates. She politely bows in her robe towards the sire and damn as well as to their riders and as she moves towards the semi-circle forming around the eggs that she has watched form with each hatching since she was little. This time being her first ever chance to experience it and she appears quite nervous. She does look for family up in the galleries once she is settled in and notices her older sisters Tynara, Ka'an and her older brother Ty have all arrived and she gives a bit of a smile and wave though towards them. Though her face still looks sullen knowing that her mother having passed away while she was in candidacy wouldn't be there to share in this experience with her. She looks around for her father… no sign of him yet. He must be busy in the Infirmary or something. Not like him to miss his daughter's standing on the sands. She notices some of the eggs move and she stands still looking towards Norela.

Selchis' gait is a little /too/ stiff as she emerges onto the sands among the other candidates, arms clamped firmly to her sides as if attempting to hold her robe in place. As such, her bow is an awkward affair, a full folding of her frame from her lower back, then slowly back up again. Adrenaline supplies what the abnormal hour of awakening does not, and it's with a tense, narrow-eyed stance that she falls into a place in the semicircle.

A'ven smiles from his place near the wall. He takes a deep breath, suddenly glad he chose today of all days to get up so early. "Guess that meeting with the minor Holders did me a good turn after all or I might have slept through this." "Not that Glyith would have let me sleep… He can hum pretty loudly when he wants to, and this is a good group.. so I guess he was excited to let everyone know exactly when…" He smiles fondly at the Candidates who have assembled, and seeing that Ae'gus has things well in hand also, he turns his attention to the already active eggs.

Norela shuffles out with the other candidates, in line near Avani, Selchis, and Toraya. She still looks about half-asleep, no surprise given the hour of the morning. Her hair is a complete mess, and she's missing the usual makeup she applies daily. "Shards, why did it have to be at this hour?" She asks of her nearby candidates with a heavy sigh. Once she sees the eggs rocking she gets suitably nervous, eyes wide.

Smooth movement begins to touch the Tie-Dye Fireflies shell once more - graceful as it rocks upon the sand, a single slender crack stretching down once side.

Liandyn steps onto the Sands amidst the gaggle of Candidates, hurriedly tying up her hair and patting it to make sure it's marginally neat. Unlike many of her fellows, she's already wide awake, her large eyes sparkling with excitement as she offers a proper bow to the clutching pair before moving to mingle with the rest of the white-clad hopefuls, managing to secure a place not far from Norela, though not too close to intrude. She seems almost more interested in the reactions of her peers than of the rocking eggs around her.

Orla skids to a halt next to Nieleth and prods her with a boot, before she leans against the gold's haunch to pull her boots on. "Oh well, here we go." She's still in a state of disarray as the candidates are roused and brought out onto the sands. She straightens and returns the salute before waving Ae'gus over. "You can wipe that smile off your face, I'm meant to be sleeping." She scowls at A'ven. "You're far too perky for this time in the morning."

Frozen to the Core Egg it seems can withhold no more trauma, for as the cracks reach the pure white end, portions of the shell begin to fall away, dropping to the Sands, the green-blue hues of the egg replaced with the shadowy-blue hues of a dragon's hide.

Shadows of the Forest Blue Hatchling
Dipped in midnight blue, this dragonet's flattened muzzle and shortened snout sweep back to curving headknobs as faceted eyes gleam beneath deeply hued eyeridges, light against the darkness. The deep grey-blue hues gather over the curves of his short, wide neck even as it flows immediately into well-built shoulders. Prussian blue settles in heavy shadows over his wide back, draping down his sides, gathering around short limbs until ebony talons take hold. Glaucous speckles his belly, the lighter hues giving a sun-dappled appearance to his hide, chasing away the cloak of darkness from between front limbs to the end of his tail, appearing again on the translucent sails that spread from midnight spar to midnight spar. Pale carolina blue ridges meander down his back - hardly mountains - instead merely hills upon the shadow-drenched landscape of his shortened frame.

Avani is just about to turn and scan the railing for the overly bright form of her bronze Thor and blue Tyr (as well as the humans they were asked to find) when Siodore grabs her hand, gently but firmly and shakes his head, "We see how this goes, then we deal with that happens after. Don't get distracted." Avani shakes her head and offers Siodore and Norela her thin-lipped smile even as the first Egg produces a blue.

Patori stumbles out onto the sands, the boy shoving sleep-matted hair back from his face and then doing an awkward, hasty bow to the clutch dam and sire. Eyes wide, still blinking tiredness away, he hurries to stand somewhere with the others and proceeds to gawk. "Guess it always starts like this," he remarks to Sororn, the lad grinning at the eggs, and then having to take a few breaths as he tries not to look nervous. There's a quiet, "Oh," as the first egg hatches, Pat taking an immediate step back, and then looking sheepish.

<In the galleries> Briahla is ever-curious, peering around with wide, bright eyes. "Daddy, look, I see Jae!" She squeals, and the man glances up, where said dragon is peering down at them with bright eyes, then turning his attention back to the rocking eggs and lending his voice. "Mmmhm. I see, darlin'. Watch the eggs now, or you'll miss them hatching!" The man murmurs, peering around at those seated nearby to him with a bland expression. Sleepy-eyed Western-folk and bright-eyed folks from all around Pern; the usual assortment, even if a few do look somewhat familiar, and are slanted a little nod. However, the sight of an egg hatching has Riah's head whipping back around, and he actually cracks a smile, laughing softly. "Blue first," He chuckles. "Better sign than bronze, in my books. Handsome fellow."

Shadows of the Forest Blue Hatchling sits for a moment, blinking those large faceted eyes as the darkness of the shell is suddenly replaced by the light of the hatching caverns, slowly adjusting to this strange new place. One wing is stretched out, his head turned curiously towards it in examination, before he huffs and puffs and manages to awkwardly get to his feet.

Zeibhan lets out another loud yawn as he runs a hand through his hair, "Sharding eggs. Can't they be bothered to hatch at a /decent/ time." Grumble. A hand idly rubs at his eyes, shifting uncomfortably in his position as the heat of the sands reach his feet. Oh, look, movement. Zeibhan's head slowly cranes that way, peering that way. "Oh, a dragon." Statement of obvious.

Dark Side of the Egg moves just a fraction, the slightest of movements only before it settles again. Not long after, there's another tiny shudder from the egg, so hard to spot on the busy sands.

Selchis edges closer to Norela as the first egg breaks, pale eyes staring at the blue hatchling before swiftly turning upon her fellow candidate. "The numbers on that one, " she demands, low, likely in an attempt to maintain her sanity as everything around them seems to be moving. "What were they?"

<In the galleries> Shorynia grins right back at Adouzhi, "You been to a hatching before?" Before he can answer, though, the first egg splits, "ooooo, blue first. And a gorgeous one at that. They're always so pretty newhatched."

Norela offers a nervous smile to Liandyn when she edges over. Clearly, having so many of her friends nearby is keeping the trader-candidate from totally panicking. Of course, her attention is snatched immediately by the hatching of the first egg, with the hatchling inside having her transfixed for a moment. Only Selchis' question brings her back to reality. "Definitely favored blue. Green was a second, I think. Should make some money on that one. I guess the shell colors do tell you something." Of course, there are other, more pressing things going on right now. Her eyes flick sideways to Toraya, making sure she hasn't panicked yet.

A'ven makes a show of opening his eyes just a little wider. "Perky! That's me.", he says half sardonically as he mimes having a cup of klah. "It's not because I went to bed early I can tell you that. I'm only awake because the kitchen people made me a strong pot of klah. My eyes feel like they're just painted on."

Rings of Perfection Egg trembles once more, shivering as though caught in a sudden chill. A latticework of tiny cracks begin to spread over the shell, working into a complex pattern. A couple miniscule shards break free here and there, though with one last deep tremor the egg falls silent again to bide its time.

Shadows of the Forest Blue Hatchling is still on his feet, at least for the moment, and a few shaky steps are taken towards the ring of white. And then, his attention is caught by a shell fragment in the sands, and he's burying his nose deep. A sneeze, and he's shaking his head, making his way once more towards the candidates, snorting at a young boy, making a face of sorts.

Avani watches the blue with interest, but her mud-green eyes slip away often to slp over the rest of the twitching ovoids with cracking shells. She squeezes the hand held within her own and glances towards the WeyrLeader for a moment, offering A'ven her thin-lipped smile and a nod, should he happen to notice in the rapidly building chaos of the Sands.

Sororn slowly nods as he watches the blue hatchling, taking in a deep breath and holding it for a moment. This is how they look when they break shell? He shifts on feet before turning his gaze to Patori, "Wow, um. Just… Amazing." Sororn chuckles, shakes his head and returns his attention to the movement on the sands. As it approaches the young boy, he watches in silence, biting his lip.

The single crack upon the shell of the Tie-Dye Fireflies Egg stretches and expands, until the two halves fall away, resting on the sands, the hidden occupant now exposed to the world.

One With the World Blue Hatchling
Glimmers of iridescence dance over this hatchling's snout and headknobs, dancing down his brightly hued sides, twisting around to the paler hues of his belly. Dark are the ridges that run down his back, between each large wing, his coloring making him seem even longer and lankier than he truly is.

One With the World Blue Hatchling freezes as the shelter of the shell gives way, as if remaining invisible as long as there is no movement. However, after a moment, hunger drives him away from the remnants of his shell, and towards the white robed candidates that seem so intriguing. Perhaps a bit awkward at first, it takes him a bit to find the rhythm of his steps, nearly tumbling over once or twice before finding himself at the feet of a young woman. Lanky neck stretches upwards, and after being given a curious nudge, the girl's face spreads into a confused smile. "Sulyth.. Why are you… Me?" But even then, Tiri is subconsciously turning to lead the blue towards the waiting weyrlingmasters. "He says his name is Sulyth.

With a triumphant cry the One With the World Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<In the galleries> Adouzhi nods. "Yeah-yeah! They are always exciting." He says with a grin, and looks to the sands. "Wow-wow, he's so dark." He remarks of the blue. "I bet-bet a brown will be next to hatch." But then a blue hatches, and hee laughs. "Guess I would of loss that bet."

<In the galleries> R'shed finally spots who he's looking for and waves wildly. Is she even looking? Probably not, but the bluerider can hope. Back to watching, fidgeting a little for the appearance of two blues and the rapid Impression of the second. "Jays. Hope this is quick …"

Toraya blinks between the blue hatchling and the latest egg to hatch a blue and her jaws drop. "Well I thought that one would have been a green. Shards. That was such a pretty egg." She says nervously shuffling her feet as she looks over noticing the impression. Wow… that went fast. "Norela, what did you think about them so far?"

<In the galleries> Shorynia grins, "That's pretty normal. Oh, look. That blue found his girl." She shakes Adouzhi a little, "It's amazing that some find them so fast and some are so slow to find their mate."

<In the galleries> Veredis makes his way through the masses until he finds a decent seat right at the front with a couple of his brothers. His leather sack is slowly lowered from his shoulders and a red fruit is taken from it, polished on his sleeve before he takes a bite. "Down there somewher-AH! There he is, and I tell you. I'm going to win this bet, you know I got it all figured out." The trader glances to his brothers, elbowing the one at his right with an evil grin. "He'll be comin' home tonight. If a woman can't stand him, how can a dragon?"

Zeibhan blinks as his eyes flicker about, his hand smoothing over the white robes on his body. "They're hatching aweful fast." Zeibhan murmurs to himself, tilting his head slightly to the side. "And a impression already?" There's a moment's pause as he shifts a bit unsteadily on his own feet. "Wonder if it's always like this."

Liandyn's eyes glitter excitedly at Norela and she offers a comforting smile before her attention is arrested by the arrival of the blue. "Oh, now that doesn't surprise me. He's a lovely shade, though." Tossing her head, she sidles a bit closer to the other Candidates, her keen eyes darting all around the Sands, from the freed blue - warily watching that one, as she's been taught, then on to her companions, cagily studying their reactions to each egg's movements. "That was fast," she murmurs, taken aback by the speed of the first Impression.

As if encouraged by some internal sense of 'exactly the right moment' Wondrous Swirling Chaos Egg begins to wobble deliberately from side to side.

Ae'gus struggles to push himself free of the wall and weaves his way through the semi-chaos of the hatching to get at the newest Impressees. "Sulyth? That's a nice name I must say. C'mon over here n'we can get ihm somethin' to eat," he beckons, leading the newest blue weyrling off the sands.

Selchis struggles to maintain a neutral expression and fails, miserably. "Perhaps they do. If that is the case, the results should include lots of blues and browns, don't you think?" But then there's the first Impression arresting her attention, leaving behind her feeble attempt at rational conversation.

Avani lets out her breath in one swift gasp, having held it the moment she spotted the 'unTouched' Egg hatch. "That went much better than I expected," she murmurs to Norela and Siodore. "Congratulation, Sulyth's!" she offers, raising her voice to ensure the blueling can hear her. If the woman is hearing anything but her new Lifemate, that is.

<In the galleries> It's early, early morning at Western, and there are two hatchlings on the sands, both handsome blues. The stands are filling quickly, and near the front, R'iahn and his daughter watch the hatching with amusement. The little girl claps loudly and bounces, beaming. "Daddy, another like Jae!" She laughs, and R'iahn smirks, watching those two hatchlings closely. "I see, I see." He chuckles, smiling faintly when the first hatchling finds his rider.

Norela does seem to have some trouble keeping track of everything. Between the rapidly hatching eggs, the comments from all her friends, and the first impression, the girl is looking a little shellshocked. Still, she at least remembers to yell out a "Congratulations!" To Tiri before she departs. "This is even quicker than Xanadu went… seems like it, anyways." She tries to answer Selchis and Toraya while keeping her eyes on the wobbling eggs and hatchlings. "Well, there should be a lot of blues and browns anyways. That's just statistics, there are never that many metallics. So far, looks like my odds were pretty good."

Rings of Perfection Egg gives a slight *POP* noise as it wiggles in its place, bits and pieces of shell littering the sand around it. What was once a perfect sphere begins to warp and twist from within, as though it were caught in some strange black hole. Eventually something gives and, in a shower of tiny shards, the egg collapses into nothingness. Amidst the debris and destruction sits a green, nearly as perfectly proportioned as her egg once was.

Resistance is Futile Green Hatchling
Pale hues of malachite green slide sinuously together over the hide of this slender dragon, washing across every delicate angle and curve of her body in a smooth and unblemished expanse of color. Ethereal mists of silver mold and shift, clinging and forming a crown that perches atop her head and twines about the length of her headknobs in tight symmetrical spirals. Spidery tendrils of light snake forth from this pool of light, coiling their way into intricate loops and patterns that circle her whirling eyes and traverse down the sloping arch of her dainty muzzle before fading away into nothingness. Fingers of bleached silver-green twist their way down her spine and around her ridges in rigid braids of color, the lines branching out at her shoulders and haunches to trace their way down her legs in an intricate web, pale against the backdrop of moss. Thin lines crisscross down the length of her tail, each delicate swatch of saturated green linking back with the previous one to form a chain of interlinked segments that ends with her spaded tailtip. Shadows play and skip over the expanse of her wingspars, thick and thin bars of color lacing their way over the joints in shades of pale and deep jade. Only her wingsails maintain a clean slate of beautiful perfection, the membranes of near-white only marred with a tiny yet complex array of nearly invisible lines of colors ranging from green to blue-green to agate.

Orla just eyes A'ven. "I don't suppose you thought to bring any of it with you?" She asks him with a shake of her head. "I'm going to need it I think, either that or do me a favour if I fall asleep on the sands, carry me to a bed please."

The Eccentric Egg gives a sort of lazy turn, like a spin in a swiveling chair or pad. It drifts one way, pauses, then drifts the other, as if surveying the scene with the epitome of serenity.

Sororn tilts his head as he gazes towards the newly impressed pair, blinking in confusion as to what happened but he turns back to the other hatchling out on the sands. Maybe when that one picks someone, he'll pay better attention. He shifts on his feet, trying to get the grains of sand out but he fails, miserably. The appearance of the green makes him forget the grains between his toes for now…

Patori nods slowly, eyes large, widening as he watches the first hatchlings. "Yeah, amasing.." he echoes, though he's then making another, "Oh!" type of noise when the first one impresses. He calls a, "Congratulations!" to the pair, though it sort of trails off, his attention right back to the sands, and the rocking eggs. He has to bite down on his bottom lip to keep from making another 'oh' when the green hatches, his feet already shuffling a little in the heat of the sands.

A'ven shakes his head, "I didn't want to risk food on the Hatching Sands or I would have. I'm sure they'll have some at the Feast. I bet they're falling all over themselves in the kitchen now trying to get it ready. Very indecent of the dragons not to wait a suitable interval after breakfast. That's a lot of people to feed!" He chuckles.

Shadows of the Forest Blue Hatchling continues to pass by candidates, dismissing a group of girls, before he's pausing infront of a shaggy-haired young man. Blinking at him a few times, his snout is shoved under the bottom hem of the robe, before being hurriedly retracted, and instead shoved in his midsection. You! Look here!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Shadows of the Forest Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

A circular crack travels along the equator of the Wondrous Swirling Chaos Egg, forming a dark and jagged ring. Faint movement can be seen from within.

<In the galleries> Adouzhi gets shaken by Shorynia! "Yes-yes! Good for her! And look! A green!" He says to her. "And that dark blue, I think he impressed."

Avani tilts her head to the side as the first green presents herself, and she glances between the new arrival and Norela then back again. "You never did say what the odds were on yourself," she offers with what might almost be a teasing tone. But then she finally notices the motion of her favourite egg and her gaze settles on that shell for several long beats.

<In the galleries> Shorynia nods, wiggling on her seat, "And that green is so gorgeous! I don't even know any of the candidates and I'm excited."

Selchis has lost track of the first blue, far too busy watching the second and the newly hatched green. "Good, " is all she manages in response to Norela, tone a little too calm. Wary and alert, her eyes rove restlessly—there's far too much movement around to focus on any one thing. "What were the odds on that one?" she asks as one of the swirly eggs cracks. "Blue also? Brown? Bronze?"

Liandyn's eyes widen slightly at the green, a slight hiss of sucked-in breath the only sound she makes for a moment. "Wow. She'd make an amazing dress." An unusual nonsequitor, if one is unaware of the weaver-candidate's profession prior to her Search. Her eyes follow the newly hatched dragonet for a long moment, before her attention is jerked away by the Impression of that first blue. "Who is it?" she wonders softly in the direction of Norela and her friends. Even as she questions, her gaze is drawn back to the green, admiring and wary all at once.

Toraya blinks as she notices the rocking egg suddenly crumble and release a green hatchling. She looks at it with awe. The coloring look so spectacular. "Oh Norela, oh she's so pretty! And that blue too is handsome." She sighs muttering softly to herself. "Oh mom… wish you were here." She looks down. She says softly towards Norela. "Come here, please hold my hand, father isn't here and I'm nervous." She watch the blue go up to one of her fellow candidates… oh… my.

The Celestial Stereotype Egg wiggles suddenly, as if trying to shake off an insect. This dislodges from it's spot on the sand and it rolls. Down a small curve and into an uneven bank of sand, it rests. Disoriented perhaps?

Orla rolls her eyes. "I'm pretty sure that some klah isn't going to damage them at this stage." Nieleth lets out a loud croon from beside her as the 2nd of her hatchlings impresses making Orla jump in surprise. "I may need something stronger mind you."

Resistance is Futile Green Hatchling flicks her wings once, sending out a shower of tiny egg shards in all directions and fanning out her pale wingsails so they dry in the warm air. Languid and elegant she starts to rise, a picture of perfection, beauty and symmetry. That is until she wobbles ungainly and faceplants into the sand with a truly annoyed creeling noise. Whump! A spray of sand puffs out as she lands in a heap of legs and wings. Letting out a whuff of complaint, the green manages to pick herself back up with what dignity she has left, careful footsteps taking her forward towards those white-robed beings out there.

Zeibhan wrinkles his nose as he peers at the newly-impressed pair, a tight frown pulling at his lips. It's probably his own undoing, not paying attention, as it were. For there's suddenly a blue snout and the clumsy lad is flailing backwards and ending rump-first in the sand. "Wha—?" Blink. It takes a moment for something to process, really, lack of sleep isn't helping here. "Orykoth? Really, the only thing /I/ can think of to do is get back to bed…but I suppose since I'm up food will do?" There's a sense of hopelessness as he pulls himself to his feet and brushes himself off. Help?

The Eccentric Egg has been slowly drifting about, now tilting back and forth. It rolls down a small dune as if drifting on a wave before a gentle 'snap' comes, web-like cracks fingering across the sandy surface.

Sororn turns to Zeibhan and chuckles, "Hey, congrats!" What else can he say? He's smiling so it has to be a good thing, right? That is one fine looking dragon. Soon enough, there's one less person out on the sands and a hatchling is still wandering out there. He swallows hard and continues to watch as things unfold.

Ae'gus stumbles back onto the sands just in time to catch the latest blue Impression. Lettingo ut his breath in a puff, he makes his way over to Zeibhan and waves him forward, "This way t'get some meat for your new one. Orykoth is it? S'a nice name." Grinning broadly, he starts to usher the new weyrling off the sands.

Norela tries her best to continue the conversation while watching the action all around her on the sands. "Not good." Is her response to Avani. "You know, they go down every time you stand and don't impress." Next, to answer Selchis as she keeps her eyes on the snapping egg. "I /think/ it was favored for brown. I can't quite remember. I wish I had my ledger!" Toraya's request for comfort earns a smile, and she edges over to give her friend's hand a squeeze. "Hey, it'll be okay, alright? Deep breaths." She has to take her hand back a short while later for some short applause when Zeibhan impresses, calling out congratulations. "Way to go, Zei!"

Dark Side of the Egg shakes to the sound of a knock knock from the inside. Slowly a crack starts to appear in the pitted surface, starting from the bottom it races upwards then shifts sideways then down again, as if forming a doorway.

<In the galleries> Adouzhi laughs. "So am I!" He says about the excitement, and bounces a bit in his seat. He winces though when the green faceplants. "Ouch, bet-bet that hurt, and look! That blue did impress!" He points at the new blue weyrling.

<In the galleries> Shorynia grins, clapping her hands, "He did. To that poor boy who kept stumbling. Good for him."

Toraya hears Zeibhan's voice announce a name as her attention is divided between looking at the green and then over at the blue. "Zeibhan, yay!!!" She claps snapping out of her sullenness for a moment to congratulate her friend. Movement in another egg though catches her attention. It's almost getting hard to divide her attention and see everything that is going on already. She glances to Norela. "I wish mother was here…" She tries to hold back some tears. "I know it will be ok." She takes a few deep breathes as she squeezes Norela's hand tight but not enough to hurt it.

Ze'an nods slightly and gives the blue a little cautious gaze, "Right. Least I didn't lose a limb!" There's triumph in that. Ze'an slowly makes his way after the weyrlingmaster and follows him off of the sands.

<In the galleries> R'iahn's eyebrows lift near into his hair at the sight of the latest hatchling. "She's an odd one." He chuckles, eyes flicking with amusement to the first blue as he moves out to find his rider. The boy gets an approving nod from Riah, who leans back in his seat a little to watch the green. "Aww! I bet you can fix her!" The little girl exclaims, pointing brightly out at the hatchling as she stumbles. "Naw, she's fine." Riah chuckles, arms crossing over his chest as he turns his attention back to the eggs.

Avani's lips twitch as the one who considered handing in his knot just last night finds his match. "I suppose the blue would have found him in the Galleries if he had stepped down," she murmurs. Siodore rolls his eyes at her side and raises his voice in turn, "Congratulations, Zeibhan!"

A curious snout emerges from the Wondrous Swirling Chaos Egg. The head swivels deliberately to take stock of its surroundings. It certainly looks safe enough. With some effort the dragonette manages to kick itself free of the shell!

Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Hatchling
An interlocking herringbone pattern of alternating earth tones, the lighter one resembling driftwood and the darker a more saturated shade of mahogany clad this imposingly large brown dragon in what looks to be a flexible and exquisitely crafted suit of armor. The descending chevrons of the dominant pattern seem to confuse the light that is reflecting off his hide. Parts of him that should be brightly lit, like the salt-laden driftwood color of his neckridges, appear instead to be shadow and his eyes, which should be shaded by his curved and closely-fitted browridges, stand out brightly because the armored pattern catches the inner light from his own scintillating eyes. The protective pattern does have termination points, forming ever-tightening and descending overlapping diamonds at his forehead and the tips of his wings. His tail fork appears to be crafted from a single plate of the darker mahogany color with just a spot of driftwood at its tip. Underneath this thick hide, his still-developing muscles promise the strength of many unspoken adventures to come. Sinewy and lithe wing muscles taper downward to merge with a massive chest and sturdy legs as if he were born to fly right out of his shell. For now, as a youngster, his bulk is a bit awkward but later he will grow into a truly remarkable example of his kind.

<In the galleries> Lotrien arrives. Quite late at that! But after managing to escape his lesson, he'd had a hard time convincing a rider to take him. All that had any interest in attending the hatching had already gone, after all. But none the less, here he is. Lotrien quickly trots up the galleries, then has to slow to make his way through without bumping into people, his eyes scanning around for a familiar face. Soon enough though, he just plops down so he can turn and watch the newest hatchlings, a broad grin crossing his lips.

The Celestial Stereotype Egg has not been idle long, giving another fitful shake, though less effectively. The small egg shakes and shakes with aggravation till at last there's a vibrating crack. A piece of shell goes flying off revealing a foot briefly poking out. But it snaps back in before anyone can really tell what coloration it is.

Dark Side of the Egg starts to spin round on the spot, wobbling slightly in the process as it goes round and round. Eventually the cracked section falls off and the contents of the egg are spilled out onto the sands.

Liandyn pumps her fist towards Zeibhan, finally having deduced the identity of the newly Impressed bluerider. After a quick glance to see which eggs remain, her gaze flicks admiringly back towards the green, before being stolen away by the newest arrival. "Sturdy," she murmurs, keeping up her commentary to herself as she shifts from one foot to the other, easing the burn of the heated sands. A brief flicker of her eyes tells her the varying reactions of her peers, and then she focuses on the hatchlings again, clearly enjoying the spectacle.

Effervescent Friend Green Hatchling
No glitz or glamour adds a flourish to this pale green dragon, her hide and features plain in colour and form. Her muzzle is slightly rounded, wide eyes giving an innocent look, while her headknobs lean at a slight outwards angle. Her underbelly and wings are a slightly darker hue, but similarly lacking in any adornment, which comes finally in the golden tone of her talons, subtle but decorative.

Effervescent Friend Green Hatchling gets to her feet and shakes herself off before a quick glance round the sands finds a line of candidates and she stalks off angrily towards them. Approaching she finds the one responsible quickly and with a shake of her tail she plants a clawed foot against his chest and pushes him onto his bum. Admonished and claimed N'anu scrambles away, "I didn't mean to Mindyth." It's not long before the weyrlingmasters stop them and lead the new pair off.

Selchis says something that's probably meant to be congratulations for Zeibhan and his new blue, fingers clutching repeatedly at the sides of her robe. Fortunately, no wardrobe malfunctions have occurred yet, feet moving back and forth in an attempt to stave off the burning sensation rising through her soles. "Hope your odds were brown on that one, Norela." Her nerves show, now, tone strained and much less composed.

With a triumphant cry the Effervescent Friend Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Avani blinks as the first brown appears and she gives Siodore's hand a slight tug. "Would you look at him?" and from the Egg that got her attention too, "Nice and large. Maybe you'll get his attention." Siodore snickers and looks to Norela instead, "Did you say odds were on her for a brown?"

Sororn just stands there slack jawed at the whole thing, completely not paying attention to the other brown hatchling on the sands. That green just pushed some one down? Now all the haunting stories his drunk aunties used to tell him as a boy come flooding back and he glances over his shoulder. Should he run? Or will the queen eat him?

Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Hatchling looks over at the companion that hatched with him. It's green! A momentary distraction. He gives his foot a final shake, settling squarely on his legs and locking eyes with each group of candidates. A slight lifting of his head as he seems to spot something far off amongst a group of girls. Has he chosen one already? It was probably something shiny that caught his eye. His steps are uncertain for only the first few, then, standing taller, he begins to gain confidence. Though each step seems certain, his path is somewhat erratic, as if someone keeps tilting the world on him, unexpectedly.

Secrets of the Deep Egg shivers, just once, then leeeeans over, as if to stretch, seeking something, but slowly, moving with subtlety. It remains just that way, either content not to right itself or perhaps unable to do so, the end result leaving it laying almost on its side.

<In the galleries> "Look at 'im! I think he's scared!" calls out with a rough laugh, clapping Veredis on the back as he's trying to eat his fruit. It slips from his hands and he fumbles with it before catching it awkwardly against his shirt. The elder trader looks over with a crooked smile. "Yeah, if only the ladies could be here to see what they did to 'im! HA!" Right. So kind.

Zsriston perks up as someone gets pushed onto the sand. "Oof. That had to hurt." Best to keep an eye on things though. Otherwise he might be the next one going down in the sand. At least most of the candidates were bigger than him, so it was easy to run around them.

Norela can scarcely be expected to remain focused in the din. She has so many questions about her ledger to mention, and at least one friend to try to keep calm. All of this while making sure she doesn't get gored or fall into utter panic herself. She gives Toraya's hand another squeeze and a smile. "It's going to be okay. I promise. Try to keep calm." In answer to the others, she manages to look quite pleased for a moment. "Right on both counts, you guys. Had that one pegged right. Now we'll see if the peanut gallery got it, too." She can't help but wince at the tumbling candidate. These sands are hot.

The Eccentric Egg shifts again, the cracks widening a moment only to subside once more. And then, with a great groaning sigh, the shell splits away, a hatchling stretching out into the sand as if awakening from a pleasant nap.

Toraya blinks between the hatchlings to the eggs and still is puzzled as to why are such in a rush and others take their time. She does keep an eye on the green. Females tend to be more of interest to her than males… same goes at times for the human male species in Toraya's life. She smiles a little more staying close to Norela. "Oh so what were the bets on me?" She smirks. "Or should I even ask?"

Avani narrows her eyes at Siodore playfully, but spots the new green pair and a blush creeps over her cheeks as she doesn't know the lad and didn't catch the name. "Congratulations," she offers anyway. It's better than nothing. Her eyes move between the green and brown who remain on the Sands, not yet matched to their Lifemates.

Hoopiest Zarking Bronze Hatchling
Statuesque would describe this bronze's over all appearance. A great head is mounted on a cresting swan-like neck with sweeping head knobs. His shoulders are broad already, showing much promise, and his body is reminiscent of a race runner, lean, toned and tapering down into powerful hind legs. His over all color tone is a bright almost golden brass, spreading from snout, down neck, and over shoulder. All the way to his toes and tail it reaches. The only change is that it appears to be paler or brighter along his spine, darkening to an antique honey color around his belly. The tell-tale smudges and high contrast glimmer to show that this golden boy is indeed bronze. Even the tone of his hide is distinctive enough to keep him definitely a bronze.

The Hoopiest Zarking Bronze Hatchling oozes from his shell, offering the world a casual gaze. He doesn't look to the white robed things yet, spending more time gazing about at those watching him. He languidly stretches again before pausing even longer, his wings raised. Again his head drifts about. Is he -posing- for his audience. After a moment or two, however, he seems to notice that he should be doing something. The brightly colored head dips to the side a moment before it wobbles around almost drunkenly to look at the white things. Another pause, as if thinking. Of course! And with a cool saunter, he heads straight for the candidates. "Zaphoth!" Comes a cry, a tall dark haired young man running out to meet the bronze he'd locked eyes with from a distance. "B'rox, huh? Sounds cool. Yeah man, whatever you say! We can get some food." And the pair head off to one of the beckoning assistants.

With a triumphant cry the Hoopiest Zarking Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Selchis flicks a half-fearful glance to the movements of one of the larger, blue eggs, taking a step closer to Norela and whoever else is near. Talk of odds is forgotten as another Impression pulls someone from the semi-circle. Head bowing momentarily, she lifts her chin, making every effort to breathe deeply. Of course, her robe has to slide a little at that point, sending her hands to snatch at the piecemeal creation. Stay up.

Patori is standing and staring, eyes attemtping to follow each hatchling as it emerges, though the latest one has him stepping back again, though it may be just surprise. He bites down particularly hard on his bottom lip, and winces, trying to stand a little taller and look at everything that's happening all at once. His feet are doing the usual candidate dance, up and down on the sands, though he tries to keep still as more eggs hatch.

Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Hatchling 's head sweeps from side to side for the smallest of moments. A decision is made. Yes! He moves closer to the wedge of girls that he'd originally chosen. It's logical, why waste energy? Surely there's someone here that might be suitable. He glares at each one. Blink, glare, blink move on. Some of them blanche at the attention to be sure, but they've all been prepared, and most stand their ground. He snorts as one girl just doesn't seem right and he moves on to the next. Each one gets individual scrutiny.

Sororn catches Patori's movements out of the corner of his eyes and manages to pull his attention away from the moving dragons to the boy. "What are you going to do if it comes up to you?" He's not afraid! Really, just… excited! The trader-candidate runs his fingers through his messy black hair to move it from his view and the sounds of the remaining candidates pulls his attention back to the brown hatchling at large.

Avani gives Siodore glance as a bronze appears and selects a lad nearby. "Maybe there'll be another for you?" The lad shakes his head with a twinkle in his coal-black eyes, "Nope. But there is always that wandering green to consider." Avani shakes her head in return and returns her attention to the brown and green, watching as the former makes his way through female ranks.

Resistance is Futile Green Hatchling Picks her way carefully over the sands, flicking her wings every so often in an attempt to get rid of that annoying sand that clings to every crevice. As it is, it's not doing much but sending up more sand from below to join what's already stuck to her underbelly. There isn't a hint of hurry or rush in her footsteps - she's cool, calm and collected as she paces her way down the line of candidates, content to forget her imperfect entrance to the world. There's a moment where she pauses by a boy, her delicate neck craning forward to investigate him thoroughly before she gives a disdainful snort and moves onward with a contemptuous flick of her tail. A short girl down the line is treated in a similar fashion and the green even turns her nose up in the air in response. It's obvious neither of them hold up to her standards of perfection.

The Celestial Stereotype Egg lets out a vibrating creel within it's surface, before at last a pale head shoves its way out of the hole the foot had made. And with the impression of one busting their way through a door, the hatchling bursts out, egg shells going everywhere. If only it were bigger on the inside.

Stardust In Her Wake Green Hatchling
Compact and petite, this girl's frame is slender and athletic, bathed in limelight that glows evenly over her body from beneath the pale phosphorescent aqua. Here and there vivid smudges of deep teal lay in the creases of her body, accenting the shadows and giving her a luminescent appearance. It is like she glows from some inner source, no sense of frosted opaque in even the palest expanses of her hide. The crisscrossing pigments of lime and a sea foam aqua make her almost iridescent. This incandescence spreads over a high set but slender neck, held proudly and brightly on her square shoulders. Her wings are large for her body, but avoid the appearance of awkwardness. Instead they appear to fit like a slim fitted coat of turquoise-hued peridot along her sides when closed, and a billowing near-transluscent cloak when open. Her tail is slightly on the shorter side, but well proportioned to her neck so the difference is unnoticeable. Her face is elegant, bearing the teal shadowing around her tapered muzzle and just below her eyes to show off her prominent bone structure. Head knobs are swept back, though also prominent, and her ridges are a gradient of her glowing tones, dotting down her spine like blunted thorns on a stem.

Norela can't help but be unsettled by the inspecting looks from the hatchlings, trying to stand a little straighter. When they move past, she breathes out a heavy sigh. Her attention drifts to Selchis again, which causes her to blink and look concerned. "Selchis, you know there's no way that thing's going to stay on, right? Why didn't you steal one from the storage caves, like me?" She gives Toraya a little smile. "Green favored, I think. You're a kid of two dragonriders, you're a good bet."

<In the galleries> Kyldar comes in and takes a seat, leaning forward watching the hatchlings and candidates, her paricular friends especially.

Toraya looks between the other girls left on the sands and then notices the brown dismissing one girl and seems to investigate the others but she doesn't mind. Instead she just watches the green. Picky one she in… perhaps she likes perfection. Well that's a quality she can admire especially her being a harper and being one of the most talented vocalists that has come from her family. It is then when she notices another green hatch and she remains silent. "Wow that one is pretty too. Oh my… if I had to choose… not sure which I'd go for… too bad we don't get to choose." She giggles. "Oh… well I think that'd have made my Mom happy though. Both my parents are greenriders themselves. But I think Mom would have been just happy with whatever made me happy anyways." She says softly smiling towards Norela.

Liandyn's eyes glint appreciatively at the green's confidence, lips twitching ever so slightly as she follows the progress of the haughty creature. As yet another dragon pours onto the Sands, her attention is diverted, and her lips part slightly in surprise. "I'll take home a lifetime of inspiration from this," she whispers excitedly, hands rubbing together before her as she trades glances between the three hatchlings on the Sands.

Patori shoots a quick look at Sororn, answering without hesitation, "I'm going to get out of the way." A pause. "Quickly," the lad sparing a grin, "Just in case." He's heard all the old aunties' tales too! "What about you, going to risk getting knocked over?" he asks Sororn, eyes already back to scanning the sands. When the latest green hatches, Pat's eyes go wider, if possible, and he stops moving for a second. There is a soft, "Oh wow…" before he shakes himself and goes back to trying no to look nervous.

Sororn lets out a little squeak when the third hatchling makes it's way out onto the sands and is circling the candidates. He tilts his head from side to side but there's no way he's able to keep them all in his line of sight. Sororn swallows hard, his hands clenching into fists as he watches the other candidates. How can they be so relaxed? He exhales, letting his shoulders sag just a little as he notices how fearless most seem to be. "I don't know what I'll do," he replies. "It's all happening so quickly!"

Secrets of the Deep Egg starts to show the signs of a weakening shell, or perhaps a strengthening dragonette. Spindly cracks form at the center then spread upward and downward on the exposed side, leaving no real indication from which spot the inhabitant of the egg will emerge.

Selchis is prepared to step behind Norela if the brown makes it down to them, normally impassive expression harried. "I thought that it could be fixed, " she says in her defense, raising both eyebrows at the particular green dismissing candidates. "And these are not being very—efficient, are they?" Shuffle, shuffle. Neither is sweating out on the sands, but she doesn't bring that up.

Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Hatchling looks momentarily perplexed but then, with just a moment's thought he realizes that perhaps his one is /behind/ the front group of Candidates that he's been so meticulously scrutinizing. He noses his way into the center of the crowd and…finding one there with dark hair and a certain scar

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Obscuring Clouds Egg gives a bit of a shake, as if nudged by some invisible force, before settling back into stillness.

Stardust In Her Wake Green Hatchling gives a shake of her brilliant head, staring dazzlingly into the lights and noises around her. But she cannot stand there long! She whips her head about, back and forth, calculating and establishing her surroundings. Her parents are looked at, specifically her sire. With a bright warble she greets them before she wheels about and stumbles down a hillock of sand. Oh this won't do! She gives a small shake and then is up again. With another bright chirrup she takes off at a quick, although not altogether flawless, gallop.

A'ven leans back, "Well, I'm awake now that's for sure. That was almost pandemonium. This group seems to have its head on straight. Good thing! Not even a mark on them…" The Healer in him is glad that so far things have gone without incident.

Avani watches the second green to appear with a shake of her head. "Well, if you're to Impress, your chances at a green are improving, Siodore," she offers drily, her mud-green gaze shifting from one hatchlings to another, keeping track of them all — especially those two which are expectionally near — when the brown moves forward and another mind slips within her own. "Oh…" she murmurs. "No, I'm Avani." She turns slightly, following the brown's gaze for a moment to find her Father sitting beyond her pair of firelizards. "No, you're right, Thianth. I am Av'ni now." She lets go of Siodore's hand and rubs gently along her Lifemate's eyeridge before moving past the rest of the Candidates and making her way towards the WeyrlingMaster. "Best of luck, you two…" she whispers to Norela and Siodore as she moves past.

Resistance is Futile Green Hatchling Paces down the line of candidates with a fluid and languid step, only the barest hint of wobble every so often now that she's gotten the hang of walking. Every person in line is given a thorough examination, though none seem to be fitting what she wants. That one? No, certainly not - too tall. That one? Of course not, the hair is too messy. What were once slow and calm steps begin to speed up as the fear of being left alone begins to speed her forward. Where will be the one to make her complete? To make her completely perfect? Sure footsteps go faster and faster until, with a sudden skidding motion, she stops in front of one particular candidate. Craning her neck, she peers up into her eyes insistently. Assimilation complete.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Resistance is Futile Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

With one strong push from inside the top of Secrets of the Deep Egg bursts first, though not long after the bottom breaks away and the center is left to fall by the wayside. Wet and glistening the hatchling doesn't flail or fumble, in fact at first he hardly moves, eyes slowly opening to take in his surroundings, then a stretttttch and his head lifts along with his wings, he takes care in getting his feet beneath him.

Prickly and Ponderous Brown Hatchling
Prickly. He looks…prickly. His hide is comprised of a sort of splotchy arrangement of brownish gray down the back and a more pale underbelly marked with a blue toned patina, akin to a vest, leaving the very center of his blotched brown tummy exposed. The watery shimmer fades at his sides and makes only a scant appearance along the underside of his tail, fading to a more green-brown stain, and finally giving way to a putty hue along the top. Along with his somewhat ill-matched coloring, there is a definite arrangement of slight peaks along his tail, from base to tip, forming a ridge of short spikes. That pattern is repeated at the very top of his head from the bridge of his muzzle, up and over, a spikey mohawk that fades at the base of his neck. His talons are dark and extend from sturdy paws, even at this age his muscular frame evident in his strong legs. Thick wings are needed to support such a husky body and his are almost ebon in color, making a striking match to the wide, dark band at his neck.

Obscuring Clouds Egg begins to move again, and small cracks begin to radiate outwards from one point, before in turn, they combine and grow larger as the movement continues.

It's all a bit of a mad rush for Ae'gus and his assistants now, but he manages to make his way back out in time to collect Avani, now Av'ni. "Phew. Av'ni now is it?" he manages, barely able to breathe as he tries to lead the new weyrling off the sands, "Come this way, eh?"

Patori can't help it. He hears a squeak, and gives Sororn a funny look, while trying not to snicker. He's looking just a tad less nervous himself, but then, maybe he's finally over the rush from the barracks. At least, he seems to be breathing normally, even if his hands fidget a bit at his sides. "It goes pretty fast, yeah," the lad nods, "It seems like it's faster from down here." Shuffle shuffle go his feet, Pat taking one deep breath, and going back to chewing his bottom lip as more and more impressions are made.

Sororn stands there and shifts his feet as the brown approaches it's victi-er, rider. "That was a close, oh shards, there's more of them." Is it suddenly getting hot in here? Sororn glances down and notices one of his sandles has flopped off and kicked across the semi-circle. Thankfully not out where the dragons are! "Too fast," he replies before slipping back behind the other candidates to get it! Only, it's kicked out further. To get it or not to get it?

Norela may be near panic, but it won't stop her from being just a little amused by Selchis' plight. "The point is not whether it could be fixed or not. The issue is whether it is, in fact, fixed right now. And it's not. Just… keep an eye on it." She says, stifling a little laugh. Toraya earns another little reassuring smile before her attention is stolen by Avani's impression. She calls out loudly and breaks into applause. "Congratulations, Ava!" As an afterthought, she adds. "Huh. So much for that bachelorette party."

Stardust In Her Wake Green Hatchling nearly careens into the nearest batch of candidates, a few boys, before she manages to get those brakes working. Whoopsie! Pardon me! Just passing through! Wait! She pauses, snuffling one of them up and down. But apparently it's just because he smells good, for she gives another bright eyed warble to them before she's turned and is trotting off towards another group. But wait! No…. Yes! No! YES! And she's off, running again. Love the running!

Liandyn takes note of the brown's Impression, as it happens so close by, but before she can more than smile in Avani's direction, her attention is snapped away, wide eyes growing even larger as she turns her head and stares into the whirling eyes of the green hatchling. "I - oh. There's never been anything more perfect than us, Zusamenth," the once-weaver agrees in soft agreement, reaching out to press her hand lightly to the dragonet's head. "And now is the perfect time to eat. Come, love."

Selchis breathes an obvious sigh of relief; the brown goes to Avani, leaving her to relax a fraction now that his penetrating scrutiny is no longer moving down the line. "So much for her betrothal, " the technician retorts, shifting slightly to peer after the pair as they move away from the shrinking group of candidates. "Dragonriders do not marry."

Toraya watches as the green that she liked first of them all seems to have found someone and she shrugs. "Ah well… just look at those others, they sure are taking their time." She looks back up to the galleries… no father yet." She sighs. She at least wanted him there for support but well… there has been a bit of a seperation between them and all even before her mother died. She looks over towards Ae'gus watching the weyrlingmaster and friend and smiles towards him. The smiles though are half-hearted as she is feeling a bit lonely inside without her parents to watch her. She does clap though as she hears Liandyn call out her hatchling's name. Her gaze drifts back to the running green and the other remaining egg and hatchlings. Her chances of Impression are dwindling a bit but she keeps up some hope. Maybe she'll be lucky.

Orla laughs and pushes away from the gold and walks the short distance to stand next to A'ven. "That's because my Baby there doesn't breed angry dragons." She explains to him. "Not that she's all that bad even with the eggs, it's just when she's proddy that you've got to worry about her."

Prickly and Ponderous Brown Hatchling is perhaps methodical in the way he looks around him, eyes shifting, whirling, curious, his snout lifting curiously, nostrils flaring as he sniffs. He doesn't move a paw, however, as he stands there, surveying those before him, those he's seen only through the veil of shells.

As cracks continue to combine, a section of the Obscuring Clouds Egg's shell gives way, and a sharp claw pushes its way through, quickly followed by another. And then, the shell gives way completely, its contents now visible.

Star Fire Fury Bronze Hatchling
Forged of one molten, but now cooled hues, this bronze seems a force to be reckoned with - from the long muzzle which turns upwards at the end which reveals glimpses of sharp teeth, to the seemingly razorsharp ridges that run down his back. Stockily built, the same dark bronze hues cling to back and belly, limbs and tail, while the fury of an exploding star gathers upon full sails as they spread between each darker spar.

Star Fire Fury Bronze Hatchling hesitates for a moment as it erupts from its shell, nostrils flaring as it turns its head from side to side, examining that ring of white that dares encroach upon the Sands. A loud snort, a bit of movement, and his attention is caught. With a full out charge, the dark bronze launches itself as fast as its still egg-damp limbs will carry it, across the sands towards a boy who is rather unawares. He practically knocks the teenager over as he struggles to move away, before there's a bit of silence, a bit of calm. "Of.. Of course, Suiroth… Of course.." The new weyrling C'ton mutters, still looking quite confused as he makes his way to the edge of the sands - a new voice forever in his mind.

Av'ni nods once in response to the WeyrlingMaster's question, "Yes, Sir. Av'ni of Western Weyr." She offers her thin-lipped smile, but her mud-green eyes shimmer with inner joy as she looks at her brown and makes her way towards his first meal.

Stardust In Her Wake Green Hatchling gallops forward, coming to a jigging trot and then a halt, plopping down in front of a girl who keeps talking about something. Something terribly unimportant right now. But the hatchling isn't one to sit still, twitching her tail impatiently and resisting the urge to get a more forcible means of attention. Her gaze is enough.

Ze'an leaves the sands, vanishing into the entrance to a cavern hidden by the shadows in the back of the hatching grounds.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Stardust In Her Wake Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Patori bobs his head in agreement with Sororn, mumbling a, "Close," and then laughing, "Yeah, I can't keep up." His eyes are darting everywhere in his attempt to watch everything, hands eventually forget to fidget, though the boy's feet keep the up and down dance they're doing. The sands are hot! Speaking of hot sands.. the sandal-chasing goes there gets a bit of a look, Pat asking Sororn, "What are you -doing-?" and then just shaking his head. Dragons are hatching and that guy's chasing footwear? But then Pat's attention is taken entirely with getting out of the way of one of the hatchlings, watcthing her run off and letting out his breath with a 'whew' before he blinks, looking as if he doesn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

Liandyn leaves the sands, vanishing into the entrance to a cavern hidden by the shadows in the back of the hatching grounds.

Prickly and Ponderous Brown Hatchling finally takes a step, one, then two, his paws lifting and lowering to the sands as if much larger and much heavier than he is, laboring somewhat to mask the slight wobble in his legs as he gets used to having them beneath him on sand.

Av'ni leaves the sands, vanishing into the entrance to a cavern hidden by the shadows in the back of the hatching grounds.

Selchis is all but smushed up against Norela as the Impressions continue, posture tensing in preparation for dodging very quickly to the side as a green nears. Fortunately, it's not her that the young dragon gazes at so intently, but that doesn't give her license to relax. Feet shift again, hands still pressed tightly to her robe.

Norela can't help but laugh a little as Selchis comes to the same conclusion as her immediately. "I know! And I put so much effort into planning a party… oh well. She looks so happy! I'm really glad for her…" She breathes heavily as yet another dragon comes by for a look. "You guys as nervous as me?" She asks Selchis and Toraya.

Toraya blinks at the green hatchling that stands in front of her as she suddenly goes speechless, as if her thoughts were wiped away. She stares at the hatchling intently. "Oh yes… Messalith… yes I'm your Tora and yes we'll get you food." She has lost track of what is pretty much going on around her for a few moments for sure as she didn't hear Norela at all.

Prickly and Ponderous Brown Hatchling sniffs again then his head sweeps around, seeking, searching, knowing, his mate is there somewhere. Where? Beginning with one candidate the exploration continues, no, not him. You are not mine. YOU, are mine. The connection is unmistakable and for all his calm and careful approach, his chirrs lift in joyous celebration, he is home.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Prickly and Ponderous Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Sororn retrieves his shoe and turns just in time for the latest pair to leave the sands. And then there was one: the brown is still at large! "I wonder who he's going to settle on?" Well, it seems he's found someone and Sororn presses his lips in a fine line as he watches the end of this morning unfold.

Ae'gus and a couple assistants sweep into the sands once more to collect the latest Impressees. "Toraya?" Gus reaches the new greenrier first and starts to usher her off the sands, "This way, eh? We'll move to get her some food."

Toraya looks over towards Ae'gus and smiles. "Oh ok. Sure. Come on Messalith. Let's do as he says." She follows the Weyrlingmaster as she gives a bit of a smile towards Norela and the others.

Toraya leaves the sands, vanishing into the entrance to a cavern hidden by the shadows in the back of the hatching grounds.

Orla keeps watching idly as the rest of the hatching goes on. "There's the last of them." She murmurs, starting to walk forward with A'ven towards the remaining candidates. "Our thanks go to you for coming to Western and standing for this clutch, I hope you have enjoyed your time here with us. But alas it wasn't to be joining us as riders this time round." She offers sympathetically. "Feel free to catch up with one of the leadership later today if you decide you like us enough to want to move here to stay, In the meantime though I hope the kitchens have been alive enough to have breakfast ready."

<In the galleries> Veredis rises to his feet, cupping his hands over his mouth to call out to his poor cousin, reaching down blindly with his tongue sticking out in concentration. Finally, a large frosted blue bottle is pulled out and held up to his brothers. "Today, today is both a good day and a sad day for our poor little Sororn. He could've had a chance to get out of his oh so boring Trader life and become a fine rider like many of our brothers and sister but alas, the dragon that would tolerate his special self has yet to be shelled. Soon enough, he'll be back at the wagons and will make up for lost time minding the elders and littles while we men go out and do some… leisure time! HA!" The bottle is held up and pointed at as soon as he gets his cousins attention.

Selchis all but pushes Norela in front of her as the brown deliberately makes his way toward them, eyes widening with some inexplicable fear. "Oh no. Oh no, no, no, " she breathes, one hand going to grasp at her throat, leaving one side of her robe to slide dangerously downward. Eyes squeeze tightly shut before flying open with a gasp, heavy breath settling into something easier as she stares at him. "You are right, " she says at last, trembling. "Veritath. I—forgive me." Absently, she clutches at the falling bit of robe, more intent on following the other weyrlings to secure that first feeding.

With a triumphant cry the Star Fire Fury Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<In the galleries> Shorynia turns to glare at the loudmouth in the stands, then nudges Adouzhi, "Probably just jealous."

Sororn sends his gaze to the sky briefly and watches the clouds and colors of the day change in silence. He lingers, the days light casting long shadows over his tired face as he glances down towards the bits of abandoned egg shards shining at his feet. As soon as it's all said and done, the trader takes in a deep breath, holds it and lets out a long sigh as shoulders sink but he's not upset. A smile slowly begins to form on this young man's face and he turns to glance with those same tired blue eyes at the roaring crowd cheering for those that met their lifemates on the sands this day. As Sororn peers across the many faces, his cousin is spotted in the masses, holding up a wine bottle and pointing, a wide grin on the elder's face. "Yeah, yeah. You win, I'm comin." Slowly he turns and makes his way off of the sands, bowing his head to the Dam and Sire before vanishing to the shadows leading back to the barracks to make the necessary arrangements. The caravan is waiting.

Selchis leaves the sands, vanishing into the entrance to a cavern hidden by the shadows in the back of the hatching grounds.

Ae'gus leaves the sands, vanishing into the entrance to a cavern hidden by the shadows in the back of the hatching grounds.

Norela calls out congratulations first to Toraya, then to Selchis as each of them finds their lifemate. "Way to go, Tora! Way to go, Selchis! I'm so happy for both of you." She calls out and claps, likely completely unheard. It slowly dawns on her that this will not be the hatching for her either, noting only a bronze left undecided, who quickly finds his match. Still, the girl doesn't look saddened, a happy smile on her face as Orla approaches her and the others. "Breakfast sounds lovely. And so does getting off these hot sands."

Patori takes a deep breath and then puffs his cheeks out, letting the air out slowly, and watching the last pairs impress. "Congratulations," he manages with a wobbley grin, which doesn't quite mask the shaky bottom lip. But then, he bites down on it and shakes his head, "I guess that's it." He doesn't quite keep the disappointed look off his face, but right about then, his stomach does some complaining, the low rumble reminding the boy that it's probably breakfast time. He bob his head efore heading off the sands, shoulders low but at least there's good food to look forward too.

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