Awkward Chance Meeting

Western Weyr — Somewhere beyond the Docks

Even in the cooler months, the weather in Western is still tolerable to be outdoors, so long as it is not raining and the winds are down and mild. And this would be such a day, with the skies clear with hardly a cloud to mar them and the sun lending just enough warmth that one could be comfortable with simply heavier clothing. The Weyr is bustling with activity as the hour ticks on towards mid-afternoon and the docks and waterside are no exception. But it's away from this, where the shoreline narrows to a single-file footpath and sand gives way to pebbles and rocks, that one has ventured. Kaliena has gone to wander along the rocky shoreline where most weyrbrats go or the bravest (or recklessly stupid) of the bunch. The girl is a little old to be tagging along with them, but today she is alone. Dressed in a short-sleeved tunic, it drapes past her narrow hips and is belted about the waist, which only lends more to her curve-less and flat frame. She wears a pair of worn, slim cut pants and on her feet is a pair of thin boots. True to her usual habits, she's covered with patches of dirt and Faranth knows what else, busy already in finding every unexplored nook and cranny Western has to offer that she hasn't seen. Over the lulling sound of the waves, her voice can be heard, youthful and carefree as she half hums, half sings snippets of a song that would be familiar only to a handful of ears. Distracted as she hums, Kaliena's head is turned down, her mess of auburn wavy and curly hair thrown in a hastily tied runner's tail though most of it is already falling loose. She's watching her footing, rather then her surroundings, as she hops from one jutting rock to the other.

Kimmila loves to make an entrance, be it the stealthy 'hi, I was watching you all along' creeper approach, or the more in the 'scare the shit out of someone' genre. This time it's a more stealthy approach, as her voice is what's first heard before her body makes itself visible up ahead, stepping out from behind a particularly large rock. She sings along the next few words, a slow smile curving her lips as her green eyes glance up and down Kaliena's frame. She only sings a few words and then - assuming her sudden appearance has Kaliena stopping, she nods. "Hey." The bluerider is in loose, light clothing made for ease of movement, her daggers strapped to her belt and gloves on her hands. Her hair is braided and pushed behind her shoulders, but it's half come loose at this point and it's clear Kimmila has been on a pretty extensive hike.

Stealthy approach still leads to startling one out of a distracted state and that's exactly the case for Kaliena. When Kimmila adds in her notes and voice to the song, the young girl's voice drops mid-singing as her head jerks upwards abruptly. Her sudden movements cost her though and her footing slips just as she comes to land on another rock. Barking her shin, she curses harshly and loudly and then promptly plunks herself down to rub at the offending limb. Lifting her hand up, she stares at her fingers and once she's confirmed she's only bruised and not bleeding, she turns her head back to where Kimmila stands and doesn't hold back the heated glare she throws at the bluerider. Blue eyes then roam over her clothing, lingering longest on the daggers before darting back up to meet the other woman's eyes. The greeting is met and ignored with a snort and Kaliena lips draw back into a thin line, clearly unimpressed. "How'd you know that song? No one knows it. And you ain't no Irondell. Not that I know of." She remarks in an accented drawl and anger is swiftly replaced by suspicion and Kimmila is given another, longer, searching glance. But she senses no familiarity, already forgetting the brief encounter months (perhaps even a Turn) ago in the kitchens. The lack of a knot only further adds to her suspicions and the girl begins to subtly shift her position to one that would allow her to flee, should she have to.

Kimmila remembers Kaliena, of course, and she patiently waits out the cursing and the shin-checking. "Your brother knows it," she says casually, looking away from the girl to gaze out at the sea, pushing some hair behind her eat. "But no, I'm not Irondell. Fortian, through and through." She shrugs as if that's of no real consequence, looking back at her and grinning crookedly. "Don't remember me?" Her manner is casual, amused, idle. Utterly ignoring the girl's swift anger. For now.

At the word "brother", Kaliena visibly bristles. If she had hackles, they'd be raised now and her posture tenses to one of someone switching from fight to flight. "My brother?" she almost spits the word, her jaw suddenly clenched. Kimmila's only save from having the young girl fleeing is the mention of her Fortian blood. Fort. Fort Weyr. Which means… "Th'ero. Ah." And just like that, flight goes back to simmering anger and a piqued temper, which the girl is now trying to clamp down on as vague memory kicks in. "No. Can't say I do." Kaliena remarks almost dismissively, settling herself on the rock now so that she's standing again, but facing the knotless bluerider. She's anything but casual, amused or idle at the moment. She's tensed, annoyed and now crossing her arms over her chest while she continues to fix the other woman with an unimpressed narrowed look. Then her lips suddenly curl into a small smirk, "I don't usually keep track of my brother's… lovers." The word is stressed, drawled in a way to imply that's not at /all/ what the girl really means. Kaliena is quick to press on though, "You his new pawn sent to spy on me then?"

Kimmila blinks, and then she snorts. "Yes, Th'ero. Not the other one." She watches Kaliena shift through her various emotions before she smirks, and then laughs. "No, you don't keep track of much of anything," she says blandly. Then she laughs again, true amusement this time. "Oh, sure." Dry sarcasm at its finest. "I got up this morning, got dressed, went for an all day hike /just/ so I could /happen/ to bump into you by chance out here. I planned it pretty well, didn't I?" Smirk. "Yeah, he sent me to spy," she continues to drawl sarcastically. "Why don't you tell me everything about yourself so we can become best friends forever and all be one big happy family." Snort.

Not quite the right answer, as Kaliena's eyes narrow again to a pointed glare and at the insult to her memory, the girl flushes darkly across her cheeks and her anger flares. "What's it matter to you, anyways?" she growls and her mood only worsens with Kimmila's laughter, as she takes it personally and figuring it's meant to be mocking. The dry sarcasm doesn't help and it leaves Kaliena speechless for a moment, her mouth working slightly as she tries to form some witty banter to counter her with. Instead she can only turn her head away with a frustrated sound. "Figures." She mutters before the last sarcastic remark breaks her and the girl rounds on the knotless bluerider. "And why don't you just run back to my brother then if it's such an /inconvenience/ of your precious time and tell him /exactly/ where he can shove it." Kaliena snaps, her arms uncrossing so she can rudely mime the gesture and then she's turning to jump down to another lower rock. "I ain't telling no 'pet' of my brother anything!" she calls back from over her shoulder as she jumps lower again, bringing her closer to the water's edge.

Kimmila snorts, shaking her head as she stays where she is, watching the girl move away. "Never said it was an inconvenience," she says, voice carrying with her turns of rider practice shouting across long distances. "Actually kind of curious about you," she admits, shrugging. Then she's frowning. "I'm no one's pet," she says, her voice taking on a sharper edge. "Clearly my sarcasm sailed well over your little head. I didn't seek you out, I just came down to the water for a moment. Surely you don't own the ocean."

Kaliena may not have Turns of practice in pitching her voice, but her voice carries well over the sound of the waves all the same. "Curious about me?" she calls, her incredulous scoff easy enough to pick up from her tone. Then it's her turn to be sarcastic, "Yeah, right. Curiosity. Heard that one before. Usually from men trying to get into my skirt." Then she's reappearing on another rock, higher this time and one she has to partially climb to reach the flatter surface. It's brought her around to Kimmila's side now. Closer, but still very much out of reach of the bluerider and what the girl doesn't know is she's cut off her possible escape route, less she plans to swim the ocean. "Oh, you're not?" Kaliena says in a mocking shocked and apologetic tone, tilting her head just-so and then the ruse drops and she smirks. "So if you're not his bi—- his dog," the girl fumbles, catching herself before she goes too far. But the damage is done regardless. "Then why bring him up? Why joke about being friends? You think I don't know? He got to Zi'on. Why wouldn't he try to use you too?" she asks in her gruff way, some of her drawling accent dropping. Kimmila's excuse is met with Kaliena rolling her eyes and glancing away again. She has no response for that.

Kimmila shrugs, giving up blocking Kaliena's escape route by walking down to the water's edge, crouching and wetting her hands in the damp sand. Then she laughs outright, nose wrinkling. "I swear on Varmiroth's egg shells that I'm /not/ trying to get into your skirt. Or your pants. Or any other part of you." She shudders. "I'm not Th'ero's bitch," she says with a wry twist to her lips. "Or his dog, or pet, or slave, or any other demeaning term you want to use to classify our relationship." She looks back over her shoulder at the girl, a brow lifted. "I brought him up because you asked me where I knew that song." Duh. She shrugs, "How'd he 'get to' Zi'on? You're entirely too suspicious, and that's coming from me so that's saying something."

Kaliena shifts on her rock when Kimmila moves, edging away as her suspicions push her towards paranoid, half expecting the bluerider to be coming /at/ her rather then to move past her. When no reprimand comes and she moves on to the water's edge, the girl relaxes. And with that comes some confidence to push a little further. Her mouth twists to something between a smirk and grimace when Kimmila swears by her dragon's shell and gives a grunt of acceptance for it. To her demeaning look on their relationship, she has only one comment left: "That's not how I see it," Kaliena mutters and then shrugs her shoulders dismissively. Who's she to care, in the end? When Kimmila points out the obvious, the girl flushes dark red again and the angry look she shoots the bluerider is partly from having her slip up be pointed out. Duh, indeed and she's taking it poorly. "I said I ain't telling you nothing," Kaliena stubbornly repeats, mouth set in a determined line. "And I've my reasons!" And she likely does, but she doesn't elaborate. Sitting on her rock, she draws her knees up to her chest and rests her chin on them; all while her blue eyes watch Kimmila like a hawk.

Kimmila glances over her shoulder at Kaliena again, frowning. "Why are you so pissed at me?" she asks. Short, simple, to the point. That's all she says, rather baffled.

"Because you're his." Kaliena answers readily enough after a lengthy pause and a long, lingering stare at the bluerider. "Because I don't trust you. I don't like you. Yet here you are, prying at me." Short and to the point are her answers as well and she snorts again.

Kimmila lifts a brow. "And if I wasn't in a relationship with Th'ero?" she replies, calm as can be.

Kaliena shows the first signs of amusement then, though it's still hidden beneath her lingering annoyance and distrust. It's a simple quirk of her mouth, one corner tugging upwards in what could be a hint of a smile. "You wouldn't be asking these questions." She drawls, "And I would still not trust you." The girl stretches her legs out in front of her then and leans back, arms resting behind her to brace her weight. "Satisfied?" Now she just looks haughty and smirks again.

Kimmila shrugs, "Not really," she admits, turning to face the ocean once more. "Eh, I guess it doesn't matter. You're too bitchy for my tastes anyway. So you're right about one thing. If you weren't Th'ero's sister I wouldn't want to have anything to do with you at all."

Well, that stung a little and it shows a bit in Kaliena's eyes and the blush that creeps over her cheeks again and a bit along her neck. What did the girl expect? "Likewise." She grumbles back and then leans forwards, one hand searching the rocky surface around her. Her fingers finally bump into what she was seeking and then firmly grasp it. There's the sound of her boots scraping across rock and moving as fast as she can, hoping to catch the bluerider still off guard while she faces the ocean, Kaliena swings her arm in a low arc. It's a rock she grabbed and her target isn't Kimmila. As bratty and rebellious as the girl is, she's not foolish to actually strike a rider. But she does make sure the sizeable chunk of rock whizzes by close enough before sailing harmlessly into the ocean with a loud and equally sizeable splash. "Oops." She drawls, plastering on the fakest innocent look she can muster. So she's a bitch, is she? Then she'll act like one on top of it all.

Is she for real? Kimmila doesn't even flinch - or look back - when Kaliena tries out her childish little ploy. "You suck at skipping rocks," is all she drawls, digging into the sand and coming up with a shell, rinsing it in the water when the ripples from the rock's throw wash up on shore to kiss her boots, before twirling the shell thoughtfully between her fingers.

She is for real and when the ploy fails to bait Kimmila, Kaliena sulks and grumbles something impolite towards the bluerider that is no normal dismissal. The sound of boots scraping again and this time it's because the girl is shifting to a lower rock, where she promptly plunks herself down and glares daggers into the woman's back. For all her gruffness and anger, it's all a front. A form of defense, so when Kimmila doesn't lash back at her or leave, Kaliena's temper begins to loose the fuel to power it. She'll hold to it stubbornly, out of sheer habit (and perhaps comfort). But now she's becoming curious, as most young and normal girls can be. She says nothing though, leaving the silence for Kimmila to break.

Kimmila continues to twirl the shell between her fingers, and then flicks it back into the ocean. It was not satisfactory, for some reason. "You any good at skinning animals?" Kimmila asks, not turning around and still keeping her back to the girl. She's either trusting (she's not), stupid (she's not that either), or confident enough in her skill to overpower Kaliena before the girl could do too much damage to her. Should Kaliena try anything.

Kaliena's eyes dart to follow the path of the unsatisfactory shells travel back into the waters and then back to Kimmila. Surprise flickers across her features and in her eyes, then the girl is glaring not in anger, but in suspicion to the bluerider. "I ain't ever been hunting. Tried, but the men just laugh at me or ignore me. Ask me to gut a fish though… or prep any sea creature and I could do that with my eyes closed." But from her tone, she's hoping never to do it again. Ever. She's done with that. Kaliena won't try anything for now, not with her curiosity piqued by the bluerider's unusual question.

Kimmila tosses another shell out to sea, before the next one makes it into her pocket. She smirks, glancing over her shoulder at Kaliena. "And that bothers you? When men laugh at you?" she asks. "Not so good with fish. But if you ever want to learn some hunting stuff…it's something I'm good at at least. Don't mind going out with someone else."

"Why should it /not/ bother me? They're asses. All of them. Just because I'm female and holderbred doesn't mean I'm useless. Or stupid, or spineless or…. easy." Kaliena replies in an edged voice as Kimmila unknowingly plows right into a sore spot with the girl. Though with her, she's easily triggered over anything and her temper usually has her spouting replies that quickly derail onto a tangent. "Do /you/ like it when men look down at you? Leer at you?" she snorts and smirks in return, suspicion and wariness still in her eyes. But the offer is tempting. Too tempting. "You don't seem the mentorin' type. Plus how do I know you're telling the truth?" What, the daggers the bluerider has on her aren't proof? Kaliena's eyes do dart to them again, but that seems not to waylay her opinion.

Kimmila laughs, but it's not a happy, friendly laugh. It's tinged with bitterness. "I know what you mean. And of course I don't like it. But…" Here she pauses, giving considerable thought to her reply. "I've learned to ignore it. Those who do that to me aren't worth my time. And usually they have to eat their words when I kick their ass at something - bring home the biggest wherry, or win an archery contest, or literally kick their ass…" She trails off with a self-satisfied smirk. Then she chuckles. "Perceptive of you. No, I'm not really the mentoring type, but like I said I wouldn't mind having someone along to hunt with. I've come to find that hunting alone has…too many risks." Then she slowly looks back over her shoulder, brows lifted in an 'are you shitting me?' expression. "You doubt my ability to hunt?"

Kaliena is puzzled at first by Kimmila's bitterness, but as she talks the girl's expression eases to something that is neutral but still unfriendly. "It gets hard to ignore." She grumbles and she draws her knees up to her chest and folds her arms around her legs. "I've nothing I can do to prove 'em wrong. I can't fight grown men and fighting the boys only makes 'em laugh harder and then the boys get back at me for humiliating 'em." But there's something close to respect or grudging admiration for the bluerider in her eyes then. Briefly lived, but perhaps the seed is planted now. "S'why I'm gonna become a Smithcrafter." Kaliena drawls out with obvious smugness. "Can't argue with a girl who can forge metal, now can they?" It's hard to picture the slip of a girl she is now as having the physical strength, but her stubbornness may get her there. "Risks?" she echoes and takes the bait. "So how's taking a completely green partner any better? Plan to use me as a lure?" At Kimmila's expression, Kaliena grins. Aha, weak spot. Staring the bluerider right in the eyes, her next words are slow and deliberately edged and drawled. "I do. Words are meaningless."

Kimmila shrugs again, pushing herself to her feet and wiping her hands off on her pants, leaving wet streaks behind. "You've got to ignore them or else they'll win. They'll just eat away at you until you end up hating yourself." She gives Kaliena a brief, frank look, and then her shoulder moves in yet another 'whatever' shrug. "Smith's a good craft," she says, nodding, and making no comment on her lack of obvious strength. Turning, she rests a hand on her blue and silver dagger hilt and stares at Kaliena for a long, uncomfortable moment, eyes boring into her. Then she grins, slow and toothy. "Didn't say I'd take you hunting when you're green," she says, her voice taking on the same drawling qualities, though without the edge. "That's just asking for trouble. And you're right about that. Words are meaningless and you're right to question them. You want proof? Get comfortable, I'll go find us something." And she starts striding towards the woods again, with an easy purpose to her step, loosening her knife in her sheath. "Got a few arrows left at any rate."

Kaliena only fixes Kimmila with another long look and a heavy frown. Too late on the hating part, but the girl knows better then to be melodramatic. Just like her brother, she'll brood over it later and alone. She takes the comment on the Craft as praise and it shows by the drop in her neutral mask to one of a ghost of a smile. But that vanishes when the bluerider's eyes bore into her and the girl instantly bristles defensively and stares right back. It's only when Kimmila grins that Kaliena glances away. "Oh." She mumbles and then adopts her puzzled look again. "So I just stay here then?" The girl sounds annoyed and frustrated, but her interest in what is up the other woman's sleeve keeps her playing along.

Kimmila nods. "Yup!" she calls, and then vanishes into the trees.

Kaliena gives an exasperated sigh, "Figures." she mutters under her breath and settling herself so she sits cross legged, the girl waits. But it's not long before restlessness eats away at her and she begins to fidget, changing position and then giving up and wandering the various rocks aimlessly. Occasionally, she'll pause to watch the ocean or scan the area around her, but beyond that she's moving and never ventures far.

Hopefully Kaliena is patient because it's about a candlemark later that Kimmila returns, sliding down the incline and bending to set down her bow and quiver before the fruits of her labor are slung off her shoulder and land with a *thud*. It's a mid-sized wherry with a hole through its neck, blood staining the feathers of its chest. There's some blood on Kimm's clothes too, but she doesn't seem to care. "There," she says, stepping back and waving her hands at the wherry. "Now help me take care of it. I already drained the blood, but I need to take out the innards." Crouching, Kimmila draws her blade and rolls the wherry onto its back. "Going to get sandy, but they'll wash it later."

Kaliena is patient when she figures it'll benefit her to be. The opportunity to be taught hunting is a very tempting lure and so the girl is there, even after a candlemark has past. Not that she's in the best of moods when Kimmila returns with the prize and neither are Kaliena's suspicions completely gone. Blue eyes take in the quiver and bow, then the wherry and the blood, both on the prey and the bluerider's clothing. "And how do I know this isn't staged?" she drawls, just to be a thorn in the other woman's side. But at her words to come help, the girl is shuffling forwards and jumping down from the rock she had perched on to wait. "So what you want me to do?" she asks, attention already drifting from Kimmila to the dead wherry. She looks uncertain and a little wary, but it's borne more of inexperience then disgust. The girl isn't paling or anything of the sorts. Instead, she only adds with a grunt. "Do I get a knife too? Or do I just watch?"

Kimmila shakes her head, "If you want I'll do target practice for you later, but we need to take care of this meat now or it'll spoil." Plus, staging something like this would be *way* too much work. "You hold him here," she says, positioning the wherry appropriately. "You get a knife later." Assuming Kaliena takes hold, Kimmila dives right for the wherry's belly with a bold strike of her blade, working with intense focus and no wasted movements. Her experteese in hunting might be in question, but it's pretty darn clear she knows how to gut a wherry.

Kimmila's response satisfies Kaliena for now and shifting into a low crouch, the girl settles comfortably onto her heels and reaches to hold the wherry as the bluerider instructs. "Why later?" she grumbles and then promptly falls silent when Kimmila begins to work on gutting the bird. Blue eyes watch and observe each detail carefully, but whether or not she's absorbing any of it is the real question. "What's done with the guts anyhow?" she'll eventually ask, once she figures the bluerider isn't too focused that her speaking up would be distracting.

Kimmila shrugs, "Depends on if I feel like hauling them back or not. Usually I just chuck them into the ocean." Indeed, that's what she does now, hauling out all the guts and flinging them into the sea. "Now we pluck and skin. Like this," she says, working the point of her knife between the meat and the skin, and pulling it up. "Plucking first makes it easier. Grab down by the skin and pull each feather out." Knife? What knife? Kimm puts hers to one side and sets to plucking with vigor.

"Wai—" Kaliena begins to exclaim but too late. Kimmila has already begun to toss the guts to the sea and the girl is left only to frown. "I could have used those for my firelizards." She grumbles, but calls them all the same. So it's no surprise that a brown and a green appear, both young and only months from having hatched but old enough to be relatively independent. They ignore both bluerider and their own girl in favor of swooping out to the waters and grabbing what morsels haven't sunk. How delicious. "Ugh. Seems tedious." Kaliena mutters, but attempts to mimic Kimmila and with very limited success. Frustrated, she eyes the knife the bluerider has set aside and boldly; she forgoes plucking in favor of plucking of another sorts. But her leaning forwards and the reaching motion of her arm should be plenty of warning that the girl is about to try and pilfer the knife. Not to keep, just to study it.

Kimmila's response is predictable and swift, as her right hand shoots out to grab Kaliena's wrist and hold it firmly, staring at the girl with a deep frown. "Lesson one," she says in a flat voice, "never grab someone else's knife. It's liable to get you in more trouble than you'd bargained for."

Kaliena wasn't expecting for her wrist to be grabbed and held. A verbal lashing maybe, but not this and she goes rigid and tense when Kimmila holds her. "Let go!" She says with anger flashing in her voice but there's a hint of fear there. She got the message and has learned the lesson. Almost immediately after she recovers from the initial shock, she begins to squirm and tug against her grip.

Kimmila doesn't hold her for long, letting her wrist go the moment she makes her request. Reaching for her knife, Kimmila sets it aside and then goes back to calmly plucking feathers off the wherry, tossing them to the wind and watching them swirl down the beach.

Kaliena pulls her wrist back the moment Kimmila's grip loosens enough and draws it close against her, her other hand coming up to rub it. There's a moment where she glares at the bluerider, angry and feeling just a bit embarrassed by her blunder and having been reprimanded for it. Then her gaze slides away and her head bends down as she returns to trying to pluck the wherry again, but her obvious sulking hinders her mood. And that knife is still eyed from time to time. If she's watching Kimmila, it's subtle as well.

Kimmila continues on as if nothing had happened, and once the bird is plucked she pushes it over again. "Now I'll show you how to break it down. I'll do one side, then you'll do the other. First, the wing." She pulls the wing away from the body and picks up her knife, making a few small cuts before she gives a subtle *twist* and the bone jumps out of the socket. The wing is put aside, along with her own knife. But fear not, she does have a knife for Kaliena. It's one of the hunting set from Th'ero, and she passes it over hilt first. No one uses the blue and silver one but her, apparently. "Now you."

Kaliena gets over her sulking quick enough and partially because Kimmila just brushes off the entire incident. If the bluerider can, so can she. She becomes the quiet and studious student then, observing and taking it all to memory. "It's not so much different then fish and claws." She murmurs softly. When the knife is first brought out, she's already eyeing it warily. So there's an awkward moment when the hilt is offered and Kaliena doesn't move as confidently as before or as fast. But the knife is taken and she's watching Kimmila carefully. At least she can handle the knife safely. "Alright." She mumbles and then starts to make the first small cuts, moving slowly.

Kimmila rocks back onto her heels and watches Kaliena make the cuts, just watching and letting the girl figure it out on her own. She's not the sort to jump in and help - especially if help isn't asked for. So she just watches.

Kaliena works best this way, being left to figure it out alone and without a guiding hand the entire way through. She'd probably just bristle at the help and take it offensively. Once the cuts are made, she pauses only to see if Kimmila will say anything. Then the girl moves on to the next steps and in the end her wing doesn't quite twist apart as easily. She has to work at it and when it's done, it's not as neat. But it's done. Silently and without question, Kaliena turns the knife in her hand and goes to pass it back hilt first to the bluerider.

Kimmila shakes her head at the offering of the knife. No praise is offered, but no criticism either. "Next part," is all she says, as she moves on to demonstrating the next piece of the butchering. Then the next, and so forth. It's very back and forth, first Kimm, then Kali. Quiet and focused for the most part.

Kaliena is used to a lack of praise, but even so the lack from Kimmila stings a little, even the lack of criticism. Undaunted and more focused then before, she follows the bluerider's instructions as best she can. If she gets frustrated (and she does), she'll let the other woman take over. Then she'll pick up where she left off. Once it's done and completed (or so she assumes), Kaliena tries to hand the knife back again.

When all the meat is butchered and set aside in the sand, Kimmila once again doesn't take the knife. "Need to wash them off," she says, pushing to her feet and walking down to the sea's edge with her blade in hand. Crouching, she starts to use the sand to gently rub off the grime and gore. "Not bad for the first time," she says, finally making a comment on the girl's work.

Kaliena awkwardly takes the knife back again, puzzled. She isn't catching on to the differences between the knife she has and the one Kimmila has. All she knows is she doesn't want her wrist grabbed again. "Alright," she murmurs and follows her down to the sea's edge. Cleaning it is no trouble for her and a good thing too since her focus is distracted from the comment. The words are absorbed greedily and tucked away as she nods her head stiffly. "Guess it helps I know how to handle knives. Wherry is not like fish though." She finally murmurs, speaking up for the first time in awhile.

Kimmila nods, drying her blade off on her shirt and then slipping it into its sheath. "How'd you learn? Handling fish stuff? How's it different?" she asks absently, grabbing another shell and turning it over between her fingers.

Kaliena gives a harsh and abrupt laugh as she does the same with the knife. Then for the third time, she's trying to pass it back. This time she'll leave it on a nearby rock. "Do you know nothing of the Irondell's?" she smirks, her usual attitude coming back up to the surface. "Th'ero been keeping that tight lipped on his blood? We were fisher folk. Live, breath, eat and work with fish, the oceans and all that other unpleasantness. Everyone needs to help with catch." She shrugs her shoulders then and she pokes idly through the sand where she crouches by the water's edge. "Different animals. Different meat, textures…"

Kimmila gives Kaliena a bland look at her laugh and her dig, taking the knife back and slipping it into its own sheath. "Didn't enjoy it much I take it? Hunting's similar in concept, of course, but different in skill and in landscape. You get to walk. Hike, climb, track. Use all your senses." She gets an almost wistful quality to her voice for a moment, before she clears her throat and it's gone. "See if you can't help out with the butchers. What's your preferred hunting weapon?"

Kaliena smirks in a smug manner for Kimmila's bland look as that's all she needs to see to confirm whatever suspicions her young mind has cropped up. "What gave it away?" she drawls sarcastically. "We were miserable. It's hard work. Unforgiving." She tilts her head a little, giving the bluerider a longer look for that wistful quality to her tone of voice. "Exactly why I want to try it. Much more… challenging." Not that fishing the oceans isn't, but it's obvious the girl is hungry for something more. There's a nod to the request and then her expression falls. "I… don't have one. Knives are all I know. Only certain knives."

Confirm? Well, she can think whatever she wants. Kimmila nods. "Figured as much. Try out a few. Ask a few people, borrow some things and see what suits you. I do bow, but maybe throwing knives, crossbow, or slingshot would be more your speed." Then the bluerider pushes to her feet. "Come find me when you know what weapon you want to use."

Kaliena frowns a little. "But…" she begins to protest and then bites back her words. "Alright." She mumbles in agreement and slowly rises to her feet. "And I will." That is at least said in a confident tone and even her head tilts up a bit. Truthfully the girl has no idea how she'll do what was asked. Figuring this is the end of their awkward encounter and Kaliena begins to slowly edge away from Kimmila. "Where can I find you?" she'll ask at least, before fleeing. No good byes, no thanks. She even leaves the wherry with her, once she gets her answer. She doesn't head back towards the forests, but rather climbs over the rocks and then down a narrow path that winds away to somewhere.

Kimmila doesn't have much of an answer for her, as the bluerider only shrugs. "Dunno. Wherever." And thus ends one of the most awkward encounters OF ALL TIME.

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