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Western Weyr - Docks
Wooden boardwalks lead out to where boats are tied to the dock. Once in a while a good sized ship will be docked here, unloading or loading various items.

It's a cloudy afternoon at Western. Winter of course brings rain with it for the tropical weyr, and a cool breeze blows across the docks from the ocean. It's not often that the weyrleader finds himself down at the docks, and when he is down there it generally means trouble. But here he is today, and for once not surrounded by an entourage of riders while he screams at a merchant for screwing up an order or losing something. No, instead Zi'on seems to be looking for someone, or waiting for someone as the case may be. He's pacing a bit back and forth, and checking his watch. There's little mistaking who he might be, given his crisp weyrleader clothes and big shiny knot. Even without the bronze dragon lurking overhead.

Look what the tide's dragged in today! It's a ship. A real genuine ship made of actual wood (and rope, and cloth, and pitch, and… well, all those sorts of things). Okay, so maybe it's not that unusual to have a ship on the docks, but still. The Skywave has come to dock at Western, and there's a general stir of activity around it. Boxes are being unloaded, big water barrels are being rolled out, all the usual stuff. Any missing deliveries are ones not important enough to raise any significant ire, and though there'll probably be a complaint or two before things are over, all in all, things are going as well as can be expected. One of the Skywave's deliveries is just now emerging from the ship's hold. In fact, he's carrying another of the deliveries, a large box, and he gets about halfway across the deck before the ship's captain interrupts him. "Tak! Shardit, leave off that-" and so Takapola does, setting the box down and having a small bag thrust into his hands instead before being steered by a hand on his shoulder down off the ship and toward… yep, the shiny fancy guy. Gulp. That there person looks important, and Pohl's bringing Takapola right for him. So very important looking a guy. Why, that guy looks like some kind of… uh… "Weyrleader," says Pohl, and Takapola would agree. Just like some kind of shiny fancy Weyrleader guy.

It's not that unusual, no. Western is basically a port weyr, and even ships that have no cargo for the weyr itself or the surrounding hold islands sometimes stop to restock on goods or just get a bit of dry land for a while. Zi'on rarely gets involved in any day-to-day deliveries. It was only when big things went missing that the weyrleader comes down to the docks to raise hell. Most of the time such activity was left to S'rorn and his transport underlings. If Zi'on was here that generally means there's a hatching or some other big event that's brought him here. While he waits, he watches The Skywave being unloaded with arms crossed. Zi'on fixes Pohl and Tak with a look, nodding to them. "Sailors. I'm looking for Captain Dib. Is this his ship? No matter. I'm expecting a delivery from Ierne and I would prefer it not to sit too much longer."

There's different degrees of hell that need raising, after all. Depends on the circumstances. Sometimes, it's not even hell at all, just a bit of heck! Pohl shakes his head. "Ain't his ship, sir, it's mine. This's the Skywave. She's an island runner." And that's a tone of pride in his voice, for all that the ship's not really a usual guest in large ports. She's been gathering goods for a while just to have them to unload here so the trip wasn't wasted. As for why it was on the itinerary in the first place? Well, Pohl thumps Takapola's shoulder. "Got a boy" he's like eighteen "what wants to stay here." To judge from Tak's face, 'want' may be an overstatement at the moment. That's an awful shiny knot there, and this is an awful big place compared to the tiny island holds they've been visiting… y'know, the sort of tiny holds where it'd actually be appropriate to go to the person in charge with something like this, instead of being a waste of important time. Oops? Still, Takapola tries to stand up straight and look respectable-like. "Yessir," he says to one or both of them.

Zi'on generally isn't very scary, but he can be when he wants to be. Tall and dark and with a big dragon, it's not a good idea to rub him the wrong way. There's a nod to Pohl. "My apologies, captain. What news from the islands?" There's a brow raised as he says Takapola is wanting to stick around at Western. "Eh? What for? Lost your taste for adventure?" The question is directed at Tak, but Zi'on gives Pohl a questioning look. Basically a 'is this one trouble' sort of look. The bronzer seems to ponder things. "We are a little short staffed for some of the chores I suppose. With two clutches we tend to lose a lot of our help, since some of the candidates become weyrlings and others head back to wherever they're from. What's your name?"

"Illness at Redvine," Pohl reports, along with a brief version of the news from the other islands he's been by. None of it should take the Weyrleader by surprise, really; the usual assortment of small troubles and triumphs that can be shuffled together into something like… adventure! The open waves! The wind in your hair and, "Uh, no sir," says Takapola. He'd totally still be up for that, only, see, "I want to learn." The ways of the wide and mysterious world! Pohl, beside him, snorts slightly at the answer the boy gives, but nods to it, adding, "His mother wants'm educated proper." And Takapola makes a little bit of a face, because really, did his mother have to be brought into it? Can't anyone see he's all grown up? Okay, yes, he is mostly doing this because of her, but that doesn't mean people have to say it. Sheesh. He's all mature and responsible! Also… clutches? His eyes widen slightly, glancing back at the Weyr as if expecting to see them on display. Which they aren't, but… there's a dragon flying by. Tak stares for just a moment before dragging his eyes back to Zi'on. "I can do chores. I don't mind work." Whatever! He'll figure it out, because he's… "Takapola, sir." Pohl rolls his eyes. What is it with these long names? A syllable's good enough for him, and by Faranth, it should be good enough for anyone. …okay, maybe two syllables, if you're fancy and shiny. Like a Weyrleader.

There's a nod from Zi'on about the news. He was used to hearing bits and pieces of news like this. Generally from his riders, or people he chatted with at other weyrs. Zi'on tilts his head. "Proper? Can't read or write then?" What else did a seacrafter need to know? Basic math? "There are harpers here, obviously. Though you're a bit on the old side for basic skills. Not that they'll turn you away. Just might have to deal with some teasing from the weyrbrats." He warns. 'Brats would be brats. There is a dragon flying by! Or at least one circling overhead in a lazy sort of flight. It's Suldith of course, keeping an eye on his rider. It's a bit surprising the weyrleader isn't out with at least one body guard, and the bronze might be why. "Western's duties to you, Takapola. I'm Zi'on, that's Suldith." He points upwards. Zi'on's name was Zsriston before he impressed. Which is… just hard to say in general. "I'm waiting for a delivery. But I'm thinking it's not going to get here when I expected it."

"I can read!" Takapola is quick to say, but it's only a moment later before he adds, "…some." So probably not very well. Maybe some words of one syllable? While moving his lips? Yeah, that sounds about right. He pulls himself up straight. "I can deal." Teasing? He's had it before. So what if he'll be the tallest boy in kindergarten! Takapola needs to learn how to read words of up to four syllables. Also to stare at dragons… okay, so technically he doesn't need to do that, but he does anyway, gazing up at Suldith with wide eyes. The bronze is… big. And bronze. Back among the islands, he was lucky to see a green far overhead, let alone one that was willing to do a water landing. So, yeah, Tak'll probably be staring for a while, as he gets the chance, but for now he drags his attention back to Zi'on, who's being all… formal like. Yet another thing he'll have to learn. "Uh. Roughscale Rock's… and the Skywave's…" or is that not what he's supposed to say? Takapola glances to Pohl, who's being no help at all anymore, looking back to the Skywave to check how she's going with unloading. So. Let's try… "My duties to Western?" Maybe it'll work. Islands generally aren't much for fancy manners, and Tak wasn't the one doing the introductions, either. At least the part about deliveries, he can nod to. "There's some rough water, 'bout a day out." So maybe that's it? Hopefully the Dip Ship didn't crash.

Zi'on blinks a bit. He sort of wants to laugh at such a protest, but he doesn't want to be rude to someone looking to join the weyr, really. "Good. If not… well, you're bigger than they are, right?" Was Zi'on give Tak permission to break a few noses to get his point across? Perhaps! There would be plenty of time to stare at dragons in between learning to read. The bronzer gives Taka a strange look as he.. adds to his introduction. It wasn't meant to be formal. If it was, Zi'on would be introducing himself at weyrleader of Western. "Roughscale Rock. Can't even say I know where that is." He laughs a bit at the duties addition. "We'll work on your introduction later." Anything would be less awkward than… that. "I can take him from here." He tells Pohl. Releasing him from having to stand around with them. Zi'on starts a leisurely walk back to the weyr. "I suppose there's no immediate hurry. Have you been to a weyr before?"

Yeah so maybe Takapola is a little bit defensive. But, hey, that's right! He is bigger than they are! That brings a smile. Not that… uh. "I won't be trouble." No brawls! Though the harpers probably know how to deal with these things. They've got rulers. Besides, if Takapola doesn't behave, he won't get a chance to stare at those dragons. As for his manners, well, at least he's getting credit for effort, though he ducks his head abashedly at Zi'on's comment. Yeah so, formal is as Takapola doesn't. "Yessir," he agrees, then glances to Pohl as the captain nods. "Thank you, Weyrleader." And Pohl's off! Back to his ship and… have they not finished unloading the water barrels yet? Ohnoes. That is- suddenly no longer any part of Takapola's concern, and the young man adjusts his grip on the bag of His Worldly Possessions before starting to walk along with Zi'on and shaking his head. "Uhm, no. I've never been to a Weyr." Or anyplace near this big.

Zi'on would be too, if someone was asking him if he knew how to read. Of course, he spent a lot of him time reading, so that would be pretty rude. And he might punch someone for such a comment. "Good. I don't have time for trouble. Or for a lot of formalities. You can call me Zi'on, at least while it's just the two of us." The bronzer chuckles and nods. "Well, it'll be an adjustment for you, then. Not that there's anything wrong with a holder life. Or a sea faring one. Just that weyr life is different. How old are you?" He asks, pausing for an answer before continuing. "Your quarters will be with the rest of the residents. Once you're settled we'll assign you some sort of chores. You'll be paid, but it won't be much. But room and board are part of the package, so you won't need to spend anything on that. You can get clothes and incidentals from the open store rooms. Most of them will be hand-me-downs. And if you need to go someplace… you can ask one of the transport riders assigned to taxi duty." The bronzer looks to him. "Anything in particular you might like to do for chores? Otherwise you'll most likely be rotated through things like kitchen duty, cleaning, laundry, mucking…"

It'd be like asking Takapola if he knew how to tie knots! Sailors, you know. Always with the rigging. "Zi'on." Takapola nods. "Okay." The Zi is on. "I've… heard things about weyrs." All sorts of things! Probably mostly false. Except the ones that are true. Isn't that always the way of things? "Nothing wrong with different." Nope. Takapola's here to learn for to think different! Among other things. "Eighteen," he answers. Definitely going to be one of the older students, but hey. He has kinda sorta permission to punch anyone who makes fun of him. Besides, Zi'on would do it, and if it's good enough for the Weyrleader, it's… likely to get the newest resident dangled by his toenails until he learns better manners. Ohwell. He nods to his quarters being with the rest - he's used to being stacked up in the ship or a bedroll in a corner, so they'll probably be just fine according to his standards. The idea of actually getting paid makes his eyes widen. Ooh. Actual marks of his own, and food to eat. Weyrs are looking pretty awesome! It's not like his current clothes aren't hand-me-downed, either. "I can do" try "anything." Except things that require reading. Or formal manners. Or… any number of other things, probably, that he'll find out when he gets there. But. "I like outdoor stuff." The wind in his hair!

Tying knots was a useful skill! At least for a seacrafter. Zi'on narrows his eyes at Taka. "..What sorts of things?" Maybe that all the people who live there run around naked and have sex all over the place all the time! There's a nod from Zi'on about his age. He was too old to be sleeping amongst the 'brats then really. He'd need a proper adult room and all. Some of the weyrbrats might need their nose bloodied. Of course he might earn the wrath of the headwoman in the meantime, as well. "Well, alright then. I'll mention that. But it's likely you'll be put on a regular rotation of things. You can always trade. How long have you been a seacrafter, then?" Once they're a ways inland from the dock, Suldith swoops down slowly to the ground, landing in front of them. The bronze eyes Taka warily. "These clothes are too stuffy for walking in. Fancy a ride back to the weyr?"

Uhhh well maybe a few of those things. Takapola glances away. Look, a rock! "That, uh." How does he say this politely? "The dragons take… a lot of space." Yeah, that's so not everything he's heard, but he'll pretend. Besides, Zi'on's wearing clothes, right? So it can't all be true. He'll just have to figure it out as he goes! Like those chores. He nods. "I'll do anything." Or trade it. Or make a huge mess of it. But hey, he'll try! Just like being a seacrafter. "Near three turns." He glances out along the dock. Maybe he'll find himself a way to help out there, put his skills to use! Then again, maybe not. "I've been on boats," small ones, "since I was a boy, though." Which is no surprise, growing up on an island. Gotta go fishing. And… gotta stop as that large bronze dragon lands in front of him. Yes. Suldith definitely takes up a lot of space. And… "What?" Takapola looks to Zi'on, like, are you joking? But it appears he is not. He looks back to the dragon. The dragon who is eyeing him… and whom he is being offered a ride on. He… only lives once. "Yes." He looks at the dragon another moment, and that's when he adds the, "Please."

Zi'on raises a brow at Taka. "…True. I guess. That's why we have the weyrs up in the bowl. Otherwise they'd take up the whole bowl sleeping." True, Zi'on is wearing clothes. For now. Zi'on and Taka are walking back to the weyr. Or at least they are sort of. Suldith has just landed in front of them, which means they might be flying back. "Well.. I've been on dragons since I was a boy, I suppose. Both my parents were riders, and I grew up at the weyr. Not Western though, but it's home now." He tilts his head at Taka. "Fly. Fly back. Instead of walking. Maybe not. I don't want to rattle you." Then he's agreeing. "Did you want to hold onto your sack there? Or I can attach it up to the straps."

Well, Takapola was walking. He knows how to walk! One foot goes in front of the other, and then he repeats the process. But then there was this dragon riding option, see. And that is (terrifying) AWESOME. So! He's totally all about this plan. Terrifying or not. And there's this dragon here who… he glances down at his bag. "Uh. The straps, probably." He'll want his hands for holding onto himself! Or whatever it is he's supposed to do with them. Hopefully Zi'on actually wants to give him a ride and is not using this as an excuse to dump him into the water. He's at least pretty decent about scrambling up things - ships and ropes, all that. And then he grins with the nope, not scared at all. Nooot hiiim.

Zi'on straps up Takapola's life sack to Suldith's straps. He'll help the seacrafter up onto the bronze and strap him in then. For the short flight Zi'on doesn't bother strapping in. It's extremely short, as they're stopping at the lagoon. It's just a lot quicker to go over the water rather than around it. But they'll at least get high enough so that Taka can get a view of the weyr from above. They come to a gentle landing and Zi'on slides down. Taka will have to man up and get down on his own, while Zi'on frees his stuff. "And that's the weyr, more or less. You'll get used to flying."

Being strapped in is good! It means Takapola's a lot less likely to get dumped in the drink. He grips the straps for the first heave into the sky, and then… Wide. Eyes. He's flying! He's flyyyyying! And… "Wow." That's an awful lot of Weyr there. It's like a map, only real. He stares at it while he's up, and while he's up there… he lets go of the straps. Hey, if Zi'on doesn't need to be strapped in, Takapola doesn't need to hold on, right? Wheeeeee! Best ride ever. Lucky him Suldith's gentle on the landing, or he'd get all his bones rattled and maybe even that grin wiped off his face. Maybe. He nods to Zi'on. "That's awesome." The Weyr? The dragon ride? Yes. He's fairly quick about figuring out his straps in reverse and sliding back down.

Zi'on is back at the lagoon! This time he's +1 Takapola. There's no real hurry to get all the way back home, so the bronzer is pulling his fancy shirt off after they land, leaving on his undershirt he's got on underneath. Suldith only scares people he doesn't like, and Taka he seems to be alright with. Once the seacrafter's life sack is freed, Zi'on frees the bronze of his straps as well. "It's easier for me to navigate once I've seen things from above, generally. Anyways, you're free to head down to the caverns if you want. But I'll be hanging out here for a while, I think. I don't much feel like going back to work." The bronzer then drops his pants, too. Yeah that's right, he's going to chill at the beach in his boxers only. They're close enough to trunks.

"Thanks," Takapola says as he takes the bag containing all of his worldly possessions back from Zi'on. He turns to look around at his surroundings. Okay, the caverns, right, those would be… somewhere. Western is big! He turns back around, maybe to ask directions, but apparently the Weyrleader is now taking off his clothes. How about those rumors? Weyrs! The lands of the nakedness and impromptu sexytimes… according to the holder stories. And now here Takapola is among them. Could he even get back to the ship before she sails? Maybe… but thanks to the dragon ride, now he's not sure of the way! He's been kidnapped to the land of (maybe) impromptu s-… okay on further consideration he's entirely willing to hang around a bit and see where this takes him. "Just got to take a moment and get my bearings." That's what you call hanging out on the beach, right? Anyway, when there's a Weyrleader slacking, residents totally have permission to do the same. It's a rule. Or something. That Takapola just invented. And so he wanders down to the edge of the waves, looking out over the sea and then turning to look back at the weyr. It's awfully weyr, it is!

Speaking of slackers there is a young blue dragon trotting up towards the splashing waves of the lagoon. Soft warbles escapes Irkevalath as he pauses once at he shore, looking down at the water and splashing his front paws into it before just sprawling out there within the shallows. Sundair isn't too far behind the young dragon, a yawn escaping her in the process. Well she was asleep, or napping at least, though when Irke gets it in his mind to wake up and do something he goes out and does it! So here is the seabrat, wandering to catch up to her dragon. She has on a shirt, and snorts, shoeless from the looks of it, hair pulled back loosely so it's of her neck.

Zi'on prefers to call it Taka's life sack. Though he would probably keep living even if he lost the sack. At least the bowl is fairly easy to navigate. Just keep moving around it until you find what you're looking for. Yeah that's right! Zi'on is stripping! Woo woo! Surely though Taka has seen other men naked, being aboard a ship and all. Zi'on is in serious need of a vacation really, but with Raev due to pop any minute and no one else to drag with him, he's sort of stuck to the weyr. And will be burnt out before the baby is sleeping through the night. Yeah that's right, the weyr is weyr! Zi'on plops down in the sand and lays back. "So what do you do for fun, Takapola?" Boo, Sunny isn't walking around topless? Suldith just misses the blue, and Zi'on has his eyes shut. So the pair hasn't noticed Sundari or her blue yet.

Probably, yes. Takapola could survive without his life sack. He'd probably be sad, though. For now, sack in hand, he looks up at the weyr. This incidentally puts the mostly naked Zi'on in his view, but hey. These things happen. It's not like he hasn't seen men wearing less. Like a little breath of home! Isn't that nice of Zi'on. Maybe Takapola should do the same. "I like rock-climbing," he says because he's got those cliffs staring right at him. "And fishing." He tosses his life sack up onto the shore a bit, and then pulls off his shirt. What? It's apparently the thing to do. He's got to try and fit in around here, and Zi'on's example must be a good one to follow, right? …yeah we'll go with that for now. It's not until he's topless with shirt in hand until he notices Sundari and her blue heading toward them. Oh. It's a girl. Well… he lifts a hand to wave anyhow, if she notices him.

Sundari would not be running around without a top on, so sorry ZI'on! Irke rolls about and flaps his wings a few times which sends a splash of water around, and perhaps just far enough to hit Zi'on or Takapola. There is movement, and is that a voice? Possible! Sundari glances up curiously and she blinks while tilting her head before waving towards them with a smile seen. "Hey!" Is soon called out.

All men would be sad without their sacks. But they would survive. Hey now, Zi'on has a shirt on! Also shorts! He's barely even half naked! Sunny might like some naked men at the lagoon. Or she might be tired of them after living in the dorms and now the barracks. "Well, there's plenty of opportunity for both here." The bronzer rolls up his shirt to use as a pillow. "Careful on the rocks though. I hurt my leg when I took a fall once. Split it open real good. I had to have Suldith airlift me back to the infirmary. It wasn't fun." The bronzer looks to see who is calling to them, and gives Sundari a wave. "Hey, Sunny. This is Takapola. He's come to stay at Western. Tak, this is Sundari rider to uh… that little blue over there. I can't think of his name right off." And with introductions made, the bronzer goes a bit quiet. Is he napping? Yes, he is.

What about walking around without a top on? How's that? No? Siiiigh. Takapola can probably survive, though. He nods to Zi'on. "I will be." No falling off the rocks! After all, he doesn't have a dragon to lift him back to safety. So, he's got be be careful… and survive. He's good at that, thus far. He can even survive getting splashed by a frolicking blue dragon, though it's a good thing he took his shirt off. Otherwise, his shirt'd be getting wet! "Hi!" he says to this girl in a shirt who's walking along, then nods at the introduction Zi'on makes before returning his attention to her… and her dragon. "Uh. Nice to meet you." That's still manners, right? Even at Weyrs?

Sundari smirks a moment as she hears Zi'on. "His name is Irkevalath." Like /duh/, this said with an amused tone while she smiles and nods to Takapola. "Nice to meet you." A curious glance is sent to Zi'on as he is falling asleep? She can't help but grin and is left pondering a few moments on what she could possible do to prank him. Yes she did totally think a few things. Not that she get the chance as her attention turns back to the new person. "Nice to meet you. Irkevalath says hello." Manners are good to have!

See, Zi'on? Barely here, and already Takapola is helping you. He's distracting Sundari from pranks! Surely he will soon be a valued member of this weyr, but for now, he tosses his shirt over to join his …bag of possessions… and looks back to Sundari. "Ir-ke-val-ath." Four syllables. No fair! But he got through it, so! He grins. "Well, hello to him too."

Four syllables indeed! Irke watches this new person and is soon trotting on over towards him, dripping went and crooning out. The blue lowers his head and sniffs and snuffles out at Takapola. « He smells funny! » Sundari pauses and smirks while watching the blue. "He won't hurt you, just curious more than anything." She grins a bit and shrugs. "So, you new to the weyr then?"

It's a dragon! Gasp. The second that Takapola's met. Ever. And the first was only minutes ago! Also rather larger, so he's up for dealing with this one, extending a hand kinda like he would to a canine. As long as it doesn't get bitten off, he'll be good! "I guess there's a lot to wonder about. I mean, I know I am." So they can be curious at each other! He stares at the dragon while he's investigated, then looks back to Sundari. "Aye. Just got here on the Skywave." He turns, looking out over the water to the docks. Yep. "She's still in port." So he could still escape! Don't terrify him toooo much.

Sundari ponders this, and hums softly. "Really? I've heard of the Skywave before, never actually seen it. My father has a few times. Think his worked with the captain of the Skywave even." She ponders this. "My father has a small group of boats he uses for fishing and so forth." Seabrats unit perhaps? Irke wiggles and bounces while snifsnifing out at the boy's hand, a soft snort escaping him and soon enough he is bounding along the edge of the lagoon, warbling out to get everyone attention. Sundari is quiet whie eyeing her blue before looking back to Takapola. "M.. We could talk some more later?" Well it is possible. With that said she is following aftet him to make sure he doesn get into anything to crazy before heading back to the barracks at some point.

"Really?" Takapola says. Hey! Someone who's heard of his ship. Well, his former ship. Not that it's his, exactly, just… a ship. That he was on! Only now… he's here. Still, someone else who knows the sea, that's kinda… "Awesome." His fingers brush against Irkevalath's muzzle, and then the dragon's darting off again and Sundari's not far behind, so Takapola's left with nothing to do but wave after her. "Sure. Later!" And then… he scoops up his shirt and sack of life and goes seeking the caverns. Welcome to Western.

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