Thieving, Filthy Little Bastiches

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidate's Temporary quarters

Leeta jerked awake, nudged quickly towards full consciousness by niggling sounds on the periphery of her consciousness. The dull flash of a little bit of metal winking in the glowlight in the candidates' new 'home drew the awakened, readied former guard's attention like a laser pointer…

…and she found a fuzzy little shadow something with a set of beady eyes staring back at her…some sort of braided fabric with that metal dangling from its mouth.

Blink-blink SQUINT. STAAARE. They looked at one another for about 5 seconds, then the little furball with longer rear legs scuttled off into the chink in the wall, leaving that fabric half in, half out of the small hole.

"Well sunnuvabitch…" Leeta mumbled in some surprise, vexation, and dark humor to herself, green eyes dilated wide and looking all around at the other white-knots as they slept.

The holder knew from hard experience that wherever there was one of those kind of creatures, there were others. Maybe *lots* of others.

"Shit…" was all that she allowed herself to mutter aloud, bare feet soon nhitting the granite as the woman rose, padded lightly over to said wall, and tugged free… her 'old' Blue Flame knot. Back on her pillow, her trio of firelizards stirred, but remained mostly asleep. Kids.

"Thieving little bastiches. Filthy things…" She perhaps sounded a bit like a nasty old Auntie cussing nothing, but unlike enough others, she wasn't going to let this lie until later. Shells no.

Back to her cot, the woman slipped on her sandals, donned her robe left on a wall peg beside her sleeping place, cinched it up, and nabbed a glow basket so that she wouldn't fall and break her fool neck on the way to the Kitchens. Whoever was in charge of the Weyr's caverns for the night was going to hear about just what 'ghosts' were 'haunting' Half Moon.

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