Craziness in the Caverns

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The day has been rather, bright and sunny, even now during the late afternoon the weather isn't that bad from the looks of things. Sundari has just sat down at a table with a plate of food, and a mug of something drinkable. She eyes her plate of food, hungry, but also so tired the thought of eating isn't to high on her list. A soft sigh escapes her and she lets her head thunk down on the table, eyes closing. She has on a tunic top, pants and boots, and there is her weyrling knot upon her shoulder. While she isn't to sure about eating, her brown firelizard is already chomping on a bite of wherry that he stole off the plate. Omnom.

Today Takapola is on dish duty! And no he hasn't broken any yet. That's just a rumor. Possibly a lie? Anyway, he's got a tub and he's going around to tables to pick up plates people have left behind. Which doesn't explain why he's coming over to Sundari, but he is, and leaning forward over her shoulder to peer at her plate… then up at her firelizard. "Well, you didn't have to poison her," he informs the brown.

Sundari didn't expect to hear someone's voice so close to her, she nearly jumps up and peers over at Takapola and blinks. "What?" Is questioned with an unsure tone before a soft oh escapes her and she chuckles. "No he didn't do that." She sends a pointed look to her lizard. Strider wiggles on his haunches and warbles out at the pair with a 'what' look for sure. He was just stealing food is all!

Yipe! Takapola maintains his no-broken-dishes record by hastily lifting the tub out of the way of Sundari's startlement, then looks back to Sunny. "Oh! Well, good." He grins. "It'd be awfully inconvenient. I don't think you'd fit in the dish tub, and I'm not supposed to put anything big into the compost piles. I might have to drag you out to sea or something, and you look like a floater."

Sundari just peers at Takapola, a grin seen and she laughs. "Oh funny!" This said with an amused tone at the idea. "I suppose I might float actually. Or who knows, maybe by now I'd actually sink like a stone." There is a pause. "Your Takapola.. right?" Names, names and her are badness!

Takapola tilts his head, peering at Sunny consideringly, like he'll figure out just exactly how buoyant she is by eye. "Nah, I'd bet on float," he finally decides, giving a firm nod. "Unless there's something about riders I don't know!" Which there are. Many things, in fact, but never mind that now. As for his name, he nods. "Yep, that's me! The one and only, far as I know." Though there's a lot of people on Pern he doesn't know!

Sundari blinks and soon grins while she leans against the table and points at the other. "So what, you can tell if someone will float or sink then?" This questioned while her eyes narrow curiously. She chuckles and nods. "I thought so.. Hate to admit that me and names don't always get along though." Strider makes himself busy by munching on more food off his persons plate.

"Oh, sure," Takapola says, setting his tub down on the edge of the table to give himself a break. "Didn't they teach you? It's important. See, some people will sink right away, and others you've got to weight down with rocks. If you can't figure how heavy they are, you'll never manage to get enough rocks in your hold before leaving port, and then what are you going to do, hmm?" His expression is serene and calm.

Sundari ponders and ohs, thinking this over a few moments. "My father has taught me lots of things about the sea. Maybe that is a lesson that I just didn't have yet?" Possible! She grins and soon nods. "So how do you know which will sink and which will float?" This questioned while she eye the others pondering.

"Hmmm," Takapola says, then nods. "Might be, might be. Wouldn't want those secrets of the sea falling into the wrong hands." He grins, and leans in on the back of a chair next to Sundari. To be all confidential-like. "You see, you've got to check for bubbles. Everyone's got 'em, but some… ah, some people have more than others. The more bubbles, the more they float… and the more rocks you'll need!"

Sundari looks like someone that is attempting to remember all this, if she has a notepad she would be taking notes for sure. "What bubbles, like when you dunk them in water and the bubbles trickle out? Where do you put the rocks anyway? Like tie them to the person or something." This is a strange conversation for sure! Anyone wandering by that catches some of it will surely give the pair strange looks.

Takapola waves his fingers dismissively. "Nah, not like that. Be too obvious that way." As opposed to being a deep and arcane lore of the sea. "They're metforkal." The word he's trying to say is metaphorical. The word he actually means is metaphysical. Regardless of all this, he beams and continues on. "Yep, you tie them right on! Ankles are popular, but I like 'round the waist, myself. Holds 'em better." He's pretty well ignoring all those funny looks.

Sundari ohs and nodnods a few moments, taping her fingers against the table while thinking over the areas in order to tie rocks to. "So, how many times have you done this?" There is a slight wiggle of her brows and she just grins while eyeing the other. Someone is curious today!

Takapola raises a finger of silence to his lips. "What a man does with rocks out on the sea is between him and the sea." His expression is oh-so, ever-so, serious. "Besides, it doesn't matter how many. Each one is different. Fresh and new!"

Sundari chuckles and nods with an amused tone seen at the idea of it. "I see." She says with a smile. "So.. How are you liking staying here at the Weyr?" This questioned with a curious tone. "A bit different from the sea, yeah?" She is curious about how the other might think on such things it would seem. While she's been at the weyr for some time, though before that she did live out at sea.

So very serious, aaaaand then it all disappears into a grin. Takapola pulls out the chair and turns it around, sitting down and folding his arms over the back. "Did you know," he says conversationally, "-that an adult dragon can eat four herdbeast in a sitting? Four herdbeast! That'd be enough to give the Skywave's entire crew a feast, and the dragon just… eats 'em down!" Takapola shakes his head in disbelief. "So, yeah. It's a bit different." He laughs. "Pretty awesome, though. I haven't been bored yet, 'cept at chores!"

Sundari tilts her head and ponders that. "Well I saw my dragon's clutchfather do something like that. Ate them down without a problem." Well it was a bronze after all! "There's plenty of chores to be found around here. When you're on tunnelsnake duty be careful though. They have a sharp bite for sure." She knows that for some reason!

See? Just like that! Sundari knows! Takapola nods. "They go through more 'beasts that way!" Down the gullet of a dragon. Nom! He shakes his head, grinning, then laughs. "Aw, tunnelsnakes aren't so bad. If you do it just right, you can catch 'em by the tail and make 'em dance. Course, they don't much like that, but that's why you don't do it with the poison ones 'til you're good at it."

Sundari points at her arm where a few little scars can be seen. "I went hunting for them and one got me, not bad but enough that I don't want to deal with them ever again." She makes a face at the idea. "There is more then one type?"

Takapola just laughs, though he looks at that scar and gives it a good deliberation or three. "Not bad," he says, looking up to her again, then nods. "Oh, yeah. At least half a dozen… more if you count seasnakes, but they're sorta different, so I don't usually." He shrugs. "Haven't heard 'em much around here, but that probably just means I haven't been looking in the right places." Because tunnelsnakes get everywhere, eventually!

"I've seen seasnakes, there evil when caught in nets." Sundari says with a shake of her head at the idea, a soft breath escaping her. "My brother was bitten by one actually. Lucky we had a healer on board and he was taken care of." There is a pause. "So how long do you play on staying around the Weyr?"

"Oh, yeah. Those I don't go dancing with 'less I can't help it," Takapola says of those seasnakes, and shrugs. He's still cheerful enough, though, and at her question, he laughs. "I dunno. I mean… took three turns for the Skywave to get here, so I'm not expecting a ride back anytime soon. Maybe I'll just stick around until something better shows up."

Sundari hums and nods while letting her eyes flick to her plate, most of the meaty good bits are gone thanks to Strider, the brown lizard looks like he had a rock as his belly is all round and pudgy! "Well, it's not bad here really. Everyone is nice, and even the Weyrleaders will talk to you, not like other Weyr's so I've been told anyway. As this is the only weyr I've ever been too actually."

"Seems awright so far," Takapola says with a grin, then laughs. "Yeah, that Zi'on guy. He's got a look on him, doesn't he? Wouldn't want to be the one making things go wrong around here… but he don't seem bad, long as you stay on the right side of things." Tak shrugs, then grins. "He gave me a ride on his dragon, too." Which was awe-some. "I've hardly been anywhere, 'less you count lumps of rock out here in the islands, so it's pretty fancy by my standards."

Sundari ponders this idea and nods while tapping picking up a bit of roast tuber her dear firelizard didn't feel like eating. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone get in trouble around here. Well, save for Zi'on when he is trying to steal sweetbuns from the kitchen." Then that is amusing! "I've been to plenty of islands, but never another Weyr. Had to sell fish and the like for my families job an so forth."

Carnivorous firelizard! Rawr! Takapola laughs. "I reckon I'd've been in trouble if I'd been the one what lost his package," he says of Zi'on. "Lucky for me, I wasn't." Or was that through good planning? Eh, whatever. He's picking up more useful advice for living around here! "No stealing sweetbuns. Got it." Takapola grins. "Skywave's a trader, she went to a bunch. I've three turns worth of rocks, and I probably can't name you half of them."

Carnivorous firelizard indeed! Strider licks across his maw and soon burps, this makes Sunny eye the lizard a moment and she smirks. "Little pig.." She chuckles and nods. "If you do steal any the head cook will put you on dish duty for a week for sure." She should know, it has happened to her before! "What sort of things do you all trade?"

"I promise I haven't stolen a single one!" Yet. Takapola grins wide, then shrugs at the question. "Oh, all sorts. Cloth, that's always popular… dried food, everyone like some variety in their dinner. Smith goods sell well, but they're heavy…" he trails off into a grin. "See? All sorts. Probably'd trade fish if Pohl could see a way to convince people they were better than the local fish."

Sundari shakes her head at the idea of the fish trade. "Oh don't go and do that. Then I couldn't talk to you or something knowing my father." This said with an amused tone. "We would sometimes travel back and forth to ell goods and the so forth, or take people goods from island to island. Mostly went and caught fish and then sold them to markets."

Takapola laughs. "Well, all right then. Besides, Skywave's gone now, I doubt we'll be seeing her back soon. She's a wanderer." And here he is, left behind! "I like fishing. Mostly I did it with a pole, not so much with the big nets and all."

"Really?.. We would fish with poles, or with nets depends on the area we happened to be." Sundari offers seemingly interested in this. "So, you got left here, or well did you just decided to stay here?" This questioned while she peers at the other curious like.

"S'pose you would, being a fisherboat and all!" Takapola laughs. "A net'd slow things down too much for the Skywave, but we'd set out lines, and when it was quiet we could fish from the deck." He grins. "Just like fishing from the rocks, but every day's a windy one." As for why he's left here… "Well, the ship left me, but I left her first." He grins wide. "I'm here to get my proper education, and from there, Pern awaits!"

Sundari nods and grins. "Well some boats are more made for fishing with nets and some arn't." Her fathers was! "I see, well your get plenty here at a weyr for sure. Do you plan on doing something other then seacraft?" Isn't she a curious thing!

"Apparently the rumors that everyone goes around naked are false," Takapola says. "But I haven't been here all that long yet, so it might be that it's just waiting for the moons to align or something. I can be patient." He grins, then shrugs. "Oh, I dunno. I haven't really got my future charted. I figure I'll just see what turns up." Takapola tilts his head, and grins. "And what about you, dragon and all?"

Sundari blinks at this and just peers at Takapola a few moments. "Why would everyone run around naked?" This seems to make her wonder and she glances around. Well there was that time in the infirmary.. "I don't know.. Irke wants to do stuff with the water and I do too. His more interested in the water then I thought he would be." Silly dragon.

"Well I don't know why!" Takapola says with a wide-eyed expression. "All I know is, back at Roughscale Rock, that's what they said! Also other things, but I figured I'd stick with the ones that have a chance of maybe being true, instead of the outright lies." He grins, just as wide as his eyes were before, then nods. "Guess you've just got to figure out what with the water, then! It's not so hard, not like the ocean's that big, right?"

Sundari still wonders this idea and nods a moment. "So.. What else did they say anyway?" Hey she is curious now! "Sure is, I'd love to see as much of it as possible you know?"

Takapola leans in against his chair. "Well!" He grins. "There was the bit about how the dragons are actually riders reborn. Sounds a little funny to me, though. Oh, and then there's the one that says that if a dragon sneezes on you, it's good luck. Means you'll be a rider or something."

Sundari ponders this things and ohs a moment. "I never heard any of those. I'll have to ask Zi'on them for sure." She will ask him that is a truth! "I've only seen someone sneezed on by a dragon once, it was at the hatching too. Actually… It was my dragon that sneezed on someone even."

"Huh," Takapola says, and tilts his head to Sundari. "Well… did the person he sneezed on get a dragon?" Hey, if there's the opportunity to test this for truth, he's gotta ask! Just like Sundari's gotta ask Zi'on, apparently, and who knows what the weyrleader will think of that.

Sundari shakes her head slightly. "Well.. I don't think so. I mean I can't actually remember. He came over and impressed me a few moments later." Then she has no idea what happened to the ones her dragon sneezed on.

"I suppooose that might be a little bit distracting," Takapola acknowledges, then grins. "So, how's that whole thing work, anyhow? Do you really have to sleep with him every night and train him like a canine?" He looks curious and earnest. "And what's it like when you start hearing the other riders?"

Sundari ponders this and chews on her lip. "I wouldn't compare it to training a canine. I do sleep with him though, he likes to cuddle actually." Yes the blue is very cuddly fool! "I don't hear other riders, just my dragon. He only talks to me or other dragons, unless he wants to talk to someone else I'd imagen."
"Oh," says Takapola. See all the things he doesn't know? Fortunately he has a fount of knowledge here to take advantage of. So he does, leaning forward against the back of a turned-round chair and totally ignoring the dish-bin he should be using to clean things with. "So it's just like… the two of you? See, I heard someone say it was like… everyone all together. Like… a school of fish or something."

"Naw.. That would be silly, and crazy all them voices all mixed into one bit lump." Sundari makes a face at the thought. The two are sitting at a table talking. Strider is curled up next to Sunny's plate, the young brown firelizard looks to have ate most of the food on that plate too for his round form is all belly at the moment. "Yeah, just Irke and me, sometimes Strider will throw an imagen in but that's about it really."

"Now, see, that's what I thought, but you never know! They do say dragonriders are a breed apart, so maybe that was part of it." Takapola leans in as he adds, "Also they say dragonriders are a bit crazy, so, you know. It could be that." He sits back again. "Course, I don't think that."

Missing meals isn't too atypical of the bronzer. He was out of the weyr on business quite a bit, so catching a meal elsewhere was sometimes a necessity. Though when Zi'on comes into the caverns today he's looking decidedly distracted, and not for any real noticeable reason. He's not looking over papers, or chatting with someone. He's not texting, or on a cell phone even. But he does bump right into one of the serving tables. There's a grunt from the bronzer, though he doesn't seem to really snap out of his daze. He moves over to the tables, peering around at the selection, then settles in on just klah and takes a seat… wherever. Close to Sunny, maybe. His favorite spot.

Sundari smirks at the crazy part and eyes Takapola curiously. "Why would we be crazy?" This is questioned with a crious tone as she leans forward a bit to peer at the other seabrat. "Do… We see crazy or something?" There is a pause her gaze flicks towards Zi'on catching sight of him and she blinks a moment, pondering what is mind is on. Once he is sitting near her, a smile is seen. "Hey Zi'on." Oh she can ask that question! So much for the distracted look he has, she can get him out of it, right? "Takapola here said that dragons are like riders reborn or something. Is that true?"

Probably because, according to small holders on small rocks, everyone who isn't them is crazy! Takapola just shrugs. "I dunno, it's just what they say!" The nebulous and mysterious them. They say so very many things. "I mean you don't seem all that crazy to me. But what do I know?" Not much, his grin and shrug seem to say, and then he turns to look at Zi'on. Yes, that's right! His ignorant chunk-of-rock questions should get taken right to the top! Such is the only proper course. Getting these things resolved is totally what he should be doing this afternoon. Collecting dirty dishes like his actual assigned chore? What, no, he's forgotten about that by now. So last hour.

Zi'on is here, and he might be a little crazy. He's mumbling to himself a little. "I mean, I could send her a message. But that might seem too forward. I can't tell… maybe it was flirting. I just… I dunno." Mumblemumble. Zi'on takes a flask from his back pocket and pours a little into his mug, then puts it away. "Eh? What?" He says to Sundari, peering between the two of them. "What? That's superstition. Next you'll be telling me you believe in spirits and monsters under your bed. Where did the first dragons come from, then? If there weren't any riders to be reborn into them?" Zi'on comes from the rational weyr-world, or something.

Sundari tibbits out at Takapola. "We're not crazy.." No one look at Zi'on at the moment alright? A glance is sent back to the bronzer and she blinks while watching him a few moments. Is he talking to himself? "Well, what if here are monsters under someone's bed, or some spirit that could possibly be around hiding just out of sight?" To sunny it seems possible! She's quiet for a moment, pondering. "So I guess if a dragon sneezes on someone it really isn't good luck?" Sunny is from the 'why not'-world it seems.

"Course you aren't," Takapola agrees gallantly to Sunny. She's not crazy at all, and he totally believes her! As for the rest… "Hey now, there haven't been any monsters under my bed since we got that bilge pump fixed," he says, crossing his arms in front of him and grinning. "S'good point, though… maybe they were trying to ride firelizards. It'd explain how they died so fast." He reaches out to give Strider there a little nudge, if the brown'll let him, and grins.

Annnnnnd, here comes Ila'den! The Weyrsecond swoops in on the scene like he was /born/ to interrupt things, making a brief detour that's only long enough to accomplish the gathering of food and a mug of Klah before he deposits himself into the first available seat. By Zi'on. With a /smile/. Ila'den doesn't say a word to the Weyrleader, no, because that would shatter his wonderful facade of creepy, but he /does/ take a bite of his food, chewing around his smile, before one brow goes up and those grey eyes shift onto Sundari. "Alright, then?" he asks after the weyrling, washing down his food with a quick swig of Klah before his attention settles on Takapola and the man pauses. He stares for one, two, three moments too long, and then /smiles/ again, eyes back on Zi. Chew, chew, chew, STARE.

Zi'on isn't talking to himself! No. He's just muttering to himself. If he were responding to himself then he'd be talking to himself. Right now though he's just… having a one way conversation with no one. That's right. Zi'on peers at Sundari, though it looks like he might be looking -through- her rather than at her. "Well if you find a monster under there and it's not a tunnelsnake… let me know. And I'll be sure to scare the dickens out of all the weyrbrats with my new found knowledge." Zi'on ponders. "I'll bet the first riders did die pretty quickly. I mean… no knowledge of how to ride. Probably just strapped themselves on with rope…" Zi'on completely ignores Ila'den. He just sits there. Drinking his booze-infested klah.

"I dono, tunnelsnakes can be rather scary." Sundari offers at the idea and shakes her head. At the thought. The look she gets from Zi'on makes her blink and she peers at him, wanting to ask if his alright but also doesn't want to offened him it seems. She offers a smile to Ila'den and waves to him. "Hey, yeah.. I think so.. Why?" This said with an unsure tone to the weyrsecond before her gaze flicks over to Takapole. "If I find a monster I'll send it over to your bed then how's that?" Strider warbles out, the firelizard opens a eye looking rather lazy, after everything he ate it wouldn't be a surprise. He is on stuffed little firelizard.

The first moment of being looked at by Ila'den, not a problem. The second's okay two. By the third, though, some small part of Takapola's brain is starting to remember that, oh yeah, he's supposed to be doing chores. He's got a job to do here, instead of just lounging around and enjoying conversation. A job that, he supposes, he should actually go about doing. At least a little bit! So, first he grins to Sundari. "Sure, send 'em all my way! I'll hold a monster ball." After that, he drags himself up to his feet, drags his dish bin up off the table, and saunters along to pick up more abandoned dishes, just like he's tooootally been doing all along.

When Sundari answers Ila'den's question, his eyes flicker back to the weyrling and he offers her another smile. "Just checking, since you're being forced to care after a dragon and all. Big changes." Takapola's a distraction (in a good way!), that has Ila'den's eyes straying to watch his progress, and then he's pulling off a small piece of his bread, rolling it into a ball between thumb and forefinger, and tossing it at Zi. Regardless of whether or not it hits, he's pulling off another piece, and rolling it in preparation again. And /yes/, that /is/ and evil smile on his lips. "So how are you liking it?" he asks Sundari, as if there are no other conversations going on and he's /not/ assaulting their esteemed 'leader with food. "The dragon, I mean. And being bonded."

Zi'on wiggles a finger at Strider. "Just get him to eat it for you. Tunnelsnake is a favorite firelizard snack." There's a blink at the little brown. "Though not with that belly. Can he even move?" Ila'den apparently can make people do their work just by being creepy around them. Good show. Zi'on is just being crazy, which doesn't seem to scare people off as much. Zi'on waves off Ila'den's attacks idly. He'll run out of bread before Zi'on starts to care about being pelted with it. One lands in his drink and he slurps it up with the next sip. Gross. "Suldith wants to know how your blue is doing, Sundari."

Sundari ahs softly, the question from Ila'dan makes more sense now. "It is a new experience for sure. Still learning a lot of things, and well learning other things not to do and so forth." She peers at Strider and watches him a few moments. "Well, not too much really. His done this before where he'll do that and just fall asleep." A shake of her head is seen. "I try to stop him but yeah.." Stilly firelizard. Her gaze turns back the two older riders. "I like it, like nothing I was ever expecting." As for Irkevalath she grins. "His fine, curled up asleep at the moment." Reason for her being here at the cavern.

Ila'den might run out of bread, which is when he resorts to putting stickier bits of food in the cradle of his spoon and flinging them across the table at Zi'on. Well, not /really/. Actually, Ila'den gets rather bored of his sport quickly, and with another smile at Sundari, he's gaining his feet. "You'll get used to it, and then you learn to boss them around, and then…" Ila's coming around the table, stopping right behind Zi, and leaning against the weyrleader. Yeah, he did just put his arms over the young man's shoulders and press his cheek into the back of his head. "And then they become putty in your /hands/, isn't that right, Zi'on? Putty. Hands. In them. Kind of like ladies."

Zi'on peers at the round little firelizard belly. "I'm surprised he's not sick. Or exploding. Or both." Pop goes the firelizard? There's a nod from Zi'on about Sundari's dragon, and he relays the information back to Suldith in due order. There's a look given to Ila'den as he goes on about something that doesn't seem to make any sense given the current conversation. Zi'on's face becomes very serious as Ila'den wraps his arms around him. Then suddenly, one eyebrow twitches up. And all hell breaks loose! Zi'on grabs Ila'den by the throat and tries to slam him down onto the table, standing up and knocking his chair over in the process. "Don't… touch me. From behind. Ever." Then he lets go.

Strider warbles out at the poking, his tail wiggles around and the brown is up and crawling, well more like pulling himself along the table on over to is person. Sundari picks up the brown and cuddles him. "His not gotten sick yet.. Though I think he regrets doing it at the moment." Her gaze turns to Ila'den and she smiles a moment before nodding. "That is what I figure. Irke is very.. Interesting, questions and everything." A glance is sent back to Zi'on and she grins. "He keeps trying to catch fish too." Totally Suldith's fault there! She looks back to the weyrsecond and smirks a bit while tilting her head. "Your.. Strange." There she said it! She is also about to say more before there is a fight.. OR has Zi'on just snapped? Strider is wide awake and glad he is clutching at his persons shirt at the moment seeing how he was on the table..

Ila'den is forced to fight instinct when Zi'on goes for his throat. His own fingers flex, arms jumping before he drops them back to his side and allows himself to be slammed without even attempting to catch himself. He does a /lazzzzzy/ roll after a moment, brings up both of his hands in a gesture of surrender, and fights off the smile that threatens to ruin /everything/. "Aye, aye, boss man," Ila'den says solemnly. "I'll only grab you. From the front. Ever. I swear. Feel better?" And then he rolls again, so that his chest is still on the table, one elbow tucked away on the top of it with his chin finding his palm. He gives Sundari a lazy smile then, and a wink. "You have /no/ idea," he croons, in regards to being weird. /Now/ he pushes himself up to stand, brushing off bits of food that have decided to cling and making a face at the klah he'd gone and spilled upon being slammed. It's all over his /tunic/. That's the /worst/. He even rubs his throat before turning a smile onto Zi'on. You'd think he /didn't/ just get assaulted. On the reals. "Want some company at the lounge tonight?" It's a genuine offer, and said in softer tones.

Zi'on gets a regretful look on his face for being a crazy man. Especially in front of Sundari, who is probably frightened of him now and will never speak to him again. Or will be terrified of him from now on. Zi'on's snapped! He's murdering people and Ila'den is first on the list. Or maybe not. Ila'den seems to be fine. At least not-dead fine. And he hasn't squished Sundari's firelizard, so that's good. Zi'on picks up his chair and sinks back into it, mourning the klah that's gone and spilled on the table and that Ila's soaked up with his tunic. "I can get drunk on my own. You have a weyrmate to go home to." He frowns. "Sorry, Sunny."

Sundari isn't sure what to say, she just peers at Ila'den, watching him for a few moments and even half inches back in her seat as she expect things to go flying. She grew up a ship, fights happen, and things tend to go flying. A bit of amusement is seen as she hears Ila'den comment about how strange she is, a faint smile seen and she nods a moment. Her bright blue gaze lifts up to Zi'on watching him now, she's worried as she can't recall ever seeing him lose it so to speak and react like that before. What to say, there must be something to say right? "It's alright." Is about all she can come up with. Another moment passes and she lifts a hand letting it lightly rest against Zi'on arm, in a friendly sort of manner. She may be frightened but she isn't going anywhere, yet at least.

"Of /course/ it's alright. Every woman loves a good strong man," Ila'den laughs, clapping Zi'on on the shoulder as he moves around him and towards the serving tables. When he returns, it's with a fresh cup of Klah, and he's setting it down beside the bronzerider before pulling himself up on the table. "I /do/ have a weyrmate to go home to, but I /also/ have a friend who may or may not be in need of drinking company whether he realizes it or not. If only to keep him from grabbing some other poor bloke by the throat and slamming /him/ into a table." He waits for just a moment, and then blinks his eyes back up and onto Sunny. "Spared the flying bits?" he inquires, because he is /concerned/ that their little tussle may have dirtied her. He will get her /napkins/ if that is the case, despite the fact that he is dripping klah from his own clothes.

Zi'on generally doesn't lose it. Even though Ila'den pushes his buttons. All. The. Time. Fights do break out, but not often involving Zi'on. It wasn't proper! Though the bronzer could probably use a good fist fight to release some of his pent up aggression. Zi'on gives Sundari a sorrowful look as she touches his arm. Unfortunately she's a weyrling, so he can't even give her a hug to reassure her. She just has to sit there and be scared. Zi'on takes the new klah and sips at it, without the booze this time. "You got a little…" He motions to Ila'den's shirt. Which is full of klah. Little bit more than a 'little'. "Maybe I could use a good fist fight. It's been a while since I've been to the infirmary."

Sundari smirks slightly as she hears Ila'den and sends a glance towards him, his crazystrange that is for sure. "Naw I'm fine. Anything that got flicked on me won't kill me or nothing." She glances to herself to check, Strider found himself a few snack size bits and is munching on it. Piggy firelizard. As for her hand she takes it back and goes about brushing herself off in the process, a glance is offered back to Zi'on watching him for a moment, the look is taken, a faint smile seen. Yup she's fine, and still sitting here it seems. A soft sigh escapes her at the talk of a fist fight. "Right.. Just let me know first so I can duck or something."

Ila'den does a bit of a stretch, then shakes himself as if loosening up tight muscles. He shifts to push himself away from the table, and then gains his feet with a head-tilt and a smile for Zi'on. "If I would have known you wanted me to fight /back/, I'd have clocked you the minute you grabbed me. Might be a bit rusty, but I can take a swing if you /really/ want to have a go." And he means it, too. He's even rolling up the long sleeves of his tunic to his elbows. "Just promise me that I can hit you /back/." A pause, and then a look around before one brow arches. "Though this is probably not the /best/ place to fight." DOES HE LOOK EXCITED? That's because he is. And then he blinks his distraction away to give Sundari his attention. "Well, as long as you're sure, Sunny. And I think /you/ are at least safe. I don't see Zi'on forgetting himself enough to put a weyrling in danger, let alone you."

Strider is going to just explode in a fireball of food and firelizard goo if he keeps eating. Maybe he's a nervous eater? Zi'on is the opposite. He's a nervous non-eater. Zi'on lays his head down on the table. "I'm not doing to be fist-fighting you Sundari. So you can relax." Zi'on eyes Ila'den. "Well it's too late now. All the adrenaline is gone and now I just feel guilty. So just sit down and go back to flinging food at me or whatever you were doing before." Zi'on gives Ila'den that droll look. "I'm not going to fight you in the middle of the caverns, Ila. So calm down." Unless Ila'den hits him first. Then he might fight him. Wouldn't that be a fun story?

Lookit Takapola! He's been such a good boy, actually doing his chores! He mostly even hasn't been watching the brawl from across the caverns, mostly because he got dragged into the kitchens to empty his dish bin (and maybe get yelled at a little? Maybe). OH WAIT. Nobody was looking at him, because Zi'on and Ila'den were making a scene. And Takapola was so well behaved, too! All for NAUGHT.

Sundari watches the two a few moments and shakes her head slightly. "I only said that so I could duck when you two start fighting." She points out rather sure that she wouldn't be the one actually involved in the fight. She doesn't fight, unless well she has to, then she mostly bites and scratches, give thanks to her brother for that idea. "Totally didn't think I was the one about to get into a fist-fight." Her gaze lingers on Ila'den a moment at the 'let alone you' part, why is she special all of a sudden? Her gaze flicks back to Zi'on. "Could go outside and pummel him?" She isn't too sure why she said that but well. As for Strider, yes he may just explode if he isn't careful, though it seems now the little firelizard is flicking the food off his person so he doesn't have to look at it anymore.

Why ZI'ON. You have just gone and gotten Ila's hopes /all up/. The bronzerider looks just a tad disappointed, but more than that, he looks ready to cause trouble. "Look, even sweet Sundari wants some blood. You can't just /deny/ her, can you?" Grey eyes flicker to Takapola, and then he's giving Sunny another smile before tipping Zi'on's chair and dumping him out of it. Just. Like. That. "Come on then, weyrleader. You don't wanna take a swing at me? I'll take the first one." And he's leaning down to /haul/ Zi up, fingers curling in the neck of his tunic with a taunting smile. "Or are you afraid that you're going to lose?" Ila'den /is/ a rather… large man in the muscle department after all. And then, as if to further infuriate (and encourage) the Weyrleader's ire, he's catching him in a headlock and hauling him towards the exit of the caverns. "Don't send anybody looking for us, Sunny! I'm about to teach Zi'on how to be a /man/." Yep. WITH FISTS. Because true bros help their bros out by being punching bags. Or something.

Zi'on and Ila'den are going to find themselves both kicked out of the weyr when Enka finds out they've been fighting in the caverns probably. Yes, they are causing a scene. Poor Takapola will probably be running to the lagoon and swimming away from the weyr soon. Zi'on probably shouldn't get into a fight with Sundari then. He might like it. She was special because she was Sunny, of course. And anyone who the weyrleader smooches on gets special treatment. "Sounds good to me." And then he's dumped out of his chair. Like that. And then he's caught in a headlock, and proceeds to punch Ila'den over and over in the gut until he's released. Or they're outside. Or both. Fight in the bowl!

Sooo there's another thing for Takapola's list of things he's learning about weyrs. Disputes are settled with fisticuffs! Good to know. He sidles in next to Sundari as the 'leader and 'second fight their way away, and sets his fresh, new bin down on the table again. "So apparently I missed something?" he says to her as he reclaims his backward-facing chair. Yeah, that yelling did pretty much no good. He'll probably be stuck in the kitchen scrubbing pots until midnight, at this rate.

Sundari smirks as she hears Ila'den. "Well I suppose I do sort of miss when my brothers had an all out fistfight and ran around the boat like silly freaks. You going to dive into the water after the fight?" She looks amused while eyeing the pair, a slight shake of her head is seen before she looks a bit surprised as Ila'dan dumps Zi'on out and is dragging him out. "Shards" Is murmured out at the sight and she stands up while Striders sits on her shoulder. "I'll go grab some ice.." Because she has a feeling they are going to need it for some reason. Her gaze flicks to Takapola. "Yeah.. Well… I really not to sure what started this one to tell you the truth." She is a wee bit confused!

"Okaaay," Takapola says. He'll just watch 'em go, being all impressionable and such. Today has been very educational, but… maybe he's done being educated for today. At least, if Sunny's actually going to get that ice, because he doesn't think he can actually sneak out of the caverns with his dishbin to see the fight, so he might (gasp!) actually have to do his chores. Tragedy.

Sundari shakes her head with a soft breath escaping her. "I'll tell you all about the fight.." Or maybe someone else will because it is sure to send rumors spreading like wildfire. With that said she is off to get ise for both Zi'on and Ila'den, and then after make sure the two haven't really killed themselves she is off to take care of her dragon whom is just starting to wake up.

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